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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 6, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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weather. happy monday. >> we are starting to see fog on the coast. still staying hot inland. caller temperatures on the way. we will talk about that coming up. >> this morning roadwork between hagen burger berger. traffic is just minutes away. >> thank you. concerns about the ebola virus could lead to stepped up screening at airports across the country. it would entail tighter checks on all air travelers entering the u.s. from ebola zones. what inspectors would be looking for. >> reporter: more than 45 million airline passengers travel through sfo every year. now the federal government could beef up screening of passengers coming in from ebola hotspots in west africa. >> one, take their temperature.
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two, be much more extensive screening and list of questions that might be checked if they had contact with people who have ebola. >> reporter: new york senator charles schumer says no need to panic but he wants extra protections at u.s. airports and hospitals. the centers for disease control already has a medical officer stationed at the san francisco international just in case an arriving traveler is seriously sick. >> if it turns out that there is a contagious illness that a passenger has, they will work with the carriers and local health officials to make sure that all pass jess are notified -- passengers are notified in a timely basis and they get the appropriate china. >> reporter: in 2003 china used scanners during the stars health care. thomas duncan of texas developed
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ebola after recently traveling from liberia. he remains in critical condition, but health officials are working to contain the deadly virus and calm fears. >> i have heard people say, well, should i be afraid of getting on an airplane in san francisco? it has nothing to do with ebola. so you have to be rational and have the evidence be the major thing that gets you in your decisions and your concern. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> an american cameraman dying niced with ebola in liberia is headed for treatment. the condition of another patient in texas has become critical. marlie hall has the latest from dallas. >> reporter: 33-year-old ashoka mukpo will be treated for ebola in a specialized isolation unit at the nebraska medical center. the free mans cameraman became ill last week while working for nbc in liberia. one of the countries in the midst of the outbreak.
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officials will be on hand to quickly admit him. >> to the time he enterings the unit will be a unit. >> reporter: doctors will learn the lessons they learned while treating american dr. richard sacra. sacra underwent tests for the disease once again in massachusetts over the weekend after coming down with a cough and fever. but late center the centers for disease control confirmed he does not have the virus. here in dallas, thomas eric duncan is battling for his life. he is the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. he flew from liberia to texas last months. >> we understand that thinks situation #situation has -- has taken a turn for the worse. >> reporter: about 50 people may have been around duncan while he exited symptoms. among them, a homeless man. officials tracked down that man and plan to monitor him and the
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others. marlie hall, cbs 2 news dallas texas. >> the west african mation of sierra leone has recorded the single deadliest day from ebola. 120 deaths in one day. that was saturday with scores of new infections. 678 people have died there since the outbreak started four months ago and in west africa the overall death toll now exceeds 3400. new this morning san leandro police are investigating a late night shooting at the walmart store on davis street. police are not releasing information yet but witnesses say it appears there was a robbery attempt around closing time at midnight. one customer says the sound of gunshots sent people scrambling for safety. >> i was in the back shopping being helped by one of the workers and suddenly we heard the gunshots and heard people screaming weaned started heading towards the back and we ended up in the back room. >> reporter: witnesses say one suspect was brought to a
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hospital. santa clara police are investigating an attack at yesterday's 49ers game. they say two fans were assaulted in a restroom at levi stadium shortly after kick-off. they were taken to the hospital and we don't know their conditions at that time. two other fans were arrested. it's still unclear what started the fight. a lot of 49ers fans missed part of the game because of the heat in santa clara. you can see all of the empty seats on the sunny side of levi stadium at the start of the 3rd quarter. it was 89 degrees then. first-aid workers say they treated some fans for heat-related issues. 4:35. yeah, let's talk about that heat. it was a warm one yesterday throughout the bay area. >> yeah. looks like we are finally seeing that fog move a little bit further. still some hot temperatures in the valleys again today of the close e to the coastline, the more you will feel the relief from that onshore breeze. you see the fog gathering towards the beach. that ridge strong up above. it's squashing that marine layer. dense fog along the coastline.
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that patchy fog going to keep the temperatures cooler towards the beaches today. only in the 70s there. you will see 80s inside the bay and hot 90s in the interior valleys. looking towards sfo you can see some of that fog creeping on shore. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. this afternoon looking at 82 in oakland. 87 in san jose. 71 degrees today in pacifica. let's check on the roads with elizabeth. you can see some of that fog on the coastline. if you are crossing the golden gate bridge, you can barely see traffic. a few headlights southbound into san francisco. the drive times clear from sausalito to san rafaelle. to the golden gate bridge toll plaza 14 minutes right now to get you on to doyle drive. here is a live look into the south bay. an earlier accident overturned northbound 101brokaw. no delays northbound or
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southbound 101. quiet into san francisco. if you are coming from the skyway to the east bay it looks like that roadwork continues eastbound skyway to the center anchorage. caltrans tells us about 5:30. here is a live look at the nimitz. 880 in oakland and lights right there in the southbound direction. they may be working to clear it. it looks like a toe crew a tow crew. various lanes blocked between hagen berger and davis. bart all on time. that is ktvs traffic. >> thank you. a pedestrian hit by a car in san francisco has life-threatening injuries. the collision happened at valencia and dubois in the mission district 7:30 last night. the impact was hard enough to hit the hood and break the
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windshield. and developing news now. islamic state militants have threatened to behead yet another american. 26-year-old peter kassig, an aid worker from indiana was abducted one year ago. his parents say a former hostage told them their son converted to islam while in captivity and changed his first name to abdul ramon. meanwhile, the u.s. and allies are continuing airstrikes against isis targets in syria, but the militants are still making advances forcing hundreds of thousands of syrians to flee to maybe ring turkle. >> isil is sophisticated, maybe more, than any of the others in its media and training efforts. >> in an interview that aired last night on "60 minutes," fbi director james comey said about a dozen americans are fighting alongside isis and other such groups. police think it was a mountain lion that left a dead deer in the front of a home.
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several dead deer have also been found in the area over the past several months. police say mountain lions might be following their prey into neighborhoods as they search for food and water. some east bay kids are dodging dirt on the playing fields. gophers are making a mess of a popular field in oakland. they are leaving holes and mounds all over the soccer field. players and parents say it's a matter of time before someone gets hurt. >> usually, when we're playing soccer i either fall in a hole or when i'm running i like sprain my ankle. >> i just trip on the mound. >> well, oakland public works say the gophers have migrated to the field to munch on the broad leaf leaves. there is no easy solution. local regulations prevent the use of pesticides or traps for the animals. another business shake up this morning. hewlett packered will split into two separate companies.
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one company to be called hp incorporated will focus on the personal computer and printing businesses. the other company to be named hewlett pack he had -- packard enterprise will focus on software and servers. meg whitman will keep that role with the enterprise company. hp has laid off tens of thousands of workers in the last few years because of slow sales. time now 4:40. and the united states supreme court begins their new term together. chief justice john roberts is starting his tenth year on the bench. the justices might take up major issues, including same-sex marriage, affirmative action, and obamacare. but the first case involves a traffic stop that led to a drug arrest in north carolina. well, a major off-ramp into san jose has become a major embarrassment. but right now no one could even
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agree on who should clean it up. who will clean the 10th street off-ramp? >> and what is cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at cool schools at and we may come and feature your school on the show.
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the search is back on for the malaysia airlines passenger plane that disappeared over the indian ocean. crews had to wait four months so the seabed could be mapped. they will use sonar equipment that can go beyond depths of two miles. the search area has been narrowed done but it's still the size of west virginia. and a powerful typhoon has left a trail of destruction in central japan. it triggered mudslides, stalled trains, and grounded passenger planes. authorities say the storm washed three american airmen in okinawa out at sea. the body of one of them was found, but rough seas have
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interrupted the search for the others. a separate typhoon pelted the marian a islands, including guam. crews in el dorado county are getting close to containing the king fire, which began more than three weeks ago. it's destroyed at least a dozen homes and burned almost 98,000 acres another pollock pines. it's now 98% contained. meanwhile, more evacuees are being allowed back it their homes. the story of one family who found his home looted. >> reporter: flames from the king fire forced hundreds of people to leave their homes for days. the mcclung family was one of them. >> it was hectic. there was smoke everywhere. we got our lives and headed out. >> reporter: she was allowed back in a couple days later to feed their animals. that trip to check on the home soon became devastating as she noticed they had been burglarized. >> they left a footprint.
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>> reporter: now that the fire is almost out the community is getting to the to see if they can buy back some of what the family lost. >> who could have done this? why to they want to do this? nervous. don't like it at all. i don't know if they're coming back. >> the thieves stole expensive equipment samantha uses for the artwork she creates. they also took marijuana plants the family gross for kim who is in remission after being diagnosed with liver cancer years ago. >> helps me eat. helps me sleep. keeps me calm. >> reporter: the family says they feel violated knowing burglars were in their home during a type and fear and uncertainty for many. >> it was like too much. you walked into a situation and realize, bam, somebody else has been here not from the last time i have been here. so it's an eerie feeling to know that somebody was just browsing through your home. >> friends started a go fund me
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account to help them replace their belongings. 4:45. with the warm whenever i was worried about the -- warm weather today i was worried about the fire danger. >> looks like we are getting relief from the heat. it will be slow coming. that cool air going to take a little while to work inland. still that fog is returning to the coastline and just inside the bay and that ridge of high pressure strong overmade, we are seeing dense fog out there this morning. still into the afternoon we will find lots of sunshine. temperatures slightly cooler but hot in the valleys. slow cooling around the middle of the week before we get ready for another little heat wave next weekend. high pressure dominating our weather. fog and low clouds creeping back in along the coastline. some cooler air on the way but it's going to take a while to get inland. 80s and 90s into the central valley. 99 in fresno. 97 in sacramento. 78 degrees in lake tahoe. low clouds and fog on the coast going to stick around today
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towards the beaches. if you are heading that direction it will be cooler. sop of the fog pushes further and fourth on shore through the middle of the week. temperature-wise you are looking at the numbers on the wham side. into the bay 87 degrees in san jose. 85 mountain view. 71 pacifica. cooler there. inland though still 90s and hot temperatures. even some mid 90s in the hottest spots in pleasanton. san francisco 76 this afternoon. next couple days we are looking at lots of sunshine but the temperatures slowly cooling down as a few more clouds begin to creep onshore. temperatures bottoming out on wednesday and thursday. by this next weekend offshore winds return and that heat is back again. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> we are doing okay on this monday. back to work monday. we have this one accident. i mentioned it was cleared and it has been but now we have learned there is damage to a chain link in the area. and there are a few taps of the brake lights behind it.
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the rest of the south bay though looks great. your bridges, here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. the right side of the screen, those taillights, traffic leaving hayward moving at the speed limit. 13 minutes to get you out of the east bay and over to the peninsula. up and over the high-rise it looks good as well. those eastbound lanes of 92. if you are heading to bay bridge, pretty typical for this time of the morning. it's eastbound on the skyway, they have been doing overnight roadwork and it may slow you down just a little bit trying to get out of oakland -- or out of san francisco into oakland. no big delays across the span. roadwork continues out of oakland into san leandro in the southbound direction. looks like they cleared that tow crew. whatever was going on is no longer cause anything sort of bump in the road. if you are trying to head down to the south bay, a clear trip all the way down. a lot of fog.
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this is what he mentioned on the coast. you can see it this morning in our golden gate bridge cam. visibility is definitely an issue on northbound and southbound 101. just a few headlights and some lane changes right now as well. they should be getting four southbound lanes open in the commute direction. meantime, on the peninsula, 101 and 280 all clear. no delay in either direction and bart is all on time. might be a good idea, by the way, if you are going to the 2 p.m. giants game there could be extra traffic out of san francisco for the evening commute. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. 4:49 now. happening today caltrans will start work to clean up a trash field off-ramp from interstate 280 to san jose. don napa shows us the effort that has been a long time coming. >> reporter: this popular freeway ramp doesn't exactly
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say welcome to san jose. >> in 40 years in san jose i have never seen the freeway ramps look so strewn with trash. >> reporter: the solution? pick up the trash. but who? the city? the county? caltrans? >> i have been down there in person. i have called up. they had a fire here a little while back. i complained to the chief of the fire, the captain. >> reporter: the concern is that this mess mars a gateway to silicone valley. san jose state, and downtown san jose. but there is another concern like broken windows and abandoned building, this may invite crime. >> it gives the message that nobody be is paying attention. nobody cares. therefore, i think it's increasing the crime in our neighborhood and in san jose. >> reporter: susan snideall thinks cash strapped caltrans has been playing favorites. >> for instance, the peninsula, los altos, palo alto, the
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freeway ramps look wonderful. they have very little trash. we think perhaps some resources could be shifted from areas like that down here where the population so much higher. >> reporter: and if caltrans doesn't go for that, san jose councilman la cart oweo says maybe people could do the job. folks who work with the san jose streets team. >> they work with clients who are on the street or in the creeks answered gauge them in volunteer -- and engage them in volunteer work. >> reporter: they do get food, housing, and, he says, a path to the future. >> it provides not just a path, but also self-esteem. a dignified way for the homeless to start to see an opportunity, a light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: in san jose, don knapp. the time 4:51. a los angeles doughnut shop is cleaning up this morning. the deadly crash that sent a car through the front door. and we want to invite all
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you pet lovers. send us your questions about their health and well being. email pets to or on our facebook page. search kpix/cbs and we will have our pet expert give you an answer every friday here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this crash in los angeles kd nd injured five in southern california, the peace and quiet at a doughnut shop was shattered in a few seconds. this crash in los angeles injured one person and -- killed one person and injured five others. a man was covered in glass and metal. >> surveillance footage from inside the doughnut shop shows the massive destruction as the the driver of a silver jeep
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liberty plows through the store barreling through everything and everyone inside. >> it could be heard from a long way away. and when it comes crashing through the glass, the metal and, you know, you can see there is no chairs left. it mashed the -- smashed the chairs. >> reporter: the window next to the parking lot exploded as the suv crashed through the store. >> just like getting hit by a bunch of metal. just pushing against you, you know, at real high-speed. just feeling all the stuff. it was like just slowed way down. >> reporter: bowman escaped with cuts and bruises, but four others inside were seriously hurt and one person was killed. >> the customer was one of our regulars. he is a homeless guy. he comes in here for a small cup of coffee every night and i let him charge his phone. >> reporter: many nearby residents who are regulars at the shop came to the scene. >> we know the owners and they
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are wonderful people. and this is just terrible. >> reporter: witnesses sat with the driver who has been identified as 42-year-old christin chang. it's not clear what caused her to lose control of her vehicle. >> police say the driver might have mistakingly hit the gas instead of the brake while driving through the parking lot. the driver has not been charged. the time now 4:56. a contest for some of the world's biggest pumpkins won't be as impressive as years past. pumpkin growers say the drought changed the competition. usually 100 pumpkins are judged and weighed in elk grove. this year there were only 35. >> it's their love. we have passionate growers. >> many pumpkin contests offer a payout incentive for growers. the elk grove festival offers $6 a pound for the heftiest pumpkins.
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4:56 right now. officials monitor dozens of people who came into contact with an ebola patient in dallas. how ebola could soon affect air travel. good morning. we are right here on the field. we will get you ready for game three as the giants look to close out the nlds. ,, pumpkins. ♪(themstan! ! !om cheers) hey guys! stan the man! hey, how's it goin stan? can i get $55 on pump three? you got it, stan!
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understand that is -- the situation has taken a turn for the worse. the first person diagnosed in the u.s. with ebola is in critical condition. thomas eric duncan has been getting treatment for a week. i was in the back shopping being helped by one of the workers and suddenly we heard the gunshots. >> police are investigating a shooting overnight at a san leandro walmart. a shoplifter opened fire after
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he and another man were stopped by a security guard. onsuspect was taken to the hospital. the giants will look to complete a three-game this afternoon at at&t park. san francisco took a two games to none lead over the nationals on saturday with an 18-inning victory. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. and i'm juliette goodrich..n for frank mall good morning everyone. i am michelle griego. >> i am juliette goodrich in for frank mall co. well, hello. i know. bright and early. we are excited about the giants as well. >> i love the colors. >> yeah. very, very good. the came at 2:00 today should be a great game. the weather is going to be fantastic. lots of sunshine. cooler temperatures and fog on the coastline now by the afternoon. well, it is going to cool down. 70s there. 80s in the bay and hot 90s for


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