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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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...sexiest, ...baddest, ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest, ...harshest... ...or nothing. at mercedes-benz, we do things one way or we don't do them at all. introducing the all-new c-class. the best or nothing. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a traffic nightmare. all because of a bump in the road. tonight, caltrans wants every driver to listen up and stop hitting the brakes on the bay bridge. >> reporter: you know, as i look back here now, at the upper deck, the approach into san francisco, the traffic is
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light right now, but earlier today, and for the last two days as a matter of fact, it has been a much different story. friday night after the rush hour, traffic is slow, but actually, it is easing up from a long ugly day. >> 11:00 a.m. on a friday morning and you know, it shouldn't be that crazy. >> reporter: just before you get to the first exit into san francisco, you will see the warning sign. then look down, and you will see the metal plates causing traffic to slow way down. >> the slowest i have ever seen it. it was an hour from berkeley just to the toll. just to pay. >> reporter: caltrans is fixing what it calls expansion joints that will make the road more flexible during high winds or when trucks are carrying heavy loads. caltrans says the heavy plates shouldn't cause this big of a traffic jam. >> the problem is people are vogue down too much. sometimes, slowing to a stop. you don't have to come to a
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complete stop or go 10 miles an hour over them. you can go a moderate prudent speed between 40 and 50. >> reporter: get used to the plates because work will continue over the next two months. crews will be fixing six different expansion joints on the western span of the bridge in different locations and different lanes. at it height, it was taking 55 more minutes on average to get across the bridge, but caltrans says as people get used to it, they expect it to get a lot more smooth, i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. also tonight, a chp investigation into the new bay bridge is over. the chp found caltrans did not retaliate or do anything wrong after engineers complained about construction problems. the report cost taxpayers $823,000. on this friday night at cal, it is what all the fraternity brothers and sorority sisters are talking about. but they don't want to talk
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about it with reporters. >> reporter: after six new reports of sexual assaults at cal fraternities t mood tonight was surlily to say the least. >> harassing the reporters? >> you are wasting your time to report on something that has not been dealt with yet. >> we are dealing with it. >> the school, the police, everyone. but not you guys. you are not doing anything to help. you guys are contributing to the problem. so get away, go back to your van. have a nice night. >> reporter: the assault allegedlied at delta kappa epsilon last week. there was a confrontational game of monopoly. >> it is a great game to play. >> you think it's a joke? it is something to be joking about? sexual assault?
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>> no, i'm just playing monopoly right now. >> reporter: the sixth assault was located in the area and they reported a brother on brother sexual assault. the cases have been handed over to city pd. they are beginning their investigation tonight. in berkeley, andria borba, kpix5. charges of another sex assault last month at the delta epsilon house have been dropped. all parties agree no crime was committed. also tonight, we are hearing from the people on the peninsula who says there is something different about downtown redwood city. betty says the city is cutting down some trees. what's going on? >> reporter: ken, the city is uprooting these big palm trees not because it wants to, but because they are getting sick. there are 24 of them around
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this downtown area. but the city says in all likelihood, they will all have to go. not all the big palm trees that line the streets of downtown redwood city are sitting pretty. this one is dying. it is turning brown because a fun gal infection has taken root. >> that is so sad. but i think they should do it. >> reporter: the city has been fighting the palm tree disease for years, most of the trees don't respond to treatment. five have already been taken out and the infection is expected to spread to all the trees. >> it would be crazy if they took them out. i have lived here such a long time. it seems like an important part of the downtown vibe. >> reporter: the infection still lives underground after the tree is removed and putting in a new one costs $30,000. so the city is thinking about doing away with palms altogether. >> i think these palm trees not
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being here would make downtown look a lot different. as you see, they have the lights on them constantly which gives it a nice warm welcoming feeling. >> reporter: well by the end of the year, the city council is expected to hear some options for alternative trees. until then, all but one of the trees will stay in place through the holiday season so the city can keep its festive downtown look. live in redwood city, betty yu, kpix5. >> the city says the fungal infection is fairly common in urban areas. we have seen six palm trees in san francisco as well. tonight, america has a czar, a czar for ebola. the white house appointed ron klain as the ebola coordinator. his task is to coordinate an alphabet suit of the cdc, and the fda. he has no medical background. the republicans say he is nothing but a political
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insider. the appointment came so fast, klain does not even have the white house security clearance yet. meanwhile, a cruise ship carrying a passenger who may have been exposed to ebola is heading back to texas. a woman who worked at the hospital where thomas duncan died. the question a lot of people have been asking, why don't we have a vaccine for ebola yet. well here is what cbs reporter juliana goldman found out. >> reporter: the national institutes of health began working on a ebola vaccine after 9/11, but working on diseases like this is complicated. >> why don't we have an ebola
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vaccine now? >> up until the outbreak of ebola in west africa, it was not a very high priority. >> reporter: dr. miram labine is a specialist at the maryland school of medicine. she has been working on a vaccine for ebola for 40 years. >> one always has to pick and choose what are the highest priorities. >> reporter: when stacked against threats like cancer and the flu, there was not an financial incentive for pharmiseudical companies to put money in the ebola research. >> maybe i could make a pill everybody takes. a lipid lowering agent. viagra. they put a lot of money to get that product. that wasn't the case with ebola. >> reporter: so the bulk of the research was left to government funding. earlier this week, an ih director francis collins said we likely have a vaccine already. it is not for a decade of budget cuts.
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>> well he is working on a potential vaccine. human trials began last month. even if it is successful, it will not be available until 2016. late today, we have some video that shows how some people celebrated the giants win last night. yeah, this is in san francisco's mission district. a viewer told us this side show went on for a good 15 minutes before police finally showed up. and i'm sure you have seen the winning home run by now. >> well juliette goodrich met with the guy who hit the home run ball. wait until you hear his story. >> reporter: meet frank burke. owner of ag transmission repair in oakdale. last night, he touched history. >> travis ishikawa, hits one into right! the giants win the pennant!
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>> i knew it was coming to me hard. so soft hands, keep it in front of you. it hit my left palm and bounced out for a second. as it went down to land on the roof, i snatched it up and the party began. >> reporter: here is what frank told one interviewer seconds after the catch. >> i wasn't sure if it was going to make it deep enough. right into my hand! there we go! >> reporter: he cold have sold that ball and gotten some money for it, but he wanted to give the ball back to ishikawa and he asked for nothing in return. but he got a bat handed right to him from ishikawa and it is signed. and the goodwill keeps paying off. frank says the memory of catching the home run ball and then meeting ishikawa is what's priceless. >> i'm the lucky guy who happened to be in the right place and catch the ball. so, if anybody deserves to have that ball in their trophy case, it's the man who hit it and put
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us in the world series for the third time in five years. the giants executive called and gave me four tickets to the world series. i'm going to the world series friday night. that is the hand that caught it. >> reporter: in oakdale, juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> hurry up. mama's going away! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and then there was this. a cardinals fan saved the day for a giants fan before yesterday's big game. a woman's ticket blew into the water at the jack london ferry terminal. he rescued her ticket and her day as well. the series starts tuesday in kansas city and then comes back to at&t park next weekend. a shadowy suspect on the internet. he has been tracked for months
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and tonight, a surprising arrest. this chp sergeant. >> a top secret plane landed on the california coast a few hours ago from outer space. what we just found out about its mission. ,,
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look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. back on earth tonight after nearly two years in orbit. here t >> a highly secret e plane is back on earth tonight after two years in orbit. here it is touching down this morning. it looks more like a mini space shuttle. boeing made it but it is being very hush hush about the mission. all the air force will say is that it performs risk reduction
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development for reusable space vehicle technology. this is speculation that it was loaded with spy gear. tonight, there is incredible video of a u.s. marine in afghanistan surviving a shot to the head by a sniper. what saved his life? his helmet. >> [bleep], get back! you got shot! >> i did get shot! >> that marine was walking through the rubble of a house when the shot was fired. it hit him square on the helmet. he was not injured. he says all he suffered was some ringing in his ears that lasted a few minutes. a chp sergeant has been arrested. but what nick james tells us he is accuse of doing while on and off the job. >> reporter: it seems chp sergeant eric lund is a study in contradictions.
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his neighbors wondered why he said next to nothing at home. >> we found it odd. sate friendly neighborhood. >> reporter: on his former street, the sergeant and his family were known as the neighborhood mystery. >> they had a couple of children but we never saw them outside. >> reporter: vacaville police had a mystery of their own. using sophisticated software, they were tracking an unknown person downloading child porn. police traced the downloads to a surprising suspect. sergeant lund. alleging he looked at child porn on and off duty. during a search of his personal car, a hard drive was found with two dozen videos. >> oh my gosh. that's too bad. i hope he get it is help he needs. people like that need help. >> reporter: neighbors say lund moved to this upscale neighborhood north of chico. he is out on bail. he took a temporary transfer to the fair field chp and stayed
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in the area during his workweek. the sergeant with a six figure salary was already contemplating retirement. now he faces criminal charges that could make his next stop prison. nick james, kpix5. >> lund has been with the chp26 years. well, it is kind of hard to believe. it has been 25 years. >> 911 emergency. >> oh my god, we are having an earthquake, hold on. hold on. >> reporter: chopper 5 going over the freeway system. here it is. 8:80. that is where the road way dropped. >> that happened 25 years ago tonight. the loma prieta hit and it hit hard. the 6.9 magnitude quake struck during game three of the world series. it claimed 63 lives and left
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3700 people injured. the damage from collapsed roads, bridges, homes, toppled $6 billion. when the next big one hits, what will you do if there is serious damage? will you be able to find enough to eat? >> that was a challenge for emergency responders themselves. cate caugurian tells us how they did. >> reporter: spam, canned veggies and ramen. not quite the makings of a gourmet meal, but chances are when the next big quake hits that is all you've got. the responders use those ingredients as part of a top chef style competition. >> their job is to cut together and make great food out of foods that people might think are boring. >> reporter: the challenge, turn these t these bottom shelf pantry items to something good. >> what we have are the items you may find in the pantry. the things you have not cooked in the last year. >> reporter: the purpose of today's exercise is to see how
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prepared your pantry is in case the next big one hits. the salvation army sponsored the event choosing ingredients people have on hand. >> these are the items you have in your pantry and shelves. >> you are creative and you have a grand time right? >> we are going with the chicken and the tuna. >> that is what being in a disasterration is. you have to be able to create something out of it. >> reporter: the big winner, the man in blue, the san francisco police. but the competition shed light on a bigger issue. >> there are a lot of things that will be affecting us. maybe in that moment cooking some good things is the best thing they can do for themselves and their families. >> reporter: cate caugurian, kpix5. >> we said it before and we will say it again. after a major earthquake, we should be prepared to go without vital services like fresh running water, electricity, and food for at least 72 hours.
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>> it is a great reminder. go out. make sure your emergency kit is updated and you have everything you need. plenty of water. >> you think that bag is sitting there for no reason right until it is the most important thing in your house. so we have rain moving through. and then the front kind of lifted off to the north. i will show you radar. a little bit of rainfall. remember the hefty commercial, hefty or wimpy? this is a wimpy front. nothing on the doppler. not even the north bay. what is going on? all the energy is lifting off to the north. there were showers off short a few have made their way into mendocino county, sonoma county, marine county. there is a high likelihood now that most of the bay area will receive zero measurable rainfall overnight tonight and early tomorrow. live peek outside. we have city hall, and we are going to show you what is going on there. it is looking orange. why? you probably guessed it. the giants world series starts
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next tuesday. i will have the world series forecast coming up in a couple of seconds. concord tonight, 59. oakland, 59. fremont, 59. we are cloudy. there is just no rainfall. sunrise 7:21. an impressive satellite loop. it is all lifting away from us. it is not as good as it looks for us. what we will see is a very wimpy front moving across tonight. you may get a sprinkle or two enough to wet the grass and that is it. the unstable air will stay off to the north and west a few more days. one more shower chance before this low high tails it out of here. that will be monday, but it is looking rather wimpy as well. rainfall totals expected less than a tenth of an inch. look at the latest computer model. this is future cast. all zeros. even ukiah and santa rosa. this is telling me it is looking drier and drier. the front will likely not give us any rainfall. any rainfall will be light. many areas will not get a drop and the weekend is looking good to get outside.
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tomorrow, a couple of degrees milder. concord 76. san jose, one below average. cupertino 78. partly sunny tomorrow. no rain in pittsburgh or san ramon. san rafael, 75. cloverdale 77 degrees. extended forecast, dry over the weekend. sunny on sunday. one final rain chance coming up monday before we dry out for much of next week. the forecast for kansas city next week, big ridge of high pressure, no rainfall for game one or game two of the world series. >> awesome. >> great. president obama trying to treat his wife to dinner at a fancy restaurant and his credit card gets declined! that's next. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ come and get it. >> this goes to show it could happen to anyone. >> president obama's credit card was declined of the it happened when he and the first lady were having dinner in new york last night. the card was declined because he doesn't use it enough. the credit card company
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suspected fraud. fortunately, mrs. obama was able to foot the bill. president obama shared the story today. >> how would you like to be the waiter? >> uh ... mr. president, it declined. [ laughter ] >> imagine the president's surprise. what? what do you mean? >> i'm surprised he got a check! [ laughter ] hey, we got a lot of stuff tonight. hey, the warriors in action. yeah, they were on the run. and we remember game three of the 1989 world series 25 years ago today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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images from the silver >> well, a day to reflect. remember, 5:04 p.m., 25 years ago today. >> the people are almost more nervous. >> candlestick park. giants and as , shut down. images from the silver anniversary of the 1989 loma prieta earthquake, major damage around the bay area.
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the series was halted for ten days before it resumed. dennis o'donnell caught up with the former as skipper tony larussa. >> when you look at the world series from that year, what do you remember the most? >> i remember the mixed feelings. they had legitimate tragedies there and it put a blemish on our celebration. it was very, very special, and that was a great team. >> yeah, the as swept those giants. the 2014 giants were off today, but they hit the field tomorrow for the final workout before leaving for kansas city. so many moments from last night's league championship clincher. before travis ishikawa's walk- off, this number in the 8th inning, michael morse let it out with a blast. it tied the game with the cardinals at 3-3. look at the dugout! everybody just lost their minds! it was the first pinch hit home run in giants post season
11:30 pm
history. morse missed all but one game the month of september because of an injured oblique. >> i still can't believe we are going to the world series! you know the way this team prepared for spring training, it makes sense that we would get this far. from day one, they told me we had a tough season and we expect to be in the world series in 2014. so far, everything is going the way they planned it. nba in kansas city. home of the royals. oh. dyson, that's the center fielder. look at that. excuse me. oh, the setup for klay thompson. that is sweet, against the miami heat. warriors led late in the game, but the heat said let's give mario chalmers a look. it's the heat. exhibition style 108-115.
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percy harven, what did you do? but seattle traded him to the new york jets. that captured league wide attention. he had signed a 60 plus million dollar deal. now he has been traded for the second time in 19 months. he goes from a superbowl champion to a one in 16. o oh that hurts. >> he did something. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> very interesting note just
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in from the national weather service. everywhere in the bay areas. 70s . ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the dulceet-toned town cryer, david letterman. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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