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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 4, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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trouble. this started as a grass fire that spread very quickly consuming now 8 homes in its path. it started just after lunchtime. many of these people at home celebrating the 4th of july. one family we spoke with said as soon as they saw the flames from the back porch they tried to put out the fire themselves. >> i had my water hose on the back porch spraying. i mean, i seen it under my porch and i'm sitting there, i got to get it out! >> reporter: firefighters say good news, nobody was hurt. but some families lost their pets in the fire. guinea pigs and a hamster. eight families with no homes to return to this holiday weekend because eight homes were destroyed. back to you. >> thank you. video now from chopper 5 showing just how destructive this fire s we saw those pictures there with cate. you see here at least eight of
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these homes are gone. some looking like they were just wiped completely off the foundations. you can see also see cars there scorched. the fire is still smoldering. we'll go back to cate with developments. another fire to tell you about burning near vacaville. chopper 5 was above the area at highway 113 and hay road. large plumes of smoke are visible across the area. the fire started around 3:30. it isn't clear how many acres have burned or when crews expect to have this one contained. new at 6:00, medical marijuana advocates are using this holiday to fight back against tough new rules for pot clubs in san jose. kpix 5's brian webb telling us pot clubs are gearing up for what they are calling a war against the city? brian? >> reporter: most of the dispensaries think they will go out of business because the rules are so stringent. they are collecting signatures in the kind of marijuana
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"mission: impossible." guys in green pot shirts setting up shop outside the 4th of july bacon fest. call it a joint effort to collect nearly 100,000 signatures one at a time. >> they are conveniently located all downtown. and, uhm, it really helps with, uhm, a lot of medical issues. >> reporter: this grassroots group is fanning out at holiday events across san jose trying to keep the dispensaries alive at the same time the city is trying to weed them out. >> it would be impossible to operate with these regulations so we're doing a referendum to change what the city is doing. >> reporter: the dispensaries are fighting two regulations, one to force them to the outskirts of town the other makes them manufacture products on site to beat back both they will need two signatures from each person, 33,000 times. >> we may end up with too many all at once. >> reporter: that is just to get issue on the ballot.
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the stricter laws were passed last month. several years after most dispensaries opened for business. san jose's mayor led the charge and now he is waging a war over weed again if the diplomas get enough signatures. >> if there's going to be a campaign, i will lead it. i will form the committee, raise the money and organize the effort to make sure we protect our children's, schools and neighborhoods. >> reporter: the time to collect autographs is running out. only two weeks to go until most of the city's pot clubs go up in smoke. all right. if they do not get enough signatures, the dispensaries could try to fight this in court. if they -- the voters could decide these issues coming up this november. live in san jose, brian webb, kpix 5. >> the 4th of july is no longer a celebration for neighbors in parts of oakland. residents say illegal fireworks make them feel like they live in a war zone. kpix 5 reporter linda yee is live for us at a downtown fire station where crews expect to be busy. linda? >> reporter: oh, yes, indeed they do, veronica. you know, oakland fire trucks
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will be patrolling throughout the city tonight in case some of those illegal fireworks get out of control. the department did try to get some of those illegal fireworks off the streets by offering these collection barrels at various station houses but you guessed it, you take a look, all of them are empty. that's because people prefer to set them off on the streets. our cameras caught these in years past. cops say those are not fireworks. they are explosives. and illegal. but what is fun for these folks is definitely hell for the families who live here. >> that's absolute mayhem. there are groups of people who have barrels of pyrotechnics nonstop from the time it gets dark until 2 a.m. of absolutely house-rocking bombs and fireworks. and the police are not here. >> reporter: police will be putting in extra 100 officers on the streets tonight. these special patrols will be
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hunting down those illegal fireworks. reporting live at the oakland fire station in downtown oakland, linda yee, kpix 5. >> authorities in the south bay are also cracking down on illegal fireworks. san jose police are encouraging people to leave it to the professionals and go to one of the public shows. all fireworks are illegal in the city and officers will be out in full force. but it doesn't mean people will listen so police have this reminder: >> fireworks are dangerous. we had a 10-year-old unfortunately about five weeks ago who suffered major hand trauma because of illegal fireworks. and because this has been a very dry season, fireworks can be a fire hazard. >> all fireworks are illegal in san jose. that also goes for so-called safe and sane fireworks. new at 6:00 a very surprising ending to what could have been a very contentious independence day parade in napa. it started when people discovered the personal views of the man picked to be grand marshal. kpix 5's da lin says what
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happened next is a lesson about change and change of heart. >> reporter: the napa parade draws thousands, an annual event that unifies wine country and showcases its diversity. but this year, the parade created a big division because organizers chose this man to be the grand marshal. >> i found this pretty shocking and pretty polarizing. >> reporter: tim bush was a big supporter of prop 8, which banned same-sex marriage. he was also quoted as saying, any civilization that has embraced open homosexuality has failed. ours will fail, too. >> they are pretty derogatory against lbgtq folks. >> reporter: parade organizers chose bush because of his napa hotel. >> he created 400 jobs. he built a beautiful facility on a piece of dirt that was ugly. >> reporter: but the lgbt community in napa tried to get bush removed. after they spoke with him personally, bush said he was sorry. even published an opinion piece
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in the local newspaper saying, he is taking a cue from pope francis willing to lead with love, not judgment. >> i do buy it. it sounded sincere. >> i have accepted his apology. >> if you are in the business of changing hearts and minds, you have to celebrate when someone does change. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: suddenly, everyone is happy bush led the parade. but lgbt activists say as they celebrate this victory, there are many more hurdles to overcome. in napa, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the lgbt community has been participating in the napa 4th of july parade since 2009. a 14-year-old boy is in custody for shooting that injured an 11-year-old in antioch that happened yesterday at an apartment complex on "i" street. the 11-year-old boy is expected to survive. police aren't saying what led up to the shooting. the 14-year-old is being charged with a negligent discharges of a firearm. tonight a candlelight vigil will be held in the bay area for the palestinian teenager
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who was abducted and killed in jerusalem this week. family and supporters of the 17- year-old will gather at santana row in san jose in an hour. representatives from the american-islamic relations council will join the family as they stand for peace and justice. palestinians believe the teenager was killed in revenge for the deaths of three kidnapped israeli teenagers. they were buried earlier this week just hours before the palestinian boy was abducted. other bay area headlines right here, some daly city residents came home this afternoon to find this, two floors of their house burned along with two cars. firefighters had to force their way inside to fight some of the flames. they don't know what caused the fire yet. termites may be indirectly to blame for a house explosion and fire in oakland. investigators say the fire may have started because the owner was using propane to kill bugs. neighbors heard the first explosion about 8:00 last night. six people who lived in that house had to evacuate.
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a dog and cat were rescued. firefighters are making progress against a wildfire in napa and lake counties. the butts fire is now 55% contained. that's up from 30% yesterday. 4300 acres and two homes burned northwest of lake berryessa. all evacuation orders for residents have now been lifted. and we continue to follow the breaking news. at least eight homes burned in this fire in solano county. this is a live look for you gray and sometimes black smoke still coming from the area as firefighters work to get this thing under control. >> also ahead, a stolen tesla split in half. take a look at these pictures! the crash that left this car in pieces. >> and celebrating our country's birthday. the 4th of july festivities all around the bay area. >> good evening, and we are celebrating, we are live at the alameda county fair! where the weather is fair but the big question is, will the fog fog out the fireworks? we have details coming up on kpix 5. we'll be right back.
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news... a fire burns several homes in the bird's landing stir and we tip to follow breaking -- and we continue to follow breaking news. a fire burns homes in the bird's landing area of solano county. these are live pictures. eight homes have been lost. three homes, however, were saved. some pets were lost in the fire. no one was hurt though which is some good news. this fire broke out shortly after lunchtime today. our cate caugiran has been on the scene and she is continuing to update us on the developing story. another update as soon as we get more information. well, unbelievable pictures. these out of southern california. this is what's left if you can call it left over from a stolen tesla. wedged between two buildings in west hollywood, it was the crazy ending it a high-speed chase that reached 100 miles an
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hour. it started soon after the car was stolen from a tesla dealership. >> i'm guessing a holiday weekend there's probably a lot of cars on the road and it's a wonder he made it this far without crashing. >> several people were hurt including the suspect. communities all across the bay area are celebrating the 4th of july in style. kpix 5's anne makovec takes us to one of the longest parades in the country right in alameda. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it is 3.2 miles of pure hometown pride. >> so we are, we believe, the longest as in terms of length parade in the united states. the only thing we think is longer is the rose bowl. >> reporter: an estimated 22,000 spectators began lining up early this morning along the streets of alameda. >> we started with waffles for breakfast. parade route at 6:00. >> what's your favorite thing?
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>> candy. >> reporter: that's not it. free popcorn. >> reporter: as with every tradition, certain nuances emerge. >> he was here before me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he did the dirty work. >> i knew that. >> reporter: this year's parade includes 200 entries and 3,000 participants. considering there are only 78,000 people that live in alameda, its organizers have a running joke. >> we have so many people in the parade, eventually we'll run out of people to watch it. >> reporter: but this family says they will never miss it the heart of their summer season. >> and then we have a barbecue afterwards and this is alameda -- this is america! >> whoo! >> reporter: this parade is paid for by sponsors and it even raises money for alameda school bands. this year, as much as $10,000. in alameda, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> organizers are already thinking about next year's parade. they have a meeting planned for
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next week. in san francisco, people snatching up spots if there are any left this hour at crissy field getting ready to celebrate packing it in for the city's extravagant fireworks show tonight. some actually started setting up their tents and chairs about 9:00 in the morning. crews getting ready to shoot up 10,000 shells from four different barges for those lucky or brave enough to work the barges. it's always quite a night. >> it's unique. you're underneath the fireworks so you don't see them quite the same way. there's a lot of noise and fire and vibration going on on the deck of the barge and it's some place to be. >> the fog is starting to roll in but nevertheless, the show is going to start at 9:30. prime viewing from aquatic park near ghirardelli square. >> they always shoot them under the fog. they are putting on finishing touches in san jose this morning. this is the first time in six years the city is going to have a fireworks show.
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it's downtown at discovery meadow park. they will need a sponsor to come back next year. there are just a couple of hours to go before big fireworks show around 9:30. if you haven't made plans, we have a list. a complete list. lombard street is packed with tourists this holiday weekend but it's all foot traffic. the famous crooked street in san francisco was closed to cars between noon and 6:00 on the crooked stretch. this is the third weekend of a month long experiment to give homeowners a break from the constant vehicle gridlock. >> i think i would try to walk down. let's go out live to pleasanton. roberta gonzales, you have mobile weather at the alameda county fair and living the high life. >> with mobile weather i visit every county fair across the bay area and i have to be partial to this one, it is my favorite for a number of reasons. first off, the people. secondly, the rides. and thirdly, the food. i love me some fair food!
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now, let's go ahead and talk about the weather right here in the bay area because here in pleasanton, at this particular time, the air temperature is at 90 degrees. meanwhile, across the board we have numbers spanning from 60 in san francisco to 87 degrees in concord. we're working near a 30-degree span at this evening hour. that's your microclimate coming into play. that's such an important factor in our 4th of july forecast. let's get to your fireworks forecast because i got to tell you, folks, we have been looking at that fog, you just saw it rolling into coit tower. it's lowering. right now the ceiling roughly around 800 feet. we'll see some fireworks at the embarcadero and at the uss hornet. but it's going to be socked in. otherwise, inland, that's the place to be with lots of clarity. we have high pressure continuing to build into the four corners states in the southwestern portion of the united states. it will warm up each and every day inland with lots of
6:18 pm
sunshine for most. temperature-wise we'll pinpoint your microclimate from the 60s with partial clearing at the beaches and the coast around the bay, 60s and site of will be common and you will have some afternoon sunshine. inland lots of sunshine slightly above-normal temperatures for this time of the year. and your seven-day forecast, this 4th of july weekend gets warmer and warmer each day. in fact sunday will be the warmest of the two coming up. but by monday, triple digits at the fairgrounds, which will be closed on monday. you only have saturday and sunday to come to the alameda county fairgrounds. the ponies will be running. the weight swinger will be gearing up and the food, i can smell it now. if you want more on your fireworks forecast, go to meanwhile, allen and liz, back to you in the studio. >> and veronica. >> ro, thanks. >> the next time we see her, she better be on that thing. >> that thing she didn't
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mention and this is your first fireworks? you're going to want to go inland because the ones in san francisco looks like colored clouds when they go up into the -- colored cotton candy. but it's still fun. all right. still ahead, helping the homeless but not with a handout. one guy hopes these quirky signs will get people's attention. >> and they are getting comfortable on the google campus. what the tech company and the city are doing to keep these birds safe. ,, ,,,,,,
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celebrate the fourth with envy apples, just $1.99 a pound. rancher's reserve tri tip roast is only $3.99 a pound. for the grand finale, dreyer's ice cream is just $2.99. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. tonight. the street named shorebird way at google's mountain view campus has a new meaning. so a propos. a colony of egrets moved in. don ford says the tech giant is doing what it can to protect and care for these big birds. >> reporter: they make a heck of a racket. a large colony of egrets settled in these sycamore trees on the google campus here in mountain view. so many that google closed this
6:22 pm
street to protect the babies from being run over if some should fall from their nest. the chicks are getting big but still fight for food. [ tweet, tweet ] >> reporter: usually the bully of the bird world, crows keep their distance now but are quick to move in for scraps if they get a chance. on the nearby bay trail, folks have seen the adults hunting for their newborns. and they like what they see. >> they're tall and thin like me. >> reporter: little jesse saw them but he wasn't impressed. you seen the big white birds? >> uhm, i don't want to talk about them. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's okay. a lot of other people do. and the colony is expected to be active until the end of august. in mountain view, don ford, kpix 5. >> wildlife experts say that colony represents 20% of all the egrets in the bay area. well, google is not the only tech company with animal
6:23 pm
friends. do you remember this? this is at facebook. those are kits, right? baby foxes. >> those are baby foxes. >> living on their site. >> wow. >> pretty cute. >> seriously. what do we have here? >> feral cats around the neighborhood? you don't want to know. [ laughter ] we see our fair share of panhandlers in the bay area. now one guy found a clever way to help them out. kpix 5's cate caugiran tells us it is not with dollars but with some marketing sense. >> reporter: anthony's philosophy is simple getting a little change starts with a smile. >> i thought man, this is a easy way i can help these guys increase their income. >> reporter: he is talking about these signs. >> the government stole my sunscreen. i'm way too sober for this. >> reporter: he handed out at least 15 so far giving the homeless a marketing makeover in hopes a laugh translates to a donation. what anthony does is he keeps a sign the in back of the car so if he is driving around and sees someone who needs it and he has one immediately ready. >> just wait for the right
6:24 pm
person and if i feel like they are standing out there with a sign that can be improved, i roll the window down and say, hey, you guys want a new sign? >> reporter: the social experiment started a few months ago. he was driving down van ness and saw a panhandler with a sign that just said poor, hungry. >> i had no incling nation to give him any money and i was wondering if something funny were on the sign would i give him some money and i decided i probably would have. >> reporter: it's working for some. one man told anthony his sign was attracting a lot of tourists some asking to take pictures with him. how do you feel that this helps somebody versus just helping them to find a job? >> you know, i -- i'm not really in a position to help somebody find a job, i'm not an employer or staffer, i'm just a regular guy. we all do what we're capable of. >> reporter: tonight his friends want to help too by making signs or inspiring phrases. >> we don't always have to change the world. we can just do something really small to make a small difference and it's okay. >> reporter: he says he doesn't
6:25 pm
know if the signs change much but it's changed him. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. coming up in our next half hour, there are calls for action after a beating is caught on camera. >> absolutely amazing right here. a chp officer arresting a woman on the side of the road. now a community is expressing outrage and fear. >> and hurricane arthur starts to move on. but not before leaving a huge mess along the eastern seaboard. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now at 6:30: outrage... and calls for action... after this video of a c-h-p officer beating a woman excessive force, abusive authority, is not going to be tolerated. >> now at 6:30, outrage and calls for action after this video of a chp officer beating a woman during an arrest goes public. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. tonight the man who shot that video and witnessed the beating is speaking out. cbs reporter teri okita spoke to him and has the first reaction from the chp. >> reporter: it happened during tuesday evening's rush hour. drivers traveling along one of l.a.'s busiest freeways could see the highway patrol officer follow an unidentified woman across the on-ramp. he then threw her to the ground
6:29 pm
and repeatedly punched her as she tried to block his blows. david diaz recorded the incident on his cell phone camera. take me back to that moment when you saw them on the ground. >> when they were on the ground, she basically -- he was basically on top of her in full control and he basically really did some power punches to her head. >> reporter: the chp officer's incident report says the barefoot woman ignored commands to stop wandering near the freeway. so for her safety, he tried to arrest her. the pedestrian then becomes physically combative, the report says. a physical altercation ensued as the pedestrian continued to resist arrest. at which point, a plainclothes off-duty officer assisted in applying the handcuffs. diaz says he heard the officer yell, freeze, but didn't see her resisting arrest or holding a weapon. >> this was one, two, one -- if you are trying to protect her, what does beating in the head for?! >> reporter: chris o'quinn chief of the chp southern
6:30 pm
division discussed the incident this afternoon. >> we're looking at every possibility, every fact, every circumstance that has contributed to this situation and we are going to try to come to a just conclusion to why it occurred. >> teri okita in los angeles. now, the chp says it learned about the video yesterday. chp also says the woman was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation but have no further updates on her condition. for the second time this week, there is a rowdy standoff at a u.s. border station in southern california. people on both sides of the immigration debate are in murrieta in riverside county. rumors spread that new busloads of illegal immigrants would arrive on this 4th of july. >> they are forcing small towns to take care of the federal government's problems. >> there is a right and wrong way. this is wrong. >> buses carrying immigrants from an overloaded facility in texas were forced to turn back earlier this week because of
6:31 pm
the demonstrators. so far no new buses have arrived tonight. hurricane arthur is a category 1 now. it's moving northeast. wind speeds are 80 to 100 miles per hour. arthur is expected to skirt by the major population centers along the east coast. tropical storm warnings are up for cape cod. yesterday and earlier today it barreled across the north carolina coastline. the hurricane flooded homes, businesses, knocked out power to about 40,000 homes. we have a closer look at the damage that arthur left behind. >> reporter: much of the wind and rain being experienced right now in portions of new england actually passed through this north carolina beach. last night it would have been nearly impossible to stand out here. you're talking about some of those winds from 80 to 90 miles an hour. also that storm surge swept in on the outer banks. today we are still feeling the effects even though arthur is well north of east. the ocean is rough.
6:32 pm
a lot of families are asked to stay on the sand or close to the shore as that riptide still being felt here. there's a lifeguard about 100 yards that way. there's another standoff in the distance that lifeguard making his rounds now. officials recommend people stay close, again as arthur is now having a major influence and a major impact north in parts of new hampshire, massachusetts, and maine. people here still dealing with the occasional breeze and the potentially deadly riptide. on north carolina's outer banks, i'm polo sandoval reporting. >> officials say there have been no deaths as a result of the storm. americans are celebrating independence day. cbs reporter tara mergener shows us it is about more than just the parades and the fireworks. >> reporter: americans from coast to coast paused friday for some 4th of july fun. >> we are celebrating the announcement of the declaration of independence. >> reporter: and plenty of patriotism. >> i'm proud to be american. >> i love my country, born and
6:33 pm
raised. you can't beat it. there's no better place. >> reporter: while the 4th of july is a chance for fun, fireworks and parades across the country, for some this independence day marks an unforgettable milestone. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> reporter: president obama welcomed 25 of the country's newest americans at a citizenship ceremony at the white house. >> it is an honor to join everyone here for the first time in calling you our fellow americans. >> reporter: these new citizens are members of the u.s. military who defended a country they hoped to claim as their own one day. in afghanistan soldiers enjoy their all american holiday far away with fun and games. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> here in the bay area, 4th of july celebrations through big crowds today. they celebrated america's freedom today with a colorful parade in danville. this parade has been going on since 1975.
6:34 pm
it is one of the largest in the bay area. also a tradition here, to put your chair out the night before to get a front row seat. so that's how they do it. >> that's the trick. >> okay. i -- i -- i'm too late, i should have done it last night. >> first we get the chair. [overlapping speakers] still ahead, making dental hygiene high-tech. >> the new smart toothbrush that makes sure you or your kids don't cut corners. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services
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chicken that's in the stores now, but it could be in your freezer. california-based corinthian colleges will put 85 campuses up for sale and will close 12 others. the for-profit company provides vocational training to about 72,000 students in 26 states. it operates everest college, heald college and others. it is accused of falsifying job placement data and attendance records. yesterday the schools reached a deal with education officials to keep federal aid dollars and avoiding a total shutdown. would you be willing to pay $200 for a toothbrush? >> i don't know. on the consumerwatch, julie watts has this smart toothbrush that tracks your brushing and even nags you if you miss a spot. >> oh, great. >> reporter: it's a daily mantra in some households, brush your teeth. but they may not always get brushed as well as you would
6:38 pm
like. enter the smart toothbrush which can keep tabs on what your kids are up to, tracking how long they brush, their brush strokes, and even if they are getting those hard-to-reach areas. >> the person that benefits most is somebody that would actually be motivated by something like this. >> looks good. >> reporter: the daughter of a candy store owner dr. grace spent a lot of time in the dental chair herself growing up and she says the high-tech toothbrushes can be a good motivator for the reluctant toothbrusher. >> it's technology. i just feel like an aspect of technology can help you. >> reporter: some of her patients like the idea of the smart toothbrush technology now available from a variety of manufacturers most of which sync your brush to your smartphone and even bring your dentist to you bathroom by sending data to the professionals but the technology costs ranging from $130 to more than $250 a brush. >> seems expensive for a toothbrush. but my dentist might tell you i don't like my teeth that much. >> reporter: he is not alone.
6:39 pm
the american dental hygienist association estimates that 75% of us have gum disease and half only brush once a day. >> you have to use a little threader for that. >> reporter: while the doctor is a fan of the technology, if it will get you to brush, she says a basic toothbrush will suffice. >> even though i'm high-tech part of me is also very old- fashioned. you don't have to have, you know, things with buzzers and beepers and records. >> reporter: there are some over-the-counter smart toothbrushes that run around $40. this one is primarily marketed to parents as a tool to ensure their kids aren't just running the toothbrush under the water and pretending they brushed. julie watts, kpix 5. >> there you go. if you have a consumer story idea or problem, head to the web, go to and send us an email. it's going to nag me about not flossing, too. >> all to your phone. >> i love my teeth.
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craft breweries popping up all over one northern california city. >> still ahead, what's behind the beer boom? >> it is the weight swinger here at the alameda county fair. i'm roberta gonzales. we have your fair forecast and most importantly, the fireworks forecast with mobile weather. >> i'm scott reiss. coming up in sports, a painful day on the field and on the pitch. and would a giant return give the orange and black a spark? all that and much more coming up. ,,,,,,
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going back to our breaking news now, a fire has burned eight homes, this is bird's landing area of solano county near the delta. kpix 5's cate caugiran there and what kind of progress are these guys making out there tonight? >> reporter: well, allen, we know that firefighters are keeping an eye out for flare- ups. you're seeing more of that white smoke which is good news. that means they are getting a handle on this fire. so far, the wind though has picked up so these firefighters will be here for quite some time to make sure it's completely out. again, to recap, this fire
6:44 pm
broke out around 1:30 this afternoon, started out as a grass fire, quickly spread to several homes destroying 8 homes. at least 40 firefighters were called up to help. the challenge was the dry conditions an -- the challenge was the dry conditions and strong winds. nobody was injured but pets were lost. firefighters will be here for the next few hours. cate caugiran, kpix 5. a northern california city is seeing a boom in breweries. ron mcallister looks at the growing market in sacramento. >> still fermenting. [ laughter ] >> reporter: david is talking about his new pale ale but also could describe sacramento's craft brew movement. >> reporter: the under 45 crowd is beginning to choose craft bruise over the giants.
6:45 pm
>> they are more educated and interested and seeking out us little guys. >> reporter: he believes the appetite for craft beers comes from the demand for organic food. >> embodies the local movement that's been going on around sacramento with farm to fork. >> use high quality mops. >> reporter: that's top priority for julian luck. his first beer came in his home country france. he is blending his cultural background with local products. >> each of us doing is doing something different which is why this movement is growing. >> reporter: this man believes the capital city is about to become a beer destination, much like in napa for wine. >> i think people are going to come to sacramento for good craft beer and i think it's just going to get bigger from here. the bay area's own joey chestnut call him a double winner at today's annual nathan's hot dog-eating contest in coney island.
6:46 pm
[ applause and cheers ] >> he did this before gorging on all those hot dogs. he proposed to his girlfriend. a fellow competitive eater, by the way. chestnut won nathan as hot dog- eating contest eight straight years now. it he is from the south bay. he ate 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes. matt stoney came in second. both guys from san jose. >> it's good he did it before. can you imagine if he did it after? there may have been problems. >> that's what i'm thinking. yeah. [ laughter ] wow, roberta gonzales is live on the ride. roberta, wave! she is at the alameda county fair. >> reporter: ah!! >> there she goes! >> reporter: hi, guys. we are at the alameda county fair. this is called the weight swinger and sometimes when i
6:47 pm
get high enough i can actually see the low clouds and fog way over there west and towards the santa cruz mountains. we are in pleasanton right now. we have had a huge drop in the temperature from 92 to 82 degrees in the past 60 minutes which is a strong indication that the low clouds and fog are here. current conditions at the golden gate bridge that ceiling down to 600 feet which means let's take a look at your fireworks forecast. you will definitely have fog at the coast and the bay. sure, you'll see some of those lower fireworks but it's going to be gray and chilly and breezy. inland is the spot to go. let's check the eastern pacific satellite image. you see that big bad boy right there that area of high pressure over the four corners states over the southwestern portion u.s.? that means we'll continue to warm up inland with lots of sunshine for most. temperatures in the bay area, microclimates coming into play for this 4th of july holiday, we have 60s at the beaches, 70s
6:48 pm
bayside, i have a breeze up here on the weight swinger right now, to 20. meanwhile temperatures in the 70s through the 80s inland. 93 really the outside number but when you take a look at our seven-day forecast, right around 96 degrees inland towards brentwood, tracy, and in oakley. meanwhile if you want to come out here to the alameda county fair, we have big crowds and big rides and delicious food. temperature warmer each day into the 90s. make sure that you hydrate. hydrate and hydrate. and by the way, here at the alameda county fair, we have fireworks tonight at 9:00. first time we have had fireworks out here since 1997. so if you want to come on out here give yourself plenty of extra time. traffic has been a little bit of a nightmare but it's worth it once you get here for all the fun. can you give me a little screaming? >> ah! >> so excited for her right now. >> we are joining her in spirit. [ laughter ]
6:49 pm
>> she is still talking away. we are very impressed that she didn't get sick. [ laughter ] >> because she talked about food. she and joey chestnut can hang out together. >> we're not going back to her again. later tonight. 11:00. a bay area soccer player is back after taking part in the u.s. national team's thrilling run in the world cup. chris wondolowski had his first practice with the san jose earthquakes today since he got back from brazil. wondo as he is better known says he is still processing everything that happened with a missed shot seen around the world. he says he got under the ball a little too much in the game. the u.s. lost against belgium. >> the great coaches that taught me great things and i think i can bring that back here and incorporate it with this team, as well. >> the next game for the earthquakes is a week from tonight at home versus d.c. united. >> i think they played great. >> they did. >> absolutely. >> whoo. all right. we have sports coming up. we'll be right back.
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♪, double the speed. ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. the hot dogs are slow today. the weather slowed everything down. i -- i -- i could never find my rhythm. it was a dogfight the entire time. >> a dogfight? really? >> you see what he did there? >> it was raining so --
6:53 pm
>> right, right. >> they train all year and they all have abs of steel. >> it is a year-roun sport -- they make money. sport in quotations. whereas chestnut is concerned, july 4 is the dog day of summer. in baseball terms the dog days are just beginning. giants glad to get one of their big dogs back. brandon belt returns after missing eight weeks with a fractured thumb. nice holiday look. this is the 31-year-old anniversary of a no-hitter for rhigetti. .536 e.r. belt goes down 0 for 4 in his return. matt cain not good enough. alexi amorisa launches the solo shot. stop me if you have heard this before. no run support!
6:54 pm
9th inning, huston street, guess mike morris to end it. 2-0. matt cain 1-7 in san francisco, 5-18 since june. a's and jays, melky a little tired. why you ask? because he went all out on plays like this. taking away a hit and rbi from yoenis cespedes. somewhere the melk-men are smiling. >> reporter: brandon not not okay turns an ankle leaving the batters box. he would leave the game. that was an awkward injury. tommy milone great with six innings of shutout ball scoreless in the 12th nick punto with a man on. >> down the left field like and that's a fair ball. cabrera cuts it off and he rushes it and here comes -- this ballgame is over! >> whoo! melky givest and take taketh
6:55 pm
away. a double and error and the post- game pie. nick punto is your hero, a's 1- 0. neymar a big factor in world cup soccer today. one of the highest paid athletes in the world left side your screen look at the little work on his celebration, how about that? 67th minute off a free kick this is colombia ruled offsides so the fact that the ball eventually winds up in the back of the net here completely irrelevant. the goal doesn't count and wouldn't you know it couple minutes later brazil with a free kick. luis, tremendous. it was 2-1 brazil. that would be your final. but we have to show you neymar in the 88th minute. no laughing here. he takes a knee to the back fractured vertebra out for the rest of the world cup. a huge blow to the host country. they win the game as i mentioned 2-1. france, germany, and
6:56 pm
there's your german joey chestnut fan. 12th minute, matt hummel in the noggin. 1-0 germany. top right corner nice. final seconds. game kareem has a chance to equalize if the final seconds. game but they get a hand on it and germany advances to the final four for the fourth straight world cup. 1-nil is your score. wimbledon semis roger federer and canada's player. good net play from federer. he would get it done from the baseline, as well. to wit, third set play, and the big push. he would advance in straight sets. how about the great boris becker watching his protege novak djokovic dispatch his opponent. this is match point number 2 and there would be no match point number 3. 6-4, 3-6, 7-6, 7-6. djokovic and federer for
6:57 pm
the 35th time they will meet in the wimbledon finals. and honestly, little joe, you guys got to do the hot dog highlights. >> it's a sport, righ. >> it is. >> the black widow, now her, she wins all the time. like 80 pounds or something? they are tiny. >> technique. >> chestnut isn't a big dude. but, you know, it's part of july 4 americana. it's what we do. >> even in a hurricane. >> even in a hurricane. >> not a sport. but, uhm -- >> no weather delays, i guess, in hot dog-eating? >> no. >> none. >> learning things every day. for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather are always on our website, >> our next newscast is at 10:00 on the cw. happy 4th. enjoy the fireworks. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,
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