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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 29, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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top. >> at this point, there are no reports of any injuries. but as parts of the campus are being evacuated, firefighters can barely stand up against the river of water. that's the force of it right now. they are trying to control this situation. sunset boulevard is closed in both directions. you can imagine the mess in traffic in west l.a. at this time of night. they have rescued at least 3 stranded drivers. several agencies are on the scene right now. the county's swift-water rescue team with jet skis are being brought in. that's simply a precaution, brought in just in case. but one of the biggest concerns is the width of that sinkhole right now. that rush of water is digging deeper and deeper underground. they have not been able to get the water turned off. the damage is extensive in westwood at pauley pavilion that you see right there. the water is gushing from sunset boulevard on the ucla campus. we'll keep you updated just as soon as we get more
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information. new at 5:00, alameda county sheriffs expecting to seven a routine eviction -- to serve a routine eviction notice get a surprise. linda yee reports. >> reporter: liz, just in the last hour we have seen at least two s.w.a.t. units go in or approach that home very carefully and back back out. right now a team of about a dozen or so officers did walk into that home. the second one from the corner. you can't see too much because it's behind those trees. earlier, a smaller unit of officers approached the home. presumably they got as close as they could safely. they had a barricade with them. they had some heavily armed officers. just as they approached what we think is probably just right outside the premises they used a bull horn to shout out some commands. [ inaudible yelling ] >> come out with your hands up.
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this is the police department. >> reporter: as far as we can tell, nothing happened after that. there seemed to be no response. we saw a unit of officers back out carefully from that home. and now what we're waiting for is that second unit that's in there now. they went in with what looked like a camera on top of a pole probably to scope and see what's going on. as you said, it was a routine eviction notice. some of the officers went inside, they noticed some notes alluding to possible explosives. that's why the bomb oo under is here and they are being careful about what they do. there were sharpshooters on the rooftops that aren't there now. neighbors in the area have been evacuated. >> thank you. a football bombshell. word tonight the raiders may be looking at a move to texas! san antonio pulling out all the stops trying to impress the team and win over the silver and black. we have learned that the raider
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big-wigs recently visited san antonio. ken bastida in the newsroom with what they saw when they were down there in the lone star state. >> reporter: probably went to the alamo, allen. but it's no secret the raiders are not happy with the current situation at the oakland coliseum. and it appears they are now considering their out of state options. so here's what's setting off alarm bells all across oakland right now. the san antonio express is reporting that raiders owner mark davis and team executives paid a visit recently to the lone star state. davis met with top city leaders about the possibility of relocating the team. according to the report, davis took a serious look at the alamodome. that's the 65,000-seat stadium that is currently the home of the university of texas at san antonio football team. the city has set aside some funds to complete some upgrades to the 21-year-old dome including some added luxury suites. well, on the flip side, we know san antonio has been down this road before. the city has often been used as
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a bargaining chip, if you will, for pro sports franchises trying to score better deals in their own cities. that's what's going on? we don't know right now. earlier this month, though, we learned that oakland and the raiders were talking about demolishing the coliseum as soon as next year. now, that idea was to make room for a new football-only stadium. it's part of mayor quan's plan for a so-called coliseum city she calls it. the project would include hotels, retail space and some housing , as well. the mayor says it has backing from deep pocket investors in dubai. well, meantime, all this playing out as alameda county supervisors unanimously approved a new 10-year coliseum lease for the oakland a's. now, today's vote following 14 months of negotiations full of twists and turns. the agreement gives the a's an out in 2018 and allows the city to force the a's out of the coliseum if mayor quan's vision
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to tear down the coliseum materializes. back to the raiders. couple of reasons for raider fans not to panic just yet: first, the bay area is a much bigger tv market than san antonio. and that means bigger tv revenue and a larger fan base. also, keep in mind, nfl owners would have to approve any plan to move the team to texas. that's what we know at this hour. ken bastida in the newsroom, kpix 5. >> there's also been talk of the raiders sharing levi's stadium with the 49ers. but now there are new questions about the traffic mess getting in and out of that stadium. len ramirez is live with the big traffic jam before the first real event has happened at levi's. len. >> reporter: that's right. we're talking about last friday a very highly anticipated event by all the season ticketholders to get into the stadium for the first time and check out their seats. because it was so highly anticipated, the disappointment about the traffic jam leading into here was very deep. the 49ers say that that won't
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be the typical fan experience on game days. fans say better not be. >> die-hard 9ers fan since i was born. >> reporter: george robles of san jose was excited about sieving levi's stadium for the first time -- about visiting levi's stadium for the first time. >> you can check out the stadium and your seat. >> reporter: when he got stuck in a bad traffic jam with other fans heading to the open house last friday his excitement turned to frustration. >> off the freeway the traffic was stopped. >> reporter: like others, he took to twitter saying he was stuck for an hour and a half and wasn't even close to the stadium yet. >> by the time we got to our parking lot by the convention center, it was already 7:30. so it took almost two hours just to get to the parking lot. >> we apologize for that experience and we need to do a better job, no question. >> reporter: 49ers executives called it an learning experience. they say they are still tweaking the traffic plan but said friday was not a typical game day traffic flow. >> we had a six-hour window where people were coming and going to the venue and that doesn't happen on game day. so it created transportation
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and parking entry and exit flows we didn't anticipate. >> reporter: the team promised to fix it by the first ticketed event on saturday with more parking lots available, knower traffic cops and synchronized traffic lights. fans like mr. robles are cutting the team some slack for now. >> they advertise a lot on how good the parking was going to be but i kind of understood since it was a weekday a lot of the businesses were still getting out and great america still had a lot of people getting in and out. so it didn't surprise me but i didn't think it was going to be that bad. >> reporter: the 49ers have said since day one that their traffic plan is a work in progress. they say that they are working on things that things should be straightened out by this saturday's game between the seattle sounders and the san jose earthquakes. the first ticketed event here if they are not straightened out by then, then they will really have to go back to the drawing board. reporting live in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. two teenagers had to be rescued by helicopter after they were found clinging to the face of a cliff in marin county. new video shows the two about
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75 feet above rodeo beach in the golden gate national recreation area. they were in swimsuits no shoes. chp helicopter lowered a rescue collar to the teenagers, lifted them to safety. the boys were not hurt. it's unclear what they were doing or how they got there in the first place. i'm sure answers their parents will get out of them. a courtroom battle over a very expensive speed bump. this bus passenger broke her back sued ac transit for millions. what a jury just decided. >> and the dog eat dog world of ridesharing, uber drivers say the competition is playing dirty. the sneaky way they may be stealing your business. >> tropical moist, wimped out today. not even that cloudy and no rainfall throughout the bay area. a beautiful shot from the pyramid looking toward the golden gate. we have low cloud cover. we'll talk about a 40-degree temperature spread and how long the hot weather will last away from the water. that's coming up. >> and trapped on the tracks with nowhere to go. two women survived getting run over by a train. why they are now facing
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criminal charges. ,, ,,,,,,
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the body of a child who stowed away in the wheel well of a u-s air force authorities are trying to identify the body of a child who stowed away in the wheel well of a u.s. air force cargo plane. it originallated of africa and landed at the ramstein airbase in germany on sunday night. authorities were conducting a post-flight maintenance inspection of the c-130 aircraft when they discovered the body trapped above the rear landing gear. the child is believed to be from africa. the body was turned over to german authorities for an autopsy. pentagon officials say the body may have not been found in a normal inspection. and they are investigating why crews looked deeper into the plane. the flight was returning to germany after supporting africa command operations. now, this incident is all too familiar. back in april, a teen jumped the fence at mineta san jose international airport crawled into the wheel well of a boeing 767 and survived a flight to
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hawaii. israel pounded gaza with heavy air strikes today in the most aggressive attack in three weeks of fighting. this comes one day after israel's preliminary promised a prolonged campaign against hamas. palestinian health officials say 100 were killed. israeli shells damaged gaza's only power plant shutting it down but hamas vows to fight on until the 7-year-old blockade of gaza is lifted. meanwhile the number of dead continues to rise. 5 3 israeli soldiers and two civilians have died. more than 1100 palestinians have been killed including 230 children. president obama announced new economic sanctions against russia today. the sanctions target russia's energy, weapons and finance industries including big banks! european union leaders proposed similar penalties. the move is an attempt to force russian president vladimir putin to end his support of pro- russian separatists. >> the major sanctions we're
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announcing today will continue to ratchet up the pressure on russia including the allies and companies supporting russia's actions in ukraine. >> the u.s. and european allies blame pro-russian separatists for instability in eastern ukraine and the down of a malaysian commercial jet in month. the fight something making it impossible for international investigators to continue work at the crash site. uber drivers up in arms. how some say the competition is cheating the system to snag your fare. >> and trespassing on the tracks. two women have an unbelievable brush with death. and now they are in serious trouble. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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julie wa some uber drivers are accusing other drivers for hire of playing dirty. julie watts is near sfo with more on what's become a heated battle for lucrative airport fares. julie. >> reporter: yeah, liz. this is a cell phone parking lot at sfo where uber drivers are supposed to come and wait for their fares. but if you check your uber app right now, you are not likely to see many of these cars parked here and that's because some are allegedly gaming the system to steal fares. for uber drivers like chris, airport fares are crucial. >> airport fares represent a large source of our daily income. >> reporter: income the new father had come to rely on. >> these are the rides that i have taken so far today. >> reporter: the average fare
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for an uber suv like his is $25 to $35. but a ride to or from the airport starts at $85. >> so if you could get a continual stream of airport rides, it would be more lucrative. >> reporter: so lucrative, he says, that other drivers have begun gaming the system. >> they have hacked into the app essentially and they are fooling their uber phones into thinking they are first in line at the airport when they're not. >> reporter: the app automatically assigns a fare to the closer car so chris says drivers are hacking their uber phones to make it appear they are closest to the airport. >> you have to cheat now to get an airport drive. >> reporter: this is where they are supposed to wait for airplane fares 2.5 miles away. >> there's currently only one car. >> reporter: instead, the app shows a cluster of uber drivers apparently parked on the freeway off-ramp just feet from the airport. >> five, six, seven eight. >> reporter: but clearly no one is parking here. >> as you can see, there's no cars parked on the side of the road, no black cars. >> reporter: while uber didn't immediately respond to our
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request for comment, chris says the company told him, they are aware of the issue and are working on it although he says they haven't as much as sent an email to drivers asking them to stop. and in the meantime, honest drivers like him are missing out on lucrative fares. and without uber's help, he says he can't beat them but he just can't bring himself to join them, either. >> drivers are stealing rides from other drivers. >> reporter: now, none of the uber drivers here would admit to hacking their phones or agree to speak on camera for fear of retaliation from the company. but some say they have been approached by people here in this parking lot offering to hack their phone for $800. it's probably happening everywhere. >> when they hack the phones, do they also get the riders' name and information, as well? because that's part of sort of the perk of unioner is that you know who is picking you up -- uber is that you know who is picking up and they know who they are supposed to be getting.
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do they include that? >> reporter: they are simply hacking the location. these guys will sit in this parking lot for hours and never get a fare because all the other guys are cutting in line. >> not fair. thank you, julie. a passenger who broke her back when an ac transit driver plowed over a speed bump was officially awarded more than $15 million today. the on board security camera shows the effect. maria francisco is violently jolted from her seat and slammed back into it. the bus driver was not very sympathetic, even accused her of faking. but a court today thought otherwise. >> this is the largest jury verdict against the ac transit and i think it's going to send a message to ac transit they need to take some steps to supervise their drivers and make sure these types of things don't happen. >> according to the the victim's attorney the driver of the bus is still on the job and hasn't been disciplined. firefighters have just about put out a 12-acre brush fire in san jose. it burned near sierra road just
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north of alum rock park. investigators say those flames apparently started at 2:30 when an abandoned car was set on fire. san jose police are investigating two murder in less than 12 hours. a man was stabbed early today near the plaza de cesar chavez. he later died at a hospital. police say there was a brawl involving a group of people. yesterday, a man was shot and killed on gramercy place. these are the 21st and 22nd homicides in san jose this year. meantime, san jose's police chief met with neighbors at a park a few blocks from the scene of yesterday's shooting. it was an informal event to talk about safety and any other issues. he is especially interested in reaching out to young people. heart stopping video of a brush with death on the tracks. two women. are run over by a freight train -- two women are run over by a freight train and survive. [ beep, beep ] >> that's security video from the 100-car coal train. the women running for their lives on an 80-foot-tall bridge
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in indiana as the train runs over them. take another look at it. the woman appears to trip almost falls off of the bridge. the other gets down flat on the tracks. the conductor tries to break but it is too late. incredibly the women crawled out from under that train and took off. they have since been identified and they will face criminal charges for trespassing. >> unbelievable to see that. what were they thinking? >> crazy. paul, switching gears, a gorgeous day today. >> really nice. >> pretty. >> kind of bonus sunshine today. thought it would be cloudier. call a spade a spade, thought was cloudier. warmer, as well. we got a nice day. if you are going to err, err on the side of sunnier. we did today. that's a beautiful view from the top of the pyramid looking toward angel island and alcatraz and marin. it's sunny and hot away from the water, livermore 95, san jose comfortably at 80. santa rosa 87 and, of course,
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it is cooler in san francisco currently 64. if you are looking off to the east and you see some clouds, you're looking at the top of thunderstorms about 150 miles away. it is just blossoming right now over the sierra. hugging the california-nevada border and some thunderstorms very close to south lake tahoe. rainfall up there for about the 15th consecutive day. we have seen vehiclive or thunderstorm activity in the sierra. overnight tonight better sleeping weather in the upper 50s and low 60s as that humidity decreases, we cool off quicker at night. fremont 61. san rafael 59 tonight. here's the setup. ridge of high pressure bringing up the tropical moisture but it didn't go up and over to the bay area. it just went up over the sierra nevada. we are seeing thunderstorms as far north as bend, oregon. but not for us. we missed out. so that monsoonal rainfall we called for a tiny chance of showers. it was a near miss. now the ridge moves back. our flow of sierra not from the south. it's an onshore flow coming back and it's going to be here for several days which means
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we'll get seasonably cool temperatures anywhere near the water and away from the water with less of that ocean influence it will be seasonably warm. temperatures running on average about 2 to 3 degrees above where they should be but very close to where we should be for the end of july and beginning of august. august starts soon. humidity decreasing overnight and tomorrow. a very slow cooling trend toward the end of the week which will lead to a not as hot weekend next weekend. concord you're down tomorrow to the 2. still 4 degrees above average. san jose you're also 4 degrees above normal. santa clara tomorrow 85. redwood city 84. 60s at the beach half moon bay 69 degrees. san ramon warm again 94. pittsburg 98. pleasant hill 93. 71 mild day in san francisco with morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. novato hits 85 and it was hot today in ukiah. it will be hot again tomorrow. with a high of 102. we begin cooling off after thursday. notice the downward trend by the weekend. upper 80s low 90s inland. we are kind of having a set it and forget it forecast. you will probably like the next
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several days if you liked today. sunshine inland, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, all is normal again. very nice. >> thank you. ♪[ music ] some people say its shallow alto but snobby alto? where's that coming from? i'm mike sugerman. i'll tell you coming up. ,, eye ,,,,,,,,
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oses. but is really? snobs in the bay area? well, turns out a city right here tops the new list of places where people stick up their noses. >> yeah. >> but is that really true? we sent kpix 5's mike sugerman to find out. >> reporter: so do you know the difference between a pinot noir and chardonnay? >> one's red and one's white? [ laughter ] >> reporter: that might make you a snob. others say doh? >> i have been all over the place. >> reporter: yeah. >> and i don't think this is a snobby city. >> reporter: palo alto was named today according to the website molvado america's snobbiest small city. normally when i'm looking for
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opinion my first stop is the local barbershop. the president. so i asked the barbers and they said we're not going to say anything. we have to cut these people's hair. i took that as a yes. so give me an example of a snobby factor. >> reporter: good question. here they are. highest home price, highest income, educated population, number of art galleries, fewest amount of fast food joints. >> we're walking downtown here talking about how this is such a great hometown feel. i grew up in kansas and this is very similar. >> i think there's another word rather than snobby. >> reporter: he has lived in this funky old apartment building in downtown palo alto 25 years. >> so they are self-centered more. >> reporter: we put the question out on facebook. crissy wrote, oh, pahleeeze! peder goodman. the merchants think they are the elite purveyor. sos, same old stuff. >> i think this is one of the nicest places to love. >> reporter: do they walk around with their nodeses in
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the air? depends who you -- noses in the air? it depends on who you ask. or -- or -- is it just a website trying to get publicity? but i'll tell you something. allen and liz, it certainly worked because a whole bunch of people were talking about it today on the streets of palo alto. >> got people talking. >> that's what they wanted. >> i think most people in the bay area are pretty easy-going. i mean it's california. >> reporter: i know poor uneducated people who are snobs. i don't think you have to be rich. >> but homes are expensive, you have stanford and a lot of shops. >> maybe snob is more the attitude. >> reporter: i'll bring you back society white wine. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're just learning: p-g and-e d for obstruct i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. pg&e has been indicted for obstructing the investigation into the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. ahead at 6:00 the criminal charges the utility is facing. also, an east bay hospital already struggling deals with another big blow. and the blame is being put on doctors. we'll have that and more at 6:00. >> that pg&e big news. all right, thank you. we'll join you in 30 minutes. that's it for us at 5:00. we have the "cbs evening news" with james brown in for scott pelley. >> and remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> brown: tonight, changing the rules for college sports. the ncaa sets a new policy for dealing with head injuries. mark strassman on athletes past, present, and future. pll plante with echoes of the cold war. the western allies hit with new sanctions over it's aggression in ukraine. the u.s. military plane lands in germany with a dead stow away in a wheel well. david martin with a mystery and a breech of security. anthony mason tells us nearly one in four americans is being chased right now by a debt collector. n, the cape cod fishing competition, elaine quijano says the professionals are losing to the naturals. >> reporter: what is it that you see when you look at a gray seal? >> i see a threat to my bottom line. captioning sponsored by cbs


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