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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 13, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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only to lose in the bottom of the ninth. >> oh, boy. >> let's just go home, shall we? rough weekend of sports, changes are coming our way. it's been very nice around the bay area, lots of sunshine but look what is off the coast. we have a storm system that is approaching the bay area, not going to bother you should much today though we'll likely see fog move back in along the coastline late in the day. temperatures in the 80s. you'll see upper 80s in the valley. nice and clear over the bay now. there's some dense patchy fog along the immediate coastline, temperatures in the 50s and the 60s by the afternoon. sunny, 83 at oakland. 85 mountainview. 85 napa. 78 in san francisco. it's relatively quiet. if you have to get to work hopefully you'll have a little less company on the roads with the holiday today. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. just minor delays in the cash lanes continuing. they cleared a lot of the overnight road work though. problem-free from hayward, same from the peninsula, no delay on eastbound or westbound 92.
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i mentioned that road work hagenburger to davis, one of our spot shots overnight as far as road work goes but cal trans just clear it. no longer delays heading to the coliseum or downtown oakland. this could be a problem later today, howard street closure continues between 3rd and 4th south of market. there's a big conference in town, that always causes a big traffic headache. avoid that area if you can. >> columbus day, some folks may be staying home? >> we hope so. we'll wait and see. usually -- like you said, some kids are in school today. >> gosh, mine are supposed to be. i have to figure that one out. >> what are you going to do? >> they are. 5:01. new this morning, this one very close to home. flames engulf an rv in san francisco by our station. at one point something exploded from inside. this fire started shortly after 1:00 a.m., battery in vallejo streets. not clear if anyone was inside at the time but so far no
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reports of injuries. police have streets blocked off for several hours as they fought the flames. president obama is asking for a quick investigation into how a nurse in texas came down with the deadly ebola virus. the nurse is isolated after being hospitalized friday. she had treated thomas eric duncan who died of ebola last wednesday. she became infected even though she wore a mask, gown, gloves and other protective clothing. >> if this individual was exposed which they were, it is possible that other individuals were exposed. >> it's kinds of crazy, we thought they were completely protected taking care of this person and still got it. it's scary. >> volunteers distributed flyers around the woman's neighborhood yesterday as crews decontaminated her apartment. a ebola scare led to a big emergency response at los angeles international airport yesterday. kit is at l.a.x. with more. >> reporter: good morning.
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health experts say a hot agent like ebola getting on an plane and into the u.s. air system would be bad but that ebola scare down in l.a.x. yesterday turned out to be a false alarm. a passenger on a united flight from new york was vomiting and then showing other flu-like symptoms when the plane landed at l.a.x. crews followed cdc protocol and escorted the jet to a remote part of the airport. the hazmat team came on board. they were initially told the woman had recently been to west africa, apparently there's a miscommunication. she had been in south africa. it's now believed she was simply airsick but turned out to be a useful drill. dozens of nurses held a rally in oakland sunday in response to the ebola crisis. they claim many hospitals aren't prepared to handle such a case. that is according to a national survey that says the majority of nurses haven't heard anything from their hospitals about policies on dealing with ebola. this after a nurse who treated the ebola patient in texas also
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tested positive for the disease. the oakland nurses worry their lives are also at risk. >> the health care providers who are on the front lines who are risking their lives to provide care for patients, and who are then faced with possible infection themselves and infecting their families, and community members. it's not ok. >> the nurses say a national call-in is planned for wednesday. back to you. kit, over the weekend jfk started to do medical screening for people traveling to certain parts of sierra leone and liberia. what u.s. airports started screening this week? >> the screening involves testing for temperature and then looking for flu-like symptoms and doing a health questionnaire of all those people, traveling from the countries involved. this will be going on at chicago o'hare, newark, washington dulles and of course hartsfield jackson in atlanta. all of these airports handle about 94% of the passengers who are coming from the affected
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countries. that all begins this week. live at san jose airport, kit -- islamic state militants continue to push towards baghdad. cbs's chris vancleave reports members of congress are now calling for changes to how the u.s.-led coalition is attacking isis. >> reporter: kurdish fighters continue to battle isis in the syrian border town of kobani and now more help is on the way. following pressure from the obama administration u.s. and coalition forces will be allowed to use turkish military bases to launch assaults but in iraq there's continued concern about the islamic state's push towards baghdad and its airport. raising conditions about the u.s.-led coalition's efforts. >> there has to be a fundamental re-evaluation what have we're doing because we are not degrading and ultimately destroying isis. >> i want the saudi arabian government to be actively involved. i want their troops to be on the ground. i don't want them to believe that we're going to do it for
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them. >> reporter: the obama administration says the fight will take time and require patience. military leaders believe progress is being made. >> it was not so long ago we were talking about the imminent fall of the capital of the kurdish regional government. it was not so long ago when the u.s. embassy was actually feeling threatened in baghdad. none of those are part of the landscape right now. >> we are confident about our ability to pull this strategy together. >> reporter: but with time comes a mounting death toll. violence already killed over 13,000 people in iraq this year. cbs news, washington. today police in hong kong removed some barricades used by pro-dmomsy protesters there. a crowd opposed to protests clashed with police. two dozen men tried to remove more barricades and several other hundred people began chanting open the road. officers reportedly tried to keep the two sides apart from
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one another. advocates for equal marriage rights have won a legal victory in aalaska. on sunday a federal judge overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriage dating back to 1998 he found it violated the protection clause of the u.s. constitution. the ninth circuit just struck down similar bans in idaho and nevada. it's 5:07 now. scary moments when some jumpers took on more than they could handle after the break. what brought rescuers out? now... what drives >> it's columbus day so we came to the home of domingo. with all the holiday chocolately details straight ahead. >> lots of nice weather about to change. maybe rain? more on that coming up. >> more slowdowns through the livermore valley and word of a new traffic alert this time in
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welcome back. we have mostly clear skies, beautiful start to the morning. changes coming our way. maybe a little rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. 5:11. 10 people were taken to the hospital after a ferry struck a pier in san francisco. it happened 5:45 last night at pier 41. a blue and gold ferry called the peralta struck a piling while backing out. the passenger suffered minor injuries. the coast guard is investigating. lifeguards had to rescue three people after they jumped into the water off sunset cliffs in san diego. investigators say one person was injured after yesterday's jump. the two others were trying to help when the tide started to rise amd they all got trapped in a sea cave. members of the group were later cited because jumping off the cliff is illegal. today is the last chance for people to hop on board one
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of the country's most impressive ships. >> fleet week is coming to an end in san francisco. that is where kpix's 5's ryan takeo is standing by live. good morning. >> reporter: last chance to get on board uss america, the newly commissioned ship from over the weekend. we're in between pier 30 and 32. if you have not yet seen the ship it's just south of the bay bridge and you can't miss it. >> the united states of america, and this mission, i am in command. >> reporter: that's because this ship is huge. this complex, 844-foot long ship, became the newest vessel in the u.s. navy this weekend. it's an amphibious assault ship, a symbol of american naval strength. the shipbuilder talked to us. >> it went from a project of raw steel and pipe to the crews on board, becomes a floating city and they live on it and serve our country on it to see that at the end is really the
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best part. >> reporter: the stars of the fleet week aerial show were back this weekend too. the blue angels wowed the crowd. federal budget cuts forced them to cancel last year. so that show drew a lot of people to -- that meant parking was a nightmare. even more than usual for a normal weekend in san francisco. so that is saying something if you're coming back down here to the waterfront this morning. expect some more headaches because sales force has its convention not far away at muscony center. the streets are already closed, power between 3rd and 4th already closed this morning. >> it's a popular city. thank you. tours today scheduled from 9:00 this morning until 4:00 p.m. go check it out. 5:13. let's check with elizabeth now. >> thank you. we have a traffic alert as you just saw. you may have seen that swipe
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across your screen. in it's concord, on the eastbound lanes of highway 4 approaching port chicago highway. a couple of connector ramps are closed, northbound 242 to eastbound highway 4, that ramp actually remains blocked. while they work to clear this accident. we're hearing it's a solo car crash but it may be an overturned, so again just a heads up if you're traveling in the area. one of our hot spots. live look outside, at the nimitz freeway, 880 in oakland, it should have been cleared up by now. a little earlier you could see warning signs about a number of lanes that were blocked overnight but that should have been cleared in the last 15 minutes. around san francisco, fleet week's last day and the howard street closures between 3rd and 4th. they are in effect until saturday actually, until saturday the 18th. and in the meantime use harrison as an alternate or just expect delays in the area. we have these howard street
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closures last month for another convention. it cause as mess every time. westbound 580 through the livermore valley looks ok. it's a holiday so maybe we'll see traffic slightly down. a lot of kids still in school despite the holiday. so slowdowns coming from tracy beginning around mountainhouse and then you can see it's pretty sluggish now all the way through through. it clears once you reach livermore, dublin interchange and the golden gate bridge should get another lane open here in the commute direction. crews have been busy there. getting four southbound lanes open in the commute direction. we have forecast changes i guess mid-week? here we go, yeah, looks like we turn to maybe wet weather around the bay area. lots of sunshine over the weekend with a beautiful weekend indeed. today looking very nice on this columbus day. a couple of things, that cold front to the north could bring major changes as soon as tomorrow, then look what is creeping from the south. low clouds and fog, think that
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could be a factor late in the day towards the beaches. so this morning starting out with patchy dense fog along the immediate coastline. otherwise clear inland and inside the bay then mostly sunny skies later on and then here comes a little fog moving up along the coastline late in the day. high pressure starting the weekend in a bit but not enough before leaving us a nice day today. then as we get in towards tomorrow there's a slight chance of drizzle, maybe light sprinkles. temperatures around the state on the hot side, in the valley 91 sacramento, 96 in fresno. becoming foggy in the monterey bay by the afternoon. interestingly, you can see fog and clouds moving up along the coastline late in the day. as we head into towards tomorrow the cold front begins to sweep in, clouds on the increase, a chance of drizzle and light sprinkles rolling through the bay area. late tomorrow and into early wednesday morning. temperatures around the bay area today, a little cooler but not bad, 87 degrees in san jose. 84 hayward. 76 degrees before the fog moves in, in pacifica. 80s in much of the east bay and not a lot cooler there. you'll see about 83 oakland and
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78 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days, we'll watch the temperature really dropping off. that will be the big change. slight chance of sprinkles on tuesday and wednesday. i think a better chance of more rain and more significant storm system rolling into the bay area late in the day on friday. and into early saturday morning. so starting a little early but i don't think anybody should be change with our current water shortage, looks like we get things going. >> the soccer fields were brown. >> so dry. >> it's a huge difference. >> right now at&t? no? not yet but a few showers there on and off so we have to watch that. today you can get free chocolate at a well known candy store in northern california. >> free! all you have to do is mention where is roberta. >> that is the catch. speaking of roberta gonzales she's at the original ghirardelli factory now. >> where is roberta? >> reporter: good morning.
5:18 am
i am literally a kid in a candy store. it's true! i got the best cup of hot chocolate in the whole world. i'm here. at ghirardelli chocolate. columbus day was first celebrated in san francisco in 1869. the year the company started to make chocolates in 1852. the building was so beautiful, it was built back in 1892. this is brie, what are you making today? >> right now i'm making our milk chocolate almond slabs. >> reporter: you are lead chocolatier? >> i am. >> reporter: how do you get that job? by eating a lot of chocolate? >> i do love to eat it. i went to operatery school so yeah -- pastry school so yeah, i worked in chocolate for a number of years and here i am. >> reporter: what are we making for columbus day today? >> we're making a wide variety of chocolates right here in the
5:19 am
store. at our chocolatier station. >> i was going to go like this but i'm told it goss people. i can't put my fingers in it. >> exactly, we can't allow that. >> how many chocolates do you make a day we make around 100 -- or actually 150 day a. we're making chocolate all day and also doing pumpkins for halloween. we have seasonal things. >> >> reporter: i saw the pumpkins. they are here, they are beautiful. but i got to ask you what is the number one seller besides this wonderful hot chocolate? >> our number one seller is the himming chocolate -- milk chocolate caramel square. here our white chocolate almond bars are really popular and dark almond seesaws. >> reporter: you have a special promotion today? >> for the first 50 guests to our shop we are offering a free bar, if you mention where is roberta. >> reporter: if you want more information visit us at
5:20 am, click on links and numbers. but we're here at ghiradelli square in san francisco. frank, juliet, come by. coming up -- the raiders play their best game of the season but was it enough to beat the san diego chargers? and the cardinals use the long ball to even the series in st. louis. >> what is cool about your school? e-mail away, nominations we may feature your school on the program. ,,,,,,,,,,
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from the "frys dot com" golf tournament in napa... getting a check of mass transit. looks like bart is on regular schedule even with the holiday today. no delays. traffic coming up. good morning, the giants have found some pretty unconventional ways to win their first game in the nlcs. the cardinals last night, a little more traditional. home run power. cardinals lost star catcher molina to a strained left oblique in the sixth. tied in the bottom of the eighth when matt adams went deep. a 4-3 cardinal lead off strickland. he's allowed four home runs this post season. top of the ninth, giants, two on, two out, rosenthal, it got
5:24 am
away. matt duffy scored from second base. so the giants tied the game at 4-4, but it was st. louis that had the last bit of drama left in them. coldon wong, a walkoff off sergio romo to win the game. cardinals win 4-3, the series come to san francisco tied at 1- 1 the new raiders head coach versus san diego. derek rolls out and finds andre holmes to give oakland the 28- 21 lead with 10 minutes left. carr with four touchdown passes in the game. two and-a-half to go. raiders leading 28-24, chargers brandon oliver scores to give the chargers a 31-28 lead. that was the final as oakland falls to 0-5. don't forget the san francisco 49ers get it on tonight against the st. louis cardinals, that is on channel 5 this evening with the fifth quarter to follow. it will be a wild day. have a great day, everybody. play of the day.
5:25 am
in napa, we're talking golf. hunter, second shot, par 4 13. you know where this is going? >> it's going right in? >> it's going in the cup! >> how did i know? oh my gosh. >> you're smart like that. but it was moon who went on to win the first tournament. the impressive shot in napa. your play of the day. how about a poor sport of the day? that would go to los angeles lakers ronnie price. he lost his shoe during yesterday's preseason game against the warriors. then threw it at golden state's andre iguodala who was dribbling up court. he got a technical nor his shenanigans. don't throw the shoe. former secretary of state reacted when a heckl [sirens] >> hillary clinton caught offguard after the break. see how the former secretary of state reacted when a heckler interrupted her speech coming up. >> bay area seeing some of its lowest gas prices in months.
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the details this morning on what is behind this sudden drop.
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now health officials are tr to figure out how it another person in the u.s. tests positive for the ebola virus, now health officials are trying to figure out how it happened. we're live with a report. >> several streets shut down for hours after an rv in san francisco just burst into flames, we're going to have that story. >> a lot of sunshine over the weekend, looking good now but storms are gathering on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we are closely watching what sounds like an injury crash now, overturned and traffic alert. highway 4 in concord, we'll tell you the details coming up. good morning. it's monday, october 13th. i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle. >> i'm frank m ayllikote. >> developing news about the ebola virus in the united states. there's a new investigation in texas.
5:30 am
adrianna diaz joins from us dallas, where a nurse who treated an ebola patient who died last week now has the virus. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's the first known case of ebola transmitted on u.s. soil. it should have been prevented by protocol and protective gear, wimp is why health officials are scrambling to figure out what went wrong. the cdc wants to know how a nurse who cared for the liberian man who died of ebola last week at texas health presbyterian hospital contracted the deadly disease. >> clearly there was a breach in protocol. >> reporter: dr. thomas frieden says the nurse treated thomas eric duncan while he was in isolation. she became infected despite wearing a mask, gown, gloves and other protective clothing. duncan died of the disease wednesday. >> if this individual was exposed which they were, it is possible that other individuals were exposed. >> reporter: the cdc is recalculating how many more people it should monitor for the next 21 days. it's also reviewing protocols
5:31 am
for using protective gear. on sunday volunteers distributed fliers in the unidentified nurse's neighborhood as cleaning crews started to decontaminate her apartment. police also issued a reverse 911 call to people within a four-block radius. >> please be vised a health care worker who lives in your area has tested positive for the bowl virus. precautions are already in place to clean all known potential areas of contact to ensure public health. >> it's kind of crazy. we thought they were protected taking care of this person and still got it. it's scary. >> reporter: the cdc says it's possible other who had contact with coveragan will be diagnosed with -- duncan will be diagnosed with ebola in the coming days. one close contact of the nurse is being monitored and in isolation. live in dallas, back to you. >> how many people are being monitored in texas? >> reporter: so far nearly 50 people who had close contact with duncan, the original ebola
5:32 am
patient treated here were being monitored but now that the nurse who treated duncan has been infected, and now that number will grow. >> thank you. it is 5:32. a check of weather at this hour. i guess we have a little rain coming our way. >> hard to believe after, what a weekend, a nice weekend. >> it was. we need the rain. >> we need the rain, looks like we may be shifting into a wet pattern a little early this year. today looking very nice to begin with but you can already see on the satellite high clouds beginning to encroach in towards the bay area, a little as we go into the afternoon. we'll see a few more clouds but most will be low clouds along the coastline and then guess what? by tomorrow there's a chance of light sprinkles, maybe light showers but enjoy the day today on this columbus day. should see 80s in the bay. 70s along the coastline and late in the day the fog is going to sweep in up out of the south along the coast to cool down the temperatures. yeah, it will be a little cooler outside today. mostly clear over the bay now. 50s, a few 60s but as we head
5:33 am
towards the afternoon should be beautiful, 83 degrees in oakland. 85 mountainview. 85 napa. 78 in san francisco. not many more days like this, in fact we have rain in the forecast on and off, the remainder of the week. we'll be standing by to keep you updated on your morning commute on those wet days. live look outside, traffic alert in concord. the sensors are showing a little slowing now, maybe they were showing a little slowing, it was in the eastbound lanes of highway 4 approaching port chicago highway. we're hearing it's an injury crash and overturned. one lane is blocked approaching that port chicago highway, then a lot of the ramps are closed in that area. the ramp to port chicago highway is closed as well as the ramp from 242 to port chicago highway. chp is obviously on scene dealing with a little bit of a mess but light delays if any at all in the area. in that concord area. here's a live look also at the sensors, westbound 580
5:34 am
approaching regatta, not much delay on the sensors now. it's blocking one lane though. again with the holiday there are fewer cars on the road. westbound 580, a few slowdowns now in the livermore valley. drive times jump to 21 minutes, the bulk of the traffic is east from tracy and through the altamonte pass. bay bridge, looks like a typical monday, no fast track delays yet in the middle lanes, no metering lights yet at 5:33. but again that could all change in the next 15 minutes. here's some of the delays i mentioned on the westbound lanes of 580 coming through the altamonte pass. once you're passed north glenn it is a little sluggish. new this morning an rv burst into flames, this is near san francisco's waterfront. the flames engulfing the vehicle and sent black smoke in the air in front of the station. this started shortly after 1:00 a.m. on the corners of battery and valejo streets, no reports of
5:35 am
injuries there. golden gate transit bus drivers plan to strike this friday. this follows a one-day strike by ferry workers last month. contract talks are hung up over wages and health benefits. the one-day strike would idle bus service nor the systems' passengers in morinne and snoam gentleman counties and san francisco. about 22,000 people use golden gate transit on week days. a man is in custody suspected in four north bay rock retes. police say danny bester is the man in the surveillance video holding up a shell station in san rafael last month. he's also suspected in three other robberies. novato police arrested him wednesday. we have developing news from iraq where islamic state militants are moving toward baghdad. meanwhile isis continues to seize the city of kobani on syria's border with turkey. more help is on the way. turkey is allowing u.s. and coalition forces to use its
5:36 am
military bases to launch assaults. >> there has to be a fundamental reevaluation of what we're doing because we are not degrading and ultimately destroying isis. >> the obama administration says the fight will take and require patience and military leaders believe progress is being made. the time now is 5:36. >> there was a heckler in the the crowd when hillary clinton spoke to a conference in san diego yesterday. the former secretary of state was pretty quick on her feet. watch. >> with millions of our - you know, there are some people who miss important developmental -- [ laughter ] >> stages. >> clinton spoke in an annual conference of the academy -- american academy of pediatrics and like i said a little quick. i guess you have to be if you're a politician. you have to be able to throw a
5:37 am
zinger out there. 5:36. coming up - >> we're live in san francisco. fleet week is coming to an end but you still have a last chance, to check out the ships. >> fighters gaining ground on multiple wildfires burning around california. one just reopened. ,,,,,,
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. forecast in just a few minu welcome back to kpix 5, a look toward the golden gate bridge, it's clear but there's patchy dense fog showing up along the immediate coastline. rain in the forecast too. more on that coming up. >> crews have a line almost all the way around the big wildfire
5:40 am
in yosemite ino sem park, the dog walk fire is burning near the western edge of the park. yesterday state route 140 was reopened in the area. a pilot from san jose was killed last week while trying to fight that fire. meanwhile, firefighters seem to have stopped the progress of another fire, this one is along i-80 east of sacramento. the applegate fire is now 80% contained. wall street wall tries to get back in the black for the year. >> jill wagner joins us live from new york with a little business news. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the opening bell rings in about an hour and investors are trying to recover after the worst week in more than two years. the dow fell another 115 points on friday. the nasdaq had a very rare triple digit drop losing 102
5:41 am
points on friday. one thing that is dragging down the market, crude oil prices. they've opinion sending stocks like exxonmobil and chevron tumbling but it is some good news for drivers because gas prices have dropped now four 16 weeks, they could go even lower, that is according to the lundberg survey. so regular gas now averages $3.26 a gallon nationwide. and unfortunately san francisco has the highest gas prices now in the nation, averaging 3 .75 a gallon. hackers say they've gained access to private snapchat photos and are threatening to make them public. that social media service was designed so users can share photos that disappear after six seconds, very popular with teens. now some experts say this could be a good lesson for young people about privacy or the lack there of and the internet. >> with snapchat you should take a picture of the picture
5:42 am
really quick and have it anyway. another story for another day. halloween, 18 days away and if you don't think it's big business, that is not true, right? >> reporter: that's right. this halloween could be very sweet for candymakers. the national confectioners association says americans will dish out 2.5 billion dollars on candy this year. the number 1 pick? chocolate followed by candy corn. >> then the dentists cash in after that, right? >> yeah. >> jill wagner, thank you so much. today is the end of fleet week in san francisco. and the last chance to climb aboard one of the country's most impressive new ships. >> more now from kpix5's ryan takeo who joins us live from san francisco. >> reporter: good morning. let's say if you have the day off it's a good day to spend
5:43 am
the holiday. at piers 30 and 32. you can check out tours for the ships. right behind me the uss america just south of the bay bridge, piers 30 and 32, it's tough to miss because this ship is huge. >> i am in command. >> reporter: that's from the ceremony this weekend. this complex 844-foot-long ship became the newest vest until the u.s. navy this weekend. an amphibious assault ship, a symbol of american naval strength. the ship builder at that talked to us about seeing the crews on board for the first time. >> it goes from being a project of raw steel and pipe to the crews on board and it becomes a floating city and they live on it. and they serve our country on it so to see that at the end is really the best part. >> reporter: it starts as a fleet week aerial show. the blue angels wowed the
5:44 am
crowd, federal budget cuts forced the navy's elite flying team to cans the its show last year. the show drew plenty of people over to the waterfront, so something to this give so parking was especially difficult this weekend compared to the average weekend which is saying something in san francisco. by the way, if you're coming to the waterfront today, there could be more headaches here because sales force has its convention going on just a couple of blocks away. and street closures are already in effect there. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix5. today's tours by the way scheduled from 9:00 this morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. >> a lot of people are going to see that as the main attraction today and still traffic on the roadway this early on columbus day. good morning. i guess that neat week is one of the best weekends in san francisco. fleet week. as you mentioned, you thought
5:45 am
we would see lighter traffic but it's not the case at the bay bridge toll plaza. they turned the metering lights on, even earl before 5:40. there is a guy apparently changing his tire and he's on the incline westbound 80 so he's apparently in lane, doesn't sound very safe. it's blocking a lane now as well. so they went ahead and activated the metering lights and you're already seeing delays as far back as the overcrossings. 10 to 15 minutes just to get to the bridge. again watch for that driver -- changing the flat tire on the span of the bay bridge. here's a live look at -- a traffic alert still in effect in concord. this is an overturned injury crash, eastbound highway 4, port chicago highway, a number of ramps in the area still closed as well. the eastbound highway 4 ramps, off-ramp to port chicago highway is closed as well as the 242 ramp to port chicago highway. tow crews are out there so hopefully it's in the clearing stages but they went ahead and issued that traffic alert because they figure lanes will
5:46 am
be blocked for at least a half- hour. live look at the golden gate bridge, no delays, everything quiet here. looking at the south bay, a similar thing, maybe a few delays on northbound 101 just past the 280/680 interchange to the mckee exit but overall big picture, doing pretty well for a monday morning. no problems on 280 or the quad loop parkway. if you're traveling westbound 580 a bottle neck growing here, just sluggish. another check of the forecast, rain is on the way. it's going to be a very exciting week. usually the rain doesn't come for another couple of weeks but here we go. today no rain. it's going to stay dry today. lots of sunshine. temperatures going to be a little cooler. a couple of things, you have that cold front to the north. that is going to be dropping in our direction. could bring a few raindrops. but from the south you see fog creeping up along the coastline. that is a southerly surge of fog, likely we'll see fog developing along the coastline. latter part of the day.
5:47 am
we have patchy dense fog early on, otherwise clear in the valleys and bay and mostly sunny but cooler this afternoon. then the fog moving up along the coastline late in the day and much cooler temperatures the next few days. a possibility of a few showers. red flag warning extended now until 11:00 a.m. still gusty off-shore winds. it's very warm and dry, windy too. those gusts as high as 35 miles per hour. especially over mount diablo. high pressure in control but starting to weaken somewhat. that ridge going to start to work east. as it does that will allow for the front to work in our direction and bring us a chance of a few showers. low clouds and fog creeping up along the coastline. latter part of the day. as we head in towards tomorrow that cold front moves in, more clouds on the way, chance of light sprinkles, or light showers as the system moves through into early wednesday morning. then that sweeps out of town. temperature-wise, looking a 80s in the bay in many of the valleys. 70s still along the coastline before the fog moves in. sunrise time 7:16. sunset 6:35. and looking out over the next few days we're going to see some changes coming our way.
5:48 am
as it looks like the clouds roll in, temperatures are going to be much cooler. even the slight chance of a light sprinkle or shower on tuesday and wednesday. then we'll dry out thursday and more impressive storm system returns to the bay area on friday. so yeah, this is about a week or two early but here we if, we need the rain. none of these look like huge storms though the friday one looks pretty good. 50 couples taking part in a strenuous contest in maine. it's called the north american wife carrying championship. >> of course it is! >> it's exactly what it sounds like. they have to go through a course filled with obstacles, even one -- >> whoa. that is going to hurt. >> called the widowmaker. this year's winner took place in two previous competitions, finishing second both times. >> it feels incredible. to finally be local guy who skis here all the time, so happy to win finally.
5:49 am
>> the winners get their weight in beer. five times her weight in cash. they also advance to the world championship in finland. >> the women are all treated for vertigo after that. so good for them. >> absolutely. giants winging their way home this morning after splitting the first two games of the nlcs, last night in st. louis. >> verne glen took it all in in a game that the giants nearly pulled out. >> reporter: so many momentum shifts in in nlcs game, in bush stadium. if this is the kind of series it's going to be get your blood pressure checked right about now. here was the game. bottom of the ninth, colton wong off the sergio romo, ninth blast, cardinals had four homers, beat the giants 5-4 to
5:50 am
even the series at a game a piece. >> you hit a home run at this stage. especially a walkoff home run. it was my top home run. i think -- ever. >> everyone is hitting bombs. it is what it is when you don't make good pitches or execute. i mean -- >> it hurts but you do it again tomorrow. there's a real good chance i'm going to get the ball again so it's fine. >> full blanket coverage from st. louis coming up in game day. this is a show you don't want to miss as the series now shifts to san francisco on tuesday. 1:00 game for game three. game three set for tomorrow afternoon, at&t park as he mentioned 1:00 start. games four and 5:00 also at at&t, in the city wednesday and night3333333333333333. time now is 5:50. the goal is to put healthy food on bay area plates. still ahead, the new bay area
5:51 am
program designed to make healthy eating easier. >> are you ready for some football? hope so. we have a monday night extravaganza here on kpix. hange the name,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
the weather has been very nice. high pressure taking care of us but the off-shore winds and look what is off the coastline. a storm is out there. that will change the weather big time this week. maybe some showers headed our way. we'll talk about that coming up. checking the roads in the south bay in san jose, northbound 101 just getting reports of an accident there blocking one lane. it was slow already. we'll have a full look at the kcbs monday morning commute coming up. 5:54. the campaign change, the name of the wawltdo tunnel in memory of robin williams is gaining momentum. march levine says he'll introduce legislation in december to rename the tunnel just north of the golden gate bridge. there's also an on-line petition with more than 55,000 signatures. the late median and actor lived nearby in tiberon. we'll find out if the
5:55 am
state's record drought i is making for skinny pumpkins. this is the 41st annual -- the grower will $600 a pound for it. last winner was $1,985 pounds. a new program in san jose aims to make healthy eating easier. 30 corner stores, two food carts and one farewellers market are participating in the good-to-go program. often the cost of freutsz ants vegetables keeps people from buying them but the $5 coupon helps the wallet and quick and easy recipes are also displayed in the aisles. >> pick up your groceries, go home and cook. it takes a half-hour. >> the food is really a cornerstone of every culture and every family. it should be celebrated in a positive and healthy way. >> the health trust helped launch the program with a million-dollar grant and to encourage businesses to join they are giving marketing tips.
5:56 am
in some cases new equipment like refrigerators. more to come -- big waves causing some big along the california coastline. next half-hour, rescuers scrambling to save some cliff divers frapped under rough surf. >> handful of u.s. airports begin advanced health screenings for ebola this week. live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
here, the food and conversation are like a passionate dance. it's color. it's a way of life. a harmony that brings people together. the more we give in to the magic of this place, the more we'd like to stay. oaxaca. live it to believe it. whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine
5:59 am
but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. into clearly there was a breach in protocol. >> how did a nurse contract ebola while caring for a patient last week? she wore full protective gear while treating thomas eric duncan who died from ebola last wednesday. >> don't get too close to the the water and expect that the water will be unpredictable. >> reporter: a fisherman is dead after he and a friend were swept out to sea. a wave hit them as they were
6:00 am
fishing from the rocks yesterday. the other man was found clinging to the rocks off- shore. >> the giants heading back to san francisco. tied with the tarred -- cardinals in a game apiece in the nlcs. from across the bay to around the world the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> touchdown! good morning. i'm juli iette goodrich in for michelle. >> i'm frank mallicote. 6:00. president obama wants to know how a nurse contracted ebola. she's isolated now. she treated thomas eric duncan who died of ebola just last wednesday. she became infected even though she wore a mask, gown, gloves and other protective clothing. >> if this individual was exposed which they were it is ss


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