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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 31, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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michelle is off. it is 4:29. and we kick it off with mr. lawrence karnow. >> got some fog and drizzle outside right now. looks like the breeze is blowing. we'll see high clouds moving through, otherwise sunshine and hot temperatures, too. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and speaking of fog, check out this golden gate bridge a little foggy across the span. roadwork there from spencer to the toll plaza and north 680 an accident at stone valley road right lane blocked. details coming up. >> zero cars on the golden gate bridge. >> not a lot at the gate. >> not much going on. >> they're watching us! thanks so much. time now 4:30. it's not flying yet, but the san jose police department has added a drone to their air fleet. kpix 5's betty yu reports, police say they will use it strictly for bomb-detection. >> reporter: it's the bomb squad's latest crime-fighting tool. the san jose police department says it's the first in the bay area to buy a drone. similar to this one, with
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federal grant money. the $8,000 purchase revealed in document obtained by vice magazine's motherboard. the reason? >> basically, in a bomb situation, if you are looking at some threats and you're trying to assess the situation, the drone is the perfect vehicle. a perfect device to go ahead and allow to us get to some of those areas that are very, very dangerous. >> reporter: it's cheaper than a bomb robot. >> anytime we can look into new technology to help us better do our job more efficiently, more safely, then we're going to look into those options. >> reporter: the department has yet to fly the drone or get faa authorization to do so. the purchase has already made some uncomfortable. the aclu charged that the city council approved the police chief's request for the drone last fall, without public debate or council discussion. >> any member of the public who reads our agenda and they are published a week and a half in advance can come forward and say, this is worth public discussion. in this case, nothing happened. >> reporter: can you address those people and their concerns that the department undermined
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the public? >> well, i think in talking to the chief, uhm, the one thing that we are going to do before anything is implemented is we are going to elicit feedback. we want to outreach to the public. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> because the department bought the drone with federal grant money, one bay area bomb squad and fire department can share it. the huge water main break in los angeles leaked 20 million gallons of water twice what they originally first thought. six people cleaning up at ucla's flooded pauley pavilion were treated after being overcome by carbon monoxide from a generator inside the exhaust and now they have to repair the pipes under sunset boulevard. that's expected to take at least until tomorrow night. >> we have a 1921 pipe steel riveted that feeds into a 1956 pipe. it's what we call a y connection. it turns out that the pipe ripped open at the y connection. >> another big job is dealing
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with the flooded cars. there are nearly 1,000 of them in parking garages that are submerged. 4:33. some bay area homeowners and businesses are being fined for ignoring warnings about wasting water. there have been more than 80 violators in the dublin san ramon services district. kpix 5 reporter linda yee followed up on a couple of them. >> reporter: they include toyota dublin who got caught overwater, the landscaping. >> yeah, we were surprised when we got the notice. we realize there's a drought now, but we, uhm, follow the guidelines now. >> reporter: the by horizons daycare center said they had a broken pipe and have since fixed it. dozens of private homes like this one in san ramon were also fined for using more than their 640 gallons a day allotment. the water department has heard all the excuses. >> i have to wash my car. [ laughter ] >> i don't think so! >> but it's a porsche. i don't think so! >> really? >> go to the professional car washes where they recirculate
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the water? oh, can't possibly have anyone cup of my car! only i can touch my car. >> reporter: he goes to the treatment plant a week to get the free treated recycled water for his lawn. >> a little bit better. not totally brown but a little bit better. >> reporter: his neighbors just gave up. they call this california gold grass. toyota dublin also learned its lesson. they spent $16,000 to hook up to the city's recycled water pipes. >> yeah. nobody's yelling at us anymore. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> we need some rain, don't we? >> we need a lot of rain. unfortunately, there is not a drop in sight right now. so yeah, just that time of year. we are going to have to wait until the third week in october and then talk about the storms coming back. today we have some drizzle out along the coastline. we have some low clouds and fog that have managed to sweep back onshore. we are going to see more of that. high clouds off the coastline that will likely move across our skies should make for a beautiful sunrise today and nice sunset later on tonight. temperatures going to be hot in the valleys well into the 90s,
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almost 100 degrees in the hottest spots inland. 70s and 80s inside the bay and 60s with patchy fog along the coastline, a little bit cooler there today. looks like that sea breeze has helped to drop the temperatures a bit, 58 in san francisco, 59 oakland, 61 concord. this afternoon, still hot in the interior valleys. 97 degrees in livermore. 95 in fairfield. 85 degrees in san jose. and about 67 degrees a little breeze into san francisco. all right. let's check on the roads now with gianna. >> all right, lawrence. let's head to signatures six where we have reports of an accident just checking in with chp northbound right at stone valley road. one vehicle involved is blocking the right lane. that vehicle stuck on its side. had reports it may have caught on fire as well as we have fire crews on scene. checking our sensors not seeing a lot of delays. it's still very early, very light traffic now but just a heads up as you work your way through there this morning. elsewhere if you are headed through marin southbound 101 so far, so good a little foggy along the golden gate bridge but easy conditions into san francisco. no major delays to report. and the bay bridge off to a good start, a few delays in the
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cash lanes. but overall, a decent ride as you head into san francisco. we'll take a look at the san mateo bridge coming up. frank? >> okay, gianna, thanks. 4:36. what began as a typical san francisco auto theft took a strange turn captured on surveillance video. the video shows the red truck zooming past there fast forward about 30 seconds another truck is seen leaving a parking space. then the red truck quickly backed into the spot. >> oh. >> smashing the car behind it. red truck then left the scene. police say the driver had just stolen the truck from a construction site hit several other cars as he made his escape. they say the thief eventually stopped near san francisco city hall tried to run but a nearby fire crew tackled him, held him down until the police officers finally arrived. >> wow. all right. another wild traffic incident led to an arrest this one in southern california. it began as a car chase with police pursuing a bmw as it weaved in and out of traffic from los angeles to malibu.
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then a man abandoned the car in a parking lot and tried to escape down a steep hillside. that plan didn't work with the helicopter following his every move. police arrested the man whom they originally went after for allegedly shooting at an officer. well, the father of one of the ucsb shooting victims is teaming up to push for tougher gun contro richard martinez's message something needs to be done before it's too late. he is working with a victim of a mass shooting at a community college and a man who lost a family member at a sikh temple. they are urging people to keep reaching out to their lawmakers. >> i asked people to send post cars to the elected officials with the words "not one more." as of today, there are more than 2.4 million postcards have been sent. but we're not done. >> richard martinez says political party affiliation should not matter. he says all lawmakers should be getting behind legislation.
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a south san jose couple got an alert about a break-in at their home but it was much worse. their house on hampshire place was on fire and it was a firefighter who triggered the alarm breaking a window to get in. the owners rushed home but it was too late. >> we saw flames coming through our living room and the house next door pretty much gone. >> well, no one was hurt. but the home was destroyed along with half of the house next door. firefighters say the cause appears to be accidental. 4:38 now. now the very latest developments on the deadly conflict between israel and palestine. there is no end in sight right now and as cbs news reporter susan mcginnis reports, israel announced today it's adding more soldiers now to that fight t. >> reporter: through the night and into the day, israel continued its air offensive against military targets in gaza. israel says it's only days away
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from one of its main missions destroying tunnels used to enter and attack israel. the israeli military is beefing up its campaign today calling up 16,000 additional reserve troops. as they press on, the bloodshed continues. on wednesday, at least 116 palestinians died, some in an israeli military strike near a crowded market in gaza city during what was supposed to be a brief pause in fighting. israel said it was responding to hamas rocket fire that followed a deadly attack on a u.n. refugee camp in gaza. united nations secretary- general ban ki-moon condemned israel for firing the shells that hit the school. >> it's outrageous. it is unjustifiable! >> reporter: the israeli military acknowledges it fired in the area after coming under attack. the white house condemned the shelling but didn't assign blame. >> we would underscore the importance of a full and prompt investigation to determine the facts. >> reporter: the u.n. secretary- general is again calling for an
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immediate cease-fire amid the soaring palestinian civilian death toll. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> more than 1300 palestinians have been killed in the past 3 1/2 weeks, more than 50 israelis have also died. russia is being told to change its ways in ukraine or face even more sanctions. leaders of the g7 nations are warning russia of more economic sanctions on top of those imposed this week. ukraine's government accused pro-russian separatists of placing mines near the scene. airliner crash to keep investigators away. the house as voted to proceed with a lawsuit against president obama. the proposal narrowly passed with all the democrats opposed. all but five republicans voting in favor. house speaker john boehner contends the president has violated the constitution by making executive decisions without the consent of congress. this measure does not require senate approval. a senate report on cia interrogation techniques is
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expected to be released soon. there is word the report says the agency kept top officials including secretary of state colin powell in the dark about interrogation and detention practices following the 9/11 attacks. the report finds harsh techniques did not help disrupt future terrorist attacks. 4:41 now. it is the largest recorded outbreak of the deadly ebola virus. how the peace corps is responding to this medical emergency. >> and what's cool about your school or perhaps your summer camp? you can email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school or camp on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be quarantined to contain t ebola outbreak. an ports some americans in liberia schools are being closed and communities could be quarantined to contain the ebola outbreak. david begnaud reports some americans have the disease and others are being evacuated out
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of an area. reporter: the largest recorded outbreak of ebola is spreading in africa. some 340 u.s. peace corps volunteers have been evacuated from three west african countries out of an abundance of caution. two volunteers from the group had contact with the person who died from the virus. they have not shown any symptoms so far but are isolated and under observation. two american missionaries a man and woman are in serious condition but improving after being diagnosed with ebola while volunteering in liberia. nancy's husband spoke by phone at a prayer vigil for her in north carolina last night. he is with her though she is isolated and weak. >> she is sitting up and talking with us and she is able to move about. >> reporter: ebola is spread through direct contact with an infected person. >> the particular strain that's going through africa right now has been reported to, uhm, be killing about 60% of the people that are infected. >> reporter: a person from minnesota is now a single
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mother after her husband contracted the disease and died in nigeria. >> he helped to care for his sister and that's how he contracted it and didn't know, uhm, that she had it. >> reporter: ebola has proven to be merciless as it spreads without any way of stopping it other than mass isolation. david begnaud for cbs news, new york. >> at least 30 people are dead from a massive landslide in western india. some people have been pulled out alive but 10 people could still be trapped -- 150 people could still be trapped. it happened after two days of rains hit a remote village yesterday. no one knew about it until a bus driver passed by and noticed the village had been wiped out. the city of oakland hoping to cash in on sacramento's summer heat. a new campaign called summer is cool in oakland is aimed at valley residents suffering through those blistering 100- degree days. so the oakland visitors bureau says research revealed people might be willing to drive 90 minutes from sacramento down to
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oakland just to cool off. high today in sacramento 104. oakland 73. so we'll see if that works. >> come down and cool off. >> that's right. >> i got a brother who lives in sacramento. he says he can't wait to drive this way and he loves to see the fog in the bay area. >> bring it on. >> yeah. that's true. it's still going to be hot in spots today even in the bay area today. we are going to see temperatures soaring once again. the numbers outside, though, fairly mild to start out the morning and we have some fog and some low clouds and drizzle out toward the coastline. out the door we go, the clouds gathering out toward the beaches and pushing inside the bay now. a few high clouds headed in our direction. still, we'll manage to squeeze in a whole lot of sunshine by this afternoon and hot in the valleys. fairly cool out toward the coastline but mostly sunny. we are going to feel an afternoon breeze today and that will be effective into san francisco and along the coastline and just inside the bay to help keep the numbers cooler. much cooler throughout the weekend. high pressure in control and it is just slow to break down so it is going to leave behind some hot numbers again today and probably tomorrow at least
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in the interior valleys. cooling down along the coastline with low clouds and fog. we are still looking at 107 in fresno, 104 in sacramento. 75 monterey bay. 107 redding. computer models showing you the clouds moving in along the coastline today and i think they are going to stick around quite a while with the sea breeze kicking in and some cooler weather is in store for the bay area. major cooldown in the weekend. 82 milpitas, 96 morgan hill. very hot in the interior valleys, 99 in brentwood. 98 antioch. 96 pittsburg. inside the bay 60s and some 70s for highs today. and the next couple of days, we are going to watch those temperatures cooling off but much cooler throughout the weekend, back to normal and then staying down through the first part of this next week. all right, let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. and we start off with a check of bart. we are just getting word of bart delays this morning. they are doing track maintenance. so the daly city line -- or in
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daly city in the bay point, pittsburg-bay point direction, 10-minute delay if you plan to take bart this morning. northbound 680 stone valley road an accident, one vehicle involved. it is in the right lane. chp and fire crews are on scene. no word if any injuries are involved. at one point they said it could be a vehicle fire as well but that's a no go. no fire there. so just an accident there off to the right side. a second vehicle reported stalled out in the same area so you might see a few brake lights as you work your way there. check of the san mateo bridge as promised so far, so good no delays to report. traffic looking good both directions off to a good start as you work your way between 101 and 880. 880 itself here's a live look at conditions along the nimitz freeway. northbound no troubles to report as you work your way through oakland. southbound clear all the way into hayward towards fremont. a check of conditions along the bay bridge so far, so good. not a lot of delays, just a few spots in the cash lanes. typical this time of the morning. metering lights are off and
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you're clearing across the span into san francisco. highway 4 looking pretty good if you are coming off the antioch bridge. just some slight delays moving very nicely as you work your way westbound all the way towards the eastshore freeway. we take a look at the south bay coming up in just a few minutes. back to you guys. >> all right, gianna, thank you. 4:49. when a man in texas got a speeding ticket, that was only the beginning of his bad luck. an out-of-control pickup sideswiped jacob's mustang on the side of the road in conroe. it was captured on video by police officers dashcam. >> i knew that it had some pretty good amount of damage. >> did you want to cry? >> oh, i did. i absolutely did. i ain't gonna lie. >> he got out of the speeding ticket but the pickup truck driver was uninsured. he told police he lost control after spilling a drink. 4:49. uber is fixing a loophole that kpix 5 exposed this week. drivers have been hacking the
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uber application to make it appear that the vehicles are a little closer to the airport and other lucrative fares than they are. that's an unfair advantage because uber automatically assigns fares to the car closest to a location. >> they hack into the application and fool uber is nearer to the airport than they are. >> any driver that manipulates the app to their advantage will now be "history." uber also said it will provide refunds to passengers who are picked up by uber drivers who cheated. 4:50. coming up next, you probably never consider eating seven double cheeseburgers at once, right? coming up, the single restaurant meal that has just as many calories. >> we want to invite all you pet lovers, send us your questions about their health and well-being.
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just email your to or on our web page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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restaurant is causing some problems for a restaurant a the flying around the bay area today, a little cooler at the coastline. you will see some patchy fog there. numbers in the 60s. a little drizzle there now. as you head inside the bay, mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds moving overhead, temperatures in the 80s. getting into the 90s by the time you hit morgan hill and gilroy. getting hot there. in the east bay, it will be hot this afternoon again. 97 in livermore. 96 in pleasanton. 99 in brentwood. 94 in danville and about 94 in walnut creek. in the north bay, could see some of those temperatures topping out in the triple digits towards clearlake and also ukraine. 85 degrees in santa rosa. about 87 in san rafael. into san francisco cool breeze
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this afternoon, 67 degrees. and we're dealing with some bart delays. 10- to 15-minute delays at daly city and pittsburg-bay point and dublin-pleasanton direction. that is due to track maintenance. 15- to 20-minute delays in macarthur due to equipment problems on the track. a new policy in a monterey restaurant is causing some big problems for a restaurant all the way up here in san francisco. so number 9 fisherman's grotto on the fisherman's wharf says it's getting angry calls about a ban on noisy kids. well, the restaurant says people are getting it confused with old fisherman's grotto in monterey. the san francisco restaurant says all children are welcome there. bring it on. if they're crying, it's okay. right? >> unless you're sitting next to them. the center for science in the public interest has a new list of foods that are not good for your health. kpix 5's cate caugiran bought some of the food that made the
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list to find out if anyone really cares. >> reporter: warning, this may change the way you look at your favorite foods. >> red robin, yum! >> reporter: one of the top shame foods, a1 peppercorn burger and fries at red robin. this isn't your ordinary meal deal. cheeseburger the highlight, bacon and crispy onion strauss along with steak fries, and a shake. hungry yet? wait. the calories in this red robin monster meal is the equivalent to 7 double cheeseburgers and a quart of coke and it would take 12 hours of speed walking to burn it off. but does anyone care? [ knock knock ] >> reporter: i decided to check it out on my boyfriend and his roommate. >> absolutely the one with the fries and the bacon. the burger here with the bacon and the fries. >> reporter: would you change your mind if i were to tell you that this one meal here is the equivalent to 7 mcdonald's
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double cheeseburgers? >> longs you know going in that a burger and fries isn't exactly the healthiest meal you know you can expect that sometimes you can have a splurge, i think it's okay. >> i still kind of want the cheeseburger. >> reporter: this french toast was a winner with more than 2700 calories and a week of saturated fat. yum. still this so-called food shame list isn't changing eating habits here. >> as long as the public knows what's in it going into it, then i think that's what matters. i don't think that you necessarily need to shame companies into feeling bad for what they are doing as long as they are not hiding it. >> reporter: cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> if you order it, enjoy it. >> yeah. >> right? it is 4:56. could a traffic nightmare be on the way for fans parking at levi's stadium? coming up, the video the 49ers want you to watch before heading off to the new stadium. >> reporter: we are talking trash this morning as people in one east bay city prepare to pay a lot more for garbage collection but city leaders are
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applauding the deal. ,, eye ,,,,,,,,
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if you are looking at some threats you're trying to assess the situation the drone is the perfect vehicle. >> the san jose police department is the first here in the bay area to buy a drone. the move already meeting resistance, though. privacy advocates say the department bypassed public debate and council discussion before the purchase. >> help care for his sister. that's how he contracted it. >> the ebola outbreak in west africa forcing the peace corps to pull hundreds of volunteers from the affected countries. the december has already killed a minnesota -- the disease has already killed a minnesota man. two other peace corps volunteers are now in isolation. >> the more we bring online, the more issues we have with carbon monoxide. >> six workers suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in l.a. a water main break in l.a.
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spilled more than 20 million gallons. they were overcome by fumes from a generator. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that ma on "kx 5 news this morning." >> good morning to you, i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 on the nose. we'll get you outside with a little weather. here's lawrence. with another hot one i guess, right? >> yeah. the temperatures going to be hot around the bay area today. at least in the valleys. still some fog has moved onshore. even some drizzle along the coastline this morning. and some high clouds coming our way. so we are going to see that heat in the interior valleys. temperatures soaring near 100 degrees in the hottest spots well inland. 70s and 80s inside the bay and 60s and a cooler sea breeze developing along the coastline this afternoon. temperatures out the door are a little bit down from yesterday. you're looking at 60 degrees in oakland. 58 in san francisco. and 61 in san jose. this afternoon, though, the heat is on inland. 95 in fairfield. 97 in livermore. about 73 in oakland. and 67 in san frsc


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