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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 15, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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puts a stop to it. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tonight it's the running of the bulls. this is what we could see here in the bay area unless a judge steps in and stops it. >> joe vazquez is at the alameda county fairgrounds tonight. >> reporter: it's called the great bull run and for now it is scheduled here at the fairgrounds for two saturdays from now. each participant will sign a waiver, pay 60 bucks and then run for their lives from a herd of raging bulls. >> release the bulls! >> reporter: no, it's not pamplona, this was the scene in suburban chicago this past saturday, the great bull run on a nationwide tour and will arrive at the alameda county fair grounds in pleasantton in
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less than two weeks. the lawsuit is point, just like they do in spain, participants of the great bull run step in front of a stampede of bulls on purpose and hopefully live to tell about it. then they'll have a giant tomato fight. two animal rights group filed a lawsuit to try and stop the event. >> the only benefit is to line corporate pocketbooks and supervise drunk college kids with a couple hours of amusement. >> reporter: christopher berry of the animal legal defense fund said the great bull run is what he calls a bloodless bullfight which is illegal in california. he says some participants have taunted and even hit bulls in past events. >> we also have eyewitness evidence that people on horseback with ropes and whips scared bulls and induced them to charge in the opposite direction so that they would stampede against the participants. >> reporter: but organizer rob dickens calls the lawsuit frivolous and insists no bulls are ever hurt. >> we've got two people
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following behind to make sure if it does get behind, they can lead it into the corral safely. >> reporter: you see this gory video from pamplona every year and wonder why anyone would do this. the fair spokesperson tells me they're getting a lot of social media buzz. they're expecting a large crowd. you can bet the animal rights activists will be here as well. i'm joe vazquez, kpix5. >> the lawsuit joe mentioned is not scheduled for court soon. so at this point both sides say the show will go on july 26th. take a live look outside, actually a very nice warm night in certain neighborhoods with the weather kind of weird today. >> it absolutely was. we had rainfall, a rare treat in the month of july. we had some showers in contra costa county, alameda county, san mateo county. they pushed off from the west. they were leftover showers from the sierra. 102 for antioch, pleasanton,
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lafayette, windsor hitting 100, campbell 95. three hours after we hit those temperatures we were down to the 70s and completely cloudy. 22 miles separates ocean beach in lafayette, but today with all of our microclimates 38 degrees difference. more changes starting tomorrow, details in 10 minutes. this drought is so bad now get ready. tomorrow the state will probably pass the toughest conservation rules in california history. what does that mean? no washing your car with a hose unless it has a shutoff nozzle, no spray washing any sidewalks or any driveways ever and fountains that don't use recycled water will be illegal. turn them off. >> we're focusing on outdoor irrigation because that's a police where people tend to even without ream -- place where people tend to even without realizing it, they overwater. >> this is not another friendly reminder to conserve. the state means business. if anybody is caught breaking the rules, it's a $500 fine.
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we'll teen you posted on what happens tomorrow. -- keep you posted on what happens tomorrow. it has been a very long day for drivers in the north bay. that truck carrying 800,000 gallons of fuel, half of it ended up on the road near is an quenton prison. 16 hours later both lanes on st. francis drake to the brooklyn bridge are still closed. the big question is will this finally be cleared up before tomorrow morning for people to get to work? >> reporter: there is good news. there's been a lot of work and the work behind me, they are still working to repave the road and it's possible this road may be reopened by 1 a.m. this section of sir francis drake was so damaged by that gasoline spill sections of asphalt were gouged out and that is why at this hour they are still working to get it cleared. the evening commute backed up
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on san rafael street. >> i've been trying to get from marin general hospital. i've been sitting in the car an hour and a half and i still ain't at the bridge. >> reporter: the tanker was full carrying some 8,000 gallons of gasoline from a richmond refinery. highway patrol investigators believe the driver may have oversteered during a twist in the road. >> he drifted off the right side of the road for an unknown reason. >> reporter: that shifted the fuel inside the tank causing the truck to tip oh, but it wasn't until 12 hours -- over, but it wasn't until 12 hours after the accident before the tanker was uprighted and hauled away, for one reason. it was up to the tanker company to call in the crew. >> the trucking company is ultimately responsible for the clean-up, so they have to call their clean-up crews to come out and county roads will do the paving. >> reporter: work was slow going. fear of any spark could cause an explosion. the delays stretched the nightmare morning commute into the night. >> hour and a half from san francisco, crazy. >> reporter: 30 buildings on
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san quentin prison grounds were evacuated. has mat crews vacuumed up about 2,000 gallons of -- hazmat crews vacuumed up about 2,000 gallons of spilled fuel. none spilled into the bay. the fuel was so toxic the fuel ate up the asphalt. the hope is to reopen the road by the early morning hours, possibly by 1 a.m. reporting live at sir francis drake boulevard in marin county linda yee, kpix5. >> we have realtime traffic mapping on our website. you can download our iphone and android app and we'll send you an alert when the road is back open. tonight sharon chin shows us why so many people in hayward are asking the city give us some lumps. po ine. (:07 >> reporter: it's a bumpy ride in and out of mark francos hayward street. >> it's like driving over a 4
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by 4 or the worst pothole you can imagine. >> reporter: he's complained to the city about several of these rubber speed bumps installed in his neighborhood two years ago. he believes they slow down emergency responders. we're not talking about a speed bump which is 5 inches off the ground or a speed hump which stretches all the way across the street, but a speed lump which is divided into sections. the speed lumps are made of recycled material and are cheaper and easier to remove from the streets. this is what it looked like when our news van drove over them at the recommended 15 miles an hour. bernard debaca asked the city to put them in. >> kids were getting hit by cars and i think it slowed people down. >> reporter: the public works department said it studied traffic in the area, then put in speed lumps after 2/3 of the property owners signed a petition on the street. >> i want to be responsive to their needs. >> reporter: despite mark's complaint 30 people in other
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neighborhoods have requested speed lumps, but at $6,000 a set, the city says they'll have to wait till next year. this caused a big traffic mess on interstate 80 in fairfield, a viewer's cell phone camera catching the plume of smoke after a truck hit a wall and caught fire in the eastbound lanes this afternoon. the driver was not hurt. for the first time we see the knockout punch during a drunken brawl outside of at&t park. this attack happened thursday evening after the a's/giants game. watch the woman on the right in the white shirt. she tries to intervene when two guys start to fight. one guy knocks her to the deck. she hits it hard. both men involved in the fight have been charged with assault and battery. our crew arrived at the scene on king street moments later. the paramedics had taken the unconscious woman to the hospital. she was well enough to be released the next day. tonight a ceasefire plan is in the works to stop the latest round of fighting between
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israel and palestinian militants. egypt is mediating to end israel's seven-day assault on gaza that has killed 175 palestinian civilians and to stop hamas from firing missiles into israel. nobody in israel has been killed thanks to the success of israel's anti-miss defense system called the iron dome the u.s. paid for. cbs news correspondent holly williams sums up tonight's ceasefire developments by saying neither side wants a long fight. army sergeant bowe bergdahl is back at work, the soldier who spent five years as a prisoner in afghanistan before the taliban freed him in a prisoner swap. doctors gave him the okay to work a desk job in san antonio. he could get $350,000 in back pay if the army declares him a prisoner of war, but that's still up in the air since fellow soldiers say he deserted his post. what do you think?
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is california too big to govern? should we be split up? one tech billionaire us in so and tonight he says he has enough signatures -- thinks so and tonight he says he has enough signatures on the ballot to split up california into six different states. most of the bay area would become the state of silicon valley. the deadline has passed for voters in november, so now we're looking at 2016. the man behind it? that guy, tim draper, a venture capitalist known as the risk master. he recently bought $19 million worth of bit coins, that mysterious virtual currency. even if voters approve of splitting up california, lawmakers would have to sign off on it and that is unlikely. we uncover the new kind of medical tourism. this guy got surgery plus a lavish vacation in france and his company saved a fortune. area coast.. than anyone ev >> you know the song. there are way more great whites
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at air wick, our lavender and chamomile fragrance contains the natural essential oils of 40 lavender flowers that are gently infused into every precious bottle. lavender and chamomile fragrance. part of air wick's scented oils collection. there than anyone knew. but veronica de la cruz says.. from a healthy environment t of view, this is a good thi. a new study ou tonight we found out there are a lot more sharks out there than anyone knew, but this is actually a good thing. >> a new study out of csu long beach finds a stunning surge in great whites, turns out there are roughly 2,400 of them swimming off the coast, about
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six times more than scientists once estimated. >> what we are dealing with here is a perfect engine, an eating machine. >> these eating machines may not be headed to the endangered species list, after all. >> they've been protected for a while by the state of california. you're not allowed to hunt them down which has provided an opportunity for the white shark population to rebound. >> more great whites means great news for the environment. >> whist sharks are top predators and -- white sharks are top predators and if you have a large top predator population, it demonstrates the ecosystem is healthy. >> we see more now than 10 years ago. >> roger thomas is captain of the boat salty lady fishing the farallon islands for 45 years. >> progressively we've become aware they're at the islands and we see more now. >> head online to to see where the sharks are. there's a article and scrolling down to the page you get an
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interactive map. if you click here, it will show you there have been 10 shark attacks in marin county. in san francisco there have been five. don't expect to see any of these guys swimming around near you. even with the increased sightings of great whites, it's extremely rare to see them in the wild. your best bet, head to the aquarium. in the u.s. your chances of getting eaten by a shark are 1 in 11.5 million, so it really puts things in prospect tiff. in lightning you have a 1 in 700,000 chance. >> so you're saying there's a chance. >> that i am, ken. just be cautious. >> we need a bigger boat. thanks. big news tonight when it comes to earthquakes, we may get a heads up one day when one is about to hit. congress is expected to pay $5 million to expand the early warning system to the entire west coast. now there are 400 sensors in
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southern california. the system can give warnings from a few seconds to a minute depending how close you are to the epicenter. a similar early warning system is already up and running in japan and in mexico. here a story on bastille day. emergency a three-day vacation in france and you don't pay a dime. that. , you come home with more money in your pocket. andria borba on the new healthcare trend that sent one northern california guy packing. hotel. owned tribe, folks c >> reporter: along the pacific coast in humboldt county you'll fine the blue lake casino hotel owned by the blue lake ranch. folks come to gamble, but for this employee he took a chance that paid off big. the construction manager needed surgery for a rotator cuff injury. he could have gone to stanford medical center, but --
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>> no. we went to toulouse france and did it. it was great. >> reporter: the rancheria's healthcare plan gives employees options to travel abroad for treatment. why? >> we do have high quality care, but at the same time we also have the most expensive care in the world. >> reporter: jack norsham runs the health plan and has seen costs skyrocket for employees. he added the medical travel option to keep costs down. >> you have to look for creative approaches. >> reporter: the plan provided ryan with two round trip tickets to france, a chauffeured car and from thor and a medical facilitator. >> we never leave our patient alone. >> reporter: it paid for a top surgeon at an approved private cling, a physical therapist, 21 days at a -- clinic, a physical therapist, 21 days at a hotel, a sight seeing tour. >> the food was out of this world. >> reporter: ryan did not pay a single dime.
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$7,000 worth of deductibles and copays were paved. what did the drive save? >> about $12,000. >> reporter: and that's not all. 10% of the savings went directly into ryan's 401k plan. >> the cost savings can be anywhere from 10% to 75%. >> reporter: the president of the medical tourism association says american hospitals should watch out. employers are looking for excellent care at a lower cost and they're finding it abroad. >> because of the increase the competition they're going to have to become more price sensitive. >> reporter: as for ryan, he's recovered ahead of schedule. his california doctor is impressed. >> they did an excellent job, really excellent job. >> reporter: in blue lake andria borba, kpix5. >> an hr rep at a big insurance group tells us expect to see more fortune 500 companies add medical travel to their benefit packages. the key to making it work is to offer incentives like the tribe
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offered bruce. this is not your usual day at the beach. russian swimmers ran for cover during a hailstorm this weekend. hail, that will wreck your day. forecasters say it's unusual weather, even for siberia. come on. we had kind of weird weather today, too. it wasn't like that. >> we did not have hail in siberia, but 1 step below. you know what's strange? it is odd because we lit 100 degrees pretty often, but -- hit 100 degrees pretty often, but we don't go cloudy by 5:00. beautiful time lapse, four hours, about 4:00 to 8:00 this evening, captured this for you with our live neighborhood network, palo alto cloudy with sprinkles in san mateo county, great sunset video, those clouds with great colors. look at that, the marine layer spilling over the coast range and great color in the sky courtesy of the cloud cover that rolled in this afternoon,
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clouds trapping the heat, kind of like mother nature putting a blanket over the top of us. we don't need the blanket because it was a warm day, 63 in concord, oakland 60, san jose tonight a warm 60 five. that is about 10 degrees above average -- 65. that is about 10 degrees above average. all this stuff is happening because of a big ridge of high pressure. it's also the reason why we drew up some tropical moisture from arizona, new mexico, texas, mexico heading into southern california and the bay area. we missed most of the rainfall, but we'll keep the cloud cover tomorrow and likely keep the cloud cover coming up wednesday because that flow of air coming up from the south and east isn't changing. we'll keep the cloud cover and temperatures will not be as warm because we won't start the day off sunny. thursday the wind change. that moisture moves out. what moves in is the onshore flow keeping temperatures down because the ocean temperature now 60 or 61 degrees. futurecast, no rain, but look
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at the cloud cover from the drive to work. in the afternoon still very cloudy especially from livermore and hayward and points north. not as hot tomorrow, clouds through weekend, but the weekend very pleasant. highs tomorrow concord 87, san jose 85, sunnyvale 81 and cloudy, hayward 78, pittsburg 92, danville 88 degrees and 70, humid and cloudy in san francisco. extended forecast, we're talking about temperatures continuing to drop away from the water as the onshore flow comes back, hanging out in the 70s near the bay and no organized rainfall the next seven days. customized forecasts where you live any time you want, download our app. and this happens! tonight, >> pretty cool. paul mccartney and warren buffett go out for dinner. sounds like a riddle and this happens. tonight this teen-ager says he is a life well lived deserves a beer well brewed.
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fewer calories. fewer carbs. more refreshment. it's what makes a superior light beer... superior. michelob ultra. so you reach for inute like something something. fewer calories. fewer carbs. more to experience. michelob ultra. the superior light beer.
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the mustard seed that makes french's yellow mustard. 100% natural from me to you. with 40% more free, there's more to love. french's. naturally amazing. that's notthat's dirt r carpet, creeping in. send it running with resolve high traffic foam. its foam power removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. all while neutralizing pet odors. don't just vacuum clean . resolve clean. teenager in omaha. here's the firs he'll likely be taking in this in for show and tell. >> this is the picture of a
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lifetime for one teenager in omaha and here is the first reason why. that's business mogul warren buffett and here's the 2nd reason, beatles alleged paul mccartney and here's that brave young man behind it all, tom white smiling big and deserving a big thumbs up. >> it's probably the biggest thing that's ever happened to me and probably awe of us. >> going to frame that 1. tom was helped by his three friends. the picture obviously has gone viral and guess who retweeted the photo, sir paul himself saying just hanging out with friends. >> just another day in the life of paul. is it me or does this team like mccartney work eight days a week? flight 294 is now boarding... looks like we're about to board. mm-hmm. i'm just comparing car insurance rates at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool.
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was ken griffey back in the 90's. reggie only one player had won the home run derby in back to back years. that was ken griffey in the '90s, but as reggie hammond once said -- >> there's a new sheriff in town. >> take a good look at this sheriff and his posse. everyone had their money on marlin superstar carlos stanton. he easily had the most impressive shot of the derby, nearly hit it out of target stadium. josh donaldson hit three out in the first round which tied him with cespedes. the cuban missile would barely beat his teammate and a suspect- off and exploded after that, hit nine in round two, seven in round three and nine in the finals against reds slugger todd frazier who hit just one. he had 30 on the night, 16 more than anybody else. he becomes just the second player in derby history to win back to back seasons and just the third player with multiple
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titles. his oakland teammates were impressed by his latest last homer, the longest of the night. cardinals pitcher adam wainwright will start the all- star game for the national league. seattle's felix hernandez will pitch tomorrow for the american league. although doneson didn't make it out of the first round -- donaldson didn't make it out of the first round of the derby, he will be the first a's all- star to start the game since the nixon administration. donaldson believes oakland is finally getting the respect that it deserves. >> it means a lot. although i really wasn't expecting it, a lot of people around the league were saying hey, dude, keep grinding. it's going to be tough for you to get voted in playing in oakland. i fool like not only for myself but -- feel like not only for myself but our fan base knocking some barriers down. >> the head coach of brazil soccer team is out. monday night top five, warriors and lakers, nba summer
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league, lakers napped the warriors 15 -- snapped the warriors 15 game summer league win streak. this is a bit over the top, don't you think, ken? not something you want to try. then again this guy better go over the top. the lamborghini jumped for the last time. perfectly timed to the speedboat and watch what happens, elizabeth. just a great catch. >> oh, that's not real. >> unfortunately he was eaten by a great white shark after that. korean baseball gives us the worst slide in the history of baseball. jay un wang all the way to the bag eating dirt and nearly flip over in the process, plus he was out by a mile. wang's new nickname is -- >> he really has his head in the game. >> oh, ken.
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. david letterman is next with kurt russell. >> tombstone. >> wyatt earp. it was ,,
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