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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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private investigator at the center of the activity, but guilty to the same thing this afternoon. >> i have mixed feelings basically, it is a good thing to see the justice system work the way it is supposed group. you have to remember that chris butler was not only my boss but my friend and although i did the right thing, i did what i have to do so they wouldn't hurt anybody else. >> that was undercover informant who once worked for butler and eventually called the police. still to come, the former contra costa chief was not in court today, but if the negotiations with the fed's fault through they are prepared to go to trial. >> tense moments at a transit bus yard in emeryville 29,000
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gal. tank filled with hydrogen started leaking. that forced businesses to start evacuating including the pixar as well as a school >> there was a big boom and then the cops knock down the door >> it is not totally odorless but they should not be overly concerned. hydrogen is lighter than air so once it hits the atmosphere it goes straight up >> employees did hear any loud bang and the transit says it was not an explosion, it was the sound of fuel leaking out of the tank. nobody was hurt and investigators are looking into what caused the leak. >> one day after a predawn ice raid, the alleged gang members who shot three federal agents in petaluma yesterday were arraigned in court. 13 suspects pleaded not guilty to a string of charges connected to violent crimes on the peninsula. the ice agents were injured
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remain hospitalized but are expected to survive. >> tuesday's fire at an east san jose apartment complex has claimed another life. a six year-old boy died at hospital last night. the fire killed his mother and critically injured his father. >> a financially troubled school in the east bay has two weeks to sort out its finances or face an early closure. the chronicle reports that wells fargo says the school is paying staff too much money. the bank says that that violates an agreement reached last fall. >> keeping cinco de mayo celebrations focused on that holiday. police are stepping up patrols to head off any potential problems. >> by this time tomorrow this section of alum rock avenue will be filled with cars as cruisers
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come down to celebrate cinco de mayo but historically the people with cars have not been the problem, it is all the people on foot there to watch the show especially late at night after they've been drinking. some say their hijacking the holiday. cultural pride on cinco de mayo. and in san jose the celebrations have already begun >> we just want everyone to have fun >> but at this bakery she says a peaceful celebration would be like icing on the cake >> have fun but don't destroy property >> last year her bakery and several nearby businesses became targets for vandals, drunken late night crowds got rowdy and smashed windows causing thousands of dollars of damage. she made sure her insurance is paid up just in case >> the police cannot do much with the budget cuts and i don't think we will have that much protection this year >> police a special gang
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enforcement teams will be added to already beefed up patrols and plans to divert crowds and cars out of downtown >> we will be prepared just like we are on mardi gras >> it's like they're hijacking the holidays >> the biggest concern is it the potential for another gang- related shooting and stabbing. roosevelt park was the scene of a gruesome gang-related killing last week when a 40 year-old boy was beaten to death and the subjects of still at large >> anytime you have an event like this you want to make sure you are prepared >> they do expect a long weekend of celebrations beginning tonight going through tomorrow. on sunday there is a big festival at the santa clara county fairgrounds. let's hope everything stays orderly. >> days after a violent protest
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from a rogue group of occupiers, san francisco police are making some changes. >> it is kind of hard to tell there was some much going on here monday night because it looks pretty good and business is brisk. after all of that, what has changed? city officials say the way they handle future protests will change. despite $30,000 worth of damage, the restaurant is open again after vandals attacked monday night. authorities don't know exactly who broke windows, threw paint balls and trashed dozens of businesses but the vandalism happened in the wake of and occupy march and as business owners frustrated and looking to city officials for answers >> is quite shocking, various
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factions within the group and it is all under the occupied banner, so to speak >> but occupy san francisco has repeatedly denied being part of any criminal activity but ryan does admit that the guy throwing bricks off the roof is a part of the occupied movement >> we won't turn away anyone who needs help from occupied, but we're not as well equipped to handle these things and we do the best we can >> city officials have been adjusting their message to route the week. initially the city cited western wear to under $50 for having a board with graffiti covering their smashed windows >> i got a letter from the city about the graffiti citation that we had after the vandalism and they actually cleaned off >> mayor ed lee called them personally and denounce the violence in an interview yesterday >> even the voices from the person throwing bricks, there
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hoodlums and i will not even associate them with any legitimate group >> today the city says the mayor will be changing police protocol for future protests but says he will not release exact details to the public. the d.a. met with business owners today and says that if police can catch the vandals he will prosecute >> we support the right of people to demonstrate peacefully. we do not support violence and we do not support the destruction of property of innocent people >> and the d.a. also wanted to point out a web site, we pay dot com, a grass-roots effort to raise money for damages. they've already raised $8,000 and their goal is 10,000. >> a smoke break shuts down a terminal at sfo.
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out a cigarette craving caused a major security breach. the battle against obesity is more costly than the war on terrorism. his answer for a leaner waistline and a healthier economy >> the claim is that you save big bucks but are those of a low-cost airlines were really best,,,,,,,,
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>> new numbers out today showing the job market remains sluggish. for the second straight month employers will back on hiring. the economy added 115,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate dipped a 10th of a percent but only because more people gave up looking for work >> the price of obesity is weighing down our economic
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recovery. one man says that trimming the fat and the deficit is up to us. >> as the nation's waste line continues to expand, so does the cost of health care. all of those extra pounds cost big bucks according to a new study, $190 billion were spent on obesity alone. we all pay for it in higher taxes and health insurance premiums >> i felt like i was watching a gigantic thing on the national level >> he saw his hometown of flint michigan fall apart when the gm plant closed. people blame everything but themselves and he says the same thing is happening with health care >> i'm tired of people blaming people. let's talk about solutions >> in his book he looks at ways individuals can make the u.s. great again. the biggest pool is personal responsibility >> i can commit this month to
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exercise in with the goal but it will become a lifetime commitment >> instead of counting on others to fix s he says individuals need to fix themselves >> i can lose weight if i'm overweight and or quit smoking if i smoke >> he says shirking personal responsibility is costing the country way too much money and being obese is american. >> we have to be better and by choosing not to be better we are being unpatriotic >> he says one solution, if you make bad choices you should be slapped with higher health- insurance premiums >> if someone is choosing to be inactive can be unhealthy, the risk goes up and chances are there more strain on the resources of the health-care system. that is truly the only fair system out there >> not everyone agrees the >> obesity can be self induced but it also has huge genetic factors >> this bio ethicist is all for
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personal responsibility but argues against higher premiums for less than healthy individuals. >> and in the will go on to make their disease worse and worse >> he says that with obesity, the disease itself is price enough to pay >> those people will not cost medicare because they will not live that long >> even so, dooley says we have spent more money in the last 10 years on obesity than we have on the war on terrorism. the doctor says the way to discourage obesity and the way to discourage smoking is with the sin taxes. raising the price on cigarettes and poor nutritional high caloric foods. next week we will look at innovative ideas designed to save billions in health care costs. >> breaking news out of san
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francisco, police have closed off the area around san jose and ocean avenues because of that suspicious blue package. live pictures from shopper 5 because this is still a developing situation. you can see has the bomb squad's robotic device in there. the blue package is on the sidewalk, they have the neighborhood block off, several roads are closed and the geneva avenue ramp on 280 are closed. we will continue to watch it. >> alter low-cost airlines with cheap flights also have added fees so is it really a better deal? we do the math some you can book the cheapest flight. >> the
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>> he was known by three letters, mca. tonight the music world is remembering a member of the beastie boys. ♪ ♪ >> adam youch was considered a pioneer who broke ground with
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his music and introduced it popped to wider audience. he died this morning after a three-year battle with cancer. he was 47. ben stiller tweeted so sad that adam youch is gone, a truly great musician and filmmaker. he stood for integrity as an artist. lance armstrong, crusty hear the news of adam youch passing >> from mattresses to trash, illegal dumping is a problem all across the bay area but now one county is trying a new tactic, a scolding that warns violators that big brother is watching. contra costa county is beautiful in spring and it is also when some people start dumping their spring cleaning along county roads. alex is leading a team fighting the problem >> couches, mattresses, appliances, refrigerators, you
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name it >> the county has a new crime fighting tool. a talking camera with motion sensor technology. a surveillance device with audio warnings mounted in areas where there has been a pattern of dumping. the illegal dumping often takes place at night like this truck caught backing up to a ditch or this one getting ready to toss a christmas tree. >> they see the camera and the signs in to hear the voice and the flash and people tend to drive away and go somewhere else. >> that somewhere else usually isn't far away. however, is considered a success because the camera is a good deterrent. this street became cleaner after the camera was installed. people are smart so they just started dumping behind it. alex plans on adding six more cameras but adds that people just keep pumping >> even in their own
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communities, it is kind of unfortunate >> it was a smoke break that triggered a security breach at sfo terminal 3 early this morning. a passenger apparently went in through the wrong door after taking a cigarette break. the building had to be evacuated and all the passengers had to be screened again. >> a lot of people are chilling out tonight after the giants' game >> they will be unless they bundle up and dress in layers. let's take a look at the baseball forecast. if you're heading out to at&t park, game time is 715 with tim lincecum on the mound. expect clear skies as the giants to host the milwaukee brewers. it is a little bit on the chilly side. this is the live weather camera looking out to the golden gate
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bridge with visibility pretty much at 10 mi. right now. tonight, with a mostly clear skies and an almost clear moon we're talking about numbers tumbling into the 40's and low 50's. you can see the camera waiting a bit because the wind is currently at 23 mi. per hour. clear skies but windy and the sun officially sets at 8 02. tomorrow will be sunny and bright with the windy conditions early in the day. the extended forecast calls for a sunny and warmer day for sunday. areas of low pressure departing east to the bay area but we have the pressure gradient. each day we will see a gradual warming so today is the first day of a warming trend. mid-50s in the sierra if you're
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headed there. los 60s in monterey bay. numbers in the '60s at the beaches to 80 degrees in santa clara. the average temperature in san jose is 71 but we are forecasting 78. 79 degrees in napa, '50s and '60s through the '70s in the northern portion of the district. 79 degrees in san francisco! sunday, additional warming takes place and then monday it will be awfully hard to go back to work and school with a nice temperatures. we have the relay for life tomorrow at leland high school and i hope to see you there. it is a 24-hour replay to raise money for cancer. >> alter low-cost airlines trying to make inroads in the
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bay area. allegiance airlines has just moved its base of operations to oakland bringing 60 jobs >> in new low-cost carrier has landed in the bay area but is it really as much of a bargain as you expect? >> i paid for my seat, my bag and i think my backpack >> passengers say that allegiance airlines is certainly low-cost but not as low-cost once you add up all the fees >> the seats are quite tight and narrow and do not recline which is something we're not used to >> most say it is a good deal when taking short trips to less popular destinations but we put them to the ticket test on a more frequently traveled route between the bay area and phoenix comparing its prices to two other notable discount carriers, spirit and southwest. we bought the cheapest flight on the same day on all three airlines and at first glance allegiance takes the prize.
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but let's not forget the fees. it turns out that spirit airlines, long criticized for nickel and diming is not the only one charge and for just about everything. spirit and allegiance carry for several items of leading to social media posts like these. breaking news, allegiance to start charging for liking them on facebook. in this case, add up all the fees with one carry-on, one bag and one reserve seats and southwest comes out the low- price leader. for a cheaper flight to a relatively remote locations, many have allegiance to allegiance >> is a great experience. it is good >> we reached out to spirit and allegiance and neither airline got back to us in time for air. of the three spirit actually
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has the best on-time performance followed by s,,
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>> mobile 5 is live as oakland celebrate its birthday. >> police are doing something they have never done before >> we are out here in front of the oakland police department where they're having an open house, rolling out some of the hardware, the command center, the police boat, some of the vehicles they use and a lot of the officers to meet and greet and that the assistant chief tells me it is just another way for them to try to connect with the citizens of oakland. >> it is very important obviously for the police to have a relationship with the community that it serves and the event today which coincides with a 160th birthday of the city of oakland is another opportunity
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for us to reach out to the community. >> let's face it, it has been tough for the city in terms of law enforcement the past couple of years. in 2009 several officers were killed, then there was a command staff change, open friction between the city hall and the police department and not a lot of cooperation in certain neighborhoods. it is an open house and they will see how it goes, not a lot of oakland residents out here right now. it goes until 730 and they have refreshment inside, you can go up to the chief and tell him it goes until 730 and they have refreshment inside, you can go up to[ male announcer ]l him knowing your customers is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses, and maximize cash flow. as the number one small business lender for nine years running...
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we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo.
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>> here are some of the stories we're working on for the 6:00 news. stolen from streetlights and parklike, why it is the worst time port copper wire thieves to strike in concord. it is the earthquake warning system that gives people up one minute to take cover. japan has it and mexico has it so why don't we? >> we're also keeping an eye on this area in san francisco near san jose and ocean avenues where a suspicious package was reported and you can see the bomb squad is moving in with a robotic device. it is a blue suit case and we will continue


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