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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 22, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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straight dead shot. precision shot. whoever they shooting at, they go get. >> they shot an 80-year-old lady. >> yeah. the 80-year-old lady did not deserve that. she got hit by a stray built. >> andrea borba is having a little bit of technical difficulttism we are bringing you live picture in san francisco. look at video right know. shots fired into a senior care facility at that corner. we don't know if it was stray builts or they were intended. but a 73-year-old woman was hit by gunfire. we want to get back andrea borba and update that story for you coming up. president obama will be in the south bay to do a little fund raising. but with the violence in the mideast, tonight some question are questioning his priorities. kpix 5's ann notarangelo is in
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lafayette with how this could effect the president. >> reporter: ken, one prominent east bay republican said it probably isn't a negative for a lame duck president like mr. obama, but it's probably bad for the people he is trying to raise the money more. >> president obama is on the road doing what presidents before him have doing beefing up campaign funds for his party. >> every president raises money. he ditz more than most. the question is how does this impact democrats across the country run -- running for senate and congress. >> president obama appears to bigenerring the fighting in gaza, some way. >> you're talking about what he is doing or not doing, instead of solutions democrats need. >> exist's political analysts
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melissa griffin-cane says this could end upping with allays- lose for mr. obama. >> seems like a particularly lost cause for him to be out fund raising for while these other crises are happening. >> but with technology the way it is, his advisers make the case he is not missing a ball. his advisers may be telling him to be prudent where americans' will to get involved is waning. >> he is maybe wisely taking a step back from that and waiting for some additional information. >> it is naive to think other presidents haven't been in similar situations. but even some of his fellow democrats have expressed concern he is not in washington. democrats can find themselveses with money but no message come fall. >> prices that he's facing now like on the border and in the va and in the ukraine, people don't think he is in control or that america is in control. >> reporter: the president did change a portion of his
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california trip in light of all these crises. he is no longer making an appearance on jimmy kimmel live. ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> ann, we are told the president will be arriving at sfo about 9:00 tonight. tomorrow he ed heads to the home a real estate mogul in los gatos. chevron agreed to a lower cap on green house gas emissions for a suppose -- proposed $1 billion project. the move comes as they are set to hear public testimony on a controversial environmental impact report tonight. a little good news for the city of oakland and a's fans. a long disputed 10 year lease to play at the coliseum finally got settled today. oakland a's owner accepted the terms of the contract after
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reviewing and making a few minor ray justments to the language suggested by the city of oakland last week. the deal is expecked to bring $20 million to -- expected to bring $20 million to the city over the next 10 years. in the mean time, quan responded with this statement. once the a's ownership and the county approve the deal, we look guard to moving on to talking about the bigger goal, building a beautiful new ballpark right here in oakland. advocates in san jose for marijuana failed to get enough signatures on pot clubs. supporters came up 10,000 short of the 33,000 needed on the petition. the new laws can close as many as we 80 dispensaries. some argue that will lead to new problems. >> what happened is street dealers are going to end up making more money and filling in the gaps in the market. so, in effect, the city's
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regulations will only serve to make san jose more dangerous >> last month, a san jose city council also voted to limit how close a club can be to schools and home. sleeping or lying down is know longer allowed at one busy b.a.r.t station in san francisco. kpix 5's mark kelly reports, the ban will likely expand tore stations. >> how well b.a. how -- howell b.a.r.t looks like a brand new nation. chief jennings insist this is not just a new look. it's for public safety. >> we determined that people who are sleeping, not awake, not app ware of their surroundings -- aware of their surroundings pose a hazard to our patrons. >> remember, back in 2012 there was an emergency at civic center apartment an explosion and smoke sent people scrambling. >> we find it is our obligation to mitigate that by making sure
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people are app wake. >> b.a.r.t rider george coster says kickling people out doesn't solve the real problem. many are homeless with no where to go. >> been here for 30 years. the homeless issue will be here 30 years and will continue until we offer real solutions. >> police told 17 people leave tuesday morning and they listened. yes, the station less cluttered. but some riders aren't convinced cracking down on people sitting is a path people should be going down. >> i don't have anything against them, but seeing someone, i will be very watchful. i don't mind either way. >> reporter: police say they are working with nonprofits and local organizations to help the homeless in order to get them literally back on their feet. at the san francisco civic station, mark kelly kpix 5. fire crews had to save a guy from the back of a garbage truck this morning.
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turns out we he fell asleep in a dumpster and got a near death wake up call. kpix 5 ryan takeo tells us the quick thinking the garbage truck driver probably saved his life. >> it's a rescue rarely seen. it took place about 20 feet above the ground in the back of this recycling truck. firefighters did not need the ladder for. this they needed it to help bring the man down safely. before the rescue, the man was headed hear. >> this is the recycle central. >> it is the end of the line for san francisco's recycling. it also could have been the end for the man in the back of the truck. >> and it would have unloaded like these other trucks. and then we would have found him. >> during his normal route truck driver mike jones heard something about 6:00 a.m. >> i heard him bang on thed in of the truck. >> that's when he acted quickly, driving a couple blocks to the nearest fire
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station and letting the pros get to work. >> the driver shut down the system before it did anymore damage. the driver thinks the man fell asleep in a dumpster full of card board there was a then loaded into the truck. this company says this type of rescue is rare. >> i have worked for this company for 21 years. this is the first time that i have ever seen anything like. this very unusual. >> it was all thanks to recycling truck driver aware of his environment. in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> emergency crews took the man to san francisco general hospital where he is expected to recover from neck and shoulder injuries. a day at the beach ended in tragedy at half moon bay. a man died after a sand tunnel that he and his friends were digging collapsed on him. what photo shows rescue crews
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and others trying to dig the man out after he was buried in 8 to 10 feet of sand late yesterday. 26-year-old adam pie of san lorenzo died before crews could get him out. apparently the whole collapsed around 26-year-old. a 25-year-old alameda man is dead after a thrill ride turned deadly. he was the passenger in a corvette that crashed on 580. the driver had a history of reckless driving and is accused of driving drunk. kpix 5's linda yee talked with friends about tough lesson they have learned. >> a mother's tears for her dead son. the chp says the 25-year-old died from injuries in a car wreck, a car driven by a friend who had been drinking and speeding. despite the loss, his mother has found comfort.
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his organs will be donated. >> hi can help burn victims with his skin, help someone is' life. we're thankful for that. >> the driver cory mcdonald seen here in a facebook photo with his corvette is still in the hospital being treated for serious injuries. >> 120 miles an hour doing a wheelly. >> in april, he was caught on his motorcycle dangerously speeding through traffic. after he was arrested then, he was smug when he talked to kpix 5. >> are you sorry? >> yes. >> what is your message to all the guys who are thinking about speeding out there? >> i don't know. big broth services always watching you. >> extremely cocky. >> nick's friends did not like what they saw mcdonna do or say. >> we knead to be the bigger people here in the matter. anger isn't going to help anybody. bashing people isn't going to help anybody. we're just here to be supportive and help nick's family. >> those who know cory say they
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get his wild ways, but they have also learned aless. >> we come from the same class. we like to go fast. we like to live a little fast. >> we all ride dirt bikes. we ride fast. it comes back to bite us sometimes. >> reporter: they lost one friend and another may face years in prison for what he did. all of them say it's been a hard lesson to learn, but it isn't worth taking chances just because it's fun at the time. in oakland, linda yee kpix 5. >> the alameda countyd has not decided on the exact charges he faces. he was arrested for dui but could also be charged with manslaughter. police looking for the suspects in a home invasion robbery in which the victim was beaten and kicked in the face. three people are already under arrest. police are still looking for these women p. 32-year-old king and 29-year-old herrera.
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they believe the women are staying in a sunnydale or bayview district of san francisco. that robbery happened july 9th. still ahead, they are not your typical household inspectors. >> meet the teens who are helping east bay home ownerses save energy and money. you just lived through wettest july day this century. i know it didn't rain that much, but the bar is very low this time of year. yeah, rain in concord, many other places. thunderstorms, too. p what's coming up next. mother nature with the curve ball, coming up next. the facility meant for sick california inmates, coming up. ,,,,,,
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for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. that's why safeway works with over 150 local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered daily to safeway. so there's more local produce to love. like this week, locally grown g&s farms sweet corn
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is just 8 for $2.00. they are placing a proposal a 2-cent tax on soda --- and sugar- sweetened drinks on e november ballot. if it passes, the soda tax will fund recreati and nutrition programs in s
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francisco public schools, a the city's rec and park department. the tax is expected to brin 35 million every year. no more need for porta potts here... after 5 days of no water...the h-2-0 is finally back on for the people livin the springhouse apartments pleasanton. a water main broke friday. while crews worked to repair it - resid had to adjust - some even shuttled water back-and- forth from e pool. the owner of the complex says rent will not charged for the 5 days thers no water. . new at 6... a youth program is planning to offer free water and energy new at 6:00, a youth program is planning to offer free water and aling energy evallulations in contra costa county. kpix 5's john ramos has more. >> if you have ever had to tell a teenager the turn off the
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lights or shut off the water, today delay return the favor. >> gallons per minute, 1.6. >> an army of young energy specialist sand out over this apartment complex showing people how steve water and electricity. when phillip first joined the california energy youth services program, he did it for the paycheck. >> as i got it, railize that you're really helping out your community. people really appreciate you. i feel better about myself and about helping others. >> the conservation audits are paid for by a sir charge on utility bills. besides installing bulbs, the young people gather valuable data that is then passed on to local water districts. >> to help them figure out where there should be rebaits and incentives. >> for the past 14 years, the berkeley-based program has offered hundreds of kids a meaningful job with real
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responsibility, all while saving home owners water, energy and money. >> i am always blown away by the young people's professionalism, customer service. it is something incredible. >> you really realize who you are at the end. that's what i'm going through right now. >> as the energy specialists work to improve their community and environment, they are changing not only people's habits, but their perception of the younger generation as well. john ramos kpix 5. >> a free conservation audit is offered in four bay area counties. if you would like to schedule one goo to our website, click on lynns and numbers. mother nature put on a free show in the bay area today. it was quite a show indeed. take a look at this. flashlightening caught on camera near sfo. this was posted on instagram national weather service says there were at least 25 strikes in the bay area overnight, early this morning. you can see some pretty amazing
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shots, lightning. and you can post your own photos on click on the banner at the top of the page. >> in the backyarded to, i heard something. looked around, it was rain. >> yeah >> then i heard the thunder. >> reporter: yeah. >> i wondered after two months of nothing, what is this. >> yeah. what's going on? >> reporter: we had this monsoonal moisture. it's really changed things. the past week and a half has been very sticky. we have had showers. this morning we had those thunderstorms. things are calming down outside. this is a shot from san jose. you got about .2 of rainfall in the south bay. a live shot shows you lots of sunshine. it is warm inland, which is the case almost everyday. san ramon, 82. it was also mild near the water. san rafael 74.
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pacifica 74. i will show you video here. surf is up in pacifica because right now conditions are amazing to go in the water at the beach. we are at near record high temperatures. typically, the wind comes in off the northwest. that causes up welling and allows the cold water to reach the surface. because we have had this monsoon flow we haven'ted that up welling and the's is running so degrees warmer than normal. something the surfers say they do not mind. >> it's great. it loosens you up. >> delicious in comparison to how it usually is, ant 8 degrees warmer. which, here, means a lot. >> reporter: i wasn't going to use delicious, but go for it. it eastern time. i always tell the kids when they go to school, that is like the world's largest refrigerator. not the case right now. h as a matter of fact, the water in the ocean off half moon bay currently is the same temperature as manhattan beach in southern california. that simply does not happen.
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the surfers think it's delicious. mountain view, low 71. napa 57. what's going on? well, instead of getting that flow of air off the ocean which causes the up welling and lets those temperatures drop in the ocean, our flow of air has been coming up out of the south. that's why we had the rain this morning. that's why the ocean is warm. things are steadily back where they should be. step by step we are seeing things step back to normal which will be morning cloud cover near the watt we are w. mr. have sunshine in the afternoon -- we will have shine in the afternoon. temperatures will be climb canning as a result as well. >> wow. >> reporter: that is a problem in santa rosa. thank you, ken, for pointing that out. 7s are wild, ken, in santa rosa. extended forecast, it will be in the 90s inland thursday through the weekend. near the bay, 77 on thursday.
6:21 pm
77 on sunday. so we're trending milder, drier, sunnier through weekend. but this was the wettest july day in 14 years. >> wow. >> and how long is the water going to be warm? >> this probably will revert back to normal after this weekend. if you want warmer now. >> do it now. 777degrees. all right, paul. >> i pointed out that you never make a mistake. >> reporter: well, it will be corrected in 30 minutes. >> thank you, paul. a mexican-born sanford law professor has been nominated by jerry brown, governor. associate justice of the state's high court. if approved, the registered democrat would fill a vacancy created by justice marvin baxter. he also served as an adviser in the obama white house. a canceled central valley tradition may not be going away after all.
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>> coming up, how one guy plans to save the stockton asparagus festival. ,,,,,,
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gutted through a charter school--causing the roof to apse. flames and fire crews in los angeles finishing up their bat billion a two-alarm fire that gutted a charter school and caused it to collapse. fortunately t school was not in session at the time. no injuries have been reported. central valley tradition seemed to be don for good. but now someone is coming to the rescue. cbs reporter lee martinez introduces us to the guy who is saving the stockton asparagus festival. >> just a local farmer here in the area. >> actually he is not just a farmer. and this isn't the first time he's brought something back to life. in 2008, he and his wife carol reopened a stockton speedway. >> it was built in 1947. we reopened it. it is our 65th year. >> the board of director
6:25 pm
announced last month that the asparagus festival became too costly and called it quits. no one else stepped up to take over. that is when tony started making phone calls. so why is he taking on the stockton asparagus festival. >> we have been a great supporter of that for the last five years. going down there, taking race cars, showing it off to people. we like to preserve things, just like this racetrack here. >> he refused to reveal his sponsors today, but he did say the stockton asparagus festival is definitely happening next year. >> green light's on. >> reporter: details as to when and p where the it was will be held will be revealed at tomorrow's press conference. if you have been walking around san francisco and you thought that a rock passed you by, don't worry. you aren't going crazy. he is in town for the week filming scenes from the big
6:26 pm
budget earthquake movie. despite criticism from merchants, they will continue to shoot through sunday. crews will be filming tomorrow 5:00 a.m. until noon on pacific between stockton and grant street. maintenance technician buying a cheap meal at a local oakland supermarket made a last minute decision that changed his life. anthony smith bought three $2 scratchers and he won $1.3 million right on the spot. smith says that he and his wife plan to buy their very first home and maybe a laundry mat business. >> wait. on a scratcher? >> 1.3 million. >> all right. are you buying after the show. >> he did all right. i wonder if the store owner had a million three to give him? probably not. >> i think he owes the store owner a little something, right? in our next half hour, a billion dollar health care facility for southern california inmates. we will take a look inside. and the war on p water wear
6:27 pm
z ramps up. how much bun bay area agency could be spending to catch you in the act. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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has made it a temporary no-y ce. now at 6:30, no u.s.
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flights allowed into israel. the faa has made it a temporary no-fly zone because of the violence. welcome back. i am veronica de la cruz. >> i am ken bastida. the grounding of u.s. flights will last until at least tomorrow. cbs reporter alfonso van marsh has the latest from tel aviv. >> this plane not going anywhere any time soon. federal aviation officials suspended flights to and from israel after ah-hah mast rocket landed in tel aviv landed tuesday. >> deputies say it was already in the air when the decision was made. the flight was diverted to paris with 290 people on board. >> this was first time since fighting broke out between israel and hamas militants broke out that an airplane landed. >> the rocket came down in art coyard and destroyed at least
6:31 pm
four homes. shrapnel was sent flying into this baby's crib. >> fortunately you guys weren't home at the time, right? >> yes. >> the child's father says they left minutes before they talk. the rocket strike did not stop israel's military from pounding target from the gaza trip. palestinian officials say a mosque was among the buildings destroyed. secretary of strait john kerry andbnke moon want cease fire. for now, hamas is sticking to its guns. alfonso van marsh, cbs news tel aviv. >> air france, luftansa and klm is also suspending flights. flight 796 headed to philadelphia this morning as scheduled but did not continue
6:32 pm
onto israel after the faa ground flights. u.s. intelligence officials say they have circumstantial evidence that russia provide the weapons accept ramos kpixtists used to shoot -- accept separatist used to shoot down the malaysia flight 17. >> we will work with them to make sure loved ones are recovered. california has a big, new and very expensive prison
6:33 pm
medical complex. only on 5, michelle griego shows us what tax payers are and are not getting for all that money. >> it is the crown jewel of california's prison system. a brand new billion dollar health care facility designed to house the state's inmates. wheelchair accessible cells are equipped with hospital beds. there is a state of the art emergency room and a 29 chair dialysis clinic. but the prison complex is quiet because it is only half full. the mission was shut down after they found too many problems. >> there were a lot of issues around the pricing issues. >> joyce is with the receiver's office. >> seems like a plus for our nurses. the appropriate food out of the kitchen, catheters. >> he is an employee at the prison who doesn't want to be
6:34 pm
identified. >> [ inaudible ] >> like the er. when we visited, it was empty. >> inaid. >> instead, inmates in need of emergency care are sent out to local hospitals and ambulances at $600 a ride. and's not all. even though there is a primary care clinic that offers basic medical services and a medicine hub for virtual consults with specialists on the outside, inmates still are driven out daily. >> 10, 20, 30 per day. too many. we can take care of at least half of them in-house. >> we spotted multiple prison transport vans taking inmates to non-emergency doctors visits are. documents we obtained show referrals out for glucose checks, fever. even just not feeling well. >> when they get to the
6:35 pm
hospital, nursing staff asks why is this guy here everyday. >> even inmates we talked to confirm. >> people go to the hospital all the time here. they go out everyday. >> there was one today that went out for an appointment. he had a medical issue arise. >> the received a mitt there is an issue. >> the facility was built not as a hospital but a higher level health care facility. so we will always have inmates that knead to go out to community hospitals. >> the receiver's office tells us outside hospital cost are down prison wide from over $800 million four years ago to just over $300 million now. michelle griego kpix 5. if you live in santa clara and you have a lush green lawn,
6:36 pm
you might as well wait. water cops may persuade people to clang their wasteful base. >> they wouldn't be able to site people or give tickets. but they would be able to respond to reports of wear waste and hopefully help people understand what the rules are. >> if voluntary measures to cut back still don't work, the next step could be mandatory fines. still ahead, a bargain shopper's security breach coming up in tonight's consumer watch. details on the data fast at good will affecting more than a dozen states. ,,,,,,,,,,
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bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent! but my friends are learning skills that can change a life. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train dogs like suzie to engage students in schools and special education classes. while ginger visits folks in the hospital offering quiet comfort. with your help, we can do even more! make a donation at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people. third quarter. but ipad sales continue to slump. in the recent quarter, apple sold 35-mi better than expected profits for apple. ipad sells continue to slide. in the recent quarter apple sold 35 million iphones up from 31 million the same period last year making it apple's biggest money maker. apple sold 13 ipads in the
6:39 pm
recent quarter. that is down 9% from a year ago. >> this is kind of an off quarter for apple. everybody is waiting for the new products to come out this fall. so people will wait to buy a new phone until the new products come out. same with the ipad. also, there is worries that people are buying ipads, new tablets less frequently or opting for ramos kpix cheaper one. >> apple is expected to introduce new devices later this week, including possibly two new iphone 6 models. attention bargain shore, your credit and debit card information may be at risk. gee, we have never heard that before v we? consumer watch reporter julie watts tells us they have been hit by data thieves. >> reporter: that's right. the secret service is investigating another data breach at good will, which is cooperating with the investigation. the breach was first reported by the website which says bank sources are saying fraudulent activity on credit and debit
6:40 pm
card accounts belonging to good will customers in 21 states, including democraticr california. the fraud could extend pack to the middle of last-year-old craig say most of the illegal charges are of considering at big box stores and supermarkets. medical credit cards could be hazardous to your financial health. that is the finding of a new report by consumer action. the group finds that key financing information is often hidden over a move from enrollment materials making it difficult to compare plans and also find that the card is intended to finance medical and dental procedures and can have interest rates close to 30%. and t report warns the card seems to be more advantageous for the medical provider than the consumer. there is yet another ignition switch recall this evening. this timing chrysler is recalling nearly 800,000 jeep suvs worldwide. h it involves 2055 to 2007
6:41 pm
cherokees and (200)620-2007 commanders. a driver's knee could disable the power steering and airbags. it is the same issue that forced gm's massive recall of millions of cars. so far, chrysler has recalled more than 1.6 million cars far same problem since june. remember, if you have ramos kpix consumer problem, you can send us an email at >> maybe it is all the keys that people have hanging on their key rings, you we know. >> yeah. i had to go on a key diet because of that. or i could just get the recall fixed and are not have to worry about it. >> there you go. thank you. still ahead, hotels that focus on your health and wellness. >> from gym equipment right in your room to special food options. what they are doing to keep you fit while you travel. raise your land if you lad thunder this morning. raise your land if you got poured on this morning. july. what's going on? rainfall today. about .4 of an imp.
6:42 pm
it rained in july. what's next? your 7 day forecast is next. hang on for five minutes. straight ahead, an old friend is back with the a's. a little league batter for high stakes. >> i am actually an emerald hog. you have to bring extra down there. >> yeah. her family is worth a b. her passion, priceless. don't move. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but now a growing number of hotels are using health and wellness as a selling points reporter jericka (jer-ee-ka duncan explains. tues267 pkg (vo - norwalk, ct) the smel sage greets you at the entr of this hotel, (nats) theres fresh fruit infused water , a wet cloth to wipe away the days grime... (nats) this ia new brand of hotel from the intercontinental group- cald even. (sot - adam glickman/ hotels) "the whole premise behind even hotels is very simply, we want to help our guest stay in balance on the road." even hotels are builr travelers interested in wellness. in this connectic location- the rooms are equd with stretch bands, fitness balls and yoga mats to make workouts easy. a pull out d encourages travelers to sta while they work... and the menu consists of healthy ops in small portions. (bridge: jericka duncan/cbs news/nor, ct) "more and more hotels a catering to people who wanto stay healthy. it's actuallyt of their business model. ear this year, westin hotels launched a campaign that of guests workout gear and healthier food options. wyn kimpton and fairmont hotelso promote wellness and for go st year showed even hotels are built for travelers interested in wellness and this connecticut location the rooms are equipped are stretch bins, fitness boles
6:46 pm
and yoga mats a. pull out desk encourages travelers to stand while delay work. and the food is smaller portions. more and more hotels are catering to guests who want to stay healthy. it is actually part of their business model. ier this year west inlaunched healthier food options. wyndham, hilton also promote wellness. wellness tourism is greg 50% faster than overall global tourism bringing in billions every year. lisa note and her family stayed overnight. >> a fabulous idea. people are able to keep up their exercise routine. >> that way they can keep their health on track even far from home. shereka duncan connecticut. >> wellness institute says health-conscious travelers spend 133% more than the
6:47 pm
average first. sometimes drink and u pbers don't mix. man posted his receipt on line for what might be the shortest ride ever. he went for 95 feet for a teal of $4.28. the ride r. attribute 0 his poor judgment to, quote, a night of fairly heavy drinking. >> reporter: heavy rain soaked parts of alabama this week. check out to what it did for one woman's lawn. think she's worried rabbit watering? no. -- want watering? she is kind of floating. >> wow. >> reporter: 6 inches of rain. all that water loosened up the soil and grass causing this. >> a water bed. >> reporter: probably the worst thing you can do is walk on it. >> yeah. break the dam and let all the gunk come out. >> if only we could do that here. >> reporter: i would not want to be here for the rainstorm. alabama, so much rain. >> i know. >> reporter: delay would love
6:48 pm
to ship like half of thattous. >> we need it. yeah. >> reporter: if only things were that easy. got a little bit of rainfall this morning. now things are calming down. we are heading back to normal for july. it is still muggy outside. still pretty cloudy near the water. epi penser 60s, low 70s every where. san francisco 68. livermore is only 6 degrees warmer. san jose 75. oakland 70. santa rosa 71. rainfall is leaving the bay area now up toward redding. the sierra getting another round of thunderstorms, especially on the nevada side of the border. we lad rainfall today. the rain that we did receive, .4 of inch. sounds like not very much. for us, that would be record rainfall on 22 different july days. that is how low the bar is this time of year for setting record rainfall. we didn't do it today. but on most july days we would. here is why it rained. this is a pattern that we do not see that often in the
6:49 pm
simmer time. high pressure way over arizona, new mexico. that is grabbing the tropical moisture we sending it around the ridge into southern california. now we have a low pressure area which in this case is acting like a magnet or vacuum drawing up that tropical moisture from southern california all the way into the bay area. so it has been cloudy. it did rain. we did see thunderstorms. the perfect set epi pens for july rainfall which will not be the case of a tonight. one more humid night tonight after the rain stays up in oregon and washington. that ridge move back where it should. now the flow comes from the west. i call it normal. it will be back to normal and stay that way for several days. anymore chances of rainfall have to fly somewhere because i don't see anymore around here. monsoon moisture gone of a tonight. it will be sunnier. it will be less humid. if you live away from water, it will be getting hotter after tomorrow. san jose 79 degrees. little bit of morning cloud cover. afternoon sunshine. morgan hill, gilroy, mid up
6:50 pm
toker 80s. mountain view, 76. pacifica 66 degrees for you tomorrow. danville high of 82. afternoon sunshine. pittsburgh 84. livermore 83. vallejo 76. daily city, mid 60s. oakland 72. napa, 80 degrees will be the high for you. lakeport 84 degrees with sunshine. hotter inland on thursday. in the 90s. will get even hotter friday through sunday. near the bay, pretty warm. close to 80 degrees over the weekend. we will likely hit 80 for the coast as early as friday. vern has sports, coming up. ,, we love this kitchen! ,, what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services
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6:53 pm, 2 bay area little league teams were trying tow closer to the holy grail of game...the little league wod series... northern california, the road first has to go thru s jose... little league teams were true trying to day closer to the holy grail. they had to do through san jose first. >> one, two, three. >> against mill valley. an onslaught by pacifica national. how about the fist inning grand slam by jordan selgado. one of three homers for pacifica. they won 12-0 to advance. mill valley in this double
6:54 pm
elimination format will play tomorrow in the loser's bracket for a chance to get a rematch with pacifica. winner of this region moves on to the san bernardino region for the right to do to pennsylvania. >> the big boys. the giants in town again. tied two in the fifth. in front of the fanatic, a one- time philly. a big fly for the giants. his 13th. the phillies have an answer. how about alameda navy jimmy rawlings. phillies clinging to a one run 5-4 lead in the 7th. take a look at this. shaun green of the yankees won't be winning a gold glove any time soon. on this one, drops the throw covering first. that was only the beginning. now this one, all right? this just under land. toss to the first baseman. over his head.
6:55 pm
then, trifecta. throws it over again. he becomes the first since 1988 to make three errors. yeah. the national hot rod association nhra is back this weekend in sonoma. look what and who their innovative staff came up with for a media tour. >> you we don't mess with alexis de goria. >> we have a shooting range. i am a helmet hog she is a lot more than a gun toting texas resident. she's in her third season of driving funny cars which go as fast as a billet flying out of a -- bullet. >> 300 miles an hour. >> yeah. we are the fastest accelerating cars in the world. really nothing compares to it. your just have to see it in
6:56 pm
person. >> she's good ate, too. currently 5th in the nhra point standings with two wins heading into the july 25th weekend stop at sonoma race pway. >> we're halfway through the season. we have been in the top half in points so far. it's been a break out s. hopefully we just keep it going and the rack up some more wins. hopefully win this weekend. >> good to be alexis. she is the heiress paul mitchell by prefers to get her hands dirty. >> i have always been a thrill seeker. life is about taking chances and experiencing things. you only get one life here. make the most of it. >> if you're thinking about taking her on at the shooting range, you better think of doing something else. >> perfect. >> this is me going for this
6:57 pm
target. this is alexis. >> her husband is jessie james. the reality show motorcycle icon. >> you and jessie, who wins. >> if a truck, he would probably beat me hands down. in fawnny car, i'd definitely winner. >> i knew she was going to be good. because when we were going through the training, she kind of looks over and goes, oh, our company makes those. >> oh, yeah. >> she was a ringer. >> cool. >> the sonoma kids, i tell you what, they come up with all kinds of interesting ways to introduce their product. >> cool. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest always on >> see you at 10:00. ,,,,,,
6:58 pm
this tillamookmook old fashd vanilla ice cream is absolutely amazing. creammmmmy. it makes my tongue dance. me too. hey you two, stop that tillamook tongue dancing and get back to work! tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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announcer: it's time to pl "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very much. how are you, folks? thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. boy, we got a real good one for you today, folks. returning for their fifth and final day with a total 21,775 bucks, from louisville, kentucky, it's the hughes family... [cheering and applause] and from my old stomping grounds, cincinnati, ohio, baby, it's the bronston family. [cheering and applause] everybody is here trying to win theirself a lot of cash. and remember, today if the hughes family wins today's game, they're going home


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