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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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time. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. the a's one of baseball's most thrilling teams, not always leading to victory. >> the play-off run ended last night in 12 inches against kansas city. [ applause and cheers ] >> game was tied in the bomb of the 12th when salvador perez hit it down the third baseline past josh donaldson allowing the final run. 9-8 the final. it's a big letdown especially since the a's were the best team in the majors until a long slump over the past several weeks. >> >> i used to be a red sox fan so i'm pretty used to gut- wrenching disappointment and that's about as hard as it gets. >> i think we should have won the game. 7-3 lead, lester the guy that we traded for? i don't know. 8-7? our bullpen didn't hold
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up, the story all year. >> that was the disappointed reaction outside ricky's sports bar in san leandro. major league baseball's website briefly had a big time blooper. >> travis ishakawa is expected to start in left field for the giants. the pirates starting first baseman before losing his spot on their roster. i think they felt like that it would make them better so i can't fault them for it. i don't hold it against them. >> a giants fan rally and viewing party will be held at the home stadium in san francisco set to begin at 4:00 this afternoon. now let's check with liz for a look at the road ahead. >> hey, guys. let's check the bay bridge. now, i remember a time not too long ago when they used to switch on the metering lights
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typically around 6:15. that's no longer the case. often they turn them on around 5:45 and they have just been activating them earlier and earlier. it's closer to 5: 40. this morning, 5:39. that's the earliest in a while and no incident on the bay bridge. it is already backed up to the maze and we are only pushing 6:02 so you'll be there for a while. sluggish on the incline but not too bad approaching the tunnel. bay bridge we are seeing a few other slow spots. highway 4 is one of those. we had that earlier crash approaching railroad. it is cleared. may still be some activity off to the shoulder. it's kind of brake light central from antioch into concord. also, mass transit bart is on time. but the muni taraval line is having issues. there are delays on the l line. caltrain and ace no delay. a check of westbound 580 where
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it is slow now end to end especially to pleasanton. another check of the hot forecast, here's lawrence. here we go. the beginning of heat wave in the bay area as high pressure builds overhead. we have those offshore winds blowing so these temperatures the next few days they are going to be something else especially along the coast. we are clearing out your skies very nicely with those offshore winds this morning all the way to the coastline. by the afternoon, 70s out at the beaches today. 80s inside the bay. and mid- to upper 80s for the valleys. so nice and clear out over the bay, as well. the waters are calm, too. the temperatures a little cool in spots in the north bay. 53 degrees in santa rosa. 55 in concord and oakland. and 61 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, though, we have 20 more degrees on the way to san francisco. checking in at 81. should be about 82 in fremont. 86 in santa rosa and at the beach, 76 degrees in pacifica. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. thank you. protestors in hong kong are threatening to step up their action this week and now
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activists from around the world including the bay area are getting involved. kpix 5's anne makovec is in the newsroom this morning monitoring today's events in hong kong. >> reporter: michelle, thousands of protestors have been standing their ground ahead of today's china national day. there's a sea of people in hong kong right now. you're looking at live pictures. it's 9 p.m. there. stay tuned liters these pro- democracy protests are warning now that if the territory's leader doesn't resign by the end of the day tomorrow they will step up their actions including occupying several important government buildings. [ screaming ] >> reporter: that was the scene over the weekend lines of riot police throwing tear gas at demonstrators trying to clear the streets. they are demanding democracy after being promised a free vote in the 2017 elections and then last month being told by the chinese government that the only candidates on the ballot would be investigated by a committee in beijing. the government's reaction to the protest seemed to be
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drawing more demonstrators to the scene. >> i'm here today with the yellow umbrella because it stands against the shooting of tear gas at the children of hong kong. i think we have destroyed the values of hong kong earlier this weekend by shooting tear gas at children. >> reporter: as far as tomorrow's deadline if the hong kong chief executive doesn't resign, protestors say they will ramp up their efforts but won't disrupt essential government services like hospitals or social welfare offices. the effort gaining worldwide attention. this is a facebook page encouraging sympathizers to wear yellow today and it has the support of more than 36,000 people. organizers trying to spread the word at college campuses around the globe and a demonstration is planned in san francisco today. protestors meeting at 1 p.m. at portsmouth square. >> anne, these protestors they seem to have really grown in
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the past 4 hours. >> that is in part because it is a national holiday there called national day. overall, this is the biggest challenge to beijing's authority since china took control of the territory in 1997. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> this afternoon in. what, a man arrested -- this afternoon in washington a man arrested is going to court to face federal charges. >> don't let somebody get close to the president! don't let somebody get close to his family! don't let them get in the white house ever! >> reporter: members of the house oversight committee demanded answers tuesday from secret service director julia pearson after army veteran omar gonzalez jumped the white house fence september 19 and entered the president's home armed with a knife. >> how was he able to sprint 70 yards, almost the entire length of a football field, without being intercepted by guards inside the fence? >> reporter: pearson admitted the agency failed in its
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mission to protect the president. >> it's clear that our security plan was not properly executed. >> reporter: as she promised to restore the agency's reputation, details emerged about another security lapse days earlier when an armed security contractor with prior assault convictions reportedly rode an elevator with the president during a trip to the cdc in atlanta. pearson says the president is safe today. but some lawmakers here on capitol hill aren't satisfied and are demanding more action. >> we need to have an outside review of the agency. >> reporter: the white house is still expressing full confidence in those who guard the president and his family. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. the santa clara county district attorney's office has dismissed charges against two brothers suspected in a high- profile murder. the case against robert and david zimmer ended yesterday. the brothers have been charged with the 1989 strangulation
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death of david's wife cathy, her body found in a quilt in her car at san jose international airport. it wasn't until earlier this year that investigators thought they had enough evidence to arrest them. but the lead prosecutor had an affair with the crime lab technician a potential key witness so much of the evidence couldn't be used. there is a chance the case could be refiled. >> we have given it to a new prosecutor who is looking at the case and reviewing it for the last few weeks. he will review it and make information known to us as to what his thoughts are before we make the decision. >> so far no word of any disciplinary action against the original prosecutor. caltrans doesn't think the latest bay bridge bolt problem will be a major issue long term but officials tell the bay bridge oversight committee that more tests are needed in the coming weeks. just last month water was found in contact with about 400 anchor rods under the tower on the east span of the bay bridge. grout and caulking were supposed to keep them dry to avoid corrosion but some of the
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rods didn't have enough protection. now officials are trying to learn how the water got in. starting today you'll be able to surf the internet for free in certain public parks and san francisco rec centers. the city is rolling out free wi- fi service. it's part of a goal to make internet service a right and not a luxury. a total of 32 public parks are getting the free wi-fi. program leaders say upload and download speeds will be fast. time now is 6:09. a new law is passed in response to the controversial shooting dead of andy lopez in santa rosa. how supporters say the law will prevent similar tragedies. >> and the man behind tesla and spacex wants to send to you mars! seriously. elon musk wants to send millions of us there. we'll have details in a minute. >> and if you want to stay right here on earth, it looks looks very nice around the bay area. in fact, some of the miest weather this fall so far. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and they just cleared an accident from the bay bridge. it was close to treasure island
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just west of it. anyway, now that's clear but the metering lights are on. big backups to the toll plaza. we'll tell you all about it after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ we're movin' and groovin' with gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. welcome back to kpix 5 this morning. we have nice clear skies outside right now. what a day ahead! equal have more on your weather coming up. >> thank you, mr. k. california is about to get some new gun laws. one will allow relatives to get a court order to take away a family member's right to use or buy a gun if that person shows signs of mental instability. the law was sparked by the isla vista massacre near uc-santa barbara this year. another law signed by the governor was appropriated by the shooting death of low pressure lop by a sonoma county sheriff's deputies. he was carrying a realistic
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looking fake gun. the deputy thought the teen's gun was real. the new law calls for all toy guns sold in california to be brightly colored. >> toys should look like toys not guns. they have looked like gun to grab the attention of young people to buy them. >> both laws go into effect on january 1. the president of a pop warner football team in san jose is having second thoughts about where his team practices. kpix 5's betty yu reports, that's because of a nearby shooting that killed a popular parent. >> reporter: the crowd at the san jose football practice is a bit quiet without the team's biggest supporter in the stands. >> he had the crowd going every game. he was the loudest parent out here supporting our kids getting them pumped up helping the girls get ready. >> reporter: 24-year-old richard watkins was a proud father of two girls and had a baby boy on the way. he was a regular on the field, too. he would learn and practice the clears alongside his daughters
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seen in this youtube video. >> saturday he was cheering with his daughters' cheer team and he was just out there pumping up the crowd and then to hear about what happened was just devastating records saturday richard was killed by a stray bullet outside his home where loved ones have since created a makeshift memorial. police say a relative came to visit the family around 9 p.m. as richard directed him to a parking spot, at least one gunman confronted his relative who was still in his car and without warning, opened fire. he avoided being hit. but richard could not. >> always so fun loving, outgoing, huge smile on his face, no worries in the world. >> reporter: his family on and off the field says no one had any reason to harm richard. san jose police say there was no contact or exchange between the gunman and richard and his relatives and neither was part
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of a gang. betty yu, kpix 5. >> san jose police are still trying to find the gunman and a motive. they think the killing may have been a case of mistaken identity. >> well, another setback for a bay area billionaire. he wants to block access to the martins beach. governor brown wants a law to force a public access law. it's on the property of vinod khosla. he has a year to negotiate with the state on how he wants to go about doing it. just last week a judge ruled that khosla can't block the beach without a permit. the head of spacex and tesla wants to put a million people on mars. elon musk says it's to make sure humans survive. he believes the human race will go extinct because of population growth and the earth can't sustain everyone.
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his idea is to send 100 people off the earth with cargo. >> hope they don't annoy each other. imagine being stuck on mars with annoying people? >> what do the martians have to say? we have changes ahead. are we going to go to traffic or weather? >> traffic. i'm sleeping over here! [ laughter ] you know, the metering lights have been turned on earlier and earlier so we have bigger backups earlier and earlier, as well. 5:39, that's when they switched on the metering lights. you were stacked up clear through the maze. kcbs mobile units have been driving around and spotted traffic on westbound 580 slow from the 24 interchange. there brake lights there. so this is early to see this kind of a delay. usually it's closer to 6:30, 6:45. we start to see these kind of backups through the maze but obviously a lot of commuters trying to get into the city. we had an earlier crash quickly
6:18 am
cleared to the shoulder but they started cycling the metering lights more slowly after that accident. a couple of muni issues to tell you about or couple of mass transit issues. muni, l taraval delayed. ace train 1 is 8 minutes late. no delay for bart. southbound 680 we had a stalled big rig and they just ran a traffic break to clear it. southbound 680 at bernal heading out of pleasanton. still seeing backups along the stretch of 680. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. another check of your hot forecast, here's lawrence. all right, elizabeth. yeah, we have some great weather ahead here as we have the off shoff winds really now kicking into gear. this is the beginning of a little heat wave here. we are going to see the offshore winds continuing over the next several days. you can see scrubbing your skies clear of any low clouds and fog. so we start off clear all the way to the coastline this morning. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine. the temperatures going to be very warm outside along the coast especially so more sunshine. beautiful weather ahead. these temperatures running well above the average for this time
6:19 am
of year. usually 70 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon we'll top out about 81 degrees, 11 degrees above average. 85 in oakland. about 8 3 in san jose. and 87 in livermore. the next few days we could see a couple of records fall. high pressure building in overhead and that's bringing with it that wind that goes from the land to the sea that offshore wind, the air sinks and warms up. that's why these temperatures are on the rise. around the bay area nice weather as well as the state. 89 warm in sacramento. 78 monterey bay. temperatures up this afternoon. 82 degrees milpitas. 77 half moon bay. 76 pacifica. mid- to upper 80s in the interior valleys. inside the bay 84 alameda. 82 sausalito. 76 and beautiful in daly city. your sunrise time 7:05. sunset 6:53. and looking out over the next few days, even warmer on thursday and friday. maybe some cooling near the coastline on saturday and sunday. cooler weather for everybody next week.
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that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. an unexpected turn in the race for mayor in the south bay's biggest city. coming up at 6:30, why police officers are threatening a mass exodus if their candidate doesn't win. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the a's entire season came down to one game in kansas city. and the slugger awakes for a wild card game that was truly wild. coming up. ,, ,,
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chelsea agai good morning, it's one of the most dramatic play-off games in history a roller coaster of home runs, stolen bases and, of course, a walkoff base hit. royals fans first post-season game since the reagan administration and kauffman stadium got quiet in the third
6:24 am
when brandon moss hit a three- run home run second homer of the game 5-3 the a's eventually led 7-3. kansas city cut the lead to one in the 8th and in the ninth, jared dyson swiped third off sean doolittle and derek norris. he scored on a sacrifice fly to tie the game. stayed that way until the 12th when callaspo drove in reddick. a's lead 8-7. but the royals kept fighting. eric ripped one off the wall, gomes and sam fuld collide in the outfield. a triple scored on an in field hit to tie the game. with two out, colon tries to steal second. a's pitch out but norris drops the baseball. a huge mistake because two batters later salvador perez roped jason hammel's curve ball. donaldson couldn't come up with it. colon scores. the royals steal 7 bases, they drop down 4 sacrifice bunts and they eliminate the a's 9-8 in a tough game to swallow for a's fans.
6:25 am
but there's still one bay area team left. the giants play the pittsburgh pirates tonight in the second wild card game. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. from international soccer. chelsea with the header to score the only goal of the match as chelsea defeated sporting cp from portugal. the only goal of the match is scored. chelsea defeated sporting cp. there's something new through the revolving door lead to the oakland raiders head coach's office. offensive line coach tony sparano takes over a team that lost the past 10 games including the first four this season. he replaces dennis allen after he had an 8-28 record as the hiders head coach. 6:25. doctors confirm the first case of ebola on u.s. soil. what's being done to prevent the deadly virus from
6:26 am
spreading. >> reporter: the san jose police union says hundreds of officers could quit if one particular candidate is elected mayor. i'm kiet do with a live report. we'll tell you who coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. and killed by a city employ. kong are the city of san francisco reaches a huge settlement with the family of a mother run over and killed by a city employee. >> protestors in hong kong threaten to expand their protest and local activists join the fight. >> high pressure offshore winds a heat wave begins today. we'll tell you how hot it will get in your neighborhood coming up. >> and a tweet from "kcbs traffic," four-car crash with
6:30 am
injuries in concord. i'll have details coming up. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, october 1. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. developing news for the first time since the ebola outbreak began in west africa a patient in the u.s. has been diagnosed with the potentially deadly virus. omar villafranca reports federal health experts are in dallas to make sure the virus does not spread. >> reporter: as an unidentified patient undergoes treatment in isolation at texas health press tear hospital in dallas health authorities are tracking down relatives and friends the patient may have visited after exiting symptoms of the deadly ebola virus. >> it is certainly possible that someone who had contact with this individual a family member or other individual could develop ebola in the coming weeks. but there is no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here. >> reporter: ebola spreads through direct contact with bodily fluids from an infected
6:31 am
person showing signs of the virus. the patient didn't have symptoms of ebola when flying from liberia to the u.s. on september 19. >> we do not believe there is any risk to anyone who was on the flight at that time. >> reporter: officials here at texas health say they have a plan in place to handle ebola cases and there is no risk to other patients coming here fo treatment. still, people in the community are worried. >> i want to make sure if we have our kids going to the doctors and going there that it's a safe place to go. >> reporter: crew members who transported the patient to the hospital on sunday are not showing symptoms of ebola but will be quarantined at home. the ambulance they carried the patient in was in use afterwards and is now out of service for decontamination. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas. >> texas governor rick perry will be in dallas today to hold a news conference on his state east ebola case. new this morning, the mayor of a southern california city is dead after a domestic dispute. the los angeles county sheriff's department says the
6:32 am
bell gardens mayor daniel crespo died yesterday at a hospital. investigators say that crespo's wife shot him but was released after hours of questioning. it appears the couple had a heated argument and when their 19-year-old son intervened, the father and son got into a physical fight. crespo said that she shot her husband to protect her son. minimum wage workers in the city of berkeley will earn a bit more starting today. the city council approved a series of increases back in june. starting today, minimum wage in the city is $10 an hour. next year at this time, it will go up to $11 and then $12.53 in 2016. right now it's 28 minutes before 7:00. time to get a look at traffic and weather. let's begin with mr. karnow. >> the weather is going to be as hot as michelle's dress today. how about that? >> wahoo! >> yeah! looking good today. >> this is orange. >> orange, very nice. it is going to be very good out there today. going to see a lot of sunshine and some warm weather all the way to the coastline. out the door we go.
6:33 am
we have offshore winds and clear skies even along the beaches this morning. so a great start to the day and boy these temperatures by the afternoon are going to be something else. mid-70s at the coastline. 80s inside the bay and mid- to upper 80s in the valleys. quiet over the bay waters and you can see not a cloud in sight out there. the temperatures a little cool in spots in the north bay. 53 degrees in santa rosa. still 61, though, in san francisco. and 57 in san jose. this afternoon, up in the 80s in many spots inland. 87 in livermore. 86 in napa. 83 in san jose. about 76 degrees in pacifica. all right, let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we do have a couple of hot spots to tell you about. first out to concord and i mentioned this four-car crash just reported within the last few minutes southbound 242 by 680. it is blocking lanes. injuries are reported and you can see it is slow now from highway 4. it's slow on highway 4 itself from antioch all the way into concord. bay bridge those darn metering lights get turned on earlier
6:34 am
and earlier. this morning 5:39! there was actually an accident a smaller fender-bender close to treasure island. quickly cleared to the shoulder. but obviously, there are big delays right now trying to get into the city. for a while, they were cycling through the metering lights slowly. it looks like they sped them up a little bit. westbound 580 stacked up clear to the 24 interchange. also slowing through berkeley on the eastshore freeway. coming up we'll get another check of the san mateo bridge plus mass transit in the meantime brian, michelle, back to you guys. today, protests continue in hong kong as pro-democracy activists send out an ultimatum. this is a look at the crowds in hong kong. student leaders say if the territory's leader doesn't resign by the end of tomorrow, they will step up their actions including occupying several important government buildings. over the weekend demonstrators were tear gassed during their demands for democracy. they complain a promise of a free vote in 2017 is being broken by the chinese government. one of the founders of hong kong's democratic party says he is praying they succeed in their demands.
6:35 am
>> i'm here today with the yellow umbrella because it stands against the shooting of tear gas as the children of hong kong. i think we have destroyed the values of hong kong earlier this weekend by shooting tear gas at children's. >> the protestors are upset that hong kong's chief executive has refused to meet with them. the effort is gaining worldwide attention. this is the facebook page encouraging sympathizers to wear yellow today. it has the support of more than 36,000 people. organizers are trying to spread the word at college campuses around the globe. san francisco has reached a settlement with a family of a woman who was run over by a city employee driving on the grass at a park. christine svanemyr was killed in september last year in the accident at holly park. her husband and child will receive more than $15 million in a settlement approved by the board of supervisors yesterday. the driver no longer works for
6:36 am
the city of san francisco. public safety is the key issue in the hotly contested san jose mayoral race. the police officers association is turning up the heat even more. as hundreds of officers threaten to leave the sjpd if sam liccardo is elected. more now from kiet do a story you'll see only on kpix 5. >> reporter: the san jose police union says the morning after election day could be the beginning of yet another mass exodus of police officers. >> if they wake up and the next mayor is going to be sam liccardo, that there's going to be 200 cops that have a hard discussion with their families and say, i can't do this, i can't do eight more years of this. >> reporter: detective john and frank, both 19-year veterans, say years of paycuts and 70 hour workweeks have taken their toll and they are ready to quit. >> it's not fear mongering. every officer has to say is this going to be the place to would? >> reporter: he often works 7 days a wook and says he missed out with his kids.
6:37 am
>> it's not stable. i'm probably going to ever look for the private sector if sam liccardo gets the mayorship. >> reporter: san jose's already loves more than 400 officers to layoffs, other departments and early retirement. the ones left behind work mandatory overtime. police union president jim unland warned mayor chuck reed officers would leave following cuts to pay and benefits and pension reform. >> when i made a prediction, sadly, i have been dead on. and i know hundreds are going to wake up the following day if tis liccardo as the next mayor and be ready to make a really tough decision. >> dave cortese and sam liccardo! >> reporter: at a mayoral debate this week, councilmember liccardo says he is focused on raising officer pay and rebuilding trust. liccardo is one of mayor reed's stan chess allies. >> they are going to respect the mayor who is honest with them. and i'm going to give them what frankly supervisor cortese wasn't willing to give them when he was on the council and that is the truth. i'm going to tell them how we can restore morale, how we can
6:38 am
restore pay, how we can ensure that we can have a department that's the most innovative in the country but we're not going to promise them benefits that we could never pay for. >> reporter: the police union has endorsed cortese. financial documents show the union's political action committee has spent nearly $51,000 on his campaign so far. >> one of the things that my candidacy provides to public safety employees here, police officer, firefighters, is a sense of trust, a regained of hope that there's somebody they can work with in the mayor's office that may not be able to immediately restore store what they have lost but start them back on the recovery of financial incentives. >> reporter: these are the current numbers of san jose police officers who left this year. so far 57 officers have resigned since january. there are about 100 officers who have either retired or about to retire. sam liccardo says he has great respect for the people who wear the badge. he is confident they will not use that badge in a political
6:39 am
setting. back to you. >> well, kiet, what is the worst-case scenario according to the police? >> reporter: so according to the police union, if believe them, they say that if the recruitment of new officers does not keep up with the replacement of the officers who were leaving the department, then in a couple of years we could be looking at a situation where the police department merges with the county sheriff. kiet do, kpix 5. voters will have a chance to reverse strict rules on pot clubs. the san jose city council voted in june to limit the shops to a portion of the city. after discussion, they decided to put it on the ballot in 2016. city leaders say they will wait on making a decision about raising fines for pot clubs that don't follow new rules. time now is 6:39. workers at a central california slaughterhouse arrive to a horrifying sight. why even police were stunned by the scene. >> and we are counting down the hours until the giants hit the field in pittsburgh and one
6:40 am
player will have extra motivation when san francisco takes on the pirates.
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mostly clear all day mid 70s into pacifica, 80s into menlo park, 83 sunnyvale. about 84 degrees in campbell and 83 degrees in san jose. offshore winds, 87 degrees in pleasanton today. 88 in antioch. 88 also in danville. inside the bay should be beautiful and nice, 84 degrees in alameda. and 85 degrees in berkeley. in the north bay breezy over the mountaintops. down below, though, lots of sunshine 88 in sonoma. 87 in san rafael into san
6:44 am
francisco, sunshine 81 degrees downtown. it's going to be 74 in bodega bay where alfred hitchcock shot "the birds," you know there's a heating trend in the bay area! >> i was just thinking the same thing. [ laughter ] charlie rose has what's coming up on "cbs this morning." >> reporter: good morning, brian and michelle. ahead, we're at the hospital in dallas where the first victim of ebola diagnosed in the u.s. is being treated. we'll also talk to the cdc director about how the agency's tracking down people who may have come in contact with the virus. plus, we sit down with new jersey governor chris christie. we have his reaction to the president's "60 minutes" interview and the reason he has not yet decided on a run for the white house. plus this, an app that revolutionizes navigation around the world and a big announcement from the company, only on "cbs this morning." the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> thank you. we are getting a possible preview this morning of
6:45 am
friday's federal employment report. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and brian. certainly looking for things to heat up when it comes to the job picture after a weaker- than-expected gain in august and private payroll tracker adp indicates we might see a little bit of a rebound. it says there were 213,000 jobs created by private firms in september. that compared to a reported gain of 202,000 in august. most economists expect labor to report a gain around 215,000 on friday. that would get back to the trend that we saw for most of 2014 when we had 6 straight months of gains of at least 200,000. that first ebola case being reported in the u.s. in dallas is impacting the stock market with airing stocks selling off and some key biotech stops hitting higher because of that. right now shares in united airlines american delta all
6:46 am
dropping this morning. shares in a company that is developing a ebola vaccine their shares are high they are morning. let's check the big board. market is dropping in the early going. dow down more than 100. nasdaq down 31. s&p down 12. shares of tech mira, the ebola vaccine maker, shares of that company up 16% in the early going. back to you. >> thank you jason brooks from kcbs news. this morning there's a $5,000 reward to help catch the person more people who killed more than 900 chickens. joe vazquez reports. >> psychopathic behavior sick behavior and people that will do this can do other things. >> reporter: police say there was probably more than one suspect. workers found the massacred
6:47 am
poultry at 8:30 in the morning. >> it's crazy that someone would kill them. it's just crazy. >> reporter: foster farms released a statement calling the crime an unconscionable act of animal cruelty, quote, this appears to be a random act of violence. it is the express policy of foster farms to treat its birds humanely and with compassion. any intentional act to the contrary is unacceptable. foster farms estimates the loss at $5,000 but it's the abject cruelty of the crime that alarms the company and detectives. >> you can't do that much damage to animals and not have blood on your clothing, um, and it's just -- we want to find out who they are and get them off the street. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. a walnut creek restaurant customer ends up paying for more than just a meal when a thief snatches her wallet right from her purse. the crime was caught on surveillance camera at the tender greens restaurant. take a look at this. it just took 3.5 minutes for this woman to steal a wallet
6:48 am
from another woman's purse. she emptied the wallet into her bra, put the wallet back and left. it's not black and white at 18th and castro. crews just installed this rainbow crosswalk in san francisco's castro district more than 4,000 people voting on the design back in march. 6:48 right now. let's check the roads out there with elizabeth. >> we have a couple problem spots out the door. if you are in contra costa county, for example, this accident is still there blocking a left lane. it's southbound 242 right before 680. it's stacked up clear to highway 4 which also is slow from antioch. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. maybe you see some flashing lights out there. another wide low truck trying to get through the pay gates. metering lights turned on earlier than usual around 5:39 this morning. that's the earliest that i can remember in a while. so yeah, you have been stacked up through the maze for some
6:49 am
time, as well. 580 cleared -- slow, rather, all the way to the 24 interchange. you can see all those slowdowns beginning in richmond to emeryville on the eastshore freeway. south bay, check on northbound 101 the brake lights begin around capitol expressway and continue past the julian/mckee exit. here's a live look at a growing more crowded by the minute san mateo bridge. this is westbound 92, obviously the commute direction. and it's slow once you get past those pay gates. the drive time is about 17 minutes so it's picked up by a few minutes just within the last 10 minutes or so. so obviously more commuters trying to get out to the peninsula. mass transit though a few other earlier issues have been resolved including the muni l taraval line. equipment problem fixed no longer any delay and ace tran is back on track. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. here's lawrence. we'll get some sunshine today. the next few days some of the nicest days so far this fall. we are seeing an offshore wind now developing that's keeping
6:50 am
your skies nice and clear even along the coastline. we are starting out clear skies around the bay area. by the afternoon, these temperatures going to be heating up nicely. you're looking at some 70s along the coastline. make your way inside the bay today those temperatures moving into the 80s. and i'll tell you some of the interior valleys going to be something else, some mid- to upper 80s by the afternoon. i think maybe near record levels the next couple of days. a beautiful live shot this morning. we have lots of sunshine out there now. and it looks like it is going to stick around not only today but over the next couple of days. these offshore winds will keep your skies nice and clear all the way to the coastline. temperatures right now we have 55 degrees in concord. a cool 53 in santa rosa. san jose checking in at 57 degrees. and san francisco at 61 this morning. looks like in the afternoon, boy, if you can get to the beach, what a gorgeous day it will be there. 76 degrees in pacifica. should be about 81 in san francisco today. getting hot into concord at 88
6:51 am
degrees. 85 in oakland. 83 in san jose. and about 85 degrees or 86 in the napa valley. now, looking out over the next couple of days it looks like this offshore wind is going to strengthen. these temperatures are going to be warming up and, in fact, along the coastline, we'll probably see some 70s and maybe some 80s. 90s in the valleys and then by saturday and sunday, we'll notice some changes probably along the coastline first. couple of patches of fog moving back in with a sea breeze. more cooling back to normal toward the middle of next week but these next few days, guys, loving it. >> yeah. >> do you still surf? >> i haven't surfed in quite a while, yeah. >> now would be the time. >> now would be the time to get out there on the water. i definitely will be out at the ocean these next couple of days. >> all right. thank you. oh. my turn. >> yes. >> tony sparano is now coach of the raiders. the team lost the past ten games including the first four this season. this weekend was the end of the line for dennis allen after an
6:52 am
8-28 record as raiders head coach it was an exciting wild card game. >> but in the end -- my turn again -- in the end it was the oakland a's eliminated from the play-offs after a 12--inning marathon in kansas city. [ applause and cheers ] >> the whole game was a seesaw battle tied in the bottom of the of the 12t perez past donaldson driving in the winning run. final score 9-8, kansas city against oakland. the a's were the best team in the majors until a long slump over the past several weeks. they're out. the san francisco giants worked out in pittsburgh yesterday preparing for their wild card again games the pirates this evening. ishikawa is expected to start in left field for the giants. he began the season as the pirates starting first baseman before being traded. a giants rally and viewing party will be held at the ballpark in san francisco.
6:53 am
it begins at 4:00 this afternoon. time now is 6:52. a sprawling free wi-fi system is now online in one bay area city. details on the long-awaited service coming up. demonstrations ramping up in hong kong as protestors set a new deadline. what they are promising to do coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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bring them all to the table with the kfc favorites bucket. 8 pieces of chicken with 12 hot wings or 6 extra crispy tenders. ♪ but the right gasoline can help keep the inside clean. chevron with techron. care for your car. ebola. this is the first five things to know at the :55. doctors in a dallas hospital are treating a man infected with ebola. it's the first confirmed case in the u.s. the man traveled to texas from liberia the epicenter of the worst outbreak of e. coli in history. cdc says he was not a threat to other passengers on the flight. the suspected white house intruder is expected to appear in court today nearly two weeks after the breach. omar gonzalez is facing federal
6:57 am
charges stemming from the incident. in another embarrassment, cbs news confirmed the contractor convicted of assault three times was allowed on an elevator with president obama this month. michael phelps says he takes full responsibility for his actions after the olympic star was charged with dui for a second time. police say the 29-year-old swimmer failed a sobriety test after he was clocked driving 40 miles an hour over the speed limit. it's unclear how this will affect his hopes of competing in the real olympics. the mayor of a southern california town is dead after police say his wife shot him. bell gardens mayor daniel crespo and his wife were apparently in an argument that got physical. then she shot her husband. something free in san francisco? there's your headline. free wi-fi service. it's part of a goal to provide internet service for everybody. 32 public parks are getting the free wi-fi. i'm anne makovec live in the newsroom with developing
6:58 am
news on the massive protest in china's hong kong. there is a sea of people there. it's about 10:00 right now. you're looking at live pictures. student leaders of the pro- democracy protests are warning that if the territory's leader doesn't resign by the end of tomorrow they will occupy several government buildings. [ screaming ] >> scenes from over the weekend lines of riot police threw tear gas at demonstrators trying to clear the streets. protestors are demanding democracy after being promised a free vote in the 2017 elections then being told by the chinese government that the only candidates on the ballot would be investigated by a committee in beijing. >> i don't think chinese into what is democracy because they do not know how to fight for it. and i think hong kong can be an example for them. >> as far as tomorrow's deadline, that is if hong kong's chief executive doesn't resign they will ramp up their
6:59 am
efforts but won't disrupt essential government services like hospitals or social welfare offices. a demonstration is planned in san francisco today, as well. protestors meeting at 1 p.m. at portsmouth square. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. and taking one more check of the roads, 880 is fine right now. if you are about to head to downtown oakland anywhere near the oakland coliseum no delay. we are just seeing the usually commuter traffic through the livermore valley about a half- hour from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. and then it remains slow on southbound 680 through the sunol grade. >> and we are starting out nice and clear around the bay area. all the way to the coastline we have beautiful conditions expected for today. sunshine those temperatures warming up nicely. 70s out at the beaches. 80s inside the bay and even some upper 80s inland. next couple of days a little hotter. then we may begin to cool down just slightly over the weekend. sounds good. we have one last shot of vacaville. let's take a look. beautiful! >> oh, yeah. that's nice. >> a little windy.
7:00 am
>> yeah. >> that's that offshore flow. >> have a great day. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, october 1st, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." ebola in america. the first victim diagnosed in the united states. the head of the cdc is with us. new details of yet another secret service failure. plus, governor chris christie on the president's isis response, 2016, and his own dramatic weight loss. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the bottom line is that i have no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here. >> the ebola epidemic hits home. >> the first case of ebola


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