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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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he issued an order for a seven-day inquiry into the contract dispute that had threatened to shut down bar midnight tonight. in the past hour governor skwrer brown stepped in to avert the b. -- jerry brown stepped in to avert a b.a.r.t shutdown. >> for the next seven-days the trains will run, there will be no walkout or strike. the governor has asked for a board of inquiry to look at whether or not a 60 day cooling off period is necessary and we have asked the lieutenant governor along with the governor and the controller to look into this matter. >> this is a copy calling for the inquiry. he appointed a 3-member board to investigate the strike. both sides have to go in front of the panel and explain what their labor issues are and then he has directed the governor -- the governor has directed the panel to have a written report within seven-days. the governor says the strike
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will endanger the public's health, safety and well fair. no word of the time line for it, this is relief for b.a.r.t riders all over the bay area. tonight, we have reaction from south bay commuters, kit? >> reporter: we are live here where riders are just getting off of the last few trains of the night. many of them resigned to the fact it just might happen. a lot of them made plans, they were going to telecommute and go in to work late or early and a lot of them were making plans to carpool together, here is what they had to say. >> i hear the b.a.r.t employees are paid quite a bit already so, i don't know, i can not sum it up so quickly. but it is good that people can get to their jobs, you know. >> seems reasonable. and i know a lot of people rely on b.a.r.t to get back and
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forth to work so they rely on the service. it seems like both the unions and the b.a.r.t service have legitimate positions. >> reporter: relatively speaking it it is good news for now. as one rider said what difference can one week make when they had 5 to try to work it out? >> all right, thank you. and, our don knapp has been out all weekend long following the developments, he showed us earlier in the evening that things looked promising and then they took a turn for the worse. he has reaction from the labor side and from the folks representing b.a.r.t. we will have that in just a little bit. because of the last-minute developments in the b.a.r.t strike we will have a special early start to our morning news at 4:00 a.m. okay. we are learning more about a deadly crash on the venice beach boardwalk that killed an
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italian tourist and injured a dozen others. >> the driver did not appear to hesitate as he plowed into a dense crowd along venice beach. alex an italian woman in los angeles for her honeymoon was killed. several others injured. the chaos was captured on film. now they believe they know who was at the wheel. the 38-year-old, campbell, he turned himself in just two hours after the crash. >> how close did the car get to you when it came by? >> about two feet. >> reporter: this street vendor was manning his music booth when he saw the sedan speed on to the boardwalk. >> i see it back up and go zig- zag all over the place. bodies flying. >> reporter: these metal poles were installed to prevent traffic but the driver took his time to maneuver around them before heading directly into the crowd. >> reporter: surveillance video documented the driver's moments just before the crash. he parked nearby, got out of
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his car and walked around for about six minutes. dave blackburn was sitting at had this cafe and noticed the man getting back in his car. >> then he started going straight down the boardwalk. this guy had an intent to create mayhem and massacre a lot of people. >> reporter: they have no idea what motivated the man. for now he remains behind bars on $1 million bond. >> the driver has been booked for investigation of murder as you heard, he is jailed tonight on $1 million bail. fire damaged two victorrians in oakland today. flames erupted in one house on west street just before 7:00 a.m. and then spread to the house next door. smoke billowed out of each house. everyoned in of the house where the fire started got out safely and the second house was empty.
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no word on the cause. an ammonia leak happened today. the leak was coming from a refrigerator pipe in the building. the building's owner came down and shut off the pipe and a repair crew was scheduled to fix it. nobody hurt. 22 american embassies and consulates in mostly muslim countries shutdown and many of them will remain chosed until the end of the week. a response to what some say is the most credible threat since september 11th. marley hall reports. >> reporter: this was extra security across the world at embassies, they intercepted conversations planning a major terrorist attack. >> it their is a lot of chatter
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out there. chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that is going on. like what we saw preseptember 11th. >> reporter: there are roadblocks leading to the embassy in yemen. it is home to al-qaida. the al-qaida affiliate charged with attacking americans. the facility and 18 others mostly in the middle east and africa will be shutdown,saturday. the state department says it is out of an abundance of caution. >> well, i think we know more about the when than the where. you can tell that with the breath of the closures, the when was specific as a sunday. >> reporter: a team of terrorists was in place to care out a new attack. u.s. agencies are rushing to disrupt the plot. >> the only way to stop the plots is to stop people. america can do is find the optives that are responsible for that. there is a global travel alert through the end of the month. americans going overseas are told to be extra careful while
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traveling on public destinations and tourist destinations. >> and the state department add four new locations in africa to the facilities that'll be closed through the end of the week. they are facilities in madagascar. the star attraction was a famous whistle-blower from the vietnam war era. >> reporter: a rally in san francisco as a national movement to protest surveillance by the national security administration. the guest of honor, daniel asberg. accused of releasing information during the vietnam war. his psychiatrist office was broken into by nixon's staff. >> i think it is appropriate to be willing to give your life to save the country from a police state or a continuation of a
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terrible war. >> the debate of the surveillance intensified because the former government system analyst exposed the nsa's ability to monitor the phone and internet use of all- americans. >> in snowden's case he was looking at have a hraeugzs of the constitution that are now getting much de-- case he was looking at having a violation of the constitution that are now getting much attention. >> think of all of the information coming out of our mobile twices. all going to one place. >> reporter: i don't think you can have all of the identities and what they talk about known to the executive branch. without a free press i don't think you can have democracy. >> reporter: the rally ended and people are marching to
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nancy pelosi's office. >> intelligence officials are limiting eavesdropping so there is no danger. or misused in ways that violate privacy rights. usually when you turn on your tv you watch. it now hackers are using your smart tv to watch you. smart tvs have an operating system similar to a smart phone that hosts third party apps. hackers can insert a code into text boxes and into apps like skype or facebook and take over your tv's camera undetected. u.s. senator wants tv makers to find a fix. >> put in security features that computers and laptops have. the very same security feetures that we see in computers and laptops that make it much harder to hack into those should be on those little cameras that are on the tvs. >> so far the issue only effects sam sung tvs. a spokesperson for samsung says the company is aware of the
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issues and released a software update to resolve the issue. major league baseball informed the new york yankeeses alex rodriguez will be suspended tomorrow but he can play while he appeals the penalty. a source familiar with the talks says the yankees are expected to lose their 3rd baseman for the 2014 season. he is one of 14 players facing disciplinary action following the probe of the antiaging clinic. baggage claim can be a busy place. the chaos at this airport had nothing to do with luggage. where a fire kept travelers waiting today. and plenty of jobs but nobody if to fill them. how northern california farmers explain a worker shortage. drizzle and then the temperatures fizzle. when will the warm weather return to the bay area? the pinpoint forecast as the news continues right here on kpix-5. look at 'em.
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of the things you love. ♪ hello, bacon. get more with breakfast and a two-room suite for rates as low as $115 per night at an embassy suites. book now at tomorrow... kpix 5's don knapp has been covering the negotiations all day. we hed from union back to breaking news,s this will not be a b.a.r.t strike tomorrow. we heard from union reps earlier. you heard from b.a.r.t? >> reporter: yes, we did. as we have told you all along
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when you hear the two sides, out on the street. hearing what you want to hear you can not understand how they can be apart when they are both talking about being in the middle. they were quite a distance apart. talks broke down badly. the union came out and said with the government looking into the unfair labor practices, that is how they put it. there will be a seven-day hearing, a seven-day period in which the government will try to decide if they should continue with a 60 day cooling off period. that means, of course, the trains will be running but there is a seven-day period they will look at the issues had in this case. we just heard from b.a.r.t from the 18th floor here from the kaiser center where they are pulling their offices. they presented a different view of what has happened. here is b.a.r.t president. >> i don't know, i have been hear for 16 years and b.a.r.t labor negotiations are intense. as a board member it is
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frustrating to feel like you are offering the best wage increases and benefits in the transit industry. and then to be accused of union busting. i think if you hook at the latest offer and compare it to what other public workers are getting doing the same job it is a generous offer. not a union-busting offer and this is not a union-busting board. we tried to be creative in terms of solving problems for them. you know, they said we want to come out ahead in each of the four years, and we have tried to be accommodating there. we are catching a lot of flack, though, too, people are reading about the wages and reading about the overtime and the benefits and you are being too generous. i don't think we have are. our workers work hard and deserve a fair settlement and well compensated and they deserve security after retirement. but this are limits, financial limits. >> reporter: so, obviously, there are a lot of portions pulling on these.
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traditional benefits, union members facing the losses. now the board is facing its side of the story and what the public is perceiving about what is going on. perhaps they will get closer after the seven-day. there may not be any negotiations but after that it looks like they will get back in the negotiations to get it resolved. right now, the bottom line, the trains will run tomorrow. >> that is good news for commuters. thank you for the late stphaoeft well, searchers have found the body of a snowboarder -- thank you for the latest. >> well, searchers have found the body of a snowboarder who died in an ice cave. this picture was taken moments before the tunnel collapsed on the 25-year-old. he and five friends were six,000 feet up when they walked through the naturally formed tunnel. two others were hit by debris but escaped. a fire in a baggage carousel kept people waiting today. it broke out near a ticket
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counter. it apparently started a behind- the-scenes -- it apparently started in a behind-the-scenes conveyer belt. >> i got 20 feet, the roof caved in, water started squirting out, small craft advisories ming -- and it started pouring smoke out. >> it caused night delays but no cancellations, not clear if passenger bags were damaged or destroyed. there is a shortage of farmworkers right now. it could effect how much you pay for produce. why sacramento farmers and farmworkers believe there are not enough people to fill the jobs. there are certain times in the springtime we had a hard time. we could not do, we could not plan our crops because of the fact that we did not have anyone. >> reporter: ray young's family owned the farm for the past 60 years, this is the first year they ever struggled to find all of the workers they need. >> we can not make money, we -- it is just going to cost more
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for the products. >> reporter: with not enough farmworkers available he loses monstphaoe would you want to wake up at three clock a.m. and -- money. >> would you want to come to work at 3:00 in the morning and work out in the hot sun, it is hard to find people to do that. >> reporter: and there lies the biggest issue. >> we don't have enough. they closed the boarders down there are not -- borders down there are not enough people to help on the farm. >> reporter: he is now 22 he says a lot of people ask him about his job as a farmworker. >> they say where am i working and what am i doing to earn money and then i tell them that and they, then, they want to do it. >> reporter: they can make $14 an hour. some make even $60,000 to $100 a year. but the work is hard and people -- $1,000 a year. but the work is hard and people are scared. >> they don't want to come here
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not knowing a lot of stuff. not knowing speaking, words, how it will be. >> reporter: jobless numbers showing millions out of work it does not mean they want to work in agriculture. >> you can can not force people to work. >> reporter: farmworkers are in such high demand some just stopped coming to work when they find a farm that pays more money. severe flooding left people stuck in their cars today. but, some people, they did not seem to mind. wichita some waited in it and others brought out the floaties and sun bathed. they are taking the high water cereusly. the authorities -- seriously, the officials went door to door to warn people. >> it looks calm and then an undertoe. >> never drive,a flooded street. >> it is interesting -- drive through a flooded street. >> we have a big heatwave
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happening in the midsection of the country and deep south. then out on the west coast we are cooling down. in fact, today, 4 and 5 degrees cooler than yesterday with cool downs coming all this week. kpix5 weather camera looking out towards coit towers, filling 1,000 feet. tomorrow morning it will lower and if you were expecting anyone to arrive in town call ahead of time. there will be airport delays, san francisco, upper 60s in san jose, 60 degrees in mountain view. the winds are peaking at 12 miles an hour. it is cooling down, definitely a chill in the air. we can easily see upper 40s in the overnight hours, 51 to 58 for overnight lows, meanwhile, this is what you need to know. as you begin a brand-new workweek. overcast tonight, areas of fog and drizzle. we will begin the morning on a gray side with drizzle. on the coast, into the bay. no warm up this entire week.
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it is because of this right here. this is the layer of low clouds and fog hanging tight to the coast and even expanding well into the valley in the overnight hours, here is the commute, barely beginning to retreat from the tri valley. staying put. pretty much near the golden gate bridge all day. the avenues will see no sunshine. you can blame it on this guy right here. see that radio here? that is the trough. hanging there. no support behind me to kick it out. it will continue to enhance the marine layer, each and every day. the bottom line is, it will increase the sea breeze and push the chowds on shore and the temperatures will cool down each and every day. let me show you what i mean. first thing is first, tomorrow's highs, 50s, 60s, no clearing at the coast. 68 degrees partial afternoon cheering. sunshine in morgan hill, 84. back in gillroy then the eastern portion of our
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district. then, going inland. 84 degrees, that is 4-5 degrees below average for this time of the year. you get to the central bay, the temperatures, modest. low to middle 70s, north of the golden gate bridge. no sunshine at the beach. 75 in the park. you want warmer conditions, head north. low 90s, lake port and clear lake. each day. the temperature declines through thursday. when you see the 78 degrees as an outside number on thursday, most of our inland locations only in the low 70s, that is still a good 10 degrees below this time of the year. seasonal weather returns this time next week. >> all right, thank you. the bay area has a new millionaire thanks in part to this little shop. how much the player will cash in on. coming up next on "gameday" a lot about raiderination, tonight, one player who will bring instant dividends. >> it is about being on the attack at all-times. >> with michael crabtree out, is it time for general paton to
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step up? the skipper says it is time for lineup changes and the a's might not be far behind. >> you will not catch it. >> tiger roars before the final major of the year ,,,,,,,,,, [ man ] she yours?
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but a ticket -- bought at ts store in milpitas got awful close. someone got a ticket matching nobody hit the powerball jackpot last night. but a ticket bought here matched all of the numbers but the powerball that is worth $1.1 million. it was at the arco service. okay, so, the five matching
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numbers are: wednesday night's jackpot in estimated 400- million doll today-- hundreds of runners laced up for the fo since nobody matched all 6 numbers wednesday's jackpot is an estimated $4 million. today, hundreds of runners laced up for the race along san francisco's embarcadero. running half a marathon, 10k or 5k or kids race to benefit open hand. a nonprofit providing meal for seniors and critically ill. last year racers and runners raised $200,000 for the charity. >> i am campaigning right now. >> a 4-year-old gets reelected mayor. what he plans to do this time in office. >> thank you, sir opera here in studio 57. her new movie is getting oscar buzz and she will tell bus her life as she approaches 60 ,,
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mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan?
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female narrator: closed captioning brought to you female narrator: by sleep train. wishing you and your family a fun-filled summer. in minnesota -- is an elect official "rachel slavik" ca up with the at four years old many kids are in preschool and fascinated by play-doh. but a little boy in minneapolis is an elected official. the kid just won his second term. >> i am campaigning right now. >> reporter: final hours of the campaign has potential to make or break an election.
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>> are you putting on sun lotion? >> reporter: he is leaving nothing to chance. with cards in hands he spent the day out. >> thank you very much. >> well, thank you, sir. [ laughter ] >> you can have it. you can keep it. >> reporter: hoping to gain the support from thousands of undecided voters. >> a fishing pole with a fish. >> political platform is amazing. ice cream is at the top of the food pyramid. as long as he is talking about chocolate ice cream i think we are okay. >> reporter: in a race for anyone with a shot at winning the voters are competition. >> we decided an hour ago that she is running for mayor. >> reporter: ballot stuffing is ideal. nobody thinks about buying a vote. still, not a guaranteed victory. >> going upside down. >> when the winner is picked at random. hard work has its rewards.
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bob seready to embark on his second term and celebrate as only a 4-year-old can. >> she says this is the first time there has been an incumbent in that town. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,


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