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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 26, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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>> it is coming up slowly then, huh? craig: can i have a taste turnover croquembouch? >> absolutely. put one on top if you want to. craig: i want to. let me put something on top. >> no, no, no. go away. here, stuff it inside. you have to put it inside. stuff it inside. we have to teach you everything. not outside. craig: it is inside. it is inside. >> look at that. craig: oh! hugo, come on. geoff! >> hugo, let's fire him. craig: do you want some of this n your croquembouch? yeah! all right. stop that, wolfgang. >> if you would behave, i would
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give you some hamburgers. craig: oh, man, the wolfgang mini burgers. come on! >> i think we're going to give it to the audience. craig: all right. give it to the audience. start with lesbian row. all right. it is delicious. that's our show, everybody! we'll see you tomorrow night. >> good night, everybody. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me?
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to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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started shooting. seve were shot. thfrnlts kpix news. >> tonight this bay area woman was saved by a hair when someone started shooting. >> seven men were shot. the gunmen sprayed bullets all over at about 6:00 tonight. the one woman was just about to go into a store and dove to the ground. listen to how close a bullet came to her head. >> tried to run back in the store. when they did that, i heard the gunshot, and i hit the ground. a bullet went straight through my ponytail. >> right through your hair? >> yeah. >> shootings are significantly down this year. murders are significantly down this year so there is slight progress, but obviously stuff like this shows us we still have
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work to do. >> the victims are in their 20s and 30s. we just learned two are in critical condition. the rest should be okay. so what's behind all of this? police don't know or won't say. the gunman is on the loose. also tonight, andrea talked to a u.s. marine who used himself as a human shield to save a woman at the raiders game, andria. >> well, ken, it all happened just after the raiders game ended. a man stepped in her way to break her fall on to the concrete. the on field drama sunday pailed in comparison to what happened minutes it have a raiders/titans game. a woman threatening to jump. >> i even yelled up there not to do it. >> then in the split second it takes to make a decision, she jumped and fell 50 feet.
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61-year-old vietnam vet donny navidad of stockton tried to catch her and stop her from plum etting to certain death. sgli eem concerned with her. like i said, she's a young lady that's still got a whole lot of life left in her. >> but the force of the petite victim falling simply too much. >> what i tried to do is grab her so she wouldn't bounce. my coworker said she had bounced maybe 6 yards from me. >> covered in bruises most typically seen after a prize fight, donny said he didn't want anyone to see the woman die, and it was marine instincts that kicked in to use his body as a human steeld to break her fall. his wife says while donny doesn't think she's an hero, she does. >> he could have died, and i told him, i said, you know, when you get better, i'm going to slap you. you could have died. >> well, the almeda county sheriff's office says don't know
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why the woman jumped or how she got into that closed-off section. president obama's motorcade rolled in tonight after a rather memorable time in san fran. >> what i'd like to do -- you guys don't need to go. >> an immigration activist heckled the president during a speech in china town. 22-year-old a recent graduate is undocumented. he told our joe vas kez why he confronted the president. joe. >> he says he was brought here from korea at the age of 11 by his mom. now, he insists he didn't plan today's outburst, says he just felt compelled to speak up >> we'll make our country more secure. we'll strengthen our families. most importantly, we will live up -- >> families are separating. >> -- most importantly, we will
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live up -- >> mr. president, i need your help. families are separated. >> i need your help. i cannot celebrate because of my immigration status. i told him, please use your executive authority to halt deportation for all undocumented family members across the country. >> you have the power to stop deportation of all undock nlted members. >> you've heard from people. what did people say? >> it was very overweming powerful response. at the same time some people think i shouldn't have done it because it was very rude and embarrassing. >> so some people think that was rude? >> i don't think it was rude at all. i speak out the truth. >> you interrupted the president. there are people who might say, wait a minute, that's not the right place to do that, not the right way, you're interrupting the president
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>> i don't see it that way. president obama and congress have always ignored our stories. >> now, according to the latest poll, president obama's approval rating plunged to the lowest of his presidency, 37%. the naacp is demanding prosecutors throw the book at the four white students arrested for hate crimes. san hose state students are accused of bolting a u-shached bike lock around their black roommate's neck and scrawling the n word in his dorm room. naacp leaders called for the charges to be up grated from misdemeanors to felonies, and that's not all. >> the suspension of those students must be converted into expulsion the students also marched to do for what they call an uncomfortable climate for blacks. the university's campus has taken full responsibility and
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promised change. . tonight for the first time we are hearing from the wife of a palo alto war veteran being detained in north korea. that is potentially risky interview. if she says the wrong thing, she risks upsetting the north koreans even more. regardless, she and her son spoke with john blackstone. >> said he was having a wonderful time. >> everything was going so well. >> as new maun's wife and son jeff looked through postcards he sent from north korea, his detention looks even more puzzling. by the time the karsd arrived, he was missing. >> there's no history of 85-year-old grandfather getting pulled off a plane and not being permitted to come home. it's just completely unprecedented. >> have you thought about going over there? >> mom is ready to fly to beijing and then paddle boat across. >> i said i would sit in the street. i would do whatever i could do. >> it's just so hard not to run around and do something, but the
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important thing, we think, is to do the right thing, and we're not exactly sure what that is. >> the family has sent medications for his heart condition, but they don't know that he's received them. they have no idea under what conditions he's being held. >> thoo comes into view frequently during my day, that he is alone. >> as a family tradition at thanksgiving, he and his father together prepare the turkey. >> he really needs to be at the head of the table for our holidays. that's what we're hoping. >> john blackstone, pasadena. >> the family has been in touch with the state department regularly over the past month, but they still don't know why newman is being held. california's train is going nowhere fast. a sacramento judge is blocking the sale of bonds needed to build the high speed rail system. the judge also rejected the rail authority's funding plan, put tg project in limbo. all you want to see on the
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ferry. the harbor princess broke down and crashed in san francisco this afternoon. witnesses saw passengers putting on their emergency vests just in case. fortunately no major injuries. it's the you tube video that millions have watched in just one week. >> now, the oakland bay start-up is dealing with more than just internet fame. it may be headed to court. >> the battle between bay area girls and the beasty boys. >> it's the charming you tube video that sells girl power and toys for future engineers. the viral video takes on gender stereotypes. the company is now taking on its first real opponent, which happens to be boys, the beasty boys. oakland-based start-up goldi blocks rewrote the iconic 1986 song girls changing lir ricks about girls doing dishes and laundry to girls building
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spaceships. today in an open letter stating as creative as it is, make no mistake, your video is an advertisement designed to sell a product. when we tried to simply ask how and why our song girls had been used in your ad without our permission, you sued us. >> the complaint states that because its lir ricks poke fun tat original song, it's a parody making it fair use. >> i think it's ultimately unlikely to be considered fair use. >> copyright expert says the court may not rule in goldi blocks favor because the video is an ad. >> say this is something where they could have gotten a license from the copyright owner to use the music and/or to use music with altered l yrics in order to make their point. >> kpix 5. >> the beasty boys letter also states they made a conscious decision not to use their music to sell products. >> we also reached out to goldi
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blocks. the company wasn't available for comment. coming up, the hidden dangers in houses that's killing bay area firefighters. and why some birth control may be useless for a certain kind of woman. buyer beware. how much more you could wind up how much more you could wind up paying if you use hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition.
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getting a chilling glimpse the mind of the gunman.. fr newly released report. almost a year after the sandy hook killing, tonight we're getting a chilling glimpse
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into the mind of the gunman. allen martin takes us into his lair. >> this is adam lanza's bedroom. the windows covered with black trash bags. a closet full of khaki pants. in lanza's computer room, you can see the hard drive has been smashed. there are also newspaper stories from the 1800s about shooting school children. in his mother's bedroom, police found the gun that lanza used to kill her right next to the book train your brain to get happy. lanza killed 20 first graders and 6 adults at sandy hook. this is the window he shot out so he could get inside the locked school. the report also provides new details about lanza's life, including a preoccupation with mass shootings, in particular the columbine shootings. before the shooting, lanza's mother nancy became concerned her son hadn't gone anywhere in three months and would only communicate with her by e-mail. lanza was diagnosed withs a perger's.
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doctors who treated him described him as presenting with significant social impairments and extreme anxiety. those doctors did not see anything that would have predicted his future behavior. allen martin, kpix 5. >> the report from a connecticut state's attorney does not answer the biggest question about the shooting, why. that, we may never know. a new report spells out the dangers firefighters face and it probably isn't what you would expect. if anybody understands those exact dangers, it's a fire station in livermore, and the family of a fireman named paul. firefighters ride into danger every day and a veteran of the livermore fire department knows the risk. flames and smoke are the obvious threats, but another more silent killer, cancer, just took the life of ben's fire fighting partner of 17 years, captain paul.
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>> it's hard to exchange unless you're doing the job. it just puts a bond with all of us over the years. >> while standing an honorary 24-hour watch over paul's body, a lot of thoughts went through ben's mind. >> you go in fires and hopefully nothing happens to you in a fire so now that plus -- plus now it's the cancer. >> cancer is such a known threat to firefighters that in california, it's treated as a workers' comp-related illness. now, that threat is confirmed by a just-released study, the biggest of its kind. >> researchers with the national institute of safety and health looked at the medical records of over 30,000 firefighters over 60 years in new york, chicago and here in san francisco. >> it appears to be substantially-increased risk. >> uc davis professor jay is one of the study's researchers. >> imagine the smoulderring rubble of a building, all the
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different chemicals that are given off. >> synthetic foam stuffing in couches, fire retardants in curtains and up holsly and asbestos in older structures all produce carcinogens when they burn. researchers found high instances of cancers in the respiratory and die jestive systems and brain cancer. fire chief jim miguel says it's been a wake-up call. >> he was a friend to call, a beautiful young family. the organization has had a hard time with this. >> miguel says new preventative practices like air monitoring after a fire is out have made a big difference. >> it's not just about the fire being out now. it's about the products of combustion being eliminated before we take off our masks and breathe. >> his firefighters now wash equipment and gear after every fire, and when an engine gears up to leave the fire house, cancer-causing diesel fumes are exhausted through a hose. for now, though, it's all about captain.
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>> we carry him through livermore. there were probably 40 to 50 emergency vehicles in the procession. we had 2,000 people along the procession route that were there with american flags. it certainly brought us together as a family. >> now, the cancer study is in the second phase. researchers are gathering employment records from three fire departments to piece together more information. meanwhile in livermore, each firefighter has one of these, a medallion to remember captain chingovic. his no. 120 has been retired so no one else will ever have it. the new warning about birth control. how tonight some women who take plan b may need a plan c. it turns out the morning-after pill may not work for women who weigh more than 176 pounds. na is the warning from the french company that makes norvello, a drug that chemically is identical to plan b. the same could be true for contraceptives here in the united states.
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the fda is demanding a south bay company stop selling a do it yourself dna test. the kit from 23 and me allows you to spit into a tube and mail it back so they can check everything from your risk of disease to your ancestry. the fda accuses 23 and me of violating federal law befailing to prove its dna tests are safe and effective. tuesday, wednesday, thursday and then black friday, but tonight sharon chin tells us watch out if you shop online. what you don't know about google searches that can cost you a lot. >> if you do a google search for a product, the top results are showcased in a special panel. it is not inside the yellow advertisement box, but the panel is an ad since companies paid google to get the top spot. >> it's a marketing tool. >> online shopper sarah also didn't know buying showcased panel items can cost you more. matthew ong, senior retail on
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list with finance web site >> i would say not to trust those product panel imajs. they're not necessarily the lowest price. >> in fact, if you bought google's panel products instead of digging deeper into your search results for a cheaper price, you would pay an average 34% more for five out of six items, for example, that would cost 128% more for a plantronics blue tooth headset, 54% more for a brand of oakley brand women's pole arized sunglasses and 27% more for a canon power shot digital camera. instead of relying on the google panels, ong says shoppers could find the same items for less just clicking on google's shopping. google says price isn't the only factor when deciding what the showcase. it also considers things like free shipping and retailer preferences.
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>> amazon also gives merchants preference based on an item's price and availability, but unlike google, they toent require companies to pay for it. by the way, google reached a tentative anti-trust settlement in europe over similar issues. >> really interesting. keep clicking in different spots, huh? >> keep digging. paul, a lot of people coming to town to visit their families for the holiday. there could be changes weather wise. >> we may have some rain while you're out finishing up that meal on turkey day. going to get wetter around here for some of you. right now, we are seeing partly cloudy skies. live look outside san jose where you were very hazy today. poor air quality. going to do that again tomorrow. have a low in the mid 40s in san jose tonight. your air quality moderate in the santa clara valley, the worst air quality tomorrow, which will be a spare the air day, will be in the north bay, close to those fires burning, high pressure sitting over the top of us, kind of like putting a lid over the atmosphere. watch out in the north bay.
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everybody with moderate at best air quality tomorrow. when you wake up tomorrow morning chilly. 39 for napa. fair neld 41, concord 42 and san jose 41. take you to san jose. sunny and hazy tomorrow just like today. high and about 66 degrees. clouds moving in late for your big travel day on wednesday with a high of 67. big difference between the west coast and east coast. we've got the high pressure ridge. this was our storm last week, gave us an inch and a half of rain fall. now, it's going to give more than that all the way up the eastern sea board right in time for big travel day on wednesday. there could be snow as far south as atlanta, georgia coming up wednesday and also on thanksgiving. big mess for them but for us big ridge of high pressure keepg us dry through wednesday. here come it is low pressure area. this one is not going to scoop out of the north. going to pass by to our south. down toward gilroy, morgan hill, you have the best chance of rain. santa rosa, you have the best chance of staying dry. the farther south you go, the better chance you'll get showers
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coming up on thanksgiving. cloudier skies for you on wednesday and that shower chance does move in on thursday. mid 60s for you tomorrow. livermore 66. san jose in the mid 60s. sunny vail 65. union city sunny, hazy, 64 degrees. 64 in the city. mill valley 64. cloverdale your tuesday high 65 degrees. we're cloudier on wednesday, but we stay drier if you're traveling. thursday for your eeth, a little soggy outside, especially south. sunshine is back for shopping on friday, and the weekend looks really nice. mid to upper 60s. little bit wet, not much. little bit on thanksgiving. >> just thinking about those people last night in new england, the football game. >> cold. >> and we talk about it not being that warm. >> yeah. >> the problems we have. >> yeah. they've been married longer once upon a time, an insurance clerk stumbled upon a cottage. [knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies.
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the first had lots of coverage. the second, only a little. but the third was... just right! bear: hi! yeah, we love visitors. that's why we moved to a secluded house in the middle of the wilderness. just the right coverage at just the right price.
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"john and ann betar" tied t knot 81 years ago today. t'e a milestone anniversary for a new york couple. >> john and ann batar tied the knot 81 years ago today. they are now the long egs-married couple in america. >> what's their secret?
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>> just contented. be contented with what you have, what you're doing. >> if you think a little bit about what you're doing, and if it's wrong and trys to straighten it out, you straighten it out. >> yeah. lucky he's got her to straighten him out. they eloped back in 1932 to avoid her naur's plan to marry her off to someone else. john is now 102. ann is 98. they raised five kids and have 14 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren. >> they look great. i love the way she looks at him, though. >> yeah, let him talk, and then i'll tell you the way it really is. you get that feeling at home at all ever? >> never. never, ken. please. we're going to cec for ratings plum etted faster than
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yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. cardinals holding onto the h believe it or not, the 49ers came into tonight's game outside of the nfc playoff picture with the cardinals holding ton ot 6th and final playoff spot. colin capper nishg leading the team's worst passing attack. redskins ranked 10th in that department, but it was kaepernick who looked more polished. rg3 made kaepernick look like joe man tan na. pressured by brooks, he threw a
2:08 am
terrible pass easily picked off by witner. field goal made it 10-0. third quarter, kaepernick pulled in for a gain of 32. skinny ver none davis along the sidelines for 21. he can't find anybody open on the left side of the field, bias time, fires a bullet for the touchdown to make it 17-6 san francisco. he was 15 passes completed for 235 yards in his 3rd touchdown to vernon davis, which made it a blowout 24-6 in the 3rd. it was 27-6 in the 4th and the defense put their stamp on the game. smith with the second of two sacks of the game. 49ers are 7 and 4 and back in the playoff picture. let's go to vern glenn in dc. >> all right. did you know the last time anquan bolden had two touchdowns in a game, december of last year in fedex field. he and offensive attack and a suffering defense was enough to get it done tonight. >> we played football tonight,
2:09 am
but we definitely didn't play our best game. >> you can see the excitement in kaepernick's eyes. >> he's been taking a lot of criticism. >> i don't listen to it. i don't read it. i don't want sports center. i'm worried about winning games. >> one thing i like about colin is he's always hanging in there. i don't know if i've ever seen anyone as tough as colin, you know, not just talking about the weight room. >> some people have baby deer skin, some people have armadillo skin. he's got the armadillo skin. >> all that tonight just to stay toe to toe with arizona? yeah. 7 and 4 in the west. at fedex field in washington, vern glenn, kpix 5. the freezing frinld temperatures of the nation's capitol to hawaii. the bears in the tipoff. the maui invitational. on the brakes. richard solomon beat arkansas 85-77. they remain unbeaten. they'll face 8th-ranked syracuse tomorrow. san francisco 49ers
2:10 am
victorous climbing back into that playoff position. >> i don't want to pour cold water on that, but they played the redskins. >> you're right. and they were set up to allow the 49ers to pass through. more on >> relax. i,,,,,,


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