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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 30, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. boy chow" not backing down d says you wait and see, there will come a time when my client will be vindicated. >> the lawyer for raymond "shrimp boy" chow not backing down and says his client is eager for a trial. good afternoon, i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone.
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i'm frank mallicoat. and new at noon, chow is one of 29 people charged in the corruption case involving state senator leland yee. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live outside the courtroom where chow's lawyer shows no sign now of backing down. anne. >> reporter: and raymond "shrimp boy" chow was smiling in the courtroom today even though he has 200 counts, criminal counts, now against him. >> if you throw enough mud against the wall, maybe some of it will stick. >> reporter: that's the lawyer for raymond "shrimp boy" chow, our cameras not allowed inside the courtroom. but 54-year-old chow pleaded not guilty to a new charge of racketeering, committing a series of crimes to promote a corrupt enterprise. >> racketeering is like super conspiracy. you are allowed to prove predicate acts which means sometimes you can go into a person's background. we have never denied his background. >> reporter: chow's background,
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a chinatown gangster who spent time in prison and wore an ankle bracelet from the feds. another big name in this case, state senator leland yee, also facing a new charge of racketeering, in addition to public corruption and gun running, also caught up in the fbi's five-year undercover sting former san francisco school board president keith jackson accused of trying to orchestrate some of the dirty deals. he and yee are out on bond but so far, chow has not been granted bail. he has been in the santa rita jail and his lawyer says he is eager for a trial to begin. >> he is going to testify! we're not going to hide behind any fifth amendment! >> reporter: and that lawyer vows that chow will never become a government witness. he will never turn on his co- defendants no matter how long this case drags on. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> in addition to the three names mentioned, leland yee, keith jackson and raymond "shrimp boy" chow, there are 26 other defendants in the case. we have some breaking news
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to tell you about in the south bay. fire crews are on the scene of what is now a four-alarm house fire. it's happening on the 4300 block of hampshire place. more crews were called to the scene as the flames spread to a house -- a second house, that is. and we're obviously on our way there. this three-alarm house fire, chopper 5 on the scene, we'll bring you the pictures just as soon as we get them. in other news now, a raging early-morning fire in oakland forced 18 people out of their homes including 8 children. it started on 47th and melrose avenues around 3:30. flames engulfed one home and quickly spread to another next door. the firefight was complicated by hey downed power line which led pg&e to -- by a downed power line, which led pg&e to shut off power in the area. power is now restored. no injuries in the fire. millions of gallons of water spewed out on to los angeles streets and flooded the
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ucla campus. clean-up is under way today. but as danielle nottingham shows us, the damage is extensive and the process is complicated. >> reporter: a pool of water still fills the 15-foot sinkhole on sunset boulevard. but work to repair the broken main will not begin until crews can shut off the water completely. >> we found that we have a number of valves leaking through that has complicated getting access to the repair. >> reporter: the nearly century old pipe burst tuesday afternoon creating a 30-foot geyser on sunset boulevard. massive amounts of water engulfed the northern end of ucla's campus. parking garages quickly filled with water. and the school's newly renovated basketball arena along with other athletic facilities were severely damaged. >> just disaster. it's horrible. i'm looking at our track and field that we just got redone completel under water. >> reporter: water receded but roads around campus are closed
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as crews begin their work and all that happened during one of the worst droughts in los angeles history. >> for the moment we have plenty of water to meet the needs of the city of los angeles. >> reporter: officials say the 8 million gallons of water lost could have supplied more than 100,000 people for a day. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> now, the ucla campus is open today and classes will be in session. richmond city council has voted in favor of a refinery modernization. chevron is planning upgrading its refinery to process crude oil with more sulfur in it. critics say that will mean more pollution. chevron plans to install equipment though to prevent that. meanwhile, though, hundreds of people jammed last night's city council meeting. before the meeting chevonne agreed -- chevron agreed to higher safety standards and $90 million in community investment. >> they were looking for
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compromise and we stepped up to offer additional benefits to the community as part of the project. >> city council voted for the project was 5-0. two members did an table. pg&e is facing serious new charges from the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people. a federal grand jury says pg&e lied to regulators after that pipeline exploded. a 28-count indictment accuses the owe tilt of obstructing the -- utility of obstructing the ntsb instruction into the 2010 explosion lying about its safety plan and failing to investigate serious pipeline threats. now, in a statement, pg&e replied saying san bruno was a tragic accident but based on the evidence we have seen to date, we do not believe that the charges are warranted and even where employees made mistakes, they were acting in good faith. governor brown is in mexico. he has been meeting with mexican president nieto about
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other issues. he called on politicians to answer the call of refugees in need especially the young kids who arrived in the u.s. without their parents. >> i want to give you the most consideration to what is in the best interests of those children, not what is in the best interests of politicians who like to exploit this particular topic. >> governor brown also criticized a decision by his texas counterpart, governor rick perry to send 1,000 national guard troops to the border. happening today, the russian river fishery could end up temporarily closing because of the low water levels. california fish and wildlife officials will hold the first of two public meetings on the issue up in santa rosa. experts say they want to protect the rare migratory fish species that are already struggling to survive during the drought. the pentagon is trying to figure out how a young man stowed away on a military plane. the trip led to his death. the man lodged himself in the
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wheel well above the landing gear on a c-130. the flight originated in the african nation of senegal. from there, it went to mali, chad, tunisia and sicily and finally to home base in germany. and that is where air force personnel found the man's body sunday night. the pentagon says the stowaway probably snuck on the plane in mali. even with three major plane crashes within a week, 2014 is far from being the deadliest year for aviation. 761 people have died in aviation accidents around the world this year. airline fatalities have been dropping for decades. the worst year was 1972 when more than 24-people were killed. in gaza, at least 20 people were killed when tank shells slammed into a u.n. school sheltering displaced palestinians inside. israeli tanks struck the school sheltering more than 3,000 refugees. israel says hamas militants
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fired first shooting off mortars from near the building. the u.n. says it found a stash of hamas rockets inside a different gaza school. >> children killed in their sleep. this is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame. today the world stands disgraced. >> this terrorist organization is exploiting the reality on the ground, exploiting the civilian environment and exploiting the people of gaza themselves. >> israel says it has hit more than 4,000 targets in gaza over the past 23 years. u.s. health officials are keeping a close eye on the ebola outbreak in africa. it is one of the largest in history killing more than 670 people. the centers for disease control and prevention sent a health alert to u.s. doctors just this week. ebola symptoms include fever, headache and vomiting. some patients later bleed internally and from their eyes or mouth. the u.s. health officials say the risk of the deadly virus
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spreading here is low. >> it is possible that somebody could go over there, for example, to help in medical care, become infected and then come to the united states and become sick here. our doctors in emergency rooms and infectious disease doctors and public health officials are ready for that. >> health experts say patients are only contagious once they have the symptoms but there is no treatment for the virus. we have another look at our breaking story here. chopper 5 now seeing smoke from the fire down in san jose. as you can see, very, very black smoke very dark picture down there. we'll get an update and have the very latest coming up on the fire, four-alarm house fire in san jose, coming up shortly. >> yeah. and also, wildfires continue to burn across the state. now some landmark giant sequoias are right in the flames' path.
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>> levi's stadium crews getting ready to host the earthquakes and soccer. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. we have monsoonal showers overnight. we could see some interesting weather ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new at noon, a fire engine crew quickly jumped into action and helped detain a suspected carjacker in san francisco. the suspect allegedly stole this red construction truck and went on a rampage through downtown san francisco hitting several cars on the south of market area and drove on the wrong side of the road. once he bailed near city hall, officers chasing him, had a little help from a firefighter who happened to be at the right place at the right time. >> he was actually tackled by a
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fire department member over by the children's playground. >> just happened to be there. >> he just happened to be here. and we're very happy about that. >> authorities say he is under arrest and will face criminal charges. u.s. economy growing faster than some economists predicted. the commerce department says gross domestic product or the gdp expanded at a 4% annual rate in the 2nd quarter. economists had forecast the economy would grow at 3%. the increase is in part due to strong consumer and business spending so let's check wall street. so far wall street is down nearly 50 points at this hour. san francisco voters will be asked to raise the minimum wage. the board of supervisors unanimously voted yesterday to put the issue on the november ballot. if approved the minimum wage would go up to $15 an hour by july of 2018. the highest in the country. and firefighters are battling a series of wildfires
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in northern california. the one burning on the western side of yosemite national park is now more than 3500 acres. the fire is 34% contained. but it's threatening the park's merced grove of giant sequoia trees there. a fire south of the placerville is 82% contained. it burned 4200 acres in amador and el dorado counties destroying 19 homes. closer to home crews made quick work of a wildfire in the east san jose foothills. it began as a car fire yesterday and burned 1 acres north of alum rock road. we have some more now on breaking news we're following out of the south bay. fire crews on the scene of what is now a four-alarm fire. chopper 5 on the scene now. take a look at this. this is happening on the 4300 block of half shire place. more crews were called to the scene as the flames reportedly spread to a second house. fire crews will dousing the flames right now but again, we're told it's a four-alarm
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house fire. this happening again in the south bay right now. as we take a closer look, it looks like it's from the rooftop right now and hopefully they will get some control on this soon. >> good sized house, too. and the winds look like they're whipping up, too, right, lawrence? >> scary around there. you can see the trees aren't moving very much so really the winds are light now into san jose and humidity fairly high so i think they will get a handle on it quickly. the chopper is above the scene of the four-alarm fire that continues to burn towards san jose. looks like they are starting to get a handle on that. you can see the color of the smoke starting to turn a little white. that usually means they are get a lot of water vapor that's induced up into the atmosphere now so that's a good sign that they will be soon putting that fire out. >> look how close the tree is to that home so luckily that's not going up in flames. looks like people have been evacuated. so that's the good news, as well. so this is in the south bay, uhm, 4300 block of hampshire place. but certainly dry conditions right now. >> and a pretty good sized
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house, too. looks like a big structure. but as you can see, they should getting a handle on it. a lot of white smoke there as you said and that's a good sign. >> that's a great sign. hopefully that means they are getting a lot of water on the fire and that means that the water is evaporating up and the fire is being put out. i think they will get it under control rapidly. >> it's dry out there. >> we are just really headed into fire season of course. one of the big concerns has been the monsoonal moisture outside. we have seen a lot of the thunderstorms erupting over the sierra nevada over the past couple of days. even locally we have had to worry about that. that's a big concern. it doesn't take much to spark fires on local hilltops. >> and it's triple digits now. >> i think we'll get close to that now. a hot day around the bay area, starting to clear out your skies a bit, overlooking san francisco. we are looking at some beautiful blue skies right now. still some patchy fog out toward the immediate coastline but the numbers already starting to bump up a bit. 87 degrees in livermore. 63 in san francisco. and 74 degrees in san jose.
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you can see the monsoonal clouds sweeping across the state and again, sparking some thunderstorms in the high country. going to have to watch out for that. we have scattered light showers across the north bay early on this morning. throughout the afternoon, going to see a lot of sunshine. the temperatures going to stay hot inland and then i think we'll see a pretty good push of low clouds and fog later on tonight and then some cooler temperatures to round out the week. that ridge of high pressure showing signs of weakening as we head in toward the next few days but today, it will crank these temperatures up even warm inside the bay. hot for the valley, still a couple of patches of fog along the coastline. temperatures in the central valley today to about 102 in sacramento. 104 in fresno. 73 into monterey bay. computer models showing you high clouds. some of the monsoonal clouds moving across our skies but not much and patchy fog at the coast. then overnight into early tomorrow morning we'll see more low clouds and fog on the way, with a stronger sea breeze the next couple of days and that will help to bring down the temperature. high of about 98 degrees in morgan hill. about 86 in san jose. 84 in milpitas.
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and about 83 in mountain view. 60s and low 70s toward the coast. a lot of 90s in the interior valleys, almost 100 into brentwood. 71 in san francisco. 68 breezy in daly city. your sunset time for tonight 8:20. sunrise at 6:13. looking out over the next couple of days week, going to see that sea breeze picking up. the fog will be on the increase and our temperatures cooling down for the weekend. but hey, it still looks very nice, very average temperatures, but normal for this time of year. 80s and low 90s inland, 60s and patchy fog out at the coast. >> we're creeping down. >> just a bit. >> okay, thank you, lawrence. >> all right. roberta gonzales is out and about live at the brand-new levi's stadium down in santa clara. >> that's right, getting ready to host the first game ever. how are things going? >> reporter: it's stunning here today. 73 degrees, sunny skies. the paint is dry. the souvenir shop is stocked with paraphernalia. go, 49ers! but guess what, we're not opening up this stadium this
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saturday to the 49ers. oh, no. it's the san jose earthquakes. first game in the brand-new stadium i saturday. how did the earthquakes get so lucky to play the very first game at this stadium? >> that's a great question. i think recently president dave kaval has almost made it a priority to reach out to quality organizations in the bay area and the 49ers are almost the premiere sports one here and now they are working together to make this game happen. so for us, it's a huge win because we could have over 40,000 for our big game in seattle and for the 49ers and nice walk-through before the preseason game. >> reporter: so that's amazing because right now you play at buckshaw stadium santa clara university 10,000 people there. but now in front of a crowd of 44,000, obviously not everybody has been a soccer fan so you're going to introduce the sport to them, right? >> we think with some momentum from the world cup we have definitely the stars from the cup with clint dempsey from the
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sounders, victor and the big star chris wondolowski and so we're really excited. because it's going to be a great crowd a great venue and it's almost for us kind of a walk-through for the home opening of our new stadium next year in 2015. >> reporter: oh, the traffic is going to be terrible people are saying and blah blah. but it's bad for that any popular support anymore. will you be at the first game? well, there's still a few tickets available. visit us online at and we'll hook you up with the san jose earthquakes. while you're there we have a whole profile on this stadium so just go to reporting outside the beautiful stadium in santa clara, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. let's go now to another look at our breaking story from chopper 5 in the south bay the four-alarm house fire. we are going to have an update
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on the situation and how things are there coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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neighborhood. chopper five above the scene... and we w tell the fire has we want to return to our breaking news story. fire burning in a san jose neighborhood. chopper 5 above the scene right
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now. the fire has spread to two neighboring homes. >> we are seeing flames on the top of the roof although it looks like they are getting a handle on it. not as much smoke as 5 or 10 minutes ago. >> wind conditions are minimal right now. so not a lot of wind to fuel that fire. but again, it has spread to a couple of other homes. people have evacuated the area and fire crews are on the scene knocking that out just "as quickly as they can. we'll be right back with more. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> liam: i don't understand how wyatt thinks sometimes. i mean, giving you that diamond -- that is so uncool. >> hope: he wanted me to have it because of its connection to the line. >> liam: this about more than business. and -- and if you keep this, you are sending him a message. i mean, you -- you get that, right? >> aly: there is no doubt in my mind. hope will do the right thing -- give that diamond back to wyatt. >> ivy: [ sighs ] yeah, well, it can't be easy. >> aly: why not? >> ivy: oh, come on. what woman could resist a piece like that? >> aly: hope is committed to liam. she can't be accepting outrageous gifts like that from wyatt. >> ivy: exactly. which brings me back to this. must be nice having two guys stumble over each other just to be with you. >> aly: trust me. wyatt is no prize. he is sneaky and underhanded and a master when it comes to maniti


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