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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 6, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. never has happened before. the u.s. credit rating takes a hit. tonight, what that means for you. neighbors didn't know what to think. a headless animal dumped in the street. we have learned it's not the first time. plus, it started with a mom spanking her child, ended with gunman bursting on to a bus and opening fire and it's all caught on tape. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. nobody can say we weren't warned. reduce the deficit by $4 trillion or face a downgrade. >> lawmakers didn't achieve that, so tonight for the first time ever, the s and p downgraded the u.s. credit rating. we no longer have that prized
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triple a status. the downgrade came after a volatile day on wall street. after yesterday's drop of more than 500 points, the dow went every which way but sideways today. in the end, it was up slightly. what does the credit downgrade really mean? robert lyles looks into that. >> reporter: there was once a shock heard around the world. tonight that has been coopted to the shock wave certain to be felt around the world. because as the markets close, the historic announcement that the united states sovereign triple-a credit rating must be downgraded to aa plus and it is congress, not the white house to blame, says the credit agency. >> first thing they could have done is raise the debt ceiling in a timely manner so much of this debate had been avoided to begin with. >> they crunched the numbers of the recently approved debt
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ceiling that called for $2.7 trillion in savings and they needed $4 trillion in savings. the white house said it mistaken math. on bay area street -- >> nothing surprising here. the headline i read said blame the republicans. i wouldn't have thought they would blame anyone. >> he may be surprised to hear that the u.s. now has a credit rating lower than germany, the united kingdom, and canada. >> that is because investment experts believe the downgrade to be extremely damaging. warning pension funds that carry mandates of aaa rated holdings will be forced to sell government issued and that could trigger a surge in yield as prices plummet. >> the absolute worse thing we can do, because that will just start a spiral. >> now here's how to best understand s and p's national downgrade today. let's take it in terms of your personal credit score.
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if you're score is currently 8 50rbgs the downgrade wound mean you are below 720. right now it is unclear what the fallout will be, but a possibility if there's a selloff on monday, might get higher interest rates on car loans, credit cards, and adjustable rate mortgages. >> you and i both know the s and p, wait a minute, this is the agency, they didn't do us any favors during the mortgage crisis. >> that's absolutely correct. there are investment experts that say they continued the aaa rating, so why are they doing this now? >> perspective is, they are trying to save fate. if s and p made this huge problem during 2008 and then made a recommendation in april that there might be some problems with our current credit rating, that if they didn't live up to that, then the public's trust in the s and p would fall off.
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> interesting. thanks so much. just about the same time the s and p downgraded u.s. debt, 100 protesters in san francisco's financial district were demonstrating for corporate accountability. the government focused too much on helping big businesses like the banks at the expense of poor americans. >> neighbors in one san francisco neighborhood did a double take today. a headless goat dumped in the gutter. don knapp found out this isn't the first time. >> i lived here for a while and never heard of something like this. >> disturbing and puzzling. a dead beheaded goat turns up on a mission district street. >> i don't know what the deal was with it or who put it there or anything. it's the body. the head was missing and there were parts of the guts hanging out and everything. >> trisha says seeing all that left her sick to her stomach. she took a picture from her apartment, it may be upsetting. >> i was thinking something to
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do with a religious rituals or sacrifices. >> others here also thought it might be santaria. ritual killing. >> the thought of ritual acts come to mind? >> um, yeah, sacrifices maybe. >> gives you the creeps? >> yeah. >> the dead goat is the second beheaded animal found in the mission in a month. >> sounds very much like the mission. you can find anything here. >> this particular goat was headless. >> oh no. i'm glad i didn't see it. >> the goat may have been left as a threat from mission games, says helen. >> maybe they should be less oblique with their messages, whatever it is. >> trisha's cat disappeared earlier in the day. she found him with his head stuck behind a pipe. >> i think he was scared. >> you are thinking whoever did this did that? >> i started thinking that there was some connection. >> she tried to laugh it off,
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but felt she needed stiffer medicine. >> i think i'm going to have a few drinks. >> what's behind the headless goat on the curb here in the mission? was it animal cruelty? ritual? animal control says they don't know, but they hope to find out. anyone with any information is asked to give them a call. a family vacation turned into a nightmare for a family from philadelphia. a hit-and-run driver slammed into a nine-year-old boy leaving a giants game. it happened at 10:30 last night at mission and new montgomery streets in the city. police say the driver hit several other cars. an hour later, the driver of the toyota, 21-year-old andrew vargas was arrested. the victim, ryan white, is in critical condition. i hope he's okay. such a nice family. i hate to see anything bad happen to them. but i hope they are all right. >> were they big phillies fans? >> oh yeah, they were big
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phillies fans. >> doctors say white should make a full recovery. the suspect is charged with hit- and-run, and possession of an open container. other bay area headlines, the popular fountains at cesar chavez are shut off again. this is the fourth time in five years. however, this time it's not because of a parasite making people sick. there was an equipment failure that caused an underground vault to flood. no word tonight on when the water will flow again. with a homicide count of 71 so far this year, the mayor is now open to talking about a curfew for teenagers. something police chief anthony wanted since 2009. but many city leaders, including the mayor said no. a lot of cities already have nighttime curfews for teenagers. >> 35 new san francisco firefighters took their oath today. they are the first graduation class since 2005.
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the rookies will fill jobs opened up by retirement. the department plans to hire 40 more firefighters this year. an amber alert and massive man hunt after a little boy was kidnapped. four-year-old jeremy guthrie was taken from a homeless shelter earlier this morning. after about 12 hours, police found him in an abandoned ford dealership and reunited him with his mom. police arrested his suspected kidnapper. 52-year-old annette hail who was hiding in bushes nearby. the suspect was also staying at the shelter. there's now a new option for parents worried about their kids. kit shows us the kidnapping app. >> straight from the fbi, an iphone app that hopefully you'll never have to use. it's called child id and it allows you to store photos, vital information and physical descriptions of your kids so you can quickly e-mail police if they're missing. the fbi stresses the first thing you should do is call
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911, which you can do from within the app. among other things, there's a chilling checklist of what to do during the first 24 and 48 hours after a kidnapping. one of which is expect that you will be asked to take a polygraph test, volunteer to take one. >> it's a step in the right direction. >> anthony gonzales with child quest international worked with more than 100 families of missing children. he applauds the fbi for offering it, but the app can create a false sense of security. >> just because a parent has an id kit or id app, they think oh great, my kid is safe. johnny is going to be safe for ever. when the reality is, you can only use that app when they go missing. >> at this park, parents pointed out one flaw. once you hit send, it formats the information in the e-mail and attaches the photo, but leaves the address field blank. >> what if i didn't know where to send it? >> in a panic situation, do you think you would be in the right mind to find an e-mail address that you need to send it to?
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>> probably not. quick for me is 911. >> a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the u.s. and getting information out quickly can increase the chance of a happy reunion. in san jose, cbs 5. you have got to see this surveillance video. gun maven burst on to a city bus and starts shooting. how this all started with a mom spanking her toddler. so much disappeared that i could reach into my rib cage. >> bay area man lost a bunch of weight while in jail not because he wanted to, but the jail refused to give him. and no more sipping and surfing. how coffee shops are putting an end to customers who over stay their ,,
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explorer named juno is headed liftoff of the juno on a trek to jupiter. >> the sun powered robotic explorer named juno headed towards jupiter. scientists are hoping juno will answer some of the fundamental questions about the formation of the solar system. they chose jupiter for exploration because they believe it holds material left over from the sun's creation 5 billion years ago. a routine ride on a city bus turns into chaos. >> passengers die for covers, two men open fire with an assault rifle and a handgun. >> after a passenger on this philadelphia bus chastised a young mother for hitting her son. when she got off the bus, her friends were waiting with weapons.
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on board, frantic passengers, some with small children ran to the front door as the firing began. an 80-year-old woman was frozen in the aisle. now keep an eye on the windows to the left. moments after the woman dropped to her knees, a bullet blasted through. all this happened in june. no one was hit, but the gunman and the mother are facing trial. marin county, one place in america where they can't be any shortage of vegetarian options, right? not necessarily. joe vazquez catches up with a celebrity who spent time behind bars and didn't have an option for multiple menu options. >> in a marin county town, there's a shop called the pleasure principle. >> call 70-year-old david mcdonald quirky, don't call him to dinner unless it's vegan. no meat whatsoever. the problem came when the cops threw him in jail recently for possession of controlled
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substances. >> i lost just about a quarter of my body weight. >> the substances were tested and found not to be controlled. the cops released him after 99 days. but during his day, jail guards refused it accommodate his request for a vegetarian meal plan. you can claim you need to eat vegan for religious reasons, but dave mcdonald is not religious. >> i did try to be very distinct with them. any believe for not hurting animals is more profound than any religious belief. >> jail officials cobbled today a diet of vegetables and bread that had no nutrition. he ended up losing 50-pounds. check out this video of a considerably thicker mcdonald last year when we told you about how he was having to shut down his string, but popular novelty store after 35 years. he since gained some of the weight back, but he was concerned for his health. >> at 155, i had sticks for
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arms. i had sunken eyes. they were not recognizing. i could grab the rib cage and reach under my ribs. >> jail officials say it's true, the county that has a farmer's market almost every day of the week would not accommodate a vegan request in jail. david doesn't want to talk on camera, but says his jail personnel were following the law and common practice across most of california. san francisco appears to be an exception as it allows its prisoners to have a vegan request without specifying it's for religious purposes. marin county is reviewing its policy. in mill valley, joe vazquez, cbs 5. sip and surf no more. coffee shops are pulling the plug on so-called laptop loungers. several new york starbucks are covering their computer outlets. pete's coffee does the same thing. they limit wifi pass codes to
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one hour per purchase. it's a move that has some saying it's about time. >> there's no more space to sit and they should get up and leave. >> i mean, you can't use their electricity for eight hours. i mean, honestly. >> a spokesperson for starbucks says the decision to limit a customer's time is up to individual stores and right now it appears to really only be happening in new york. east palo alto kids will be shredding the ramps at a new skate park. city officials broke ground for a 5,000 square foot skate boarding center. the park should be completed in three weeks. the skate park was created to prevent youth violence and provide kids with a healthy and fun alternative to gang membership. >> it's going to take our kids off the street, away from the shopping centers. they are going to be playing here. they are going to be making friends. as long as there are people out
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looking at people doing other activities. >> funding for the project came from the city's hotel tax. professional skate boarder tony hawk kicked in some money. it panned out to be 11 degrees today and throughout the valley. it was cooler in other neighborhoods. now the weekend pinpoint forecast as ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on this friday, our high temperatures banked anywhere from 62 degrees to 88 degrees. that was an 11-degree increase in comparison to thursday. here's the scene tonight. st. peters and paul with misty conditions and overcast skies. all those clouds will continue to linger for tomorrow morning. in fact, officials sun up is at 6:16 and we're not going to see it. due to the intensity, the very deep marine layer extending well inland. here's your saturday pinpoint forecast. we will see the clearing bay side, but it's going to take a while to see any hints of sunshine. in fact, here is what you can anticipate to kick start your weekend. a gray start with localized drizzle and then during the afternoon hours, the clouds
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peel back to the beaches and roll back on shore towards the evening hours. it does appear as if we finally have a little bit of progress in the movement of an area of low pressure established to the north of the bay area. this is what has been enhancing our marine layer and drawing in that cooler air mass. high pressure will expand, but although we will eventually get rid of the drizzle, they really won't see any kind of sizzle here in the bay area. in fact, expect 61 degrees at first pitch. 1:10 tomorrow afternoon as giants play host to the phillies. for your saturday, 81 degrees with the clearing of the skies. 60 no sunshine. backing up into burnette. otherwise east of the bay with a northwest wind up to 20. 70 in alameda. by the way, hope to see you sunday. it is a fast and furious. a benefit for als. see you there. 50, 60s along the coast.
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looks like for the seven-day forecast, very little movement each and every day as far as the temperatures are concerned. you'll want summertime. you really looking at seasonal temperatures now here all the way through friday. again, fast and furious. sunday beginning at 8:00 a.m., all day long. be there. >> okay. > be there, be square. >> they have a warning tonight, more than a warning. >> both teams fired a warning shot. you think they don't like each other, then definitely not. there's a new boss and he's going to be the team starting tight end. plus the giants and phillies rivalry takes it up a notch. sports is next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the giants remain half a game up in the there's not a lot of good news for the giants, but the diamondbacks did lose tonight. the giants remain a half game up in the west. warriors owner in the house. jonathan sanchez making his first start in over a month. giants up 1-0 in the fourth when sanchez runs into trouble. shane ties it with his 11th homer of the season. the phillies took the lead on a groundout and john mayberry finishes off with a two-run shot to left. sanchez lasted 4 2/3. 8-2 phillies in the 6th. when things get ugly. ramon ramirez with a first base and the fly wasn't too happy. he starts towards the mound.
2:05 am
both benches clear. after being held, victorino takes down hitting the coach. the phillies would win the game 9-2. if you go back and look, that's what i saw. you know, wasn't like -- almost have to go unless he wants his teammates calling him chicken. really, i mean that's the way baseball works. >> obviously two outs. i get up there to play and the first pitch is at my back and i want to get an answer. i had no intention of charging the mound. i did step forward and eli felt from looking at his reaction, thought i was going to go and he started jumping around and he tackled polanco and everything escalated from there. >> certainly did. 13,000 reported crowd at tropicana field tonight. a's down 4-0 in the 6th.
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cocoa crisp got his fifth homer of the season. a three-hit gain for the second time this season as a team. the a's pounded out 14 hits. they go on to win 8-4. the a's lost 30 of their last 37 on the road. the raiders have found zach miller's replacement. former giants tight end agreed to a four-year deal. he was a favorite target of eli manning. catching 16 touchdowns the last three seasons. ken and dennis arriving in style at the invitation. rickie looks like a human highlighter and shot the low round of the day, a 64 to move into a four-way tie for the lead. tiger woods is seven shots back after a frustrating day with the putter. he shoots a 1 over 71. >> would it be so bad for you to ease back into this after what you have been through? >> no.
2:07 am
>> why not? >> never have. >> i mean -- >> there would be other guys that came back from injury. >> i'm not other guys. >> no he's not. it is time for the friday night top five at number five. sometimes the play is incredible, even if you don't make the catch. mike cameron loses his glove on the dive and the ball rattles around in the glove before finally falling out. >> and number four, thought he had extra bases. he thought wrong. number three, phil mickelson's pink pants alone were worthy, but he guaranteed a spot. at number two, mike knapply hits one into gap. not a problem who makes the diving catch. the rangers beat the indians in 11 innings. and at number one, trevon
2:08 am
robinson made his debut tonight for the mariners. robinson robs him of a homer. the 23-year-old also picked up his first career hit. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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