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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 5, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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freak accident. good evening, i'm betty yu ...ann is off tonigh an out of control fourth of july celebration ends in a deadly freak accident. good evening, i'm betty yu, ann a off tonight. >> and i'm brian hackney. gunfire during the fourth of july ends with an electro cushion. someone shot down a power line in east oakland leaving a managed and a second -- dead and a second in critical condition. it happened just before midnight in east oakland. mark kelly talked to neighbors who say they're living in a war zone. >> 11:45. the final minutes celebrating the fourth of july and east oakland partying spiraled out of control. >> reporter: neighbors report partiers setting off fireworks. even firing gunshots in the
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street. robertson happened to be walking by and saw the commotion. >> i don't like any of it. and anyone that knows me know i would tell them i'm gone. i don't like it. >> reporter: as the hours pass, the party only grew. >> it was guns fireworks, cherry bombs you name it. it was everything. >> reporter: curtis gains saw 40 to 50 people fill the street and heard all the ruckus from inside his home including when the partying turn fatal. >> get him away from the wire. >> reporter: they found the two victims unresponsive. a downed power line between them. pg&e's initial investigation showed gunfire knocked down the lines and the street's power. >> it was just right there. that's what i told my friend. i was just right there and i didn't go down that street. i kept down here. >> reporter: when pg&e came out last night to restore power to this neighborhood, a spokesperson says they had to pack up and head home for their own safety. there are too many gunshots in this neighborhood. >> get the customers back on but also do it in a manner
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where the safety of the employees aren't in jeopardy. >> reporter: daylight saturday pg&e worked quickly to get power pumping again to the 65 customers who lost it. neighbors can hope next year's fourth of july stays civil. >> fireworks out on the water, supposed to watch -- go watch professionals do it. don't try to be professional. >> reporter: in oakland, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the two men who were shocked are brothers. the older one had tried to help the brother who died. and he ended up in critical condition. in the south bay, at least three men were injured last night by fireworks, san jose police say a man last both his hand when an illegal firework exploded as he lit it. in sunnyvale two guys lost their fingers when a firework went off. we saw them go off last night in oakland. police tell us they also received numerous reports of people shooting off guns to celebrate the holiday. stepped up enforcement did pay off. they made 14 arrests and gave out more than 100 citations for
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illegal fireworks. there were also several busts including this big one we saw yesterday evening. another wildfire burning out of control tonight near lake. the fire near highway 128 close to the southeast shore of the lake, smoke is billowing for miles. you can see it here and in less than 24 hours, it's already burned 5,000 acres. people have been evacuated from about 40 peoples and a campground has been cleared out as well. cal fire says the fire is just 15% contained right now and they are dealing with rugged terrain. the chp is promising a thorough investigation into the beating of a woman along an l. a. freeway. that was captured on camera. bigad shaban on the possible implications for law enforcement everywhere. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is investigating one of its own. after cell phone video captured this officer repeatedly punching a woman on the side of a los angeles freeway. but civil rights leaders in l. a. are calling on the federal
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government to launch its own probe. >> to subdue, that's one thing. but to beat, that's another thing. the officer crossed the line. >> reporter: the chp says it can handle the investigation on its own. >> we are known as an agency that really polices itself. >> reporter: what was your reaction when you saw this video? >> i was shocked. but also not surprised. >> reporter: jody armor is a criminal law professor at the university of southern california and says the patrol officer's actions could hurt the public perception of all law enforcement agencies in the l. a. area including the los angeles police department. >> i would say these are among the worst times in terms of the police image and community relations since the rodney king tape. >> reporter: the 1991 brutal beating of king sparked a public outcry for reform within the l. a. p. d.. until last year the department of justice had special oversight of l. a.'s police force because of what it described as a pattern of misconduct. that consent decree last for
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more than years. as for tuesday's incident with the highway patrol officer, his report of what happened said the barefoot woman ignored his orders to stay away from the freeway. so he said he tried to take the woman into custody to protect her. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> a chief for the california highway patrol says the agency will look into every fact that led up to the incident to find out why it happened the way it did. checking bay area headlines, 36 hours and counting to get interstate 280 reopened in san francisco. the freeway is shut down for the holiday weekend. i'm sure you've heard about this. they're repairing the seismic engines and rebar work is done now. they've begun to pour concrete and they say work is on schedule to be done by about 5:00 a.m. monday morning. a safeway grocery clerk is being credited with preventing a scam. south san francisco police say that the safeway worker stopped a customer from giving a man on her cell phone the pin number for her preloaded debit card. the victim told police the
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person on the phone claimed to be an irs agent demanding $3,800. investigators are looking for more victims. and the beach on san pablo bay has been singled out for high levels of bacteria. the natural resources defense council says a third of the time the water there was tested and it came back unacceptable. the group says the pollution appears to be sewage runoff. a group of east oakland teens are getting ready for an an adventure of a lifetime. 15 african-american high school and college students will spend two weeks in china on a cross cultural tour. the program called think china is aimed at bridging the gap between african-american and chinese communities. >> in china i hope to pick up the work ethic and their language and i want to learn more about their language and how hard they work and apply that to myself. >> it's part of president obama's my brothers' keeper's initiativity. it will meet with secretary of
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state john kerry and chinese leaders next week. he could be the most wanted man in the world and he is not hiding. the video and the message being scrutinized by terrorism experts tonight. >> and a different job inside the pentagon. the tests you face to be a tour guide in the iconic building. >> and the heat is on in the bay area. no kidding. even warmer tomorrow. we'll have the forecast as we look live over the city. forecast is after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crashed in poland today --killing eleven people. a plane carrying parachutists crashed in poland today killing 11 people. the twin engine piper navajo had been airborne for only a few minutes when it crashed into an orchard and bus into flames. -- burst into flames. one person survived with critical injuries and investigators are looking into the possibility the plane was overloaded. experts said it was the worst passenger plane crash in poland in many years. tonight we're seeing our first video of the purr popped leader of the militant ewe -- purported leader of the military group isis. a man is seen giving a sermon at a mosque in the iraqi city of moe sum l shul. that man -- moe shul. he's almost never seen in public and there are only a handful of photos of him. during his sermon, he calls for his followers to wage jihad. and smoke is still rising from some fuel tankers that were torched by the taliban in
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afghanistan. there were at least 400 tankers hid machine a parking lot near kabul and -- hidden in a parking lot near kabul. they launched rockets and shot at drivers who tried to escape. the tankers are used to transport fuel for nato forces. well, it was supposed to be a limited opportunity. but decades later, tours of the pentagon are still drawing big crowds. chi lee atwood on the challenge to become a guide. >> so 1995 the -- >> reporter: each year more than 100,000 visitors toured the engine of the most powerful military in the world. >> 131 stairways and 284 restrooms and 691 drinking fountains. you can look up and see 7,754 windows. >> reporter: earning the stripes to guide tours through the complex isn't easy. trained are hand picked from the military's prestigious ceremonial guard. they mesmerize a 35 panel -- memorize a 35 page script in just 15 days and only half make the cut. >> the best day was when i
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passed training. i didn't think i was going to pass. >> reporter: in the last subpoena months -- 17 months, she has given more than 2,000 tours. >> some walking pretty much two, three miles a day backwards. >> backwards. >> backwards. >> so that's part of training right? >> part of the training yes. you have to memorize your script completely. back to front completely back. >> can we try it? >> yes are you going walk backwards? >> yes, you turn around. >> reporter: with the seamless backward strides. >> i can probably do this completely blindfolded. >> this 22-year-old has guided nonenglish speakers and rowdy children and vips through the hour long tour. >> i've become a lot more confident in myself. especially because i'm talking in front of thousands of people each year. >> reporter: next week, she leaves her pentagon post for a navy emt job. one she should be able to do forwards and backyards. chi lee atwood, cbs news, the pentagon. well we're finished with the fireworks now it's time for some music. we'll tell you where hello
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roberta. >> good afternoon everybody. roberta gonzales live at at&t park. i'm on the infield but we're not talking baseball. oh no. the details as the news continues right here on kpix 5. we have multiple fai what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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did you hear about the what's that?le ice cream man? he's a crazy ice cream eating monster who loves creamy delicious tillamook ice cream. (whispering) seriously? (door creaks) he's fast. tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better. at&t park isn't just a great place to see baseball. it's also a great place to enjoy a different kind of spectacle. >> roberta gonzales is at the ballpark right now where they're getting ready for a free live telecast of the san francisco opera's production of "la triva ata."
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roberta. >> hackable it? i'm standing on the infield -- hi can you believe it? i'm standing on the infield of at&t park and it's not for baseball at all. in fact john fink is here, he's going to tell you what we're doing here. john i've been coming out here since fix and i get to do this my annual -- interview with you. you don't call. you don't write. >> thank you. because we're always in rehearsal for the operas out here but once again san francisco opera returns to at&t park and tonight we've got the great drama by verdi. a very scandalous opera in its time. very scandalous. but really beautiful. great story. and very popular. and it's starring eileen perez. the soprano. and steven costello, they're married in real life. >> how this works? it's free and the opera's performing across town at 6:30 these gates open up and people will come running on the field. they'll throw down the picnic baskets and their blankets right? >> that's the most amazing thing, you get to sit on the outfield and watch it on the big jumbotron in high definition live from the opera
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house. and all the concessions are open too. >> reporter: if you want more information about the san francisco opera's simulcast here at at&t park, visit us online at reporting live from the baseball field, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. and more great free music in the city this weekend at the 30th annual fillmore jazz festival. ♪ music festival extends for 12 blocks of fillmore street between jackson and eddy. it's now the largest free jazz festival on the west coast. the neighborhood has been home to jazz clubs since the 1940s. if festival continues tomorrow. looks like fun the weather is going to cooperate as well as we've got mostly sunny skies around the bay area. except right at the shoreline. but aside from that we're going to look for numbers to warm up former personally inland. and remain mild near the shoreline. relief for you whether you like it some like it hot. but if you like it cool you can come to the beach.
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as we look toward diablo and the numbers right now in concord it is 92. as we approach 6:00 tonight. 678 in oakland. san francisco 66. and up in santa rosa. able 83 degrees -- 83 degrees, warm out there but it will will be mild for the game. mostly clear at game time. 7:05 p.m. with a temperature at game time of 64 degrees and roberta was just out of the old yard and by the time it all gets underway at 7:30. it will be 60 degrees. and so it looks -- pretty good out there. high pressure building over the west coast. over the next 24 hours. and as that high expands from the desert southwest -- you know what this high is doing by the way. we'll see it in a minute. the high is bringing up a lot of subtropical moisture and just creating some monsoonal conditions over the desert southwest, getting thunderstorms out there. for us just warmer weather with temperatures coming up another couple of degrees tomorrow inland. no dramatic warming it will still stay mild along the beach. the futurecast showing what is the atmosphere should do if it
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behaves itself over the next 24 hours. freezing it at sunrise tomorrow morning so you can see we've got clouds up here at point rays. little bit along the coast and inland should start the day tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. day goes on, fog stays out to sea. because we've got the high pressure and so tomorrow we'll probably -- tomorrow and monday the warmest days in the next five. so from tonight around the coast and the bay, sunny skies for everybody else. warm to hot inland tomorrow. that's what i wanted to show you, you can see all the scattered thunderstorms over arizona and working their way up into parts of nevada and colorado. the way back show you some strong thunderstorms in iowa and the remnants of the first hurricane of the year as arthur is out to sea. it just slammed head-on into nova scotia but no longer a factor for the u.s.. for tomorrow afternoon. near 80 degrees, the coast low 60s but if we want a finer mesh on this. 80 degrees at mountain view tomorrow.
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and right at the coast, we'll have 63-degrees at half-moon bay. out in the east bay 100 degrees at brentwood. 96 at fairfield. 94 pleasant hill. san ramone 91. so it's going to be in the low 90s in the east bay. mid 80s for the north bay for the most part and way up north where they're fighting that fire around clear lake, the temperatures don't look good. way up to 100 degrees. extended forecast and then as we head toward the weekend we're going to begin to cool it down. around the bay in the mid 70s the whole time. not looking bat at all though enjoy it. all right. and vern is here with a look at sports. we're talking giant, we're talking a's. right? >> we're taking a lot of stuff. especially with the giants -- who bad luck has struck the giants today. it happened just a little while ago. and it's all a's. a blockbuster trade last night. and the world cup. started with 32 countries. we're gown to just four -- down to just four left. quarterfinals, straight ahead.
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vern we're talking baseball. we're talking soccer. >> right in your wheel house. i predict. just sit back. and enjoy. >> okay. >> world cup up top and why not? quarterfinal shot at bake. -- spot at stake. and here's costa rica being fitted for a cinderella like glass slipper as much as a 4,000 to one shot to win the whole thing by one bookmaker. here's costa rica. in white. first quarterfinal appearance
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facing the orange clad netherlands. oh oh what a great opportunity for the dutch. but costa rica says no. penalty kicks. here's dirk kulp. costa rica needs this to stay alive. thanks for playing. it's the netherlands moving on to the semifinals for the second straight world cup. how about the other game? argentina coach, well the emotions all over the place. oh! gonzalez green scoring in the eighth minute only goal of the game and argentina, they win it over belgium 1-0. they get the netherlands next wednesday. baseball, giants, pablo sandoval was hit in the arm today while swinging the bat in his first at-bat on a pitch in san diego. his status unknown but it's so
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hard, that he had to come out of the game. meantime, the a's, yeah they're just flat out going for it right now. big trade late last night. with the cubs for two starting pitchers. jeff shard s one of the biggest names in the trade. he's got a scheduled presser in oakland in about an hour. tenth in the national league with a 2.3 e.r.a.. and 12th in the league with 103 strikeouts and 17 starts. jason hammel 15th in the national league with a 2.98 e.r.a.. and 104 strikeouts. two heavyweights. as the trade fattens up the already strong a's rotation. the a's did have to give up the top prospect shortstop addison russell. so after the trade, this is the projected new a's' starting rotation. three of the pitchers scott kazmir, marjah and hammel all have e.r.a.s under 3 and all
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five starters are in the top 40 in the major leagues in e.r.a.. he is projected to start tomorrow against toronto. hammel expected to go on thursday. the a's so strong, they can afford to send down tommy malone to triple a. sacramento today. he has not lost in two months. how about some tennis for you? petra. kvitova. oh man. doing it. bouchard. this in the ladies' final. it was kvitova's day. championship point and the young lady from the czech republic up 5-0 in the second. gets her day and go ahead and fall down. they all do when they win the big one on the grass. there is your wimbledon ladies' champion. and from that little golf. greenbrier classic in west
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virginia. angel cabrera putting for birdie at 16. why don't we show you this? because it roms right in -- rollings right in the cup. -- rolls right in the cup. but he is chasing billy early. -- hurley. trying to win his first pga championship. here's hurley off the flag. pinpoint accuracy and he would hold that putt for birdie. as -- he is ahead of the rest of the field. by a couple of shots. so -- well that really -- >> i'm curious about this because this picture has been with the -- pitcher has been with the chicago cubs, the chicago curs are tot doing well. >> i'm told the management for the chicago cubs don't have much incentive to spend money because they make so much. wrigley field just packed every home stand and they -- >> win or lose. >> so they're just printing money. they really just have no incentive to actually flak out go for it. >> this guy wakes up one day and for the last place team and now he's in the thick of it. >> outhouse to the penthouse.
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with one trade baby. boy, he's a great two sports star for notre dame. he had a big game against stanford in football a few years ago. when he was a star in the '06 sugar bowl. but hey he goes from tight end to he'll be on the mound tomorrow in front of a nice crowd. >> thank you vern. well coming up tonight at 6:30, new information about the plan to roll highly explosive oil through the bay area by train. plus -- >> a great white shark attacks a swimmer off a california coast. but it may actually have been someone else who provoked the animal. those stories and more coming up in half an hour. that is it for us at 5:30. for now we'll see you back here in half an hour. >> news updates are always on want to encourage you as well to download our weather app. you can customize weather for your own location. just by downloading that app for your iphone or your ipad. boy it's a beautiful day out there. we'll be back in 30 minutes. cbs "evening news" is next. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838
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>> axelrod: tonight, is this one of the world's most wanted men? the group of militants battling the iraqi government said this is their leader, a man with a $10 million u.s. bounty on his head. charlie d'agata on what could be the first video of abu bakr el- baghdadi. >> angry protests in the california towns become the latest flash point in the fight over illegal immigration. teri okita is there. >> the california highway patrol promises to investigate one of it's own, after a patrolman is recorded punch ago woman during a arrest. mark albert has the latest. and the castle of chianti, allen pizzey walks us through the birthplace of one of the world's most popular wines. >> wine is a beautiful thing. world's


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