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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 4, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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birthday. >> oh!! >> happy birthday, frank! >> yeah! [ applause ] >> i'm going to celebrate and leave you for a week. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday the fourth of july 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." hurricane arthur slams into north carolina overnight. we're tracking torrential rain and damaging winds as the storm roars up the eastcoast. hanging on for life 100 feet up. the dramatic rescue in washington state. and team usa comes to studio 57. two of america's emerging soccer stars on their world cup journey. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we are just absolutely getting slammed right now. it is really really bad here. >> hurricane arthur scores a direct hit. >> the storm hit the southern end of north carolina's outer
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banks. winds, 100 miles per hour. >> at least 25,000 people have lost power. >> the rest of the east coast trying to figure out if it will affect the summer's biggest holiday. >> justin ross harris will stand trial for leaving his 22-month-old son, cooper in a hot car. >> a detective tell a judge the father had been texting nude photographs as that its one was dying. >> the most common term would be sexting. >> a violent encounter between a california highway patrol officer and a woman captured on woman. >> blows to the head. >> the pentagon has now grounded all of its f-35s after one of the fighters caught fire on a florida runway. >> hurricane can't stop the folks in boston. yesterday officials moved up the fireworks display and concert. >> recreate the famous picture. >> whew it's getting hot in here. >> italian police have released underwater footage of the costa concordia. they are expected to remove the ship later this month. >> a hiker got stranded 100 feet
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up on a cliff east of seattle. >> all that -- >> a japanese politician busted for embezzling. >> he apologizes and wow. >> if you are not getting your mail, maybe it's because this is your delivery guy. the postal worker caught tossing packages into the bushes. >> and all that matters. >> the nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> contestants took part in the traditional weigh-in. >> her teeth are like razors her jaws like a vice grip her eyes very angry. >> on "cbs this morning." >> last year a gentleman by the name of joey chestnut set a world record by eating 69 hot dogs in ten minutes. his parents must be -- what's the opposite of proud? >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by a let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose norah o'donnell and gayle king are all off, but we're here. i'm anthony mason with margaret brennan, happy fourth of july. >> good to celebrate with you, anthony. >> america is celebrating its 238th birthday as you wake up in the west. hurricane arthur is weakening. minutes ago the national hurricane center downgraded arthur to a category 1. the storm hit north carolina with 100-mile-an-hour winds and heavy rain but arthur's top winds are down to 90 miles an hour as it races up the east coast. >> our correspondents are stationed along the atlantic coast this morning. we begin with susan mcginnis in nag's head north carolina near the eye of the storm. susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and good morning to our viewers in the west. thousands of people here in the outer banks are waking up this fourth of july to survey the damage after hurricane arthur came ashore here late last night. overnight arthur swept through eastern north carolina strengthening into a category 2 hurricane.
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it is a devastating mix. winds gusting over 100 miles per hour and torrential rains are pummelling the outer banks. late last night officials tracking the storm were not expecting arthur to change course pushing deeper into the state and putting thousands more in its destructive path. >> so most people who have been concerned have been directly on the coast. now we have concerns about people inland who may be impacted by potential flooding and rivers going over their banks. >> reporter: more than two dozen counties are in a state of emergency. >> look at that. >> reporter: with the threat of serious flooding thousands have been forced to leave. many are now set up in shelters waiting for the worst of the storm to pass. >> we didn't know what was going to happen on the beach. we didn't want to take any chances so we figured we'd come here. >> reporter: as hurricane arthur barrels its way along the coast, people are being urged to stay inside and stay safe. >> this is a serious storm. please be safe be smart and
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we'll all get to enjoy the wonderful fourth of july weekend. >> reporter: it will still be a few hours before officials here can get a real sense of the damage from this hurricane. it may be hard to believe, but it's expected to be a beautiful rest of the weekend saturday and sunday. >> some reward. susan mcginnis, thanks susan. people on the outer banks have seen hurricanes before but never on the fourth of july. colin browder is in kill devil hills, north carolina, where the storm hit hard. >> reporter: good morning from kill devil hills. we're still seeing some very strong wind gusts here. you can see the angry ocean behind me but conditions have been improving. we've been battered for the past few hours, but as arthur moves offshore here, things are starting to improve. reports of sporadic power outages up and down the outer banks. the big concern, sound side flooding as we get deeper into the daylight we'll certainly be able to better assess any damage there. the story of this storm, clearly
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how quickly it has moved through. people were out here enjoying the beach at sunset. they hope to be out here again later on today and then hope to get on with their holiday weekend. >> thanks. new pictures taken from the international space station show the size of this well-organized storm. it will affect the weekend weather for tens of millions of people. chief meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz is tracking arthur. eric, good morning. where's this headed? >> reporter: arthur made landfall as a category 2 storm. the first cat 2 since 2008 making landfall and now it's working its way off toward the north and east rapidly. that will take another close path to land by this evening. after 8:00 or 9:00 it's just off to the southeast of nantucket and then as a category 1 hurricane it continues its track up towards nova scotia. it will be a major storm very late tonight and into the day on saturday.
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that wind field pulling away from north carolina, but in the yellow you've got your tropical storm force winds. they will come across nantucket and martha's vineyard this evening. not as bad as what they saw in north carolina. the rain is another issue. there will be flash flood concerns particularly in southern new england on the fourth of july. very disruptive weather. >> eric thanks. now to the georgia father who left his toddler son in a hot car for hours. he will stand trial for murder. justin ross harris remains jailed this morning after a judge denied bail thursday. prosecutors in marietta laid out evidence they say proves the death was no accident. as mark strassmann reports, part of their case was that harris was living a double life. >> reporter: justin ross harris says it was a terrible mistake when he left his 22-month-old son, cooper sealed inside an suv on a broiling day last month. >> i think the evidence now is showing intent. >> reporter: detective phil stoddard testified as little cooper died his father was
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exchanging lewd messages and photos with six different women, including a teenage girl. >> these conversations that he was having of what nature of them. >> the most common term would be sexting. >> reporter: prosecutors say before the toddler's death, harris made suspicious internet searches into better living without children and how to survive in prison. harris and his wife also in the courtroom, had taken out two life insurance policies for their son. and the day cooper died she showed up at his regular day care to be told the boy was never dropped off. >> and in front of several witnesses, all of a sudden she states, ross must have left him in the car. >> reporter: detective stoddard said neither parent showed much emotion. >> he talked about losing his job, what are we going to do i'll lose my job. i'll be charged with a felony. >> did his wife ever say anything to him about what he said to police. >> she said him sit down and she
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starts going through this and she said did you say too much. >> reporter: a defense witness at the scene testified that harris seemed genuinely upset. >> he was saying oh my god, oh my god my son is dead. oh, my god, my son is dead. >> reporter: and defense lawyer maddox kilgore insisted harris made a tragic unintentional mistake. >> the results were terrible awful, and that man is going to have to live with those for the rest of his life as is his wife, as is his family as is the community. but that don't make it a crime. >> reporter: but the murder charge will stand, and harris could face the death penalty. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann, atlanta. >> such a troubling story. we're also following clashes in jerusalem this morning near a religious site sacred to jews muslims and christians. israel is bracing for retaliation after the murder of a palestinian teenager whose funeral is being held today.
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alex ortiz is on the mt. of olives in east jerusalem where a violent situation is unfolding. >> reporter: hundreds of mourners filled the streets of east jerusalem today for the funeral of a murdered palestinian teenager. his body was carried through the crowd surrounded by a sea of people. in other parts of the city palestinian protesters clashed with israeli police, who fired tear gas to disperse them. jerusalem has been on lockdown ahead of the first friday prayers of this ramadan. tensions remain high following mohammed's murder. his family says this grainy cc tv footage appears to show the moment he was taken. a car pulls up outside his house. two figures get out, then the car speeds away. 17-year-old mohammed's body was found by police in a nearby forest, burned so badly it needed dna identification. israeli authorities say they're still investigating the killing, but it follows the kidnapping and murder of three israeli
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teenagers. their deaths set off angry calls from some israelis for revenge. his cousin showed us the room he shared with his brothers. his backpack ready for school. until wednesday, he took the lower bunk. she told us his death has already mobilized the palestinian community. >> it's anger. this is the word i can say, it's anger. everyone has that feeling inside. why? why mohammed? why are you doing this to us? >> reporter: the recent killings of children have been the latest spark for this most recent round of violence, but there are long simmering tensions here and mohammed's cousin also told us that he's just the latest victim in an endless cycle of violence that's gone on for decades. anthony? >> alex thanks. the california highway patrol is investigating this morning after an online video showed a chp officer hitting a woman repeatedly. this happened along the santa
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monica freeway, interstate 10 in los angeles tuesday evening. the woman does not appear to be resisting. the driver who captured the video believes the officer used quote, excessive and brutal force. it's not clear what provoked the confrontation. the video starts with the officer trying to detain the woman. she moves away before he gets her to the ground. at one point a plainclothes officer arrived on the scene to help place the woman in handcuffs. in a statement the chp says it reviews any case where one of its officers uses force to determine whether it was appropriate. the va this morning is dealing with new fallout from its health care scandal. documents released by the house veterans affairs committee show more than 2.8 million dollars in bonuses were paid to va officials for their performance last year. some of the money went to executives in charge of the same va facilities now under investigation over claims of falsifying records dealing with wait times. wyatt andrews is in washington
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where lawmakers are following the money trail. wyatt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so here is that va bonus list. it is seven pages, single spaced. 292 senior executives at the va got performance bonuses in february. most of them were earned under the rules, but congressional investigators are questioning whether why 20 of the awards may have gone to executives connected to mismanagement or who supervised hospitals that falsified wait times for veterans. a bonus of more than $9,000 went to sharon helman the director of the va in phoenix, where 18 patients died waiting for appointments. helman has since been suspended and her bonus rescinded. almost $9,000 went to the phoenix regional director susan bowers, despite two ongoing whistleblower investigations. and $8200 went to cynthia mccormack, the hospital director in cheyenne wyoming, despite a formal va finding that the hospital had reported false wait times.
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>> we've gone in and flagged probably 20 individuals who were in fact at troubled facilities and they continued to get bonuses year after year. >> reporter: in phoenix, debbie allen believes her husband, mel, died because of bonuses. mel allen died of bladder cancer after waiting eight months for care, but she says officials would not report long delays because that would cost them money. >> and now they're covering up the cover-up which is really a disgusting thing to do. for money, you know for bonuses. >> reporter: we could not reach sharon helman the suspended director in phoenix, for comment. susan bowers who has since retired, told us in a phone interview she was not aware of findings of manipulation of data and that her 2013 bonus was based on the many positive things done while i was there. cynthia mccormack referred us to va headquarters which said mccormack met her performance standards and got her bonus based on information available at the time.
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>> we have suspected for a long time that bonuses were basically being given out like candy. that they were an entitlement to many of the supervisors at the va. >> reporter: the va has suspended its senior level bonuses for this year. as for the backlog of appointments, the va says over the last two months it's contacted 140,000 veterans to get them into care but 46,000 vets remain on official wait lists. margaret? >> wyatt, thank you. stock markets are closed this morning for independence day, but when trading resumes on monday, the dow is expected to open above 17,000 for the first time. that, thanks to a surge after yesterday's better-than-expected employment report. the economy added 288,000 jobs in june. it was the fifth straight month of gains of above 200,000. the unemployment rate fell to 6.1% the lowest since 2008. president obama trumpeted the numbers thursday. >> it gives you a sense that the
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economy has built momentum that we are making progress. we've now seen almost 10 million jobs created over the course of the last 52 months. >> max wolff is the chief economists at a financial advisory firm. max, good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> is the economy building momentum here max? >> it's unambiguously good news. especially after that long winter we had this year. >> when you hear the idea of momentum, though, it leads to the question about the long-term unemployed. there's still around 3.1 million of them. why aren't they benefitting? >> so we're seeing those numbers fall but mostly because these people are falling out of the count and out of the economy, which is terrible. but it's a tough job market. we've done a lot of studies and know the following. if you've been out of work a long time you get kind of discriminated against and it gets that much harder to get
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back in the labor force. two, your skills run off, you don't know the new software the new techniques so you get kind of shunned and you lose that magic that helps you get over the hump in a competitive job market and be the selected candidate. >> these job numbers which are encouraging, we still have no substantial wage growth do we? we're basically where we were last year, up 2% but that's about inflation. >> it's a great point. it obviously depends about what you think about substantial. the average american got a whopping $1.38 raise across the month of june. it's possible they were underwhelmed by that lordly sum, especially if you filled up your gas tank once even part of the way, you lost your entire raise. so we haven't seen actually any wage growth in over six years now and that's beginning to weigh on people because that's how you dig out, especially after a long rough patch we had coming out of 2008. >> so it's good news but not exactly like people are feeling it. >> most people probably only know the economy got better from reading it. i think when some people read it
7:18 am
or see it on your "cbs this morning" some folks see it as a taunt so a lot of folks are left behind here. >> they want to see it in my paycheck. >> thank you. in washington state a hiker is safe this morning after clinging to a mountain outside seattle. he was saved monday after calling 911 on his cell phone. >> he's just above the snow line. >> reporter: a seven-member rescue team, all volunteers helicoptered in to make the daring rescue. >> he's sitting on a three-foot ledge or so. >> reporter: more than 100 feet above the jagged rocks, this stranded hiker managed to hold on for more than an hour as he waited to be rescued along washington's chair peak. >> we're going to land and come back in there with our rescue team. >> reporter: 32-year-old miles mcdonna was lowered out to grab the hiker. he said this was the most
7:19 am
difficult rescue. >> let him know just keep holding to the rock don't grab me. everything is going to be all right. >> reporter: the entire mission lasted about 30 minutes and ended with the hiker and the entire rescue team back on solid ground, with no injuries. ahead on "cbs this morning" an ambulance driver falls asleep on the job and crashes. this morning why the cdc is warning d lots of sunshine coming our way but patchy fog over russian hill toward the golden gate bridge more of that in the evening hours as well but today warmer and hot in some of the valleys. 80s and 90s there. maybe as high as 91 in livermore. 83 in san jose. about 80 in redwood city. and 66 degrees in san francisco. looks like even hotter over the weekend, we could see some triple digits by monday.
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this national weather report sponsored by macy's. our coverage of hurricane arthur continues. >> we've got more dramatic images of the storm's fury as it makes its way northeast. >> the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. happy 4th of july. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. investigators say that a fire at an oakland home may have started because the owner was using propane to kill termites. an explosion was heard last night on brighton avenue. the butts fire in napa county burned 4300 acres but firefighters are making progress helped by cooler weather and it's now 55% contained. and a crooked section of lombard will be shut down today. lombard between larkin and leavenworth will be closed from noon to 6 p.m. taxis, residents and emergency vehicles are still allowed. we have the traffic and weather coming up.
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good morning. we saw this tweet from the sfmta that the parking meters will be enforced today so you will have to pay but if you are trying to get into san francisco later on tonight more crowded conditions along 101, northbound 280 of course remains closed between the 101 split and king street. so gun, we are expecting a lot of crowds for the 4th of july celebrations especially along the embarcadero. bay bridge quiet from the east bay. no metering lights. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> all right. it's some patchy fog around the bay area a lot of sunshine in spots already. looks like it's going to be a great holiday outside. you have the sun up over the bay bridge with clouds in the distance. we are going to see plenty of sunshine and some warm weather, 80s and 90s inland, 80s inside the bay, 70s at the coastline. temperatures in the triple digits on monday. cooler toward the middle of the week.
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the beach boys helped the boston pops celebrate the fourth of july a night early. the orchestra moved up its concert and fireworks show due to hurricane arthur but after the fireworks, state police told tens of thousands of spectators to get out fast due to an approaching thunderstorm. minutes later, heavy rain and strong winds hit the city knocking down trees and dampening spirits. and hurricane arthur is now heading toward the northeast after lashing north carolina's outer banks overnight. this morning arthur is downgraded to a category 1 after hitting the north carolina shore with 100-mile-an-hour winds. it's moving back offshore but much of the east coast faces heavy rain today.
7:31 am
jen bernstein of kyw is in ocean city new jersey. jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and good morning to our viewers in the west. here in ocean city new jersey it's not the picture perfect beach day for july 4th it is raining as you can see. as you look at the beach behind me, there are signs that say danger, the ocean is closed. beyond that we do have rough surf that also includes some riptides according to lifeguards in the area. now, the hurricane is expected to stay offshore when it blows by, but we are expecting heavy rain and intense surf. waves here along the jersey shore are forecast to be as high as 6 to 8 feet today. dangerous rip currents will also last through the weekend. authorities are warning beachgoers along the east goetcoast to take extra precaution when entering the water. there's also worry there could be significant beach erosion and sand dunes are not built up this early in the summer. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the "los angeles times" says
7:32 am
president obama swears in 25 new citizens this morning in a white house ceremony on this independence day. this year's event takes on added symbolism for the administration with the president trying to go it alone on immigration reform. more than a thousand new americans were sworn in at turner field in atlanta on thursday. "the new york times" says gas prices dropped ahead of the holiday weekend. reports the average price of regular is $3.66 a gallon. that's two cents lower than the week before, but gas remains at its highest price for this time of year since 2008 because of the ongoing crisis in iraq. "usa today" says one million pounds of tainted chicken is being recalled. foster farms sold the poultry in nine western states at the end of march. the government says the chicken is linked to an outbreak of salmonella. so far more than 500 people have been sickened in 27 states but there have not been any deaths.
7:33 am
and the controversial car service uber is operating in london for now. taxi drivers accuse uber of side stepping local rules and not paying taxes. plans to take uber to court have been on hold until lawsuits against some drivers are heard. america's highways will be packed this morning for the holiday weekend. aaa expects 41 million of us will travel more than 50 miles from home. 85% will do so by car. but this morning, the cdc is raising new alarms about a growing threat on the road. jeff pegues looks at the toll from drowsy driving. >> reporter: this ambulance driver in california is struggling to stay awake. he's transporting a patient, but he can barely keep his eyes open. he doesn't seem to wake up until it's too late, veering his ambulance off the road and slamming into the back of a disabled vehicle. and last month, according to court documents, truck driver
7:34 am
kevin roper had gone more than 24 hours without sleep when police say he caused an accident on the new jersey turnpike killing one man and critically injuring three others including comedian tracy morgan. a cdc survey of 92,000 people across ten states and puerto rico reveals one in 25 admitted to dozing off behind the wheel in the last 30 days. the biggest offenders were men aged 18 to 34. the national highway traffic safety administration estimates that 100,000 police-reported crashes are a result of driver fatigue each year. >> fourth of july and holidays can be really problematic because we tend to disrupt our schedules to go on vacations and traveling, and then bring alcohol into the mix and you have a formula for disaster. >> reporter: according to the cdc, out of more than 33,000 fatal crashes annually in the u.s. as many as 7500 involve drowsy drivers. it rivals the more than 10,000
7:35 am
fatalities linked to alcohol-impaired driving. but most experts believe drowsy driving incidents are underreported because it's difficult to connect crashes to sleepiness. >> once you have those warning signs, missing the exits, not being attentive as you drive and head nodding, you are in a red alert situation. >> reporter: the cdc hopes releasing these statistics will open people's eyes to the dangers of drowsy driving. for "cbs this morning," jeff pegues, washington. an update on a story we've been telling you about. new fallout this morning for facebook over its secret psychological experiment on nearly 700,000 users. a watchdog group filed the complaint with the federal trade commission. the electronic privacy information center accuses the social media giant of breaking the law by not informing users or seeking their consent. >> facebook's little known data science group conducted the study. it was created in 2007.
7:36 am
"the wall street journal" says the team is comprised of about three dozen researchers, many with doctoral degrees. the group founded in 2007 has run hundreds of tests on facebook's 1.3 billion members. robert safian is manager of fast book magazine. should we be worried? >> facebook is testing what we do on that service all the time. this group has been doing a wide variety of things and other things are being tested all the time. the version of facebook that you have on your phone is maybe different than the one that i'm having. they're engineers and their culture is based on constantly testing different things on that site. that's happening across technology companies. >> so is this really illegal or unethical or neither? >> i think for a company like facebook that sees itself as an youd sider, as a renrenegade they are now a member of the mainstream media and need to act in a different way and they're
7:37 am
not used to what that is. >> they sometimes seem surprised that people get angry that they don't know what facebook is doing. >> well, facebook has had a series of things where privacy issues have been raised. they apologize and then they move on. >> sort of apologize. >> as is the case here. >> yeah. i think part of this is because users in the most part are not really concerned about this. they continue to use the service. they don't really worry about it. and facebook i'm sure has plenty of data that indicates that that's the case. so they have the freedom to act and extend things this way. >> but now they're a publicly traded company. >> that's correct. >> and there are different consequences when you're out there. >> i think the challenge for facebook is they need to become as sophisticated in their consumer engagement and communications as they are in their data. >> sheryl sandberg the coo of facebook, said it was poorly communicated and for that communication we apologize. we never meant to upset you. that's an apology for bad communication, not for doing
7:38 am
what they did. >> yeah if you think of it this way, if you're disney world and you allow people to come in free to your theme park and there are signs there that say when you come in we can watch you as you move around our theme park but it's free for you to be there, people would still come and be there. and i think facebook looks at the experience that they are providing to users in that same kind of way and our activities on that site are theirs to make use of. i think there is a challenge with the difference between the academic research that they're doing and the business research about how they're moving us around for financial reasons that they'd have to clarify in way that say they haven't done at this point. >> robert thank you very much. ahead, we'll preview a "48 hours" investigation into a death at sea. >> reporter: remember the newlywed who vanished on his honeymoon cruise? now nine years later and there are new fbi agents and a $100,000 reward to help crack
7:39 am
the case. that's coming up later on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪
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here's a preview of the world's tallest water slide built at a kansas city theme park set to open this summer. the ride is over 168 feet high and features a terrifying near vertical drop. the slide is named as german and translates as insane. tomorrow marks nine years since george smith of connecticut disappeared while on his honeymoon cruise. it's been a cold case for years, but "48 hours" correspondent richard schlesinger looks at the latest developments as the fbi and smith's family make a new
7:44 am
push for answers. here's a preview of tomorrow night's report. >> you can't look at the water without remembering what happened to george. it's got too many bad memories for me now. >> reporter: maureen and george smith have grieved for nearly a decade, ever since their 26-year-old son vanished on his honeymoon cruise in the agean sea. he left behind a huge blood stain beneath his balcony, a young widow with nearly no memory and a boatload of intrigue. >> i have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that my son was murdered on that cruise ship. >> reporter: an fbi investigation remains open with new agents recently assigned to the case. >> i've got a lot of confidence in the new team and they're working very hard on this. they're very determined. >> reporter: and the smiths are just as determined. they are now offering a $100,000 reward for any information that leads directly to an arrest and
7:45 am
conviction. george's sister, bree. >> i think with the reward that just may be the final piece of the puzzle that may finally end the injustice that's gone on for nine years. >> reporter: the story of george smith's last hours began with a shipboard police interview. turkish police had gathered the last men known to see george alive. the men claimed that after a night of partying they had tucked george into bed and left his cabin. >> after we dropped him off -- we closed the door and never saw him again. end of story. never saw him again. >> reporter: but a "48 hours" investigation has uncovered questionable alibis failed polygraphs, and new details about a provocative video made by three of the men. >> it's ridiculously provocative. it's to the point that you would say why hasn't law enforcement looked at this and said we've got to talk to these young men some more. >> reporter: mike jones is an
7:46 am
attorney for the smith family who has pursued this case like an investigator. he says the tape which is in the possession of the fbi, was made on july 5th 2005 just hours after george is believed to have gone overboard. >> they pass a video camera around filming themselves commenting about george's death in a very callous way. >> reporter: attorneys for the men say that their clients are innocent. the young men's story has never changed. >> the evidence is huge. why hasn't someone been arrested? >> that was richard schlesinger reporting. you can see his full report "murder at sea" on "48 hours." that's tomorrow night at lots of sunshine coming our way but patchy fog over russian hill toward the golden gate bridge more of that in the evening hours as well but today warmer and hot in some of the valleys. 80s and 90s there. maybe as high as 91 in livermore. 83 in san jose.
7:47 am
about 80 in redwood city. and 66 degrees in san francisco. looks like even hotter over the weekend, we could see some triple digits by monday. new video takes us inside the sunken cruise ship where 32 people died. find out what's next for the costa concordia ahead on "cbs this morning." orning."
7:48 am
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7:51 am
panera bread. newly released video show the underwater interior of the "costa concordia." it hit a reef offer the coast of italy in 2012 and capsized kill 3g 2 people. the ship may be refloated within ten days but greenpeace protesters say that would be dangerous for the environment. massive numbers of whales are being spotted along the atlantic coast. they're arriving in numbers not seen in years. how the humpbacks are delighting tourists and giving scientists a chance to solve a mystery. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
7:52 am
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. happy 4th of july, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 7:56. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. the butts fire up in napa county has burned 4300 acres. the firefighters are making some great progress. the fire is now 55% contained. homeowners who had evacuated anow being allowed to return back to their homes. california's foster farms is recalling a chicken tied to salmonella. people started getting sick 16 months ago but a recall was not issued until a direct link was found to the chicken. the recall covers products with dates between march 21 and 29th, 2014. and san francisco will be celebrating the 4th of july with two big fireworks shows. 10,000 fireworks will be launched from two barges in the bay. one is in front of aquatic park, the other by pier 39. it starts tonight at 9:30. lawrence says the weather
7:57 am
should be good, too. but i'll let him tell you that. traffic and weather coming up after the break.
7:58 am
good morning. mass transit for the most part on a holiday schedule today. bart starts running right about now at 8:00. no ace train service today. once again, northbound 280 closed between 101 to king street through the holiday weekend. lawrence? >> we are seeing some patchy fog around the bay area this morning. a lot of sunshine in spots already but more of the sun as we medical toward the afternoon. the temperatures going to start to heat up nicely. in fact, high pressure in control. that will bring numbers up to the 80s and low 90s well inland. about 83 in san jose. 71 in oakland. and 66 a little breezy in san francisco. the fog does make a return this evening. looks like we have some hot weather over the weekend. maybe some triple-digit heat by monday. cooling down slowly toward the middle of the week.
7:59 am
female announcer: through sunday at sleep train's 4th of july sale save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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good morning to our viewers in the west. happy friday, july fourth 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including hurricane arthur. it's moving up the atlantic coast after battering north carolina, but first here is a look at today's "eye-opener at 8:00.." >> thousands of people in the outer banks are waking up this fourth of july to survey the damage after hurricane arthur. >> we're still seeing some very strong wind gusts here. you can see the angry ocean behind me. >> the california highway patrol is investigating after a chp officer was filmed hitting a
8:01 am
woman. >> most people only know the economy got better from reading it. some of the folks see it as a t.a.r.p. >> a lot of folks left behind here. >> a man was saved on monday. >> the cdc is raising new alarms about drowsy driving and bring alcohol into the mix and you have a formula for disaster. >> facebook has had privacy raised and they apologize and then they move on. >> sort of apologize. >> spokane, just 10 years old, check out the half-court shot. today's "eye-opener at 8:00." is presented by comfort inn. i am anthony mason with margaret brennan.
8:02 am
charlie rose and norah o'donnell and gayle king are off. there was a stronger bunch than forecasters predicted. top winds hit 100 miles per hour, and arthur weakened to a category 1 storm with 90-mile-per-hour this morning. and ocean city new jersey are starting to feel the impact. the chief meteorologist is tracking the hurricane's path. eric, good morning. >> good morning. arthur, the earliest landfall in carolina history. this will be tracking very quickly off to the north and east as we head through the day today. by the time we head towards the evening, just after 9:00 making a close pass with nantucket with a hurricane 1, and by the early hours of saturday morning making landfall there. terms of the wind field, moving offshore for a time this morning
8:03 am
and afternoon, and then we will get the tropical storm-force winds coming off of nantucket and cape cod. the boston area disrupted. the atf is trying to figure out what led to a fireworks tragedy in texas. a trailer full of fireworks blew up in camanche yesterday killing one person and injury three others, and the one killed created the fireworks show for the town 25 years ago, and tonight's celebration has been cancelled. many headed to the beach this holiday will bring along sun screen to prevent skin cancer. you may not realize that several sun screen formulas are off limits here in the u.s. dr. holly phillips is here to show us why.
8:04 am
good morning. i am one of those people that buys all sorts of sun screen here, i have to but does this mean as an american i am not getting the best product to protect me? >> the fda has not approved a new sun screen active ingredient for widespread use over-the-counter for 15 years, and technology is always evolving and so can you imagine using a 15-year-old computer or cell phone, that's how far we have come in terms of changing the way we think about sun screen products. europe has many more products to available them but they classify sun screen as a cosmetic and here we classify it as an over-the-counter drug, and so there is more stringent regulations over drugs than causeosmetics cosmetics. >> which explains the delay. what is being done about it? >> there has been a huge amount of lobbying of lawmakers, both
8:05 am
by dermatology, and skin cancer organizations and congress has proposed something called the sun screen innovation act to help really the fda kind of -- >> it takes a law. >> absolutely. but when you think eight products that are widely used in europe and canada and other places, they have been waiting fda approval for ten years. a pretty long time. >> what is different about some of these european sun screens. what makes them maybe better? >> now we know so much more about skin cancer and sun exposure than 15 years ago, and there's a huge focus on uva raise, and uvb rays cause sun burns but uva penetrate more deeply and are associated with skin cancer. those protect you from uva rays
8:06 am
and it's better for more options to be out there. >> but there are things out there that we can use, we just don't have the selection? >> yep. >> holly, thanks. this morning an amazing life story somebodying remembered. the world war ii hero died in los angeles at 97. he ran in the 1936 olympics before joining the army and spent 47 days in a life raft after a plane crash and survived two years of torture as a japanese pow. the best-seller "unbroken" made him famous again. he told chip reid on sunday morning that he had a good life. >> i also had 84 different things i wanted to accomplish in life, which i have. >> you have a bucket list some people call it? >> yeah, there's a lot that i have accomplished. to me that was the greatest part of my life, getting a taste of everything. >> he died wednesday after
8:07 am
battling pneumonia. in a statement his family says his encourage and fighting spirit were never more apparent than in these days. another american legend today marks the 75th anniversary of the most famous speeches in sports. an emotional lou gehrig thanked fans who packed yankee stadium in new york. he was just diagnosed with what he called a bad break. >> today i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. >> his durability over 17 seasons earned him the nickname the iron horse. today every major league player will wear a patch to honor his legacy and major league baseball will donate $300,000 to als research. he died two years after offering
8:08 am
those eternal words and he was only 37. ahead on "cbs this morning," two u.s. world cup stars will be here in studio 57. they are going back to their regular teams here in the u.s. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by comfort inn. truly yours.
8:09 am
they are big, and this year their numbers are getting bigger. >> how many whales do you think are out here today? >> i think a quick count, and i count about 18 humpbacks, but there are more we can see in the distance, so i would guess maybe 30 to 40 humpbacks, and probably ten or 15 thinbacks. >> we will take you out on the water to show you what is behind the great migration, and how it
8:10 am
could help solve an ocean mystery. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." an ocean mystery. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." ♪
8:11 am
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8:14 am
once hurne once hurricane arthur passes thousands of people could be headed back to the ocean for whale watching tours. they might get the show of a lifetime from the biggest animals on earth, because whale sightings are way up. we go out on the water for an up-close look. good morning. >> humpback whales are being spotted from new jersey to maine in numbers not seen in year and the migration is providing scientists with increedable research opportunities and giving tourists an incredible show. seeing a whale burst out of the water in front of you seems like a once in a lifetime experience and this summer hundreds of whales are being spotted every day. passengers aboard packed whale watching cruises are seeing 20
8:15 am
at least each trip. >> going to come right up through the circle about to open. >> we set out with a researcher, dave whily off the coast of massachusetts. >> how many whales do you think are out here today? >> i took a quick count and i count about 18 humpbacks and 10 to 15 thinbacks, but there's more in the distance so 30 to 40 humpbacks and 10 to 15 thinbacks. >> last year he said there were hardly any whales, because there were hardly any kind of the fish that they eat on. >> this tiny fish is responsibility for so much in terms of the ecosystem. >> nobody has heard of them and we know nothing about them, so that's one of the puzzles for us to answer why they are here some years and why not others. >> so they decided to follow the
8:16 am
fish in the water, using one camera they could control and borrowing critter cams to tag unlikely cameramen. >> how do you tag a humpback whale? >> we have a tag on a long pole that has a suction cup on it and we use that to pop it on its back. >> the footage showed the fish darting around in squirrels and boroughing in the seabed to hide from predators, but from the whale's point of view they discovered something else. the whales were hunting together blowing bubbles to corral the fish like fishermen using nets. >> they will start swimming spiral and emitting bubbles out of the blow hole or mouth, and they come up with the mouths open and grab as many as they can. >> they mastered teamwork
8:17 am
physics and timing. >> yeah, it's amazing the complexity of their behavior. >> the whales will leave by the end of summer in search of warmer waters, and whilye yy says he didn't know if the fish will turn or the humpbacks will surface next year. >> marine biologist have been warning boaters to be on alert because striking a whale is not the best case scenario for the boater or the whale. >> we saw a cameraman get knocked over yesterday. >> it must be amazing to see. >> you heard him say there was 30 to 40 swimming around us and we didn't have to tell the photographer which way to look they were everywhere. ahead a moving tribute to our country. >> every country has these sorts of things to tell but not like america, not like us. i hope your chest pumps like
8:18 am
that every time somebody tells you that, because it's true. it's absolutely true. >> we'll take you inside the museum that some of the nation's most famous parade floats now call home. that's next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota -- let's go places. she's a unicorn... ...and a pegasus. and why is she strapped to the roof of my rav4? well, if you have kids... ...then you know why. now the real question. where's this thing going in the house? the rav4 toyota. let's go places.
8:19 am
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8:21 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. . this morning kids across the country are getting ready to sit
8:22 am
on the curb or poke their head above the crowd to see a tradition go by. but one man is making sure that the end of the parade is not the end of parade floats. he takes chip reid on a ride through time. >> reporter: the parade a celebration of american patriot patriotism patriotism. the bands -- ♪ >> reporter: -- the star of the show, the float. here in washington the man responsible for creating and crafting floats for the country's biggest political parade for the last 65 years is earl hargrove. >> we've done at the presidential inaugurals since truman, 1949. >> reporter: agains with the first float for president truman in 1949 he has put our history oven wheels.
8:23 am
he immobilized the pt. pr reagan for his first inauguration asked hargrove to find room for 300 members of the more man tabernacle child. >> yeah we did that. >> reporter: nestled in the grove his things are on parade. >> everything in here has something to do with americana. >> the street car was brought in. >> they drove it around and drove it around. >> reporter: 90,000 people visit this slice of americana every year. curt marissa brings his boys
8:24 am
here. >> it makes me feel very good inside very pat trottic. >> provides that it's the reason he created this museum. >> i'm sure every country has these sort of things to tell but not like us. i hope your heart pumps everytime somebody tells you that because it's true. it's absolutely true. >> reporter: for cbs news chip reid shenandoah caverns. >> i love that picture. that was an amazing shot that he was able to pull that off. >> that is a man who loves his job. >> it sure is. it sure is. >> they're back from brazil. they're right here in the toyota green room. we'll see why all the world is so excited for soccer.
8:25 am
that's your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. and happy 4th of july, everyone. it is 8:25. get you updated on some headlines around the bay area right now. i'm frank mallicoat. investigators say about a fire in an oakland home because the owner because using propane to kill termites at the house. an explosion heard last night right before a house on brighton avenue started to burn. the butts fire in napa county burned 4300 acres. firefighters have made some progress the last few days helped by the cooler weather it's now 55% contained. a crooked street lombard street the portion of that will be shut down once again over the weekend. today lombard between larkin and leavenworth will shut down from noon to 6 p.m. taxis are still aallowed with residents and emergency vehicles. traffic and weather coming up.
8:26 am
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8:27 am
good morning. it's a friday. and it's a holiday. so that means zero traffic at the bay bridge. no delay and no metering lights. you can see everything is a breeze now from the east bay into san francisco. if you are heading to san francisco, parking meters will be enforced. there's another tweet from the sfmta this morning to pay your meters if you are heading into town for the 4th of july fireworks celebration later on this evening. bart in fact will be running
8:28 am
longer trains. they are on a holiday schedule today so are ferries and caltrain. ace no service today for the july 4. and a quick heads up, northbound 280 remains closed into downtown san francisco. here's lawrence. >> all right. we have some patchy fog out there right now. we are hoping to clear that out nicely for the fireworks. looks like it will start to come back in in the evening hours but we'll clear out in the daytime. we have a cloudy golden gate bridge. sea breeze is blowing. high pressure is gathering steam meaning we are going to warm those temperatures up outside today. you will see some 80s and some 90s in the valleys. high as 91 in livermore, about 89 in concord. 83 in san jose. 71 in oakland. along the coast 66 degrees in san francisco and 64 patchy fog and sun in pacifica. next couple of days we'll heat things up triple digits by monday. then cooling down tuesday and wednesday.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i think i have seen that movie too many times. they were performing the auser-winning number from "frozen." the concert was moved up because of hurricane arthur. >> you have to sing along with that one. >> singing along very enthusiastically. >> indeed. coming up in this half hour you saw team usa's thrilling run in brazil.
8:31 am
now the stars made their world cup debut and they are in our toyota green room to take us inside that amazing game and tell us what is next for them on the field. >> plus from transformers to "tammy," we will look at a few other surprises ahead. the pittsburgh tribute review is review, the leading source of funding for the conservative movement died. in the 1990s he donated to millions of groups digging up negative information against the president then bill clinton. >> and then the new york times shows a self driving truck. the mercedes benz future truck is capable of responding to traffic while driving completely on its own. it can reach 52 miles per hour.
8:32 am
>> and the seattle times looks at a possible type yo in the declaration of independence. a scholar studied it, and there is a period there where it's not in the original. they meant to say the role of government is equally as important as individual rights. and then still have plenty of games left to play this year. but their incredible run at the world cup will be the highlight of their season. >> for us we just play and try to win, and go as far as we can. >> usa! usa! >> for team usa, it was as far as the round 16 the team ultimately losing in a
8:33 am
nail-biter to belgium earlier this week. but the crowd from the cup not only impressed those in brazil it electrified the soccer. a young team and a coach believed in a brighter future. >> you see green jumping on the field and scoring right away, and then andre you know we have many other youngsters waiting. >> this was their first world cup, and likely not their last. >> team usa! all the way! >> welcome home and good morning. thank you for being here. i know for you guys you came home too soon but it must have been a great experience. >> yeah it was absolutely amazing. you know, just to be out there with such class players on my
8:34 am
team and on the opposing team was incredible and a team come true. >> yeah it was. we are disappointed that it ended a little too early, but i think we have a lot to be proud of, and a lot to build on. we want to definitely thank the fans. it was incredible, the support we got. >> the question is will the fans stay with you now. you both pray professionally. are you staying in the u.s. or is a european team coming and trying to recruit you away. >> yeah. >> i hope i get to stay you know. we will see what happens. but right now i am extremely happy here in the u.s. and i love to see my team in kansas city. >> you grew up playing soccer here in the u.s. were you stunned at the scope of the support you got in the u.s.? you were looking at games in which you were being watched by 19, 20 and 21 million people. >> i mean i guess we always
8:35 am
hoped it would get this big. i don't know if we expected it to happen quite like this. >> yeah, definitely. >> we were almost in a bubble in brazil and all we could see were the youtube videos and social media, so we were not able to really experience it firsthand. >> what do you think this experience has done for you as an athlete? you are so young. >> yeah. >> you have this under your belt. >> i think it has just given me a great amount of confidence knowing that i can compete at this level, it's huge. so take this wherever my career may take me and i am definitely going to take this experience and use it wherever i go. >> what did you say to tim howard after that game? >> i said you are the man! he is a legend. he is. he is a living legend. i just said thank you for playing like you did, for giving us a chance and it was a pleasure playing with him during
8:36 am
the world cup. >> from your eyes how did that game look to you, his performance? >> for me, it was probably one of the best performances i have seen in person that i ever seen and so i could tell that he was in the zone 20 minutes in you know, with the three or four saves that he made early o. and i just knew it was going to be a night to remember for him. >> what was said in the locker room after that game? >> it was just -- i don't know. it was kind of a -- >> bittersweet. >> yeah a bittersweet feeling. we were definitely disappointed because we were so close at the end, but, you know there is some happiness there. i think we proved a lot of people wrong. i think we brought a lot of pride to this country and showed the world that this is concerning into a soccer country, which is obviously what we were looking to do and you know hopefully we have given
8:37 am
people more reason to watch, not just u.s. soccer but also the mls. so you know we were excited about that. >> congratulations. >> it was a great fight and a lot of fun. >> thank you. >> thanks guys. it's far from extinct to theaters, but "transformers" is not the only movie on the
8:38 am
bulldog: ah, the dog days of summer! time to celebrate with your mates, grill a few dogs-- eh, hot dogs. bacon burgers... dachshund: "mattress discounters 4th of july sale ends sunday"? bulldog: that cloud reminds me of... radio announcer: the tempur-pedic cloud collection. bulldog: that's it! radio announcer: now with 48 months interest-free financing-- basset hound: free financing? radio announcer: or get a queen size serta pillow top on sale for just $597. bulldog: that's a ringer of a deal! radio announcer: mattress discounters 4th of july sale ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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8:41 am
if your holiday weekend plans are getting transformed by hurricane arthur you might head over to the movies. "transformers" could hang on its title as the year's box office champion. but there is plenty more on the silver screen this summer. brent lang is the senior film and media reporter for variety. good morning. >> good morning to you, too. >> bad weather might mean something good for ticket sales. what would you recommend people see this year? >> i recommend that you steer clear of "transformers," but i would say go see "begin again." it's a story about a down on a luck producer and song writer, and it's funny and heartwarming and the music is fantastic, and the actors have never been better. well worth checking out. >> by the same director that did
8:42 am
"once," right, the irish film. >> yeah this is similar. it's really fantastic. >> but "transformers" is eating up the box office right now, isn't it? >> that's going to be the dominant film this weekend. it's not just eating up the box office here. what is interesting, it's doing better in china than it is in the united states which is a testament to the growth of this country as a box office force right now. >> it explains why we get so many sequels because a big part of this is marketing for the global audience is it not? >> yeah, they have to arrive with a built-in audience and enormous amounts of awareness, because that movie is going to have to make well over $400 million, $500 million, just to break even. >> another big one is "apes."
8:43 am
>> the buzz on this is fantastic. social media is erupting over the film. people loved "rise of the planet of the apes" and the reviews have been sterling. >> another one called "boyhood," and it's a different piece of film making isn't it? >> yeah a young man is captured for 11 years of his life -- >> it's the same actor as he grows up. >> yeah they shot him with ethan hawke, and you see him grow up and it's an analogous to the series "42 up," and it's really an amazing accomplishment. that could be around for a while. it's a testimony to his moxi and his ability to put together funding and to inspire people like ethan hawke to take a lower salary and do something creative
8:44 am
that is really exciting from an actor's perspective. >> there has been a lot of hype over "tammy," and how are women audiences responding to women audiences this summer? because sometimes the film makers have ignored them in recent years? >> i think when you look at a film like "tammy," when you look at a film like an jawgelina jolie and this is an audience that will turn out if the product is there for them. hollywood really ignores them at its own peril. >> thank you. we will see you at the movies. it's the show that made yadda yadda yadda famous. plus the most unforgettable moments of the week. you are watching "cbs this morning."
8:45 am
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8:48 am
everybody is about a character on the show and nobody and show is about nothing. >> absolutely absolutely. >> so i go in and tell them the show is about nothing. >> we. >> since when are you a writer? >> we're talking about a itcom. sitcom. "seinfeld" became one of the most successful comedies in tv history. tomorrow they'll celebrate 25 years what was called the "seinfeld chronicles."
8:49 am
it ran fur nine seasons. >> it drew 76 million viewers making it the third most watched. in 2007 "seinfeld" talked about the show's legacy with charlie rose. >> there are people who say this is the best sitcom are. >> i love those people. where are they? are there any of them here? are you one of those. >> of course. >> nah. >> do you believe it? >> no i don't -- >> you never want to say it's the biggest. >> no, it's absurd. >> bigger. >> "honeymooners" make mess laugh more. >> does it really? >> well i can't -- >> i'm sitting here watching you laugh at loud. >> let's see if it's funny in 50 years like the "honeymooners." let's see. >> grossing $3 billion since the first episode in 1998. it's still funny.
8:50 am
>> yes, it is. >> happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july. >> happy 238th birthday america. be sure to tune in to "cbs evening news with scott pelley." as we leave you let's take a look at the last week. have a great weekend, everybody. >> i believe that we can win. i believe that we can win. >> and the referee blows time. >> and america's world cup dreams ended in a desperate effort. >> belgium goes through. >> we hope the momentum we created we can sustain that and push forward. it's been amazing. >> the current has created all sorts of problems. >> chicago's tallest building was hit repeatedly. >> we're being kidnapped. >> israel is vowing to retaliate for the lives of three teenagers. >> he had a nervous breakdown.
8:51 am
>> it reads top level general. >> the d.c. city council voted to impose a tax on yoga and that has people here fighting mad. >> a viral illness was behind serena williams' somewhat unsteady performance tuesday. >> it was bizarre. she was stumbling around. >> i don't know what he does whether he puts crack in them or -- >> no he doesn't. there's no crack in our pies. >> i think it's a dimple in the chin. >> red, white, and blue, we are all in. >> usa. >> someone changed the wickkipedia page making howard the secretary of defense. >> when i hear things like that it makes me choke up. >> hey. >> do you hear that wherever you go? >> if i had a dollar every time
8:52 am
i heard "do what's right" i'd have more money than my friends. >> i would make my parents proud. >> what was the switch? >> probably the sound of the jail doors slamming behind me. >> what was it for her to do her own stunts? >> i'm terminating your employment at topper jack's and i need your badge. >> what badge? you mean my name tag? >> love at first sight. >> we didn't really date for first year. we became such good friends we were thinking maybe let's not ruin this. >> and then we thought you know what? let's ruin it. >> if charlie would remove his shirt, we would know that. >> that would be a whole other kind of show gayle. >> happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july. glad to celebrate it with you. ♪
8:53 am
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now burned 43- hundred acres. fighters are makin good morning. it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. in the bay area on this 4th of july, the butts fire up in napa county has now burned 4300 acres but firefighters made great progress the last few days. fire now 55% contained. homeowners who had evacuated are now being allowed to go back to their homes. california's foster farms is recalling chicken tied to salmonella. people started getting sick 16 months ago but the recall came when the poultry was linked to the illness. it was for meat dated between march 21 and 29, 2014. fireworks in san francisco will be at aquatic park the other at pier 39. the important thing is the
8:56 am
weather. >> it's all about the fog tonight. i think we'll see that fog creeping back onshore but i think we'll see plenty of fireworks, too. out the door we go. we have some clouds early on over russian hill that's going to break away leaving lots of sunshine behind and it looks like as high pressure strengthens overhead, our temperatures will be warming up on this 4th of july holiday. numbers into the afternoon, well, going to get hot in some places inland. 91 in livermore. 90 fairfield. about 83 sunny in san jose. 76 in fremont. 66 in san francisco. next couple of days it gets hot over the weekend. some triple digits by monday. we're going to check out your "kcbs traffic" when we come back.
8:57 am
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gage. expect slight delays in fremont. they are doing some emergency road repairs after an overnight accident. so right now two southbound laneses are closed and they are going to be closed for a while they say southbound this is on the approach to washington boulevard. and that tweet as you can see says expect delays at the scene. if you are riding mass transit today, a lot of systems are on a holiday schedule. bart is on a typical sunday schedule. in fact, they just started service about an hour ago. they will be running longer trains through the 4th of july celebration in san francisco later on tonight along the embarcadero. ferries, caltrain, also on a holiday schedule and ace train there's no service unfortunately today. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been quiet all morning. this is about the busiest we have seen so far. no metering lights.
8:59 am
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