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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 12, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [meow] craig: now, before we go, i just want to say that cbs and all of us affiliated companies in no way endorse the nailing of my body part to any piece of anything. no matter how heartfelt your opinions, it's always best to debate rather than -- although sometimes, you know -- geoff: yeah. craig: sometimes actions speak louder than words that's all i'm saying. i think we should get out of
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here. say good night. [cheers and applause] captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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super typhoon that shatteree philippines. (new1) he almost got blown away. tonight we take you inside the super typhoon that shattered the philippines. first, joe vazquez that has latest pictures from the waf math. joe. >> take a look at this. this is google earth map. this is a picture before the storm. look at this. the after picture, one of the regions hit hardest. nearly every building gone. >> families shattered, entire communities are no more. >> every building is either significantly damaged or destroyed. >> it's 15 to 25-not wave came
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across intir villages and so everything is wiped out. >> even in a region, midsection of philippines that has been hammered by natural disasters in recent years, this storm went above and beyond expectation. >> we don't need. we just need your help. >> loaded corpses lined the streets and sidewalks. the stafrnl of death is everywhere. in the town, a 20-foot wave from the storm surge inflicted this remarkable damage. boats are tossed ashore. buildings are out to sea. some survivors have resorted to looting. many are at risk of disease. >> we are not sure that it is clean and safe. we still drink for it because we need to survive. >> thousands are still missing. some areas are still inaccessible four days after the storm hit. here in the bay area, donations are slowly comeing in. an 89-year-old world war ii
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veteran tells kpix 5 this is the worst he's ever seen. >> so, please, donate, help our country. help our country. >> the military help is now on the way. the uss george washington to the philippines. the aircraft carrier has 5,000 sailors and more than 80 aircraft on board. marines from bringing food, water and generators. united states pledged $20 million in aid. so far the death toll surpassed 1700. some officials are saying we could hit 10,000 people dead before it's all over. >> cb report er was in the town when it hit. >> typhoon haiyan released its full furry. winds up to 190 miles an hour
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blew the rooftops off. debris was flying in all directions. the ocean rose several feet in just a few minutes. huge waves crashes into our hotel. every rushed to the second floor. >> been holed up in this hotel room about 40 minutes now. we were in another hotel room, but that has been completely ripped off so we're here in this hotel room hoping nothing bad happens to us. >> the rain didn't stop for hours, then the ceiling in the room kaefed in, and we had to change rooms again. for three hours, we didn't know if we would survive, but nothing prepared us for what we saw when the storm finally moved on. the devastation was complete. >> here's the satellite view of the typhoon as it approached the philippines. if a storm of that size hit the west coast, this is what you would get. a storm stretching from seattle
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clear down to san dieg o. kpix 5 is partnering to raise money for typhoon vimsz, and we'll have a phone bank thursday until 7:00 p.m.. our side couldn't be more different. we have no rain, no wind. >> it kind of feels like it's summer because we have zero rain fall. nothing to speak of. finally tonight, little bit on the radar. less than 4 inches, we should be close to 17. that is a 13 will have inch rain fall deficit. santa rosa 19 inches below normal for calendar year san jose. you're also nearly a foot below normal. look at all that rain fall. that's the stuff we need. here's the problem. it's heading to the north, not coming here. leaving sonoma valley heading toward napa valley. that's it on the radar currently. we'll talk about whoa gets the
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rain tonight, who doesn't and what happens after that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. paul, thank you. we often show you buildings on fire. tonight christin ayers takes us inside one burning home to see how a simple staircase made a firefighter's job that much harder. >> a gas leak ignited by land used for a pot grow, a firefighter's helmet camera captured everything. >> hey, i want it right here. >> flames were shooting out of three windows of this house in san leandro when firefighters arrived. they point a hose inside cooling the fire, but as the flames die down, inside it's an entirely different story. the house is build on a hill with two floors underground. firefighters descend the steps into an opaque nightmare. this is where things get even more danger, smoke so thick the firefighters can hardly see, the stairway acting as a chimney.
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they unleer more and knock out windows. when the smoke cleers, the home looks to be a loss, but the man who lives here is alive with only minor burns. two of his dogs died in the fire. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> tonight the fire that byrned for hours yesterday in redwood city is finally out. you may have smeld it. soot and other particles could linger in the air for another few days. air quality was nearly off the charts. a reading of 35 is the beginning of bad air. at 6:00 p.m. yesterday, that reading reached 114, a level unhealthy to just about everyone. >> it was a very strong scent. it smelled like burning plastic. >> bet you some good news tonight. grand opening of tunnel is set
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for this weekend. all this week emergency crews are practicing disaster drills in the new tunnel. this is what the oakland side looked like today. flashing lights on emergency vehicles testing the new life-shaving systems. >> this is a big, big improvement saefty wise. >> crews will also practice other scenarios including handling car accidents as well as testing things like emergency radios. traffic could be flowing by saturday if rain doesn't delay the lain striping. >> tonight not too far from the contra costa side, andrea shows us in the middle of rush hour. >> take a look behind me, liz. see those crosses? they vastly outnumber the people here for oo veteran's day memorial but that small crowd want today make sure their voices and respect for those
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who've fallen and survived are heard. >> for the commuters on highway 24, the cross is visible from the road are a daly far-off reminder of the cost of a decade of war. from a distance, the crosses overlatch and intercept until they become a solid wall of light. >> the professional soldier has always carried with it one very basic premise. that is to do your job. >> but on veteran's day, a closer look reveals names, sometimes faces of those lost in iraq and afghanistan. >> what i felt tonight was the same thing that i felt and i feel when i go to the wall. it's just -- it's solemn, and it's sad and it hurts. >> in the cold shadow of a bart station, the thousands of hillside crosses are a reminder of the fallen veterans of war, and looking in the crowd, the realization veterans don't
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always come home in flag-draped coffins but are no less broken. >> they served our country, and military has to understand that they need help and they've got to do a better job with all of this >> and with music, hymns and poems, the gratitude of those who have gathered in this spot every veteran's and memorial day since 2006 could be felt. >> it never goes away >> now, the crosses on this hillside, though they have been here since 2006, are, in fact, temporary. there are plans to hopefully build a more permanent structure much like the wall in washington dc here. in lafayette, andrea, kpix 5. >> one of the standout moments at veteran's day ceremonies was in virginia. it was president obama's tribute to the oldest known living world war ii veteran. >> richard overton, this american veteran, is 107 years old, and we are honored that he's here with us today.
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let's ask richard to stand again because he can stand. >> earlier the president and vice president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. an early warning system that could save kids' lives during a school shooting. we'll show you the little gizmo
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i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. out exactly where on campus iet do walks us afrjs bay area xhaen has come up with gnaw system protect kids at school. it helps police find out exactly where on campus a gunman is. kiet do walks us through how it works. >> at first it looks like something out of an scifi movie. pinpointed on a map in realtime showing a gunman shooting his way into a building. shot spotter gave us a demo of their outdoor technology adapted for indoor mass shootings. it gives much more accurate
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information than terrified callers hiding under a desk talking to 911 dispatchers. >> it's going to be someone over here. they're going to say shots fired and say where >> it took victims at sandy hook elementary six minutes to call police. this new system called site secure claims to take a fraction of the time. microphones and pressure sensors inside rooms the location. a technician verifies the alert and notifies police all within 30 to 45 seconds. >> these are very brave individuals. we want them to have as much information as possible to save lives of others and frankly not put themselves in harm's way. >> the company is in talks with schools, including oakland school for the arts for beta testing. shot spotter says the system only records gunfire and nothing else, but the aclu fears microphones could violate student privacy. >> the abuses that might occur at the hands of different law enforcement agencies is a huge concern and the people who suffer the most from these
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abuses often tend to be people of color. >> with 17 mass shootings in the past decade, this new technology is a sign of the times, technology that might be good to have but hope you never have to use. in newark, kiet do, kpix 5. >> it would cost about a billion dollars to equip all the schools in oakland unified. two top naval offices are the latest to be implicated in a scandal connected to prostitutes and concert tickets. while the two haven't been charged, investigators say they accepted bribes from a fuel contractor in exchange for steering navy ships to ports the company operated. since this has come to light, both no longer have to classified materials. >> we're deeply concerned about this. we have indications several naval offices and even some civilian employees have been taking briebs and inappropriate gifts. >> three navy officials already under arrest are accused of seching large sums of cash as
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well as prostitutes and all-expense paid trips. new numbers tonight suggest number of people signing up for obama care is much lower than expected. the wall street journal reports that as of last week, fewer than 55050,000 people had enrolled. you got milk? well, for more and more kids, the sans no. milk consumption has dropped an astounding 25%. the dairy industry has a plan to turn that around, but juli ex-tte goodrich tells us some milk would never be the same. >> good old fashioned milk is in a food fight with sugarly soda, sports drinks and bottled water. the desired target, >> i like oreos with it. >> kids. in a petition filed with the
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fda, the plan would change the very definition of what milk is in order to milk sales. >> the dairy industry is simply interested in selling more product. that's all they're interested in. thecht to sell more milk. >> the change would allow dairy producers to add artificial sweeteners to flavored milk without having to clearly say so on the front. a bottle of local ree chocolate milk would look just like a bottle of regular chocolate milk. the only difference? >> the print is so small. >> the fine print on the back where the ingredients are listed, but that's not how most of us shop. >> the front of the label is really what helps consumers make decisions quickly. >> sonia speaks on behalf of the academy of nutrition. the academy is urging the fda to te nigh the petition. >> because there is substantial evidence that the ration nail for hiding in the back is actually a good one.
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>> it's just kids hate labels and the proposed chains will help kids cut down on unwanted calories and fight childhood obesity. >> right now, sweetened milk is not a good source of sugar anyway. i just object to the idea that everything for kids has to be sweet. >> professor is an expert in public health and nutrition. she says sweetened milk is a bad idea that kids need to explore other tastes. >> so they don't feel like every single thing they eat has to be sweet. milk doesn't have to be sweet. >> and while the fda says artificial sweeteners are safe, there's still uncertainty about its long-term use on the health and development of children. >> there really is a lack of data. >> as for these kids, their moms are clear. they toent want any murky milk. >> anything that has an artificial element should be labeled clearly on the front so parents can know what they're feeding their children. >> kpix 5.
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>> if the fda grants the petition, artificial sweeteners will not be put in unflavored milk, but the changes would apply to 17 additional dairy products including yogu rxt, whipping cream, sour cream and eggnog. a special surprise for an elementary school student on her tenth birthday. we'll give you a little hint. it's way better than a present. >> riley thinks she's being interviewed about a letter she wrote to the president. >> can you please call your boss and tell him or her to please let her off so she can come home for my birthday on monday. >> her mother is a senior airman for the u.s. air force and has been deployed in korea for nine montds. rye lee's grandmother could tell the distance was painful. >> she was pretty sad, and after her mom talked to her and said she couldn't come home, she told me, "i want to write a letter to the president." and i was, "okay. we can do that." >> because i miss and love her
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very very very much u and if she can't come, i would be very very very sad. love riley, grade 4. >> when asked why she wrote the letter, riley said >> because i want my mom to come home for my birthday, and i haven't seen her since february. i miss her. >> at that moment, riley's mom walks into the school. >> everyone says it's -- they don't know how that we do it. i think of families that sacrifice more, they're the ones that have to. you try not to think about it too much so when my mom told me that i wanted to make it big then for her. it had to be -- it had to be something big. >> amazing. hard not to get choked up watching that. well, riley never actually sent her letter to the president. when their grandmother told thinker mom about it, riley's mom decided she had to do everything she could to come home, and she did.
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>> yay! good story. >> yeah, good stuff. >> love seeing that. >> thank you for your service, as well. we have changes coming. >> rain? >> it looks so promising. let me show you the pictures. look at your television screen. look at all that rain coming our way. well, it's a lot of rain fall, but it's not coming our way. the jet stream is pointed in the wrong direction for us. look at all that rain fall, but you see everything lyfting from south to north. 99% of that will not make it to the bay area. very close call. you isle get a few sprinkles in the north bay, already are seeing a few light showers leaving napa valley heading up to the north and east into sacramento valley, but most of the rain fall will be a miss. your microclimate forecast, slight chance of shower for you in san rafael tomorrow morning. high of 70, then here comings mainly sunny skies once again on wednesday with a high of 72. there's nothing wrong with sunshine. we love sunshine. it's california. we need a little balance. now, this particular satellite image, look at that big counter
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clock wise swirl west of portland, big storm, lots of moisture. the storms are there, just not moving down here. even when it's not in the perfect spot to deflect stuff, it's still giving us infruns because it's down to south and east. that is reason the storm track is pointed twars the north and all that rain is lifted away from us. bottom line, north bay, a few showers, otherwise, i think it's going to be near miss. it'll be cloudy. it'll look like rain. for many of us, that jet stream energy will stay just to the north. then high pressure moves back exactly where it has been for the past month taking the storm track, sending it back up to the north. it'll be sunny and try for several days starting wednesday. for tomorrow, look at the rain fall totals as predicted by our computer not saying much at all. the rain fall will likely stay in the north bay. so what to expect? the best chance for showers, that window of opportunity is early tomorrow, maybe a wet commute for you in the north bay then try weather returns on
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wednesday. highs tomorrow, livermore 73, san jose 70. south bay you'll miss the rain. palo alto 68. fremont 67 with a little bit of afternoon sunshine. 72 in danville. fairfield 73. 64 in the city tomorrow. a few showers around petaluma tomorrow morning. high of 70 greece. here is your extended forecast. sunshine back on wednesday. the weekend looks nice. highs in the 70s away from the water. right around 70 near the bay. right around 70 near the bay. ti hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. here's how hackers have foupd a way to use your phone against you to steal your pin. >> here's how it works. many phones vibrate when you enter your pin number. the pib skimmer program uses the phone's microphone to detect those tiny vibrations, then using images recorded by the phone's camera, the program can deduce what part of the screen you're touching or what number you are typing. google just applied for a patent for the google tattoo. it acts the same way a blue tooth does with your cell phone except the tattoo is really a
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sticky substance on your neck that transmits your voice. now, according to some bloggers, the google tattoo could be used lie detecter measuring the sound waves coming out of your throat. google is not commenting. >> it wasn't actually the tattoo. that was a piece of scotch tach on mike sugarman's neck, but close enough. >> i think you know where we were going. >> yes, in fact, i do. >> i'm going to try that tomorrow, in fact. the stanford basketball team did something for the first time since 1975. since 1975. i'm,, aaah! aaaaah! theres a guy on the window! do something, dad! aaaah! aaaah!
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their latest chance to unse th the stanford and uconn women have become one of basketball's best rivalries. tonight the cardinal has their latest chance to unseat the top-ranked huskies. . not a great night who according to teammates seems fine after the game. today 16 points, 13 boards. her teammate scored a career high 27, but shot just 35%. uconn wins show down by 19. david shaw hopes to give the stanford basketball team a few defensive pointers. tylerr haas haz had game high 21. the cow gars hit 8 of 15. you know who that ronald reagan. this is the first time since reagan was in the oval office
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1678912-103. the carolina panthers not only hurt the 49ers on the score board yesterday. they also hurt them in the trainer's room. yeah. radon ald left with an ankle injury. vernon davis and safety eric reid both suffered concussions. reid's injuries appeared severe. he lay on the field for several minutes. it was reid's second official concussion of the season, and at least one teammate suggested health over football. >> you know, i pray that he'll be okay, but also, you know, i pray that, you know, he does the right thing and take the kind of time you need. you know, i think it's his second time, you know, going down like that and so, you know, tat end of the day, it's about your health. steven ross hoping in the wake of bully scandal. they had the lead against tampa in the fourth but then there goes bobby rainey to give the bucks the lead, and they win their first game 22-19 the
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final. coach was saying you guys are usually up at midnight anyway, just not playing basketball? >> i don't know about me. i'm getting old. i'm about to be 22 in month. i'm asleechlt 22. the midnight starts wreaking havoc in wichita tonight, too. no. 3, the skies the limit for this bowler, trooes for the ceiling tiles. and no. 2, the bucks reach into the bag of tricks tonight and pull down a touchdown pass for the tackle. scores, and he dunks it at the goal post. no. 1, the globe trotters in honduras hangs on the rim too long and back board falls town and slapss underneath him. he escaped with a cut above the eye. watch the rest of the game from
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