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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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council finance committee finally said enough is enough. >> we have spent so much time talking about the problem, we need our public safety personnel to be spending their time talking on the radios. >> at issue, oakland's owe system. police say their radios aren't reliable. >> oakland police officers have zero confidence in oakland's radios. >> oakland's police unit had push the city to join a regional system. but administrators fought it all the way, insisting their current service provider had fixed the glitched. the city cites cost as another reason they are reluctant to adopt the system >> we averaged them side by side. there is $7.3 million we difference between the two. >> they say it is just the opposite. the city will save millions bait won't have to upgrade its
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transmission towers -- because it won't have to upgrade the transmission towers. >> it is a lifeline for the police department. they are being used as pawns by the i.t . department. >> in the end, it came down to the safety of oakland's residents. >> we have a lot of bad guys with guns running from the police in my neighborhood. we saw our police officers on their personal cell phones. they couldn't communicate with themselves. we couldn't communicate with them. it was terrifying. >> the finance committee's recommendation for move to the regional system goes to the full city council next tuesday. it's expected to pass without a problem. live in the newsroom, elizabeth cook kpix 5. new at 6:00, crime falling in another bay area city. and now one of the reasons why it's suddenly on the chopping block. kpix 5's ann notarangelo on how richmond police say they are losing approved important crime- fighting tool. ann. >> reporter: ken, for the last
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five or six years crime has been going down in this city. the police department will tell you it is no coincidence that's when they teamed up with c.o.d.e enforcement. police arrested two squatters this afternoon for living in a red tagged home. >> crime and blight go together. you eliminate one, you eliminate the other. >> the concern is that these people are living and could start a fire or they are committing a crime? >> yes, they do. or, you look at kids. we have kids out there. >> the smell of urine was overpowering. and there had already been a fire. they're trying to prevent that from happening at this abandon home. randy page kill williams was -- abandoned home. williams was thrilled to see c.o.d.e. >> richmond police often responds in 24 hours.
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this woman flagged down an officer with her problem. >> at one point, this city had a thousand abandoned homes which police say thieves crimed. >> they are outward signals that the folks who live in the tear crabtree don't really care. and those smaller things can lead to big things, more serious crime. >> richmond took the unusual step of merging the police with c.o.d.e enforcement and officers work side by side. but to manage a city-wide deficit, c.o.d.e enforcement's budget has been slashed by a quarter and the staff could be cut in half. the this city councilman says it has nothing to do with him and his property. >> where do you think about c.o.d.e enforcement. >> the c.o.d.e enforcement manager, two people are making over 150 think dollars a year over there. >> he also doesn't buy the claim that it helps reduce crime. but this resident does. he has been watching this
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abandon home. >> just brought faces i had never seen. people were doing a lot. a lot of police activity kept coming here. >> police say it is likely to create more havens for trouble because those who with break the law are relentless. >> everyday it is something different. everyday it is a different property. >> reporter: tomorrow, union members will be meeting to discuss some of the concessions they are considering. if they don't make an agreement with the city, 11 people could lose their jobs. in richmond, ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> the department tries to recover the cost of cleaning up a proto. on a good year, they may recoup 2 and a half million dollars, but it is much less because the owners are so difficult to locate. president obama is calling for emergency money to fight wildfires in california and other western states. fires just north of the bay area in recent days are examples of the higher than usual number of fire this is career. the president is asking
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congress for $615 million. the money would go toward the growing cost of fighting fires as hot temperatures and the draught get worse. the draught has forced these santa clara water district to make a tough choice. protect wild life or drinking water supplies. kpix 5's mark sayer on where the fallout from that decision will be seen first. >> reporter: well, veronica, the creek runs all the way to downtown san jose. today, they had to cut the intake to this creek by 60% to conserve the water that they do have. ny some have already noticed the effects of the draught. >> compared to maybe a few months back, it flows slower. >> los gatos creek is fed from the lexington reservoir which is less than 20% capacity.
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by dramatically kitting the water here, water managers hope to avoid the situation where the water levels drop below intakes. if that happens, no water at all could be released in los gatos creek and the entire ecosystem could die. >> obviously, the fish are not going to survive. we're hoping by keeping part of the creek wet, fish upstream will survive in los gatos. >> in the next few days, los gatos creek is expected to start drying up near downtown san jose and gradually will also dry up through most of campbell as well. as with some lesser known creeks which have already felt the full impact of the draught, fish will begin to die. these photos from alameda and ross creek show dead fish as well as back water areas which eventually dry up completely or else leave the fish exposed for predators. >> well, we have a variety of native species. there is probably a few steel head trout. >> jay is water district
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biologist. >> that's kind of the strategy. happening on to something as seed for the future. >> and able says when the creek fully dries up, other wild life will also start looking for water. >> i wouldn't be surprised if the people start seeing some of the wild life in their backyard. looking for that drink off the backyard pool. >> reporter: water managers say there are simply no options to relocate those fish because there is simply no where to take them. reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayer kpix 5. >> thank you, mark. just like water agencies, the district is calling for 20% in household water use. after a year and a half long legal fight, the oyster company appears ready to give up. an attorney representing the marin operation said he was negotiating a settlement with the federal government. the company had a 40 year lease on federal property, but it expired in 2012.
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the government decided not to renew the lease so the area can be returned to its wilderness. exact details on the pending settlement were not revealed in court can. medical marijuana for the poor and homeless could be houred away from final approval by berkeley city council. a new law would require pot clubs to give app way 2% of their cannabis to people who can't bite. supporters say it is hard for sick people who don't have jobs to get their medicine. the free pot has to be as good as the marijuana that is sold. there is no organized opposition to this plan. other bay area headlines tonight. serious injuries to the driver of this car. she lost control and drove right into the front of a bank of america in san francisco this morning. police think the woman was driving drunk. police in the south bay are on the lookout for the banana pants bandit. a surveillance camera shows the woman removing a campaign sign from a san jose yard. take a look at this. the home owners posted the video on facebook and word quickly spread.
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so far the banana pants bandit has not been identified. stockton judge didn't seem to care if this prisoner's mug shot has 220,000 likes on facebook. 30-year-old jeremy meeks, also known as the hot felon was not granted bail. he pleaded not guilty to federal fire arms charges in court reporter today. his mug shot went viral last month when stockton police posted it to their facebook page. >> aww. the call for the justice goes on after a decision not to charge a deputy who shot and killed a bay area teen. coming up, why this case play not be over yet. nothing but sunshine. looking live over stanford stadium. palo alto. not that warm today. low 70s. but you have the sunshine we will talk about the prospect of sunshine continuing into the weekend. that is next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy while carrg a another protest today in santa rosa over the andy lopez case. this was the boy who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy while he was carrying a fake rifle. no charges will be filed against that deputy. but some in the community say they want justice. kpix 5's brian webb is live in santa rosa tonight with why the case may not beaver yet. brian. >> reporter: well, enter the federal government. the fbi told me they have reviewed the d oh, report and passed it along to the department of justice. but that is all they would say at this time. protesters have gone quiet tonight, too. they said they would be here at the memorial for andy lopez. no sign of them yet. but they were out in full force today. a pack of protesters camped out in front of the da's front door voicing their objection loud and clear. they are angry and offended thed cleared the deputy --d
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after killing -- da killed andy lopez. he was shot seven times and the killed when he was carrying a toy gun that looked like the real thing. after an eight month investigation, the da announced the deputy eric gelhouse acted reasonably based on the evidence they found. activists seem to be running out of hope for what they call justice for andy. here is melissa griffin cane. >> there is not a whole lot in that report that you can hang a civil rights charge on. you might have to see if you can find some evidence that isn't contained in the report in order to find something to substantiate civil rights violation. >> reporter: activists tell me they will appeal to elected officials at the state level and civil rights leaders at the national level trying to get some progress. live in santa rosa, brian webb, kpix 5. >> . nearly a dozen protesters were arrested today for interrupting a san francisco board of supervisors meeting.
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they are calling for and of what they call double standard for nonprofit workers. they say increase is granted to for profit contractors. a short time later, police released all the protesters. first responders in last year's asiana plane crash at sfo received special recognition today. two arrived at the crash site just minutes after flight 214 slammed into a sea wall at the end of the runway. the few car rid several passengers and crew members to safety. >> i have recognized now that it wasn't all about what we were trained to do that day. it was the right thing to do. >> six were honored today before the san francisco board of supervisors. her training put to the test. a woman had to do her job as a 911 dispatcher. how her own child faced a life or death situation.
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howe. how she kept her composure. >> my child is choking. medical is in route. >> that is the voice of bitny as she dispatched first -- britney as she dispatched first responders to her home. >> that call came in from her husband robert. he noticed his son may have rick was turning blue. he had swallowed a metal washer that fell off a piece of furniture. >> i had him say come on, mav. i recognized it was my own. >> britney said she had to gain composure and do her job to help maverick. >> at that point i made the decision to take my little finger and shove the object past his airway. >> robert says his past medical training helped him dislodge the washer and clear maverick's
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airway. crews arrived about the same time. the family got this x-ray after their trip to the hospital. >> my first reaction was getting help to him, just like any other 911 phone call i have ever had. my first instinct is to do my job and help save that life. >> britney just said she did what she is trained to do. but her boss are proud of her performance under pressure >> an extremely high stress job. and then after hearing about her own child. just the the cole, professionalism and poise, it really stood out. >> britney was also honored by the police department and the city for her performance that day in the face of such we emotional distress. >> turns out everybody did the right thing. 1-year-old maverick did not suffer any serious injuries. >> good news. a follow up now on yesterday's story about a three- year-old water leak in the east bay. there is now dispute over who is responsible. we showed you the water oozing
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out of richmond bayview after. east bay mud did test today. now the agency says the leak is not from the pipe. the city of richmond disagrees. the workers say this is definitely treated drinking water from east bay mud. as the two agencies squabble over the water leak, water leaks continue. san francisco's lake merced has a newly renovated boat house. the boat house underwent a $3.2 million improvement. it had been out of commission for several years. now the improvements make it much more assessable for other water sports. >> the whole site is going to become much more acceptable. once again, the community will be able to use this community room for special events and meetings. this amazing waterfront view. >> you can fish there, too. the park and rec department teamed up to fund the project.
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>> huh. looks like an okay day out on the lake. >> not bad. >> reporter: been out there a long time. >> welcome back, by the way. >> reporter: thank you. beautiful day outside. depending on where you were. this is the time of year if you want 60 and cloudy, you can find it. you want 90, drive about an hour, you find it as well. concord, gilroy, sunny and 90. but look at san francisco. only 64 degrees. the inl vision has be-- invasion has begun. napa, you hit 85. fremont 76. one place where it has been very consistent over the past several days, san jose. 82degrees on saturday, sunday and monday. today about 3 degrees cooler with a high of 79. let's talk some baseball. we have the bay bridge series. perhaps a prelude to the world series. giants better step up. giants, a's in oakland.
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64degrees your first pitch. temperature. talk about what's going on. yesterday, a lot of rain closetous because we had a lot of tropical moisture moving up from the south. area of low pressure still there. as it begins to peel away, that moisture will not make it all the way into the bay area. we have rain over the sierra. but for us, we will be close but close does not give us any rainfall this time of year. big ridge of high pressure will give us sunshine away from the water. as the ridge builds back in, we will still stay cloudy and drizzly along the coast. inland areas will continue to have sunshine for the next several days. a par for the course for early to mid july. tomorrow, not as warm. concord 82. you in the 90s today. san jose, another day, foggy start. san rafael, your high 74 degrees tomorrow. mid 80s through friday. around 70 near the bit. cloudy at the coast. coupledegrees warmer over the weekend. the hottest weather away from the water. that will be here monday and
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tuesday. we have a new app for you. you, right now, can down load the s f bay area to your ipad. customize it for where you live or where. you can share your weather photos with us as well. pretty gorgeous sunset tonight with that marine layer. >> you have the weather app, paul. >> reporter: not personally. but i do have our weather app. i think it is kind of cool because you can pick like seven different places you visit. it is amazing the difference. >> he down loaded it. thanks, paul. it was stolen from palo alto. now police say a stolen bentley has turned up in a southern california neighborhood. the car didn't stay there for long. last week, police found the bentley in an unincorporated tear yager of passade -- area
6:21 pm
of pasadena. the car was not damaged. coming up, why some are saying a probably protesters pole is not the right fit for this area. priced out. an east bay yoga center will have to take its meditation and mats else where. ,,,,,,,,
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thief... and is thrown from ge a cell phone robbery turns deadly. a southern carolina girl runs after the thief and is thrown from the get away car. this is a sketch of the suspect police believe snatched the 15- year-old's phone in santa anna. when he jumped into a p waiting get away car, rubio chased him down and then managed to grab onto the trunk. that's when the driver swerved and the girl fell to the pavement hitting her head. she died this past saturday two days after the incident. a massive housing development being proposed in san ramon might end in
6:24 pm
opposition. the project will have 740 homes. san roberta moan city council member terry saxx was originally in favor of the project but is now having second thoughts after thinking about the impact on traffic. >> they are going to pay over a million dollars for that's houses. they are not going to work at dairy queen to pay for the mortgage. they have to go to silicon valley and where the six figure jobs are. >> tonight the san ramon city council is meeting and the councilman plans to call for additional review of the project. new at 6:00, did you know when yoga made its way out of india, one of the first places it land 0 was san francisco. but as kate cogeron shows us, that legacy may soon be priced out of the city. >> with tranquil chanting and slow, deliberate breathing, a 90 minute break from the harsh realities from the san
6:25 pm
francisco real estate. >> kind of feel like p we're getting our yoga mats pulled out from underneath us. >> i have known it was coming for quite some time. it was just a matter of when. >> for 27 years, the yoga center has been more than a place where people did yoga. >> people came here thrive yoga. >> yes, live yoga through practiced diet, meditation and teaching. over the years, thousands came here, even lived here to follow that vision. >> slowly, over time, we ended up acquiring the whole building. >> and you come here, you can feel the homeliness. >> we have an elderly man living here now who is on hospice care. >> but at the end of the month, the people here calling it home has to leave. of course, plenty of people are also capitalizing on yoga. something that is now synonymous with expensei fashion >> yeah. the yoga gear. making sure you look like a yo gi. what does that even look like?
6:26 pm
>> but the center came long before all that. >> kind of the idea that a yoga center on every corn exploded. >> and august first will become the latest institution stretched past the breaking point. >> i hope people start to recognize these gems, you know, or they will be slowly moved out. >> kate cogeron, kpix 5. >> the center is trying to raise funding for a new home. although, they admit staying in the city will be extremely difficult. they are holding a good-bye celebration this weekend. we have a link to the yoga center's website on coming up in our next half hour, tenant trouble. a renter refusing to pay. and now her landlord claims she's been doing this for years. lining up for free water in this east bay city. but where it comes from may make things trying. heart break for fans of the world cup host country as germany gets a huge win over brazil.
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are only $6.99 a pound. and refreshe water is just $2.79 a case. there's more savings to love... at safeway. but her landlord says things went down hill fast. welcome back, i'm veronica now at 6:30, she seemed like the perfect tenant on paper, but her landlord said
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things went downhill fast. welcome back. i am veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. kpix 5's linda yee tells us about an unusual tenant landlord fight. train. >> reporter: that's right, ken. her landlord says this was a con game they allowed to happen because they did not do their homework. one property manager said once she caught on she thought of a way to cripple that scam. >> the renter moved into the san bruno house with her family at the end of may. according to the property manager that is when the trouble started. the check for the first month rent bounced. >> we tried to cash it. it was from a closed account. >> now, she's allegedly refusing to pay rent, complaining about broken appliances. >> she is a squatter. she preys on landlords. >> sandy todd at mitts she made a mistake not doing a full background check. what she found later was a trail of evictions by bay area
6:31 pm
landlords. >> this year, we are the second victim. >> all evictions. >> all evictions. >> two former landlords we contacted confirmed they never saw a rental check. deputy gelhouse debby wasn't home, but her family was. her mother admitted there were eviction proceedings but. >> i don't know. >> hi debby, this is linda yee at channel 5 news. >> when i know contacted debby she denied she was ever evicted. the property manager says she has contacted other landlords to warn them about her. >> i know she looks through craigs list. that's how i posted my ad. so i emailed all the craigs list owners. one actually replied back to me saying she was going to rent to her until i contacted her. they were ready to sign the lease and everything. >> reporter: well, that lease was not signed. another land lord i contacted told me that she did sue and won't in small claims court for back rent. but that's been more than a
6:32 pm
year, ken. and she hasn't seen a dime yet. >> yeah. good luck collecting that. all right. linda yee in south san francisco. thank you. by the way, the property manager figures about $8,000 has been lost in unpaid rent. so far, in the eviction process is on going. it might sound a little strange, even gross. but one bay area wear district is offering free recycled sewer water to residents. consumer watts reporter screwly watts says -- julie watts are lining up for this stuff. julie. >> reporter: yeah. this was running down toilets and running down drains. but in spite of the draught, not everyone is sold on this recycled water program. >> brown spots like these are popping up on lawns all over the bay area. in fact, lawns are welcoming a bit of a faux pas. >> competition is really important. >> landscaping accounts for all the water the home owners uses. here in trivalley the district
6:33 pm
has ordered p watt we are consumption by 25%. which is why the dublin water servicest district is letting people fill up on as much recycled sure water as they'd like for free. but not everyone is jumping at the chance to water their gardens with gallons and gallons of what used to be swirling around their toilet. >> i am more of a sanitary kind of person. i am afraid of the germs. >> while they don't advise drinking, they insist this water is perfectly safe. and has been treated three times. as for transportation, people use everything from milk jugs to wine bottles. >> i have been pleasantly surprised about the enthusiasm that we've goat% the residents. i mean, just yesterday we had 14 new people signed up. on a typical day, we have 20 to 30 people. some people make two or three
6:34 pm
trips everyday. >> ultimately saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water that would otherwise be dumped into the bay. so far, more than 95 people have signed up. and safety is the last thing on their minds. >> it's supposed to be clearer than the delta and you probably water ski in the delta. >> a sentiment shared by most. while they won't be drinking it, most people are thirsty for more. >> see you back in a little bit. >> reporter: now, keep in mind, each gallon of water weighs about 8 and a half pounds so think about that before you show up with 300 one gallon milk jugs. many people are coming back over and over. in fact, we have seen this twice today. the fill up hours are 3:00 to 7:00 most days. demand has been so impressive that they are thinking about extending those hours. julie watts, kpix 5. marijuana now on store shelves of some businesses in washington state. the ribbon was cut in front of the first retail pot store in
6:35 pm
bellingham today. six stores are opening state- wide. people were lining up to get inside. one guy with a washington state flag draped around his neck says this was a proud moment. >> i was born and raised here. i was born and raised in seattle. i'm really proud to be from this state. proud to be from washington. proud that we, the people, decided to do this. we made it happen. >> here are the rules. only people over 21 are allowed to buy the cannabis. smoking it in public is not allowed. edible pot, such as hash brownnies are also not allowed to be sold. president obama is asking for emergency money to deal with the waves of undocumented children crossing the u.s. from mexico. he asked congress for $3.7 billion. that is twice the amount predicted. the money would pay for border patrols and detention facilities. it could also speed up the deportation process. the process has spread to
6:36 pm
another southern california county. only this time demonstrators are supporting the recent wave of mostly young people trying to get a new life in the united states. this protest was a response to recent anti immigration protest in river side county. violence escalates in the middle east as israel launches its largest offensive in gaza in nearly two years. it is an open-ended operation administrators at ending weeks of heavy rocket fire from hamas. the group had fired more than 30 rocket atax on southern israel. today, israel retaliated hitting more than 100 hamas sites. this wedding was interrupted by shrapnel from an intercepted rocket. the missiles in the sky and started running. the bride and groom fled with their party. getting hammered by one of the biggest and strongest typhoons to hit the country in decades.
6:37 pm
earlier today, waves with up to 46 feet pound the southern island of okinawa. thousands are taking cover in shelters. if you have any doubt about the size of this storm, take a look at this. nasa provided a fee to taken from international space station. this is when the typhoon was over taiwan today. history made it to the world cup today. brazil suffer the worst ever lost by a host country in their semi final game against germany. as the blowout unfolded, the home team started booing and leaving the stadium before half time. the faithful stuck around until the bitter end shocked and teary eyed. and then riot police had to be called out full force outside the stadium to deter any rioting. the country is bracing for a long night after the humiliating less on home soil. germany fans of the game were asked to stay in the stadium
6:38 pm
until they could be us courted out. dennis o'donnell will have a break down of the game, coming up in experts. >> amazing. -- sports. >> bad day for brazil. today, ditching the land line. who is most likely to drop the old school phones and go cell only these days. plus, one benefit to making that witch. plus, how the draught is leading to theft at this northern california lake.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
more american home ownerses are cutting that cord. >> yeah. they are getting rid of their old land line phones and only using their cell phones. cbs reporter omar villafranca looks at the trend. >> land lines are slowly becoming a thing of the past. according to a national health interview survey of 21,000 homes, four out of every 10 homes use only cell phones. that's twice as many as five years ago. brad miller is part of the trend.
6:41 pm
>> this is where it was. >> his house was built in the 50s and even has a phone nook built in. but he got rid of his open home service three years ago. >> not only did we not use our land line at the house. we didn't even know what the phone number was. >> 48% of households have both cell phones and land lines. this study also found that people most likely to ditch their land line and have a cell phone are young adults who have roommates and rent their home. >> many people keep their land lines in case of an emergency. cell pope service is cut off. miller isn't -- phone service is cut off. miller isn't worried about that. >> my guess at least cell phone towers will be working 99% of the time. >> miller says the best thing is no more unwanted calls from tele marketers. omar villafranca cbs news dallas. >> while the number of land lines is going up. researchers say that could be because some internet and cable tv packages come with land
6:42 pm
lines. >> there you go. still ahead, looting at the lake. >> what people are taking home from this southern california waterway that could get them in big trouble. south bay has stolen all the sunshine from san francisco. while the city is cloudy and 63 degrees, this live view from san jose shows sunshine with temperatures near 80. how big is that temperature spread going to be as we head toward the weekend? your answer in your 7 day forecast, next. i'm dennis o'donnell. how do you sum up pray sill's hue mill -- brazil's humiliating loss. and, why a's fans will be cheering for cespedes at the all star game. it's all straight ahead. ,,
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we told you about the uproa potrero hill last week aftea resident found the animal or deck. big news tonight. back in yosemite valley. we told you about the uproar last week after a resident found the little critter on her back deck. well, wild life workers returned the rodent yesterday.
6:46 pm
>> aww. water levels are uncovering interesting art facts at one northern california lake. the problem is people are taking them home. cbs reporter shannon brenies tells us that souvenir could land you in jail. >> the department of water resources jana frasier is happy to show off tribal art facts at the visitors center. what she worries about are the artifacts found here. >> when we have hikers go out, they sometimes find things that they shouldn't take. >> looting is becoming a problem as the draught drops the water line revealing more historic and prehistoric sites. >> i know there is a loot of under water treasures in this stuff. >> jim aarons has been boat here for 10 years but hadn't heard about the looting problem. >> i don't think that's a good idea. i know there's some indian grounds, i believe, out there somewhere. i think those are kind of sacred and they shouldn't be messing with that kind of
6:47 pm
stuff. >> it is illegal to take anything older than 50 years old. it is illegal to even dig it up. >> it could be a misdemeanor. it could be jail time. it could be a felony, depending on what you're doing. >> there are use out there watching. not just park rangers but people like frasier who volunteer and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement. >> we always tell people, find it, look ate, photograph, enjoy it. leave it where you find it. otherwise you destroy the historical record. >> you the actually take up to 15 pounds of rock including gold from state parks. but you are not allowed to go digging for it. >> 15 poundsover gold sitting on the surface, i'm all about that -- pounds of gold sitting on the surface. >> reporter: kind of got a bit of helicopter if march and rainfall when we got the
6:48 pm
rainfall. it is really dropping off. we will not see rain any time soon. this is the time of year we take water from the reservoirs which didn't get much added to this past winter. here is a peak outside. look from dublin. our new camera in palo alto also has the weather station. 69degrees. on a scale of 1 to 5, our fog factor tonight, we're ramping things up to a 3. it will be foggy owl throughout the -- all throughout the bit. fog will burn back to the coast in the afternoon. but it will be a slow burning process. we will see clouds at the coast likely all the way through the afternoon much like today. here is a peak at what's going on in the skies above it. interesting day today. we saw a few rain showers in the east bay. also in the sierra. that is because of an area of
6:49 pm
low pressure all the way down in kabul. but because that is counterclockwise, it set up a lot of moisture that made it all the way to california and oregon and nevada. just about in every direction around us we're seeing some thunderstorms. for us in the b things are just too stable. that is the way things are this time of year. we simply do not get much rainfall. big ridge of high pressure has a clockwise flow. we will keep the on shore flow for the next several days. rain to our east. rain to our north. but for us, the only weather embedment will be the fog. just about every morning for the next several. tonight, along the coast, another drizzly night. inland highs because of the on shore flow will be warm but not hot. not hitting 90 for the next several days. that tropical moisture is close, but it will stay too far away to give us any much-needed rainfall. concord, you will hit 82.
6:50 pm
that is five degrees below your average for this tame of year. los altos will hit 87. mill valley 75. napa 78. the hot stuff 90 degrees tomorrow. we will stay in the mid 80s through friday. right around 70 near the bay. morning clouds. afternoon sunshine. a few degrees warmer saturday and sunday a. few degrees warmer still for next week. we will stay dry for the next several days. dennis, sports, two minutes.
6:51 pm
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"how" they lost, suffering r worst defeat since franklin it was brutal. it was humiliating. it wasn't that pray civil lost, but how they lost. suffering their worst defeat since frank lip roosevelt was in office. sure, they didn't have their top striker. germ wept out when the flood gates opened. brazil fans better start reaching for their kleenex. twenty-fourth minute. cruz finds the back of the net. 3-nil germany. twenty-sixth minute, nice pass to cruz for the second goal.
6:54 pm
4-nil germany. the tears, they wouldn't stop. twenty-ninth minute. wide open right in front of the net. germany scored four goals in less than seven minutes. they win 7-1. it is the most goals allowed by brazil since 1934. 2 first loss at home since the ford administration. they didn't even show up. >> if i were to think of my life as a football player, as a coach, as a physical education teacher, i think it was the worst day of my life. >> yeah. when i have to use two presidential references. >> wow. >> in one game, you know it's bad. germany advances to its record eight world cup championships. this will face the winner in termites match between argentina and the netherlands. it's official, cespedes is in the field. cespedes is one of seven a's
6:55 pm
headed to the midsummer blast. second baseman kipness won't be sad to see derek jeter retire at the end of the year. a double loss on a foul pop up. why? the yankee captain tricked him into thinking it was a ground ball and he needed to break up the double play. great stuff. skeeter. only derek jeter. in addition to being a politician and an author, the well spoken donald foil can now add coach to his growing resume. >> let's roll big fella. >> the oakland believers looked sluggish in the first half of their pro a.m. game. head coach al brown needed someone to fire up his team. luckily, he had a 15 year nba veteran on his coaching staff. fan favorite and former warrior, donald foil. >> i left the locker room. i don't know what he said to the players, but the game changed in the second half. >> i want to see somebody get
6:56 pm
tired. if you ask for a sub, that means you are playing hard. >> the believers managed to force overtime before losing by six. >> i was totally excited by that. they were trying to boost my we go. >> he now calls florida his home. >> give me one, baby. >> but he thought there was no better place to go than across the country to boost his coaching resume. >> this has been such a great neck of basketball in the bay area. i think you have to be happy about a league that has been going on so long. almost 35 years. we have a very illustrious environment here. >> even in his playing days, the well spoken warrior of a decade always knew he would get back to the game after hanging them up for good. >> i always cherish the different people who have played a role in my life throughout my career, like clifford ray, the people who really went out and really
6:57 pm
tried to help me become better. as a temp, you want to pass that gift on. >> relax and shoot it. but when you go up to shoot it, shoot it. don't baby it. you know what i mean? >> hen he speaks, everyone is listening. we know he played in the nba. that's the best basketball league in the world. >> thinking about coaching? >> i don't know yet. i like retirement. [laughter] >> if you can say something and they get it and are able time policemen it, that's what teaching is really about. it is to empower them. at the end of the day as coaches, we're cheer leaders. >> don foil was one of my favorite guys to cover because he was sew intelligent. so worldly. he could talk gaza strip as much as anything else. >> he threw in old clifford ray. >> former great warrior center. that is the last time they won a championship, ken. you know that. >> that's right. >> have a good night. [ male announcer ] type 2 diabetes affects millions of us.
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