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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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included of uncertainty and unease from our businesses and from the american people. >> the president will sign the agreement right after the house approves it and cbs news reports that there are enough republican and democrats in the house to will vote to approve it. that's expected to happen a short time from now. >> so if they get this deal signed tonight, how long will it take things to get back to normal around here? in some cases, by the time you wake up in the morning. >> yes, they did! w ah! >> the first tour leaves at 9107 tomorrow. >> reporter: news of a deal in washington spread fast on san francisco's embarcadero today. >> that's right. we did just re-open for selling tickets. >> reporter: and while they may get as little as 8 hours of official notice, the folks who run alcatraz tours are ready to go. >> we're ready tomorrow morning at 0:600 when we take the first utility run out to the island and 8:20 when we deliver the
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first crew and 9:10 the first passengers. >> reporter: the same goes for other park facilities like muir woods. if a deal is signed tonight, expect the gates to open tomorrow. >> i think you'll find this park management is extremely nimble, maybe a little farther from washington so maybe a little less impacted by some of the red tape but even though there's a furlough in their row they have been putting their time in and answering emails and voicemails so taxpayers are getting their money's worth here. >> reporter: for for those of us who call the bay area home it means a once in a goverment shutdown opportunity. >> to do a public service announcement for locals who live in the area that maybe think alcatraz is too crowded or there's too many visitors this is a great opportunity obviously with no backlog because we have been shut down. any port within the golden gate parks i would say within the next few days is the opportunity to enjoy them without less crowds. >> last check, some of the tours that can sell out weeks
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in advance are now just 40% booked. given the past couple of weeks, you have been hard pressed to find anyone who thinks our government is actually working. unless as ann notarangelo found out, you talk to people in government who are working. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: a typical day at state senator sonnier's district office is spent answering calls. this staff dominated by 20 somethings believes in customer service. >> being able to just like put some stability back in someone's life is certainly a good feeling. >> reporter: and with foreclosures and people not getting their unemployment checks, is one of the range of issues from disabillity to the dmv, these district staffers here from people who are at their lowest. >> they are quite desperate to be frank. they have got rents to pay. they have groceries to buy and they have to feed their families. they have nowhere to turn. >> reporter: they don't believe
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government works just takes place at the capital. it happens here in an office building in walnut creek. in fact, it's probably a good idea to get as far away as you can from washington in sacramento. >> when i get depressed in sacramento, which is often, this is where i get inspired. this country needs more people like you who really make the people feel like you care about their problems. thank you. >> reporter: each phone call that comes in has a case file and these staffers are expected to resolve the issue or explain why they couldn't. >> you get results because uv the contacts to call people. >> reporter: they know what many of us think. government has forgotten the part about we the people. they haven't. in part because unlike washington politicians, these staffers come face to face with their constituents. so where is your accountability? >> these people contacting us are showing up at events that the senator is putting on and going up and telling him, hey, you know, i had this experience with your office. >> reporter: four weeks now, we have highlighted government inaction while quietly local
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government has been taking care of real life problems. >> you can't just kind of brush it off. it's your future. it's your generation that's going to make the most change. >> reporter: the simple solution? we need these people in washington. but not now because they are needed right here. in walnut creek, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. the bay area's job market is at a five-year high. in fact, according to some analysts, we recovered nearly all the jobs lost during the recession. over a 12-month period ending in august, the bay area gained 62,000 jobs most of those in santa clara county. in 2015, payroll jobs are expected to increase 3.3%. the tech sector is a big driving force behind those numbers. but despite the optimistic outlook, experts warn we'll see challenges from a shortage of skilled workers to not enough affordable housing. san jose's mayor and four other california mayors have filed papers to place a pension
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reform measure on the 2014 ballot. it would allow governments to negotiate changes in future pension benefits for current and future employees. opponents say it breaks a promise to public employees. reed says it's intended to help cities with skyrocketing retirement costs. the ac transit is on hold for now and buses will run tomorrow. governor brown intervened appointing a panel to investigate the strike threat. the board has 7 days to report its findings to the governor. ac transit can't strike during that time. governor brown will then make the call whether to issue a 60- day cooling-off period. both sides are done negotiating for the night. as for bart, both sides are still talking tonight. but so far no deal and no strike announcement. that's good news. kpix 5's phil matier tells us riders won't have to stay up all night waiting for the strike announcement tonight, will they, phil? >> reporter: no, they won't because both sides of the talks agree on one thing: riders are
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not happy. here's the story. >> urban myth is that our contract is held up in union halls across the country as the gold standard. >> reporter: and indeed a close look at both the current and the proposed bart contracts reveal some interesting benefits. for example, under the current contract, bart workers pay $92 a month for family healthcare coverage. bart wants to raise that to $132 a month with a 3% increase per year. but if workers decide not to take the bart plan and instead go on their spouse's or partner's plan, bart still gives you $100 and that would go up to $350 a month under bart's offer. then there are the paid holidays and sick time buy- backs. bart workers' birthdays are paid holidays one of 13 they get each year plus their vacation. they also get 12 sick days a year. if you don't get sick, you can bank up to 250 unused sick days roughly 50 weeks' worth and cash them out when you leigh. there are also a slew of smaller items like free parking
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for station agents and $125 a year to clean and maintain their uniforms. free prescription safety glasses, even a paid half hour to go out and buy the glasses. there's also a provision that allows maintenance workers to choose where they will work on a given day based on their seniority. still, the two sides remain at odds over both pay and benefits. >> the last few days we have been trying to grind it out. >> reporter: one thing both sides agree on is that the public has had enough of the drama. >> bart's phones are ringing off the hook. our emails submission forms are flooded with concerned riders and concerned people from the bay area frustrated that we cannot tell them before midnight at a reasonable hour if the trains are going to be running tomorrow. >> we are equally getting the same calls. we guarantee you a much earlier announcement today because of that --because of that concern. no later than 10:00. >> reporter: the union rep came out and added this to the story a couple of minutes ago. >> with regard to our uniforms and another issue that came up
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on the news earlier this afternoon, we do not get a $100 allowance to do cleaning. once again, this speaks to the district's bargaining in the press giving misinformation and mischaracterization and it's very disconcerting. we are trying to get a contract resolved. >> reporter: and you can check out that contract. the current one at if you want to take a look it. ken? >> so much of this is the public perception and after so many weeks these benefits, we don't begrudge the bart employees, they are good union people, they get what they deserve to do their jobs, but when you see the gold standard, it's hard -- the guy sitting on bart is making sometimes some cases half of what the guy driving the train is making. >> reporter: it's all part of the drama we're going through and that's one of the reasons why we haven't seen a strike this time. but hopefully we will see a deal. >> let's hope so. phil matier reporting live from
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oakland, thank you, phil. we'll be monitoring the bart negotiations throughout the night updates right here and on other bay area headlines, a plane headed from san jose to honolulu was forced to make an emergency landing at the oakland airport this morning. the alaska airlines pilots thought they hit a bird after they took off from mineta. so as a precaution, they landed in oakland. an inspection showed and engine was damaged. passengers were loaded on another plane and tonight they are in honolulu. pg&e crews spent a good part of the day fixing a gas leak in san bruno. it happened about 9:15 this morning. a crew in the area of san felipe damaged a pipe causing a leak. the line was capped around noon. no evacuations were ordered. many customers were stuck without service for hours. some people in pleasant hill woke up to a massive fire and explosion early this morning. contra costa county fire officials say a house fire started in the garage and spread to cars in the driveway. they say it was caused by oily
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rags along the outside of the home that then spontaneously come bused. no one was hurt. new report cites disturbing trends in california prison investigations. the report by the state inspector-general says it is taking too long to complete investigations into allegations of wrongdoing by prison employees and the investigations are not as thorough as they were before a federal judge stopped supervising the prisons two years ago. that report comes as the governor is trying to persuade federal judges that california prisons have improved to the point that they no longer need court oversight. a panel is forming to study what would happen if pot was legalized here in california. chairing the panel is lieutenant governor gavin newsom. the focus will be to study legal and policy issues related to regulating and taxing marijuana. the aclu is expected to release details tomorrow including poll results showing growing support among voters to legalize marijuana. coming up, how a bay area
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community is rallying for the recovery of a beloved mail carrier suddenly hospitalized and in a coma. >> it's one giant leap for the tech giant. how the bay area is a step closer to seeing a huge campus that looks like a spaceship. spectacular sunset alert. we have some mid-level clouds moving through that should really add some character to the sky when the sun goes down about 30 minutes. weekend is not going to be as warm as what we had today. find out how much cooler we' going to get coming up. >> it's a damn good chance it could be canceled. >> why it could be the end of a bay area tradition around for almost a century. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is now at prison boot camp. today 25-year- old justin ixeira started s a uc-berkeley law school graduate who beheaded an exotic bird in las vegas is now at a prison boot camp.
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today, 25-year-old justin teixeira started serving a six- month sentence for killing a helmeted guinea fowl while drunk at the flamingo hotel a year ago. two other students caught on surveillance video chasing the bird around with teixeira entered pleas to misdemeanor charges. a beloved mail carrier who gave service for a smile with 20 years is clinging to life in the hospital almost a month after being rear-ended in san francisco's western addition neighborhood. don ford reports. >> reporter: she was rear-ended by a driver going nearly 80 miles an hour last month. it injured her daughter, killed her son, and has left tina in critical condition ever since. tina works here as a mail carrier at the sausalito post office. >> her case, her satchel, that's where she left it. >> reporter: tina's workstation kept clean by her fellow postal carriers keeping it ready for
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when she returns trying to keep their emotions contained. dorothy mccall says everyone here is family. >> i have known her since i have worked here for 15 years. and we're all really upset about what happened to her. and i'm going to cry when i think of her. >> she's loved by all and especially too by her customers. she has been on her route for several years and we get phone calls literally every day. >> reporter: not just phone calls, the woman who usually delivers the mail now is getting the mail. get well cards are piling up at the sausalito office. on her route, folks have placed yellow ribbons on their mailboxes. seems everyone knows tina chew. >> she was a great friend of ours. she would stop and talk to us. she knew our kids. we exchanged christmas presents. >> just warm and funny and knew everybody's name, very low key, very mellow. always happy. >> reporter: in this day and age, the personal touch means a
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lot to this neighborhood. miss chew's condition is still critical. but this entire neighborhood is pulling for her swift recovery. in sausalito, don ford, kpix 5. >> the d.a. has yet to file charges against the driver, who rear-ended chew. apple's new spaceship-like headquarters gets the green light for liftoff in cupertino. the city council voted unanimously last night to allow the circular shaped building near interstate 280. the design may look out of this world, but apple says it's completely green. they are using solar and fuel cells to generate 70% of its power. >> we're going to build the best office building ever built in the world a place for the best team in the industry to innovate for decade to come. >> apple says it hopes to start demolishing existing buildings on the site by the end of the year to make way for the 2.8 million-square-foot campus. in mountain view construction crews broke ground for a samsung electronics new
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research and development center. the new site near highway 101 and ellis street will house 385,000 square feet of office space. the environmentally-friendly friendly project is expected to be ready by december 2014. >> a lot going on out there. >> man. >> nice weather, too, to be working all this construction. >> i have a question for you guys. >> yes. >> what do van halen, in excess, and milli vanilli have to do with this forecast? >> oh. >> it's rocking? >> think about it. >> and what decade? >> 80s! >> the '80s! let's get to it. rock out to your favorite '80s band. look at these highs from today. everybody in the 80s including san francisco. 80 degrees, san rafael 81. san jose 82. oakland you're one of the warmer spots today 83 degrees. liz is still rocking out right now. redwood city 84. and livermore 85 degrees. welcome back to the 80s. we're leaving you. going to the 70s and we'll talk about bellbottoms tomorrow.
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kpix 5 high-def doppler radar is dry. coming up up dry the right now. so far this year, in san francisco, through today, we have had less than 4" of rain. we are chasing a record of the driest year ever which did happen back in 1976. through october 16th that year, we had 5.5" of rainfall. so right now, we are more than 1.5" drier than the pace set by the driest year in san francisco history. this is territory that we have never been in, in san francisco, it has been that dry since the top of the year. a little bit of cloud cover moving through. you can see right here follow it back up with some rain and snow in montana all the way down into the bay area. the clouds outside right now working from north to south. the tail end of that, will we see rainfall? absolutely not. but what it indicates is a return to a light onshore flow. so it won't be as warm tomorrow. light flow coming in from the pacific out of the northwest dropping our temperatures down about 3 to 5 degrees but it's all about this h. this huge ridge of high pressure is not moving and as long as it doesn't move we're not going to have a storm system within 500
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miles of here. so we will stay dry and sunny for a while. now, in the city today, you hit 80. tomorrow, 71. still above average but 9 degrees cooler because of that onshore flow. concord will hit 81. san jose 79. so it's cooler but it's still really nice outside. oakland 76. napa you'll hit 80. mountain view tomorrow sunshine, 79 degrees. more sunshine friday. will we keep it over the weekend? yes. it will be sunny saturday and sunday. a little cooler upper 70s inland no 70s near the bay and next week i'm looking for change. i'm looking for any reason to change this forecast from sunny and mild and i'm coming up blank. >> that's okay. >> there's about 3 or 4 different computer models saying nothing changing likely until halloween. >> wow. >> i don't hear a lot of complaining. >> no. because, you know, december is cooler. december we'll get the rainfall we hope. right now, sunshine. >> just embrace it. still ahead, why a bay area tradition that honors our veterans and active duty military could be canceled for the first time in nearly 100
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years. >> we need to give a little bit of leeway to people and give them a helping hand. >> in tonight's jefferson awards, how a bay area woman gave up her own retirement to help mental health patients. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san jose's vets parade. a veterans gay tradition in the bay area may be falling by the wayside. this could be the last year for a san jose vets parade. len ramirez tells us funding and interest are dwindling. len. >> reporter: that's right. one of the reasons why the vietnam war memorial was placed where it is, is that it's right here on the parade route when the veterans come marching down santa clara street next month, they might glance over and be reminded of the ultimate sacrifice that was paid by others. but this year could be the final salute. it was only a year after the first world war that veterans began proudly marching through downtown san jose and they have been doing it on veterans day without missing a beat ever since. >> 1919, when it first happened in washington, d.c. and then right away, we jumped into it.
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>> reporter: as president of the veterans council of santa clara county, ernie has organized san jose's veterans days parade for more than 40 years but this might be the city's last. >> it's a good chance it could be canceled. >> reporter: he says escalating police security costs and lack of interest from younger vets and the public at large are the reasons why. >> police department runs anywhere from $13,000 to $14,000. and it runs us close to $100,000 a year. so what i want to try to do, being an 88 years old, the younger generation aren't interested in parades. >> reporter: glave says the city used to support the parade financially but due to tight budgets not anymore so he is launching a save the parade effort and hopes to raise half a million dollars to keep it going for at least five more years. >> if they want to cancel anything, why don't they cancel afghanistan, iraq?
6:24 pm
>> reporter: word that the parade might be canceled was met with disappointment at this veterans housing facility in san jose. >> we're honorable in that we need to stand up, you know, and represent. >> it's very disturbing to me because of course i have been participating in the parades every year for years. >> reporter: this air force vet noticed the declining interest and growing detachment from the military.he says it's a shame if the people forget the sacrifices of veterans and their families. >> seems like we have good participation but people don't come out and watch the parade so much anymore. so fewer and fewer people every year. >> reporter: this year's parade will go off as planned on november 11th. but after that, it's up in the air as to whether or not the veterans council can raise that $500,000 to keep the parade going to celebrate its 100th anniversary in five years. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> you can send a lot of stuff through email. now you can send money via email to anyone you want for
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free. it's a new service provided by san francisco-based square. here's how it works. you put the amount of money in the subject line of your email and cc the address that's it. the money should arrive in a day or two. you don't even need a square account to do this. but you do need to provide your debit card information. it's an attempt by square to branch out from its credit card swiping devices. coming up in our next half hour, as the senate votes to end the shutdown and debt stand -- excuse me, at -- >> we will find the way to be the best economic engine. >> how a man with the background in anti-terrorism promises to bee the savior of this city college. >> and why researchers are comparing oreos to cocaine and morphine.
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for a store near you go to now at 6:30: the financial stress from the government shutdown.. forcing some baya even my wife, she go home early now. i have to cut my wife's hours. >> now at 6:30, the financial stress from the government shutdown forcing some bay area business owners to make cuts that are hitting home.
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hopefully not for long. an 11th hour deal to re-open the government cleared the senate a little over an hour ago. danielle nottingham says now it's up to the house. >> on this vote, there are 81yeas, 18nays. >> reporter: senators took to the floor to vote on their last- minute deal to avoid defaulting on the nation's debt and end the partial government shutdown. >> we finally achieved our goal, the same place where we started but at a cost. >> this deal kicks the can down the road. it allows yet more debt, more deficits, more spending. >> reporter: the senate deal reopens the government and keeps it funded for 3 months. it raises the debt limit for four months. president obama spoke after the senate vote. >> once this agreement arrives on my desk, i will sign it immediately. we'll begin re-opening our government immediately. >> reporter: now the bill goes
6:30 pm
to the house, where speaker john boehner needs at least 17 republicans to vote yes. tea party republicans fought to use this legislation to defund or delay the president's healthcare law. but in the end, got neither. >> the american people lost but the president won his own personal political agenda. >> reporter: the bill makes one change to the healthcare law requiring those seeking subsidies for insurance coverage to verify their income. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >> at this hour, the house is still debating the bill. a vote is expected shortly. cbs news reports it has enough support to move on to the president for signature tonight. stock surged as word of the deal came down. the dow was up 200, s&p closed four points shy of its all-time high. many bay area businesses have been feeling the heat at the shutdown. their livelihoods depend on the government re-opening soon. the owner of city grill said he never saw his restaurant this
6:31 pm
slow in 7 years across the street from oakland's federal building. he relies on 3,000 workers to stay afloat and says this month he won't break even. gofers week it was bad. second week it dropped more and this week is just like way more. >> at first he sent half his workers home early but now is cutting all seven employee hours including thinks wife. he adds when the government reopens it will still take weeks for federal workers to pen is money with him since they haven't been paid in a while. it may not be a huge surprise that a last-minute deal was struck. but this bit of political theater could have consequences beyond dollars and cents. kpix 5's john ramos has an analysis from one political observer. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., money and politics simply cannot be separated. and the deal announced today was about both. >> actually i have been predicting this for months.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: dr. jack is a professor of political economy at saint mary's in moraga. he said the fight all along was within the republican party. house speaker john boehner wanted to use the debt ceiling deadline to get concessions on debt reduction but then the tea partyers hijacked the discussion with a fight over obamacare. >> finally this agreement today it appears they are back on that major track which means now the real negotiations will begin. >> reporter: he says the stakes in this poker game were high. a government default would have raised the cost of short-term treasury bills which basically fuel the everyday economy of the country. so interest rates would have risen, credit would slow down, and retailers would have to pay more just to stock their shelves. >> with the collapse of consumer confidence that we have seen in the last couple of weeks, it could have had and still may have to some extent a not very good holiday sales season. so i think that's part of it. >> reporter: retailers make most of their year's profits from christmas sales so it may
6:33 pm
not have been a coincidence that the deal postpones the argument until february. rasmus says that's when boehner, if he can hold on to his speakership, will return to the fight for spending cuts. >> does this whole battle that has gone on, does that end up strengthening the tea party people or weakening them? well, probably doesn't weaken them because they come from constituencies that are pretty safe. >> reporter: which could make for the biggest irony since the tea parties are from fairly safety districts, any losses the republicans take as a result of the shutdown would probably come from their moderate ranks meaning the party could become even more politically polarized. >> so remember, the tea party faction wants to take over the republican party and they have had some big successes so far penetrating it. and they may do it again. >> reporter: and we'll all get to enjoy this fight again in january. merry christmas. in moraga, john ramos, kpix 5.
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and brace yourselves because professor rasmus says the next budget standoff could be the beginning of a fight over cuts to social security and medicare. city college of san francisco has a new chancellor but there's only so much he can do. arthur tyler's power will be limited while a special trustee oversees the school's battle to maintain its accreditation. it stands to lose it next summer for failing to enact various recommendations to improve its governance and finances. still, tyler says he will do everything he can. >> absolutely honored that you have given me this opportunity and i will give you every ounce of my energy, every ounce of my thinking to bring the team to the next level. >> tyler is a former administrator at community colleges in los angeles and sacramento. he is also a military veteran with a background in anti- terrorism. can't seem to stop at one cookie? researchers may have discovered why. coming up in consumerwatch, why
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they say oreos can be as addictive as cocaine. >> plus, why the company that makes cheerios is accused of misleading you. ,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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tonight's consumerwatch, environmentalists are callin general mills to change the recipe. year yoes is the most popular -- clear yoes is the most popular cereal in america. but environmentalists want general mills to change the recipe. >> reporter: they want to stop the ingredients with gmos. they already sell gmo free cheerios in europe where laws require all foods with gmos to be labeled as such. supporters say they are targeting cheerios because it's a popular food and often the first solid food given to babies. they say they hope this could be a tipping point in a broader campaign against gmos altogether. however, general mills along with the fda and the usda insist that foods with gmo
6:38 pm
ingredients are totally safe to eat. and general mills points out it does sell a gmo-free version here under cascadian farm brands. have you ever eaten a box of oreos? a study may explain why. turns out they are just as addictive as cocaine or morphine in lab rats. rodents were given oreos and had more pleasure centers activated than those on drugs. it's to show how addictive high fat and sugar foods with but it also finds that just like most humans, rats go for the cream filling first. and finally, could you use a little expert advice about money? san francisco wants to help. an office is hosting a free financial planning day saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at u uc hastings law schools.
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preregistration is encouraged and you will find more information at >> i recently got turned on to the cool mint oreos. >> and the double stuffed? >> i'm a lab rat now. >> all right. >> pretty much. >> a tall glass of mill to be go with it. >> down the hatch with a tall glass of milk. a bay area resource for mental health patients also disappeared. >> i came back to meet the need of the people who -- >> the whom gave up her own retirement to make sure that didn't happen. >> three hours of sausalito weather and in just about 4 seconds no clouds in the sky from this point looking back toward the city. will we have perfect sunshine for tomorrow and beyond? your updated seven-day forecast is next. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. giants fans, did you hear what the dodgers manager said? >> we have kind of become america's team. >> is 49ers quarterback colin
6:40 pm
kaepernick injured? >> what is the issue? >> a hang nail. >> we have an update on the sharks injured star. >> i have never seen anything like it. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by oct 28th and find your career success in the bay area. visit
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jose center has been a life for decades. for hubs of people struggling with -- for hundreds of people struggling with mental illness a downtown san jose center has been a lifeline for decades. sharon chin is here with the story of a woman who fought to keep this open when in danger of closing. >> this week's jefferson award winner is a woman who volunteered at the center for more than 20 years and then retired but it turned out her work was far from finished. >> reporter: carol larson has struggled with schizophrenia but found a special place in a social club for recovering mental health patients. >> i feel like i belong. >> hopefully it will be a two- way street. >> reporter: wanda alexander is the ceo for act for mental health in san jose. it's a no cost or low cost drop- in center for mental health patients that has been around more than 50 years. >> we need to give a little bit of leeway to people and give them a helping hand. >> reporter: wanda first came here in 1960 and volunteered as
6:44 pm
a group counselor until she retired in 1982. when center was in danger of closing in 1990, she came back. >> i came back to meet the need of the people who are here. we are were reaching a lot of people there. >> reporter: as ceo she reorganized the finances and built up the counseling staff. even today, in her mid-80s, she is still meeting the growing needs of the center's 500-plus clients. she recently welcomed volunteers andres flores' idea to start a new support group for bipolar clients. >> she was encouraging off the bat, yeah. she was happy with what we were doing. >> reporter: under her leadership they have added a variety of services from parenting and anger management classes to english as a second language. >> this is really helpful. >> reporter: volunteer cindy says wanda is a problem solver who sees beyond mental illness. >> what wanda does is she sees people as people, sometimes in need of help or intervention,
6:45 pm
but they are people. >> we hope that "act" will be a place that they can find an identity and find a sense of acceptance and belonging. that's very special. >> reporter: so for decades of leadership in offering mental health services this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to wanda alexander. wanda's goal is to make sure act stays open for the people who need mental health counseling. many of them are not insured, don't have medi-cal or are on a limited income. the center is a great location on park avenue in san jose where people can walk or take public transit. >> kind of interesting, how is a.c.t. for mental health funded ? you said from her retirement? she came out of retirement but where is the money coming from? >> reporter: wanda says a.c.t. doesn't get any government funding. it exists on private donations and they are fortunate that the city of san jose gave them their headquarters. it's an outdated traffic control building for one dollar a year lease. >> wow. >> good city taking part.
6:46 pm
she used the word twice when she was talking to you, give. >> yes. >> that's interesting. >> what her life is all about, giving. >> i guess. sharon, thank you. nominate your local heroes for a jefferson award online at click the logo at the top of the page, then jefferson awards to find the email nomination form. paul, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. the weather has been spectacular. >> the gift that keeps on giving. other parts of the country getting snow, it will be an issue for us when it drops below 70. nice around here, crisp mornings in the 50s, sunset not so bad either. look at coit tower with mainly clear skies. you will get chilly again tonight, another mild day tomorrow. there's the tower, a few planes landing across the bay at sfo. and that nice orange hue to the sky. what a gorgeous evening we have outside. if you are heading out this evening it's still mild and 80
6:47 pm
in livermore. even in downtown san francisco, currently 73. lots of 7s for concord and san jose. santa rosa 75. oakland 78 degrees. look at this temperature trend. back on saturday, in downtown san francisco, it hit 61 barely out of the 50s. today 80. the past three days have been above normal but today taking the cake and it will be cooler tomorrow so likely today's the peak of the heat. graystone elementary school in san jose our kpix 5 schoolcast school for tomorrow. warm day tomorrow for you, lunchtime 64 degrees with sunshine and when the kids hear that final bell they will run outside to a sunny day with temperatures in the mid-70s. let's do a forecast for your school in your town. is the place to go. mother nature making it easy when it comes to the forecast because one rule of nature is high pressure is sinking air and air has to go up. it has to go up into the atmosphere, higher, to make cloud cover to make rainfall. the opposite of that higher pressure pushing down not much cloud cover. that will be the case for
6:48 pm
several days everywhere up and down the western seaboard. we'll stay dry. we'll be rain-free and sunny. i don't see that changing for the next seven days. one thing will change tomorrow, not as warm as the storm system passes by in montana but it's strong enough and big enough we'll get an onshore flow in its wake dropping temperatures by 5 degrees. the ridge won't move for a week so the sunshine you had outside today is likely the same sunshine you will enjoy for the next several days. the high means dry. high pressure dry weather the next several days and not as warm near the water. we'll see change near the bay or at the coast about 5 degrees cooler tomorrow but still near or above average for each of the next seven days. pick a town close to you, we cover 53 towns on these maps. san jose 79. oakland 76. cupertino 78. low 80s for los gatos. hayward 75. pittsburg 83. 81 concord, pleasant hill. benicia upper 70s as well as
6:49 pm
mill valley. san francisco 71. 77 lakeport. st. helena wine country gorgeous, what a nice day to head out there, 80 will be your high tomorrow. friday couple of degrees cooler a little cooler over the weekend but still even dislike using the word cooler it's so nice outside. highs around 80s over the weekend, mid-70s near the bay and sunny streak through next week long-range computer forecast models say we may stay like this until trick or treat time on halloween. that is your forecast. time now for sports with dennis right after this commercial break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
there are the. your team the dodgers? >> that's right. >> i got a happy messessage from my dad saying, go dodgers. >> they had to win today. i'm pulling for the dodgers because i think a healthy dodger team keeps a healthy rivalry with the giants. >> that's right. >> i'd like to get to game 7 of the world series and lose on a walkoff walk. last year the st. louis cardinals had a 3-1 series lead over the giants. we know what happened then. once again they have a 3-1 series lead this time over elizabeth's dodgers who face elimination in l.a.
6:53 pm
>> at first base, number 23, adrian ayayayay gonzalez! >> adrian gonzalez may want will ferrell to introduce him before every game. bottom of the 3rd he crushes the solo shot to right. dodgers 3-2. l.a.'s first home run of the series. 5th inning carl crawford, there it goes. that's another souvenir to the right field seat. fourth of the play-off. crawford after hitting just 6 during the regular season, then in the 8th, it's gonzalez again. the dodgers hit four solo home runs to open up a 6-2 lead. but despite the dodgers' home runer did bit cardinals would get the go-ahead run to the plate in the 9th inning. jenson on to strike out adrian chambers to end it. the dodgers hang on for the 6-4 win to force a game 6 back in st. louis friday night. >> kind of have become america's team because everybody wants to see a 7th game. probably even the fans in st. louis would like to see a 7th game. [ laughter ] >> so i figure that everybody is for us to win on friday
6:54 pm
night. >> what? >> america's team? >> come on. >> nobody except elizabeth hoping in these parts for that team to win. sharks defenseman dan boyle flew home to san jose this afternoon after spending the night in a st. louis hospital. maxilla pierre hit boyle from behind sending him face first into the boards. boyle will be out indefinitely but did tell the san jose "mercury news" he is feeling much better this morning while lapierre is expected to be suspended at least five games. >> it was one of the most scary things i have ever seen in my life. his eyes were up at the roof. and i tried talking to him but he wasn't responding. and i have never seen anything like that. it's just, uhm, [ indiscernible ] >> hopefully boyle will be okay. now, getting injury updates out of nfl head coaches is like
6:55 pm
pulling teeth. sometimes it's just as challenging when you go straight to the source. take colin kaepernick on the injury report now the last two weeks with a foot problem. >> what is the issue? >> a hang nail. >> really? >> yes. >> what toenail? >> pinky toe. >> right or left foot? >> both. [ laughter ] >> thank you. frank gore has always been one of the most reliable running backs in the nfl. he has only one fumble this season. but he will be put to the test in tennessee against the titans defense that forced 13 turnovers. >> let his guard down. when that happens to frank, you're not going to sneak up on frank again and hit him over the head with a bag of dun go.
6:56 pm
the second time. >> brandon weeden is winless as the browns started the season. and as usual the fans in cleveland are frustrated. someone posted a job opening for the browns quarterback position on craigslist saying among other things, do you sort of kind of know some football rules? if yes, keep reading. if no, also keep reading. we'll take anyone. >> it's going to be negativity. it's part of place this position and this league. i got very good earmuffs on and that's about the best ones i could and -- >> it's really part of cleveland football. you know? the worst organization in the nfl right now. they have had one play-off team since 1999. they have had 19 quarterbacks since 1999. >> wow. >> but yet they continue to sell out because of the passion of football is in cleveland. the job, by the way, if you are looking on craigslist, pays $125,000 a week.
6:57 pm
not bad. >> yeah. >> so all those facts create to make it a great job. >> sounds good. >> again, we are still waiting for word from bart if workers will go on strike. they are continuing negotiations inside the building in oakland right now. we are told that riders won't have to wait until midnight or so to find out. we should be able to tell you by 10:00 tonight. tune into our news at 10:00 and 11:00 for the latest. >> before we go, we want to wish good luck to the hemet family in oakland as they compete on family feud! >> see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,,
6:58 pm
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