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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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news for bay area drivers before tomorrow's commute next.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. the bay area i did not know what was going to happen. there were so many shots ringing through. you didn't know where he was coming from, where he was at. >> he dove for cover and survived a deadly rampage, but three others from the bay area did not. >> andria borba is live in the newsroom tonight. >> in his manifesto the suspect said he hated his roommates because they were asian and he was going to kill them first. >> elliot rodger here. >> elliot rodger's first run-in with police happened last year after a fight at a college party. he had been pushing women. no charges were filed. >> there is nothing i've seen that would suggest there was a red flag that anyone was aware of in law enforcement. >> reporter: family and friends say rodger had been
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treated by mental health expert as a child but stopped frequent visits after he turned 18. >> girls are not sexually attracted to me. bution video) "i'll take gf y rowing weary of i have a major problem with that, major problem. that's a problem that i intend to rectify. >> reporter: rodger began posting menacing internet videos in february. his mother became so alarmed she asked police to check on him last month. they did, but saw no signs of a threat or need to search for weapons. >> if a law enforcement officer comes to a location and doesn't see anything that suggests the person is a threat to themselves or to somebody else, for him to merely take someone into custody because there was a concerned mother would violate his civil rights. >> reporter: minutes before the rampage rodger e-mailed his parents and therapist, a memoir titled my twisted world. he wrote, "my hatred and rage towards all women festered
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inside me like a plague. their very existence is the cause of all my torture." he described feeling empowered when he bought the first of his guns and relief when the police his mother sent did not discover his plan for a day of retribution. >> i take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you. >> reporter: in isla vista students are growing weary of reporters. meanwhile the new york post and daily mail posted photos online of the girl rodger mentioned in his manifesto as the reason behind his hatred of women, an aspiring model he went to school with a decade ago. her name is monette moyo. her father says she barely remembers elliot rodger and never picked on him. these are the first three victims of the rampage, david, george and james, all from the bay area and they were all stabbed to death. betty yu has more about these three individuals. a in high school,
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al pt to himself." >> reporter: they had so much in common. they were all-star students and they came from immigrant chinese families and they were all pursuing degrees in computer science and engineering. one of the victims, james long, graduated from lynbrook high school just two years ago. they were smart kids who friends say had done everything right in their lives. >> never had any drama in high school, always just kept to himself. >> he wasn't the aggressive type. it's really sad to hear someone would take advantage of that and come after james. >> reporter: 20-year-old james long was one of elliot rodger's first victims. jeff lee last saw him graduation day. he came back to lynbrook high school tonight to pay his respects. james shared so many traits with 19-year-old george chen from leland high school in san jose. >> he was always smiling and was a happy kid. it's so unfortunate for this to happen to him. i feel bad for his parents. >> it's just a shame the way he
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died, so robbed of a happy life, a good life. >> reporter: in eliot's manifesto he talked about his two foreign asian roommates. these were the biggest nerds i had ever seen and were both very ugly with annoying voices. eliot plotted to get rid of them to secure his apartment for his personal torture and killing chamber. david wang of fremont, a sophomore engineering student, was also savagely killed in that apartment. a family friend spoke of his parents' devastation. >> i talked to his mom and it's just so hard for her and she really want all the schools to know that she definitely doesn't want this kind of things happen again. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix5. tonight we're hearing from a bay area student who had to dive for cover to avoid being shot. his name is dylan fontillas from pleasanton and he was inside a deli when the gunman
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opened fire. ... just know i live you. 4: hat came >> he was almost smiling like he was happy about what was going on. it was very chilling. i'll remember that face for a long time. i was the one in the white shirt with the brown pants. white when he comes in, you see me hit the floor kind of scrambling around at the front and that's where those two bullets came through under the counter. i kind of slid around to the coolers and slid around and the bullets came over my head breaking the glass to the coolers as i'm sliding under it. all that glass slide and broke and landed on my back and held as i slid under it. i thought i was -- head as i slid under it. i thought i was going to die. i was trying to get out of the store. we were in the enclosed area the bullets were flying through. i made it to the back at first and kind of waited in the back because i had a friend stuck in the front of the store and i was definitely not going to leave without him. i was on the phone with my mom in the back of the store while he was still shooting. i don't know what's going to happen, but anything that does happen know i love you. the first two bullets that came
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through hit the christopher martinez kid in the chest. >> reporter: did you know him? >> no. >> after we came up to the front we really noticed that. i took my shirt off and applied pressure to his wound to stop the bleeding while his friends were giving him cpr, but from where the two shots hit and the time it took for the ambulance to get there because there was so much other stuff going on, he had no chance. i feel like it really hasn't fully set in yet like how big of a situation it is, but just happy to be alive right now. another survivor from the bay area was very badly injured, nick pasichuke from alamo and goes to university of pacific in stockton. he was in isla vista visiting a friend when he was run down by rodger in his bmw. he had surgery saturday. both his legs are broken. tonight students at uc santa cruz held a memorial for the victims from their sister school. they wiped away tears as theyed
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had crandalls and said prayers. -- they held can -- candles and said prayers. one person said he went to high school with the victim. >> i was really shocked he was one of the victims. i didn't feel like it would directly affect me, but yeah. >> about 200 people attended the service tonight. the killer ranted about how much he hated women. tonight men and women are striking back on social media. the #yesallwomen is exploding as women share what they've experienced. one woman tweeted i really shouldn't have to carry my keys in between my knuckles while walking home from the bus stop. another tweeted i shouldn't have to concern myself one of the lucky ones because i've never been a victim of sexual assault. join the conversation to facebook or on our twitter handles. we just got word from caltrans tonight. rest assured the i-280 extension will indeed be open
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for the morning commute. all the south bound lanes in san francisco have been closed since thursday. >> it's been a very challenging projects. they brought in crews from other projects to make sure we made the deadlines. >> crews replaced a hinge on the elevated freeway that is supposed to keep it from falling down in a big quake, but the work is not completely done. northbound lanes from 101 to king street will be closed on the 4th of july and labor day weekends. tonight as the memorial day weekend drawls to a close a tribute to the service -- draws to a close a tribute to the servicemen and women who died in afghanistan and iraq. christin ayers is at the lafayette war memorial. >> reporter: a lot of people spent this memorial right here at this hillside in lafayette. for years these crosses have symbolized the lives lost in iraq and afghanistan, but very soon these crosses are coming down. create a permanent memorial that is inclusive everyone feels that they can participate. jeff heaton, w he
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s of lafayett [ bugle playing taps ] >> reporter: for what may be the last time a lone bugler plays taps against the back drop of thousands of crosses clustered on a hillside in lafayette. since 2006 this has been sacred ground. it's been called the largest memorial to those killed in the wars in iraq and afghanistan, one of them jamar hicks killed in afghanistan on his birthday last summer. >> this is a very heavy day for us. >> reporter: the crosses bring jamar's sister ashley closer to him and to others who died fighting. >> they were people that had families. they leave behind great legacies. >> reporter: the volunteers who built the memorial only intended to keep the crosses until the wars were over and now say it's time to take most of them down. >> at this point i think it's really important to try to figure out what we can do to create a permanent memorial. >> reporter: jeff heaton in envisions a massive rotating
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memorial, a change that won't come without controversy. some families of fallen troops say they want to see the crosses remain. >> it does give you more a sense of the vastness when it comes to the lives lost. . 100 homes have been evacuated. the fire right now flames are tearing through parched earth in mariposa county east of modesto. 100 homes have been evacuated tonight. the fire started yesterday afternoon. hot dry weather has helped it grow to about 500 acres. meantime a couple of vacaville firefighters got quite a surprise. they were grabbing lunch at costco and had to rush off to answer a fire call leaving the food and unpaid check. later they went back to pay for their food but learned that a military wife had already stepped in and paid the bill for them. there was a note on the receipt. >> it said thank you, firefighters, for all you do. have a good weekend. >> there you go. firefighters posted their thanks on facebook. the good samaritan did.
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leave her contact information. -- did not leave her contact information. a bay area startup is making an unusual request tonight. it wants you to help find a cure for hiv. >> a mystery millionaire has been hiding cash around the bay area. tonight he has big plans to expand. ,,,,,,,,
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smashing it to bits. this happened yesterday in chowchilla. amazingly no ons hurt. incredible cell phone video shows a train slamming into a semi and smashing into bits. it happened yesterday in chowchilla. nobody was hurt. the driver escaped after getting stuck on the tracks. this is what happened after a teen-ager thought it would be a good idea to hold his breath while driving through a tunnel
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in oregon. he fainted behind the wheel and caused a three-car crash. four people were hurt. the 19-year-old driver was cited for reckless driving. tonight the nigerian military says it knows where those kidnapped girls are, but rescuing them would be too dangerous. the defense chief won't say where the girls are and he says a military attack could get them killed. protesters say the military isn't doing enough. the 300 girls were kidnapped six weeks ago. the search is on for three me missing after a massive mudslide in western -- men missing after a massive mudslide in western colorado. the crews gathered in the dark to begin the search. a ridge in a remote area collapsed after a day of rain. that mudslide is 4 miles long and 250 feet deep. we've heard a lot of stories about bay area startups, but tonight this really caught our attention. they're not out to create the latest gadgets. christin ayers shows us they want to develop a free vaccine to end hiv and aids with your
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help and that's where things get really interesting. >> reporter: dr. reed ribsomin has big dreams. he runs the immunity project. >> i've been very interested in this really marvelous story about hiv controllers, people who become infected with hiv, but somehow don't progress to develop aids. >> reporter: the idea is to mimic that response in a lab setting. reed invented the technology at his company flow pharma but he says he's giving the result of the research away for free. >> the people in the most need of the hiv vaccine are desperately poor and it's got to be available at no cost. >> reporter: decades of failure made the immunity project an unlikely candidate for government funding. so these guys broke tradition and appealed to the general public. through their own crowd funding drive they raised almost half a million dollars in under three
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weeks. >> social fundraising or social like donation platforms have existed for a long time. >> reporter: denny luan is with em says publicly funded sipes is -- he says publicly funded science is getting more popular. >> it's opening it up to a greater number of people and if anything, it's getting a closer look by other scientists in the field. >> reporter: scientists submit their idea and people donate. at experiment his team all fresh out of college make sure their clients are who they say they are, but other than that -- >> we kind of let the crowd decide. >> reporter: but some question whether that's appropriate for something as complicated as aids research. >> there's no one out there to really scrutinize what's happening with the research. >> reporter: as a public speak are and a person living with aids, matt -- speaker and a person living with aids, matt sharp has worked with some of the top aids researchers in the country and says the researchers involved in the immunity project are unknown in
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the aids field. >> anybody can go out and do crowd source funding for anything that they wish for, right? that's what it's based on. it's the based on any reality. >> reporter: he questions whether the nonprofit immunity project might be a publicity stunt for flow pharma, reed's for profit company. >> could that be applicable to other diseases? it's conceivable it could be. >> reporter: does he worry about letting down his donor? >> this is the model of tech. the model of tech is get in there, work hard, take it to conclusion, decide if it's good or bad, abandon if it's bad, feed if it's good. that's what we're doing. a mystery millionaire is expanding his efforts outside the bay area. >> he's set to hit l.a. this weekend. the anonymous donor known only as acting cash on twitter posted this clue on baker beach in san francisco today. a couple found a wad of 20s and tweeted their gratitude.
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he's been on a spree since thursday night sending crowds on a scavenger hunt for free money. so far@hiddencash has more than 32,000 followers on twitter and promised a huge number when the number hits 100k. we had gorgeous weather today. >> it was fantastic outside. all three weekend days turned out as something you could do outside. changes come around tomorrow. hang on for two minutes for your seven-day forecast. your immediate right now forecast is fog free from our rooftop over the bay bridge toward the port of oakland, no fog throughout the bay area right now. san jose chilly for about a week. that changed sunday. you shot up to 83. today's high in the south bay 81 degrees. overnight tonight 50s, concord 53, fremont 52, redwood city 51, san francisco 526789
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tomorrow morning sunrise 5:52 -- san francisco 52. tomorrow morning sunrise 5:52. tomorrow there's a strong area of low pressure. two thing will happen. it won't be as warm and the difference between the two areas of high pressure to our south and low pressure to our north will give us a pretty good shot at wind coming from the chilly pacific ocean, 51.4 degrees at last check. so stronger onshore flow, temperatures down tomorrow with a windy afternoon and evening. the ridge moves back and wednesday the heat we lost will be gained right back. temperatures shoot back up to the mid-80s away from the water and mid-70s near the bay. tomorrow will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler. you'll also notice the wind especially in the afternoon and evening. the afternoons through the week will be sunny and dry, good outdoor weather continuing.
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oakland 2 degrees above average, high for you 70, milpitas 74, redwood 73. antioch will hit 80 tomorrow, mill valley 76, san francisco 65, sonoma 78 and clovedale, a little breezy in the afternoon, 78 degrees. extended forecast, we warm back up wednesday and thursday. then we cool right back down friday and next weekend. next weekend will be cloudier. we had sunny and warm weather this weekend, will not be the case next saturday and sunday, cooler, cloudier but still really nice. get it back. someone just stole one of hunter pence's favorite things and tonight the giants star is on a mission to get it back. ,,,,,,,,,, moments of certainty.
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when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr
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he calls the go-ped battery powered scooter one of his prized possessions. it's what he uses to commute to e ball park. bummer for giants star hunter pence. >> one of his prize possessions. he uses it to commute to the ballpark. the scooter was swiped last night from outside epic roadhouse on the embarcardero
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in san francisco while he was having dinner. a number of rewards are being offered. >> i didn't know it was going to become such a big deal, but i feel a lot of love from the city. so it's pretty cool. >> pence is offering an autographed possible head in exchange for the return of his precious scooter. >> i looked at his contract. i did the math. he could buy 450,000 new scooters, but none with the sentimental value. >> this one maybe was lucky. >> lucky? >> yeah, maybe. >> wasn't very lucky. anyway i love the fact he's trying to get it back. a's look for revenge in playoff rematch at the coliseum. >> and they call the horse to big easy, but it was a hard fall. what happened to this cowboy next. right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done.
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teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller. n the the a's scored a total of five runs over the weekend and got swept by toronto. today they hit five home runs in a single game and put 10 runs on the board. baseball, go figure. austin jackson who had his e t the the offense played home run derby. brandon moss gets one past
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austin jackson, had it and this was just the beginning. kyle blanked donaldson, cespedes and derek norris. the a's have 57 home runs, 2nd most in the american league and win 10-0 and snapped the four- game losing streak. >> i started off the day 0-4 hitting these homers and i'm like i'd love to get in on this action and it just happened to work out. it was a great day for us after a tough series in toronto. >> they bounced us out of the playoffs two years in a row now. we had to come out with a strong statement win and we did. former giant nate shierholtz came to san francisco. solo shot in the 3rd tied the game 1-1. here goes the panda in the 4th, two-run shot. since may 18th he's hitting over 405 home runs and is secretly panda. three runs were given up in the
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5th. cubs take the lead on this triple never looking back. ll at staples to and the cubs win 8-4. we're going streaking! playoff streak three 1st pe ...kings >> the will ferrell watched the kings continue their hot playoff streak. kings beat the blackhawks 5-2 to take a 3-1 series lead, a win from going to their second stanley cup final in the last three years. we begin tonight's top five with journalism 101. watch the event you are covering before asking questions. this was nicholas bahut after he lost at the french open. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> i lost. >> you lost? oh, okay. >> are you serious? >> i was told that you won. i'm sorry. >> no. 4, duke went to second straight lacrosse title, empty-net goal
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for jordan wolf. they beat notre dame. no. 3, the heat going to their third straight quarterfinals. he didn't travel again, did he? heat beat the kings. mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys, tim o'connell, down goes frazier diagnosed with concussion and separated shoulder. >> conrad gregor hits his first home run of the year, the man who taught him? his father who -- who caught it? his father who drove five hours to see his first game. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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