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tv   The Early Show  CBS  February 21, 2011 7:00am-8:59am PST

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probably a good thing it is a holiday. we want to get you the latest on this nasty weather which is affecting much of the nation. the system stretches 1,800 miles from the dakotas to new england. some areas can expect 15 inches of snow and over 1,000 flights have been canceled. liz collin from wcco is in minneapolis with more. liz, good morning? >> reporter: good morning. this february storm made winter worst for minnesota especially for travelers. a winter storm in effect for at least a few more hours. last night a an inch of snow per hour and some parts could end up with 18 inches of snow by the time this is said and done. the snow, ice and wind made many roads impassable. many people will be spending this president's day digging
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out. more than 1,100 flights in the midwest were canceled ahead of the storm and it will take a couple of days to make up for the backlog. crews are keeping an eye on the metrodome. crews are heating the inside to 85 degrees to melt the snow off the roof. temperatures in minnesota in the 20s throughout the week, meaning all this snow won't be going anywhere any time soon and that will add to spring flooding concerns. of course, that is if spring ever comes. liz collin, in minneapolis for cbs news. >> now jeff glor with a check of the headlines. the libyan government remains defiant this morning saying it will fight until the last bullet. protests in benghazi have moved to tripoli. the son of the country's leader moammar gadhafi is warning of a
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civil war. ellen pizzi is in bahrain with more on that. allen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the off of politician concessions to end the violence is being debated and indications talks will begin with the government. that is in stark contrast to libya where similar offer from moammar gadhafi simply spurred more violence. protesters appear to be in control of benghazi where the revolt began, although control may not be accurate. the video coming out on sites like youtube that cannot be verify showed young men brandishing weapons looted from the military. crowds chapted support. an army unit is reported to have defected to the protesters and
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the protests have moved to tripoli. reports from eyewitnesss spoke on gun fire. teargas and video emerged of gar banal bins being wheel sbood streets. gadha gadhafi's middle son seif went on television with concessions about changing the national flag and dire warnings of civil war. forget about the first regime. then we start a system we can agree on. he said the military would fight to the last man, the last woman, the last bullet to defend his father and rivers of blood would fall. with chaos spreading and symbols of power being attacked be protesters no longer afraid of the iron forces, it seems less likely the regime can hold on
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without extreme bloodshed. the latest report is government buildings are on fire. more fighting at the green square. bp is pulling expatriate staff out of the country. the british government is bringing out diplomats but is keeping its embassy open. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, the turmoil in the middle east is pushing up the price of crew. oil prices rose $1.50, approaching $88 a barrel. the price of gas per gallon is $3.18. now back over to chris. >> jeff, thank you. now to the budget battle in wisconsin. the head of the powerful teachers union is asking teachers to return to work. the republican party will take action tomorrow with or without the democrats who fled last week. >> reporter: good morning, chris.
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despite brutal weather in madison today, word is this could be the biggest day of protests yet. it is a holiday and many union workers have the day off and will be bussed in from around the state. bitter, rainy weather drove the people and protests inside on sunday where a sixth straight day demonstrators packed the capitol rotunda, talking up unions and talking trash about scott walker. he says taxpayers can no longer afford protracted contract battles with the state worker union and wants to take away their collective bargaining rights. mary bell, head of the teachers union has called on teachers who do not have presidents day off to return to school, but many >> i want to say thank you for
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governor walker for mobilizing us. >> reporter: there is no denying the energy. tens of thousands have marched in madison. the governor remains on message and dug in his heels and vowed not to compromise. >> for us it is about balancing the budget. the other political stories are a sideshow. >> reporter: a sideshow that includes the disappearance of 14 minority democratic senators who left the state to avoid a losing vote. this weekend for the first time conservative and tea party groups showed up to support walker. >> this is not a power grab. it is making it fair between private sector workers and public sector and unions who have had a cushy deal. >> reporter: the prounion demonstrators worry if wisconsin cuts power, other states will follow suit. >> this is not just about us. this is about america. >> reporter: americans who come from right to work states may be
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wondering why this is a big deal. unions have been part of life in wisconsin for generations. many here say they can't even begin to imagine life without them. cynthia bowers, cbs news, madison, wisconsin. >> joining us now, senator minority leader mark miller, one of the 14 democrats who left wisconsin to stall the vote. he joins us from an undisclosed location. it is outside of wisconsin. senator, good morning to you. >> good morning, erica. >> the senator majority leader said he will reconvene the senator tomorrow. will you and your 13 colleagues be there to move this process forward? >> he is going to reconvene it on normal business not on the special session bill that caused us to walk out. >> will you be there to be part of that business? that, too, is business you need to be a part of? >> if we go back, we will be forced to take up the bill that
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has stripped away workers right. the unions have agreed to the governors economic demands. all they ask for is for them to be able to keep the workers right that has been a long-term tradition in wisconsin. >> part of that is collective bargaining agreements. there is a proposal by moderate republicans in the state that would take those collective bargaining rights away but only two years, bringing them back in 2012. unions have agreed they will pay more, their workers will. if you bring those two together it seems like we could start to come to a compromise. is that something you could get behind? >> the problem is the governor has to agree. the governor has done nothing but insist that it has to be his way or nothing. the governor needs to recognize this is a democracy and a democracy you negotiate.
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the unions, the public employees have agreed to the economic demands. all they ask is to be able to retain workers rights and we are supporting them in that. >> do you feel democrats could work together with more moderate republicans, amongst yourself you could come to an agreement that could put pressure on the governor? >> absolutely. absolutely. i think cooler heads need to prevail. workers need to retain their rights. they have given up the economic demands the governor needs to balance the budget. let's find a compromise. the governor needs to be part of that. >> what is your plan specifically? we know there are tough choices and tough cuts that do have to be made for the state of wisconsin. >> yes, but that doesn't include stripping workers rights. that has nothing to do with balancing the budget. >> what are your ideas, sir?
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>> the idea is you negotiate. you don't negotiate in the press. that is what the governor should have done. he should have negotiated with the workers he is the head of. he refused to do that. he tried to impose his will and unilaterally stripping away workers rights. >> i want to be clear, is there something specific you can give us that you would put on the table to begin those negotiations? >> right. we're putting on the table the public employees have given you want you want, governor. you give them the ability to retain their rights as workers. >> senator mark miller, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> chris? wisconsin may be getting the most attention, but not the only state where governors are going head to head with unions.
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nine republican governors from nevada to new jersey are trying to get major concessions from the unions. 45 states and the district of columbia are facing budget short falls totaling $125 billion. cbs news political analyst john dickerson joins us from washington to talk about the national implications about the wisconsin protest. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> we see governor scott walker is digging in. the democratic state senators have no intention of coming back. how do you see this playing out? >> someone's got to give. the unions said they will give on benefits. it is not just collective bargaining. they are worried about the governor's plan that make it difficult for the unions to survive. somebody's got to give. that may include the democrat senators going back to the
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state. >> some says if i don't live in wisconsin, this doesn't affect me. this could affect a number of people in a number of states in the nation. >> if you are in a union, this is not about shrinking benefits, it is whether unions can survive to organize and raise money. if you are not, there are 45 other states with budget deficits and what this shows is just how bad it can get when the squeeze comes on. so if in your state it doesn't hit the unions, it is going to hit somebody. >> you talk about this being a tea party movement to the left. >> the tea party existed within the republican party but they had an energizing moment. this is the energizing moment on the left. they were energized in 2006, 2008 and in 2010 they were disspirited. barack obama did not turn out to be the president they hoped.
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>> let's talk about the gop controlled house that passed a budget calling for $60 billion cutting from federal programs. did the republicans run a risk of a real political risk with such cuts affecting so many millions of people? >> the first risk would be if they didn't pass such cuts because the tea party backers want to see them deliver. so they have been able to do that. in the long-term, yes, they run up against the problem, if people feel the squeeze and pain, that gets them energized and energized to not like republicans. the big cuts are not likely to pass because the democrats control the senate and the president would not sign such cuts into law. >> the president got himself into this situation calling it an assault on the unions, what is going on in wisconsin. is it smart for the president to get involved. >> the white house officials say this is the only thing the president said.
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he is trying to say everybody should sacrifice, but this is extra. they are asking union workers to do more. he doesn't want to become the national union boss so he probably won't say more. >> john dickerson in washington. john, thank you very much. >> thanks, chris. let's talk weather this morning. marysol castro. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. when folks got used to spring like temperatures another snowstorm hits. take a look at the national picture. on the west coast, warmer to cooler temperatures in the southeast. it is going to be sunny. here is a
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well, winter weather pattern for the bay area means 2 to 3 inches of snow in the high country, bit of a break today, a few scattered showers showing up on the high- definition doppler most of the energy will remain in offshore waters, partly cloudy through mid-week come the endover the week into next weekend back to the cold and wet snow levels lowering to near sea level thanks so much. that is your latest weather. erica and chris, don't get too used to the sunny weather. >> i'm going to focus on the southwest. imagine that i'm there. >> plan your vacation. >> thanks. coming up -- drama on the high seas.
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four americans kidnapped by somali pirates. we will have the latest on whether the u.s. navy is headed to the rescue. an alarming new trend. youtube videos showing kids hurting themselves. what do you need to know about it? we'll take a look at the warning signs. you are watching the "early show" on cbs. even after you take it off. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics. [ man ] ♪ trouble our makeup do that? ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance.
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later gator. when we come back here on "the early show," drama on the high seas. four americans sailing around the world have been captured by somali pirates. they were hijacked on friday, and are now headed toward the somali coast. >> the good news in all this, they're apparently being shadowed by a u.s. warship. what does this mean for what could potentially be a rather dramatic rescue at sea? we'll get you the very latest on that as "the early show" continues here on cbs. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by farmers'
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the bodies of two boys were recovered from the channel of walnut creek, a day after they the bodies of two boys recovered from the channel of walnut creek a day after they went rafting in the swollen waterway that runs through walnut creek in concord. 17-year-old gavin powell, 16- year-old mathew miller were found dead in separate areas of the creek yesterday. an 18-year-old arrested at the high school friday afternoon accused of texting threats to another student last tuesday a 14-year-old was arrested because of threats against a teacher.
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san francisco unclear on recycling. city's department of environment finds one third of items thrown in trash should go to recyclerring or composting bins. mossie testimonies can be recycled but end up at the dump. traffic in just a moment stay with us ,,,, i tore both my rotator cuffs. first i injured this shoulder, then this one, then this one two more times. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in
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and just said, "no, can't fix it." but he didn't give up. today i can throw my kids around in the pool. i can still coach rugby and share my love of the game. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit good morning if you are riding mass transit a lot of forms are on holiday schedule
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including bart. system wide they are running on time but a typical saturday schedule same with muni, cal train and alameda harbour bay and oakland ferry service completely cancelled. holiday light across the bay area for president's day holiday, no traffic troubles heading into san francisco across the bay bridge. problem free across the golden gate bridge, looking good across the bay area. that is a check of traffic. here is jim. a little more weather than traffic here. live definition doppler showing the bulk of the moisture remaining in offshore waters. we are looking at more clouds and rain for greater bay area, stay dry mid-week but as we look at the seven-day forecast you see what happens come the end of the woke as it is back to the wet, winter pattern snow levels lower than they were last weekend.
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i've celebrated every american tradition...except one... spring break cancun yo!!!!!!!! try the all american jack and enter to win an all-american spring break for you and 10 of your friends. welcome back to "the early show" here this morning. pictures of minneapolis, minnesota right now. getting blanketed with snow. in that part of the country again leading to massive flight delays all across the nation. over 1,000 flights in that area canceled today alone. so now it's time to play catch-up once again. >> could be a rough presidents' day for a lot of folks who have to travel today. just ahead this morning, we're also closely following what is essentially a race against time happening off the coast of africa. pirates there have captured a
7:29 am
yacht, four americans are on board that boat. they are being taken by the pirates to somalia, but there is a u.s. warship reportedly ready to intervene. >> we're going to have the very latest on this high seas drama coming up in just a moment. there is also growing concern this morning about internet videos like these. they show kids hurting themselves, and a brand-new study says watching these videos does more harm than good. we're going to talk to a child psychologist about the warning signs parents have to be watching out for. but, before we get to all of that -- >> that's really tough to watch. before we do get to that, as you mentioned, we do want to get you caught up on the other headlines we're following on this monday morning for you. jeff glor standing by at the news desk. jeff, good morning. >> erica, good morning to you. breaking news in libya this morning. anti-government protests have spread to the capital city of tripoli, and the bbc is reporting that libyan leader moammar gadhafi has actually left the capital, and has not been confirmed yet. demonstrators continue battling with security forces. more than 200 people have been killed in six days of protests
7:30 am
in libya. gadhafi's son said last night the government will fight until the last bullet. an engine failure forced a delta airlines jet to make an emergency landing on sunday. the 737 had just taken off from fort lauderdale but was able to get back. 125 people were on board. no one was hurt. lawmakers in texas are set to allow college students and professors to carry concealed weapons on campus. supporters say the armed students might potentially prevent a massacre. the university of texas
7:31 am
a scary situation off the coast of east africa this morning. somali pirates have struck again, capturing a yacht with four americans on board. they're frantically trying to get their hostages to somalia but are being shadowed by a u.s. warship. cbs news correspondent mark phillips now has the very latest. ♪ >> reporter: in their hometown church in santa monica, hymns were sung and prayers said for jean and scott adam, now being held hostage by somali pirates. >> jean is a very, very kind
7:32 am
woman, very generous, very faith-filled. >> reporter: the couple had been sailing around the world since 2004, distributing bibles. also being held, two crew members, phyllis mckay and bob riggle. the hijacked yacht "the quest" is now reported to be heading for the pirate coast of somalia. >> typically they're after a larger ship, because they're wanting the vessel to ransom back to the company that owns the vessel. >> reporter: the u.s. navy is reportedly shadowing the yacht, and may be trying to negotiate with the pirates. hoping they give up or drop their guard, allowing a rescue by other means. the adams' website details how they've been sailing with a larger group, hoping for the safety of numbers. but in explikbly and at great risk, they split off on their own, into an area where bibles and prayers were of little help. >> i think ideally for the united states they'll intercept this ship, there will be something of a military
7:33 am
standoff, hostage negotiation at sea. but there are not a lot of very good options. >> reporter: the incident comes in the same week an american court sentenced a somali pirate to 33 years in prison for another hijack attempt. pirates are currently holding 30 ships, and more than 660 hostages. "the quest" and its crew are the latest victims. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> joining us now is maritime security analyst tim hart. tim, good morning. >> good morning. >> we just heard in that report there are not a lot of very good options at this point. is military intervention the best option? >> it's one of the options. the issue is, i think, in situations like this is that there is a strong precedent in terms of ransom payment and hostages being released. a military intervention is obviously a very high risk strategy. it's a very small boat, a confined area at the moment. and if the vessel reaches the somali shore, it's likely that they'll be taken off that, and possibly split up.
7:34 am
so, it really just changed the dynamics somewhat. >> how vital is it that the navy does intercede before they get to the coast? and then how did the situation change, if the somalis do get them to the coast? >> well, as i would say, if we move them onshore, and due to one, what they've done previously, it's very likely that they will split some of the hostages up because they will fear an intervention and a rescue attempt. if we look at what happened to the chandlers, british couple, that was a very similar situation. in terms of previous rescue attempts you had the french stormed in the past which led to the death of the captain, unfortunately. so it is i a very high risk strategy. there have been military interventions in the past. it's weighing of 9 options, and there's going to be a certain amount of assessment of that risk by the naval forces and the judgment made on whether they can safely do that. >> is that why the navy, when we say the navy is shadowing. how close, how much are we talking to when we say the navy is shadowing this yacht?
7:35 am
>> it will depend. they will want to make sure they still have the vessel in their sights and they're want to make sure they're putting a certain amount of pressure. but, the border is very much in the somali's court at this time and they will want to, somalis will be almost dictating. they will have better communications from the speed of the warship and they will very likely put of something of a perimeter for them coming in any closer and threaten possibly. >> in the report we talked about the somali man who was sentenced to 33 years here in new york on friday. could retribution be at play here? >> i think that's extremely unlikely. judging by where, you know, the vessel was, it was very high risk area. we knew that there were groups operating in that area. a number of hijackings in the previous few weeks, about three or four. so it -- and seeing the yacht is, you know, it's very opportunistic to sort of move very, very quickly. so i think it's very unusual
7:36 am
because the time, they have, you know, previously gone for political retribution but it's not, i don't think in this case it was. >> it is big business out there. 30 ships currently being held hostages. >> at least. i think it's fair to say that's at least 30 ships. there's a lot of smaller vessels such as dows or fishing vessels which don't get counted. >> tim hart, thank you very much for coming in this morning. coming up next, it is a disturbing new trend, young people watching others harm themselves on youtube, then copying their behavior. we're going to tell you what's happening here, why it's happening and what you could possibly do about it. this is "the early show" here on cbs.
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while using nasonex. it does not come in generic form. ask your doctor if nasonex is right for you. a new study out today finds videos on youtube could be having an influence on teens and young adults, cutting themselves and engaging in other forms of self-injury. we do want to warn you before we show you these videos they could be very difficult for you to watch. so please keep that in mind as we move forward with the segment. and we were able to find a numb bemp of these videos, we should point out, simply by typing in a couple of keywords into youtube and searching videos like this
7:40 am
one that you're watching right here. joining us with more this morning on the alarming phenomenon is psychologist and "early" show contributor dr. jennifer hartstein. this is something you are all too familiar with because you treat a number of people in your practice who involve -- who engage, rather, in self-harm. >> right. >> but this study, in particular, found 14% to 24% of young adults say they've engaged in some sort of behavior that harms themselves at least once. that seems high. >> it is high. and if we really look at it, that's one in four teens. and they really base it on young adults being 14 to 25. and it's happening frequently, at least one time they're trying it, to see what it's like. may not go back to it. but the repeating number of teens that are doing it is a little harder to know. >> when we look at it, too, it looks so painful. >> mm-hmm. >> and your mind might automatically go to, okay, maybe this is, they're headed towards some other way of harming themselves. but this is referred to as nonsuicidal self-injury. >> exactly. it is not suicide intentioned most of the time. the aim here is not to kill themselves.
7:41 am
although, because of the severity of their cutting, they might. the aim is real tloi regulate emotion. so that can be through cutting, burning, picking their skin, picking at wounds, any of those things. but they feel something so intensely that the self-injury actually modulates emotion for them rather than unhealthier coping skill like you and i might have of going running or going to the gym. >> this is the way they cope with it. who is doing this, though? >> teenagers are doing it. mostly women, 95% of the people that were involved, that they looked at in this study, were women. so it is a higher pref ransy for women. but it does go across genders, across cultures, and usually by 18 it's left. >> if you're concerned what should you be looking for? >> you want to look for three main things. first you want to look at unexplained cuts and bruises. where did they come from? secondly you want to look at quickly shifted mood swings. and are they wearing long sleeves, long pants in the winter and summer all the time. >> you recommend parents get online, watch the videos so you know what you're dealing with. >> talk to your kids. that's what you've got to do. >> means a lot. jen, thanks. just ahead this morning, if you
7:42 am
think you are financially ready for retirement when the time comes, you may want to wait a second until you see this next segment. turns out most of us are not even close to having enough money to be ready for those golden years. what you can do about it now, though. when we return. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. the uconnect touch system on the 2011 dodge journey controls the radio, media player, heated seats, climate control, navigation, phone and more. this means that if you call shotgun on a dodge journey,
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i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. how can the gold card help serve your business? booming is taking care of your business by taking care of your employees. in this morning's "moneywatch" are you ready for retirement? turns out many americans do not have enough to maintain their stand of living once they stop working. cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with tips on how to maximize your 401(k) no matter how old you are. >> good morning. >> what happens? did retirement just sneak up on a generation of people? >> it really did. people weren't planning ahead. 25% of people 46 years old to 64 years old ve no retirement savings swhafrs. those 65 years and older have, 22% of those 65 years and older have nothing socked away. >> let's talk 401(k) and how
7:46 am
much people should be contributing. if you were already, it probably wasn't enough. >> you want to max it out as much as you can, $16,500 is the maximum contribution you can make to your 401(k) this year. the vanguard group recommends putting away 12% to 15% of your annual salary in your 401(k). >> the key is do not wait. start as early as possible. >> it cannot be said enough. and if you look at the numbers, the numbers are the most telling thing of all. if you have 40 years before retirement, and you start socking away 12% of your $50,000 income, by the time you are ready to retire you will have $2.5 million. that's a big number, chris. now, take someone who has 20 years before retirement. the same income, $50,000 a year, marginal raises over that time. by the time they retire, if they're socking away 12%, they're only going to have $370,000. that is like a fifth of what you would get if you just started 20 years earlier. >> as soon as you start working get involved in that 401(k). it's like free money. the average person. let's talk percentage income.
7:47 am
what the average person needs to live comfortably. >> the way you want to think about retirement is 85% of what i'm making the year before i retire is what i should anticipate living on on a yearly basis into retirement. >> if i'm in my 40s or 50s, and i have not done a good job with either the 401(k) or savings plans what can i now do this late in the game? >> this late in the game there is one thing you can do with your 401(k). once you're 50 years plus you can do catch-up contributions to your 401(k) of $5,500 a year. also diversify those investments. pay off that debt. and test drive your budget. one of the greatest ways to think about, well how am i going to live in retirement is to try it for a year before you retire. >> rebecca jarvis, thank you so much. this is information people need. >> they do. >> hope they take it to heart. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. amy, you're gonna love college.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
when we come back, massachusetts senator scott brown, updates from his "60 minutes" profile last night. >> he's going to talk a little more with us this morning about his new book, about the revelations in that book, and what it's like to open up with some of that stuff, after holding these secrets in for some 40 years. he's with us live in the studio just ahead on "the early show." can't wait for spring? then get to sears big presidents day event plus get a ten dollar award card when you spend fifty
7:52 am
on apparel. friday through tuesday. at sears.
7:53 am
santa clara is trying to hold onto money for a new 49ers stadium. the city's >> good morning i am frank mallicoat. santa clara is trying to hold on to money for a new 49ers stadium they have committed $40 million governor brown wants to eliminate all redevelopment agencies. tomorrow city council plans to stress they have been working on it for four years. two teens are dead after going rafting in a walnut creek channel their bodies were found down stream from their deflated raft. both boys were students at los
7:54 am
lomas high school. muni's director may be leaving. he is a finallest to run the aport authority in washington dc. the decision is expected by march 1st. his departure will come at a time when muni is facing a $1 billion short fall over the next 20 years. that is your traffic and weather on this holiday in just a moment. stay right there ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning travel on bay area freeways great. holiday light everywhere across the bay area. nemitz freeway to oakland. heading up through downtown oakland, there was an accident reported northbound 880, auto mall parkway. that was quickly cleared to the right shoulder. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights, no delay at all all the way heading into san francisco, same thing across the san mateo bridge. one more traffic camera, showing you how well traffic is moving across the bay area. northbound traffic 280 looking great. that is your traffic here is jim. okay let's look at your high-definition doppler at this hour where we see the bulk of moisture cruising by in offshore waters a few scattered light returns across the bay this morning but more cloudrain at this point, and that trend is expected to continue through the day. leave us cloudy through mid- week much colder weather headed
7:57 am
our way through the weekend, friday, saturday, look at wet and cold weather, snow levels lower than they were this weekend. back to winter we go ,,,, when your eyes are smiling... you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably...
7:58 am
and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. there it >> there it is. the white stuff coming down, and it looks this way for much of the country on this presidents' day. looking out the window, winter is back. >> not spring yet, folks. not here on the east coast. >> can't wait. >> midsection of the country all the way to the east. good morning. welcome back to "the early show". i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. coming up on the program he has become a political powerhouse.
7:59 am
senator scott brown is making headlines on capitol hill these days with the release of his new book "against all odds," which is out today. he describes his childhood and the man and the politician he is today. we'll speak with him in just a few minutes. >> we also have a possible breakthrough to tell you about when it comes to breast reconstruction surgery. scientists have come up with a procedure which uses stem cells to help a woman in many ways regrow her breast tissue after having surgery. dr. jennifer ashton is here to explain how it works and how readily available this could be at this point. first, though, jeff glor standing by at the news desk with a check of the morning's top headlines. good morning, once again. the latest winter storm in the upper midwest is causing serious travel trouble this morning. the storm trechz from montana all the way east. 1,800 miles. drivers in many cases are being urged stay off dangerous roads. more than 1,100 flights have been canceled. there are unconfirmed
8:00 am
reports this morning that libyan leader muammar qaddafi has left libya's capital. an anti-government protest sweeping through the middle east reached tripoli, libya's capital. they're clashing with security forces. human rights groups say more than 200 have been killed overall in libya. it is believed demonstrators now control libya's second largest city benghazi. military has seized military bases and weapons. the son of qaddafi said the government would fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet. bp has about 140 employees in libya. the evacuation of employees will begin in the next two days. on capitol hill senate democrats are in no hurigh pressure hurry to take up $61 billion in budget cuts approved by house republicans, and that is increasing the chance of a government shutdown. congress comes back from recess next monday with only a few days to negotiate before a budget deadline on friday, march 4th.
8:01 am
in wisconsin the budget battle continues. workers say they'll agree to cuts in health care and some retirement benefits, but governor scott walker says he won't compromise on a plan to take away some union bargaining rights. mark miller is one of 14 democratic state senators who left the state to prevent a vote. earlier he spoke with erica. >> the governor needs to recognize that this is a democracy, and in a democracy you negotiate. the union, the public employees have agreed to the demands. all they ask is to be able to retain, and we're supporting them in that. >> the head of the teachers union has called on her members to return to work today. and an unusual smash and grab. take a look at this. apparently all for a drink. police say a doctor drove his suv right into a liquor store entrance near providence, rhode island, last week and the security tape shows he tries to reach in, grab a bottle. we couldn't reach it, he just drives back off.
8:02 am
we will check in with marysol castro once again with another storm. >> another storm. it's unbelievable. we got too used to the spring-like temperatures, jeff. let's take a look at the national picture. not too bad out in the west coast. the southeast, absolutely gorgeous. temperatures on the rise. in the southeast here is the
8:03 am
>> thanks. that's your latest weather. now here's erica. >> mary, thanks. scott brown first attracted national attention when he won the senate seat long held by ted kennedy. he is in the spotlight for a very different reason. he has a new book out today that reveals how he was sexually and physically abused as a child. last night on "60 minutes" he told leslie stahl how the book helped reconcile with his parents and he is learning to live his life under increased public scrutiny. >> this book, don't you think it's going to be twice as much?
8:04 am
>> i don't think that. >> but it's awfully intimate. it's like going on "oprah." spilling it all out there. >> it's who i am. i can't hide from what i am. it's what happened. >> well, you didn't have to tell it. >> then it's like half-truths. i like to get it out there. >> senator brown's autobiography is available today. he joins us here in the studio now. he told leslie, you just kind of wanted to get it all out there. why now though? >> it's part of who i am. it's a small part, but there's a whole lot more, and i felt by glossing over the tough parts and just focussing on the really nice parts, it's a disservice to the reader, and it's not who i am. >> it is -- it's tough to read. it's very graphic. you're very descriptive in the abuse that you endured, the sexual abuse and the physical abuse. when it comes to the sexual abuse, your parents didn't really know about it. your wife didn't know the extent of it until you wrote about it
8:05 am
for the book. was this the best way for you to put it forth was write about it? >> i wasn't going to, but as i started doing it, i felt it was best to know that if you have these circumstances, you should fight back and tell somebody. if i bring it forward, somebody who is a high elected official can talk about it, it will hopefully help other people who are, you know, in abuse situations as well. >> and you focused on this since you came into office. >> yeah. every time when i deal with issues of crime and punishment, i side on the rights of victims and certainly try to strengthen our sex offender laws and deal with issues affecting abuse victims. >> your abuser -- you can still file charges against your accuser under massachusetts law. you have chosen not to. why? >> i'm a forward looker. it's hard to look back. obviously, it's taken 42 years to really talk about it, and i'm not out to settle any scores. if i can help people, certainly,
8:06 am
move forward with their lives by talking about it and he is probably 70 years old. i don't know if he is alive. i wouldn't even know where to look for him. i'm focussing on so many more important things. >> this has obviously shaped you so much. it was 17 times by the time you were 18. >> eight marriages. >> when you talk about the one stepfather in particular and i'm going to read something from the book. my friends worry about their grades, whether their parents would let them borrow the car or about fights with their girlfriend, i was thinking is tonight going to be the night when larry finally breaks my hand? that's what larry would say to you after beating you at night. while you're asleep, i'll take you out. that's when i'll come in. how did enduring that, living through that, how did that contribute to the scott brown that we know today? >> well, i'm always very aware of my surroundings. i'm always on guard. with the kids, especially.
8:07 am
make sure you're with somebody. i've taught them to be aware. now that they're older, they now say, oh, that's why dad is like that. it's certainly made me a fighter. it's made me somebody who wants to be a protector of not only my family, but my mom, my sister. >> it doesn't paint your mom in a positive light. you have reconciled for w your parents, but for them to read about this, what's their reaction? >> to have it out there certainly is difficult, but we're like many other families and some families are much worths. we're a work in progress. we will always be a work in progress. they love me. i love them. we've had a full reconciliation. it's a real positive. you can see how we all come together in the end for a common goal. my mom taught me to work hard, hard, hard and never give up. zoog when you look at your own family, you and your wife have two daughters.
8:08 am
a lot of folks know ala. what was it like for your girls as they're learning more about their dad and your past, which you hadn't talked all that much about. >> not much at all. actually, she called me last night. she's in colorado singing, and she read it, and she finished it. she said, dad, it's a very powerful book. i'm glad i read it, and she loves me. life goes on. >> that really what it's all about? >> i think it is. you have to know when to move on and when to leave things behind and when to focus on challenges and opportunities ahead. >> there's been some comparison to this book. it's very revealing. it's intimate. is this in any way, too, as people look at this, are we going to see you perhaps making a presidential bid in 2012? >> no, i'm running for re-election of the yates senate. i'm keeping an eye to represent the people of massachusetts. this is a book -- i wanted to write a book, and this is an opportunity to do so, and i felt once again it was important to
8:09 am
get everything out. want just the good. you can write great things about yourself and pat yourself on the back, but i think people hopefully will want to see a total picture and understand that even when things aren't good, if you have good people behind you -- in my case, coaches, a judge, and some teachers -- you can break that cycle and move forward. it's a very hopeful book. >> it's a revealing book, and it really grabs you from the moment you pick it up. the book again, is "against all odds." it is available today. just ahead, we're taking a look at a possible breakthrough in breast reconstruction for women who have had cancer surgery. stay with us. this is ""the early show"" on cbs. surgery. stay with us. this is "the early show" on cbs. winter can be beautiful.
8:10 am
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8:12 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. in this morning's health watch an exciting prospect for breast reconstruction for women. it involves using stem cells and the body's own fat to essentially regrow breast
8:13 am
tissue. medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us about this. this is about regrowing breast tissue. how exactly does this work sfwh. >> erica, this is a procedure that involves fat and stem cells, so a patient's own fat and stem cells are combined in the lab. growth factors are added. it's then injected into a biodegradable chamber in the breast. a blood supply is attached to feed these cells, and in about six to 12 months that tissue then creates the form and shape of a breast. >> to wrap your head around that, sounds amazing. what type of stem cells are we talking about? >> we hear about that all the time, and they're found in a variety of sources. they can be found in embryos and in umbilical cord blood and in our own bone marrow, and what makes them so powerful is ease are naive cells that can go on to become almost anything and that's what is so important. >> so you are essentially training them to turn into breast cells. >> exactly. >> prior to this if most women were to have breast reconstruction surgery it would
8:14 am
involve an implant. this is a little different. it sounds great, but parts sound almost too good to be true. >> correct. there are also cavats hoor. one important thing is a lot of women, unfortunately, aren't even offered options about reconstruction. this really needs to reopen that dialogue. in terms of the drawbacks, and this time we spoke to two experts yesterday, and they really told me that the big concern here is in a as this tissue and this fat cell that's being stimulated with growth fat to grow and develop, the concern is that you don't restimulate the cancer cells, so right now in this country this is not fda approved. there are no clinical trials going on yet, but these experts with whom i spoke yesterday are very hopeful that in the next five years we can see this being done in this country. >> that sounds actually like a fairly short period of time in the next five years. >> in various countries, including this one, for cosmetic reasons. also important for women with breast cancer, sometimes they have that cancer removed with a little lumpectomy. that also can create a cosmetic
8:15 am
defect, and there are multiple applications. >> maybe for somebody that didn't have a double mastectomy but it was a small portion of the breast, they could regrow that. very exciting. this is a major focus in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery now using still cells to regrow tissue. >> just ahead, if you have not yet received your invitation to the royal wedding, chances are you're not getting one, but the good news is we have everything you need to know including who did make the cut for the invite. that's all ahead on "the early show". on the 2011 dodge journey controls the radio, media player, heated seats, climate control, navigation, phone and more. this means that if you call shotgun on a dodge journey, you've just inherited a lot of responsibility. now lease the new 2011 dodge journey mainstreet
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8:17 am
usually when you hear the phrase "the envelope please" it means someone's about to win something, and that's probably the feeling 1900 lucky people are having today, as they check their mail for an invitation to prince william and kate middleton's wedding. "early" show royal contributor vicky arbiter, victoria arbiter,
8:18 am
outside westminster abbey for us this morning. the side of the upcoming nuptials with who's in and who's out. victoria, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> so i guess the big news here in the states, no president obama. no first lady. so what's the story behind that? >> well, the obamas have not been snubbed. prince william is only second in line to the throne which means that this is not an official state occasion. so therefore, foreign heads of state not required to be invited. yet, in the past the first lady has represented the country. nancy reagan went to diana's wedding. hillary clinton went to diana's funeral. so perhaps a little surprising that michelle wasn't included. but the obamas do have something wonderful to look forward to. the queen has personally invited them to buckingham palace for the very first european state visit in may. so that will be really great quality time with the royal family. >> that will be nice. now will are some country leaders that have been invited. what is the criteria for who does get invited and who doesn't? >> well, of the 1900 invitations
8:19 am
that you mentioned, 1,000 of those have gone to family and friends of william and kate. we've got 50 members of the british royal family. 40 members of foreign royal families. and that includes representatives from across europe, and also some middle eastern royal families and a few eyebrows were raised today with the rumors that the king of bahrain has been included. which considering recent events, has got a few people concerned about his invitation. but we've also got 200 members of parliament, government, diplomatic corps, 60 members of the realms, william and kate will be king and queen of those realms one of these days. it's appropriate that they're included. also servicemen from the household cavalry which william joined in 2006. as well as members of the service from his raf base in wales. and church members. so there's a broad cross-section of people that have been included. but all of them have personal connections to william and kate. >> let's talk about a potential snub, and this is a big name, the dutch else of york, sarah ferguson, will not be attending. she will not be getting an invite. >> that's right. and to be honest, chris, i don't
8:20 am
think we should be surprised that sarah ferguson's not been included. she did divorce prince andrew 15 years ago, and so had she gone to the abbey, her daughters beatrice her cousins would have been sitting up at the front with prince andrew. sarah ferguson would have had to sit at the back amongst the masses. also she married prince andrew at westminster abbey. i think it would be quite a difficult day for her. we save everyone any embarrassment and save the duchess humiliation. >> let's talk about some of the celebrities. elton john, paul mccartney, the beckhams. should we anticipate them on the wedding day? >> the beckhams, yes. i think we can well imagine a few glamorous faces in the crowd from the celebrity wealth. we've got no confirmation on those celebrities at this point. but to be honest the celebrity names being bandied about all make perfect sense. david beckham worked with william closely on the england bid for the 2018 world cup which unfortunately didn't work out, but they became good friends. elton john was, of course, a
8:21 am
great friend of princess diana. we've also got kanye west and josh stone's names being thrown around. they were at the memorial concert to diana in 2007 which william and harry organized. until the celebrities confirm themselves, i think it's going to be spot the celebrity in the abbey on the day. >> victoria arbiter, thank you so much. good to see you. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, call to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. it's our fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire at&t
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8:23 am
while rafting in the walnut creek channel this weekend. it is 8:25 a.m. i am sydnie kohara. two teens died rafting in the walnut creek channel their bodies were found yesterday down stream from their deflated raft. both boys were students at los lomas high school in walnut creek. >> the union representing ac transit workers fighting for better safety standards on buses for years drivers have been asking for more protection earlier this month a bullet struck a bus flying glass injured a passenger. the last day to help out schools in the bay area, purchasing a new car.
8:24 am
14 car dealerships teamed up with local schools to raise money for mount diablo unified school district. traffic and weather coming up stay with us. ,,,,,,
8:25 am
[ female announcer ] why choose between delicious or 100 calories? with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt... and only 100 calories. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value to help close the calcium gap, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com. good morning a live look at 880 through oakland. problem free up and down the nemitz freeway. this is northbound traffic past
8:26 am
the oracle. usual slow spots, westbound 580, out of the altamonte pass. looks great no yellow sensors any where. no brake lights as you head out towards 680 and dublin interchange. bart is on a holiday schedule. sat schedule today. muni, cal train same thing no service for the alameda harbour bay ferry or alameda oakland bay ferry everything is on time. as we lookout side around the bay here this morning, snow high country looking to mount hamilton here, the observatory at the top and a good 3 to 5 inches of snow there this weekend, mount cam, mount diablo picking up snow. rain in offshore waters where it will linger through the day leaving us mostly cloudy without much in the way of rainfall activity until the end of the week when we will be back to this as we see a wet,
8:27 am
cold, and windy pattern move into the area just in time for the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
half past the hour. and there it is. the snow. still coming down. we said earlier, marysol, what
8:29 am
is it, 1800 miles across the country this storm stretches? >> yes. and unfortunately we were spoiled, some of us, last week with springlike temperatures. so this is very jarring. i'm sorry, i don't make the weather. i just deliver it. >> you just tell us about it. and she does it with a smile. >> i try. >> don't shoot the messenger. welcome back to "the early show." hopefully maybe you're one of the folks who is lucky enough that you've got this day off. federal holiday, presidents' day. a lot of folks get to stay home. maybe you can go sledding with your kids. have some hot chocolate. >> good idea. bust out the sleds today. >> i know what you're doing later. >> just ahead this morning, one of the most entertaining sitcoms on tv. one of our favorites, it's got a following of viewers who can't wait to see what ted, barney are up to next. but what are things like on the set? even backstage? "how i met your mother" will never be the same after we sent superfan tyler mcgill behind the scenes. he's here to tell us what he
8:30 am
found and also a little bit about this guest spot he has. >> oh. >> you're going to have to play a little tyler in the episode game. >> he's got a better job than superfan. >> absolutely. >> superfan does it right. >> also ahead the cool voice activated coffee maker in that commercial really work? and what about the four-armed fork lift that lets you move heavy objects as if they're light as a feather. >> who doesn't have a forearm fork lift. >> it helps to have a friend to help you. >> consumer reports tested out the claims some companies are making for their products and we're going to tell you what they found out. we are putting them to the test. >> i want that one. the pet hair one. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> if it works i'm taking it home. >> with the fork lift. >> as long as you have a strong friend to
8:31 am
>> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now over to erica. >> mary, thanks.
8:32 am
the highly praised, wildly popular sitcom "how i met your mother" has been making us laugh since 2005. so we thought it would be fun to send our very own superfan and "early" show special contributor tyler mcgill off to the set to see what it's like backstage. i mean the rough assignments just keep coming for you. >> yeah, it's such a brutal gig here on the cbs "early" show. i'm really struggling with it. i've always dreamed of being on a sitcom, and getting the chance to see what happens behind the scenes, what happens on the set when the cameras turn off. and i was lucky enough to have that opportunity with the cast of "how i met your mother." and even made my cameo debut on the show. check it out. ♪ on this los angeles sound stage, the cast and crew of "how i met your mother" are taping a brand-new episode. somehow, i've managed to get myself cast as an extra so i can experience firsthand what makes this hit sitcom tick. neil patrick harris just showed up so looks like we're about to start shooting. >> i'm tyler. >> thanks for dressing up.
8:33 am
>> reporter: boasting a star-studded cost comprised of emmy winner neil patrick harris, jason siegel, allison han igen, colby smolders and josh radner the show focuses on a group of friends searching for love and happiness. >> you're driving me crazy! >> reporter: since this is my first time on set priority number one is not doing anything stupid. thankfully my role is fairly simple. stand at the bar and look pretty. >> action. >> prove me wrong. tomorrow night. my place. >> and cut! >> that was pretty easy, actually. i just had to pretend to be talking to girls, they ignored me. pretty standard, really. my big scene took five takes but in the end we nailed it and i had a blast. but probably not as much as josh. he got to reshoot his kissing scene all morning, which made me a little suspicious. i asked him about it when i sat down with the cast. you never flub your takes to get an extra kiss? >> yes, i think he does. i'm going to answer that for
8:34 am
him. i think he does. he says, you know what? i really need to rehearse this kiss a lot of times. >> reporter: unfortunately for these talented actors, not every episode is so enjoyable. in fact, some of them have been downright painful. >> one of my favorite episodes is the slap fest. >> oh. >> slap fest? >> it looks really realistic. are you guys actually connecting? >> yes. it would be weird like, it would be that weird -- >> do you really slap? >> it would be that weird -- >> you didn't know. i didn't know what was going to happen and he slapped me literally as hard as i've ever been slapped. >> that's four. >> when they're not slapping, or kissing each other, everyone manages to stay busy. jason siegel is writing and starring in the muppet movie. josh radner has a film coming out in march which he wrote, directed and starred in and neil patrick harris is not only in
8:35 am
the upcoming movie "beastly" he and his partner just had twins. so if you as moms giving the new dad advice on parenting? >> yeah, sure. i mean, hopefully not too much. >> these two have raised the most ridiculously beautiful and amazing children. that it's kind of -- it's a hard bar. >> boy, you're right on track. and he's got two. >> i know. >> that's like -- >> you got two? >> yeah. >> at the end of a long, fun-filled day, i said good-bye to my new friends. >> hey. >> bye, guys. >> get off the set. >> while i didn't really get kicked off the set, i did leave a lasting impression on the show. i made the cut. >> nice. >> yeah. >> and so that was really a stretch for you trying to work it in a bar. >> yeah. being in a bar, having girls ignore me.
8:36 am
pretending to drink beers. yeah, it was a huge stretch for me. >> okay so that may have been a little bit of typecasting. but i mean, you said before right before you talked to your piece, that you always sort of dreamed of being on a sitcom. is acting something you always wanted to do? >> well, i was in plays in like middle school and a little bit in high school. i never quite knew if i had what it took. i wouldn't say being an extra is necessarily acting. your only job is just not to be seen and not really to be heard. which is probably best when you just sit there and look pretty. >> i didn't want to say anything. when we look at the cast and you're sitting there talking to everybody, i mean it's such a great show to watch. it's so much fun to watch. off camera, they seem to really get along well. >> i think that's why it's been such a success as a sitcom. is the cast really got on well, on and off the camera. when we're sitting around doing the interview. didn't feel like an interview. felt like i was sitting in the living room with my friends, shooting the breeze. one of the highlights actually is that jason siegel is so comfortable with the cast he doesn't even go to his dressing room to change, he just
8:37 am
disrobes, doesn't care how he looks, and just changes in front of the cameramen, and anyone on set. pretty awesome. >> well there's a fun fact you couldn't have found anywhere else. tyler, thanks. always good to have you back with us. you can see the entire episode of "how i met your mother" and try to catch tyler in those scenes. it all happens tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on cbs. chris, mark that down. >> yes. i was going to say, that whole changing in front of the cast and the crew kind of sounds like what we do around here. kidding, of course. thank you, erica. ever wonder if the ads you see on tv, and the web, are too good to be true? well, consumer reports decided to test the claims several companies make for their products, and one of their editors bob markovich is here with the results. >> good morning. >> so much to talk about. we're going to go over these products here and show some of the commercials. let's start, though, with the product that is used to combat pet hair. let's take a look at this real quick. >> the fabric sweeper for pet hair. as you go in one direction the
8:38 am
first roller picks up pet hair. as you go in the other direction, the thick roller cleans off the first and pushing the pet hair inside. new pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair. find it by the other pledge products. >> all right. well that's what it says it does. but you put it to the test. what does it really do and how well does it work? >> we did test and this is one product that actually does what it says it does. basically we used a rather large mixed-breed dog with two tanby cats. hardly exotic pets and it worked. >> basically just the two roller effect? >> it's two rollers and we tested it against some products by scotch. you know, the usual sticky sheets. if you've used scotch tape on a suit and they actually work but only for a little while because very quickly they mat with fur. what's great about this is you can go and go for quite a time and it picks up lots of fur. the beauty is even when it fills up, even though they say it's disposable you can remove one of the rollers, pop it out, clean
8:39 am
it and pop it back in. theoretically you could keep on using this. >> we are giving it a thumbs up. >> for sure. absolutely. >> the next product is the four arm fork lift. simple device, that says it will help you move heavy objects. let's take a quick look at the ad. >> look at how well these lifting straps work for carrying furniture, appliances and mattresses. niece adjustable straps carry items inches off the floor to avoid lifting high. these straps lift right over door sills and not only encourage proper lifting techniques but also employ leverage making the pieces you carry look lighter. well, it looks easy. was it? >> it actually was. this is actually another inforemergs product that works. we used two men and two women and they were able to use it to lift a heavy range and even a 300 pound refrigerator. i did this myself the other day with another guy, and neither one of us is very, very big. we lifted this, moved it, something we really couldn't have done without it. >> when you saw it did you say to yourself this doesn't look like it would help but it actually did work? >> it actually did.
8:40 am
very impressive because it moves foes of your weight away from the tips of your fingers and the ends of your wrists, closer to your body so that's moving it to your legs which are stronger muscles. >> the next item created a lot of buzz when it first came out. i think everybody remembers these bags. the noise. oh. driving people crazy. let's take a look at the commercial for that sun chip bag right there. ♪ whoever said that's so impossible ♪ ♪ that's not supposed to go there doesn't know me well ♪ >> well, the big claim with the bag was that it was biodegradable and would take about 13 weeks in a come post mile. what results did you find? >> we put it to a three-month test and basically used a home compost pile, the kind most homeowners would have. we used wood chips, grass, i think we tended it probably
8:41 am
better than most homeowners do and after three months we saw barely any difference. barely any difference. >> i want to read a quote that we do have from frito-lay, the maker of the sun chips bag, they said we partnered with woods end, an independent laboratory to evaluate the performance andcom postability of this packagi packaging. it was tested under various conditions. dplishlly we received third party certification from the biodegradable institute which is the highest and most rigorous certification process currently available for compostable claims. >> on the package they say either a home or a commercial compost pile. perhaps it does work or decompose quickly in a commercial pile. but who has a commercial pile in his backyard. certainly after three months it really did very little. maybe after a year it would do more. your average home pile, i don't think so. >> no go. >> finally let's check out the advertisement for the hamilton beach voice activated coffee maker. on their website, they say, this
8:42 am
unique coffeemaker makes life simple. just press once and talk to set the brew time. so i ask, what could be easier? let's take a look right here. >> would you like to set the time of day? >> auto start. >> would you like to set the time of day, or set the auto start time? >> auto start. >> auto start. >> would you like to set the time of day or set the auto start time? >> auto start time. >> tell me the time the brew cycle should always start including a.m. or p.m. >> 11:48. >> so was that the english version or the french speaking version? it sounds pretty easy. but apparently not so easy. >> this is a case where the concept is a lot more brilliant than the execution. the concept is good because most coffeemakers are kind of hard to program. like the thermostat. think about that. so here's a case where you push the button and it should, you know, if it's working, this is a grand idea.
8:43 am
but as we discovered it really depends on who you are. >> quickly i want to just read a statement from the hamilton beach folks in responding to your testing. the voice activation and recognition technology used in this coffeemaker is advanced, as withchny technology, it may require or two attempts to master. this coffeemaker still received a very good overall rating from consumer reports. >> let me speak to that. i mean, hamilton beach makes some excellent products. they have another coffeemaker that is highly rated. but this one really was only mediocre in brew performance. that's the ability to reach 195 degrees for at least six minutes and squeeze all that flavor out of the beans. so really when it came to a great cup of coffee, you're talking pretty mediocre. as far as this one, it really depended on who you are. it recognized my voice, it's a nice female voice. maybe it likes me, i'm not sure. but the two women who enunciated very clearly and loudly, no go. >> all right. thank you very much. good to see you this morning. all right, erica, over to you.
8:44 am
>> chris, thanks. it is one of the seasons must-have fashion pieces. the boyfriend cardigan. but how do you wear it? this morning we're going to show you how to wear it five different ways. health magazine contributing fashion editor is back with us again. >> great to see you. >> why is this such an essential piece of our wardrobe? >> in a word, versatility. because honestly it's the one item that can actually take you from casual to red carpet or cocktail. >> we love that. so you're going to show us how to do that five different ways. >> that's right. >> we're starting off this morning with the work look. ariel is modeling this for us. work chic you call it. >> i do. because here you take the cardigan, and people are afraid to cinch. but you can see here, just by tucking this in, she gets an instant, classic, tailored look. remember, our cardigans are the equivalent to men's blazers. so you can wear this as a cover and be completely casual, but appropriate for your work place. >> and it's nice that it's black because like men wear a blazer you can wear this repeatedly all these different ways and people may not notice. >> exactly.
8:45 am
>> we always love that. one way to do a work look. that's during the day. you're not only going to work. >> oh, no. >> you may want to be a little trendy at times. >> you got to be trendy. i love this. this is really about taking your cardigan, and adding something to it. now, we talk about belts, we talk about different things. i love this because this is actually a necklace. >> oh! >> and sort of becoming your own stylist. and you'll ski on the runway or in the magazines all these chain lings around the waist. >> right. >> all of these couture looks. this is basically from her jewelry box. you can do one, cinch this look completely clean and neat. but if she wanted to, she could actually add another gold chain and actuallyouble the size. so it's completely universal and you can also change up your look all the time. >> which is great. we love that it's something you probably have in your closet at home. >> exactly. they're in your jewelry box. >> i love it. it's very trendy in her pant suit as well there. >> little jumper. >> that's your -- excuse me. trendy look.
8:46 am
if you're out on the town, can be a little chilly. you might want to wear your cardigan but you don't want to cover up your beautiful dress. >> no, not at all. this is the cocktail version. i want to show you the cardigan. here you have a simple cardigan but we transformed it into a bolero. you can see the bolero or the shrug, all of my friends and all of my people, i really like something to cover my shoulders. >> we all want our arms covered because we don't all have the first lady's arms. >> this is it. take a look, if you put a bulky blazer with that it would ruin the look. i want her to turn around. >> i was going to say. >> on the back we brooched it. >> oh, i love that. >> you could pick up from a flea market, if you have one already in your jewelry box that you never wear, a lot of us don't want to wear them on lapels anymore. you pull it together and do a little pin or a brooch and you are good. and you created this gorgeous silhouette. if me turns back around you could see, she could stay all night at a party like this or remove it like it's a little jacket. make it either/or.
8:47 am
>> beautiful. love that idea. so you've got with that work down, we've got the trendy down. we're going out on the town. how about a little sporty chic action here. >> i like to call this sporty luxe. first of all i want to point to the cardigan. the cardigan is done with lurex shimmer. a lot of people say i want something funky and cool and glamorous. cardigans have turned that way. the other big point, do something creative with the belt. i decided to take this off, where it's supposed to be, which is lower on the hip and raise it up so that it creates an empire shape on her. but i can take that belt and put it around the neck and really get creative. >> use it as a scarf. >> you can use sashes. when i go into people's closets, erica, i find so many belts that aren't being used. i say switch it up on your cardigan. you don't have to be matchy-matchy and you don't have to be stuck with where it is on the hip. >> we're going to switch it up, we're looking at weekend casual. and this is a great example that you've done of taking something else from your closet. >> this i love because everybody
8:48 am
has scarves they don't know what to do with or they don't look good with the original plans they had. the thing about a cardigan that makes it unique, also is that it is really a seasonless item. by adding this spring scarf, you now all of a sudden have a season-specific item in your wardrobe that becomes a nation statement. >> almost like an obi. >> you picked it up, obi style. that's just wrapping it and twisting it. you can do this with silk and satin and sequins at night or do it spring-specific like i did. >> thank you. greta monahan you always have good stuff for us. for more on all these looks logon to our website at ,,,,,,,,
8:49 am
8:50 am
welcome back, everyone. we mentioned it a couple times, but for a lot of people who may be dealing with this big storm today, at least hopefully you're home. and for those of you folks who live in areas of the country
8:51 am
where it's beautiful like the southwest, hopefully you're off on this presidents' day too and getting a little sun for the rest of us. >> it's almost march, right? is that right? >> doesn't feel like it. >> yeah. >> and then we pray for april here on the east coast. >> well, it is still technically winter. so let's not get our nickers in a twist. have a great day, everyone.,, i love america, i love my pet bald eagle brock, my bison sara, i love my pick-up with the custom constitution paint job... i celebrate jury duty... i love america so much, i'm making an all american jack combo two jumbo patties, with melting cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles, plus fries and a drink for only $4.99. i've celebrated every american tradition...except one... spring break cancun yo!!!!!!!! try the all american jack and enter to win
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. headlines... city leaders in santa clara are trying to hold onto money w 49ers stadium. t good morning i am frank mallicoat. city leaders in santa clara trying to hold on to money for a new 49ers stadium the redevelopment agency has committed $40 million the problem is governor brown wants to shut down all redevelopment agencies. >> san francisco mayor ed lee will head to sacramento to fight the current budget plan he is pushing a counter proposal that would save the city's redevelopment funds, the plan would allow agencies today vert $200 million to the state an julyly for the next 25 years.
8:54 am
muni's executive director may be leaving san francisco the chronicle reporting nathaniel ford is a finalist for a job running an airport authority in washington dc. the decision will be made around march 1st. muni faces a $1 billion short fall over the next 20 years. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning developing news in daly city a street is blocked off swat teams are out this now blocking off a four block radius. we have a reporter sharon chen down on the scene we will have a live report coming up at noon. >> meantime, elsewhere across the bay area, we are just holiday light everywhere, 8 minute commute through marin, southbound 101, highway 37 and 580, everywhere you go you are moving well. in the commute direction looks great out toward 101, that is your traffic here is jim with your forecast. >> cloudy across the bay area showers lurking offshore waters and they are likely to stay there through the day passing south as just a glancing blow
8:57 am
up against the beach with a few light showers in north bay that will continue through today, partly cloudy through mid-week as temperatures warm look what happens next weekend back to cold, wet winter weather we go the next generation of television service? at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before at a really great price. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $29 a month for six months, dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. u-verse tv lets you record and play back your favorite shows in any room. and you can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. maybe that's why u-verse tv is ranked "highest in residential television service satisfaction in the west" by j.d. power and associates three years in a row. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $29 a month for six months, plus dvr included.
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or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before. at&t. >> rachael: asked for it, now here it is. slow cooker week. 5 straight slow cooker super suppers for president's day delight. how cute is that? yum! then, the most prized pooches on earth. >> four hours to get your hair done. >> rachael: the owners might need grooming of their own. sdmri thought i was coordinated. >> no. it's time. >> rachael: am bushing women at westminster. >> this is the nicest thing anybod


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