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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 28, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i looked up i looked up and there was this giant bolt of lightning just shooting across the sky and the loudest thunder i've ever heard. >> without warning one person is dead and more than a dozen others hurt after lightning strike as crowded southern california beach. people that were sitting in the sand on the beach felt the electricity come through the sand. a call for peace from the united nations. the security council pushes for a cease-fire in gaza between israelis and palestinians. >> you know what? we'll taxi any way you want if you tell us to, but i don't like your attitude. >> and tower tension. an airline pilot and air traffic controller in a heated exchange at the world's busiest airport. >> en route on mike.
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you didn't tell us how to try to get there, so next time you can try telling us that. captioning funded by cbs th, 2014. good morning. thank you foroi this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, july 28th, 2014. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm lauren lyster in for anne-marie green. one person died from a fierce and powerful lightning storm in southern california. 13 others were injured. the rare summer storm hit hard along venice beach. 13 of the victims were injured there. some were in the water, others on the beach or boardwalk. as adriana wine gold of our los angeles station kcbs reports, the storm hit quick with little warning. >> reporter: a deadly day at venice beach as lightning shocked beachgoers. officials say they're not exactly sure where the lightning hit but at around 2:20 in the afternoon people across the beach felt the jolt. >> it was terrifying. it was intense.
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we were in the water and it came out of nowhere. we saw lightning before but we didn't think it with us going to be that bad. >> it was really scary. as soon as we felt it, i yelled for paige to get out of the water, and we just swam as hard as we could until we got to the shore. >> reporter: john and his family were riding their bikes along ocean front walk when they say a huge lightning bolt hit a pole right in front of them. the electricity stopped them in their tracks. >> instantaneously about a group of 100 people in our area, a lot of us on our bikes, stopped and looked around like this, like what the heck just happened. >> reporter: another witness took this video just after the lightning hit. it showed terrifying moments as laich guards scrambled to save victims. some say it sounded like a bomb. some say it was as loud as a plane crash. >> it's just insane that lightning would just crash on the beach right there right in front of us, the loudest lightning i've ever heard. >> reporter: from the air you can see the frantic chaotic moments as lifeguards responded to the scene.
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divers and lifeguards in the water looking for victims. then all of a sudden they rush out of the water and head up the beach. >> there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 who approached the fire department with various complaints, most of them saying they felt like they were struck by lightning. >> reporter: two victims were given cpr on the scene. one wasn't found until after the storm passed through. >> we had helicopters and fire and lifeguards looking for them. >> reporter: seven adults and a 15-year-old were taken to the hospital. a 20-year-old man died from his injuries. fire officials here say they've never seen anything quite like this at any beach in southern california. for cbs news, i'm adrianna weingold in venice beach. today severe weather is forecast across much of the eastern united states. severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging wind gusts, hail, and possibly tornados are
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possible from the ohio valley to the mid-atlantic states. the danger exists through this evening. the severe weather is moving out of eastern tennessee this morning after powerful storms destroyed at least ten homes there yesterday. rescue crews are conducting door-to-door searches. trees and power lines were knocked down. there are no reports of serious injuries. forecasters are trying to determine if a tornado was responsible. and this morning firefighters in northern california are battling a fire that destroyed at least 13 homes east of sacramento. the sand fire is 50% contained, but six square miles burned since friday. the fire started when a truck drove over dry vegetation. more than 500 homes remain at risk and are under evacuation orders. >> too close to the house and we're not allowed to go home.
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i think the worst is the unknown, the winds. nobody knows if it's going to change, get worse, be better, get put out. you know, it's scary. >> 150 miles to the south, a fire near yosemite national park quadrupled in size to more than three square miles. one home was destroyed and tourists at a campground were evacuated. early this morning the u.n. security council unanimously called for an immediate cease-fire on the gaza strip. in 20 days of fighting between israel and hamas, more than a thousand palestinians have been killed. 45 israelis have died. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning, susan. >> good morning, lauren. today in gaza is quite different from what it is supposed to be. a time of joy with celebrations coinciding with the end of the holy month of ramadan. both israel and hamas are accusing one another of
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violating cease-fires and there's no telling if the u.n. which is again calling for a truce between these two sides after that midnight meeting in new york will do any greater good. the united nations security council called for israel and hamas to put down their weapons during an emergency midnight meeting. >> the security council expresses strong support for immediate and unconditional interim cease-fire. >> overnight there was relative calm. the lull came after fighting sunday and a brief truce. on cbs ice "face the nation" israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu -- >> israel is not obliged and will not let a terrorist organization to decide when it's convenient for them to stop for a moment, rearm, and continue firing on our citizens and our people. >> reporter: in an interview with cbs's charlie rose, the
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leader of hamas said there can't be peace without recognition of a palestinian state. >> you believe in the co-existence of people and therefore you believe in the co-existence of palestinians and israelis in the middle east. >> translator: i can't co-exist with occupation. >> reporter: more than 1,000 palestinians have died in the fighting. president obama called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu sunday reiterating israel has the right to defend itself, but, again, expressed concern about the rising death toll. now, israel did acknowledge on sunday that its military fired the mortar shell that hit that u.n. school, the school that was being used as a u.n. shelter but said that its attack is not responsible for the deaths there. lauren. >> susan mcginnis in washington. thanks so much. you can see more of charlie rose's interview with the lead over hamas coming up on "cbs this morning." and this morning there is fierce fighting reported near the crash site of malaysia airlines flight 17 in eastern
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ukraine. ukrainian government troops are trying to gain control of the area from rebel forces. investigators abandoned planned to visit the site. meanwhile the united states released satellite images it says shows russia fired rockets into ukraine last week. the images seemed to show blast marks from where the rockets were launched and craters where they landed. in east africa, two american aid workers are being treated for ebola. they became infected with the deadly virus as they fought the growing outbreak in liberia. wendy gillette reports. >> reporter: a sign at south side church of christ in ft. worth, texas, reads "pray for kent." the prayers are for kent brantley, an american doctor who tested positive last week for ebola. brantley from indianapolis attended the church while completing his family practice
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residency. shortly after he travelled to liberia to treat ebola patients working for a humanitarian group based in north carolina. he worked with nancy writebol who also testified positive for ebola last week. >> dr. brantley and nancy both are in stable condition tonight. they have fever, body aches and pains, they're not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: the americans were part of a team fighting a fast outbreak of ebola in west africa that's killed 672 people since february. it's fatal in up to 90% of cases and has no known cure. but infect us disease experts say the risk of contracting ebola through casual contact is low. >> you have to have contact win contact or with bodily fluids.
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>> reporter: experts say the disease could very well spread beyond the borders of west africa because screening in the affected airports is limited and inadequate. a walk along the venice florida beach ended tragically for a young father, that when a small plane makes an emergency landing. the plane lost power and landed at the edge of the surf on sunday. investigators are trying to determine whether the plane or debris struck the man, killing him. his daughter was critically injured. coming up on the "morning news," airport security beach. we'll hear from the kayakers who drifted a little too close to jfk international. and we'll meet the store clerk who surprised some alleged robbers with a skill he learned at his other job. this is the "cbs morning news." alleged robbers with a skill he learned at his other job. this is the "cbs morning news." [ yodeling plays ] worst morning ever. [ angelic music plays ] ♪
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some thieves got quite a surprise when they tried to rob a convenience store worker in houston, texas. surveillance video earlier this month shows the alleged robbers attacking the man as he got out of his car carrying money from the bank.
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well, the man's co-worker who happens to be a champion mixed martial arts fighter from sri lanka attacked the suspects. one was arrested. the others got away. a security breach at one of the nation's busiest airports over the weekend. two kayakers were able to enter a restricted area at kennedy airport here in new york. it was the second such incident in at many years. vicente arenas has more. >> reporter: it was this kayak that jordan crooms and anthony giglio used to reach the shore near kennedy international. maintenance men found the two near an airport pier around 1:30 saturday morning. croom and giglio say their kayak had overturned. >> we were almost drowning. we were like -- we couldn't hold onto the boat and we were getting pulled under and out and all different ways, even swirled a little bit. >> reporter: the maintenance workers called police. it was in this area two years ago that a man whose jet ski ran
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out of gas climbed an eight-foot fence, crossed two active runways, and walked into the airport. he was never detected by the system vary lance cameras and motion detectors. >> you've got a system that's supposed to provide detection, and what happened? was the person detected? did the system detect it? did the system tell somebody? >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cbs news the kayakers were not close enough to set off the system's alarms or to cause concern among law enforcement, but in a statement to cbs news, the port authority police union says the system is a failure and the port authority's reluctance to provide adequate marine patrol and rescue services along with its failed perimeter intrusion technology is not in the flying public's best interest. in an interview the port authority told cbs news the kayakersdy not breach the secured airfield. they were seeking help in a
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restricted water area and at a light pier. they were encountered quickly and provided help. the kayakers were cited for trespassing but they were not arrested. vicente arenas, cbs news, new york. gasoline prices have posted their biggest decline of the year. the lundberg survey which tracks sales at the pump says prices have dipped 9 cents over the past two weeks, putting the average price of a gallon of regular nationwide at $3.58. still to come, a testy exchange between an airline pilot and control tower caught on tape. and in sport, another reason for cleveland cavs fans to be happy about the return of lebron james. s to be happy about the return of lebron james. (girl) where are all the seats... excuse me, excuse me... can i sit here? ahhh... sure. (sigh) i'm maisy and i'm six.
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were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. if you watched baseball in the '90s, you might have gotten a little nostalgic during sunday's hall of fame ceremony. six former players and managers were inducted into the hall. managers joe torre, tony la russa, and bobby cox combined for eight world series win. pitchers greg maddux and tom glavine were atlanta teammates and won a total of 668 games. and former chicago white sox
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slugger frank thomas is the latest member of the 500 home run club to enter cooperstown. he paid tribute to his late father in his speech. >> thanks for pushing me and always preaching to me. you can be someone special if you really work at it. i took that to heart, pops. look at us today. >> after his speech, torre, the former new york yankees manager apologized for leaving out a thank-you to late yankees owner george steinbrenner. cleveland cavalier fans who didn't burn their lebron james jerseys when he left cleveland four years ago are pretty happy today. james announced sunday he'll once again wear 23 when he returns to the team this fall. he wore that number during the first seven years of his career in cleveland. james was number six while in miami. coming up, tower tensions at the busiest airport in the world. >> okay. because, my god, there's another plane out there like six miles away. your attitude is really something, sir. we're out here on mike.
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good morning. >> we'll have more of a heated exchange between a pilot and air traffic controller. this is the "cbs morning news." between an a pilot and air traffic controller. this is the "cbs morning news." nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. ♪ ♪ ♪ woooooah. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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storm hits venice beach in s angeles killing one person d injuring several others-- a huge wildfire near yosemi destroys structures and fors evacuations. more than twen six hundred acres have burns fire fighters struggle with triple-digit heat. the construction problems oe new bay bridge may have been worse than we thought. why e state lawmaker is calling f criminal investigation. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,,, ,,
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here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. airline pilots and air traffic controllers are among the most stressful occupations so it's no surprise to hear a delta pilot and controller in a heated exchange. it happened friday at the busiest airport in the world, atlanta's hartsfield-jackson. it all started when the controller informed the pilot he was on the wrong taxi way called mike when he should have been on one called lima. the exchange even attracted the attention of a pilot on another plane.
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>> delta air lines said in a statement, quote, while customer service and safety were never in question, we are looking further into this exchange. delta values call for courtesy and professionalism in everything we do. i'm lauren lyster. this is the "cbs morning news."
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>> allegations of police brutality caught on camera in new york and los angeles this month have made national headlines. but plenty of police departments say the full story isn't always told, and as teri okita reports, they are responding with some high-tech tools. >> reporter: policing in the digital age means every moment, every incident can be caught on camera, and sometimes followed by accusations of excessive use of force. but now hundreds of police departments are exploring whether their own cameras might create a more complete picture of a scene. >> body cams are going to become the norm? >> yes. this is something that's changing the face of law enforcement. >> reporter: reaail
4:26 am
rialto, california, police chief tony ferrar is the first in the country to outfit all 75 beat cops with body cameras worn on the lapels or eyeglasses. others are now looking at rialto as a test case for their own department-wide programs. >> people tend to behave a little bit better when they know they're on camera. >> reporter: ferrar said before the body cameras went on officers, there were 24 complaints of excessive force. the next year it dropped to three. sergeant chris heise. >> everyone acts better. i think it teaches our police officers and citizens to treat each other more respectfully. >> reporter: heise says the body cams tell the whole story. >> the thing of the past is the three-second cell phone clip from john doe that put in and say this is what the police officer did. now we'll show you 3 1/2 to 4 minutes prior to. >> should we fear the technology or embrace it? >> embrace it with a quality.
4:27 am
>> reporter: he said his organization which normally opposes surveillance of citizens endorses the body cameras and not just in rialto. >> a picture's worth a thousand words and video, many more. video from perspective of the officer is going to be an invaluable tool to determine why an officer acted the way he or she did and whether he or she acted appropriately. >> reporter: case in point, when this driver allegedly ran a stop sign -- >> how are you doing, sir. >> >> reporter: -- what should have been a routine stop escalate. both the police and the man's son had cameras rolling. >> let me explain something. >> you can explain it to that videotape. you're oust line. >> everything that i've done is on video right here on me. >> yeah, bro, but that was ott of bad. >> reporter: good or bad, everything will be seen. teri okita, cbs news, rialto, california. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll go live to tel aviv for the latest on cease-fire negotiations. plus, more on the two
4:28 am
americans in liberia stricken with ebola. dr. jon lapook joins us in the studio. and we'll head to nashville as country music's grand ole opry marks a milestone. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm lauren lyster. we sure hope you have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- i
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28th i'm juliette goodrich and i'm brian hackney...fra good morning you it is monday, july 28th. i'm brian hack any. frank and michelle are both off
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today. coincidence? >> i don't kn. >> we'll have to ask them when they come back. what are we going to do first? talk weather. the possibility of a few more thunderstorms out there the monsoonal moisture. it is a rough commute for the livermore valley. an overturned big rig was carrying a bunch of produce, and it spilled all over the roadway. blocking two lanes, not going to be cleared until 7:00 or 8:00 this morning. we have a live report coming up. we are going to start out with lawrence and my favorite story. >> it was gigantic and a really loud thunder. >> reporter: crowds on a southern california beach a deadly lightning bolt coming out of nowhere. one man was and i would more than


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