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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> i am frank mallicoat. >> we begin with a six hour swat stand off. police responded after they heard shots being fired west market street and san pedro road. sharon chen is live with the latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, an hour ago the man and woman both surrendered they do not appear to be injured. near this busy intersection, mission street and west market street, half a block down west market a man and woman barricaded themselves in his home, six hours after police heard gunfire. about an hour ago they came out hands in the air first the man then the woman in the red sweat shirt. police were in on and off negotiations by phone with the man and woman police believe are boyfriend and girlfriend they wouldn't let police in. the woman told police they were fine, go away but daily city
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swat officers had their guns trained on the house for hours. police responded to an unrelated case an alarm that sounded at a nearby goodwill store all was fine at the store but police heard five shots fired from the house half a block away. officers approached the woman at the top of the stairs of the home who seemed agitated a man pulled her back inside and slammed the front door. police negotiators talked to the man and woman on their cell phones on and off, both insisting they were okay but not coming out officers using a blow horn told them to come out a swat fired five shots to smash the house windows the two surrendered and are under arrest no injuries are reported. the question now, what is inside the house. were they hiding anything. police have just told us they have not found a firearm have not found a weapon but have
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found ammunition inside at this hour, at missions street, west market continues to be closed as police continue to investigate. >> both are safe. that is the good news. >> sharon chen live in daily city. thank you. a tragic ending to the search for two teenagers who went rafting gown walnut creek channel. their bodies -- down walnut creek channel. their bodies were found yesterday miles down stream. kristin is in walnut creek. >> reporter: hi there sydnie. in a couple days hundreds of people are expected to gather here to remember matt miller and gavin powell the two los lomas high school students swept away in that tragic rafting accident. friends and classmates have gathered to share their grief online. tribute pages went up within hours of the tragic discovery. the juniors were found dead
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sunday after going rafting on walnut creek channel. >> it is a flood plain, with the recent rains, makes the creek actually swell, becomes very fast moving. >> reporter: the boys told family members they were going rafting and they didn't return home. with school out for the long president's day weekend, students have taken their grief to facebook organizing a candlelight vigil wednesday that hundreds have promised to attend and posting deeply personal messages one from what appears to be a family member reads matt, you are my brother and best friend the boy's bodies were retrieved from the same canal that claimed two lives last spring. jane hogan survived but her husband and son died when their
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car crashed. millers memorial will happen sunday, no word when powells funeral plans will be be. thank you. the mother of one of those hijacked american sailors off the coast of somalia lives here in the bay area. pirates seized the yacht and four passengers friday off the coast of east africa, travels from india to oman. the couple who own the boat have been sailing around the world for six years distributing bibles in their hometown of santa monica, friends are praying for that couple. >> jean is a very very kind woman, very generous, very faith filled. >> the mother of another passenger, lives here in san francisco the yacht, if it makes it to the somali shores, the hostages will likely be taken inland. a threatening call for libya's ruler to step down.
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if moammar gadhafi does not give up power the libyan people will get rid of him. egyptian inspired unrest in libya's capital. [ horns honking ] >> reporter: protestors in libya show missiles they claim to have taken from the military. amateur video appears to show demonstrators in control of the nations largest city. they set fires and stopped traffic. gunfire erupted overnight in clashes of security forces and demonstrators. protestors want the long time ruler, moammar gadhafi to step down. on state tv his son warned the unrest could lead to civil war he vowed to fight to the last man and last bullet. since protests began last week government forces have reportedly killed more than 200 people. >> in almost all cases, these were peaceful protestors,
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killed by gunfire. >> reporter: obama administration is condemning the crackdown, indicating the libyan government could face consequences, for using force against the protestors. >> it is another day of protests on the streets of yemen. anti government demonstrators are calling on him to give up his rule he is calling for a national dialogue instead of giving up power. in bahrain a group of young protestors are demanding the entire ruling monarchy step down. eight people have died in clashes with government troops in this tiny gulf nation one of washington's key allies for fighting terrorism. joel brown cbs news the white house. >> back in the bay area muni's executive director could be leaving according to the san francisco chronicle, nathaniel ford is a finalist for running the airport authority in
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washington dc. he will hear if he got the job by march 1st. his departure would come at a critical time for muni they are facing a billion dollar short fall over the next 20 years. the last day to help out schools in contra costa county buying a new car. this holiday weekend, 14 concord car dealerships are partnering with local schools for the president's day sale extravaganza. some proceeds from car sales go to music and athletics in the mount diablo unified school district. will this year 's bay to breakers race be the last centennial park race, part costume party part race will be run in may there is no title sponsor since ing stopped sponsoring it. that race has been losing money for years combine that with ongoing complaints like public drinking and trash and future of bay to breakers is unclear. coming up, a possible break
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through for a recovering cancer survivor. straight ahead. >> critics say it increased their drive time now the first real statistic about how the 680 express lanes effect traffic. >> economy is found and people are complaining about fees. that does not mean the world will end. supervisor to slinging drinks now a possible return to politics, the power position chris daily has his eye on coming up. wet and cold weekend weather pattern around the bay, brought snow into the local hills and 2000 feet some lower spots as we take a look at the mountain this morning, plenty of snow on mount hamilton. more snow on the way i will have details coming up in your complete forecast ,,,,,,,,,,
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when it purposely raised the pressure on its san bruno pg&e violated federal rules when it purposely raised the san bruno pipeline. it acknowledges it increased technology in 2003 and 2008. federal regulators tell the san francisco chronical after each of those pressure spikes pg&e should have inspected the pipeline for weak wells. those increases were safe and necessary. santa clara council sending a message to governor brown. don't take the money away for santa clara stadium. they have committed $40 million to the stadium, governor brown wants to do away with
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redevelopment agent is hes and funnel that away. they plan to approve official language in the stadium deal stressing they have been working on it for four years. >> when i-680 express lane opened up, traffic delays were expected at least for a couple weeks. matt bigler tells us some drivers claim they are seeing delays some five months later. drivers on 680 through fremont have been complaining drive times increased when hov lanes were installed, allowing solo drivers to pay a toll and drive in the car pool lane. we have our first objective data, looking when the lanes were first installed and after. it finds there is no change in some cases drive times increased in some cases they decrease. on average they are pretty much staying the same. we have good news for everybody who drives on 680, whether or not you pay the toll, cal trans plans to open up these metering
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lights, turn on the metering lights in may and hopefully when that happens, the entire commute on 680 will be smoother whether or not you pay the toll. that is the latest from fremont i am matt bigler for cbs 5. >> san francisco's most out spoken former supervisor could be the city's next mayor. >> i will politically haunt you. > [ overlapping voices ] >> for the biggest fumble in san francisco politics it is on like donkey kong. >> daily known for his out bursts and outrageous comments, he says the progressives need a quote big name challenger in the race and he has the power to bring that to the election. >> a stale mate over union rights continue in wisconsin.
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demonstrators are angry over republican backed measures that would strip bargaining rights for most public employees the state's governor says the bill is necessary to balance wisconsin's budget. 14 democratic senators who fled the vote, will miss votes on other items tomorrow. new technique that may help women regain what they have lost coming up. and we see looking at mount diablo, plenty of snow thereupon, this hour as well, the weekend left a bit of the white stuff in local mountains and looks like there is more on the way. your forecast coming up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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continues to batter the midwest. officials in >> this is no fun. heavy snow, and freezing rain continues to batterer midwest, they are urging drivers to stay off the roads, wind gusts 30 miles an hour. storm has dumped up to a foot of snow on central wisconsin, minnesota could see 18 inches by the time the storm is over, hundreds of flights have been cancelled in minneapolis, st.
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paul and detroit. now the chilly weather doing a number on us in the bay area, have you seen the hills lately? a live shot over mount diablo several inches of snow fell over the weekend closing mount hamilton road, santa cruz mountains, stretch of highway 35 closed. crews remove snow. despite tricky road conditions people are heading to the hills to enjoy rare winter settings and guess what? i guess we are not done yet because i heard snow on thursday. below a thousand feet. >> it is pretty chilly. this snow could stick around for awhile. it probably will we saw 3 to 5 inches in the local mountains over the weekend and looks like a brief break setting up right now, but on diablo, chopper 5 chasing some people up the hill, got them on the run there. a few inches of snow will
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likely stick for the next couple days as frank mentioned, more on the way coming into the week, colder air mass, comes into the region. could bring snow down officially, looks like a thousand feet, possibly lower we haven't seen a significant snowfall, in the city of san francisco since 1976. so other than a few snow flurries that is the last time we saw measurable snow and that could be quite the event here, come this weekend. as we see, just a few widely scattered returns around the bay, puffy cumulis showing up on radar. showers off the coast though expected to linger out there, as the center of circulation, parallels the coastline, sliding to the south, that is where most of this unstable air is after this hour. as we look at the temperatures around the area continued cool, upper 40s. mid-50s. throughout the area, about what we are going to peak out at. so we are well below normal as we check in air quality wise,
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we will be moderate today and tomorrow for most locations except the south central bay where they are looking for pretty good air quality conditions here as we see, center of circulation sliding south along the coast, picked up the clouds, overnight lows, from chilling out too much. tonight skies will clear as this energy goes south and we will see much colder temperatures across the region. very productive, 4 to 6 inches of rain in the mountains, near normal this time of year as mentioned there is more on the way for the weekend, there is our low sliding south, patchy fog gone for now, slight chance of showers will be with us through the day mainly at the coast as we will see, these conditions improve, for tomorrow and wednesday. before the next round of precipitation heads our way and again you see some pretty moderate looking rain showers, in the offshore waters which is where it is expected to stay through the day seven-day forecast dries us out warms things up a couple degrees through mid-week look what
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happens come the weekend as that air mass looks to be colder, than the one we just saw with potential for lower snow levels. prepare accordingly, winter is not over yet. >> thanks very much. a possible break through in breast reconstruction for women a new technique using stem cells helping women grow new breasts after cancer surgery it involves putting a special plastic mold under the skin injecting the area with the patients own stem cells. those showily grow until new breast tissue is formed several patients had the procedure in london fda has not approved the technique in the u.s. but experts say it could be here within five years. recyclables and compost. >> you would think san francisco holds the green title, right, well, its reputation might be nothing but rubbish when we come back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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badly injured when the van >> it is time for this week's best buys some growing areas have cold cold temperatures and some prices have gone way up. some not so much but there is a lot of difference in pricing. check your ads and check quality. we are going to start with where the winter has not borrowed much, bananas they are
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priced great right now. some stores are 49¢s a pound, but your average is 59¢s a pound they are beautiful this time of year. red peppers, field red peppers elongated great sauteed not great to stuff but sautee they are wonderful. loaded with vitamin c find them for $1.99 a pound. i have seen them as high as $4.99 check around. now we will go to nectarines i said a few weeks ago in a few weeks, now they will get bigger, sweeter, less expensive. look how beautiful these are. loaded with flavour, nice and large, a lot of sugar, $1.49 there you go a few best buys to check on, eat fresh stay healthy save money. all right tony tonight at 5, show dogs badly injured when the van they are in catches fire heroic rescue attempts to save them. >> an extreme couponner says
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she has not paid for shampoo or toothpaste for years. san francis cans may not be as green as you think. >> according to a new survey many people are clueless when it comes to the city's recycling and composting laws department of environment says one third of what is being tossed in the trash, could be recycled or composted now one of the big trip ups, plastics, officials say pretty much all plastic except for plastic bags can be recycled at least in the city of san francisco. >> it does get confusing. >> we have a recycling program here. >> that is it for the cbs 5 news at noon our next newscast at 5. >> eyewitness news always on
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what is it? what's wrong? >> katie: (sighs) i don't know how to tell you this. um, something terrible has happened. >> brooke: what? what is it? >> katie: an--an explosion. >> ridge: where? when? >> katie: uh, at amber's mom's trailer. uh, apparently, there was something wrong with the heat, and she went out to check on the propane tank, and it exploded. >> brooke: so is amber okay? was she hurt? >> katie: no. someone else. (sighs) >> ridge: tawny? >> hope: n


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