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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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player was stabbed outside of the market last month. he used to go to middle school with his accused killer who bullied and harassed him. >> he ruined everybody's life. >> reporter: with the case in the juvenile justice system, the family is frustrated the punishment won't fit the crime. she suspect within charged as an adult. >> think about trying this as a juvenile because it was violent. san francisco is actually the county where you have the least chance of being tried as a juvenile. >> the county is more liberal than others in the state. she says if the suspect is convicted in the juvenile system, his time served would add up to less than a decade. >> he is probably not going to do a very lengthy time at djj and i believe that the line is going to be drawn at about age 23. >> it's not just. >> reporter: rashawn's family says that's not enough.
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but then again, no punishment will ever be enough. >> no matter what, it will never be justice because an innocent life was taken. we'll never get him back. >> there's still a chance that a judge will decide the suspect will be tried as an adult but formally, it's only up to the district attorney. the d.a.'s office says it cannot legally talk about juvenile cases. live in the newsroom, ryan takeo, kpix 5. tonight we know a 13-year veteran bay area pilot was killed in a mountainside crash while battling a wildfire in yosemite. 62-year-old craig hunt was battling the dog rock fire when his air tanker slammed into a canyon outside el portal. kpix 5's andria borba joins us live from el portal where neighbors watched his plane go down. andria. >> reporter: well, veronica, it has been a very active wildfire season in. yeah. -- active wildfire season in california.
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the pilots are considered the families of the area. tonight the residents of the area are taking the death of the pilot craig hunt very hard. on eagle creek road in el portal the beating of chopper blades is the rhythm of the neighborhood this summer. >> it is a little scary but we love to hear that sound because it means they are on it. it means they are fighting the fire, protecting us. >> reporter: yesterday neighbors were watching the air attack on the fire when they saw grumman s2t pilot craig hunt a 13-year veteran make his last retardant drop. >> when it came over the edge and dropped the retardant just as he came over we saw him tilt and the missing wing clipped the tree or something, we really don't know yet. but then he went straight down and then just somersaulted all the way down the canyon and it
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exploded. >> reporter: the flaming wreckage skidded down the granite leaving a debris trail a quarter mile long before finally stopping on highway 140. >> gut-wrenching. >> reporter: and from eagle peak road a reminder of hunt's sacrifice, a line of red retardant scarring the mountain marking where his firefight ended. >> we live in a beautiful area. comes with the territory. but these guys put their lives on the line all the time every day. people just don't get that. >> reporter: even last night here in el portal, before we knew craig hunt's name the people here in this town were already talking about starting a memorial fund for his family. now that they know they have a name to attach to it, they are more than likely to do it, they say. live in el portal, andria borba, kpix 5. >> andria, thank you. da lin is at the pilot's base in hollister where tributes to the pilot are already coming in. da. >> reporter: that's right. typically, this cal fire airbase in hollister would be very busy and noisy with air
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tankers flying in and out. not today. very quiet here. all the firefighters inside grieving the death of pilot craig hunt. you can see supporters leaving those flowers here in support of those firefighters. many firefighters say hunt, who was 63, was more than just a pilot. they looked up to him. >> losing a father, he was that father figure that gave the folks here homework assignments and motivated them and -- and a lot of words of wisdom. >> reporter: he would tutor the firefighters because during the off season, hunt taught chemistry at uc-santa cruz and some of the younger firefighters are currently attending college part time. here's a photo of hunt at his daughter's wedding. his daughter said hunt was an experienced pilot, 13 years as a contracted pilot for cal fire, almost 10 years as a u.s. navy p3 pilot. and he was in the reserves for
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another 20 years. the firefighters at the hollister base say he was a great pilot. >> doubt, anger, frustration, sadness, the different phases of grieving pretty much have all come through. >> reporter: hunt lived in san jose with his family. his daughter sarah released a statement this afternoon, she said, "my dad died a hero. there was not a day that went by that i didn't talk to my dad. he was my best friend." a very difficult time for hunt's family and for his firefighting family. in fact, the firefighters here, they have grief counselors comforting those firefighters as we speak. firefighters down from southern california also drove up here today to support their fellow firefighters. this is truly one big family, one big community. live in hollister, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> those fires continue. developing news right now in
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placer county. take a look at this, live pictures, several fires burning near applegate. cal fire says as many as 7 separate fires are burning right now. at least 350 acres involved. the flames broke out right along interstate 80 in the applegate area. eastbound 80 is closed through the area. at least one home has been destroyed. we have confirmed that. this is home video from the scene. the only thing still standing is a rock fireplace. flames still burning, the little that is left on the ground. in the last few minutes, we saw a modified jumbo jet make an air drop on the fire. helicopters are landing on i-80 dropping out crews to help in the fight. the authorities say it's not clear how the fires got started but an investigation is under way. 80 structures are threatened tonight. mandatory evacuations are in place. we now know the name of a man shot and killed by police after allegely trying to break
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26-year-old owe shane evans of oakland was shot by police after being spotted with two other people trying to burglarize a mercedes suv. it happened last night around 9:00 at third and bryant. evans allegedly pointed a gun at police and an officer fired at him after evans refused to put his down. palo alto police are on the lookout for a man looking like this. he is in his late 20s to early 30s, he has brown hair. he could be the person who exposed himself to two teenaged girls this week. police say he pulled his car up next to the two girls on separate instances and had his pants open. extra patrols are being called in and police are keeping a close eye on students going to and from school. new at 6:00, a prestigious bay area charity finds itself in the target of a massive lawsuit. but the charity is firing back. it's going after the founder's widow and wanted her booted. kpix 5's phil matier sorts it
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all out. >> we want a divorce. >> reporter: that pretty well sums up the split occurring at the koret foundation one of the bay area's biggest charities where the founder's widow says the current board of directors is steering millions of dollars away from charities like food banks and instead spending it on conservative think tanks like stanford university's hoover institution. >> the purposes of this lawsuit are to restore the koret foundation to its correct track. >> reporter: susan koret is pointing the figure at former foundation president and millionaire tad tow buy who along with board members changed the foundation's course. [ indiscernible ] >> continue my husband's wishes. go to the poll, yeah. to the people. in the bay area. >> reporter: to which foundation spokesman nate ballard shot back did,. >> here's the documentation that shows that she voted for the grants that she is criticizing. >> i don't have any choice. yeah, i did, because you know why, i have -- that way i can
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carry on, continue to work my husband -- [ indiscernible ] although i -- it's a very hard. >> reporter: jennifer is an expert at foundations at the university of san francisco. her take? >> an elected board is not necessarily a problem that happens within foundations. it is a problem if it is closely aligned which they appear to be. >> reporter: is it good practice for charity to be giving to conservative causes? >> look, this board has contributed to all kinds of educational enterprises and all kinds of foundations around the world mostly to support jewish causes and to support causes here in the bay area. and they stand by all of the grants that they have made. >> told me he wanted to support the poor people. >> reporter: one of the things that mrs. koret wants is for believe it or not willie brown to be made head of the foundation to be president. so we tracked former mayor brown and said, well, what does he think of the situation? would you take the job if it was offered? >> only if i had the total
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authority to resolve the issue, period. in other words, if they wanted a czar, i'm in. >> and they might need a czar him or in the courts to straighten it out. >> conservatives on one side, willie brown on the other. an interesting mix. [ laughter ] >>thank you, phil. new information about a brutal bathroom attack at levi's stadium. the simple gesture that set someone off and led to punches flying. >> plus, in our severe drought the bay area cities now becoming water super savers. >> that's important because so far we are not doing much in the water production department. they may change a bit by next week. the forecast is coming up as we look live at san jose. and not a drop in sight there.
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a bathroom at levi's stadium. the two victims wound up in the hospital one of them with a severe brain injury. len ramirez in san jose with what prosecutors say set off two brothers on sunday. len. >> reporter: veronica, despite the fact that this attack was captured on video, the district attorney's office is still looking for other witnesses to step forward and tell them what they saw and what they heard in that bathroom at levi's stadium last sunday afternoon. two brothers accused in that felony assault brothers amador and dario rebollero had their first court appearance today. the d.a. says amador rebollero is the primary assailant who beat a man so severely, that he suffered bleeding and swelling in the brain and partial paralysis. dario rebollero is accused of punching another man several times who came to the first victim's defense. the prosecutor said it was all because the first victim tapped amador's shoulder to point out that an open stall was available. >> it's unprovoked. unprovoked.
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two individuals just out to enjoy a football game in our county here and there was no provocation whatsoever. and the beating was so vicious. and obviously, the outcome for the victims is life changing. >> reporter: if convicted, amador rebollero could face 11 years in state prison. dario rebollero could face eight years in prison if he is convicted. both men will be back in court here in santa clara county at the end of the month october 30th to ender their pleas. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. contra costa county has its first case of enterovirus. a child who has since recovered from the respiratory illness. that brings the number of cases to six in the bay area. two in alameda county, one in san francisco, and one each in solano and santa cruz counties. that virus appears as a common cold in most children. but it can cause severe respiratory problems especially
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in kids with asthma. in this historic drought bay area residents have been asked to cut back on water and as kpix 5's ann notarangelo found out, in one part of the bay area, people have become super savers. ann. >> reporter: veronica, here dublin and parts of san ramon people will face stiff fines if they don't conserve water but the water district said it hasn't had to strong-arm too many customers. >> we haven't had water all summer, just let it go. >> reporter: brown lawns and drought-tolerant plants the new way of life in the dublin-san ramon area where people know they will pay if they use too much water. the district says only one customer is facing a $1,000 fine for repeated water waste. >> we had 98% of our customers respond to our request. so it's been amazing. >> reporter: amazing is right. the dublin-san ramon area has cut back nearby 36% of their
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water usage compared to last august. has it been rough? >> yes. yes, very rough. very rough. hopefully, we have some rain this year. >> we use the same bathwater. we don't flush the toilet every time. >> reporter: the biggest change is irrigation. in june, the dublin-san ramon services district opened up a recycled water station. about 40 people were interested. that number jumped to 450 people who regularly use recycled water at their homes. >> we have a 300-gallon limit for each fillup and so people pull in their trailers with these big containers and they fill them with recycled water, take it home and then come back. >> reporter: it's also used more commonly at construction sites and in public areas. this water district is dependent upon the state water project and its supply has been severely cut. they mandated a 25% conservation and exceeded that. but they say they can't let up in case this is another dry year. so the question is, how much
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more can you conserve? >> i don't know if i can do any more or not. i can try. >> reporter: the water district is asking people who are still watering outside to cut back to only water one day a week and by december, they are hoping people will completely cut out watering their yards. in dublin, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> thank you. dublin-san ramon's neighbors have also racked up high conservation numbers. livermore cut back nearly 37% in august from a year ago. pleasanton saved 33%. you look at the flip side of the coin which is several communities in southern california which are, you know, using 20 to 30% more water this summer. >> is that right? >> they didn't get the message. apparently they don't know there's a drought. >> l.a., my friend. all the water's up there. it's all being used down there. i don't know. they have had some troubles in the past with the metropolitan water district making sure that people get the message for that. i don't know if you have heard, there are about four fires at
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80 near applegate. you can see the fire as we look live right now. the weather conditions out there it's still warm. it's 83 degrees and you can see that the smoke is being loft the by westerly winds but not strong. they are only one to 10 miles an hour. 16% humidity in the area. here's how it looks it golden gate bridge. low clouds not helping inland very much. livermore was still 96 degrees today. concord was up to 93 as the influence of the marine air is just is it not making it to the east bay. it's close to the carquinez strait but not by the time you get to livermore and concord. fremont 84 degrees. oakland 78. san francisco 66. overnight lows tonight will be in the upper 40s to mid-50s. sunrise tomorrow morning at 7:13. flat ridge off the coast means that the numbers flatten out, as well. we should drop inland to the mid- to upper 80s and as the high pressure continues to ease off for the next couple of
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days, we'll be near seasonal averages for now with mild weather for the bay area. tomorrow heading out 88 degrees at sacramento. 87 for redding and 81 at ukiah. in the bay area, concord should be back down to 85 tomorrow. we are looking for livermore to take a bit of a nosedive to 84. that will bring us back to seasonal averages. we'll flatten it out for the next couple of days with temperatures inland in the mid- 80s but to the weekend that high pressure bounces back it's going to be warm in the bay area but look at next wednesday. >> mm-hm. >> mid-70s. inland. as we get this -- >> wow. >> weather system coming in that might produce eight molecules of water. it's a start. >> eight, wow. that's not bad. >> next wednesday. we'll see. >> something is better than nothing. >> thank you. a stanford researcher has been award the nobel prize in chemistry for finding a way to look deep inside molecular cells by glowing light. >> allow you to make -- take very precise pictures of what's
6:20 pm
going on inside cells beyond what could have been done before. >> william moerner spoke with us via skype. his technique makes it possible to study the toxic clumping in cells of patients with huntington's disease. moerner shares the award with two other scientists from virginia and germany. nobel prize in physics was awarded yesterday in part to a ucsb professor. he helped found a company with bay area ties. kpix 5's don ford got a special tour. >> reporter: the l.e.d. lighting company is celebrating one of their founders dr. nakamura is sharing the nobel prize in physics for developing a new l.e.d. light bulb. he got the call in the middle of the night. >> i was sleeping. yeah. >> he doesn't know how they got his number. >> reporter: that is a marvel. >> yeah. i don't know how they find my
6:21 pm
cell phone number. >> reporter: he hardly slept since. dr. nakamura and two other japanese scientists developed new l.e.d. ease using multiple layers of high quality gallium nitrite crystals producing a much brighter, whiter light using even less energy than previous l.e.d.s. >> in lighting, this is largest breakthrough in the last decade and i think it's going to change all of lighting on the planet. >> reporter: this isn't some formula on a white board. this is a real product already being sold online and in stores. a small light like this will cost about $25. while nothing is forever, the life-span of these newest technology l.e.d.s is measured in many years says the company. employees push close to have their photos taken with the newest nobel winner. he signed autographs like a rock star and to many, he is.
6:22 pm
this technology has enabled smartphones, computer screens, and the largest flat screen tvs to now display color in its truest form. the company says the next step is to show up in stockholm on december 10 where they will formally accept the nobel prize in physics. in fremont, don ford, kpix 5. >> and the company believes the new light bulb will be especially useful in developing countries when coupled with solar panels. >> very cool. still ahead a billing honor for an east bay teacher. >> she didn't even know it was coming. our camera was there for the surprise. it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint fot schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians.
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tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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cancer. kpix 5's new at 6:00 a bay area teacher has bounced back in a big way after a long battle with cancer. >> kpix 5's john ramos was there as she got the surprise of a lifetime right in front of
6:25 pm
her students. >> what do we put in our writing so it's not boring. >> reporter: if there's one thing her class isn't, it's tick-tock boring. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the first grade teacher at st. francis of assisi school in concord pulls out all the stops to keep her kids interested and learning. >> these are first graders. and you know, their attention span isn't like an adult. and you really need to do something to make sure they're with you. >> she does like funny dances and she sings. >> reporter: she uses hand puppets noisemakers, prize boxes, anything to keep learning fun. and if a child gets an answer right, he may get a visit from dr. einstein. the kids love her for it. according to my own daughter, jolie. >> we just pay attention to her. >> reporter: because she is so funny? >> yes. and we don't know what she is going to do next. >> reporter: so today the kids had a little surprise of their
6:26 pm
own. >> we're here to honor mrs. kreider. [ applause ] >> reporter: at a morning assembly, it was announced that karen kreider has been named a winner of the warren teacher trust award for excellence in education. the honor comes with the $10,000 cash prize. >> i'm sure there's teachers -- millions of teachers that deserve it just as much. >> but you won. >> i'm happy. yes, i'm happy. >> reporter: the irony here is that kreider returned to teaching just last year after a two-year battle with colon cancer. but she's back now and it's clear, cancer never had a chance. in concord, john ramos, kpix 5. >> well, turns outcrieder is only the second catholic schoolteacher to ever win this award. the first was famed de la salle football coach bob ladoucer. >> fantastic. coming up in our next half- hour, a new possible case of
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ebola in the u.s. right after one man dies from the virus. >> plus, the new rules to keep travelers from spreading it. >> doctors have said that i have very long road of recovery ahead of me. >> he says his uber driver snapped. now he may not see out of that eye again. what he wants from the rideshare company. ,,,, ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show.
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he's a sheriff s deputy whot the tonight, a second texas patient is in the hospital after showing signs of ebola. he is a sheriff's deputy who went into the apartment where the dallas patient had stayed. and earlier today, it was announced that the dallas ebola patient has died. >> also some u.s. travelers will now have to go through additional screenings to look for signs of ebola. cbs reporter omar villafranca has the latest. >> reporter: thomas eric duncan is now the first person in the united states from die from ebola. the 42-year-old liberian man died after being hospitalized after texas health presbyterian in dallas since late last month. the hospital released a statement expressing its condolences and saying, ebola is a disease that attacks the body in many ways. we'll continue every effort to
6:31 pm
contain the spread of the virus and protect people from this threat. duncan was originally sent home when he first came to the hospital. by the time he was admitted four days later, his condition had worsened. the cdc has guidelines for handling the remains of ebola patients because the virus can still be transmitted. only specially trained people wearing protective gear should handle the remains. the body should be cremated or buried immediately in an airtight casket. ebola concerns are triggering new airport screenings. federal officials announced they will start checking passengers from west africa for fever in chicago, new york, new jersey, washington, d.c., and atlanta. >> these five airports are the destination of 94% of individuals who travel to the united states from the three countries that are currently affected by ebola right now. >> reporter: the white house says on average, about 150 passengers from the affected countries travel into those airports and that they still
6:32 pm
have confidence in screening procedures overseas. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas. >> the first additional ebola screenings will be at jfk airport this weekend. same-sex couples can get married in nevada after a day of legal twists and turns. this morning, a supreme court justice issued a ruling blocking marriages in idaho and nevada. but this afternoon, that ruling was clarified. it only applied to idaho where state officials asked for a delay. it means that gay couples in nevada can officially get hitched. there's been some confusion in las vegas. clerks there holding off at least for now on issuing licenses. a man who says his uber driver attacked him wants the company to take responsibility. he spoke tubly today for the first -- publicly today for the first time. kpix 5's anne makovec was there. >> reporter: his eye still swollen shut from an attack two weeks ago, 35-year-old roberto chicas talked for the first time about his injuries. >> they are not sure whether i'm going to lose my eye or not
6:33 pm
or even regain vision in my left eye. >> reporter: he and two friends caught an uber right home from a nightclub in september and the next thing he says he remembers is waking up in the icu. >> doctors have said that i have a long road of recovery ahead of me. >> reporter: investigators say the average today the uber driver pulled off the highway at alemany boulevard after chicas told him he was taking them too far out of the way. >> then he said, all right, all of you get the f out of the car. >> reporter: then they say the driver pulled out a hammer and bludgeoned chicas in the head. today his lawyer says uber should be held responsible. >> we think it's pretty simple: they're taking money, as much as 25% of each fare and trying to avoid liability. we're not going to let them do that. >> reporter: uber has suspended the driver's account. they sent out a statement saying, we take reports like this seriously and are treating the matter with the utmost urgency and care. we stand ready to assist
6:34 pm
authorities in any investigation." the driver in this case patrick karajah has pled not guilty. he is free on bail. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. taxi drivers were rallying in san francisco today. they are upset with the ridesharing service uber. 65% of their business has migrated to uber and other ridesharing services. the drivers want to save their industry, which is highly regulated by the city. 45 days now since the napa earthquake and we are getting our first scorecard on the disaster response. on the positive side, immediate help from across the bay area meant there were plenty of first responders on hand something that might not happen after a larger quake. one problem was areas with mostly non-english-speaking residents were reluctant to report problems and ask for help. >> when you knock on the door and say i'm a building inspector we would like to look at your home, they are not sure
6:35 pm
you're from government, they're not sure they trust you. they're not sure that you'll come in and take their house and they will be out of their house and have nowhere to go. >> and there could be more problems ahead. if we do ever get any rain, it will expose damaged roofs and chimneys that for now at least seem perfectly fine. the fiercest fight on the november ballot could take place right here in the bay area. it's all over a penny tax. mike sugerman on the battle between the big soda companies and the city of berkeley. >> reporter: when berkeley instituted curbside recycling, people said that will never work. like when they declared the city a nuclear free zone first in the country or banned smoking in restaurants or put in curb cuts for wheelchairs. goofy ideas at the time. >> a city like berkeley nationally known for being on the vanguard of public policy. >> reporter: now it wants to tax sodas. >> it's time to take the next
6:36 pm
step in moving forward for our children's health. >> reporter: it's the familiar argument that sodas help cause the great increase in diabetes and other illnesses. but the soda industry is tryingice the movement here as it has -- trying to ice the movement here as it has done in other cities around the country. >> so far there's not been a soda tax that's passed in the united states. >> reporter: berkeley takes on unpopular issues so this is a big deal to big soda. >> it's a domino. if berkeley goes down then the backers of a soda tax feel like they can take on the next sized city. >> reporter: at the moment, and it's expected to go up, big soda is outspending its opponents 12:1. a couple of six-packs just to one coke for the other side. >> because they have the resources we feel it's our responsibility to talk to voters, let them know how flawed this measure is. >> reporter: jessica borek is
6:37 pm
among those being paid by the $1.4 million. the soda industry has spent so far. as is a group of low income campaign workers trained how to go door to door. what would the soda industry do if measure d passed in berkeley? >> berkeley is a unique city. and so i don't know, i think maybe we'll explore that after november. but for now, we are just working on fighting measure d. >> reporter: in 2012, a similar measure lost in the city of richmond after big soda put in more than $2 million to defeat it. in berkeley, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> berkeley isn't alone. san francisco also has a soda tax on its ballot, as well. it would place a 2-cent tax per ounce on sugary drinks. some top candidates in the oakland mayor's race are betting on themselves. councilwoman rebecca kaplan and jean quan both continue to reach into their wallets to finance their campaigns. and they are not alone. attorney dan siegel who is representing oakland's
6:38 pm
progressive left loaned his campaign another $25,000 recently bringing his total to $125,000. and reports show bryan parker has loaned his campaign $55,000. still ahead, obamacare 2.0. the new website that's supposed to be new and improved. and also coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, what you should and shouldn't buy in the month of october to get the best deals. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a-t-and-t customers could be in-line for some refunds.... julie watts on the "largest-ever" settlement ia case involving unauthorized phone charges... tabs customers could be in line for refunds -- at&t customers could be in line for refunds. julie watts with the largest settlement on unauthorized phone charges. >> reporter: it's known as cramming. since 2009, at&t illegally added hundreds of millions of third party charges to customer bills for things they didn't want, like horoscopes, dating tips, ring tones. the services which usually cost about $10 a month were supplied by other companies but at&t
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typically kept at least 35% of the fees. it's now agreed to pay $80 million in refunds. and there's no need to check your bill to see if you were overcharged. simply enter your phone number on the website set up by the ftc. the obama administration is boasting about it new website saying it should be able to break its record for online traffic when open enrollment begins next month for obamacare. you may remember the botched rollout last year with glitches, crashes and complicated processes spanning 76 different screens. the influence is designed to streamline enrollment down to just 16 screens. and it's been tested by some 20,000 consumers over the past four months. and finally black friday sales are right around the corner. for the folks at deal news, they say there are a few things you're better off buying during october. car dealers generally discount this month follow the september releases of new models.
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vacations and cruises are cheapest during this in between season. and deal news says you can snag great deals on denim in october. and while they don't know exactly why they say last october was a great month for pizza lovers. so look for pizza deals from pizza hut, domino's, papa john's and cpk. the most expensive zip code in the nation is right here in the bay area. atherton tops forbes' list for 2014. in fact, it is the only zip code from california in the top 10. the median price for the 24 homes listed for sale over the summer just over $9 million. they say it's home to many of the silicon valley top executives and in case you wonder the zip code is 94027, not 90210. >> it's all because of the weather. that's our theory. speaking of the weather, we're due for a warmup this weekend but next week, it's time for something completely different. we'll have the forecast coming up and so is dennis.
6:43 pm
>> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, do you believe in orange october? >> yes, yes, yes! >> the giants season is reaching a crescendo. the sharks is just beginning. >> we are entertainers. >> just beginning is the pga tour season in wine country. >> i was surprised how good it was. >> we'll tee it up coming up in sports. ,, ,, with kaiser permanente,
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cats. cages. but - candles? well, you see lots of things at animal shelters, dogs, cats, cages. but candles? tonight why pets are bringing some of these together in prayer. that story on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on the cw. praying for rain all over the bay area. >> i knew that was coming. >> even the dogs and cats are praying for it. >> whatever. >> we could use it because -- well, we might get some rain next week. eight molecules are on the way. we'll see. ocean beach, fog and low clouds are scouring the coastline down there from south san francisco. and down the peninsula. but we had a beautiful day
6:47 pm
today. didn't cool off much in the east bay. temperatures right now it's still 88 degrees at livermore here in the city because of the influence of the marine layer 62 degrees. san jose at 76. and santa rosa has 82 degrees. this ridge off the coast is flat. not as strong as it was over the weekend. this is the remnants of what was hurricane simon now spreading showers over arizona. not going to affect us. the high pressure weakens tomorrow. been saying that for two days. as a result, things should finally cool down in the east bay. the marine layer isn't milwaukeeing it all the way in there. and so locations along the shoreline were heroes but inland we're kind of goats but it will be near seasonal for the next couple of days in the bay area and then the high rebounds for saturday and sunday and temperatures are going to be coming up for the weekend and into monday and then things change. so we have a fair evening. there will be areas of fog late tonight. mostly sunny for tomorrow. it will be mild and should cool
6:48 pm
down. warming trend is due this weekend again for the bay area. it will still be in the 90s. forecast highs for tomorrow within a few degrees of average. oakland 74. for the rest of the bay area, down in the south bay, looking good at morgan hill. 85 degrees. los altos 81. redwood city hits 80. san mateo 78. over at the namesake of the hayward fault, 75 degrees. union city hits 74. so very pleasant mild east and south bay in the mid-80s tomorrow. 86 at pittsburg. 86 fairfield. 87 degrees in brentwood. 84 for livermore tomorrow. and i hope livermore is listening. and 83 degrees up in santa rosa. bodega bay you need relief it's right there at the shore temperatures in the mid-60s with afternoon sun at stinson beach. and way up north ukiah hits 81. and cloverdale 89. lake poured 85. numbers plunge on the way down to the mid-80s for tomorrow and
6:49 pm
friday. then they bounce back saturday through monday. around the bay mid-70s. as we head into the weekend, though, we are going to be looking at numbers going into the mid-70s by wednesday as the first system -- it's definitely a change in the atmospherics by wednesday as we get this low pressure trough on the west coast, numbers come down to the mid-70s inland and we might have rain. we'll talk about that, but first, dennis o'donnell is in the studio. i think he might mention the giants. we'll see after a break. ,,
6:50 pm
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wi ut the giants scored their runs last night. okay? on a baze loaded walk, a groundout and a wild pitch and bases loaded walk. their win over the nationals was as as improbable as the last run over the last five years. >> reporter: maybe none bigger than ryan vogelsong's who might have been pitching for the final time as a giant if they had lost the series. vogelsong has given up no more than one run in his five post- season starts. >> i love the play-offs. it's what you pray for your whole life when you're in the
6:53 pm
backyard growing up. imagining where you're going to be and i just love it. >> reporter: vogelsong was pulled after hunter pence made the catch of his career slamming up against the chain link and saving a possible triple in a one run game. >> you know you had your tongue out? >> i did not know. >> people like that part of it on twitter. >> i was a big jordan fan. i had his posters in my room as a kid. so that's cool. >> reporter: cool was certainly the word for a rookie and roseville native andrew suseck. >> i wrote about it in 6th grade i was 6 years old i want to play for the giants. dreams come true. >> reporter: does that include going to the national league championship series? >> flow. i wrote about beating barry bonds home run record which is looking like it's not going to happen. but, you know, there is it, this is great. i'll take this any day. >> now, the national league championship series is going to start saturday at 5:00 in st. louis. game 2 is sunday. then coming back to the city for games 3, 4 and 5. game 6 and 7 if they have to happen
6:54 pm
back in st. louis. the sharks drop the puck on the regular season tonight in l.a. they will have to watch the kings raise their stanley cup banner before the game. painful memories for the sharks who squandered a 3-0 series lead against the kings. the rematch to open the season didn't come by accident to hockey schedule makers. >> we are entertainers. when it's all said and done, people pay very good upon any to come and watch us apply our trade. we have to understand that, we have to accept that and we're big boys. so i think it's great. >> the raiders held a burial for their first four games. now linebacker nick roach's season will rest in peace, as well. he was placed on injured reserve after he suffered a concussion in the preseason. he is still experiencing symptoms. his season is over. new coach tony sparano turned the miami dolphins around, right? so why not oakland? his winless raiders take on the
6:55 pm
4-1 chargers not a comfortable feeling for a coach trying to reverse the losing culture in oakland. and if he is not comfortable, nobody else is going to be either. >> i realize they got away and that type of stuff but it's been tough. there's change. they weren't sure what to expect when i got back here. in some situations still not too sure. i don't let all my secrets out there with them yet. i kind of like to keep them as i told them a little uncomfortable sometimes. comfortable is not good, okay? uncomfortable sometimes isn't a bad thing. >> kpix 5 has football galore. texans against the colts tomorrow. saturday, we got number 2 auburn against number 3 mississippi state. sunday the raiders and the chargers. monday we got the 49ers and rams. we are going to have post-game shows after all four. it's called facetime, baby. open they tee it up tomorrow at silverado in napa.
6:56 pm
it's the first time the pga has been there since the carter administration. johnny miller lives on the course, renovated it and it's attracting some of the world's best golfers to wine country. >> i was pleasantly surprised how good it was. i was surprised. i haven't played there for so long. seems like an ideal venue, a place with so much red wine in the area that players ro love to come. >> ha. very honest. the last couple of years it's coming back here. >> throw a little wine at them, they will be there. >> improbable giants. >> how about it. >> all the pundits they shake their head can't figure it out. >> you didn't predict them to get this far either. >> absolutely not. >> check out my blog. captions by: caption colorado at progressive.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks? thank you very much, folks. appreciate y'all. thank you very much. all right, everybody. hey, look, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. as always, we got a real good one for you today 'cause returning for their fifth and final day with a total of 22,500 bucks from chicago, illinois, it's the caauwe family. and from right here, atlanta, georgia, it's the brinson family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash, and remember today if the caauwe family wins the game, they're gonna be going home in a
7:00 pm
brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid. let's go. give me james. give me angela. ["family feud" theme plays] here we go, guys, top 8 answers are on the board. name a sign that your girlfriend might be turning into a cat. james. >> fur, steve. steve: ha! got a little furry! >> she's meowing. steve: she's meowing. >> mm-hmm. >> want to play? we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. >> all right. steve: brenda, let's play. name a sign that your girlfriend might be turning into a cat. >> licks her paws. steve: licks her paws.


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