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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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you can see the hole underneath is about 4 feet. water has been bubbling out of bonita road 24/7 for three years. millions of gallons wasted. kristin rose worries her street and her house could collapse because of the damage underneath. >> this is dangerous! i don't have a choice. i don't have somewhere else. >> reporter: this is video of a private engineer sticking a probe into bonita road. >> right on down. >> the probe goes all the way into the ground. that shows that there is -- there might be a void under the street. >> reporter: richmond engineer andy yun says if it's not fixed, a sinkhole could open. >> it needs to be fixed for sure as soon as possible. >> reporter: christine rose has said the ground dropped inches in the last few months and the house foundation is damaged. >> there is a hole under my foundation and i don't know what's holding up my house anymore. >> reporter: richmond city
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engineers and christine say water company east bay m.u.d. is responsible for the leak. but a spokesman says workers came out three times in the last month and couldn't find the leak. she says this is not an east bay m.u.d. problem. it could be ground water or someone's pipe leaking. >> my neighbors are not that stupid. they are not going to pay a couple of thousand dollars per month on their water bill. >> reporter: richmond also spent thousands to study the leak. it concluded this is treated east bay m.u.d. water. >> i am frustrated! you can't even understand what it's like. >> reporter: christine wants the water company to stop the leak, fix the street and her house. >> this is east bay m.u.d.'s water. quit passing the buck. >> reporter: yeah, we asked east bay m.u.d. several times today but they declined to talk on camera. they say they -- on the phone they say they haven't found any leaks out here and that's why they can't claim responsibility. for now, it's pretty much the city versus east bay m.u.d. and caught in the middle are
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the homeowners and their homes. veronica? >> those homeowners, da, are obviously really upset. this has been going on for three years. the situation looks urgent. couldn't the city just fix it and then charge east bay m.u.d. if it's their water line. >> reporter: i asked them that and richmond city engineers say it's going to cost them a lot of money to dig up all this pavement. they say even though the leaking is happening here, they think even though the water is seeping out right here, they think the leak is coming from somewhere else that could be down there, it could be somewhere up there so they just don't know. they say it's way too costly to dig up the entire street possibly the neighborhood to find where that source is. >> da lin in richmond tonight, da, thank you. we are getting a first look at one of the suspects shot in a botched robbery attempt at a jewelry store. it comes as a second suspect is still on the loose tonight. the trouble started about 1:30 this afternoon at a santa rosa shopping center. police say two armed men entered the bennett valley
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jewelry store and shortly after, gunfire broke out. one of the store employees was also hurt. so was one of the suspects. "pressdemocrat" captured this photo of the injured suspect lying on the ground being treated. the man rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. his injuries were said to be life-threatening. his partner got away in a car. chopper 5 video shows what police are calling the getaway car. it didn't get too far. the second suspect left it a couple of blocks from the scene. officers ordered neighbors in the area to stay behind locked doors. they went door to door with police dogs looking to pick up the trail of a man. there are reports that the man was wounded in the robbery. he too may even have been shot and we just learned that police have called off that search. they are still investigating. right now, kpix 5's mark sayre at the scene of a deadly big rig accident in santa clara county. mark, lanes just reopened on highway 17?
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>> reporter: veronica, it took more than nine hours but the chp and caltrans have finally reopened the northbound direction of highway 17. that's also good news for southbound commuters heading out of silicon valley to santa cruz because both lanes are reopened in that direction, as well. now, in all, one person died and seven others were transported to local hospitals in the accident that occurred before 8 a.m. the chp says a big rig hauling a double trailer with dirt lost control coming down from the summit. in all, the chain reaction crash involved 10 cars in addition to the big rig. investigators say the driver did report having brake problems just before the accident. one of the drivers who was hit was visibly shaken up. >> reporter: were you in front of it, behind it, what happened? [ pause ] >> sand truck piled into us plain and simple and it hit the other people, too,. >> reporter: now, around 3:30 this afternoon, crews finally started towing some of the vehicles involved in the crash but it was a long day for
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commuters, who spent hours sitting in traffic as the chp divided those remaining lanes so one lane of traffic could get by in each direction. the name of the trucking company involved was the sany trucking company out of tracy in business for about two months. at this point the chp says it has not even had its initial inspection. reporting live along highway 17, haim mark sayre, kpix 5. -- i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> follow us on twitter to get traffic alerts on highway shutdowns as they happen and check realtime traffic maps before heading out the door that's at new at 6:00 no more monkey business when it comes to parking in san francisco after pressure from city hall. the app monkey parking said today that it is halting its service. monkey parking allows people to auction off public parking spots to other drivers. city attorney says this violates san francisco law.
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they don't own the spots. two other similar companies have also been warned, stop doing business in the city. well, some say baseball was made for kids and grownups only screw it up. look no further than at&t park for this one. kpix 5's linda yee with the incident that launched a new dress code. what's going on? >> reporter: well, veronica, you know, ballparks are supposed to be where fans can get really crazy, wear team colors an odd costume or two. now the giants are saying, maybe we plan to put a stop to it, put a little limit on what you can wear. here's why. >> let's go, giants! >> let's go, oakland! >> reporter: it was that kind of day in san francisco. >> go a's. >> go giants. >> go a's. >> go giants. >> might be an awkward ride home if the a's win. >> reporter: but all this green and gold is not what forced the giants to announce a dress code change today. >> we have basically amended our code of conduct and how we ask our fans to include
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culturally insensitive clothing. >> reporter: it all goes back to the giants game on june 24 which was native american heritage night at the ballpark. but when a man in the bleachers showed up wearing a war bonnet, a bit like the one you see here, things got ugly. [ screaming ] >> don't touch me! >> let me go!! >> reporter: the woman you see getting removed by police says she found the man's headdress offensive. but there are conflicting reports as to how she went about confronting him. [ screaming ] >> reporter: regardless, the incident prompted the team to review its policies. >> we just want to ask our fans to be mindful and respectful. >> reporter: so what exactly is disrespectful? truth, the giants don't really have a game plan for that, the truth is. it will be managed on a case-by- case basis, which could get tricky in a park with a lot of fans dressed to turn heads. >> the sombrero i got it custom
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made in cabo san lucas. i have a cuban flag but i'm not a communist. >> you have to follow it to a certain point. >> reporter: but the rules are the rules and for fans that now means keeping cultural sensitivity in mind when heading to the yard. >> being in a culturally sensitive in their attire and language. >> i think it should be fine. >> reporter: to be absolutely clear, this is not the kind of offense like interfering with a game that would get a fan immediately ejected out of the ballpark. what the giants are hoping is that maybe the offensive costume that someone might be wearing can be talked into changing or covering it up so they won't have the nasty confrontation like they did before which started all of these rule changes. reporting live at at&t ballpark, linda yee, kpix 5. big news tonight on the water watch. el nino will likely be back this winter.
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this is a look at flooding from the record el nino of 1997-'98. chief meteorologist paul deanno on whether we'll see an el nino this fall. >> we want the rainfall but not the flooding. a strong el nino typically brings both but here's the deal. el nino is likely to happen this winter but we don't know how strong it's going to be so as of today we still don't know how much rain we are going to get. so it is official, el nino is likely back this winter and looking just through the lens of our drought this could be good news but it's not a guarantee that reservoirs like these will be filled to the top quickly. because not every el nino is created equal. we have weak el ninos, moderate el ninos and strong el ninos. strong el nino winters are by far the wettest. using santa rosa as an example, winter with the strong el nino give us nearly two feet of
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rain. we get 2" less rain with a moderate el nino and weak el ninos are actually below average. and even if el nino gives us a wet winter this winter it's not going to make up the drought all at once. the ground below me has missed out on 2.5 feet of water over the past three years. but we do need to be careful what we wish for. a winter that does erase a big chunk of our drought would likely include scenes like this. the el nino winter of 1997/'98 is the still the stormiest in a generation. el nino is not a guarantee but it is hope after three of the driest years in california's history. there is now a solid chance that we will not see super dry year number 4. >> that's good. >> it is good news. >> you know, let's shoot for right in the middle the median el nino, 2" above normal.
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>> if you could choose your el nino, let's choose moderate because it doesn't give us a huge increase in the likelihood of flooding but it also doesn't give us zero rainfall like we have had over the past couple of years. so it's kind of tough because we want the rain, but who wants flooding? >> we are trying to predict the weather, man. i mean, come on. who would do that for a living? [ laughter ] >> hey. >> sorry. really good point. >> good job. thanks. it is our mission and we will not stop! >> a rapist who attacked more than a dozen bay area women is a free man tonight and his new neighbors are furious. >> trucking down the road with three tons of pot. the dummies stake that got these guys caught. >> and coming up at 6:30, a new twist in the case of the call girl accused of drugging a google executive to death. wait until you hear what happened to her last boyfriend. ,, ,,,,,,
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is out of prison and livingn southern california. but h' anything but the notorious pillowcase rapist is out of prison and living in southern california tonight. but he is anything but welcomed in his new neighborhood. >> don't touch me! do not touch me! >> residents are determined to force christopher hubbart to move. reporter kristie fajardo with how far they are willing to go to get their way. >> get out, hubbart! >> reporter: a showdown in the high desert. christopher hubbart known as the pillowcase rapist stays indoors. >> this is our mission and we will not stop! >> reporter: while protestors who want him gone stock up and hunker down. >> he is not welcome here. women are terrified of him. >> reporter: sharon is his closest neighbor. she can make out his property from her own and as a rape survivor was unsettled yesterday to see this. >> is this mr. hubbart? >> reporter: hubbart released from a mental hospital and moving in next door. >> i looked right in. i couldn't believe it was him. i was shocked because i thought we would be notified before he
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came. >> reporter: she and others have tried for months to block his arrival. hubbart has admitted to raping 40 women in the '70s and '80s. a bay area judge ordered his release into l.a. county after he was deemed to no longer pose a threat. hubbart must wear a gps ankle bracelet and a program supervisor will accompany him in public for up to the first year. for now, he is also surrounded by private security including this man who told us hubbart is aware of the protests. >> just want to let the guy try to settle in and, you know, just not -- not be stressed out over it. >> reporter: but his new neighbors say they are stressed out by his presence and are vowing to drive him out even if it means changing the laws that let him out in the first place. >> our judicial system failed us and all the powers that be that we tried to call in stopped this, don't -- don't have the power to do it. >> mr. hubbart is under constant supervision, has the
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gps monitoring bracelet 24/7. a group of homeless people living in a large encampment in berkeley is being told to move on. that's the message from city leaders. they say this large gathering of homeless people living under the gilman street overpass has become a public nuisance. garbage is piling up. there is no trash service there and the leftover food and waste is attracting rodents. >> why can't we do that? we keep it clean, it's sanitary and we have bags and they have the potties over there for us so we go to the bathroom. other than that, uhm, yeah, it's a scary thing for the 15. >> july 15th is the date the city says everyone in the encampment must be gone. hundreds of people turned out at san jose city hall today to protest new pot club regulations. >> save our clubs! >> new rules require the dispensaries to grow their own marijuana. pot club owners say that's just
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not practical. they say as many as 70 of the pot clubs would be forced to shut down. protestors say they have collected enough signatures now to get a referendum on the november ballot to reverse the new rules. and this u-haul may look normal on the outside, but what bakersfield police found inside was anything but moving gear. they found this, more than 3.5 tons of weed. estimated street value, about $76 million. police say they found the pot when the driver ran a red light. both he and his passenger were promptly arrested. a 5500-acre wildfire near lake berryessa is now 86% contained. it's been burning since july 4 near the solano yolo county line. nearly 1,000 firefighters are still out there and investigators are still searching for the cause. well, things have quieted down a little around lake berryessa. do we have anything coming up this weekend? >> we just have this extreme fire danger. it's going to be there -- we talk about el nino this winter,
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the more critical thing going on right now is this fire danger which is not going anywhere for the next few months. so we have to smart. and we have to cross your fingers for any rainfall. but it's july and we typically don't see any around here. peek outside, highs from today, did you notice it was cloudy this morning away from the water? did you notice it did not warm up this afternoon? walnut creek 79 degrees. that is about 10 degrees below average. belmont hit 76. point reyes only a high of 60 and saratoga warmest spot that i could find hit 86 degrees. lots going on this weekend. we are taking a look at the sunday street block party at the richmond district in san francisco mainly sunny skies, 65 degrees. your forecast for the richmond district coming up on sunday. got to talk about tonight though because tonight and early tomorrow, we have a pretty high fog factor. that fog is going to push well inland so notice the gray over top of almost the entire bay area. it will clear back to the coast if the afternoon but on a one to five scale, tomorrow's fog factor will be a 4 thanks to a
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stronger onshore flow. now let's talk about why the onshore flow is stronger. low pressure off to our west, big ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest, right in between we find a pretty strong push from the chilly pacific ocean. so that ocean influence continues and once again tomorrow we'll wake up with a lot of cloud cover and temperatures kept down. but by the weekend, once this ridge moves closer to us, it's going to limit the onshore flow. if you have plans to maybe play some golf, go out with the kids, play soccer, anything outdoors, maybe an evening barbecue, thumbs up. weather looking really nice for the weekend. it gets warmer on saturday especially away from the water but tomorrow another relatively chilly day. we won't hit 80 in san jose or concord. 76 napa. 73 santa rosa. i know i'm not talking about as if it's a complaint but it's going to be significantly below normal. san francisco 66 your high tomorrow. we warm up on saturday. we warm up more on sunday back to the 90s inland. the warmest day will be on monday and then the first half of next week, we will stay at or above average. need some rain, not going to
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get any rain. >> hm. >> we have an el nino in the future. >> fingers crossed. >> there we go. >> and really when is that going to start? you're thinking -- about november. so trick or treat with the kids, then let's talk about el nino. >> we can hold on until then. >> i think we can. >> all right, thanks, paul. you won't find any piglets at this year's state fair in sacramento. that's because of a deadly virus across the country called ped and it kills every baby pig that comes down with it. 8million have already died. >> we don't want them to be injured or contract that virus and so they won't be on display. however, we will have some pot- bellied pigs in the petting zoo so folks can see those and we'll have larger pigs which are fun. >> the disease is also causing pork prices to rise. still to come the gift of life returned a decade after one family's tragedy gave another new hope, they are being repaid. remarkable story of giving after the break.
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years ago a father lost his0 rrow an aspiring story -- an inspiring story of a link between two families. years ago a father lost his 20- year-old son and tomorrow he will get the memory of his son back through a transplant surgery. kpix 5's john ramos has this story. reporter: usually you don't want the gifts you give to be returned. but bill couldn't be happier about it. >> i been on dialysis for 2.5 years. >> reporter: bill has kidney failure from years of diabetes. but his friend janice mckinnon is a match and has offered one of hers as a transplant. but how they know each other is what's really amazing. almost 10 years ago, bill's son can lem was killed in an atv accident and his donated pancreas saved the life of janice's son jake. >> it's hard for me to wrap my head around it because ten
6:24 pm
years ago, we donated my son's organs and they are saving my life now. >> reporter: it almost didn't happen. these two families met and became good friends and each year light a christmas tree to remember kalem. it was at last year's ceremony that janice announced her gift. >> i think this is an extraordinary way to give back at a gift that you -- that you have received. but i have never heard of this before. i have never heard of it before. >> reporter: the fact that janice would be a match to the very man who helped save her son has both families thinking this was meant to be. and it's why she doesn't fear the operation. >> we are where we're at for whatever reason. it's going to be fine. it's unbelievable that we are here. >> reporter: they were brought together by a gift of life. and now it's come full circle. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5.
6:25 pm
>> and the transplant is scheduled for tomorrow at california pacific medical center in san francisco. coming up in our next half hour, six flags left them hanging and now some roller coaster riders are saying, show me money! >> is he awake? >> uhm, his eyes are open but no, he is not awake. >> and the prostitute linked to the death of a google executive now has questions to answer about an ex-boyfriend. the 911 tape that were just released. ,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. now at 6:30, an eerie twist in the case after high-priced call girl linked to the death of a google executive. turns out he wasn't the first man in her life to die suddenly of a heroin overdose. welcome back, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. a strange twist in the tawdry case of the call girl, the tech exec. we learned today the woman's ex- boyfriend in georgia also died of a heroin overdose. in that case, police say alix tichelman did call 911 for help. take a listen. >> is he breathing?
6:29 pm
>> yeah, he's breathing on and off. >> okay. and why do you think it's an overdose? >> uhm, because that's -- that's -- there's nothing else that could do this. [overlapping speakers] >> is it accidental or intentional? >> definitely accidental. accidental. hello? >> that death was ruled an accident but after her recent arrest here in the bay area georgia police have now decided to re-open that case. meantime, kpix 5's linda yee on the web search that tichelman will now have to explain to investigators. >> reporter: police say alix tichelman searched online for how to legally defend herself after giving a lethal dose of heroin. the high-priced hooker is charged with doing just that to google executive forrest hayes. his body found on his yacht in santa cruz last year dead of a heroin overdose. a murder mystery now unfolding into a classic case of sex,
6:30 pm
drugs and rock and roll. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: this youtube video shows tichelman's late boyne friend dean riopelle in the pink wig performing with his band. two months before the google exec died, riopelle also overdosed on heroin. tichelman was with him that night in his home in milton, georgia. she told police she called 911 after finding him unconscious. >> okay. and is he awake? >> uhm, his eyes are open but no, he is not awake. >> reporter: his death was ruled an accidental overdomes now investigators are taking -- overdose. now investigators are taking another look. >> looking at the similarity of the two situations but obviously we are going to go back and look at it and make sure that everything that we determined to be correct almost a year ago is still factual and still accurate. >> reporter: tichelman once danced at the hustler club and the condor on the broadway in san francisco. >> i have seen her a few years ago. >> reporter: this dancer who
6:31 pm
prefers anonymity saw tichelman at the condor. she doesn't know her personally, but she says there's a lot of pressure to land rich customers. so many will do anything to keep them. >> whatever customers try to say, oh, well, this girl can pay me this much for this and then they try to lure you to do that. >> reporter: so if you land a google executive, that's pretty good? >> that is really good, yeah. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> a judge says a woman charged with killing four people on an indian reservation in modoc county will have to stand trial. police say cherie rhoades hoped fire during a meeting at tribal headquarters about evicting her and her son from tribal land back in february. three of the victims were related. two people survived the rampage. if the convicted, she could face the death penalty. checking bay area headlines, police say this guy opened fire on a group of teenagers in antioch on saturday. charles johnson iii is now under arrest. he is accused of shooting a 17-
6:32 pm
year-old boy in the leg. the teen's two companions were not hit. construction of that suicide barrier on the golden gate bridge is almost certain. the last financial hurdle is almost out of the way. the final $27 million was just approved in funding for the $76 million project. other state agencies have already agreed to pick up the rest of the cost. an emotional day for the parents of a ucsb student killed in may. a ceremony was held for their son one of six who died in a killing spree. >> we hope we are the last parents to stand here and we hope no children will be like george. >> chen's parents set up a facebook page in his name and invited the public to leave comments on how to end the advice. thousands of illegal immigrants have been risking their lives sneaking into the
6:33 pm
u.s. many have been met with strong resistance including buses of immigrants in murrieta. tom wait reports some are now finding sanctuary at a southern california church. >> my name is bianca. i am from el salvador with my family. >> reporter: she wouldn't share her last name with us. she is among a group of 50 illegal immigrants who arrived here at this fontana catholic church this morning. she is one of thousands who crossed the border into texas seeking refugee status. >> the catholic church welcome us and we are here. we are okay. >> reporter: the church would not allow us to ask any questions of the teen or interview any of the other immigrants brought here. bianca came into the u.s. with her mother, we're told. a spokesman for the church says they plan to help the immigrants get to a final destination inside the u.s. >> watching them come off the bus and the initial hours of being here i see a lot of
6:34 pm
smiles, i see, uhm, you know, children playing, which is part of what we're providing for them is a little diversion from what they have been through. >> reporter: the church spokesman said none of the arriving immigrants showed any obvious signs of sickness. >> i don't see anyone who appears to be in real ill health or emotional distress. so i think, uhm, by and large they seem to be happy to be here and to have someone helping them. >> reporter: the church says they are not trying to wade into the politic of the battle but trying to address a humanitarian crisis. tom wait, president obama. >> president obama was fundraising in texas today but used the opportunity to talk about the immigration crisis. >> ronald reagan passed immigration reform! and you love ronald reagan! let's go ahead and do it!! >> the obama administration wants $3.7 billion to spend on transportation and enforcement costs. about 57,000 children have flooded the u.s. since october. there is a possible bipartisan compromise over the emergency spending request that involves
6:35 pm
making policy changes to allow the minors to be sent home more quickly. a couple of roller coaster riders are suing six flags for leaving them hanging. they were stranded for hours at magic mountain monday when a tree fell on the tracks. four people were hurt. two riders are now suing for unspecified damages to cover legal costs, medical bills and lost earnings. six flags declined to comment. well, still ahead, the new tool crooks are using to steal your cash. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, why they are harder to detect and why americans are especially at risk. and later, camping gear that can charge your phone. the new cool tools that take the rust out of roughing it. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stay in south san francisco.
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ar" received appro a unique ridesharing company is going to be allowed to stay in south san francisco. flightcar received approval to set up permanently in the city. people drop off their cars and get free parking as well as a car wash and ride to sfo in return flightcar rents out their cars. people are screened before they rent. the fees are advertised as being cheaper than what you would expect from a rental company. first apple now amazon is under fire for allowing kids to make millions of dollars worth of unauthorized purchases through their parents' mobile devices. >> on the consumerwatch, julie watts says the fcc is now taking action. >> reporter: yeah. so, you know, they're called in app purchases. and they may be free, the app itself, but once you open them, you can buy things like weapons for games or upgrades to the apps and kids have racked up hundreds even thousands of dollars in charges without their parents' consent. now, the ftc says amazon refused to agree to tighter controls on these in-app purchases.
6:39 pm
even though apple did agree to similar controls and a $32 million fine earlier this year. now, the ftc is suing amazon to force it to beef up notices about in-app purchases, require passwords to make them, and make it easier for parents to get refunds for unauthorized charges. amazon reportedly keeps about 30% of that revenue. now, the company says it already meets the requirements of the apple agreement with the ftc and has developed industry leading parental controls. well, a warning tonight about new atm skimmers. they are almost impossible to detect with the naked eye. the slimmed down devices are popping up overseas and they fit inside the atm card slots as opposed to the old ones that were easier to detect because they sat on top of the atms. now, security experts believe they will likely show up here soon since they are not really much use in europe. there they use those chip and p.i.n. technology cards which make it
6:40 pm
harder to replicate stolen cards. so cover your keypad when typing in your code to hide it from possible spycam was, check for atm cameras and use atms in high traffic areas. and online shoppers, listen up! ing. coupon codes are the best way to save but do you know the best days to snag them? there is a systemic approach. retailers generally release a lot of coupons early in the week and on the first day of the month. but they may not be the best deals check back on thursday. and if you are waiting to make a big purchase all every august and october are the best months for volume. while you may expect to find codes around the holidays some of the best deals are released on the thursday or friday before a long holiday weekend. if you have a consumer idea, call us or go to >> so my strategy is wrong. i waited for holiday. >> october. >> october, august, year round, yeah, beginning or end of the
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week. pretty much any day of the week. [ laughter ] >> julie, thanks. remember when going camping meant living off the land? well, now it's more like living in luxury for some folks. up next the cool new tools taking camping high-tech. >> temperature heading down today inland highs not hitting 80 for many of you but we're coming up on a weekend, maybe you are going camping. we'll take a peek at which weekend day will be warmer and which day over the next 7 will be the hottest. your forecast next. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the all-star break can't come soon enough for the giants. no getting around michelle wie's round. >> after playing here for 40 years, you know, it hurts. >> the san francisco golf course that may run dry. ,,,,,,,,,,
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we are right in the middle of camping season but that doesn't mean you have to rough it. sumi das shows the great outdoors is going high-tech.
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>> reporter: whether your going to the hills or the river, here's what you need. the highly engineered $300 big house 4 from big agnes is a roomier alternative to most four-man tents. >> two doors, front and back, plenty of mesh to allow for ventilation. >> reporter: add this tablet holder for the out doors, and you have your very own in-tent entertainment system. the $80 lighthouse l.e.d. lantern avoids campsite stadium, and powers up your items. >> you can hand crank it. >> reporter: a wood-burning camp stove pulls double duty. use it for dinner and power up the usb port. this $130 stove doesn't require fuel, just throw in twig, light them and a fan kindles the flames. for way to boost battery lights, another way, the $150 extreme 5 a waterproof iphone case that features a built-in
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solar panel. the alley canoe is certainly seaworthy but also space saving because it's foldable. the boat breaks down to fit in this oversized bag. at $2,100, it is a bit extravagant. but if you love being on the water and don't have room to house a 17-foot canoe, it may be well worth it. in moss beach, california, i'm sumi das, cbs news. >> would you like to comment, paul, on somebody taking a cell phone on a camping trip? >> wait, hold the phone. >> i wouldn't bring it. >> no, you would bring it for emergency purposes. and you want to take photos. >> and maybe your kids might want to play candy crush. i'm just saying. nothing says camping like a good iphone game, right? >> probably right about that, actually. >> oh, yeah. better have a waterproof case. >> boom! >> right in the lake. >> it still works! we see this every night and we just kind of take it for granted. it is so cool watching the invasion of the marine layer work its way over the coast range spilling into san
6:47 pm
francisco bay. happening again tonight. we have perfect sunshine right over top of sfo but just off to the west, you can see the cloud cover. temperatures cooling down. santa rosa, san bruno in the upper 60s. livermore down to 76. san francisco holding at 63 and san jose 75. another view of that sneaky little clouds over the hills in the palo alto -- this live view from stanford stadium sunny now won't be sunny by 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. overnight with lots of cloud cover moving inland with the upper 50s for concord, livermore, fairfield, vacaville, san francisco 57. redwood city 59 tonight. here's the setup in the skies above us because this is critical. we have an area of low pressure to our north which we typically do and an area of high pressure to the south which we often also have. but where they are located is giving us that stronger onshore flow with the ridge farther away and that low closer to us. so that's why we had a lot of cloud cover this morning. i don't see much changing tomorrow. so if you were cloudy this morning, you're going to wake up to clouds again tomorrow but that ridge begins to move
6:48 pm
closer after tomorrow. by the way, check out all the thunderstorms over the desert southwest. they are certainly in their monsoonal season. if you are traveling to phoenix or vegas, pack for rai over the next several days. high pressure over the weekend will limit the onshore flow and we'll get more sunshine and warmer and we see less evening cloud cover. that's going to happen, perfect timing, over the weekend. good weather to get outside, go camping and bring all your portable electronic devices. here's a peek at futurecast showing you that cloud cover spilling inland everywhere that's gray will be gray in the skies above you tomorrow morning. and that is most of the bay area. so fog, cloud cover, back tonight. some drizzle again along. coast. it will stay mild but not hot on friday. we begin warming up as the ridge moves closer to us this weekend. concord will be 8 degrees below average. santa clara 80. palo alto 78. 70s walnut creek, pleasant hill and concord. high of 66 in san francisco, also across the bay to
6:49 pm
sausalito, kentfield 73. sonoma 75. a beautiful day in cloverdale, your friday high 84 degrees. tomorrow is friday, congratulations! over the weekend, we warm up by sunday back to the 90s inland. warmest day is going to be monday. mid-90s away from the water. mid-70s near the bay. cooling a few degrees tuesday through thursday. we are rain-free for the next seven days. sports is next.
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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settled for scott kazmir, a the two faced ea before the season, the a's wanted to sign tim hudson but the giants got him instead. the a's settled for scott kazmir and the two-faced each other at at&t today. like the giants, hudson's season going down the tubes. he was making a second career start against his former team. two runs already in and oakland josh donaldson hit his 20th home run. he will compete in the home run derby. 4-0 oakland. in the 6th baze loaded, steven vogt hot. all six runs charged to hudson. vogt drove in three. kazmir locked it down. he went 7 innings, allowed three hits, struck out nine looking wore think of the all- star selection. he might start the game. a's win 6-1 taking three out of
6:53 pm
four from the giants who can't seem to stop the slide. >> you're not going to be on top of your game for 162 games. this has been a little long. getting around that. with you, you know, we are lucky. >> hudson and kazmir are headed in different directions this year. the big difference is in the win/loss record. hudson 7-6, kazmir 11-3 in one of the great comeback stories in baseball. you can read about it on my blog on, ken. kazmir will join six other a's in minnesota for the all-star game. donaldson going to the home run derby. >> for me it's one of those things that's fun. not like they hit homers, too. you know, it's gusting to another run of betting prices except with a lot more people watching. the california drought has pushed glen eagle's golf club in san francisco to the brink of closure. but its operator is hoping the
6:54 pm
city can help save it. >> every all the nine hoe courses in the country it ranks number 17. >> reporter: gleneagles is wedged into visitacion valley a neighborhood rougher than the water star fairways. >> this has been a labor of love. i wanted to make sure that glen eagle stayed open for another generation of san franciscans. >> reporter: he has been given 30 days to leave the course because of bigger bills. >> when they raised the water rate by 50%. that suddenly makes this a nonperforming. business. >> reporter: the san francisco public utilities commission told kpix 5 it's actually a 40% increase which applies to all the courses in san francisco. the problem is, they get financial assistance from the city. shea does not under the lease he signed nine years ago.
6:55 pm
>> i'm hoping for some shared responsibility on behalf of the city. i'm hoping that the city and its policymakers decide that this is an important place to keep open. >> there is infrastructure out there that's old and challenged and, you know, he has asked for some support in managing some of that infrastructure and i think that's a reasonable request. it's ultimately going to be his choice as to whether he wants to stick around and if he doesn't, you know, maybe somebody else will step up. >> reporter: the parks and rec director phil ginsberg is encouraged by the new lease negotiations but the future of gleneagles isn't exactly straight down the middle. >> after playing here for 40 years, i'm, you know, it'sth really hurts. >> there is a better golf course across the pond. michelle wie one of british open but struggled today. five bogeys 3-over 75, 7 back of the leader, [ non-english language ] , going for the green on 18 she birdied the
6:56 pm
hole to go 4-under for the championship and she has the one shot lead. bombs away, ken. rory mcilroy how far did this drive go? >> 325? >> 325. anybody elses ? >> 400. >> 436 veronica, you're read having the prompter! >> no pga player haste hit a drive over 400 yards this year. mcilroy has a one-shot lead at the scottish open. that's cheating. thanksgiving cannot come soon enough. that's when richard sherman and the seahawks will square off against the 49ers. will the real turkey please stand up? you will remember sherman made the play on crabtree in the nfc championship game and then had some words for him on national tv? apparently the fire inside hasn't died. sherman went on the discovery channel show, american muscle, and piled on. >> it's much more of just i don't like the dude, you know what i'm saying, and i think he
6:57 pm
is sorry. [ laughter ] >> i knew he was going to be a little punk and walk off he wasn't going to come shake hands after the game. >> it's not going to be something that goes away. i hope to play him every year for the rest of my career and choke him out. >> no, sherman knows exactly what he is doing. right? the. >> smart guy. >> he is baiting harbaugh. he is baiting crabtree. he wants the ball thrown in his direction. it worked last time around. >> somewhere down in santa clara there's a little room in a stadium and they are planning this little play that the seahawks have never seen any more that involves that dude. >> this bill walsh's day he would put that stuff on a chalkboard. maybe harbaugh does it. he would use that. >> we'll see. >> thanksgiving. >> remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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