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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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oakland with a new coliseum city. a newspaper in san antonio says davis and executives met with top city leaders in san antonio about the possibility of relocating the team. according to the report, davis took a serious look at the alamodome, the 65,000 seat stadium that's currently home for the university of texas at san antonio football team and also served as the home away from home for the new orleans saints. now, while in town, davis also met with business leaders and the owner of the san antonio spurs. all this comes as mayor jean quan as we said was trying to build support for her own so- called coliseum city, a project that would include hotels, retail space and even housing. it would feature a brand-new football stadium. and a baseball home for the a's, as well. now, the mayor claims that the concept has the backing from some very deep pocket investors in dubai. meantime, all this texas talk has caught oakland coliseum officials quite by surprise. >> i was surprised. i think many of us are really focused on trying to keep the
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raiders here in oakland. we're committed to -- we got the a's to stay. we are committed to keeping the raiders and trying to work on the warrior. >> how much is real and how much is gamesmanship? we have to say san antonio has been used as leverage before by teams looking to get a better deal at home. and the city is used to being a bargaining chip for sports franchises. it's just a fact of life in these big deals. >> isn't this really amazing? because the warriors, okay, i mean, they are leaving. all right? >> back to san francisco. >> 100% official but despite what the alameda county joint authority powers board wants to believe, they are coming to the city. >> that's right. >> all right? lew wolff has already said i want out of here. he says he wants out. he signed a new deal. >> he signed the lease but is hoping for san jose. >> the raiders were the only ones who wanted to stay. why would they want to leave now? >> money. simple as that. unlike some nfl owners with deep pocket, mark davis only has that team and much more. to build a new stadium you're
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talking about $1 billion. you're talking about sponsorship and development deals. that's a big gap that might have to be filled with public money and the oakland taxpayers are already paying out $20 million along with alameda taxpayers a year paying off the last raider deal. it's mixed emotions in oakland these days about the future of the raiders and the stadium. >> such a weird deal because you have the county involved, you have the city involved a joint powers authority involved. you have three different teams looking three different ways. >> reporter: in other words, business pretty much as usual in the bay area. [ laughter ] >> maybe san antonio does look good after that. >> good point. thanks, phil. well, the new 10-year lease for the oakland a's has cleared another major vote. that's good news for baseball fans of the oakland as. alameda county supervisors unanimously approved the coliseum deal today following 14 months of negotiations full of twists and turns. that agreement gives the a's an out in 2018. it also allows the city to force the a's out of the coliseum if mayor quan's vision
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to tear down the coliseum materializes. and breaking news tonight. a federal grand jury has indicted pg&e for obstructing the federal investigation into the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. elizabeth cook standing by in the newsroom with all the details for us. >> reporter: the indictment also includes 27 counts of violating the natural gas pipeline safety act. it alleges that at the time of the blast, the utility was operating under an unapproved draft policy for addressing pipeline problems. and as a result, it failed to prioritize or properly assess many older high risk pipelines. the 2010 explosion killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. the indictment also accuses pg&e of failing to address recordkeeping problems despite knowing they were inaccurate or incomplete. each charge carries a minimum of $500,000 fines but those penalties could end up being substantially higher. now, in a statement, pg&e says
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it has not yet seen the indictment but said, quote, based on all of the evidence we have seen to date, we don't believe the charges are warranted. and that even where mistakes were made, employees were acting in good faith to provide customers with safe reliable energy. now, pg&e is scheduled to appear in court to answer to the charges on august 18. of course, we'll be watching. live in the newsroom, elizabeth cook, kpix 5. we're following breaking news in los angeles right now. a massive water main break we're looking at live pictures. hundreds of thousands of gallons of water gushing out of the middle of the street. look at this! this is near the ucla campus in westwood. pieces of asphalt have been reportedly launched by the force of all of this water. it started around 3:30 this afternoon and it has been this powerful ever since. one of the biggest concerns here is the width of the sinkhole as the strong rush of
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water digs deeper underground. firefighters can barely stand up against the river of all of that water just pushing down the street. they have rescued at least three stranded drivers. pretty amazing because you can also see images of cars that are stuck in all of this water. several agencies are on the scene right now including the county swift-water rescue. the damage of this water main break is extensive. it has flooded much of the north part of the campus. you can see images right here. students have been wading through water that is knee deep and it is rising. like i said, just seconds ago, dozens of cars stranded, a bus stranded. most of this athletic field also covered by water. it's flooding a large underground parking structure on campus that you're looking at where cars there are presumably submerged. we are going to stay on top of this breaking store and bring you more information as we get it. >> back here at home, a s.w.a.t. team and bomb squad are combing hayward home tonight. earlier sheriff's department
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attempted to serve an eviction notice. they got a surprise once inside. someone left some notes there about a possible bomb. >> upon entry into the home they ran into a note that indicated there might be some type of explosive device inside the home. >> they used a robot and dog to find explosives but none were found. police found weapons and are looking for the man who lives there. new at 6:00 a troubling trend for an already struggling east bay medical center. workers are jumping ship while the hospital is on life support. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo is live at doctors medical center in san pablo. ryan. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. doctors have seen an 11% decline in workers in just the past three months. this hospital is running out of time and money. and now we know it's running out of doctors and nurses. doctors medical center was not supposed to close until october. but board member eric zell says
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it could shut down sooner. >> within the next 60 to 90 days this hospital could very well close itself. >> reporter: close itself through attrition. he says one in 10 of the hospital's workers has quit since early may leaving for more stable jobs. >> some of the people that leave do not actually live in the community. and so those people left. >> reporter: it's an exodus of workers and more keep putting in notice. but emergency room nurse maria doesn't blame them. >> we all have to feed our family. >> reporter: instead, maria and her nurses union blame hospital administrators because the hospital runs on an $18 million deficit a year. she also blames politicians for not stepping in to fix it. maria says the workers left are digging in their heels. >> the nurses and the doctors are saying, look, administration, look, contra costa county, we are going to stay and you need to find a solution. >> reporter: local leaders are scrambling to save the hospital. one long shot idea the union is
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floating is to have chevron pay $27 million to keep the hospital alive as part of the richmond refinery's revitalization plan. >> so therefore richmond and the chevron workers should have a facility to come to might there be another explosion. >> reporter: these desperate times call for tough talk and last-ditch efforts. but hope and workers are dwindling by the day. if staff continues to leave at this pay, the emergency room might stop accepting ambulances as soon as next month. live in san pablo, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> also administrators say they are always in the red because 90% of their patients have no insurance or using medicare or medicaid. the richmond city council is meeting in the next half- hour and getting ready to vote on conditions chevron will have to meet to go forward with a billion-dollar modernization project. the planning commission says the company needs to do more to lessen the impact on the
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environment while chevron disagrees. the topic of immigration is on everybody's mind. jerry brown is in mexico to talk business specifically energy and education. he has been busy. brown met with the president of mexico to discuss renewable energy projects along the border. he also signed an agreement with mexico's environmental department to reduce greenhouse emissions and fight climate change. and the university of southern california announced an accord with a mexican foundation that will provide joint scholarships for grad students to study at usc. and still ahead, a beloved bay area golf course getting ready to close. >> the operator says the city can keep it running but why they say they won't do it. >> weather time now. we're talking about showers, thunderstorms again in the sierra rough day in lake tahoe. hundreds of lightning strikes up there. no rain for us here though. we'll talk about why it missed and what's coming up next in the seven-day forecast. ,, woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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the boys were clinging to the cliff on friday-- about 75 feet above rodeo beach in the golden gate national recreation area. new video captures two teens rescued off a cliff in marin county. they were clinging to the cliff on friday 75 feet above rodeo beach if the golden gate national recreational area with swimsuits and no shoes. a rescue collar lifted them to safety. the boys were not hurt. it is unclear what they were doing or how they got there in the first place. san jose police are investigating two murders in less than 12 hours. a man was stabbed early today near the plaza de cesar chavez. he later died at a hospital. police say there was a brawl involving a group of people. yesterday a man was shot and killed on gramercy place. these are the 21st and 22nd homicides in san jose this
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year. san jose's police chief visited with residents today at a park near the scene of yesterday's shooting. he wanted to hear what was on their minds especially concerning safety issues. >> it's important to let them see what we're doing. i wish we had more officers tore do this regularly. >> the chief especially wants to reach out to young people they stole be comfortable talking with police officers. civil rights attorney john burris wants a federal investigation into four deadly shootings in four months by salinas police. all the victims are latino men. >> are these isolated events to be evaluated individually, or do they represent more of a pattern, a systemic pattern, of using deadly force in a discriminatory way? >> one shooting was caught on video. that victim was carrying gardening shears. relatives of some of the men who were killed joined burris
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at a rally in san francisco to call for those investigations. traffic troubles last week at the new 49ers stadium could be a sign of problems to come. no traffic trouble today at least but that was not the case on friday during an open house for the public. one 9er fan was so frustrated, he went on twitter to complain about the gridlock. >> a lot of people were honking and stuff. it was a mess. a lot of people were trying to get into great america while people were trying to go the other way towards the stadium so it was a bunch of different lanes coming into one lane trying to go everywhere and there was a lot of people yelling and honking. >> well, the team has promised to have things fixed by this saturday's soccer game with more parking lots available more traffic cops out there and synchronized traffic lights. for a full guide to the new stadium including how to get to and around it at game time go, to golf is once again causing
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an uproar in san francisco. allen martin shows us it's all about the bottom line. >> reporter: golf is complicated enough on its own. but today, driving the 18th fairway at harding park meant dealing with a rowdy gallery. [ chanting ] >> i'm not going to play any of the city courses until gleneagles gets a fair shake. >> reporter: gleneagles would be the city owned golf course in visitacion valley. >> the golf course when it was built here in 1962 was supposed to lift up this community. >> reporter: tomorrow shea has run this -- tom shea has run this course for the past 10 years and talks with the city to extend his lease have landed in the rough. >> we have been forced to give our 30-day notice because they were intent on having me sign a lease that i thought was unfair. >> reporter: the city sees fair a bit differently. >> the current operator of the golf course is looking for the taxpayer to subsidize a significant portion of his operational costs. >> reporter: san francisco owns six golf courses. even one operates under its own
6:16 pm
unique lease with the city. the results have some seeing bias. >> other golf courses in other neighborhoods receive so much support from the city. >> reporter: but the city sees the results of different business deals. >> the majority of our golf courses, the department gets all of the greens fees. and in exchange maintains those golf courses. at gleneagles the department gets 7% of all revenues and the greens are privately maintained. >> reporter: so the debate over a nine-hole golf course now includes union protestors, calls for a jobs program and allegations of neighborhood favoritism. but the real issue might be as simple as how a city can manage the cost of operating six golf courses at a time when golf is losing more players than it's gaining. >> people who have lived here a long time want to hold on to their -- their favorite community locations. >> reporter: but that might just mean gleneagles with new manage end. >> gleneagles will remain a golf course. >> reporter: in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. >> shea says his biggest challenge is soaring water costs. if he can't work out a lease
6:17 pm
extension the city says it will be required to open gleneagles up to new bids for new management. paul joins us. still kind of -- i wouldn't call it muggy but still a feeling of high clouds out there and, you know, and hot inland. >> yeah. cool at the coast. it's different for us than what's normal. that's the thing. any humidity is a big deal for us because we're not used to it around here and we have seen an increase in humidity on and off more on than off for the past twoor three weeks. subtropical moisture is moving out. not a cloud in the sky looking toward berkeley, oakland an piedmont. it's a beautiful evening unless your stuck in traffic on the bay bridge. ocean beach chilly today, 61 degrees for a high. 43 degrees warmer you have to go up to you can see you can see to 40-degree temperature spread today. in between we find pittsburg at 93, fremont 82, menlo park 80. rockridge 72 degrees today. lots of rain over the sierra.
6:18 pm
look at all these thunderstorms blossoms right now. it is storming over top of lake tahoe. it's been a wet sum mer for most of the country. obviously not here. ing about-time flooding a couple -- big time flooding a couple of tornadoes stopped flights at denver international airport a couple of days ago. the underpass there in denver big problems because of the rain. so where's the rainfall for us? oh, it's going to be moving away because the flow of air is going to change. for the past couple of weeks we have been drawing up tropical moisture. the ridge is sliding back just to our south. that will change our wind direction once again. we're back to the onshore flow. we saw the temperature spread today 40, 45 degrees. more of that over the next several days with no tropical moisture, no chance of rainfall. not much in the way of afternoon cloud cover. it will be seasonably chilly near the water because the ocean sitting at 60 degrees and we are grabbing the flow of that and away from the water
6:19 pm
with less of the ocean influence. it will be seasonably warm. temperatures dropping but staying in the 90s just like tomorrow. concord 92. livermore 96 but if the 60s at the coast, pacifica 67. oakland should be beautiful, high of 78. vallejo 83. take a trip up to wine country 88 degrees in napa tomorrow. temperatures dropping a bit. friday we're in the low 90s over the weekend. upper 80s low 90s inland. mid-70s near the bay and mid- to upper 60s at the coast. so it is once again pick your climate weather. wherever you're watching right now, you can find drastically different temperatures within an hour's drive. >> if you want to go to ukraine, yeah. 104. >> and from ukraine you want to go to bodega bay, 65 degrees. >> or baker beach where i was. 50 degrees. >> chilly, as well. >> all right. thank you, paul. check this out. some pretty amazing video to show you tonight of a mother whale and her calf getting a little help from a friend a sea lion. the whales have been around the dana point area for a week now.
6:20 pm
a tour operator used a drop to film the animals' private lives and caught sentimental moments between mother and calf. still ahead, noisy kids not welcome. >> a popular northern california restaurant says families can dine elsewhere and that has some tourists fired up. ,,,,
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high-demand stuff. the burglars cut a h new at 6:00, thieves targeting a startup tech company get away with a half million dollars in the high demand stuff. the burglars cut a hole big enough to crawl through at an electronics store in union the city. they made off with lots of products mostly super fast cell phone charges and specialized iphone cases. >> brand-new innovation, fastest thing in the world. and it's going crazy like a said. "new york times" has posted it at cnet, yahoo, so we think that the robbers were actually going after this particular product. >> 100 cases in all were stolen. this seems to be the latest in
6:23 pm
the disturbing trend thieves targeting stockpiled products in tech warehouses. investigators say a grass fire in san jose this afternoon started when an abandoned car was set on fire. 12 acres burned near sierra road just north of alum rock park. that fire is out now. cal fire joined san jose crews to fighted the flames. well, it was getaway that didn't go so well. a man who led police on a chase from antioch to oakley got stuck under a house. police say 44-year-old man was spotted driving a stolen car. but when the car broke down, he hid under a pool house nearby. and got himself stuck. crews had to dig a trench under the house and use a rope to pull him out. check this out. a popular restaurant in monterey has a no noisy children policy. the owner says it's not hurting
6:24 pm
his bottom line. brin whitaker reports. >> reporter: no strollers, no highchairs, no booster chairs. and children making noise in the dining room not allowed. to many it's not exactly a welcome sign. >> i think it's not fair because i think little kids deserve to go in there. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think that kids need to know how to behave in restaurants and if you don't take them to them they don't know how to behave and they shouldn't be kept hidden away. i think kids should be allowed. >> reporter: fisherman's wharf is one of the monterey peninsula's biggest tourist attractions and the sign at old fisherman's grotto some say sends the wrong message. >> i would probably not go there to not deal with that sort of, uhm, atmosphere? and it surprises me because this is a family place to go with your kids for vacation. >> i wouldn't go in because it doesn't seem like it would be friendly. >> the whole crying baby thing, i kind of was offended on that? >> reporter: we talked to the
6:25 pm
owner of old fisherman's grotto. he says he doesn't care if some people are offended. if you don't like it eat somewhere else. >> the place has rules. that's what the rules are. either you go in and you abide by the rules or you find a place that's more suitable to your dining. >> reporter: nickie is one of those people. she says she couldn't get a highchair for her 6-month-old. >> i'm completely shocked! i never had that happen. usually they usually cater at least to have a highchair for the child. but seemed like they didn't want any child. they said the child can't make any noise in there. they turned us away. >> reporter: and chris is okay without her business. if you are wondering, he says the rules don't affect his bottom line. >> well, put it this way. i haven't had a down year in over 20 years. our business continues to grow. >> that was brynn whitaker reporting. the owner says this policy has been in place for two years and they have had two signs up since then. they recently added a third. >> i can see both sides.
6:26 pm
i totally see both sides. the woman is right. how are you going to get -- how are your kids going to learn to behave in a restaurant. on the other hand, we both have seen it where parents think going to the restaurant is play time. kids run around, they knock stuff over, yell and scream. i see both sides. >> if you are a good parent then that doesn't happen and there you go. >> that's not the kids' fault. >> as a parent i can't believe that that -- it just isn't right. i'll leave it at that. >> me, too. coming up in the next half- hour, it's happened again. a teenager stows away in the wheel well of a plane. this time, it turned deadly. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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separatists. welcome back, i'm ken stida. now at 6 am 30, president obama getting tough on russia increase the pressure to end support for ukranian separatists. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. today president obama laid out new penalties targeting russia's energy weapons and
6:30 pm
finance industries. cbs reporter craig boswell tells us as part of a coordinated effort with the european union. >> reporter: president obama says the u.s. is putting new sanctions on russia for its support of separatist fighters in ukraine even after the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17. >> major sanctions we're announcing today the will continue to ratchet up the pressure on russia including the cronies and companies that are supporting russia's illegal actions in ukraine. >> reporter: the u.s. timed the announcement to coincide with new european union sanctions. the coordinated action marked another escalation in an already strained relationship. >> is this a new cold war, sir? >> no. uhm, it's not a new cold war. what it is is a very specific, uhm, issue related to russia's unwillingness to recognize that ukraine can chart its own path. >> reporter: the white house is also accusing russia of violating a nuclear arms treaty signed during the cold war. the u.s. says russia has been testing missiles capable of
6:31 pm
striking europe! that violates the 1987 intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. >> we work very hard back in the '80s to get that imf treaty to preserve the security and make the security of europe indivisible from our own. >> reporter: moscow says it has looked into the allegations and considers the matter closed. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> the pentagon reports that russia is continuing to move troops to the ukrainian border and to lying separatists with advance weapons -- to lying separatists with advance weapons systems. a child stowed away in the wheel well of a u.s. air force we'll well. the flight came from africa and landed in germany on sunday night. the child died in the flight. the authorities were conducting a post flight maintenance inspect on the c-130 when they discovered the body trapped above the rear landing gear. >> i do not know what prompted them to do a more detailed post flight inspection than they normally do. what i have been told is that the body wouldn't have been
6:32 pm
found in a normal preor post- flight inspection. what prompted them to do a deeper look i don't know. >> the body was turned over to german authorities for autopsy. the plane was returning to germany after supporting africa command operations. it's a story all too familiar to us here in the bay area. in april, a teen jumped the fence at mineta san jose international airport crawled into the wheel well of a boeing 767 and miraculously survived a flight to hawaii. any hopes of a cease-fire in gaza are off again tonight. the leader of a military wing in hamas says they will keep fighting until a blockade on gaza is lifted. meanwhile, israel carried out its heaviest bombing in three weeks of fighting. palestinian officials say 109 people were killed today bringing the total deaths in gaza to 1,210. the department of veterans affairs has a new chief tonight. the senate unanimously confirmed robert mcdonald as
6:33 pm
the next va secretary. the former procter & gamble ceo places eric shin zen -- replaces eric shinseki who resigned in may. mcdonald says he will take immediate action to overhaul the va including improving patient access to healthcare and restoring transparency. still ahead, the tsa needs your help and you can win $15,000 if you can solve one big airport problem. >> and are you tired of looking down at your smartphone for directions? now, google is putting solutions right in your shoes. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big.
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reported to collection agencies according to a study by urban institute. it found those debts range from as little as $25 to $125,000 in unpaid credit card, medical or utility bills. another 12 million of us have debt reported past due. okay, so everybody hates those long security checkpoint lines at the airport. well, now is your chance to do something about them. the tsa is offering as much as $15,000 to anyone who can devise a new system. the idea, build on the existing precheck program which allows many flyers to bypass some security rules. all you have to do is provide the concept and evidence it would work to the tsa. the contest ends august 15. some uber drives are accusing other drivers for hire of stealing their most lucrative fares. those are airport fares. as you might expect. this uber driver says drivers
6:37 pm
not associated with uber are hacking into the uber application. he says they are making it appear that their cars are just seconds away from san francisco international airport even though they're not. it's a huge advantage because uber automatically assigns the fare to the closest car. >> they represent the large source of our daily income. you want to get the airport ride, essentially you have to cheat now. >> uber didn't immediately respond to our requests. first there were smartwatches, smart glasses, now smart shoes. the interactive footwear connect by bluetooth it a smartphone with google maps, direct you to your destination telling you where to turn by vibrating one shoe or the other. the shoes are made by a company in india. the shoes are designed to help
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the visually impaired. they will cost $100 a pair and go on sale in september. california mom's idea for a new potato chip flavor could be worth a million dollars. julia stanley metz of sacramento is duking it out with three other finalists in lay's nationwide do us a flavor contest. people lined up today to try out the four new flavors. julia says her wavy mango salsa creation was inspired by her family's weekly taco night. >> oh, my chances are good. i'm feeling optimistic. i think that i have gotten a lot of great response from the chips. the mango actually comes through and i didn't think it would. >> love chips. love 'em. julia's creation faces some interesting competition including bacon, mac and cheese, capuccino -- > ugh! >> and kettle cooked wasabi and ginger.
6:39 pm
maybe. >> i picked chicken adobo. >> capuccino? [ laughter ] coming up, a thrill for bay area bird lovers. >> more than just a rare sighting. the species never-before-seen here in california. >> the view from berkeley is amazing every day especially amazing today. we had not that much cloud cover out there just a little bit of cloud cover behind the golden gate. what will your forecast be like coming up in weekend? that's coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. more bad news for giants pitcher matt cain. we'll have that and can a native american statue help the giants get their mojo back? live from at&t coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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,,,,,, double the speed. news... in los angeles... a live look at that massive w main break near u-c-l-a. we continue to follow breaking news out of los angeles. this live picture coming from our sister station, kcbs and kcal down in los angeles. a massive water main break right near ucla. you can see that it has -- well, closed down a bit in volume in the last half-hour or so. hundreds of thousands of gallons of water though have been gushing out of the middle
6:43 pm
of the street for hours. that water main is going to take two more hours to shut off completely. randy paige reports. >> reporter: we are in los angeles very close to ucla where about an hour and a half ago, a very large water main broke and as you take a look now and see that the waters is now probably five or six feet in the air, i can tell you that about 40 minutes ago it was shooting 30 feet in the air or more. this is a legacy of an ancient very old infrastructure that's a very large 30" water main that has broken. the mayor's office says it is a water main that was originally installed in 1921 just one of many of these large water mains in the area that the department of water and power is trying to replace but as quickly as they do, we have these happen from time to time, although this is one of the more serious water main breaks that we have had in recent memory. you can see pieces of asphalt
6:44 pm
that stretch along sunset boulevard and as you look at that it's kind of nice to be aware that as far as we know, there have been no injuries as a result of this other than some property damage. there have been several parking garages parking structures we are told that a significant amount of water possibly damaging some of the cars there but no reports of any injuries. and because this has only been unfolding for about the last hour and a half or so, we have been unable to get our cameras into those areas. however, monitoring them from our helicopter up above, we can tell you that we don't see any real serious damage at this point and the good news is we are told there are no reports of any injuries and at this hour, no real concerns about public safety. so there you have it in sunset -- on sunset boulevard very close to ucla a water main break causing a lot of trouble here in los angeles. >> yeah. at one point they were talking about calling out swift-water rescue teams using jet skis to
6:45 pm
rescue people. let us know what you think about this. some people have been saying on facebook it's like liquid gold being spilled out all over the street there in southern california. >> it would be great if they could save some of that water and repurpose it. it's such a shame it's going down the drain. it's a waste. well, a 12-year-old girl is going to the ends of the earth to break a world record. she wants to be the youngest person to run seven marathons on seven continents. the girl's challenge is not just for fun. >> reporter: for 12-year-old blanca ramirez, running is more than just exercise. >> it helps me see things, new adventures. >> reporter: she started running just last year and now she hopes to break a world record for being the youngest girl to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents. she is doing it all for the charity, operation smile. >> it's a nonprofit organization that helps kids when they're born with the
6:46 pm
deformation of the lips and it helps pay for the surgery. >> reporter: blanca has already completed a marathon in north america, africa and asia. next up is south america, then australia, and next year europe and, yes, even antarctica. >> to change to be prepared for the cold and if we have a winter like my dad says we are going to go to big bear and train. >> reporter: through her racing blanca has had the opportunity to see things in person that most 12-year-olds may have only read about. >> i have seen the great wall of china. that was the best one ever. >> reporter: would you nervous running the first marathon? >> yes. >> reporter: as a runner myself i know the toll racing can have on your body. so what does your doctor say about you racing so much at your age? >> i haven't really gone to the doctor but, uhm, i'm going to see one a week before my next one to see if i'm okay and if i can finish the marathon. >> reporter: as for her parents, they stress she is
6:47 pm
completing know competing in these marathons, steady and efficient. >> i'm hoping to inspire them by getting out there instead of just staying inside and playing videogames, go out there, make a change in the world. >> reporter: stephanie simmons, kpix 5. >> well, like you just heard, the next marathons will take her all over the world to south america, australia, europe antarctica. incredible. >> wow. >> yeah. >> amazing kid. i'm wondering, you know, what the weather is like in antarctica right now. >> cold. >> what is the weather like there? [ laughter ] >> it funny. it was 90 degrees below zero yesterday. ie checked that? i don't know. i wondered when it happened -- [overlapping speakers] 170 degrees colder than the south bay. there's the transition. clear over san jose. beautiful shot there.
6:48 pm
look at this temperature spread. exploratorium 59 degrees. pleasanton 88. oakley 94. santa cruz 66. the heartilies in ukiah heartily family went to grandma's. hanging out in ukraine where it was 104 degrees for a high today. one of the hottest days of the year. overnight tonight better sleeping weather humidity decreases we cool off more efficiently at night. upper 50s to low 60s. fremont 61. livermore tonight 63. here's the setup. we have this ridge of high pressure to our south. it did move off to the east which allowed tropical moisture to move up but it made it from arizona, new mexico, not all the way to the bay area instead it just moved up the spine of the sierra. norms there into the cascades morgan and washington of the for us close but it didn't give
6:49 pm
us any rainfall. really not much cloud cover throughout the dame. the ridge moves closer to us just to our south which gives us the onshore flow. the ocean influence even though the ocean is running warmer than normal it is still relatively speaking pretty chilly. so we'll be seasonably cool for the next several days near the water. you get away from the water with less of the ocean influence it will be seasonably warm. every day we'll see a 30 to 40- degree temperature spread from our coastal locations like ocean beach to our inland spots like pittsburg and livermore and downtown. so humidity decreasing tonight and more tomorrow. that's better sleeping weather. very slow cooling trend towa the end of the week. san jose tomorrow 87. morgan hill and gilroy mid-90s. palo alto 83. walnut creek hot, 95.
6:50 pm
antioch 97 with sunshine. sausalito you hit 71 tomorrow. sonoma 86. santa rosa 84. maybe we are going to grandma's house again up in ukiah because it's going to be hot 102 for the high. couple of degrees cooler thursday and friday as we head toward the weekend seeing a five degree cooloff inland. and near the bay, very comfortable with highs in the mid-70s. no more rain chances and more pleasant weather towards the weekend. sports is next with dennis live at at&t park. ,, ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
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here at at&t park. the gian losing streak hit 5 last nit dennis o'donnell live at at&t park. spark 'em, man. let's get them go tonight. >> reporter: we have to get them going tonight. we work for the big 5 and the magic number here at at&t park seems to be number 5. the giants have lost five straight after last night's 5-0 loss to pittsburg. in those five losses, the giants have scored a total of 5 runs. they lost to pittsburgh. we have to get off 5! the news got worse today when it was learned that matt cain is headed to visit dr. james andrews regarding his elbow inflammation. he was placed on the dl july 21 with a sore elbow and struggled for the past two seasons. so the acquisition of jake bebe looks even more significant
6:54 pm
now. both pitchers have struggled to win. cain has just 2 wins, pd just one win in april. peavy allowed just three earned runs in the lost on sunday. with matt cain out he will need more quality starts. alongside jake peavy. it's been a tough day. the giants have lost five straight and matt cain going down to see dr. andrews. what's the mood in the clubhouse now? >> obviously it's been tough. you try to forget the day previous and focus today. timmy hudson on the mound and we're focused and ready to go. the boys expect to win tonight no matter what's happened in the previous series the previous day. >> reporter: you were in chicago, traded to boston. boston is struggling and then something happens there where you sort of turn the season around with some statue. can you tell us that story? >> from right up the street
6:55 pm
here. i got this chief, this native american indian statute from a store when we were out here on a trip in august when the red sox were here. chief brought a spirit on board that couldn't be denied and we wouldn't the 2012 world series. >> reporter: where's the chief now? is it in boston? >> yeah. i think chief, uhm, you know, listen, we -- we -- we sucked him dry. he doesn't have much mojo left. and he's on the trophy showcase now. >> reporter: where's the cigar store? i'll go get one. >> right up the street here. i think it was called zane's where i got it from. but this team has plenty of mojo with pence and posey, guys here through tough times, when they won championships. so we expect to get a whole lot better than we have been and just have to find a way to get in the play-offs. once you get in, anything can happen. >> as a long time reporter in san francisco, i'm glad you're on our side.
6:56 pm
>> i'm happy to be here. it's a little weird. but i'm happy to be a san francisco giant. >> reporter: great guy. yankees outfielder gardner not known for his power but last night he connected for two home runs off yu darvish. he has five hits against darvish and four have left the park. >> i blame the parents of brett gardner! [ laughter ] >> i blame them for creating a great hitter. >> reporter: football news. the san antonio news-express is reporting that raiders owner mark davis had discussions to move the football team to san antonio. now, davis has tweeted out today that, yes, he is friends with the mayor. he went down there for a ceremony to honor former raider receiver cliff brandt but that was about it. but now this thing has taken
6:57 pm
off the raiders lease at the coliseum expires after 2015 season. >> we are trying to get something done up here but if we can't we have to get something done somewhere because we need to be able to compete. and that's where it's at. >> reporter: san antonio is currently cowboys territory and jerry jones thinks it will stay that way. he shot down the rumors of a raiders moving saying, quote, i don't make a lot out of it. ken, we were at the rally monkey in 2002. bring back the indian trophy and get this thing going. >> something. [ laughter ] >> get some mo. >> get 'em, dennis. >> thanks. for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour.
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