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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 11, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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plate to sacramento. >> sacramento police were able to take one of the suspects into custody without incident. >> reporter: 31-year-old francisco lopez is now in san francisco county jail. he is accused of punching the woman. >> one count of assault with a deadly weapon and also conspiracy charges. >> reporter: police on the scene last night said team rivalry triggered the fight but investigators now believe it was a random attack. >> they all had a's jerseys or shirts or whatever on. >> reporter: it was all a's fans? >> yeah. >> reporter: fighting against each other? >> yes, absolutely. it was kind of weird. >> reporter: the woman did recover and she was released from the hospital today. in the meantime, san francisco police say they are continuing to look for that second suspect. reporting live in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> this isn't the first time we have seen things turn violent outside at&t park. last year, 24-year-old jonathan denver was stabbed to death in a fight between dodgers and giants fans. one man was arrested, but
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claimed it was self-defense. he was released and no charges were filed. in 2008, another fight left 18-year-old anthony giraudo dead. his attacker admitted to sucker punching him from behind and hitting him in the temple. he served 8 months in prison. >> two days ago bryan stow's family was awarded $18 million after he was attacked in the parking lot of dodger stadium. stow won a judgment against the dodgers and his two attackers. bullets fly in a jewelry store. tonight our first look at the suspect that escaped a violent shootout in santa rosa. police say the man with his back to the surveillance camera is 43-year-old jimmy terry of oakland. he is seen wearing a blue plaid shirt and jeans. and here he is beside one of the glass display cases. police say he took off after yesterday's botched robbery and is still on the loose. that robbery happened at
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bennett valley jewelers on you yolopa avenue. one of the suspects was injured and taken to the hospital. terry's getaway car was found miles later and he is believed to be injured, as well. a powerful earthquake in japan today brought back memories of the fukushima disaster. the quake measuring 6.8 struck off the coast near the nuclear plant. a tsunami warning was issued but no damaging waves were created. there are no reports of damage from this earthquake. the 2011 quake and tsunami crippled the nuclear plant and killed nearly 19,000 people. so far, we are hearing of one injury. one woman who fell down some stairs broke her leg. a gas leak shut down the oakland police department headquarters for the day. several streets around the building on 7th street were blocked off while pg&e investigated. people reported a gas smell in the area. pg&e concluded there was no leak and no danger. the opd says the closure did
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not affect emergency services. right now a 31-year-old woman named amelia earhart is minutes away from making history. she is recreating the journey around the world her namesake never completed. juliette goodrich goode is live at the home -- juliette goodrich is live at the homecoming. >> reporter: it's been the 17- day round the world journey and it's remarkable. today history in the making. she is supposed to touch down in the next 10 minutes. we'll show you those pictures when it happened here at oakland international airport. just to give you background, 31- year-old amelia rose earhart was named after the famous avenue iater who disappeared. this denver news anchor didn't start flying until she was in her 20s. 10 years later, she is recreating the late amelia earhart's failed flight around the world. rather than me tell you how exciting this is, why don't we go straight to amelia's mom, deborah, who is here right now. and words cannot explain, i
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guess, just how excited you must be. tell me about it, deborah. >> oh, my goodness. i can hardly contain myself. oh, my gosh i can't wait to throw my arms around her. >> reporter: she is having a different experience this time. it's a whole new world. she tweeted pictures. she had an allergy contact. you have been texting her, right? >> yes. we have been texting every day. she is so faithful to her mom, i love it, and her dad. hi, mom. aren't you busy? don't you have other people you need to talk to? [ laughter ] >> but she is very good about that and she reaches out and she is really making an effort to make this real for everybody that's following her. >> reporter: early on, you named her amelia earhart. did you ever think in her 20s she would take up flying? >> uhm, not really. we wanted to give her a strong inspirational name, you know, somebody to look up to and be inspired by. but we absolutely never said we think you should fly or we
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expect you to fly because you have that name or why don't you fly? she came up with that all on her own and the obvious happened. we had no idea. >> reporter: we'll stand by, deborah, thank you so much, and you can actually track where amelia is on our web page, you can see the longitude, latitude. we're told she is somewhere over the pacific ocean right now. she is going to be landing in just a few minutes and we'll show you those pictures live. ken? >> yeah. and you say she is a news anchor? is that what you said? >> reporter: she was a denver news anchor. is that right mom, and traffic reporting? she took up flying in her 20s. 10 years later she is taking on this remarkable journey. you better be pretty proud. >> i'm overwhelmed. >> reporter: yeah. all right, ken, back to you. >> thank you, mom. thanks, juliette. we'll check back in with you when she lands. an intense effort to save a couple and their pets in san leandro. a dog and cat pulled from a burning apartment building. oxygen masks were used to keep
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them alive. one man was seriously burned in the overnight fire. kpix 5's anne makovec spoke to the firefighters who rushed in to save his pets. >> reporter: it's been a death- defying day for sparkles the dog, crystal the cat almost lost one of her nine lives and these two firefighters can call themselves heroes of another kind. >> it was something that needed to be done. >> reporter: a fire broke out at about 1 a.m. in the apartment near san leandro. a man was severely burned, a woman suffering smoke inhalation. and when the humans were safely on the way to the hospital, firefighters found more victims. first sparkles, who was found hiding under a stair-step near the bed. >> stairs began to melt but he was hiding under. he wasn't responsive at all. >> reporter: firefighters then found crystal with a thermal imaging camera. outside, they used special animal oxygen gear they hadn't used in years. >> i started rubbing its back really hard to give it a little
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molt vegas. after about two -- motivation. after about two minutes, it started to move. >> reporter: here in the back of the fire engine is where the dog, cat and firefighters went code 3 to the animal hospital lights and sirens blaring. after a harrowing morning, sparkle and crystal got some visitors today. >> last night, they didn't look anything like this. so to see them like this is worth it all. >> sparkle has an increased respiratory rate and effort so there probably is some chemical or thermal lung injury going on right now. >> reporter: but some more oxygen therapy, she is expected to be just fine. as for the kitty -- >> crystal is breathing quite comfortably. she is very nervous in the hospital. >> reporter: their owners are still in the hospital, too. a family separated by fire but saved by hope. >> i'm hoping that they when they do get back with their owners, help with their recovery and give them hope, as well. >> reporter: in alameda county, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> we love it when the news is
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good. other bay area headlines. investigators have identified the man killed in that massive pile-up on highway 17. 25-year-old daniel mcgwire of santa cruz killed when he was thrown from his car yesterday. seven other people were injured. a big rig caused a chain reaction crash with 10 other vehicles. the cause is under investigation. in san francisco, the mta wants to triple the fees for google buses using muni stops. now, this is nothing to do with the protestors who have been blocking the tech shuttles. instead, it's because the buses will be making fewer stops than expected. the agency is asking for a fee of $3.55 instead of a dollar per stop. some south bay parents stayed up all night to sign up for free school supplies. sacred heart community service of san jose will hand out close to 3,000 backpacks, stocked with supplies, next month. the registration process began this morning. parents waited in line to sign
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up. it's official. lebron james is going back to cleveland! and it seems like no hard feelings. [ applause and cheers ] >> lebron james, lebron james, lebron james! >> not everyone is doing cartwheels in the street. the angry backlash in miami. >> i'm vern glenn at candlestick park. there's going to be some football here tomorrow night. they won't have 68,000 in the house but the joint will be jumping. we'll tell you why. >> good friday evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno live along the iron horse trail. i will have your weekend forecast. you're going to find out what a 19th century steam train has to do with this road. that's coming up. >> and a valet maybe a little too excited to drive this lamborghini. the major smashup at a fancy hotel. ,,,,,,
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the most serious attack from gaza in five days of fighti a in the middle east today the most serious attack from
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gaza in five days of fighting. a rocket blasted through the israeli defense system hitting a gas station in southern israel. that explosion wounded three people. in gaza, palestinians say israeli air strikes have killed dozens of civilians. both sides vow to keep at it despite mounting international pressure for a cease-fire. the latest developments at our own border. no more illegal immigrants bussed to san diego and three well known billionaires sound off. after numerous california protests, the u.s. border patrol says it will keep immigrants in texas while they are being processed. president obama is urging congress to approve his request for almost $4 billion in emergency funding to address the crisis. so far, in washington, there's plenty of blame, but no progress. >> he has been president for 5 1/2 years! when is he going to take responsibility for something?! >> they don't even take a vote on the bill! >> now several prominent
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billionaires are also pointing fingers. in a "new york times" op. ed. story, sheldon adelson, warren buffett and bill gates challenged congress to get together on a plan. it's not even a year old yet but the bay bridge is getting a pricy face-lift. the "chronicle" reports workers are removing thousands of steel particles that got embedded into the tower's white finish and rusted. they were created when the tower pieces were being connected. now the real dirty truth? clean-up and repainting will cost close to $1 million. montana versus marino. nfl legends return for a farewell to candlestick. vern glenn when they get ready for the final face off. >> how is this for getting your motor running? a stranded drive gets a surprise under her hood. ,,,,
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probably not getting a tip.t took just a couple seconds it's save to say this poor valet is probably not getting a tip. it took just a couple of seconds for him to lose control and destroy a guest's lamborghini. it's all caught on surveillance video in this five-star hotel in deli. he accelerated and rammed another car before slamming into a concrete barrier. damage is estimated at $330,000.
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ouch. a who's who of nfl greats taking over candlestick park tomorrow night for one final football game. former 49er joe montana will once again play quarterback. and vern glenn is at candlestick tonight. look at the rosters and realize, vern, that we could see a reenactment of the catch. tell me they have been practicing. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, ken. everson walls is here. maybe we'll see that sprint right option with montana to dwight clark covered by everson walls. ken, i saw guys i had not seen in years out at practice this afternoon. how about these former 49er names? bubba paris? tim mcskyer, john taylor. they were all out there today for this legends of candlestick game. the final game tomorrow night at 7:00. and they gathered here for this practice session earlier today. former teammates jerry rice,
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roger craig were there, and of course the chairman of the board, joe montana. and the aforementioned dwight clark. they hooked up today in practice. now, it won't be just former 49er greats. they will be playing against other nfl hall of famers such as dan marino. don't expect marino to take this lying down. >> who plays against the harlem globetrotters? we are not going to be the washington generals. >> i think the key is for all of these guys including myself, listen to your body. when it starts to, uhm, get tight, you better back off. otherwise, there might be some hamstrings that are being snapped tomorrow night. >> growing up come to the stadium, as a five-year-old, and then to be able to play here and then be a part of this good-bye, it feels right. and it's going to be tough to think that this isn't going to exist anymore, but great memories from here. and we all have some. we all have things that stick
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in our minds. but it's been part of my life as far back as i can remember. so it's a tinge of sadness but it's the right way to go out and with the guys that really made it famous and that's what makes it special. >> reporter: all right. what a show this is promising to be. i had said earlier, you're not going to get 68,000 in the house, but there will be a nice crowd. all this preceded by the fire department against the san francisco police department in another flag football game. that will be the warmup act. that's it from candlestick. back to you in the studio. we'll see you next hour. >> the sound of hamstrings popping. love it. [ laughter ] >> can't wait. all right, vern. thanks. well, a frenzy in cleveland. the king is coming back and basketball fans could not be happier. [ applause and cheers ] lebron james, lebron james, lebron james! >> just a little excited. maybe ecstatic is a better
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word. fans doing cartwheels, honking their car horns. lebron james coming back to play with the cleveland cavaliers. he made the announcement via "sports illustrated" this morning. he said the most important thing is to bring a trophy back to northeast ohio. all right. not everyone is happy about lebron's decision however. take a look at this mural in miami. >> whew. >> they painted over his face. >> well, forget about "snakes on a plane." it seems the slithery reptiles prefer traveling by cars these day. a new mexico woman was having trouble with her pickup. she found a 7-foot-long burmese python sitting in the engine. the snake was banged up but she will be okay. they believe it it was a neighbor's pet that escaped and made itself cozy in the engine bay. a warmup should make for a gorgeous weekend in the bay area. kpix 5's chief meteorologist paul deanno live in our mobile
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weather lab on the iron horse trail in alamo. paul. >> reporter: we are on the trail which will very popular -- any weekend it's popular. but when the weather is good, people will be outside. we have some folks coming by now. it's kind of cool. this was originally land and right of way owned by the southern pacific railway from the 1800s. the trail established in 1986. when all is said and done the iron horse trail will stretch from livermore 40 miles north to suisun bay. it is a treasure here in the east bay. and used very often during the week but especially coming up on the weekend. we'll get to the weekend forecast in a second. your current temperatures outside, it is not warm away from the water. livermore right now only 75 degrees. significantly below normal. san jose 73. santa rosa 73. san francisco 65 which is average for this time of year. san bruno sitting at 69
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degrees. overnight tonight, 50s. santa rosa 53. redwood city 57. san jose 59. and san francisco starting off your saturday and your weekend at 56 degrees. here's a setup. we have had a strong southwest flow an onshore flow for the past couple of days because of an area of low pressure offshore. that low is now moving away from us taking the onshore flow or the southwest wind with it. so with high pressure building in, that means less of the onshore flow. but if you are living near the water, if you are in fremont, san francisco or oakland, this is only a three or four degree difference for you this weekend. if you are in livermore or antioch or napa or ukiah, this is a 10 or 15-degree difference for you. you will be in the mid-90s over the weekend so what to expect? fog, low clouds, back tonight, especially right along the coastline. warmer this weekend especially inland. and we'll still be near seasonal highs anywhere close to the ba or at the coastline. tomorrow livermore 8 concord
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85. santa rosa 79. san jose 80. san francisco 67. sunday back to the 70s near the bay, back to the 90s inland. but we're not done warming up yet. monday some areas out toward the delta, that's you in pittsburg, maybe close to 100 degrees. we'll stay in the mid-70s near the bay on monday and mid-60s at the coast. and we'll stay above normal tuesday through thursday of next week and kind of par for the course for mid-july. there is zero rainfall expected over the next seven days. it is not warm in alamo tonight but it will be warming up for the weekend anywhere away from the water. back to the 90s on sunday. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. well, a new tactic to deal with water wasters. peer pressure. how being a nosy neighbor could lead to big savings on your water bill. ,,,,
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get people to conserve. on the consumer watch, julie watts reports, some are now turing to peer pressure - a it's working. bay area water districts are trying to turning to peer pressure to get people to conserve water. it's working. julie watts reports. >> it's like the big brother
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aspect, right, spying on each other. >> reporter: with a keystroke, ann is giving in to peer pressure. she and thousands of other californians are logging into water smart allowing users to compare their water usage to their neighbors'. water districts from palo alto to east bay m.u.d. are rolling out pilot programs and they seem to be working. >> they do show use of five gallons today. >> reporter: many water conscious customers like ann are surprised to learn they could conserve even more. >> perfect. >> really works. it's very powerful. >> reporter: water smart's ceo says the concept is rooted in behavioral science. users provide information like their home's square footage, number of residents, even the age of their toilets. then they see their data compared to similar households. >> i see how you compare them and you're using more water than others you'll probably be persuaded to change your behavior. >> reporter: and the results of those behavioral changes is saving more than just water. the average homeowner reduces
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overall water consumption of about 5% saving about $700 annually. >> i can tell when someone came home from college. >> reporter: after comparing her usage to her neighbor's -- >> set the five-minute timer. >> reporter: -- water smart gives ann ideas for additional ways to save. she curtailing her family's shower time and dishwasher use and checking in on water smart about twice a month to see if she's reached her goal, saving an extra 5 gallons a day. >> understanding behavior, this is an important cause. this is other environment, water, the real deal. >> reporter: now, water smart is free for customers and the program is totally anonymous. so you won't actually be able to identify the water hogs in your neighborhood. >> they will just feel guilty -- >> if you are, yes. >> we all have our ideas, though, okay? we all know who it is. >> right. [ laughter ] >> you can assume. >> you would go, i bet i know how much water you use -- >> maybe the guy was -- >> ridiculous. thank you. now for a look at what's
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ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott? >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. the cdc has shut down its high security labs after revealing today that another deadly virus has been mishandled. dr. john lapook tonight will question the head of the cdc. plus, after the decision comes a revision. more on lebron james and his return to cleveland. those stories tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. that's why safeway works with overal growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered daily to safeway. so there's more local produce to love. like this week, locally grown driscoll's organic strawberries are just $2.50 a pound.
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a big bay area tech companys helping the 49ers sort out r parking problems. plus: i'm veronica de la cruz. new at 6:00 a big bay area tech company is helping the 49ers sort out the parking problems. plus -- >> you have to put information in the hands of the people. >> -- would you agree to be spied on for the greater good? the new tool available to certain homeowners that could help us all save water. and amelia rose earhart expected to land in oakland any minute now. we are looking at some live pictures right here. we are going to talk to her about her historic flight around the world. it is all straight ahead at 6:00. >> thank you. >> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> p >> pelley: tonight, the c.d.c. reveals another mishap. now, there are three incidents of dangerous pathogens mishandled or misplaced. dr. jon lapook questions the head of the c.d.c. >> how can you assure the country the c.d.c. is doing its job here? ( explosion ) >> pelley: children perish in the bombardment of gaza as rockets rain on israel. holly williams is in gaza city. after the decision comes a revision-- lebron james reveals his next move. dean reynolds reports. and steve hartman on the road with joe cymers, restoring dignity with a little off the top from the bottom of his heart. >> they're my family. they really are my family.


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