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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> her toes move and so does her hand. the doctors say this bay area teenager is dead. tonight her family says this video proves those doctors are wrong. >> andria borba has been following this very sad story of jahi mcmath since she was declared brain dead after something went horribly wrong during surgery at oakland's children's hospital. >> reporter: jahi mcmath has been in new jersey for the past nine months where her family says despite being declared dead, she is improving. >> very good. >> reporter: jahi mcmath's family says this video is proof their child isn't brain dead. >> move your hand so we can see it. move it. move it forward. come on jahi. very good! >> reporter: stanford doctor
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david magnus says not so fast. >> you can't tell, how many videos, how many hours there are of her sometimes moving, sometimes not. >> reporter: in a news conference this afternoon, attorney christopher dolan presented brain tests showing she is functioning. her mother is convinced she is functioning. >> she knows the difference between left and right, she knows to move her leg. >> reporter: magnus disagrees. he says the evidence dolan presents is not the scientific proof to show jahi is alive. >> the right kind of evidence is a clinical exam. >> reporter: magnus says he is feeding jahi's family false
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hope. >> when you have people far outside the mainstreaming claiming they can cure things that are incurable, you should be nervous about that. >> reporter: jahi's mother wants to bring her back to california. andria borba, kpix5. >> the family attorney says if jahi is declared alive, she will be eligible for state benefits. what a difference a week makes. last friday night, we were talking about hail, remember? a freak storm that dumped six inches of it in napa. well today, it was so hot, we broke some records. >> 90 degrees at sfo. a lot of other ones were close. vallejo, 94. hottest day of the year, napa, 96. pacifica, 89. everybody got hot today. hottest day of the year in san francisco on may 13 and april 13. we hit 90 degrees but today
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took the cake. 92 in san francisco. this is a change. the heat advisory has been extended for most of the bay area until tomorrow. there will not be much away from the coastline. another day with widespread highs in the 80s and 90. we will talk about the moving target of when the cooling weather will get here coming up later in the show. >> thank you paul. this is what you do not want to see in the middle of a drought. a geyser in the heart of san francisco's financial district. a big rig snapped off a fire hydrant sending fire blasting four story ins the air. a day at the beach ends with a great white shark attack. tonight three beaches in southern california are closed. the shark bit the surfer's knee. he will be okay. the beaches will be closed until sunday. students at uc berkeley are telling christin ayers tonight there is a different attitude on campus after the school and police started taking sex
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assaults more seriously. >> reporter: students told me police had delta epsilon fraternity surrounded as they investigated sexual assaults. music blaring at a lawn party in berkeley's frat row. the parties went on despite reports of three sexual assaults here last weekend. one allegedly happened on a frat on this block. berkeley police searched here and found eugene. >> reporter: do you have any thoughts? >> i'm sorry, i'm busy. >> reporter: his brothers didn't want to talk about it and referred me to the fraternity president saying we are working with our international headquarters and the authorities. >> it is shocking, i mean, it is terrible. >> reporter: students who live next door to them relieved police are taking the
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accusations seriously. >> it is not a situation that should be taken lightly. they are serious allegations. >> reporter: the reports of sexual assaults came the same day that governor jerry brown signed the yes means yes bill. students here say they are already seeing the cultural shift here on campus. >> they have been cracking down on berkeley which is great. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. meanwhile, santa cruz police arrested the bad samaritan. brandon hernandez. he was caught on this surveillance video stealing from the house. the drunk homeowner flagged hernandez down and asked him for a ride home. he did, he went inside and passed out. that is when hernandez loaded up his car. but there's the rub. hernandez had a toddler with him. hernandez confessed and told them where everything was. a mystery illness is
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spreading across the bay area. there are five cases of the enterovirus. doctors are doing their best to tell parents not to panic. there have been some cases with a patient had a mild form of numbness or paralysis. doctors say what we no so far is that is virus causes mild symptoms like a cold or flu. for kids with asthma, there are more serious respiratory symptoms. >> if your child has a breathing problem, it is important to seek medical care, but otherwise, the care that we recommend is what we call supportive care where you help the child with symptoms, have them rest and push fluids. >> and keep the germs away. make sure children are washing their hands a lot. if your child is sick, you can check the symptoms of enterovirus on family members staying with a first man diagnosed with
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ebola here in the u.s. have been moved to a private house. a hazardous materials team spent the day decontaminating the apartment belonging to the family of thomas duncan. they took away towels, sheets, and a mattress. he came here from liberia to marry his girlfriend. his condition is serious and he rains in isolation in a dallas county hospital. the ebola outbreak in west africa is the biggest ever. nearly 7500 cases. tonight, cate caugurian talked to a local who wants to go back to the hot zone. >> i need to get on the ground and help this response and i need to be on the front lines. >> reporter: dr. dan kelly just returned from what might call a dangerous mission in sierra lione and he says there is still work to be done. >> we need leaders in the crisis. we need people to do the work on the ground that is badly needed. >> reporter: last month t doctor helped train a thousand
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healthcare workers in one of the country's hardest hit by the ebola epidemic. >> reporter: are you afraid of exposure? >> absolutely. the first time i went from san francisco to sierra leone, i thought i was jumping off a cliff. >> reporter: doctors are afraid to work and patients afraid to get help. >> they don't see the ebola wards as any other place than a place to go and die. >> reporter: so things need to change. change the way doctors approach patients and how patients feel about the centers. >> we need to provide people with hope and give them a reason to go to the ebola treatment units. >> reporter: not only that, make it safe for others to want to go and help. cate caugurian, kpix5. last night we told you about the american camera man who caught ebola in africa. he will be flown back to the united states this weekend. mukbo will be treated in a
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hospital in nebraska. he was working for nbc news when he got sick. his mother believes he may have gotten infected when he was decontaminating a car and something slashed on him. isis terrorists made good on their threat. this time the victim was a british aid worker. allan herring was the father of two daughters and worked with a charity to delive aid to syrians but that didn't matter to the isis militants who kidnapped him nine months ago and beheaded him. >> his blood is on the hands of the british parliament. >> reporter: allan's wife barbara publicly pleaded for mercy from isis or as it also calls itself, islamic state. >> can they not open their hearts and minds to the truth
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of our humanitarian motives. >> reporter: his murders also threatened the lives of another hostage. this time an american aid worker peter cassick. he founded an aid organization to deliver food and medical supplies to syrians. a bay area politician loses it. >> tonight his road rage tirade is caught on camera. >> and take a good look at this guy. eyebrow and all. take a wild guess as to what he has been busted for tonight. >> all the single ladies listen up. tonight, we discover why one bay area city was just named the dating capital of the united states. ,,
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a man trying to get rid of e stench from a dead deer.. l the >> well, it is probably the strangest cause for a wild fire we ever reported on. cal fire is saying a man trying to get rid of the stench from a dead deer actually lit the carcass on fire and yeah. that's what started last month's big fire near yosemite. that fire burned 30 homes. the man? he has apologized and has not been charged. tonight, a bay area politician says he has nothing to apologize for and he stands by the words he used riding his bike. da lin has a surveillance video. >> you need to shut the [bleep] up. >> reporter: it is the kind of confrontation prevalent on the road, but this exchange involved a councilman on a bike. the press democrat gave us this
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bus surveillance video and you can hear councilman gary wysocky dropping a few f-bombs. >> reporter: he says she not sorry. >> i was not wrong pointing out unprofessional and unsafe operation of a commercial vehicle. no, sir. >> reporter: the confrontation happened in june, but the stipple just released the video the bus turned into the turn lane. the councilman says it got too close. >> close enough for me to feel endangered. >> reporter: so the councilman approached the driver at the intersection. >> do you realize you are over the right line? [bleep]. >> you ought to stay inside the line. >> you need to shut the [bleep] up. [ laughter ] >> i don't think it is appropriate as an elected to be throwing that language out. >> reporter: the santa rosa mayor says he is not surprised. the city had censured him for
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abusive behavior toward employees. >> gary wysocky crosses the line. >> i think it was a purely political act. >> reporter: i'm da lin, kpix5. >> no action will be taken against the councilman, but the bus driver is in trouble. okay, here is that mug shot we showed you a few minutes ago. 28-year-old jeremy anecito rammed his pickup into a bicyclist in santa cruz on purpose and did it with a clown mask. the rider was dragged several yards. the victim suffered some serious injuries. tonight, detectives tell us the suspect thought he was hitting someone else. the guy he apparently had some sort of problem with. well first, there was bend gate. tonight, apple has a new gate to worry about. hair gate. >> some people say the new
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iphone 6 keeps yanking out chunks of their hair. it happens when they hold the phone to their ear to make calls. one user tweets my hair keeps getting caught in the seam between glass and aluminum on my iphone 6. >> another says if you buy an iphone 6, you better be totally bald. well it is friday night. date night for a lot of people. or if you are us, not. but you have a lot of numbers telling us where most of the single guys are. >> okayty betty, what did you find out betty yu? talk to me. >> reporter: well, if you are looking for a boyfriend or a husband, all you single ladies, san jose is the place to be. we are at dyno restaurant at santana row. i had a tough time finding single ladies to interview.
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but more than half of the young men in the san jose area between 25 and 34 are not married. ladies, can't find a decent date? then find a way to san jose. >> i'm obviously single. >> reporter: yes, man jose. tonight, the boys out number the girls at almost every bar at santana row. >> there are so many men in san jose. >> reporter: a research center says there are 114 men for 100 single men in the city. and the most attractive quality in an eligible bachelor? a single job. >> i think they are looking for guys with tech money in san jose. >> reporter: amy has been hooking up hundreds of silicon valley singles more than a decade. >> a lot of women love the idea of meeting these tech wizards and computer geeks because he
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is not only commitment minded and a serious professional in his career and really smart, but has a lot of the dna to be a great husband. >> reporter: and there is no shortage of cash rich techies. investors and capitalists. >> there has been a huge percentage of men moving to silicon valley for these tremendous job opportunities. >> reporter: still, the ladies tell you there is a downside to that. >> i dated a few in the past. they seem to have their stuff together, but they seem too focused. it is a little hard to find somebody i feel like. >> reporter: well, a lot of the single ladies i spoke to tonight said they were surprised that san jose came out on top. despite the odds in their favor, they say it is very tough out there finding mr. right. by the way, san francisco, not too far behind san jose. it came in sixth place on the list.
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and two other cities, also made the list in california. san diego, third place. la came in eighth place. guys? >> it is hard everywhere i think. no matter where you are at. hard to find somebody. >> it really is. >> thanks betty. >> reporter: the girls out here will tell you that. [ laughter ] >> so this is how my head works right? the perfect pickup line. hey, can you help me? i got my hair stuck in my phone. [ laughter ] it all works. >> reporter: that is a good one ken! >> that's not going to go. >> reporter: these guys may steal it. >> thank you betty. have fun. >> good luck. [ laughter ] >> that's what i'm saying. >> now we know who has been married the longest. >> what would the pickup line be? i have my hair stuck in my phone? >> by the way ... [ laughter ] >> can you help me? >> wow. >> don't do that. don't do that. don't go there. >> how embarrassing. hey, what did you do in the
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heat today? we are sticking to our day jobs. [ laughter ] san francisco, 92 degrees. usually i show you the huge temperature spread from inland to the city. no, livermore, 36 miles away, only 3 degrees warmer. 95 in livermore. it was hot in the city, too. it was warm in oakland, 79. san francisco, 73. 71 in san jose. 57 tonight in concord. san francisco, 62, another warm night overnight tonight. it is weekend time. so what happens this weekend, tomorrow, really not that much. high pressure is not going to move much. we have the offshore wind right along the coastline being the exception. we are still going to be warm. wouldn't be surprised if oakland, you were close to 90 degrees tomorrow. it's a shoe-in for livermore and concord. we will see the ridge move to the south and get a little weaker but not until next week. minimal cooling along the coast. otherwise, it will be a hot
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weekend. clear tonight, mild overnight tonight, it will be a warm to hot weekend with the coast being the exception. plan on the 90s or at least well into the 80s to stick around a while. san francisco, you will be a little cooler. not 92, but 80. san jose, 90, sunnyvale 90. walnut creek, san ramon. pittsburgh. 80 in sausalito. 95 tomorrow for lake port. a couple of degrees cooler sunday, but still hot. monday we begin to see more of the on shore flow. then back to normal. mid to upper 80s inland. that is your forecast and we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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and buchanan. witnesses say the driver of the arrow cabk off. they fo >> a taxi hit a man in a crosswalk in san francisco. it happened about an hour ago. the driver of the arrow cab took off. they followed him and stopped him and he then returned to the scene. it is not clear how badly the victim is hurt. well quite a stunt in san francisco tonight.
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>> check this out. >> he put the straitjacket on me as tight as he could. >> that is canadian magician zack mirza. he is being tied up and lifted 100 feet in the air. he only has a few minutes to escape before the blood rushes to his head and he passes out. after quite a struggle, he is able to break free. >> at harry houdini. baseball playoffs front and center and the giants are doing it again! after all, it is an even numbered year! ,,,,,,,,
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business... that ole black d orange magic that they do so well... ...broke the post- >> baseball and the giants business, oh, black and orange magic that they do so well. broke the post season ice to the nation's capital and the national park fans? they were waiting for it, too. division series opener, top third, joe panic found a hole off stephen strasburg. scored travis iskhikawa to get on the board.
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jake peavy. big out to ian desmond, peavy stood and applauded. buster posey. he got through. here came panic who earlier tripled. it was 3-0. bottom 8 now, sergio romo. a booming homer but got him into a fielder's choice to end a threat. giants took game one 3-2. nine straight post season wins. >> these little things add up when you are in a tight ball game and these guys, you know, they are used to it and it is always nice to have that experience to draw on. >> i wouldn't necessarily say nervous. i was excited and just kind of the whole game, you are like watching peavy dominate. he did an unbelievable job. it was exciting watching that. and getting our opportunity to go out there and do our job is just fun, you know. that is what we are here for. >> in their home ballpark, we know how well they play here.
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the nationals are in the national league. a special win. it was crazy and really hardball. >> dodgers, boys, boys, game one, relax. clayton kershaw had a 6-1 lead but get rocked in the 7th inning and saint louis came back to lead 7-6. yasiel puig waved at the pitch. the cardinals won 10-9. a knowing royals fan gets whacked. they tied kansas city in the 6th inning when albert pujols singled a run. winning time in the 11th. eric hosmer, a yard, a two-run homer. 3-1 kansas city and the royals won 4-1. they lead the series 2- 0 doing it on the road.
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and we will leave you with supermodel kate upton in baltimore. her boyfriend jus tin verlanter had the bullpen fail him. they erased a 6-4 deficit and the orioles won the game. baltimore has an alds 2-0 series league. how about that? we'll be right back! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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