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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 8, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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caption colorado, l.l.c. up in flames. a colorado wild pyre burns out of control for a third straight day destroying nearly 100 buildings. strong winds in detroit knocked out power lines and sparking 85 fires across the city. koran controversy. a florida minister's plan to burn the holy book condemned by the u.s. government and others. the pastor terry jones insists he will set fire to the koran on september 11th. we will talk to the man at the center of the controversy. close call. a lion and a popular vegas resort tries to take bite out of his trainer. it is all caught on camera. "early" this wednesday morning, september 8th, 2010. "early" this wednesday morning, september 8, 2010. "early" this wednesday morning,
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captioning funded by cbs good wednesday morning to you. i'm erica hill. >> i'm harry smith. it is wednesday. >> hooray. halfway there. a little more than halfway there. there's a lot to get to this morning. we will talk more about that wild attack we saw the video of. we do want to get to the politics and the economy. there is the lion again. i can't imagine witnessing that firsthand. as we take a look at politics and the economy this morning president obama is off to cleveland. we are going to unveil proposed tax breaks to boost the economy ask get people back to work. he's also signalling the texases on the wealthiest americans are on the way up. bill plante has more for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president today will signal that he's against any kind of compromise on extending the bush tax cuts for people that make over $250,000.
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even though he wants them extended for the middle class. this sets up a big fight with republicans and that's something that the democrats want as they face an uphill battle in the polls in november. a cbs news annalysis announced 2 democrats in the house are at risk. republicans need only 39 seats to reclaim the majority. and in the senate where republicans would need ten seats to take control there are six states where incumbent democrats are in tossup races and six more where republicans have an edge. >> it has gone from bad to worse and democrats fear that it will go from worse to worse. >> one of the biggest challenges, getting the democrats out to vote. >> democrats are having problems motivating their base because they see the administration as having overpromised and underdelivered. >> reporter: the campaign strategy focus order accomplishments like health care and wall street regulations. redirect money where polls show lawmakers have a chance of
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winning. the president is taking on a sharper tone as well. gathering mine minority leader boehner for an emergency jobs bill. >> when he was asked about this, he dismissed those jobs as government jobs that weren't worth saving. that's what he said. i'm quoting. government jobs. >> reporter: look important more of that rhetoric today in cleveland where the president will also promote more tax cuts for small business as well as say nothing to the extension of the tax cut for the wealthy. the democrats' main message in the fall will be something like this. a vote for republicans is a vote to bring back the policies of the bush administration. erica? >> also the white house this morning, david axelrod, senior adviser to president obama, good to have you with us this morning. >> thanks. good morning. >> the president will be in cleveland today. he will talk about the tax cuts to businesses. we will also make it clear that he's not going to make any compromise here when it comes to
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the bush era tax cuts. why is he digging in his heels so strongly at this point on that? >> let's be clear what's going on. the tax cuts are more scheduled by the last administration to expire at the end of this year. what the president is saying is we have to continue and make permanent for middle-class tax cuts, middle class has treaded water and lost ground over the last decade. and they need to help and that's good for them and good for our economy. what we can't afford is another $700 billion in tax cuts to borrow money, $700 billion in tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. that's primarily who those tax cuts will go to, the average millionaire gets $100,000 tax cut. more than half those tax cuts go to people making over $8 million a year. if we had that money, that would be fine. but to borrow that money in order to give thome those cuts that no congress believes will have a greater effect on the economy doesn't make sense. >> a small portion of the
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population. let's look closer at what's happening now. giving this economic message today, talking about the cuts for small businesses and everything else. there has been admission that this may not pass at this point. why then bring it up now? especially when this is such a volatile period for democrats heading into november? >> look, i don't think that the american people are sitting there with poll numbers at their kitchen table. they are sitting there with bills. they are sitting there with a pile of concerns about their future, about their jobs and about their children's future. the president's job is to continue to push and promote policies that will move our economy forward. when he took office we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. we had eight straight months of private sector jobs. not enough to make up for the jobs we lost in this recession. but we have to move this forward and accelerate this. what we can't do is go backward which is what the republican party is suggesting. their campaign committee chair said we want to go back to the policies where they were placed
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before this administration. we can't afford go back to those policies. >> this has been consistently the democratic message and talked about it a lot on this program that the message now is we can't go back but there is a recent poll out. just as early as this week that found 58% of the public look at the republicans and see that their policies actually are different from president bush 's and looking at that as a change. you campaigned on change. little over two years ago. there has been a campaign of hope, of change. and yet there's this message of going back. why not focus on that future? >> we are in a position now in the next eight weeks people will make a choice. they need to understand both ends of that choice. i am quite familiar with that t statistic you raised. we obviously have to inform people as to what the republican party is proposing. as i said, their own campaign chairs said we want to go back to the policies. when john boehner was in cleveland a few weeks ago the
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man that would be speaker of the republicans, he chastised us for a law that would save the jobs of teachers, firefighters, and police in the economic emergency. paid for it by cutting tax breaks for corporations that shift jobs overseas. that reward them for shipping jobs overseas. nothing says more about our differing values than that one statement of mr. boehner's. we can't go back to those policies. those are the policies that crashed our economy and lost 8.5 million jobs. >> we have to leave it there this morning. thanks for your time. >> okay. great to be with you. >> now here is harry. >> this morning a florida minister refuses to back in the face of worldwide outrage. the reverend jones insists he will burn a koran this saturday, the ninth anniversary of 9/11. we are going to talk to him in a moment. but first, cbs news correspondent kelly cobiella has the latest. >> reporter: from his small office in gainesville, florida, pastor terry jones hears the
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worldwide protest building against him. muslims in kabul, afghanistan are burn him in effigy. evangelical christians are denouncing him. >> you bring dishonor to the name of jesus christ. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton signaled out jones and his plan to burn 100 copies of the koran on the anniversary of 9/11 at a washington dinner to observe ramadan. >> i'm heartened by the clear unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful disgraceful act. >> reporter: despite mount mounting pressure this small town pastor will not budge. jones, who keeps a gun at his side because of death threats, insists he's answering a religious calling. >> we are speaking to radical islam saying we do not want them, their influence. >> reporter: jones says the only thing that will change his plan is a message from god. kelly cobiella, gainesville, florida.
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>> joining us now from his church in gainesville, florida, is pastor terry jones. pastor jones, good morning. >> good morning. >> we have the white house, the secretary of state, you have general petraeus. you've got the vfw among many others saying please don't do this. are you still determined to do it? >> as of right now, we feel this message is that important, we are still determined to do it, yes. >> and the message being what? >> the message to islam is actually the message geared towards radical islam. we see its influence around the world. we are sending a message to them that we do not want them to do as they appear to be doing in europe. they appear to begin as they grow in numbers, to push their agenda, and what we are saying to them if they are in america
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they need to respect, honor and obey our constitution and not slowly try to push their agenda upon us. >> would you regard then as radical islam as your enemy? >> i didn't quite understand you. >> do you regard radical islam as the enemy? >> oh, i think definitely. definitely radical islam is an enemy. i think there's also the question of how -- i think sometimes we don't realize that this radical element of islam goes deeper into the moslem community than what we want to admit. to give you a small example, we had yesterday a moslem lady came on to our property. i mean, we are here in america. we are in gainesville, florida. we are in a little subdivision. and a muslim lady comes on to our property and threatens us. she says if you do not stop this, there is a wrath, there is a judgment, there is a judgment
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coming upon you that you cannot handle. that's in gainesville, florida. we asked the lady is this a threat? she said yes. >> let me ask you this. you are a student of the new testament. did not jesus say you are to love your enemy? >> yes, definitely. i believe that this approach is not the normal approach. but i believe that this approach is at this particular time in history a very necessary -- we also see times in the bible where jesus also got very upset. >> we understand jesus went into the temple. we feel -- >> there are at least two different times when nancy and luke wheregies us is quite clear about loving -- about loving your enemy. >> right. that's exactly what we do. with this action here, this action here itself is not -- is not supposed to be an act of love. we agree generally that's what
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we do. we would reach out to muslims in other ways. this particular act is actually an act of warning radical islam. it is a different type of a thing. >> i know you say you have been pray being it. i hope that you find the wisdom in order to do the right thing as the next couple of days unpoelds. pastor jones, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. >> thank you. there is much more to get to this morning. jeff glor is standing by at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning to you. and good morning, everyone. dangerous wildfire in central colorado has not been contained. more fire crews are on the way this morning. officials now say the flames are burning more than 90 homes and other buildings. rick salinger of kcnc is in boulder, colorado, with the latest. good morning to you, rick. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. fire crews have been focusing primarily on trying to protect homes and evacuate residents. the officials say that they have
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only begun the task of trying to build containment lines around the massive flames. a squadron of six firefighting tankers attacked the massive wildfire from the air tuesday. dropping more than 100,000 gallons of fiery retardant. >> aviation resources were successful in helping firefighters gain ground. >> reporter: colorado governor bill ritder declared a state of emergency. toured the area by car. it was too dangerous to get out. >> more folks brought in, both the federal and state level and all the resources we can. >> reporter: the fire has nearly doubled in size to more than 7100 acres. after a preliminary survey of the burned area, authorities say they counted at least 292 structures that were destroyed. including 53 homes. nine of them belonging to the very people hard at work on the fire lines. >> the commitment and bravery and dedication of the folks, while they are out saving someone else's home, their home
7:14 am
is burning down. >> reporter: some 3,000 residents who were evacuated remain out of their homes. many are frustrated and not mowing the fate of their property. >> am i building a new house? cleaning my house? >> part of you wants to drive up and go see your house. you want to go home. you can't go home. >> reporter: to help homeowners authorities began posting the addresses of buildings that were destroyed. boulder's office of emergency management website. officials say it will be several days before the evacuees are allowed to return home. >> we have safety issues. we still have an active fire within the perimeter. we have power lines down. we have trees falling. we have all kinds of hidden dangers. >> reporter: as for what caused the fire, authorities are looking into the possibility that a car crashing into a propane tank. >> in detroit overnight a string of fires destroyed entire blocks
7:15 am
of homes. fire officials reported at least 85 separate wind blown fires there. some jumping from house to house. cbs news correspondent elaine quijano reports on that. >> reporter: wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. knocked down power lines that apparently parked the spires on detroit's east side. the blaze jumped streets and tore through four neighborhoods, destroying at least two dozen homes. >> one house spread to five. they sent one unit. spread to nine. it has been spreading ever since. >> reporter: detroit firefighters ranked thin by recent layoffs called in help from several surrounding cities. but emotional residents complained about what they called a slow response. >> took them over an hour, don't make no sense. >> reporter: at least 113,000 homes and businesses were without power tuesday.
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remarkably no one was reported injured. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. >> this morning bp has released the findings of an internal investigation into that oil rig explosion that led to a massive oil leak. bp says a sequence failures and multiple companies were responsible for that disaster and bp blamed a bad cement job, faulty pressure test and failure of the blowout preventer. 16 minutes past the hour. dave price on assignment this morning. steve mclaughlin of the phoenix affiliate is here. once again, steve, good to see. >> did you winds, four-letter word on this wednesday. good morning, everyone. we have two problems with the weather today. big dip in the jet stream. steering current for all storms. as well as high pressure building very strong out west. we have high fire danger. otherwise known as red flag warnings. utah, nevada, all the way out to the mid atlantic. philadelphia under a red flag warning today. second big story. here is hermine. still tropical depression. look at the nonstop rain throughout portions of texas,
7:17 am
oklahoma, through kansas. look at that. would to six inches of rain all throughout the day and night. big-time airport delays for ,,,, dallas is a big airport. travel delays across the area. >> our exclusive interview with a georgia man rescued from a burning car and the heroes who saved him. this lion trainer almost didn't have a leg to stand on --
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and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. probably like a lot of people, i get freaked out on the highway if a big tractor trailer comes into my lane. happened to a guy in georgia. gets a little worried. sees a tractor trailer come into his lane. next thing he knows, he wakes up, his car is on fire. >> wow. we'll have that story in a moment. from las vegas, a couple is on their honeymoon. what happens in front of their eyes as they're videotaping? they'll tell that story when we come back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mott's, purely delicious flavor
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good morning. it's 7:25. in the headlines, three schools in richmond will have enough money to stay open at least through the next school year. the city council in richmond voted unanimously last night to pay for kennedy high school and grant and olinda elementary schools. a bay area traffic committee is going to vote on a multi-million dollar money to rail to connect the coliseum station with oakland international airport. that would be bart's coliseum station. today's vote will decide whether to set aside $20 million in state funds for the monorail system. and san francisco's going to get more than 1300 new parking meters soon in 10 different neighborhoods. they are expected to raise about $2 million a year. the new meeters will take plastic or coins and about half of them will have pricing
7:26 am
based on demand. speaking of traffic, it's coming up next along with your forecast. ,, ,, ♪ [ instrumental: upbeat ] hey, max. [ announcer ] your dog's one of a kind. and now, you have the power... [ giggling ] to help significantly extend his healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina... proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend hilolovable antics... up to 1.8 healthy years. [ barks ] long live your buddy. oh, max! long live your dog.
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purina puppy chow and purina dog chow. good morning. we have gridlock across the bay area. mostly due to several earlier incidents including this one here in livermore. westbound 580 approaching airway boulevard. all lanes are now re-opened after an earlier fuel spill.
7:28 am
it's taking a long time to recover. jammed from about mountain house. again, all the way towards that earlier accident scene. bay bridge also a mess. we had an earlier stalled bus on the upper deck. they spilled some oil and then there was a clean-up process that went along with that so traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the maze. 20-minute wait or so to get you on the bridge. and a quick look at the upper deck from the view of our roof cam. and you can see that even a little bit slow there heading out of treasure island. the clean-up crew is right there from that earlier stalled bus now long since cleared out the way. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning, we have some clouds to contend with and drizzle. cloudy conditions for the morning for the coast and also for the afternoon. for the rest of the bay area, some sunshine today. partly cloudy conditions bay and inland with cooler temperatures. but today is also expected to be the coolest day of the
7:29 am
week. we'll rebound thursday and friday with a good-looking weekend expected.
7:30 am
happy wednesday, dudes. >> hey, man, thanks for being here, harry. >> welcome back to "the early show," everybody. remember siegfried and roy? roadway wasn't mauled by a tiger. we went out there and kept vigil and everything else. last week at another las vegas wild animal show, a lion turns on its trainer. yeah, i mean, freaking out. this time no one was badly hurt. but a lot of people were frightened. that's for sure. coming up, we'll talk to the man who took these amazing pictures while on his honeymoon. >> wow. also ahead this morning, a new warning about the chemical
7:31 am
bpa. parents have been throwing out plastic bottles because there's worried about bpa, it could be bad for children's health. now we're told it can pop up in your kids' teeth. is there nothing you don't have to worry about these days? dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us what we need to know, what to do about it this morning. we'll take care of those fears. first, we want to get to this incredible story of bravery. this past sunday a man's car burst into flames in northwest georgia. dan gloth would have died if not for some dedicated police officers. we're going to speak exclusively with dan and two heroes who saved him this morning. first, jeff glor with more on the story of that rescue. jeff? >> erica, those police officers are being called heroes this morning. when you see the video, you will see why. the dash cam video says 5:11 a.m. moments before sheriff's deputy chad phillips arrived at the scene of a horrifying accident. >> when i first arrived the flames were probably six, seven foot high. >> reporter: 56-year-old dan gloth was trapped inside his burning car.
7:32 am
worried he'd never see his daughters again. his car filled with black smoke, making it impossible to see or breathe. he couldn't kick out the windows. what gloth didn't know was that deputy phillips, two other officers and a passerby were desperately trying to save his life. each time they put out the fire with extinguishers it exploded back into flames. the rescue team finally managed to drag gloth out after smashing the car's passenger window. >> makes you feel great inside knowing we can go home, knowing we saved someone's life. >> reporter: literally down to his last breath, he believes, a grateful dan gloth escaped with only minor injuries. and dan gloth says he's grateful to be alive so he can celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary in november. erica? >> a great celebration indeed. thanks. joining us exclusively, two sheriff's deputies, mitch rjere
7:33 am
battle and josh cochran. you're on the interstate and all of a sudden there's a big tractor trailer and you start to get a little nervous on the road. >> i -- i think a tractor trailer had accidentally moved over into my lane somewhat. and i moved over. when i did, i hit the warning bumps on the side of the road. and it appeared something cut my tire. next thing i knew, i woke up with a car burning and filled with smoke. >> as we mentioned, you're getting ready to celebrate your 30th anniversary. i imagine at that moment you wake up, you're in this car, in that situation, and your first thought is probably, am i going to make it to that anniversary? am i going to see my family again? >> i'm sorry, i didn't -- i couldn't understand that, ma'am, i'm sorry. >> that's all right. when you wake up and you're in that situation, you see you're in this car in films, full of smoke, what's going through your mind?
7:34 am
>> well, first a lot of fear was going through my mind. and the very first thought i had was that i probably would never see my family again. >> of course, we're so happy you're here this morning talking with us, that you don't have to worry about that, but can't imagine how scary it must have been. officers, this has got to be tough for you as well. deputy battle, i understand you're the first to arrive on the scene. when you get there, talk to us about what you saw and what you think the canses were at that point for survival? >> when i first pulled up, i just saw a lot of flames coming from the engine compartment. i wasn't sure if it was inside the passenger compartment or not. and i wasn't sure how many occupants we had or the extent of their yrz in the vehicle. >> and but you immediately, of course, just jumped into mode, a as you do. how did you try to put the fire out? >> first, i got my fire extinguisher out of my trunk. and then i believe another one was given to me from someone
7:35 am
else on the scene. we used five fire extinguishers all total to try to get the fire knocked down long enough to get mr. gloth out. >> and deputy cochran, this is your second night on the job. you're sitting there in the station. all of a sudden you get this call. this is quite a way for you to kick off your career. when you got to the scene, what do you? >> we first arrived on scene, deputy battle had given his flashlight to a passerby, who had busted the window out. we attempted to pull the driver out of the driver's side window. we were unsuccessful. i went around to the passenger side and busted out the window with my baton. and me and deputy phillips began to pull the driver out. >> so, you actually pulled him out. your second night on the job. and you're saving a life. not too bad. dan, you were air-lifted to a hospital in tennessee, released later that evening. how are you feeling this morning?
7:36 am
dan gloth, if you're still there -- >> i'm sorry. >> how are you doing now, sir? >> i feel well right now. i just have a few bumps and bruises. but nothing serious. >> and i know you were looking forward to seeing the gentleman next to you. anything you'd like to say to them? >> yes, i do. as a child i have a fond memory of watching a lot of the old cop movies. and i always remember seeing a cop twirling a baton and flipping a coin. so, i wanted to present each of them with a silver dollar. >> thank
7:37 am
up next, a lion shows the trainer who's boss. you'll meet the couple who caught it all on tape. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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7:41 am
trainers in front of a large crowd of tourists. listen. it was all caught on tape by titus ellis and his wife drew, who were there on their honeymoon. they join us now via skype from montana. good morning. >> good morning. >> what was your reaction, then, when all of a sudden this lion turns on the trainer? >> it was shocking. definitely wasn't expecting it. and initially i thought, should i even film this because this guy's getting attacked, but there was nothing else i could do to help him so i just figured i would continue filming. >> tell me, as this lion is attacking this trainer, what was -- what was the reaction of the crowd? >> shock. a lot of gasps and a couple screams. people were pretty upset about the whole thing going on.
7:42 am
>> yeah. did it look like the guy was -- i mean, it's hard to describe. but this lion is clearly going after the trainer. did the trainer -- did you think at some point this guy's in for it, this guy's done? >> you know, it happened so fast. you're definitely worried for the guy, but he did seem to get away quick enough that you weren't too worried that he would actually be done for. >> the other thing you keep in mind going back to the prior wild animal attacks, even ones that have been in captivity their entire lives, way down deep inside of them, they are still wild animals. >> yeah, they definitely are wild animals. >> and something surely triggered something but we're happy to say the trainer, or the guy inside the enclosure,
7:43 am
escaped without any serious injury, i guess. >> yeah. it is a blessing. >> yeah. on the other end, here you go, you're on your honeymoon and this is a story you'll never forget. >> that's for sure. >> happy honeymoon. we hope your entire lives turn out to be a honeymoon and it's not as wild as the ride at the mgm. thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us this morning. >> thank you. >> now here's erica. >> thanks. just ahead, environmental groups once again targeting bpa. we'll talk about how this latest chemical could actually be found in your child's teeth? is it everywhere nowadays. dr. jennifer ashton here to give us the 411.
7:44 am
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the chrysler town & country is a safe bet to make. ♪ renewed concern about bpa, the chemical you've heard so
7:47 am
much about found in plastic bottles to food cans. studies found it can have pretty bad health effects, especially when it comes to children. now we're learning of a bpa connection to dental sealants used in kids to prevent cavities. dr. jennifer ashton here with the scoop. it seems like every time we turn around, there's something else with bpa. it's terrible. you know, it's the end of the world. what's really going on with the latest bpa discovery? >> the saga continues, erica, and still really more questions than answers. you're right, bpa or this chemical, this bisphenol a. more than 95% of us have traces of it detectable in our urine. this should not be a surprise. this is a study that looked although the bpa compounds in dental sealants because they are used in -- to do good things in our children and actually found that when these sealants combine with saliva, the enzymes in saliva release a bpa by-product
7:48 am
detectable in the saliva of children up to three hours after sealants are applied. >> is there enough that's detected or that perhaps would stay with us for it to be a major concern for parents? >> unclear at this point. it's unknown. this study was based on a review of toxicology literature and certainly more research needs to be done. they need to test the children's urine and they really -- the epa, the cdc, researchers are all looking at this because it seems we can't escape it. it shun be -- this is a classic situation, arizona ka, where we have to evaluate risks versus benefits. >> talk us through the risks of bpa exposure. >> this is a chemical that's everywhere. it can act like a hormone, a weak estrogen, and it affect anything from premature puberty to the prostate gland, urinary tract, certain cancer and that comes from studies in animals, not yet people. again, research is ongoing. >> we know it's in these sealants but the sealants are
7:49 am
used. there must be some advantage to them. does that outweigh it? >> the dentists will tell you they help prevent cavities, can be used for fractured teeth. what you want to do is talk to your dentist because their technique can be very important. they should use cotton balls with they apply these. they should encourage the child to rinse, spit, use suction. they can use things like rubber dams to prevent the sa looliva going down their throat. if you're pregnant, the recommendations are you should not get the sealants applied. >> thank you as always. to the world of multigrain... taste. delicious pringles multigrain. multigrain pops with pringles. delicious pringles multigrain. so whiten your teeth. no coffee. [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks. hi. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile.
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7:52 am
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because it's not just your allergies, as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
7:55 am
it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. hewlett-packard has filed a lawsuit against former ceo mark hurd in hopes of preventing him from working at oracle. hp agreeing to give hurd a large severance package after he resigned last month in the wake of a sexual harassment investigation. hp says it doesn't want hurd working at oracle because of concerns about trade secrets. oakland as owner lew wolff has hired an architect to design a new ballpark for downtown san jose. he announced the move yesterday even though he still is waiting for major league baseball to approve the team's move. 360 architecture will design the ballpark near hp pavilion and a soccer stadium for the earthquakes near mineta international airport. and some pg&e customers have new complaints over the utility's new smartmeters.
7:56 am
there are reports now the high- tech meters are interfering with electronic household gadgets. traffic and weather right after this. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. we have a lot of slow traffic across the bay area. bay bridge an earlier stalled bus caused traffic. turned on the metering lights early around 6:15 and then backed up to the macarthur maze quickly after that. a new report of a stall on the
7:58 am
incline. so that is not going to help matters here at all. it's slow from the macarthur maze past treasure island. give yourself extra time commuting into san francisco. slow in the south bay. out of san jose jammed from downtown out towards cupertino. these are the northbound lanes of 280 right there by the 880 interchange. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. well, we're looking out toward downtown financial district here and this is what we're seeing. cloudy skies plenty of clouds forecast for today we will have clouds along the coastline with some drizzle. mix of sun and clouds for the bay and inland. temperatures today you will note are cooler. they will be warming up, however, thursday into friday. even into the weekend. take a look at saturday and sunday. both days looking nice. we'll take that warmer weather into the beginning of next week. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
we have a nice crowd here on the plaza on wednesday morning. >> very nice crowd. >> welcome back to "the early show." i'm erica hill with harry smith. a lady in the crowd just said to me, i can't believe i get to be here with harry smith. >> that's how you feel every day. >> that's how i feel every morning, even when he steals my coffee like he did this morning. >> three times. >> a lot to get to this morning, including as we talk so much about back to school, studying is going to figure in. lots of homework coming home. if your kids have trouble studying, people may tell you make sure they have a quiet place to work, they focus on one subject at a time.
8:01 am
we're learning those tips may not be the best route to take. we're going to take a look at popular studying myths and how you can perhaps help your kids. >> this may be the most topic we have ever addressed. >> i'm going to take notes on this topic. websites that save you big bucks. we've even show you how to trade up, for instance, from a cell phone to a porsche. remember that story a couple of weeks ago. this morning we have the ultimate savings, free stuff. we'll show you how to get everything from prescription drugs. >> for free? >> to books at a 100% discount. >> i'm sticking around for that one. we also have a very special treat on the plaza this morning, wayne brady, host of the very popular "let's make a deal" going to be looking to make a little deal perhaps with one of the fine people on our plaza this morning. >> first, though, we want to get a look at the news. jeff glor is standing by at the news desk with the latest headlines. good morning, sir. >> harry, erica, good morning to
8:02 am
you. this morning president obama will make his case against extending tax cuts for wealthy americans. the president wants to let them expire at the end of the year. he proposes extending the cuts for those making less than $200,000. david axelrod told erica the country cannot afford tax cuts for millionaires. >> more than half those tax cuts go to people making over $8 million a year. if we had that money, that would be fine. but to borrow that money in order to give them those tax cuts, which no economist believes will have a great affect on the economy doesn't make sense. >> house republican leader john boehner is calling for a two-year freeze on all current tax rates. a bomb threat found on a thai airlines jet carrying 189 people to los angeles appears to have been a hoax. it was found in a note on the trip to bangkok. it touched down in l.a. last night. the fbi said no explosives were found and no one was arrested.
8:03 am
the florida preacher who wants to burn copies of the koran is not breaking down. he said he will carry out the plan to burn the muslim holy book saturday, the anniversary of 9/11, despite increasing pressures from the government and religions leaders. jones said he has received more than 100 death threats. he told harry this morning, he's trying to send a message. >> what we're saying is if they are in america they they'd to respect our constitution and not slowly try to push their agenda upon us. >> secretary of state clinton calls jones's plan, quote, disrespectful and disgraceful. chicagoans are still processing the news mayor daly is requiring. his announcement he won't stand for re-election in february surprised many. one possible candidate that's been mentioned as a possible replacement for daley is white house chief of staff rahm
8:04 am
emanuel. a colorado wildfire has destroyed 90 buildings, 53 homes, the forest, more than 1,000 forced from home. in detroit a fire destroyed two dozen homes. the fire was sparked by power lines hit by falling trees. high winds a problem in western michigan. 50-mile-an-hour gusts blew up a sandstorm that sandblasted campers attachment a look at the national park on the shores of lake michigan. katie couric has a preview now of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> good morning. ever wonder what it's like to survive a bear attack? we'll tell you about a woman that did and what's being done to prevent the deadly encounters. that story and more tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." dave price is on assignment this morning. so we'll go outside with a check of the weather. good morning to you. >> good morning, jeff.
8:05 am
happy wednesday morning, from illinois. a great crowd out here. folks from all over the world supporting the global gene project, research for rare diseases. let's take a look at what's happening. it's starting to rain. do you guys feel the rain out here? here is why, the system that produced the sand storms in
8:06 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by priority mail, flat rate boxes only from the postal service, a simpler way to ship. >> harry, our crowd comes bearing gifts. some horse radish for your sandwich later today. >> harry is looking forward to that one. up next, worried about your kids making the grade? we're going to correct three study myths. this is "the early show" on cbs. this is "the early show" on cbs.
8:07 am
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new charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go. in this morning's healthwatch we are breaking those bad habits, bad study habits, that is. more than 68 million kids are now back in school. rejoice, parents. the experts tell us a lot are learning the wrong way. child and adolescent psychologist jen far hartstein is here to take on popular myths about studying. we obviously want to help our kids do their best, perform well on tests. a lot of the ways we've probably been encouraging them to study are wrong. >> right. the way we've been studying our whole lives and are teaching our kids is wrong. >> one of the biggest myths is we should always study in one quiet spot. >> we want to have that desk, no noise, no distraction. it turns out that's wrong. the more places you can study, study in your kitchen, bedroom,
8:11 am
library, reinforces the information and allows more flexibility of thinking so you can recall it anywhere. >> you can recall it not just in that one environment you're used to. >> exactly. >> make sense when you think about it. that one debunked. also another myth, you should focus on one skill when you're studying. >> we've been told study math for an hour, study reading for an hour, study science. now they are saying study a little of each thing, 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 15 minutes. it will reinforce it. if you're studying a foreign language, read it, talk it outside, listen to vocabulary, mixette up. >> does it reinforce because it's activating different parts of your brain? >> it does. and forcing you to recall it at different times to help you remember better. >> speaking of recall, cramming for a test. >> we've all done it. it will continue to happen. you will not remember long-term.
8:12 am
it's short-term and will not stay. >> if you're cared about the test, you're okay. >> getting it done, you're good to go. >> we've all been there as well. there's some other things we need to think about, too, when it comes to our kids and how they study and how we help them study. >> right. we've always thought about this learning style question, kids need a learning style, auditory learners, verbal, visual. the fact is no research supports this. even when they have done some studies it shows us kids can learn regardless of the teaching style of their teacher, regardless of their learning style as well as they are engaged. >> that's influenced a lot of parents as far as what classroom they choose. >> teaching and learning styles don't necessarily have to mesh as long as they are motivated and interested in school. >> motivate, get them interested, be involved. space their studies out. we talk about cramming. cramming isn't going to keep it
8:13 am
in their brain. spacing it out more. testing reinforces, keeps it in our memory. >> doesn't have to be flash cards, engaged in a conversation about something. >> talk about the news, talk about what's going on in the united states, you're doing history and geography with them. that's helpful. >> if you think your child, after we reworked study habits, still having trouble, when do you know and where do you go for help with study. >> you want to ask teachers how they are doing, see how their kids are doing, pay attention to all those things. if you see they are helping, learning centers, go to the school, tutors they can recommend, older students that can work with your kid to help them. try not to only have it be you, then you're going to have confliblgts. see how you bring in external people. >> talk to your kids. >> exactly. >> jen, always great advice. thanks so much. just ahead the ultimate way to save money. how about getting everything from prescription drugs to your books for free. that will save you a little cash.
8:14 am
>> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by kellogg's ecia >> announcer: cbs healthwatch sponsored by kellogg's special k products. ♪ [ female announcer ] the best way to tell how great you look is in your jeans. drop a jean size in two weeks with the special k challenge and enjoy a good source of fiber in many of your favorite special k products. ♪ jeans don't lie. go to to design your plan. jeans don't lie. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia.
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8:16 am
♪ ♪ that's what i want in this morning's "moneywatch," discounts are great. free is just so much better. cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis has been checking out more ways to save money. and she's here to show us how to get some cool stuff without ever spending a dime. good morning. >> that's what we like, free, harry. >> kiplinger, great finance sheet tells you lots of different thing. we looked at this the other day. one thing they told us about was pharmaceuticals that you can get for nothing. >> which i was shocked to see. free antibiotics. they'll give you at many grocery stores throughout the country, 14-day supplies of commonly used antibiotics for children, for adults, for grandparents. all of these grocery stores you see right here have these
8:17 am
programs and all you need to do is go to the doctor, bring in your prescription and they'll give you the 14-day trial supply for free. >> it's a trial supply. >> well, you know, it's less than what you would normally get for a 30-day prescription, but you still are getting 14 days. these things can run, harry -- >> antibiotics are -- >> $4 to $100 just to go and get this type of thing. >> wow. that is amazing. and these are the different stores that offer that. >> grocery stores across country. >> let's go to car repairs and car repair quotes. >> yeah. actually, this is so interesting because we always talk about the know before you go. so, if you're going to take your car to the auto shop for a tune-up or any other ge problem.
8:18 am
most of us this day and age there's so much technology in a car. we don't even know what's really going on? >> this site, will also tell you what the parts cost you. not only the repair cost, the labor cost, but the parts. >> you can sit there back and forth and say, i'm sorry, you know, i'm happy -- >> tells me this. this is my printout. this is what it says. >> that's really good. books, everybody and their brother has a kindle or ipad or whatever these days. >> sure. >> and if you don't want to pay to download the books, how do you get the books? >> is a website that takes 33,000 different books, e-books, that are now no longer in copyright. the copyright's expired. they offer you all these books for free. you can download them there. if audio books are your thing, and booksshould offer numerous titles you can listen to as opposed to
8:19 am
read. we know the ultimate free place for books in general, the library. >> right. how interesting is this. guttenberg, the bible changed everything and made democracy possible, all kind much discussions about that. we may be living in a time similar in terms of the d dissemination, 33,000 titles for free. >> so many people are going to these sites. >> give me a free education, then. >> you know what, i want to point out, because we oftentimes in this job market talk about the fact that you want to educate yourself, up your game, redefine yourself. >> better your resume. >> exactly. here are some freeways to do it. so, foreign language lessons. they can be very, very expensive if you go out and do it on your own. >> sure. >> and fsi is the foreign service institute. it's a government body that trains people throughout the country. these are their lessons and their lesson plans on the website. also, a number of colleges will
8:20 am
offer free lectures on their websites and appleu, app appleitunesu, they offer 350,000 free lectures on multiple games. if you're trying to up your game as a job-seeker, these are the places to do it. >> we love all the free stuff. thanks very much. to learn how to get more free stuff all you need to do is go to our website, that's erica? >> harry, thanks. the multitalented wayne brady, host of "let's make a deal" is here with us on the plaza this morning with a deal for one of our lucky audience members. they picked a great day to be here. >> this is beautiful. good morning, everybody. >> thank you both for coming down. >> this is jonathan mangum. >> you can't do it without him. >> i can't do the deal without him. >> it is a team effort. >> you have a deal for one of our plaza audience members here. would you like to pick the -- >> i have someone i'd like to make a deal with and that person happens to be -- who wants to make a deal?
8:21 am
yeah, i love saying that. you, right there. what's your name? >> brenda lopez. >> come here, brenda lopez. brenda lopez, come here. come here. come here. and they told you not to wear the shades on your head. see? see? this is jonathan. >> hi, brenda. >> this is erica. we have a deal for you. >> okay. >> i think we have -- oh. a little something over there that we are -- we're working on. we have some envelopes, i believe. because we need to work on -- >> yes. i've got a "let's maybe a deal" envelope right here. >> right there. >> inside this envelope, this is your deal. inside this envelope you can trust me, when i tell you, that i something spectacular in this envelope. >> i hate to interrupt. she might rather want the gold envelope. i mean -- >> oh! oh, now we're upping the ante. >> it is a gold envelope. gold is a precious metal.
8:22 am
mr. t doesn't wear gold for nothing. >> i pity the fool that goes with gold. you have to determine if you want what's inside here, you can listen to whatever's inside here, maybe see it. you know we give away good things or it could be a zonk. or you can go with jonathan's envelope. >> i've seen the show. i trust you. >> i can tell you there's a economic in there. >> he's not lying. >> we have to wrap it up. pick. >> it's not about trusting me. >> silver or gold. make new friends but keep the old. >> i'm going with you. >> going with me. jonathan? >> you know what, it was a zonk check. you did the right thing. >> nice choice. >> you've got yourself an ipad, sweetheart. you got an ipad. >> and i think we have it right there. bren dashgs nice work. >> thank you. >> she clearly does watch the show. that's an honest face, you know. >> but don't trust me because it could be a zonk.
8:23 am
>> we'll have more coming up, which we're looking forward to. also, about his role on "ho, not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at today, the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
8:24 am
8:25 am
in richmond will stay open for another year, thanks to the city council. the council approved a plan last night... for one-point-five million dollar good morning. it's 8:25. in the headlines this morning, the richmond city council approved a plan for $1.5 million to kennedy high school and grant and olinda elementary school. a bay area transit committee will vote today on a multi-million dollar plan to build a new monorail. that rail line would connect bart's coliseum station to the oakland international airport. today's vote will decide whether to set aside $20 million in state funds for the monorail system. and new complaints are surfacing over pg&e's smartmeters. some customers say the high- tech meters are interfearing with household electronics. they say devices like cordless phones, crib monitors and wireless headsets are popping,
8:26 am
crackling or giving off static. traffic and weather right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning. it's still a mess on northbound 880 as you past the coliseum. it's always slow at this time of the morning but we also have a stall now by 16th and embarcadero so obviously that's not helping matters in those northbound lanes. coming down the eastshore freeway, look at that line of red from hercules all the way down into berkeley. we have a camera near ashby where it looks like speeds are picking up a bit towards the macarthur maze. but we have a lot of slow traffic this morning towards
8:28 am
the macarthur maze and heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza which is backed up past the incline towards treasure island. we had a stalled bus and then we had another problem. another stall on the incline. so just a couple of stalls were enough to make that a bad commute at the bay bridge. san mateo bridge might be a good alternate looking good all morning in the westbound lanes of 92 and just got word of a new injury crash on southbound 101 approaching cesar chavez. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. so our forecast for this morning, san jose we have seen quite a bit of clouds and, boy, that's a deck of clouds. but you can see that layer of clouds, once you don't see -- i see it. i'm looking at the satellite. once those clouds move out, we'll have some sunshine today. our forecast for today, clouds along the coast, drizzle, that won't clear out. but the bay and inland will see a mix of sun and clouds today, also warmer conditions expected for the weekend. and we'll take that warmer weather into the beginning of next week.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show." i'm walking along and, you know, this guy gives me a bottle of horseradish. i heard a whole segment on the radio about this stuff because it's low calorie but gives you all kinds of flavors. aren't you happy -- >> i love horseradish. i like a little extra in my cocktail sauce, bloody marys. >> on kenwick rolls. >> oh, the things you can do with horseradish. >> you didn't know what you were going to get. we're having a great time with three-time emmy winner wayne brady, who will sit down with us in the studio. host of "let's make a deal,"
8:31 am
regular guest star on "how i met your mother," just performed in "rent," the hollywood bowl. we'll hear from him in a minute. also we take a serious look at a delicate issue. it's now been a year and a half since liam neeson lost his wife. he's recently been seen with another woman. of course, now everybody is talking. is it okay? is it too soon? when is it too soon? we'll speak with our relationship expert this morning about when is the right time for to you move on after a divorce, a breakup or after you've lost someone. also very busy time of year for most families with kids back in school, lots of stuff going on. how do you make the meals quickly? and how do you make them good? katie lee is here with meals that can go right from your freezer to the oven to the table. >> i'm taking serious notes and i may take all of that home, katie. >> there you go. >> all yours. >> can we do this quickly because have you some guests here. tell me what this is? very quickly. >> well, we're from the global genes project here to promote
8:32 am
the kickoff for kids affected by rare disease tomorrow night. >> go to -- where's the website? >> well, go to but we're here with a bunch of people from the rare disease community. >> we appreciate everybody coming out this morning. >> they're banding together to get awareness for those rare diseases. up next, a chick of the weather, perhaps? sean mclaughlin here. ready for that? >> yeah. you came out and it stopped raining. perfect timing. let's talk about the national scene because it is a mess still with her mooemine. 10 to 20 degrees below average. the big time cold front. starting to come out to the eastern seaboard. these showers will end by midday, high fire danger for philadelphia, portions of newark and also the way out west with that high pressure ridge in nevada and
8:33 am
8:34 am
is that it 134. >> no, that's not it. more of "the early show" coming up. >> thanks. we're back now with wayne brady. as you know, he's the host of "let's make a deal" here on cbs. luckily for him and the audience, it's a job where he can combine all of his special talents. >> inside this box may be jewelry. ♪ give it to your girl ♪ n keep it for yourself put it in a leather box up on a shelf ♪ ♪ you want to hear it sing i don't want when it may be cubic ♪ >> wayne brady joins us this morning. good morning. congratulations. >> thank you. >> for a season under your belt. when you started on this show, how different did it turn out than what you anticipated? >> how different? you know, you don't know. all i knew when i signed on for it was that i wanted a challenge. but trying to reinvent an
8:35 am
american staple "let's make a deal" -- >> an iconic show. >> an iconic show with an iconic host. do you to you put your own stamp on it? at that point it makes no sense doing something if you're just going to do what's already been done. then it's just a job. and i didn't get into this when i was a kid to just do a job. >> sure. >> as an actor, i want to do something that lets me do everything i do, and that's what "let's make a deal" do and it works. >> is it as crazy as you're doing it as it seems to look as it unfolds on television? >> yes. yes. you notice how fast that yes came? in fact, i don't know if people at home get the full impact of how crazy the entire environment is. i'm standing in the middle of a few hundred people yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs because i'm handing out money. whenever someone wins, they're right here. the piercing yelling that happens and the amount of times i've been licked orbiten or
8:36 am
jumped on or -- it's -- yeah. that's the parking lot. >> that's even before the show starts. >> yeah, that's before the show starts. before the little red light goes on. >> it's crazy. so, you've been licked a lot? licked and hugged and kissed. >> licked and hugged and kissed. that's what people do had they win stuff. you don't want to see when they lose. it's a horrible thing. >> i also like the way you and your sidekick sort of interact and there's a kind of -- sort of a free-flowing -- you use your improvisational talent. you maxed out the situation. >> that's why they approached me about doing the show. when i had the show, i said, i need to get my buddy, jonathan mangum. we have performed together since i was 19. we pretty much this this improve relationship we bring to a game show format. >> so, i've got to jump to a different cbs show because you're sitting there on a given night and you see "how i met your mother," there you pop up
8:37 am
again. >> yes, i am barney's gay black brother. >> what other part could you play? >> who gets to do that? who gets to do that? that's what i'm talking about. god bless america. >> it's great. now, you guys have know each other for a long time, ÷q rñ fo. when i first got cast as his brother, that's when i met him for the first time. >> okay. is part of that relationship, then, how you ended up doing "rent" at the hollywood bowl? we interviewed him all about that whole process. this was like a dream of a lifetime for neil patrick harris. >> it was a dream of a lifetime for wayne brady. i've wanted to do that show. that's myself. just in case you're tuning in and you see me -- >> you're not -- >> hugging a guy in a dress, that's a character i played, tom collins. that was my drag queen lover. cbs daytime, it's racy! >> but talk to me about this experience, then, of being on stage, in the hollywood bowl, doing a show like "rent,"
8:38 am
because by now almost everybody who's out there, they know the words to the songs. they want to see this. they want to see it for real. >> and that's -- and especially now that i've given myself over to doing this daily game show. it was important for me to maintain my footing in every other world that i do. so being able to go back to theater and do a show like "rent," a character like collins and that song "i'll cover you" reprice. that did something so wonderful for my heart. i'm a "rent" fan, too. i know all the songs. i'm on stage looking at nicole from pussycat dolls going, that's nicole. talking to neil going, hey, that's neil. >> almost like an out of body experience. >> exactly. exactly. >> very cool. still doing stand-up? still doing the one-man stuff? >> improve with jonathan, going back to vegas. i have dates at planet hollywood
8:39 am
coming up in october. have you to come and check me out. i'll be in australia on tour. i'll be in london shooting an improve show. and "let's make a deal" right here on cbs. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good to see you. season two of "let's make a deal" starts monday, september 20th right here on cbs daytime. check your local listings. as they say. now here's erica. >> thanks. what is it like when a relationship ends? it can be obviously devastating for some. for others it's more like a bump in the road. when it comes to celebrities, though, getting back out there is often very different. >> reporter: it's been a year and a half since actor liam neeson's wife natasha richardson died in a tragic skiing injury. last week he was photographed with his new girlfriend raising the question, when is the right time to move on? >> i don't think he's going to try to replacer her at all. just trying to fill that void. >> it's been a year and a half and he's making the decision to move on and show he still has
8:40 am
the spirit of living. so i respect that. more power to him. >> reporter: but what about cases of infidelity? less than six weeks after finalizing his divorce from sandra bullock, bad boy jesse james flauned his affection for new girlfriend kat. >> something like revenge, you know. >> reporter: earlier this summer former "frasier" star kelsey grammer ended due to irreconcilable differences but he was out with a new woman, carrying the actor's fifth child. >> if you have that guilt or shame on your heart from an old relationship and you go into a new one, it won't work out. >> reporter: >> reporter: how long do you have to wait until you're the one being cheated on? >> how about an hour and a half? >> we have a couple of relationship experts with us this morning to talk about moving on. heide banks who blogs for "the huffington post" and matt titus, founder of the good to have you with us this
8:41 am
morning. this is sufficient a tough question, the right time to move on. it depends on the situation. let's say, a divorce, matt, versus being widowed. two very different situations. >> life doesn't provide us with timing with our potential soul mates. i had a client that met her second husband at her first husband's wake. >> at the wake? >> can you imagine? >> it seems insensitive. >> if i had to put a chronological timeline to it, i would say divorce one year. widowed, two. after that -- >> oh, no, no, no. matt and i are so used to disagreeing so he'll let me go on. >> yes, we are. >> yes, love doesn't have a timeline but open hearts do. when your heart is open, even if you've lost your mate, you might go on in a month. you might find somebody the next week. you might have been in a 230-year marriage and you go through a divorce and it could take ten years to heal from that. >> every situation is different. >> every situation is different. >> what about when there are other people involved, i'm
8:42 am
talking specifically about kids. when you're in a relationship with kids, how did that change things with a divorce or death? >> kids are alleges a consideration. >> yes, a consideration but they're not like the tribunal to decide on who you're dating. they don't have a high level of emotional maturity, they don't have relationship experience. they should have consulted -- >> they're priority, you have to admit, priority. >> don't you think they should be consulted after the relationship becomes significant? >> you don't want to introduce it too soon? >> no, no. >> definitely talk to them and make them present -- not in the decision -- >> it's a great opportunity to talk to them about what real love is. one of the things we're looking at in our culture is people don't understand real love. they understand romance on the movie screen but they don't understand real love. to say, look, i lost your father or we're in a divorce but i believe in love. >> you believe in love. it's interesting because you say keep your heart open up. never know when it's going to come. are there certain signs we can then look for? because it is such a personal decision. for us to know that this, a,
8:43 am
could be a good thing, b, i'm ready? >> when you think about somebody knew and you don't to want throw up in your mouth -- >> you have such a way with words. >> no, but you're so still connected to the person you're not with. you know, you start -- one sign, you start noticing other attractive people. you're more social, ready to go out with your friends. those kinds of things are indicators that maybe you're ready. >> and you've moved the pictures and you've moved -- from your head as well as from your mantel. you've taken those photos down. >> head and snajmantel? i love this. seriously. >> oh, good. you've taken the photos down. you stop talking about them all the time. you go on a date and it's like, my ex wouldn't have ordered that. >> no, not a good thing. >> who do you think it's harder for, men or women? >> everybody wants to say it's easier for a man to move on because they seem sfo move on faster. in most cases they doshgs but it doesn't mean they move on to a better relationship. it just means they moved on. so, i think -- and mean also get the value out of relationships more than women do. the stable home, you make more
8:44 am
money, all of the research have said this. i do believe it's equally as hard for a man and a woman. >> no way. >> no? >> no, no, no, no. i think men move on a lot faster. women are a little more emotionally connected to past relationships. they tend to remember the roses, not the thorns. do you like my cliches? they're great. >> rolling off the tongue here. >> i would like to interview his ex-wife about the roses and thorn. >> perfect. i think it's easier for men to move on because we're more physically based than women. >> yes, they are, as we've discussed several times. last question. we talked about the kids, but in all honesty, when it comes to something like a death in the family, you'll get input from everyone in your family how much do you weigh that? >> you listen with ears of loving, that's -- >> ears of loving? >> no matter who's speaking to you -- no matter who's speaking to you, like i'm listening to the ears of love right now, they want to say, we love you, move
8:45 am
on. it's a personal thing. say, thank you very much, but i'm doing the best i can. and move on. >> you're too polite. stay out of my business. do you want me to be happy? let me do my thing and i'll introduce you to the right person when i'm ready. please. >> great to have you with us. we'll make a list of all those cliches -- >> please do. >> thanks, guys. harry, over to you. >> we're trying to get through the ears of love. thanks, guys. now that summer is over and the kids are back in school, are you suddenly too busy to make dinner? you can be ready for that if you just use the freezer. our katie lee is here with some great frozen dinner recipes. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> this is all about doing some preparation ahead of time, loading it into the freezer so you can walk in the door and make it happen. >> exactly. if it seems next to impossible to get dinner on the table, it doesn't have to be with a little preparation. my mom would always cook and freeze it. she'd take a random sunday afternoon, make a bunch of food, freeze it and then we were set. >> yeah. then you had warm meals, home
8:46 am
cooked meals. >> and they tasted great. a couple things to remember when you're cooking to freeze. you want to let the food cool completely first, because if you put hot food in the freezer it will melt some other food. you want to wrap it really tightly. you can use plastic wrap, foil, freezer bags, air-tight containers. always make a label with what it is and the date that you froze it because after about six months it's time to give it a toss. >> because you'll have no idea. >> no. >> unless there's a label on there, it will just say, what? >> looks like something. >> oh, gee, that's not good. >> that way you know what you're going to cook. we're going to do what i love, a breaded chicken cutlet. i freeze these individually so it makes it easy to grab if you're cooking for one or two. >> you pounded this out already. >> i'm going to use tongs. goes into the flour. and then into some egg. you know, the great thing is to make a lot at one time because if you're putting out the effort, you might as well do a lot. into the bread crumbs.
8:47 am
>> all right. >> you're going to be all messy. i have a towel for you. i put it onto a baking sheet right here. >> so we're not going to fry this? >> no. you put this right into the freezer on the baking sheet. after four hours when it's frozen completely, transfer it to an air-tight container and then you pull out one individually they don't stick together. >> you don't put the labels on the cutlets. you put the labels on -- >> oh, you catch on so fast. i'm so proud of you. >> i'm trainable. that's that. explain what you can do with all of that later. >> you can do chicken parm, or have it with rice and broccoli. very versatile. >> what's next? >> on to one of my favorites. i love lasagna. but sometimes it's a pain. >> it takes some time. >> we're going to do lasagna spirals. i have some ricotta there with spinach from the freezer. shredded mozzarella. >> this is vegetarian. >> it is. with some egg.
8:48 am
toss that in there. and some garlic. a little bit of salt. >> all right. >> harry, bring that down here. i'm going to show you how to build these spirals. so, i've cooked noodles. lay them out like that. take a teaspoon and lay it on here. spread it out. >> oh, spread it out? >> spread it out, harry. very good. you just take these and roll them up like that. your kids can help you. then they're more likely to eat it. top it with some sauce. >> so this is -- okay. we're doing this now, just like this? >> just like this. that's very good, harry. so, in the freezer, i have one already in here. i'll show you what it looks like. and you can see, i labeled it. >> thank goodness. >> take it out of the freezer. we're going to put it into the oven just like this. 40 minutes later, we'll have a delicious dinner. go swap it out for me, harry. >> all right, dude. >> be careful. it's hot. i don't want you to burn your
8:49 am
fingers. there's one in the bottom oven. >> that's what i heard. oh, look at this. >> top it with a little cheese and it looks beautiful. you have a nice, fresh lasagna. so yummy. i have one over here for you to try. >> all you skeptics out there you said, no, no, no. >> you can have dinner ready, 40 minutes into the oven. it's nothing. the breaded chicken, you can see we have some beautiful salad -- >> i love the idea of the breaded chicken because then you can do a million different things with that. >> right. totally versatile. you want to try it? >> i have a standard rule i don't eat ricotta cheese before 9:00 in the morning. >> oh, harry. it's just a couple minutes. i think you can break your rule. >> i don't know. we'll find out. katie lee, thank you very much. >> thank you, harry. >> you can find more of katy's recipes on our website, that's we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the problem with the lasagna. you drop it on your blouse, luckily at the end of the show. it's not just about freezing meals for later, this way i have lunch for later. >> that's great. >> that means it's really good, right? >> or lasagna ketchup. >> that's why i wore the blouse today. >> ruffles are in very good. >> we've got your chicken cutlets over there. >> we'll leave that to you. >> and lasagna spirals. >> with the date. you didn't put the date on your label. >> sorry. forgot that. when you cook the lasagna noodles, sometimes that can be unwooeldy. how do you you make sure -- >> a little oil in there so they do slip apart. >> oh, very good. >> in a very big pot, i noticed. >> re big pot. >> you've got it going today 37 have a great day, everybody. your local news is next. ,,,,
8:53 am
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good morning let's start off looking at the bay bridge.
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on westbound 880, it's jammed. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, it's blocked up into the macarthur maze. here's the drive for you. 44 minutes from the bridge to the maze. it's slow from here up into downtown. we just got this accident reported in san jose. two lanes are blocked. a crash right there before you approach 280. here's tracy. >> forecast for this morning, we've got some clearing skies out there. you can see some breaks in those clouds, blue skies and sunshine expected for the bay and inland. cloudy skies and drizzle on tap for the weekend. here's a look at what you can expect for the weekend. you can see where my mind is. sunshine expected with warmer weather for saturday and sunday
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