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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 10, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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nearly 5:00 on your friday. and we love friday e the weekend is so close, right? >> yes. >> it's going to be an excellent weekend for fleet week weather. pristine conditions, wall to wall sunshine not a cloud in the sky and that's what's on tap. good morning, everybody. out the door, we do have clear skies and in the 50s. and later today, it looks like the temperatures will rise. right now again, nice green map there, clouds stacking up at the coast in the mid-50s. and later today number-wise, well, we have the clouds that will cool us down at the beaches keeping us in the 60s there. otherwise, your numbers topping off pretty much 85 degrees in gilroy for the outside number. and it looks like we do have a warmer weekend. >> and checking the ride right now on 880 here's a live look he so it looks like that traffic jam is cleared out. they must have just cleared the overnight roadwork on southbound 880 at hegenberger. so now you're good to go between fremont and your downtown oakland exits. they should have picked up that overnight roadwork in the northbound lanes in fremont, as well. here is a live look at our sensors coming out of tracy a
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few delays. the commute has begun. but i have to say this drive time is slightly down from the usual commute day at this time, 15 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. once you get past north flynn it clears out. we no longer see any yellow sensors, brake lights. just a few delays approaching "a" street in antioch not too bad heading into pittsburg-bay point. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you. thousands of bay area commuters will have to find another way to work next week. bus drivers with the golden gate transit plan a one-day strike. there will be no bus service october 17, although the golden gate bridge and ferries won't be directly affected. >> we chose friday that's a low commute day. our ridership on the bus is about half. you know, our goal is not to inconvenience people. our goal is to send a mess handling that we and everyone in the bay area deserve quality healthcare. >> the latest contract proposal includes a 3% wage increase but raises the amount employees have to pay into their health plans. the district's machinists,
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ferry captains, each held separate one day strikes last month. district board plans to meet later today to discuss the whole situation. efforts to slow the ebola outbreak will be the focus of a congressional hearing today in dallas. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: one of our local congressmen eric swalwell will be there. he is on the house homeland security committee which is holding that hearing. they are going to be reviewing international, local and federal responses to the ebola crisis. military planes carry dozens of marines and supplies into liberia yesterday. there's already hundreds of troops there. they are building treatment centers for ebola patients. the nations hardest hit by the outbreak are in west africa and the president of sierra leone is giving an ominous warning. >> without your quick response, a tragedy unforeseen in modern times will threaten the well- being and compromise the security of people everywhere. >> reporter: at today's
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hearing, officials are expected to examine flaws exposed in the nation's healthcare system following the death of thomas eric duncan, the first person to die of ebola in the u.s. duncan was initially released from the hospital after he showed symptoms of the virus. doctors say duncan was given the best treatment possible including an experimental antiviral drug. tomorrow, officials will begin some tougher screening procedures for passengers arriving at jfk airport in new york from west africa. >> what can we expect to come out of today's hearings in dallas? >> congressman swalwell sent out a statement outlining his goals which are, "to learn how we can address ebola in west africa, protect the united states from this deadly disease, and bust the myths surrounding it." that is important because there are a lot of rumors and obviously fears surrounding ebola. we have more of the "facts" on our website, live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. it is being called a weekend of resistance in the st. louis area. that's because of two recent
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shootings in which police killed teenagers. chris van cleave reports in the most recent case police insist the suspect fired first. reporter: for a second night protestors filled south st. louis, missouri streets angry over the shooting death of 18-year-old von meyers during an altercation with police wednesday. they smashed store windows, damaged police cars and taunted officers. police say the situation could have escalated. >> what i describe as a large knife came flying out of the crowd actually hit an officer on his shoulder. not the blade edge. it just shows how the emotions and how quickly this situation can turn. >> reporter: hours earlier, there was a somber vigil for meyers. the teen was shot and killed by an off-duty st. louis police officer who was on patrol for a private security company. police say meyers ran from the 6-year veteran firing at the officer three times before his gun jammed. meyers' family disputes that calling the incident a case of racial profiling. >> for him to go from joking around and playing around and eating a sandwich and he was
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sharing the sandwich with two or three of his other friends, to go from that to now he is a violent criminal is absolutely absurd. >> certainly the young man may have gone in the store and bought a sandwich earlier in the evening. when he ran from police officers, he was armed with a gun and not a sandwich. >> reporter: this week's demonstrations come as tensions remain high two months after the shooting death of michael brown during a struggle with the ferguson, missouri police officer. chris van cleave, cbs news, new york. >> and now the latest on the war against muslims. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says turkey has military capabilities that would be valuable in the fight. u.s.-led air strikes continued to pound isis targets in the syrian town of kobani. isis militants are battling kurdish forces for control of the city near the turkish border. the president arrives here in the bay area later today. he is here to raise money for fellow democrats ahead. november election. president obama will be at san francisco's "w" hotel tonight
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at 7:00. tickets are from $500 to $32,000 apiece. then he will go back to washington later tomorrow. new this morning, we have the latest on some young nobel prize winners. and they got the call early in the morning. malala yousefzai and also kailash satyarthi share the award. both risked their lives for children's rights. malala is now 17 and continues her human rights activism. satyarthi has been at the forefront of a global movement to end child slavery. same-sex couples can now get married in las vegas. a judge struck down the gay marriage ban in nevada and idaho. opponents say they won't be appealing that court's decision. all right. 5:06 now. mystery solved. the big unveiling of tesla's biggest secret. we'll take a look after the break. >> and you might need more than a leash to hold on to your dog. why some of you are paying more than $10,000 so you won't lose your pet coming up.
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>> it is friday. we'll cool down today. check out which day this weekend will be warmer. that forecast straight ahead. >> and so far no major accidents on your ride to work this morning. we do have a lot of overnight roadwork still in the clearing stages along 880. we'll have a full wrap-up of your friday morning commute. it's all after this break. ,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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good morning. rise and shine, everybody! it is friday, october 10. on this day, we welcome fleet week. a dozen navy and coast guard ships as well as ships from all over the world will visit the bay area. weather will be perfect. and for the schedule of fleet week, visit us online at a driver of a van in arizona tried a bold move but isn't so lucky. the van gets caught in floodwaters. heavy rains caused widespread flooding in arizona today. the driver of the van had to be rescued. palo alto-based tesla motors says its new model s electric cars will be tricked out with the latest high-tech features including driver assistance systems with autopilot and sonar. elon musk showed up to show off the new car in l.a. he says they are faster and safer than originals. >> it's able to see things at long distance, and also able to see through fog, through snow,
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it's able to read stop signs, distinguish pedestrians, look at traffic lights. >> they are rouget ships! >> pretty much -- rocketships! >> pretty much. he says it's meant to assist drivers that people can't fall asleep at the wheel. tesla all-wheel drive versions of the model s will go from $75,000 to $170,000. probably depends on the options. >> how about a no down finance plan? >> that would be nice. >> i guess you can fall asleep and still get home. >> that's good for us. [ laughter ] thanks, guys. and out the door, let's see. we got some accidents now to tell you about and some overnight roadwork that's actually in the clearing stages. a new crash on the off-ramp in livermore. westbound 580 approaching that isabel off-ramp, there was an accident there fender-bender and again so thank you for the
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phone force for first alerting us to that. it looks like the main lines of the freeway still look okay and we are seeing our usual delays coming out of the altamont pass and tracy actually but it does clear up a little bit past north flynn. other roads let's check the golden gate bridge. so they should have cleared that overnight roadwork as well near the waldo tunnel. for a while we had three lanes in each direction. now it looks like we should have four in the southbound commute direction across the span. still quiet especially now that they cleared the overnight roadwork through the waldo grade. everything is still moving at the speed limit. much better news for 880 commuters, as well. if you were waiting for some of that roadwork to clear you're in luck. southbound 880 is now open all lanes are open between hegenberger and davis. they have various lanes blocked overnight. caltrans had their warning signs up. they should have cleared the roadwork in fremont, as well. that was in the northbound direction. here's a live look at a very nice quiet nearly empty bay bridge toll plaza. right now no metering lights so it looks good into san francisco. howard street is closed once again. so if you saw this last month,
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we had oracle openworld. this time it's sales force's "dreamforce" conference so they have closed that stretch between 3rd and 4th. it causes a mess there. consider using bart. we also have fleet week, president obama heading to town arriving at sfo at 3:30. so a lot going on. bart so far on time. no delay into the city or anywhere around the east bay. that's your latest drive and ride to work. another check of your weekend forecast. >> wow. we just have so much going on right here in the bay area! right? >> we do. >> the president coming to town. the boys are back in town with fleet week. and we have the italian festival. we have that forecast coming up. right now, a few clouds lining the coast and into the bay. otherwise clear skies inland. number-wise into the 50s. it's in the low 60s in san francisco. fog-free at the golden gate bridge. slightly cooler today in all areas. we do have a very brief warming trend on tap for this weekend
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just in time for fleet week. and the hottest day this weekend coming up will be on sunday. right now we have a slight onshore flow and that's what's going to cool down the coast today. but then high pressure quickly fills in over the weekend producing an offshore component. drier air mass. the potential for fire danger will increase. and the numbers will be hitting near the triple digits by sunday. cooler weather expected by midweek. now, for your friday, it's a getaway day. low 90s in sacramento through fresno. otherwise mid-60s across the northwestern quadrant of the state of california. 67 degrees in monterey bay. low 90s half dome. 74 lake tahoe. 60s at the beaches. 70s bayside and peninsula. then we reach into the 80s north of the golden gate bridge. low and mid-80s east and to the south, 78 degrees in san jose which is spot on for this time of the year. your extended forecast 97 degrees inland areas at the delta on sunday.
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clear skies for the blue angels over the weekend. and we begin to bump up the cloud cover by tuesday and wednesday. and we do have a slight chance of light raindrops on wednesday. italian heritage parade. it takes place this weekend. 75 beautiful degrees. yeah. just got a little bling over the past couple of days, guys. >> just a little bling. >> did you run a marathon? >> how do you not notice? >> it was so cool. we have the heritage parade coming up. i was in portugal, never been there before, amazing country and it was 30 celsius, 90 degrees, really hot for running. >> running. >> yeah. >> impressive. >> and her 30th. >> great time. >> glad you're back. >> thank you. 5:15. so check this out. this is interesting. new research suggests the bigger the diamond, the shorter the marriage. men who spent between $2,000 to $4,000 on rings were more likely to end up divorced than men who spent less than $2,000.
5:16 am
frank. women whose wedding [ indiscernible ] are over three times more likely to divorce compared to more thrifty weddings between $5,000 and $10,000 for that special day. i don't know who did the research. how many people were -- >> i'm still married. >> this is 40 bucks. you can get zirconia. so we're good. costco has nice diamonds. nordstrom 40 bucks you can get the cheap stuff. >> guys if you are listening out there, go small. >> right. >> live long. anyway, we are hearing about more and more contentious divorces these days. >> wow. all right, besides all the other stuff you fight about, couples are battling over their pets. elizabeth cook went to find out who gets rover when the marriage is over and why. >> who gets the diamond? >> reporter: in san francisco, dogs don't only out number kids. they are the kids. >> he is my son, my mother considers him her grand puppy. >> reporter: however, dogs and cats often have longer life spans than most american marriages. couples stay married on average
5:17 am
for just 8 years. >> when folks split up increasingly the fur begins to fly. over their pets. >> of course you get your dogs and your cats, then you have your horses, your birds, reptiles, snakes, lizards and such. and people will fight over those. >> reporter: in the past five years, divorce attorneys across the nation have seen almost a 30% jump in pet disputes. however, doggone it, animals aren't treated like kids in family court, whether it's fido or fluffy, the law is clear, a pet is property. >> the concept that a pet is going to be treated as a piece of furniture is stunning to them. >> reporter: just ask this woman. >> letting go of a house or retirement funds or money, i could deal with that. but letting go of my dog, i -- i couldn't part with her. >> reporter: o'dell spent $11,000 in legal fees to convince a judge sweet pea a rescued pit bull was a gift
5:18 am
from her ex and thus her separate property. >> she is the most expensive christmas gift i have ever had to pay for. >> reporter: an attorney represented o'dell. she says try to settle out of court first. it's cheaper and you won't be rolling the dice. >> don't give up power over two a court to make decisions about what's going to happen especially about something as important as your pet. >> reporter: but if it does turn acrimonious, sfspca corporate council brandy kentzle pleats, think about what's best for your pets. >> never use the pet as a bargaining chip. never use the pet as leverage against the other person. >> i'm telling you, if i were ever insane enough to think about marriage again, i would get a prenup and it would involve animals. [ laughter ] >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> under california law, the only time a judge can grant custody of a pet is in a case of domestic violence. >> that's when the judge says the pet needs to be protected. usually you say we're staying
5:19 am
together for the kids. >> yeah. >> we're staying together for rover. >> yeah. 5:18. the 2015 super bowl is months away but the word is out on the halftime show. headliners, who's that? details after the break. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, we'll hear from the cardinals manager about what he thinks about the giants the next time around and round 2 this afternoon at silverado. we'll show you who is in the lead coming up. >> all right. dennis. >> we'll be right back but first here's today's bay area jobs report with steven greenberg. as the labor market in the bay area slowly rebounds qualified candidates need to know how to turn a job interview into a job offer of a successful interview is more than just a pleasant conversation. preparation is key. employers today expect candidates to do their homework. before the interview, spend time on the company's website and do some research. don't just wait for a series of questions. sit on the edge of your seat. bring energy and enthusiasm to the interview. prepare a few quick stories that drive home your best
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qualities. instead of just saying you are detail oriented, give an example when your attention to detail helped your employer. prepare thoughtful questions. for example, ask how they would define a successful first year at this job. and can they describe a typical workday for this position? and, of course, there's the basics. dress neatly. be on time. and turn cell phones off. when you turn it back on, the employer may be calling you with your job offer. i'm steven greenberg, kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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arizona. the pop star was on the short- list beating t rihanna and cold new this morning katy perry will perform at the super bowl halftime show in arizona. the pop star was on the short list beating out rhianna and coldplay. it's been reported that the nfl was looking for artists to pay to perform at the game which draws massive ratings. perry says she is not the kind of girl to pay to play the super bowl. good morning, everyone. for the third time in the last 12 years and the fourth time in nlcs history, the giants will face the cardinals with the world series ticket on the line. the last time they met in 2012, when the giants rallied from a 3-1 series deficit en route to the second world series championship in three years. cardinals manager mike metheny said his team didn't stop
5:24 am
playing with the 3-1 lead. he just ran into a white hot giants squad. >> we showed up the same. we just ran into a team that got hot. that's what october is all b you have to have a certain amount of talent which team is going to put it together at the right time and use what circumstances come their way to help them get there. and they took it past series 2 and went all the way. >> silverado hosting the pga tournament for the first time since the carter administration. fifth hole, sang moon bay got the birdie put. he is tied for the lead. he shot a 66 and one of the tour's more colorful players andres gonzalez came out firing yesterday morning. the approach on 17 set up a birdie. he is tied with bay after carding a 66. there are your leaders. there are nine players tied for third two shots off the lead. the pga tour is under way right here in the wine country round 2 today. and vern glenn is on his way to
5:25 am
st. louis for game one tomorrow. he will have hits report in tonight's 6:00 news. get ready for the play-offs. nlcs. i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great weekend. bring it on. okay, dennis. play of the day, how about a little hockey? he makes a pass between the legs of blackhawks setting up trevor daily for the chicago goal. one more time. there it is. and there it goes. very nice but in the end dallas beat the sharks. the home opener is tomorrow night against winnipeg. 5:25. something is wrong with this picture. and now it's costing 49ers colin kaepernick $10,000. we'll tell you why in the next half-hour. >> reporter: the mayor's race in san jose heats up as the police union is accused of engaging in scare tactics. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. ,,
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sorry. get a free quote at expose the facts on the gro fears about ebola hitting t u-s. i'm anne makovec live h the latest on a hearing today promises to expose the facts and the growing fears about ebola hitting the u.s. i'm anne makovec live in the newsroom with the latest on the deadly disease and the local congressman digging for answers. >> and another night of unrest in missouri. protests turn violent as demonstrators take to the streets over recent police involved shootings. >> it will be cool today, not as warm as tomorrow. >> another howard street closure. we'll tell you all about the closure coming up.
5:30 am
>> i'm juliette goodrich. employing is off today. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. congress will meet in dallas today to curb the ebola outbreak. anne makovec is live in the newsroom with the details. good morning. >> reporter: eric swalwell is on the house homeland security committee to review international local and federal responses planes carried dozens of supplies and marines into liberia yesterday building treatment centers for ebola patients. the help can't come fast enough for the nations hardest hit by the outbreak in west africa. without your quick response a tragedy unforeseen in modern times will threaten the well- being and compromise the security of people everywhere. >> reporter: the director for the center of disease control and prevention drove the message home. >> we have to work now so this is not the world's next aids.
5:31 am
>> reporter: at today's hearing, officials will examine flaws exposed in the nation's healthcare system following the death of thomas eric duncan. he was the first person to die of ebola in the u.s. duncan was released from the hospital after he became ill. some suggest race and a lack of health insurance played a role. but doctors say duncan was given the best treatment possible including an experimental anti-viral drug. the u.s. remains focused on keeping ebola out of this country. tomorrow there will be tougher screening at jfk in new york from west africa. swalwell outlined his goals for this morning's hearing which are to learn how we can address ebola in west africa, protect the united states from the deadly disease and bust the mysteries surrounding it. >> to learn more about ebola go to our and click on
5:32 am
health. a teen treated for the enterovirus home from the hospital now. there are have been 7 cases reported in the bay area, two in alameda county, one each in san francisco, contra costa county, solano and santa cruz counties. the person affected in santa clara county is in good condition. sparks from a car caused a deadly wildfire in yosemite. investigators say the sparks came from either a trailer dragging safety chains or brake parts. once the flames started the fire quickly got out of control. 62 jeffrey craig hunt of san jose was flying an air tanker trying to put it out. his plane crashed into a canyon wall and he was killed. 5:32. the weekend is here. the fleet week is here. you can hear all the planes. >> you can hear all the planes. you're going to see all the planes. you are going to see the ships. we couldn't ask for better weather. you don't want cloudy skies for the blue angels. >> no. >> we are going to be experiencing offshore flow. the only downside is that the
5:33 am
fire conditions will accelerate here in the bay area with that offshore flow. taking place this weekend. right now we have some clouds at the beaches. mid-50s throughout the tri- valley. 57 san jose. good morning, san rafael! also in the mid-50s. clouds stacked up next to the seashore right now slower burnoff today than yesterday resulting in some cooler conditions. 67 degrees in pacifica through montera beaches. upper 60s through the avenues. 74 oakland. to the south 78 in san jose. but we get much warmer than that mid-80s morgan hill and gilroy. 80s in the northern portion of the district. 85 outside number in brentwood. check out sunday. yes! some very low humidity, though, high fire danger, 76 and 97 degrees. we have some clouds returning to the bay area by midweek next week. that's a look at weather. hey there, elizabeth. >> hey, good morning, roberta. out the door right now, it's looking good. one more workday, one more official workday to go.
5:34 am
right now at the bay bridge there are 30 cars deep at the bay bridge toll plaza but no metering lights yet. so if you have one of those fastrak passes right now there should be no delay at all really getting into the city from the oakland area. you can see the middle lanes are still cruising by, still green end to end at the bay bridge. and eastbound also looking very quiet. howard street closures causing a huge traffic tie-up around south market. howard closed between 3rd and 4th. sales force is having a conference, harrison probably the best bet or bart. harrison gets really backed up though in the area as people try to find die tours around howard. westbound 580. there was a member of the "kcbs phone force" that first alerted us to a crash on the isabel off- ramp. it should be cleared now. westbound 580 we are seeing the usual delays through tracy and now livermore. but it is lighter than normal. it is a friday you can tell by that drive time. or ride bart. so far everything is on time. that's traffic. back to you guys.
5:35 am
>> all right, liz. thanks. it is 4:34 now. three men are all in custody suspected in last month's stray bullet killing of a san jose man. police say one of these men pulled trigger september 24 killing 24-year-old richmond watkins outside his home. he he was the father of two and expected a third child. police say he was directing a relative into a parking spot when one of the suspects fired at the relative's car apparently thinking it was somebody else. one of the bullets struck watkins. the suspects all arrested within days of the shooting. but the sjpd waited until yesterday to finally announce the arrests for the sake of the investigation. crowds of people are flocking to a bay area staircase and now homeowners say they can't take it anymore. communications hill in san jose has turned into an exercise haven in the morning and a place to party at night. but the stairs have gotten popular after going viral on social media.
5:36 am
it's starting to become a problem. >> it's that this neighborhood was quiet and private. that's why we moved here. it's not like that at all anymore. >> it's bad. people are paying a lot for their homes. this isn't what they signed up for. >> neighbors working with the city have pulled out some of the benches, put up signs and have painted most of the curbs red to stop people parking in their driveways. 5:36. the latest on the war against islamic extremists now. defense secretary chuck hagel says turkey has military capabilities that would be valuable in the fight. kobani is being bombed. isis militants are battling kurds for control of the city right near the turkey border. the president arrives in the bay area later today. he is here to raise money for democrats before the november election. he will be at the "w" hotel tonight around 7 p.m. where tickets cost up to $32,000 each.
5:37 am
he heads back to washington tomorrow. the nfl has slapped san francisco 49er quarterback colin kaepernick with a hefty $10,000 fine. it's because he wore beats by dre headphones after the recent game against kansas city. kaepernick has an endorsement deal with the company but the nfl has a deal with bose which mandates all the nfl players wear only bose headphones when cameras or the fans are around. who will pay the fine, kaepernick or the sponsors? >> that's unanswered. >> kaepernick later posted online he chose to wear those pink headphones for breast cancer awareness month. his grandmother is a survivor. well, the wall street roller coaster has been nonstop speeding up and down all week long. >> jill wagner of is checking the numbers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the opening bell rings in about an hour and we'll see if wall street can settle down.
5:38 am
it has been a wild week. yesterday the dow plunged 335 points its worst day of the year. that followed the market's best day of the year on wednesday and another triple-digit drop on tuesday. the nasdaq really hasn't fared much better. it fell 90 points yesterday. so what's behind these crazy swings in the market? well, there are concerns about germany. the biggest economy in europe. and worry that it could be slipping into a recession. we have also seen a drop in crude oil prices so that's really great news for us consumers. we're paying less at the gas pump but not so great for energy stocks like exxonmobil and chevron. they are tumbling and dragging down the market. another data breach sound like a broken record, right? this time at dairy queen. the ice cream king says hackers may game access to customer names, credit and debit card information. almost 400 were affected including nine in california. there is a full list on their website. and the company says it has fixed the problem. so some good news there, frank
5:39 am
and juliette. >> i haven't eaten at dairy queen in moons let alone use my credit card there. but anyway, jill, i understand amazon is going old school. they are going to brick and mortar and build a store and sell some of their stuff, i guess right? >> reporter: according to the "wall street journal" the internet giant plans to open its first-ever real store right here in new york city just in time for the holiday season. shoppers can try out amazon's products like the kindle, the new fire smartphone and the new tv set-top box. people familiar with the plan say if successful amazon could build more retail stores in other cities. >> thank you. jill, have a great weekend, jill wagner of it is 5:39. some san jose cops threatening to walk off the job if one politician is elected as their new mayor. now current mayor has some rather harsh words about those scare tactics. that story you'll only see here on kpix 5. >> plus, the giants star makes a surprise appearance on our newscast. now he is apologizing!
5:40 am
details coming up. >> here's a clue for you today. we are at a historic landmark getting ready for halloween. "where's roberta?" as the news continues on kpix 5. i'll hav ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. good morning. on this friday, oklahoma city 10, official sun-up at 7? . by the time it sess tonight at :39, it will be cooler today than yesterday but we have a warmup this weekend. details still straight ahead. 5:42. a story we broke last week as people in san jose talking about next month's mayoral election. >> a lot of people talking. only on 5, kiet do has reaction to our report about police complaining about one of the candidates. reporter: >> this type of scare tactics coming from the poa are
5:43 am
disturbing. >> reporter: matt may hood the ceo of the silicon valley chamber of commerce was shocked and disgusted after seeing our kpix 5 story last week where we approached the union president to confirm rumors swirling around the department about what would happen if sam liccardo were elected mayor. >> 200 cops will have a hard discussion with their families and say i can't do this. i can't do eight more years of this. >> reporter: mayor reed who is a strong sam liccardo supporter says it's election year theatrics. >> they make bold statements because we are in the middle of a political campaign and they are doing what they can to undermine the apartment predicting bad things, what they do. >> reporter: in the past few years 400 officers are been laid off or left. many left because of paycuts or cuts to retirement benefits from pension reform. the chamber of commerce says the police union played a major role in the exodus. >> they have been, you know, helping police officers leave directing them to job fairs, promoting the fact that the
5:44 am
city of san jose is a bad place to work. you don't want to work in the city of san jose. those type of scare tactics undermine the city's ability to keep, retain and attract new police officers. >> to think that my job as the poa president is to sell their failed policies in that's just crazy. >> reporter: the police union president jim unland has no regrets and doubled down on his prediction now saying 200 is on the low end of the range. >> and now we're issuing a new warning: if you continue eight more years of this, more officers are going to leave. just what's going to happen. it's not a threat. it's not an intimidation. it's just a warning that this is the consequence to continuing these policies. >> reporter: sam liccardo says he is focused on solutions like reinstating officer pay, while the union is fear mongering. >> the residents i talk to hear these kinds of veiled threats consider it political blackmail and they are smarter than that and they are not going to be bullied. they know it's their job to
5:45 am
elect in the next mayor not the job of a union boss. >> reporter: so the city is on pace to add about 50 new officers this year. however, 95 have already left this year due to resignations, full retirements. so right now the city is still losing more than it is gaining for officers. >> but a new police academy starts on monday, is that right? >> reporter: yes. so 23 officers will start the academy on monday. they have added three academies, a total of three, this year. that's up from two academies normally. again, however, these academies can hold up to 60 people. they are still having trouble filling these academies and attracting new cadets. that continues a challenge that they will have to figure out as the years come. live at san jose police headquarters kiet do, kpix 5. the giants hunter pence in the play-offs they are in st. louis now but he was clearly not that busy coupleful days ago. there he is. he made a cameo appearance
5:46 am
monday in a live report by kpix 5's mark kelly. pence was seen zipping by on his scooter with his beats by dr. dre there. follow-up to that, yesterday pence posted the picture on at which timer along with an pa pollgy he wrote, this -- alon with an apology, he wrote sorry for the photo bomb, sorry for scooting through. >> mark kelly was thrilled. ska don't apologize >> don't apologize. >> come visit us! we have an issue now at the bay bridge early metering lights. heading into san francisco we already have a backup beyond the overcrossings, so turned on at 5:39. if you plan out your commute for a 5:45 metering lights activation, you're out of luck. it's a stall just past the metering lights still blocking one lane. there is a shoulder now in the
5:47 am
area. so the shouldn't take long to clear it. bridge crews are aware of it. we have a backup now pretty good sized for 5:47 in the morning. out the door right now through the livermore valley, slowdowns continue it looks like now from the 205 split to at least isabel. we have slowdowns. but this drive time is still a touch lower than we usually see at this time of the morning. so yeah, we can call this "friday light." 21 minutes. there haven't been any major accidents on the main lines of the road. we had one earlier accident on the off-ramp in livermore approaching isabel but that should be cleared now, as well. and westbound highway 4 slowdowns continuing now in those westbound lanes approaching "a" street. "a" street to lone tree. then it clears out a bit once you get into the pittsburg-bay point area, concord. no longer seeing any delays on the nimitz. 880 in oakland. so the commute direction that's the taillights right here.
5:48 am
15 minutes between 238 and the maze. commuting into san francisco south of market neighborhood just another reminder howard street closed between 3rd and 4th. they put that closure into effect last night at 8:00 and it continues actually all next week through next saturday. westbound 92 just past the pay gates of the san mateo bridge everything at the speed limit on the flat section and up and over the high-rise. and here's a live look at some drive times now in the east bay. westbound 580 probably our slowest this one, or highway 4. 880 still looks clear and the eastshore freeway only 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. let's check the forecast with roberta. we have fleet week, obama, lots going on. >> i want to hear from everybody here. it's friday. >> yay! >> whoo! [ laughter ] >> we are happy about that. you can't ask for better weather. not a cloud in the sky this weekend. right now it's a shallow deck of low clouds sweeping across
5:49 am
the coast into the bay. otherwise, numbers in the 50s. it is currently 61 degrees in san francisco. a flag flying out of the west at 5 miles per hour. golden gate bridge span is fog- free at this hour. it will be slightly cooler today. we do have a brief warmup this weekend and the hottest day of the next couple will be on sunday. here we go. this right here is a deck of low clouds stacked up at the coast trying to make its way into the bay, as well. we are going to see slower burnoff today resulting in cooler temperatures. okay, when can we see the sunshine at the avenues? here's your lunch hour. still cloudy and then clouds retreat as the day progresses. this huge dome of high pressure is located right there, it continues to build into the state of california. we'll then return to an offshore component resulting in much warmer weather.
5:50 am
today low 90s for this getaway friday from sacramento to fresno. 60s in monterey bay. upper 60s in mendocino county. 70s lake tahoe. sun-up this morning 7:13. sunset 6:41. nothing but sunshine. temperatures 60s, 70s, 80s. 85 degrees outside number today in gilroy. brentwood also to the east. and nearly 100 degrees. >> 100 degrees! >> on sunday. >> really? >> right inland. 70s for fleet week right here in san francisco. >> is that why you have blue on today. the boys are in town. [ laughter ] >> my ship has come in. >> bet they're watching. >> yeah, right. >> 5:50 now. san francisco's fleet week gearing up for the big weekend today. the parade of ships will start making its way from the golden gate bridge to various piers along the embarcadero. also the navy will be showing off its new amphibious assault
5:51 am
ship the uss america to be commissioned tomorrow followed by public tours. and you can find continuing coverage and schedules of the san francisco fleet week at 5:51. tense moments when more than a dozen armed men storm into a california casino. what police think motivated a stabbing attack. ,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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we have been talking about fleet week all week but we have the italian heritage parade taking place this weekend on sunday. nice. not a cloud in the sky at 75 degrees. out the door, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. very crowded especially for this time of the morning. right now they are working to clear a stall. it's just past the pay gates, past the metering lights. you can see this wait now backed up to the west grand overcrossing. a full look at your kcbs friday drive to work coming up. thank you. 5:54 now. protestors smashed windows, taunted police officers overnight in missouri. this comes after another teen was killed in an officer- involved shooting in st. louis this week. tensions already high in that
5:55 am
area after an officer shot a teen in ferguson, missouri just two months ago. police say the situation could have gotten much worse. >> what i describe as a large knife came flying out of the crowd actually hit an officer on the shoulder. fortunately not the blade edge. it just shows how quickly this situation can turn. >> police officers say they are preparing for a weekend of protests. a fremont woman is arrested for a deadly crash even though she was not at the scene of the accident. police say the 42-year-old woman supplied the booze for a party full of teenagers at her home last year. after the party, three 17-year- olds got into a drunk driving crash on durham hoed. one of the boys in the car was killed. the driver has already been convicted. now the woman who hosted the party is charged with involuntary manslaughter. a tribal dispute suddenly closed down a casino near yosemite national park last night. the madera county sheriff was called to the casino to act as
5:56 am
a mediator between the two factions. a dozen men from a rival group stormed the casino. they held a security staff in a conference room. no injuries. most guests left. it's 5:56. earlier this morning, the winners of the nobel peace prize were announced and one of the names may be familiar. >> fears and myths about ebola in the u.s. and the risks coming up. how a local congressman hopes to get the facts. ons of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. bulldog: i just had a dream i was at mattress discounters with tempur-pedic and the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof!
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we're focusing on containment. we have a low risk-high risk people we're checking twice a day. >> a congressional committee holding a hearing in dallas today on the ebola epidemic and ways to prevent the virus from spreading. >> one of the first examinations of flaws exposed by the case of thomas eric duncan who died of ebola this week. >> distinguish pedestrians, look at traffic lights. >> tesla unveiled its latest car design last night. the ceo says the new model isn't just faster than the
6:00 am
original but also safer. it should hit the road in december. >> it was just the most incredible noisy think i have ever heard. >> a fighter jet intercepted a small plane that accidentally got too close to air force one near los angeles. president obama's california fundraising trip continues today here in san francisco. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. and good morning to you, i'm juliette goodrich. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00. at 11 years old she was shot in the head by the taliban and now she is the youngest nobel prize winner ever. malala yousefzai shares the award with kailash satyarthi. both risked their lives for children right. malala is 17 and


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