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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 30, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we kick it off with a little weather. lawrence? >> you nice th thick fog coming into san francisco today. yeah, it's gray outside right now. looks like it's going to start to break up and this likely going to be the hottest day ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and checking traffic we start off with some roadwork westbound 4 to the 242 connector that is shut down until 5 a.m. but the bay bridge so far not too bad on this wednesday morning. >> good to have you in this morning. >> welcome aboard. >> thank you. starting our news this morning now, it is 4:30. and just what we don't need in the drought. drinking water shooting 30 feet into the air! a huge water main break flooded part of los angeles. now the clean-up is under way around the ucla campus. david begnaud shows the damage millions of gallons of water can cause. >> reporter: this was not the doing of mother nature. it's what happens when a 90- year-old water main breaks. a geyser shoots 30 feet in the
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air and asphalt cracks. >> the water poured out and cement falling everywhere. >> reporter: 35,000 gallons of water gushed out every minute severely damaging a small portion of ucla's campus. it took crews 3.5 hours to shut off the water. they faced tough questions as to what took so long. >> it's not the easiest place to get to at rush hour. >> reporter: as that was happening cars were stuck and people were, too. this is pauley pavilion an athletic complex redown two years ago for $136 million. now it's in need of new repairs. in a nearby parking garage, 200 cars were surged, five people were trapped one rescued by a swift-water rescue team. >> they were trapped under their cars. >> reporter: no one was hurt. by around 7 p.m. tuesday night, the geyser was just a trickle and a huge puddle of water on the iconic sunset boulevard. in the end, 8 to 10 million
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gallons of water were wasted in a state that is dealing with a historic drought. david begnaud for cbs news, new york. >> i mean, you can see how strong the water was. these firefighters can barely stand up. they're knee deep in it. the current almost takes a couple of them down. the water poured down the steps of the pavilion for hours. the basketball floor that was recently done is likely ruined. >> incredible pictures. it is 4:32 now. pg&e facing some serious new charges from that san bruno pipeline explosion disaster that killed eight people in 2010. a federal grand jury says pg&e lied to regulators after the pipeline explosion. a 28-count indictment accuses the utility of obstructing the ntsb investigation in that 2010 explosion lying about its safety plan and failing to investigate serious pipeline threats. we asked kpix 5 insider phil matier how big a deal it is. >> reporter: we're not going to be seeing pg&e executives led
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out in handcuffs, but this is very bad news for the utility on two fronts. one, the charges themselves obstructing justice. not being truthful with the feds. but two, also, it opens them up for tremendous fines from the federal government. and i might add, puts added pressure on state regularrers to do -- regulators to do the same when they come up with their judgment in the end, as well. >> the destroys also exploited 38 homes. the situation needs closure. >> we lost eight residents in this horrific explosion and fire. this was not an accident. we're finding out every day more and more substantiated that it could have been prevented and it end what. it's horrific. we want to get it behind us but we want justice. >> and in a statement pg&e says san bruno was a tragic accident. however, based on all the evidence we have seen to date, we do not believe that the charges are warranted and that, even where mistakes were made,
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employees were acting in good faith." turning 4:34. and a wildfire on the western side of yosemite national park is now more than 3500 acres. the fire is 34% contained but is threatening the park's merced grove of giant trees. a fire south of placerville is 85% contained. it's burned more than 4200 acres in amador and el dorado counties destroying 19 homes. and here at home, crews made quick work of a wildfire in the east san jose foothills. >> it began as a car fire and burned 1 acres north of alum -- 12 acres north of alum rock park. i wish we could send some of this fog to the sierra. >> they would love it. unfortunately they are getting lightning strikes up there again this morning and could see more throughout the day so that may be the big concern there. here we are see thick fog. we have dense fog along the coastline and monsoonal clouds overhead again. you can see some of the showers
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sliding into the sierra nevada and lightning strikes too and a few sprinkles in mendocino as we have that monsoonal moisture moving by. that's going to clear out and same with the fog. temperatures are mild this morning. 66 degrees in livermore. 60 in san francisco. and 62 in san jose. by the afternoon, probably the hottest day of the week well into the 90s inland, 70s and 80s inside the bay, 60s and low 70s toward the coastline. let's check the traffic with gianna. >> good morning. let's start off with a live look at conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. accident-free. that's the good news according to chp. some construction spots this morning but overall a fairly decent ride as you work your way out of the east to the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, things look good both directions about a 13, 14-minute ride between 101 and 880. and so far, no major delays as of yet on the altamont pass. so we'll keep you posted. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. it is 4:35 now.
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self-defense class is being credited with helping an 11- year-old escape a kidnapper in san leandro. alameda county sheriff's investigators say martin gonzalez grabbed the girl by the wrist as she walked home from school monday along kent avenue. they say he tried to pull her into the car while he had his pants around his ankles. to get away the girl used techniques she learned after taking a self-defense class for only two months. >> i was proud. i was really proud. and -- and proud of this girl in particular because she is very small in stature and because she is the younger side of the females that i teach. >> gonzalez was later arrested. he is booked right now in santa right jail. he will face charges of attempted kidnapping, sexual battery and indecent exposure. deputies went to homes on gainesville avenue yesterday to serve an eviction notice and
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discovered a note warning the house was rigged with explosives. no one was home at the time in hayward. about 8 hours later the bomb squad determined there were no explosives. richmond city council supports chevron's modernization plan. chevron wants to up great its refinery so it can process crude oil that has more sulfur in it. critics say it means more pollution. chevron plans to install equipment to prevent that. hundreds of people jammed last night's city council meeting. before the meeting, chevron sweetened the deal. it offered $90 million in community investments and agreed to safety upgrades at the refinery. >> i think it came at about as a result of feedback from the community. so that would be folks that work for the city, folks on the city permitting team as well as community members asking us to step up and make some more commitments to the community. >> the city council vote for the project was 5-0 and two members abstained. now on to the deadly clashes in the middle east.
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the israeli military says it struck 75 sites in gaza today alone including five mosques it claims were being used by hamas militants. as cbs news reporter susan mcginnis reports, 15 palestinians have been killed today and another 90 have been wounded. >> reporter: palestinian health officials say nearly 20 people died when israeli tank shells tore through classrooms at this united nations school today. the building was being used as a shelter for people trying to flee the fighting between israel and hamas militants. the around the clock violence has been raging on for 23 days. israeli air strikes lit up the sky over gaza overnight as israel targeted dozens of terror sites. israel is also destroying a network of hamas-built tunnels between gaza and the jewish state. hamas says this video shows its fighters using the border tunnels to infiltrate israel. israel is also coming under attack from the air. the country says its "iron dome" system continues to block
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rockets fired from gaza. secretary of state john kerry has tried to broker a truce between two sides amid mounting criticism. >> this is not about me but about whether or not there is a way forward that could avoid loss of soldiers for israel and the loss of civilians everywhere. >> reporter: the turmoil brought the leader of hamas' military wing out of hiding yesterday. he vowed to keep up the fight and said there will be no cease- fire until israeli aggression stops and the blockade of gaza's border is lifted. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> 4:39. governor brown says california is willing to shelter more migrant children from central america if needed. the governor made the comments yesterday in mexico where he visited with president enrique nieto. he also met with central americans to discuss the surge of people illegally crossing into the u.s. happening later today,
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oakland mayor jean quan files paperwork for re-election. she is the first candidate to file her nomination signatures since filing period began this month. the mayor will hold a press conference today with some of her biggest supporters, as well. the deep of veterans affairs -- the department of veterans affairs has a new chief. the senate confirmed robert mcdonald as the next va secretary. the former procter & gamble ceo replaces eric shinseki, who resigned in may. mcdonald says he will take immediate actions to overhaul the va and that includes improving patient access to healthcare and restoring transparency. moving right along, it is 4:40. it is the battle brewing in the "rideshare" industry. why some uber drivers are accusing their fellow drivers of stealing the more lucrative fares. >> and what's cool about your school or your summer camp? email your nominations to we may come and feature your school on the show. burning out ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of control right now. check out those active power brought down breaking news now. 500 firefighters are trying to knock down a two-alarm in oakland. power lines may have been brought down. it started at 47th and melrose avenue about an hour ago. flames have spread to a second building. there were people inside those homes when the fire broke out. there is no word on how it started or if anyone was injured. well, the pentagon is trying to figure out how a young man stowed away on a military plane without anyone noticing. a young man lodged himself in a wheel well above the landing gear of a c-130. the flight originated in senegal, africa, went to mali, chad, then north to tunisia, then sicily before returning back to the home base in germany where the body of the young man was found sunday
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night. the stow away was african. they believe he snuck on the plane in mali. in april, this santa clara teenager climbed into the wheel well of a plane from san jose and landed in maui. he survived on the flight to hawaii. new drone video technology is getting wildlife experts new perspective. an orange county company that conducts whale watching tours released a video of a sea lion escorting a humpback wheel and her young calf. the video was recently shot near dana point. the russian river fishery could end up temporarily closing because of low water levels. today california fish, wildlife officials, they will hold the first of two public meetings on the issue in santa rosa. experts say they want to protect the rare migratory fish species that are already struggling to survive during the drought. the meeting starts at 2 p.m. at the north coast regional water quality control board. it is 4:40. lawrence has a check of the
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weather. it's definitely heating up yesterday. >> yeah. got hot in spots. today i think we'll be hotter actually some places near 100 in some of the valleys but along the coastline we have seen some of the low clouds and fog move onshore and dense fog out there, as well. out the door, a mix of everything still monsoonal clouds. you see those thunderstorms developing over the sierra nevada and down toward the fresno area. and as you make your way to the north bay, a couple of sprinkles this morning as the system continues to slide on through. throughout the day today going to become mostly sunny and these temperatures going to be slightly warmer outside. cooler numbers are ahead back to normal toward the weekend. that ridge of high pressure still the dominant feature here over the desert southwest and that moisture wrapping around it. that will heat things up once again today. 105 in fresno. 102 in sacramento. more thunderstorms in the high country about 76 degrees into monterey bay. computer models doing well with the forecast this morning showing some of the monsoonal clouds passing through this morning. then by the afternoon a whole lot of sunshine. just that patchy fog out toward the coastline. we'll see more of that fog the
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next couple of days. we are going to see a stronger sea breeze developing. temperatures for today are going to be getting hot in spots. in the south bay, well into the 80s even some 90s in morgan hill about 98 degrees. east bay temperatures about 99 in brentwood. 97 in pittsburg. and 96 degrees in walnut creek. and then 71 breezy in san francisco. next few days cooling down slowly. then looks like back to normal toward the latter part of the weekend into early next week. gianna has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. live conditions now as you work your way through antioch. so far, so good no accidents off the antioch bridge. just slight delays. no problems. roadwork highway 4 connector to 242. that will be there at least until 5:00 this morning.
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altamont pass not bad. slight delays westbound. typical this time of the morning. better out of the valley and toward 580/680 connector. traffic stacking up a bit on the westbound side but so far still moving at okay speeds towards the interchange there. checking the eastshore freeway commute okay speeds on the westbound side headed through berkeley. once you hit the bay bridge some slight delays there in the cash lanes looks like the fastrak lanes are moving nicely this morning. san mateo bridge checking in with no problems this morning, nice ride between hayward and foster city. no delays. 880 problem-free. northbound an easy ride 15 minutes from 238 to the maze. southbound no delays to report. golden gate bridge so far, so good out of marin county into san francisco. 101 also clear on the southbound side. elsewhere san jose not bad northbound 101 cleared guadalupe parkway no problems. also looking good on 280 no delays to report right now. we're accident-free.
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northbound 280 no problems towards peninsula. no problems mass transit. everything is on time. train one of ace train is only one minute late. back to you guys. there are signs traffic could be a problem at the santa clara 49ers stadium. a big test will be this saturday as the san jose earthquakes host the seattle sounders in the stadium's first sporting event. last friday fans were invited to the stadium for an open house. some 9ers fans complained about traffic gridlock. >> a lot of people were honking and stuff. it was kind of a mess. a lot of people were trying to get great america while people were trying to go toward the stadium the other way so a bunch of different lanes coming into one lane trying to go everywhere and there was a lot of people yelling and honking. >> the 49ers vow to have things fixed by this weekend's soccer match with more parking lots available, more traffic officers and synchronized traffic lights. vta is increasing light rail service. for a full guide to the new
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stadium on how to get there and get around it, go to it is 4:49 now. there could be a battle shaping up in the new ridesharing program industry. some drivers for uber accuses other drivers for hire of stealing their airport business. one driver says drivers not associated with uber are hacking into the uber app making it appears their cars are seconds away from the san francisco airport and they're not. uber automatically assigns the fare closer to the car. >> airport fares represent a large source of our daily income. you want to get an airport ride essentially you have to cheat now. >> uber has told its drivers it is aware of the issue and they are working on it. i have been thinking about this next one. everyone hates those long security checkpoint lines at the airport. now is the chance to do something about them. the tsa is offering as much as
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$15,000 to anyone who can devise a new system! so the idea, build on the existing precheck program which allows many flyers to pass some security rules. all you have to do is provide the concept and evidence that it would work to the tsa and the contest ends august 15. so i have some ideas. >> what are you thinking? >> what are yours? >> one was like if you are not ready, okay, you're not ready you go to that line. you move them along. you have a computer, not ready, move them along. i had some other ideas. i can't tell. >> it's a bummer because you're waiting in line ready and these people have their little special pass and they just go right in like -- come on! >> your name is frank? you go to the end of the line. something like that. >> i hear that a lot. [ laughter ] >> anyway. we'll see what they come up with. >> all right. some thoughts here at 4:50 on a good wednesday in the bay area. it is 4:50. still ahead, noisy kids not welcome. a popular northern california restaurant says families can
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dine elsewhere and some people are fired up. >> we want to invite you pet lovers to send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our web page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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worth a million bucks! julia stanley- metz of sacramento is duking it outh sts in lay's california mother's idea for a new flavor of potato chip may be worth a million dollars. she is taking part with three other finalists in lay's nationwide "do us a flavor" contest. people lined up to try out some of the new flavors. her wavy mango salsa creation was inspired by the family's weekly taco night.
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>> my chances are good. i'm feeling optimistic. i think i have gotten great response from the chips. the mango comes through and i didn't think it would. >> think i might like that. julia metz's creation is facing competition including bacon, mac and cheese, capuccino, and kettle cooked wasabi and ginger. that might be fun. >> frank's frito's. >> i'd be at the end of the line. 4:54. popular restaurant in monterey has a no noisy children policy. some tourists don't think it's fair! >> it's true. but the owner says it's not hurting his bottom line. brynn whitaker has more. >> reporter: no strollers, no highchairs, no booster chairs. children making noise in the dining room not allowed. to many it's not a welcome sign. >> i think it's not fair because i think little kids deserve to go in there. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think that kids need to know how to behave in restaurants and if you don't take them to
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them they don't know how to behave and they shouldn't be kept hidden away. it's ridiculous. i think kids should be allowed in restaurants. >> reporter: fisherman's wharf is one of the monterey peninsula's biggest tourist attractions. and the sign at old fisherman's grotto some say sends the wrong message. >> i would probably not go there to not deal with that sort of atmosphere it surprises me because this is a family place to go with your kids for vacation. >> i wouldn't go in because it doesn't seem like it would be friendly. >> the whole crying baby thing? i county of was offended on that? >> reporter: -- >> i kind of was offended on that? >> reporter: the owner of the restaurant doesn't care if people are offended. if you don't like it, eat somewhere else. >> if a place has a rules, that's what the rules are. either you go in and abide by the rules or find a place that's more suitable to your dining. >> reporter: this is one of those people. she says she couldn't get a highchair for her six-month- old. >> i'm completely shocked.
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i never had that happen. usually they usually cater at least to have a highchair for the child. but seemed like they didn't want any child. they said the child can't make any noise in there. they turned us away. >> reporter: and chris shake is okay without her business. if you are wondering, he says the rules don't affect his bottom line. >> well, put it this way, i haven't had a down year in over 20 years. our business continues to grow. >> not family-friendly. >> some friends went there and they got turned away. and so they went next door to i think it's like the crabby crabber or something. >> bet they're doing well. >> they have a sign that says, we'll take 'em. >> bring them all in. that was brynne whitaker reporting. the owner says his policy has been in place for two years and is now getting a lot of publicity. 4:56 on your "hump day" morning. clean-up is under way after this massive water main sends millions of gallons of water gushing through parts of l.a. on sunset. coming up a look at the mess
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and how it was caught. >> reporter: a plan for a $1 billion modernization project here at the richmond refinery gets the green light from the city council. coming up, we'll tell you some of the finer points of this deal. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bathroom is horrible. i'm looking at our track and field that we just got redone that's under water. >> a huge clean-up under way on the ucla campus after a water main break created a geyser in the middle of sunset boulevard. the flooding stranded people and cars nearby. between eight and ten million gallons of water were wasted. >> israel unleashed its heaviest attacks on hamas so far. 15 people were killed when israeli tank shells hit a u.n. school sheltering displaced palestinians. more than 1200 palestinians have died in three weeks of fighting. >> we're not going to be seeing pg&e executives led out in
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handcuffs but this is very bad news for the utilities. >> pg&e faces new charges stemming from the san bruno pipeline explosion. federal grand jury accused the utility of obstructing the investigation into the 2010 explosion. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado and i'm frank mallicoat let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's good morning, i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 on your wednesday. we have traffic and weather and lawrence, you're out the chute first. >> dense fog along the coastline again some monsoonal clouds moving across the state even parts of the north bay we have seen sprinkles this morning. hi-def doppler radar showing you a few of the scattered light showers sliding in through mendocino county and some thunderstorms in the sierra nevada. but it's that dense fog now that's moved in across the bay. temperatures in san francisco at 58 degrees. 66 in livermore. and 61 in san jose. this afternoon, becoming mostly sunny and this probably is the hottest day of the


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