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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 15, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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cities across the country observed a momentof silence for michael brown. >> officers with their guns drawn here and s.w.a.t. guys behind in the back of the building. >> san jose police shot and killed a woman after she called 911 and said she was going to shoot her family. officers opened fire when she brandished what looked like a handgun. it turned out to be a drill painted black. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." flyball center field -- >> good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. frank mallicoat is off today. sir paul mccartney provided the music as san francisco's candlestick park hosted its final public event. ♪[ music ] ♪ send all my loving to you >> sounds pretty good. mccartney sang songs from his years with the beatles and with wings and from his solo career. but it was the concert gridlock that many people will remember. kpix 5's anne makovec is live
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and, anne, there were reports traffic was terrible before, during and after the show. >> reporter: can you imagine having a ticket but never making it inside? i mean, this is candlestick so it's fitting that there was reason to complain but as you mentioned, the show itself is getting rave reviews. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: fans loved the sold-out show. it lasted about 3 hours with pyrotechnics. he played all the beatles classics including many. songs they played at their final concert also here at the stick back in 1966. but here is what a lot of people will remember about last night's concert. the traffic gridlock outside the stick, some folks never got inside. they were still in their cars more than an hour after the show started. and many simply gave up.
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>> 3 1/2 hours driving. 3 1/2 hours driving. >> reporter: where do you come from? >> we came from newark and we're handicapped, you know, and we canada even find a place that park. >> typical san francisco. here it is one little event and they have no parking for anybody. they just announced it on the radio. what a joke! >> reporter: so even though they announced there was no parking, we actually found several empty spaces in parking lots around candlestick park. and we were also told that it was mccartney's people that were in charge of dealing with the parking. perhaps they were unfamiliar with the venue. really, though, it's all a moot point now since that was the last big hurrah here at candlestick park. michelle? >> anne, what a bummer for the concert-goers. when does the demolition start? >> now that they have had the final show, city workers will begin tearing it apart taking out anything of value to sell. the proceeds go to charity. the demolition is expected
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sometime next year. live at candlestick park, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> this sunday, candlestick's former tenant the 49ers will play their first preseason game at their new santa clara stadium. kpix 5 will broadcast the game this sunday. our countdown to kickoff coverage begins at noon with a pre-game edition of kpix 5 news live from levi's stadium. the game starts at 1:00. and that's followed by the "5th quarter." and then another special edition of kpix 5 news live from the stadium at 5:00. and the stadium has a number of high-tech amenities like the option to order food on your smartphone or the chance to experience an interactive museum. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live in santa clara with more on the innovative features. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. this $1.2 billion stadium was born and conceived here in the heart of silicon valley and so as you can imagine, they are relying heavily on technology to solve a lot of the problems that come up when you jam in nearly 70,000 people into one
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area. reporter: here's what happens when a stadium is built from the ground up in silicon valley. an interactive museum lets visitors cozy up to colin kaepernick thanks to "augmented reality" > our quarterback comes out and you will see him do his signature move. >> reporter: for more fun, play one. four motion sensing games. more than 1200 wi-fi hot spots placed above and below the seats allow fans to share game day selfies and tweets without frustrating delays. it doesn't matter which of the 68,500 seats you're sitting in. you can order a hot dog and beer without missing a moment of the game. >> we have created a system where in a prescribed period of time you'll get a hot dog, beer and soda to your seat. >> reporter: the app offers convenient features. for replays fans can view 13 different angles. >> kaepernick throws a touchdown pass to crabtree, you can see it from several different cameras on the field. >> reporter: it also tells you
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which bathrooms have the shortest lines and the way finding feature shows the quickest path from one location to another in the stadium. the 49ers are also putting tech to work to solve a major challenge parking. >> videos that we send each fan on like a video demonstration of how they can get to their parking spot. >> reporter: and so santa clara police have overhauled and revamped their parking and traffic plans. the concession people are making sure that they have enough frankfurters on hand and also the wi-fi should see a significant upgrade since a lot of these cell phone providers have all installed their last remaining equipment. as the head of operations here tells the media, they will shine on sunday but they certainly will not be perfect. michelle? >> i know. i forgot, they are frankfurters, not hot dogs, right, kiet? [ laughter ] >> well, we understand that during the game, all of the players and officials will be wired for their precise locations. how will that work? >> reporter: so they partnered with a company called zone bra technologies -- zebra technologies.
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there are going to be tags embedded in the player shoulder pads so you can see speed, total distance run, acceleration. it will give a lot of insight and understanding into what's going on on the field let fans experience the whole game in a new way they have not done before. levi's stadium is going to be one of the first to get these in the league. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> boy, technology is just changing the game. >> going to be like a videogame. >> we need to get you wired like so see we can keep track of you. >> see how fast i make it to the coffee machine and back? pretty speedy! [ laughter ] we have fog in the bay area this morning. looks like that's going to give way to mostly sunny skies today. hey, pretty typical summer day and it's going to be a nice one outside. out the door we go. how about this? look at levi's stadium this morning. quiet now but they continue to prepare for the big game and, yeah, it will be a heck of a game as we have the 9ers and the broncos right here on kpix 5. well, we are seeing some low clouds and fog outside right now. some of that a little bit thick in spots. but that is going to break up leaving lots of sunshine
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behind. temperatures today some 80s and 90s inland. 70s inside the bay and some 60s along the coastline. out the door the low clouds have pushed inside the bay temperatures in the 50s and 60s but as we head toward the afternoon, up to about 88 in livermore, 81 in san jose, 74 in oakland and 69 in san francisco. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. at 5:07 all is quiet on the roads right now. we have a couple of things going on later this evening though that could cause some traffic jams. we have the giants playing over at at&t. that starts at 7:15. take on philadelphia. then an oakland raiders preseason game over by the oakland coliseum. that starts at 7:00. so again, 101, 880, all around the bay area, kind of in addition to the usual evening commute home you have a couple of bigger games going on. so just a heads up. for right now, though, like i said, here a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks good. they even cleared out those earlier delays in some of the far left cash lanes. and now it looks good no delay on the sensors at all between the incline and treasure island. and outside we go.
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the nimitz freeway they must have cleared some of this overnight roadwork. they were supposed to clear it past 5:00. southbound 880 coming into downtown oakland. the drive time suddenly changed to clear in the northbound and southbound lanes. again, it was approaching that jackson to embarcadero exit. if you are heading to the richmond/san rafael bridge, just a touch of slowing now. looks like in the eastbound directions between castro and canal, they were again doing some overnight roadwork in both directions of 580 in richmond on the approach to the bridge. but should be pretty much in the clearing stages now and obviously westbound traffic is super light heading to the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. or you can hop on a bart train because everything is on time so far. that's your latest friday drive to work. back to you. >> thank you. san jose fatally shot a woman after she called police to say she was going to kill her family with an uzi. yesterday's drama at a blossom hill road home was captured on cell phone video as the woman brandished what looked like a handgun. investigators say officers askedder will numerous time to
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drop the "weapon" and when she pointed the object at them, they opened fire. it was a hand-held drill painted black. the atmosphere has changed in ferguson, missouri where violent protests followed the killing of a black teenager by a white police officer. the protests took a different tone last night after missouri's governor took ferguson police off the streets. he put the missouri highway patrol in charge and its leader marched arm in arm with some of the protestors. >> we're a community. we're all a part of that community and we're all in it together. >> some of the protestors praised the state police force for treating them with respect. earlier this week, the local police had used tear gas and smoke bombs to try to control crowds. president obama took a break from his vacation in massachusetts to comment on the situation in missouri. >> there is never an excuse for violence against police or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting. there's also no excuse for
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police to use excessive force against peaceful protests on to throw protestors in jail for lawfully exercising their first amendment rights. >> the president called for peace and calm in ferguson. in dozens of cities across the country moments of silence held yesterday for people killed by police. a gathering at frank ogawa plaza in oakland and in san francisco's civic center plaza, people held up their hands, a growing symbol of the killing in ferguson. >> what about these people's freedom or humanity? but nobody is saying anything about that. >> people in more than 90 cities took part. the prime minister of iraq is stepping down under intense international pressure. susan mcginnis reports on what the resignation could mean for iraq's future. reporter: the white house is commending iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki for
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his decision to step down. he hands the reins to rival haider al-abadi. malachy's shiite dominated government was blamed for deepening the rift that allowed isis militants to advance. the power shift comes as the u.s. called off plans to rescue religious minorities trapped on a mountaintop in iraq. that operation could have put hundreds of american troops on the ground. instead, u.s. air strikes and air drops of supplies were found to be effective. >> because these efforts, we do not expect there to be an additional operation to evacuate people off the mountain. and it's unlikely that we're going to need to continue humanitarian air drops on the mountain. >> reporter: that aid has helped many of the more than 1.5 million people displaced by islamic state militants but even those who escaped say they still need help. this man tried to lead his family from the mountain to safety only to see his mother die from lack of food and water and exhaustion. he said, we refused to leave without her. after a few hours of thirst,
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hunger and exhaustion, she fell and died. the new prime minister of iraq will have 30 days to establish a new government. he will face a challenge of uniting iraq and defeating the insurgents. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> today, the u.n. security council will vote on a resolution to punish anybody who recruits and finances foreign fighters in iraq and syria. time now is 5:12. most young girls look up to their dads but here's a case where the reverse is also true. still to come, how a local 9- year-old saved her father's life. >> the request to change voter apathy reaches a desperate level. how california's biggest city may try to lure people to the polls. >> another round of dense fog in the bay area but more sunshine is expected for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and a lot of the overnight roadwork has now cleared. but now commuter traffic is beginning to pick up. we are seeing those delays on 580 through the altamont pass. so we'll have your travel times for you as you head to work on this friday morning after this break. ,, ,,,,
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heading southbound through downtown oakland. they are completely gone now. if you are heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, obviously this is the time to leave from the east bay into san francisco. no metering lights and not even a delay at all in the cash lanes. it looks clear on the sensors from end to end between the oakland area and the city. in fact, i'll show what you i'm talking about on those sensors. you can see all the approaches to the bay bridge look great 24 through the caldecott out of contra costa county. so far no delay. all along 24 out of walnut creek, same thing on 580, 880 once again no delay in your downtown oakland exits. and the eastshore freeway still looks clear through berkeley. we also have the overnight roadwork in richmond on the approach to the richmond/san rafael bridge. that's cleared so now westbound traffic heading on to the span looks great. westbound 580. we are seeing the usual delays out of tracy. not too bad though so far. we can still officially call it "friday light." it's a few brake lights though from the altamont pass into livermore valley. so you can see that it's sluggish under 40 miles per hour in some parts as you hit vasco. that's your latest "kcbs" drive
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to work. with the forecast, here's lawrence. thick fog around the bay area this morning even drizzle near the coastline. other than that we are in for a typical summer day not bad. we are going to see lots of sunshine as we head in toward the afternoon. a little gray to begin with. but by the afternoon, becoming mostly sunny and just lightly is warmer than yesterday. maybe a couple of places pushing into the low 90s in the interior valleys. more sunshine this weekend although we'll begin to notice some changes on sunday. but for today, high pressure now building in out of the desert southwest and away from the coastline. temperatures will be warm. in fact getting hot in some of the valleys. the central valley 101 in fresno. 95 sacramento. 79 in lake tahoe. about 70 and partly cloudy into the monterey bay with some patchy fog. temperatures inland into the 80s in many spots. even some low 90s towards brentwood and you can see about 81 in san jose. 74 in oakland. 69 san francisco. your sunrise time 6:25. your sunset 8:02. and as we look out over the next few days, including that all-important weekend, the weather is looking very nice.
5:18 am
temperatures right about average. then low pressure drops into the bay area as we head in toward late sunday into monday. then maybe just enough to cool down the temperatures just a few degrees and bring more clouds. doesn't look like the monsoonal clouds come back just yet. that could change. >> it could change, right? the bay area. it's always changing. >> yes. >> thank you. a hayward girl is being called a hero. she knew what to do when a fire started in her family's kitchen. her quick thinking saved her family's life. 9-year-old galaxy told her father to open the window and put a towel under the door to block the smoke. the two escaped through a window. she learned these things through fire training at school. >> it was smoke on the stairs. i couldn't stand it so i went out a window with my dad. >> she was very calm. >> once they got away from the smoke and flames, the construction crew helped them to safety. the city of angels is pulling out all stops to get voters to the polls.
5:19 am
los angeles is thinking of rolling out a voting lottery. the last turnout was so bleak city leaders decided desperate measures are needed. only about one in age registered voters took part. if the idea gets enough support, people could hit it big in a ballot would,. >> anyone who votes is eligible to win a certain percentage of money. maybe it's $25,000, it's up to $100,000. >> the money would come from a city election fund that candidates tap into. it is 5:19. getting down to the wire for the raiders and the city of oakland. just ahead, the latest on the raiders future as their home preseason opener approaches. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, did you know that a 49ers player made a record that made the r&b charts? see if you can guess who. >> and what is cool about your school? you can email your nomination
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eastbound 37. those look great. could see some extra traffic tie-ups on 880 and 101 tonight. we'll explain why. "kcbs traffic" is all coming up. good morning, everyone. since trading yoenis cespedes on july 31, the a's offense has gone stone cold. in the last 13 games, oakland has scored three runs or less ten times. the suns with a bad/men force royals defense. 8-6, vogt is across and the game is tied at 2 ruled a triple. samardzija put two runs on. dyson makes up for the blunder in the outfield with a base hit to tie the game. a bases-clearing triple-5-3 royals, four runs charged to
5:24 am
jeff samardzija. royals take three out of four from oakland. after taking a year off, 49ers receiver brandon lloyd is back with the 49ers. he got 11 touchdowns in his three seasons with san francisco since leaving the bay area nine years ago. lloyd has played for five teams. and during the 2008 year, off the field he cracked the r&b chart with the song, she all mine. ♪[ music ] >> try not to make a big deal out of it in the middle of the football season but my friends were excited about it and excited to hear that the song had success. >> that is a big deal. let's hope b lloyd can still hit the high note on the gridiron. our play of the day, from major league baseball, the dodgers taking on the braves. freddie freeman hits a flyball
5:25 am
to deep center field. look at the puig who sacrifices his body to make the catch earning him our play of the day. the raiders preseason home opener is today in oakland. but the team could be edging closer to moving out of town. some raiders fans were already tailgating at the coliseum yesterday. but it could be empty and quiet next year. the coliseum lease expires after this season. and the owner of the raiders mark davis has no plans to extend the contract. it is 5:25. the show is great for those able to see it. coming up, the latest on the major parking snafu that prevented some fans from attending the paul mccartney show at san francisco's candlestick park. >> reporter: and all you 9er fans who think you can out smart the system and save some money by parking in the nearby neighborhoods on game day, think again. the city of san jose is on to you. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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great time for those who couldn't see it. the problems that prevented a lf it was a great show but not a great time for those who couldn't see it. the problems that prevented a lot of fans from seeing paul mccartney the big finale at san francisco's candlestick. and the widow of robin williams reveals the legendary entertainer had been diagnosed with yet another ailment. >> a lot of thick fog outside on this friday but what will it shape up to be this afternoon and the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and a bridge check for you. so far no delay between sausalito and san francisco. they are going to be opening some more southbound lanes. we'll check your drive to work coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it is friday, august 15. i'm michelle griego. frank mallicoat is off today. a san jose woman is dead
5:30 am
after threatening to kill her family. cell phone video captures the tense moments just before police open fire. more now from kpix 5's len ramirez. reporter: the cell phone video shows a woman walking out of her house with her hands in the air but she is holding at least one object in her right hand. she appears to point it at her head and then point it to her right and makes a firing motion. and then another. she then points it at officers in front of her and then walks towards the officers who tell her to drop it. >> put it on the ground, stop right there! >> reporter: she goes off camera. you can hear a final warning and police shoot her. >> stop right there! [ one gunshot ] >> reporter: the next shot is of the woman lying on the ground. earlier the woman called 911 saying she had an uzi assault weapon and was going to kill family members at her house. but the object she was holding was not a gun. it was an electric power drill painted black to look like a
5:31 am
weapon according to police sources. immediately after the shooting, officers tried to revive the woman with cpr but she died of her injuries. the officer involved in the shooting is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> here's a close-up of the drill. police say it's a cordless black and decker painted black. now candlestick can be torn down after the san francisco stadium held a lot of loving last night. ♪[ music ] ♪ send all my loving to you >> paul mccartney closed down the stick with a concert for about 50,000 fans. but some people missed the show because of concert gridlock. kpix 5's anne makovec is at candlestick this morning. anne. >> reporter: this is the kind of thing that makes people a little less nostalgic about seeing that thing ripped down
5:32 am
early next year. not only did people have trouble getting into the venue they have trouble getting out some people stuck in their cars until 2 a.m. but the show itself getting rave reviews. >> ooo i need your love, babe ♪ guess you know it's true ♪ >> reporter: fans loved the sold-out show. it lasted about 3 hours. mccartney played all the beatles classics, including many of the songs they played at their final concert. also here at candlestick back in 1966. but this is the scene a lot of people will remember about last night's concert. traffic gridlock outside the stick. some folks never even got to the concert after being stuck in traffic not being able to find a parking spot. a lot of them gave up and went home. >> all the drivers are angry. >> i know. 8:00 and there's no control. excuse me. no one actually managing the traffic. the blow is really difficult to get -- the flow is really
5:33 am
difficult to get in and out of any of the lanes. it's just a mess. >> reporter: a lot of frustrated drivers got word that there was no parking, on a radio announcement after the concert had already begun. but we found several empty spaces in parking lots around candlestick. it sounds like a lot of miscommunication. of course, this is all moot because this was the last big hurrah here at candlestick park. it is scheduled for demolition late this year or early next year. >> well, anne, after that demolition, what's next for the property? >> reporter: a big 10-year project will begin. restaurants, shops, and about 6,000 homes moving into this property. a multi-billion-dollar project. live at candlestick park, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> this sunday, candlestick's former tenant the 49ers will play their first preseason game at their new santa clara stadium. kpix 5 will broadcast the game this sunday. our countdown to kickoff coverage begins at noon with a pre-game edition of kpix 5 news
5:34 am
live from levi's stadium. the game starts at 1:00 and that's followed by the "5th quarter." and then another special edition of kpix 5 news live from the stadium at 5:00. possibly biggest logistical question is, will there be enough parking? kiet do get looks at whether it's even possible to park in surrounding neighborhoods away from official stadium lots. reporter: how far would you walk to avoid paying for parking at levi's stadium? a couple of blocks maybe? how about a full mile? when the quakes played at levi's stadium two weeks ago, fans invaded the california impressions subdivision which is across the guadalupe river in, that's right, the city of san jose, and took up all 132 curb-side parking spots. one of the cars blocked rob's driveway. >> i said you got to be kidding me. >> reporter: yes, he called a tow truck. it turns out fans gladly walked
5:35 am
20 minutes back to the stadium climbing over two overpasses and covering a whole mile. >> that is surprising. a mile is a long distance. >> reporter: laura wells with the san jose department of transportation says they have installed the 30 by 30-inch signs at each entrance prohibiting stadium parking. the department of transportation wants to take a slow cautious approach instead of going in heavy-handed with roadblocks and expensive tickets. >> we want to try measures that have the at least impact on residence -- that have the least impact on residents and the guests so we're hopeful by installing the signage, to discourage fans from parking in the neighborhoods. >> that's ridiculous. >> reporter: robby wants menacing looking signs like these in santa clara that threaten to tow your car. he says the ones near his house won't cut it. so you don't think those signs are going to work? >> i hope they will but i don't trust it because it's 13, 14 feet high. it's too high on the pole and i don't believe any driver is going to look up 13 feet and crash into somebody. it just makes no sense to me at
5:36 am
this point. >> we're going to try this for now and monitor it and see how it goes. >> reporter: so the department of transportation says when they go in with heavy-handed tactics first with expensive tickets the problem is homeowners and friends and families get the tickets so they say let's take these baby steps. be patient. and like everybody else, they are figuring this out as they go along. back to you. >> kiet, will there be increased parking patrols in the area around the stadium on sunday? >> reporter: yeah. so the san jose department of transportation say they will send out extra staffers to monitor the situation. also, santa clara has promised that they will fly over their helicopter and they will make some aerial observations on that area, as well. we're live this santa clara. kiet do, kpix 5. >> boy, i always think the best seat in the house is right on your couch. [ laughter ] >> no kidding. that's true. >> how many of those people down there how many of the homeowners, are going to sell parking on their front lawn? >> i think a lot of people will make some money. we have some changes coming
5:37 am
for the weekend. looking very nice as high pressure builds in overhead. looks like the temperatures going to be warming up a few more degrees at least away from the coastline out toward the beaches going to be tricky with the low clouds and fog. dense out there this morning. and a little drizzle possibly. but by the afternoon, becoming mostly sunny. temperatures in the valleys this afternoon in the 80s maybe even a couple of low 90s. 70s and 80s inside the bay, 60s with that patchy fog continuing near the coastline. cloudy out over the bay right now. the temperatures starting out in the 50s and the low 60s. but by the afternoon, here comes that summer sunshine. 81 degrees in san jose. 78 vallejo. 82 in santa rosa and about 81 degrees in redwood city. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. things are good this morning i have to say now that the overnight roadwork is clear. we really haven't seen any big accidents. so, you know, don't want to jinx anything but here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach. we are seeing kind. usual backups now before they turn the metering lights on even a touch lighter. sometimes we see the backups extend to the parking lot by now and we know that's a good indicator they are going to switch on the metering lights
5:38 am
any minute. but i'm only seeing them in mainly the far right lanes so yeah, all is pretty good so far. san francisco giants 7:15 over at at&t park tonight. and then preseason game for the oakland raiders that kicks off at 7:00 so again 880, out of the caldecott tunnel 880 is quiet as well as highway 13, 580, eastshore freeway not seeing any big delays yet through berkeley. here's a live look at westbound 580. we can always count on this freeway to slow down even on a "friday light" day so westbound 580 very slow through livermore. it looks like once you get past that north first street exit in the livermore valley it clears out. showing you the sensors right now, the delays begin right around the 205, 580 split. and southbound 101 at petaluma, still looks okay heading into novato. that's your "kcbs traffic." back to you. after days of clashes
5:39 am
between police and protestors in a st. louis suburb, a change brings peace. omar villafranca reports local police have been replaced. >> reporter: calm prevailed in ferguson, missouri, thursday night as demonstrators once again took to the streets to protest the death of 18-year- old michael brown who was shot by police on saturday. the mood ranged from subdued to festive as people honked their horns and some chanted. it's a big change after four nights filled with violence and tear gas. >> say what you got to say in peace. >> reporter: earlier in the day, captain ron johnson of the missouri highway patrol led hundreds in a peaceful march. the governor stripped local police of their duties. the governor is hoping johnson, a ferguson native, will help defuse tensions here. so far it seems to be working. the streets are quiet this morning. >> we're a community. we're all a part of that community and we're all in it
5:40 am
together. >> reporter: residents seem to embrace his presence. >> love y'all. >> we love you. >> a peaceful march. >> we love you! >> reporter: ferguson's peaceful protest was just one of more than 90 across the country thursday. people from new york's times square to chicago to san francisco participated in vigils and marches in what was promoted on social media as a national moment of silence to protest michael brown's death. omar villafranca, cbs news, ferguson, missouri. >> president obama is calling for peace and calm in ferguson. he says both sides need to take a step back. >> there is never an excuse for violence against police or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting. there's also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protestors in jail for lawfully exercising their first amendment rights. >> the president spoke while on vacation in massachusetts.
5:41 am
investors are expecting another day of light trading on wall street with a lot of people on vacation. checking your finances this morning, wendy gillette of good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. the price of oil is down sharply this morning. the price of benchmark u.s. crude fell $2 to $95..58 a barrel thursday. it dropped more this morning. the decrease is because of concerns that economic weakness in europe might lower demand for fuel. a few reports may move the markets today. the labor department reports on the changes in prices that firms receive for their goods and services. investors will also get information about industrial production and foreign holdings of u.s. debt. yesterday, the dow jones gained 61 points. the nasdaq was up 18. a recall announced by ford. the detroit automaker is recalling more than 83,000 vehicles because of faulty parts could cause them to lose power or roll away when parked. the recall involves a number of
5:42 am
models including the 2014 ford edge and taurus. >> and coca-cola buys part of monster. the world's biggest soda maker wants to benefit from the surging popularity of energy drinks. coke is acquiring a 16.7% stake in the energy drink company monster beverage. the deal is valued at more than $2 billion. michelle, i bet you drink energy drinks on your shift. >> i never tried the energy drinks. but i have coffee, that's my energy drink. that's all i need. we hear there's a new ride to get people to work while spending less for gas. the bay area is listening. >> reporter: yes. it is called the elio. the starting price for the tiny car is just under $6,800. the phoenix--based company will start making it next fall in louisiana. because it only has three wheels, the government will classify it as a motorcycle. but the company says it has all the safety features of a car. and it is fabulous for
5:43 am
commuting. it gets an astounding 84 miles to the gallon. i know people will love that car in your area, michelle. >> no kidding! but it's so tiny. it looks like a little spaceship. >> i don't know. maybe it will catch on. >> it does. >> wendy gillette,, thank you. have a great weekend. >> reporter: you, too. 5:43 right now. another sad note regarding the stunning death of robin williams. still to come, the previously unannounced diagnosis he received prior to his suicide. >> here's a clue for you this morning. we are going to transport you to a whole new location. "where's roberta?" as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:44 am
5:45 am
it's kfc night. [cheering] last week we hosted. this week the kids invited us to their place. we got this delicious kfc meal and 2 extra sides for free. for free! sorry i was late. i had a little trouble with the rope ladder. he fell twice. ♪ williams was battling more depression and addiction. c reporter john blackstone on this morning we know robin williams was battling more than depression and addiction. john blackstone on the
5:46 am
diagnosis he kept hidden. >> reporter: for those struggling to understand robin williams' suicide, today's statement by his wife adds new context. she says in a written release: he was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression, anxiety, as well as early stages of parkinson's which he was not yet ready to share publicly." parkinson's causes debilitating shaking or loss of muscle control. the director of the parkinson's association in los angeles. >> it's not unreasonable that this suicide could be connected to parkinson's disease. >> reporter: wineman's husband michael was diagnosed with parkinson's 15 years ago. >> people are living very long lives with parkinson's. you know, with mohammed ali, you see that his face is frozen. you know, perhaps mr. williams was afraid that that might happen. his facial expression is so much a part of who he is and what he does. >> reporter: michael j. fox's
5:47 am
acting career was limited as his symptoms of parkinson's forced him to cut back. a study published last year found that people diagnosed with depression are three times more likely to develop parkinson's. but there's no evidence that parkinson's is caused by depression. it may be that depression is an early symptom of the disease. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. let's check the traffic with elizabeth. >> we have one of our first accidents actually of the morning since we have been on the air and it's on westbound 580. it's a rough spot where a lot of commuters are obviously heading out of livermore into pleasanton. westbound 580 at isabel, it was a solo car crash in the center divide one lane still blocked so it's slowing behind it now through the livermore valley and the delays begin out of tracy. still "friday light" but slight delays westbound. eastbound fine. bay bridge just turned on the metering lights. you can see the delays now
5:48 am
spread out across all lanes backed up to the overcrossings. as you travel the richmond/san rafael bridge, this is a live look at the approach. all the overnight roadwork in richmond is clear just slight delays in a couple of the lanes heading into marin county. and a quick check of the contra costa county ride, tongue twister, westbound highway 4 sluggish past "a" street but southbound 680 looks good through walnut creek. what drives you crazy on your commute? rob herrera says: nascar driver drafti d each other... we all be a afer if we reminded everyone of this s t effective rule n't be a tailgater! so what is the three second rule? here's reminder...if driver's ed wa >> don't be a tailgater. so what is the three-second rule? here's a little reminder if driver's ed was a long time ago. when the car ahead of you passes a certain point maybe it's a sign, building, some kind of landmark, count to 3. if you pass the same point
5:49 am
before you finish, you know you're following way too close. and you should of course allow even more space if the roads are wet, icy or winding. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. that's a check of your "kcbs drive to work." lawrence says he will be a tailgater if he doesn't like the person. >> i try to leave a space between the car but then other people dive in front of you. >> i know. i have had that happen, too. >> all the time. yeah. very annoying. >> aggressive drivers out there on the roadways. folks, around the bay area today, just take it easy. we have some fog and low clouds to start this morning a little dense in some of the valleys and along the coastline. maybe a little drizzle there, as well. as we head toward the afternoon, what a gorgeous summer day we are going to enjoy. lots of sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures especially inland. and then more sunshine for the weekend. just some patchy coastal fog.
5:50 am
looks like high pressure starting to build in out of the desert southwest. that will be enough to warm us up. not a big heat wave but these temperatures heating up a couple of degrees. you will see about 101 degrees in fresno. 95 sacramento. 78 degrees in the monterey bay. 79 sunny skies in lake tahoe. temperatures around the bay area today, 70s an 80s. 80s and 90s inland. 60s at the coast. as we look out over the next few days, we are going to see those temperatures warming up slightly through tomorrow. then things cool down slightly as low pressure drops into the bay area late on sunday into monday. maybe bringing more clouds in our direction with cooler temperatures in wednesday. another game you may not have heard of taking place tonight. the oakland raiders are playing the detroit lions. if you head to the game, it should be a great night out
5:51 am
there, mostly clear, 64 degrees. the raiders haven't been the story for 10 years. >> maybe this season. >> that's what i'm counting on because i'm running out of seasons. >> i wore black today, not silver but still. >> you're halfway there. >> i'm there with you, lawrence. [ laughter ] well, the san jose water company customers will see their bills go up. the state public utilities commission approved a 15% increase yesterday. a spokesman said the utility company needs to replace infrastructure and the drought was not a factor. san jose water company serves all or part of 6 cities in santa clara valley. time now is 5:51. could this weekend be the beginning of the end for the raiders in oakland? coming up, why the clock is ticking for a new lease. ,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
that will be $22 dollars and 50 cents. $22.50. that's insane! jack. what? it's not even a meal? right now,
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at if you are looking for something to do this weekend and you like food, how about this? the san francisco street food festival at the mission district in san francisco. should be mostly sunny. that looks good. temperatures in the mid-60s. >> and this solo car crash is still causing some problems right now in livermore. the accident is westbound five five at isabel. one lane is blocked and there is a traffic jam just behind it. we'll take a look at the travel times of that stretch.
5:55 am
watch out for "kcbs traffic" just a few minutes away. the raiders preseason home opener is tonight but the team may be closer to moving out of town. some raiders fans were already tailgating at the coliseum yesterday. but it could be empty and quiet next year. the coliseum lease expires after this season. and the owner of the raiders, mark davis, says he has no plans to extend the contract. the golden state warriors are providing a first glimpse at the new basketball arena they want to build. this is the footprint of the site in san francisco in the mission rock area. the drawings of the actual building are at least a month away. the team introduced itself to the neighborhood last night and people had one big question: how will it affect the traffic, which is always bad in san francisco? >> of course we can't really help what happens at the ballpark. we can only affect our own site. we are working hard on that. we talked a lot about how we are going to have a transportation management plan, how we're trying to, let's say, optimize the amount of cars on site.
5:56 am
>> the warriors want to open the new arena in 2018. 5:55 right now. the next half-hour, a much different scene in ferguson, missouri yesterday. protests over the shooting of an unarmed man remain entirely peaceful. and now it appears police will give in to some of the protestors' demands. >> reporter: rave reviews for the swan song at candlestick park. the long and winding road in and out, not so much. we'll tell you what happened coming up next. ,,,,,,
5:57 am
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ooo i need your love, babe. >> sir paul mccartney put on a speck tar lar show to close downed -- a spectacular show to close downed candlestick but some concert-goers were stuck in traffic for five hours. others went home. >> we are all part of the
6:00 am
community and went through it together. >> protests in ferguson, missouri are peaceful after several nights of violence s the city has been plagued by unresins police shot and killed -- unrest since police shot and killed a teenager. >> officers with their guns drawn here and s.w.a.t. guys behind in the back of the building. >> san jose police shot and killed a woman after she called 911 and said she was going to shoot her family. officers opened fire when she brandished what looked to be a handgun. it turned out to be a drill painted black. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." good morning it's friday, august 15. i'm michelle griego. sir paul mccartney sent candlestick park out in yl


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