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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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like a whole 'nother munchie meal. it's called jack's munchie peel instant win game and it's awesome. check this out. when i peel this banana, i win the inside of this banana. cool story, bro. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> absolute gridlock. tonight, drivers say they were stuck for hours trying to get out of this bay area barrage. what a nightmare. >> yeah, this is what it looked like at fifth and mission a couple of hours ago. the president's fundraiser is just around the corner at the
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hotel. many drivers were caught off guard and didn't realize the president was in town. they called it an obama jam. >> we got stuck five hours. came out to do a little shopping and yeah. it was crazy. >> paul and his buddies went to get dinner and the place was packed with people who had given up fighting the traffic. angry drivers vented "one hour and 45 minutes, only inches of movement. i'm back crying like a child again. ." >> not only is the president here, it's fleet week. here is a live look at the uss america. the navy's newest assault ship will be commissioned tomorrow. city expects a million people this weekend to come and check out all the action. but, this is friday night, and all those sailors and marines are walking around san francisco tonight. betty yu is on broadway in knot beach. betty? >> reporter: ken, a million people plus tonight, a thousand
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sailors and 500 marines are out in full force here in northeast and across the city. we caught up with a few having a great time a little while ago in san francisco fashion. [ singing ] >> reporter: some sailors let loose in san francisco tonight. >> great involvement. it's a great time of the year. >> reporter: at the high dive bar, this is how locals showed their appreciation. >> i think it is great for the city of san francisco to have this weekend and to celebrate the military services. >> reporter: new this year, the military has given you one task. take a selfie with a sailor. check out mayor ed lee's photo. >> it is really cool for us to take a quick snapshot. >> reporter: i had to follow
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the navy's advice. >> the best part about san francisco. >> the view. it is just incredible. the bridge is right here, the golden gate. >> reporter: what about the women here? >> oh, don't even get me started. [ laughter ] gorgeous. >> reporter: men aren't the only ones enjoying the sights in the city. >> what about the women? what do the women do? >> shopping. [ laughter ] >> reporter: definitely a lot to see and explore around san francisco this weekend. take a look at the fleet week schedule. fist up, tomorrow, fireworks at pier 39. then the blue angels air show happening saturday and sunday and on monday, you can tour navy ships. now the sailors and marines have about an hour before their midnight curfew, so they are still out enjoying the night and the best part, ken, they tell me they love the san francisco hospitality. no rude people. everybody has been really friendly. ken? >> those ships get kind of small, you know, after a few months. it is good to stretch your legs. >> reporter: oh yeah.
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they are definitely enjoying the space, the scenery, and the people, and the drinks. >> awesome. all right. thanks very much. well brian, the big question is the weather. going to be nice or will the blue angels be fogged? >> kenny, that is such a good question and the answer is so far, saturday looks a little dicey and saturday looks better. as we have this persistent marine layer that will hang around the immediate coastline tomorrow. they should be able to adjust to that. won't be extensive. 73 in the afternoon. we will get an offshore flow. sunday things look good. tomorrow, they might have to adjust the demo a little bit. or they might not. the fog will be touch and go. we will have the complete forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks brian. for everything you need to know about fleet week, check out
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the chief says because of the domestic violence investigation of ray mcdonald, about 20 officers do security work for the niners and make a little extra money. at issue, sergeant sean prichard. mcdonald called prichard right at his house and prichard was already at the home when other officers showed up to investigate. a woman hid in her closet and called 911 after her roommate's exboyfriend broke down the front door and started shooting. that was at the end of what was already a horrible night in san francisco. andria borba says police were called not once, but five times in the course of eight-and-a- half hours on natoma street. >> reporter: the second call and first sfpd visit came at 9:00 p.m. >> the suspect was ringing the doorbell so officers went. he was downstairs. she vouched for him. >> reporter: the woman told
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officers that she and cederic young junior had been in a relationship nine years and he moved out. with the situation defused, young and the officers left only to come back at 9:45 with the same complaint. >> he was very drunk so she said he is disturbing the neighbors. again, she was very reassuring that everything was good. but again, he was drunk. >> reporter: that is when sfpd arrested young and threw him in the drunk tank. he was out at 4:00 a.m. and quickly back at the door saying he needed clothes for work. >> she was happy to let him have his clothe as long as the officers did a standby while he gaterred his things. he went in. she actually helped him pack. >> reporter: but young came pack a fifth time at 5:00. this time he didn't bring the
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doorbell. the victim's roommate called 911, this time, it turned violent. first the assault, and then this. these were the gunshots from the dispatch tape. young is dead, tonight his exis in critical condition. officers are trying to figure out when young got his hands on a young. young was patted down every time his officers encountered him and he doesn't have a gun when he was in the drunk tank. in the news rook, andria borba, kpix5. >> two bay area police departments have more uniformed officers on the streets tonight and they are looking for a flasher. at least four times this week, the guy exposed himself. two of the victims were girls. the latest incident happened this morning in belmont. the palo alto police put together these sketches. the man on the right is wanted for flashing a woman yesterday in palo alto. detectives say the description
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from belmont is very similar. are these two the same guy? police are not sure. the people who want to be mayor of oakland turn their attention to a part of town that could use some high powered attention. the candidates are looking for votes. >> we can register you to vote. what does our hood need to be
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better? a miracle? >> that has not stopped williams. >> the unemployment rate hosers around 30%. >> the candidates do not walk in this neighborhood. >> you ever see any of the mayoral candidates over here? >> no. >> the city council? >> no. jean quan? >> reporter: but tonight, quan and several other candidates for mayor came to this church. the first question, when was the last time you came to this side of town? >> i go to church in east oakland over in allen temple. >> i walked all the way down international. >> william said this was a hopeful first step that this oakland and the people here matter. >> we were able to bring the seat of power to the hood. >> in deep east oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. tonight, the chronicle is endorsing brian parker for mayor. the editors say they are impressed with how he has pledged to show up with his lunch bucket and change the bureaucracy at city hall.
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several bay area hospitals may soon be posting under new management signs. the daughters of charity sold off six of the hospitals to prime healthcare today. there are three in the bay area. o'conner in san jose, seaton in daly city, and saint louise in gilroy. their primary mission is to serve the poor and tonight, some employees believe healthcare will be compromised. >> they have a reputation of cutting services an laying off staff. they are facing civil and criminal charges around overcharges medicare. >> the feds, the state, and because the hospitals are catholic, the vatican still have to approve the sale. we are on the verge of another big photo expose involving pictures people thought would be deleted. this one is snap chat. joe vasquez on what we can expect this weekend. >> reporter: from the same
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folks who allegedly leaked the celebrity nudes comes another big photo hack. commenters on 4chan released 200,000 photos taken on snap chat. they are believed to be nude photos. because snap chat has a huge teenage following, some of them are probably considered child pornography. >> we have seen estimates of 13 gigabytes. we know at some point in the next few days, this data base is going to be released publicly. >> maybe they will think twice about what pictures they think, but i feel sorry for them. but i just find it is like what is done is done. >> reporter: snap chat photos are supposed to self-destruct as soon as they are received but users we talked to said you can beat the system by screen capturing on your smartphone. >> it is supposed to go away. >> uh-huh. >> but ... >> it doesn't. >> what? >> yeah. in their systems.
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every picture you take is saved. >> so you shouldn't trust these apps? >> no. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. well snap chat says the servers were never hacked. third party apps are to blame. best bet, change your settings to private. how about techies versus some local kids? the turf war over a bay area soccer field. >> they were supposed to get married in the backyard, but their house burned down. firefighters couldn't save it but they did safe the wedding. tonight, we will show you how. >> plus this bay area haunted house is called one of the freakiest in the country and tonight you will see for yourself.
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but total strangers came to rescue. mojgan sherkat >> an incredible story. over the summer, a solano county couple thought their marriage was up in flames but a stranger came to the rescue. their dream wedding rose from the ashes. >> reporter: we introduced you to heather and june when she lost her home to a fire. the only thing she saved? her wedding dress. it was clear there was nothing left. heather thornton's home gone. >> we lost everything. soy was like there is no way we can have the wedding at all. >> reporter: a wedding they would be having only a few months later. a spreading pulled off with the general help of the community. >> the community kind of took care of us. >> it is unreal. i thought this day wasn't going to happen. >> reporter: when people found out heather lost everything in the fire except her wedding dress, they wanted to help the
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bride to be. >> evan is the quiet one and he just takes everything in stride. and she is so bubblely and so excited about everything and they are just a perfect match together. >> reporter: they were planning on having a wedding in her backyard. that was no longer an option. [ applause ] >> reporter: so their church family opened their doors an the photographer offered his services for free. >> it is overwhelming, because you can really feel the love. >> reporter: a day they feared wouldn't happen ended up going on without hitch. >> everything i have been waiting for. >> reporter: heather and evan are saving up to try to move into a new home. >> well the core deal yay fire department opened up their fire hall for the reception. >> great story. this story will get you scratching your head.
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a battle saying that a soccer field is being taken over by tech workers. >> this field has never been booked. i don't understand. >> how long have you been in the neighborhood bro? >> well the argument is over who has first dibs on the field? the techies say they reserved it using an app. neighborhood regulars say what? what app? >> everybody in the park was really tripping because you know, this is a neighborhood park and it is being reserved? >> yeah, on tuesday and thursday nights. the only days of week permitted from 7:00 to 9:00 at night. >> well san francisco reck and park says the park is open to drop in and permitted use and recognizes the need for more open space in the city. well tonight, people are lined up outside a haunted house. but this isn't just any haunted house. >> this place at the bay fair mall is so scary, so creepy, it has made a very prestigious list. kate cate went to check it out.
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cate caugurian. >> if you are chicken, don't bother coming. >> reporter: it is almost a guarantee. >> when they would follow you, it was very creepy. >> reporter: walk into fearover load scream fest, run out begging for mercy. >> where do you think you're going? >> we actually specialize in having the most horrific haunted houses. >> this was named one of the top ten scariest in the country. the best on the west coast. this is only part of the haunted house and it looks scary. that's with the lights on. when the lights are off, that is when the real fear begins. >> we actually had to talk people into going into the second maze because they were so scared of the first maze. >> reporter: with a set like this with actors that like like this, it takes a lot of prep work. >> as you can see, i got
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murdered. >> reporter: the ghost, the blood, and the monsters have the equation that results in ... >> have you ever made anyone pee in their pants? >> oh yeah. i have had grown men run out of the haunted houses. >> if you are brave, you are welcome to try. >> this is the scariest place in the world. >> reporter: in san leandro, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> it reminds you of your house on a saturday night. [ laughter ] they are all actors who audition to part of the fear fest. >> i want to make it. i'm a chicken. >> i wouldn't make it two feet? >> they do an amazing jury box but no, can't handle it. >> it wasn't real? >> it looked real. i was scared watching it!
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>> let's head outside, we have a big weekend, a lot of stuff going on with a warming trend. in a few days, let's start with what is happening now. high pressure is building over nevada that is perfectly situated to give us offshore winds also to boost the temperatures. that is one of the reasons there are red flag warnings. wind gusts as high as 50 miles an hour. the humidity goes up. fire danger goes up. waves are up as well. the surf, nine to 13 feet. this is because of a big storm in the gulf of alaska. be careful if you are going to the beach. this is how it looks now as we gaze at the bay bridge. 60 at concord. 58 in the city. now let's look a little bet. we were cool the past couple of
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days. high pressure out, weekend arm up. there will be a chance of showers late tuesday. i don't know if we mentioned the giants are playing the cardinals. game time temperatures 54 degrees. they are playing in saint louis. forecast and average, we are pretty much there. little warmer than average. 87 at morgan hill. east bay tomorrow will be in the mid 80s again, so a little bit of a warmup begins. north bay, we are going to top out again in the mid 80s . 84 at san rafael, 70 stinson beach. expect a couple of warm days and we are will really turn the other direction by tuesday. i think it will be the last big
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warming spell. it will be the last warm weekend of the season. >> thanks brian. well 17 years in prison for a murder she didn't commit. tonight, this california woman is free and holding her grandson for the very first time. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools.
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torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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first night of freedom in 17 years. susan >> a southern california woman is enjoying her first night of freedom in 17 years. >> susan marie mellen was sent to prison for a murder she didn't commit. tonight, she hung out with her family and went to the mall. earlier today, a judge overturned her conviction and released her right on the spot. susan got to hold her grandson. she didn't let prison life affect her. >> i didn't want it to take ahold and change who i really was. a person who had a lot of love in my heart. i was always a good person. >> her daughter says one of the first things mellen wanted was
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to work a deal for a second base >> just around baseball's trade deadline, the giants were trying to work a deal for a second baseman. that deal fell through so the job went to a rookie. here is vern glenn in saint louis. >> reporter: dennis, the eve of the nlcs game one. i think we can all understand it if joe panic is too excited to fall asleep. did you know that the giants have tried seven different second base men before panic hit it big? >> i would say the last week- and-a-half or so, this has been an unbelievable ride. just to be in this situation now as a rookie, three or four months in, this is unbelievable. >> what would you have said if i had come up to you in
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scottsdale and said you are going to be here in the nlcs? >> i would have said you are crazy. you obviously want to make the big league club and everything. but the way the squad was looking, i was just trying to do what needed to be done. take care of business and be here seven months late sore definitely something out of this world. >> reporter: joe panik, a kid from new york who grew up idolizing derek jeter. look at him now. boy, his parents who will be here tomorrow are awfully proud. that will do it from saint louis dennis. back to you in the studio. >> have fun vern. , look at that, they dropped in and that scored the tieing run. now that is one that is not blooper okay? kc's alex gordon. the orioles take a 1-0 series
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lead. kansas city is 5-0 on the playoffs and four wins have come in extra frames. big matchup in college football tonight. stanford had the win to remain in the top 25 ranking where it has been since 2010. tiger woods checking tout cardinals. they are playing the open at silverado. stanford leading washington state. eric cotton. hogan, 284 yards and three scores. now the cougars cut the lead to 17-10 in the third quarter, stanford up 14. they win 34-17. they are 4-2 and 2-1 in the pack 12. plenty of seats in the open in napa. martin layer had not played for seven weeks. what, me? rusty? this finished off his second straight round. 67, he had a 10 under sing led
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moon baby one shot. we told you about jarred lyle. he made his fist cut in two years. that is one of the best stories on tour as we are just beginning pga tour. we will be back right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> well, we have a live picture of the ferry building all lit up in orange. gorgeous for the giants.
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>> go giants. >> orange october is what it is called. >> have a good one. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now with your ticks on route 66, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and appla


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