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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it's friday, july 30. >> san jose firefighters a grim day for some of them. a number of them having to turn in their uniforms today. >> and the last-minute money also saved some child care centers in oakland. we'll tell you about that. >> the parents made a threat. they really needed these child care centers. >> also, the big news of the day, shake-up at "american idol." ellen degeneres on the way out. why she says it's time to leave after a year. [ laughter ] >> and who might replace simon cowell who is going to replace
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-- it's juicy. >> they are building up the hype. >> do we care about "american idol"? >> no, absolutely not. no. >> but curt, our producer, cares very much about it. he loves ellen. >> damages with the stars beat him a couple of times last year. >> once we start bringing in ocho cinco and all these crazy personalities, it got good. >> look at you. >> we got like the little celebrity gossip chap here going. >> i'm a bravo fan. [ laughter ] those reality shows, terrible habit. out on the roads, overall we have been seeing really nice traffic pattern. our 5:00 hour not too many issues out there. westbound highway 4 we are starting to see slowing on our sensors westbound and actually this is kind of unusual? >> slow traffic eastbound highway 4, as well. so not sure what's going on there. we'll check to see if there are any accidents reported in the area so again, a lot of slow traffic through antioch. also westbound 580 out of the
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altamont pass. just the usual congestion or our traffic sensors. right now here's some traffic times for the east bay. 15 minutes on westbound 580 from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. and yes a little sluggish through antioch on westbound 4 take you out towards highway 242. this was our one accident reported, it's on the shoulder. joe with the kcbs phone force told us there is a quarter-mile backup in sonoma county lakeville road at highway 37. so watch out for that. but take you outside live look at the bay bridge, no problems this morning approaching the pay gates. that's your traffic. we saw a lot of fog this morning as well. i'm still hoping chopper can fly. >> i have bob calling from the kpix phone force calling in about fog at the bay. [ laughter ] >> i made that up. john lives in pacifica a little drizzle out there. [ laughter ] delays one hour at the airport and low clouds and fog inland this morning.
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temperatures from the lower to the mid-50s. through the day, sunshine moving in yet again near 90 degrees inland. mid-60s around the bay lower 60s for the coast. temperatures warming up just a bit moving into the weekend. and near seasonal highs on the weather menu sunday, monday and tuesday. so nice weather this friday morning. >> weather menu. all right, thank you. back to you guys. the emergency room at children's hospital oakland is open once again after a hostage situation. don knapp is at the hospital where a man with a gun walked in a few hours ago. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the man walked in with a gun and took a hostage. but we are learning some more things about that now. we understand that the staff and the hospital security along with police quickly defused the situation. we have some video to show you now. listen carefully to the suspect as he is being arrested. >> don't shoot me, man, don't shoot me! >> reporter: you may hear him
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shouting, don't shoot me, doesn't shoot me, and i gave up, i gave up. no shots indeed were fired. no one was hurt. here's oakland police captain darrian allison. >> our officers responded and contacted the individual. the individual surrendered fairly quickly and was taken into custody. >> reporter: was ever holding anybody? >> at one point he did have somebody, an individual, at gunpoint. but upon contact with the police officers, he surrendered. >> reporter: another officer told us drugs may be involved. now, that individual the gunman was holding was a clerk not as nurse as we reported earlier. the clerk was in the emergency room and she was held hostage at gunpoint. when police arrived, he quickly put down the gun and surrendered. we are also hearing that the hospital staff itself those people in the emergency room, this nursing staff and the clerk staff, as well as the security guards, were instrumental in helping disarm
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that man and put down that gun. he was shouting apparently at one point that someone was trying to kill him. he was arrested and transferred to another hospital presumably for psychiatric examination. so this situation could have been worse. it resolved peacefully in 15 minutes this morning. >> thank you, don knapp in oakland. seven centers will keep providing preschool and child care in oakland even though they were to be shut down today. the problem a familiar one that plagues school districts across california, lack of state funding forcing major budget cuts but oakland unified reversed its decision yesterday after some parents had threatened to lock themselves in the centers to keep them running. >> we think we have found a way to reprioritize some one-time stimulus money. >> that money is expected to keep the centers open through august. what happens after that is anyone's guess. a court hearing this morning
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about the contract dispute involving a.c. transit drivers. a.c. transit directors imposed the contract nearly two weeks ago and since then, there's been a sharp increase in the number of drivers calling in sick. 10 a.c. transit lines were cancelled yesterday evening because of the lack of drivers. a.c. transit called it a sickout saying the workers are protesting a new contract. the drivers union says there is no organized sickout. the union wants the old contract restored until a new one is produced through binding arbitration. tomorrow marks one year since three uc-berkeley alumni were arrested in iran. eddie bauer, sarah shourd and josh fattal remain in prison there but still have not been tried or even formally charged. the iranian government accuses them of being spies. the hikers' families say they were in iraq and accidentally crossed the border into iran.
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tomorrow more than 20 free the hiker rallies are planned across the country including one in the bay area. it is set for noon at the 16th street bart station in san francisco. concord police searching for suspects after a woman told officers two men tried to kidnap her. the men were in a white car described as a four-door honda sink with a black rear bumper. the car had a red temporary registration sticker on the rear window. the woman said she was walking along sunshine drive yesterday morning when the passenger ordered her into the car. when she refused, he grabbed her arm. she said he let go after she punched him in the face. firefighting presence, choppers, they are getting back into the air this morning to stop a fast-moving wildfire in southern california. it's the crown fire. it started at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, already covered seven square miles on the edge of palmdale. that's in northern los angeles county. there are mandatory evacuations for about 2,000 homes in palmdale and leona valley. another fire near the town of tehachapi in kern county that burned 30 homes is nearly contained thanks to the help of favorable weather.
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three more americans have been killed on duty in afghanistan, the three dying in two separate explosions yesterday in southern afghanistan. 63 americans have been killed in afghanistan this month. that is the most in any one month in nearly 9 years of the war in afghanistan. the east bay search for a small town crook. very small. coming up next, the latest tip on the boy burglar and his adult sidekick. and a massive marijuana raid in the foothills. who was running the pot farm and how much those drugs are worth. advantage topical s... 5:06.
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new possible injury accident in san jose, southbound 101 at the 880 interchange. an ambulance is headed to the scene. traffic is coming up in six minutes. >> see you then. it is 6:11. more than 100 people under arrest in a massive marijuana raid in the sierra foothills. agents seized more than 400,000
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plants, street value more than $1.7 billion they say. the pot farms are run by organized crime rings based in mexico according to investigators. it was called operation trident and it operated 450 local, state and agents in modesto, fresno an tolarry counties. a suspect busted a fire sprinkler in the police station. investigators tell us that joseph mchenry was in the second floor interrogation room on wednesday when he smashed the sprinkler in the modesto building. the water soaked through the floor, ruined some of the stations below. workers evacuated. utilities had to be shut off for a while. mchenry had been arrested on suspicion of drugs and bail violation. he now faces a bonus charge of felony vandalism. palo alto police have released a sketch of a man believed to be teaming up with a young boy to rob homes. investigators say the man waits in a car outside while the boy,
6:13 am
about 10 years old, enters the homes. the boy appears connected to one burglary and two attempts earlier this month. that boy is described as about 5 feet tall, 100 pounds, with long brown hair. so far, the only thing known to be stolen is a skateboard. in the other two homes, the kid ran off when he was spotted. 51 san jose firefighters are turning in their uniforms today. it's the first time the san jose fire department has had to lay off firefighters. and it is all because of a $12 billion budget cut. they are closing station 33, which opened three years ago in the communications hill neighborhood. three other engines and a truck will be taken offline, also. >> i know what it takes to get to this job. and to have them put their heart and soul into it and then to have the emotional and financial hardship that's going to be coming to them is very hard for me as the brotherhood to take. all of us, it's deeply affecting us.
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>> the interim fire chief says people will not notice the difference. she says the fire department will still show up when people call 911 for an emergency. the california state university system says starting sunday, it will accept student applications for next spring at all campuses even ones trying to reduce enrollment but if the state budget stalemate continues there is no guarantee anyone will be admitted. but if money for the csu is quickly restored, some qualified students will be allowed to begin in the spring semester. several csu campuses that attract most campuses including san jose state and san francisco state, have been limiting the number of new students to deal with their budget issues. 6:14. >> coming up, the bay area city that's among the top three most caffeinated cities in america. something else that's coming up, that's our sunrise. here we are, this is a look
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from our mount vaca cam and plenty of sunshine in that particular location. we'll take a look at the bay area current conditions and a look at your afternoon highs along with your weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. stories: good morning. well, we're following now a couple of injury accidents that
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were just reported in the last 10 to 15 minutes. first one i had mentioned southbound 101 approaching 880. ambulance is heading to the scene. a woman was pregnant involved in that accident. so the ambulance is sent as a precaution. it is counter commute. we are not seeing any delays yet. but we'll continue to watch that. you can see though on 280 heading out of downtown traffic is still nice and light. it continues to be that way along the peninsula though we are following this accident just reported on eastbound 380 on the ramp to southbound 101. another injury accident just reported there. ambulance again heading to the scene of this one. so it sounds like it may be blocking a lane of the ramp so avoid that connector right there if you are heading over towards the airport heading towards sfo, 101 is a much better option. at the bay bridge toll plaza still no metering lights. they will likely be turned on here shortly unless traffic is just so light on this friday that they don't see a need for them. right now we are seeing small there's just in the far left
6:19 am
cash lanes but otherwise fastrak users are good to go and a live look at the nimitz. taillights towards high street and looks good into downtown oakland. southbound traffic looking good as well heading towards hayward. and mass transit riders, everything is on time. bart, ace, muni, caltrain. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast for this morning, this friday morning, we got plenty of clouds around the bay currently. plenty of clouds along the coast and plenty of clouds inland. yeah, along with a little drizzle along the coastline and around the bay. so you may have to hit those windshield wipers for the morning. conditions as far as your temperatures in the lower to the mid-50s. heading into the afternoon, sunshine, a beautiful friday afternoon expected. mid-70s to the upper 80s inland, lower 60s to the mid- 70s around the bay and the lower to the mid-60s along the coastline with a few low clouds thrown in there along with some
6:20 am
sunshine. temperatures 87 degrees today in morgan hill. 78 in san jose. 80 degrees in campbell and cupertino. lower to the mid-60s in los altos and redwood city and you get closer to the coastline and you can see the lower to the mid-60s in pacifica, daly city and half moon bay. 60s also just off the bay. 56 in berkeley, 69 in oakland, 67 in alameda. lower to the mid-80s in pleasant hill and danville and the upper 80s in antioch and brentwood. north bay locations upper 70s in sonoma and napa. lower 70s in novato. mid-70s in san rafael and san anselmo. 63 in sausalito. 62 today in san francisco, which is again below average. 92 yosemite, 82 lake tahoe, 98 fresno, 92 sacramento, 97 degrees in redding, 58 in eureka? that's chilly. 91 in ukiah, 63 in monterey with a mix of sun and clouds.
6:21 am
seven-day forecast, i keep hammering about how below average it is. we are going to kick things up a notch -- just a notch. sunday, monday and tuesday, near seasonal highs. lower 90s inland upper 60s around the bay. mid-60s at the coast. temperatures wednesday and thursday going down slightly toward the middle of next week. west coast country music festival taking place this weekend saturday. fort mason, san francisco, conditions temperatures in the lower 60s and the stern grove festival this summer, sunday afternoon, 62 degrees in san francisco. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. in the headlines, more than 50 san jose firefighters are being laid off due to budget cuts. one fire station is being closed. but the fire chief reassures residents and says the department will still be there when people call 911 for help. an out-of-control wildfire burned through seven square miles. these are live pictures from
6:22 am
southern california. 2,000 homes in the hills around palmdale in northern los angeles county have been evacuated. that fire started yesterday afternoon. the cause is still not known. and there will apparently be no plea deal with democratic new york congressman charles rangel over his alleged violations of congressional ethics. republicans on the house ethics committee say it is too late and house speaker nancy pelosi is resigned that there will be a trial in september. silicon valley may be running on caffeine. the daily beast has a list of the most caffeinated cities in america. the survey was based on the number of coffee shops per 100,000 people. the average amount that is spent on coffee every month. the total caffeine consumed from all sources that includes teas, sweets, energy drinks and pills. the results, number within, no surprise. home of starbucks, seattle. portland, oregon is number 2.
6:23 am
and the third most caffeinated city is san jose. and i went to the website. and if you pull it up, you see san jose coffee shops there, 20 coffee shops per 100,000 residents. they don't have the caffeine index, but average monthly spending on coffee, $34 per individual. shake-up at "american idol"! >> also, where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of movies like toy story and wally. movies... can ,,,,,,
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well, here's a look at some of our cities across the bay area today. 67 degrees in alameda, with nothing but sunshine. 72 in hayward with plenty of sunshine. 84 in pleasant hill. 85 in san ramon. 89 degrees in antioch. and lots of sunshine for all locations. we'll take a look at more bay area cities, today's high temperatures as well as your weekend forecast in just a few moments. if you liked toy story and wally and other pixar movie, you will be able to see an exhibit opening tomorrow at the oakland museum. it will show the work that goes on to create the movie magic. even in this computer age, much of the artwork is done by hand. more than 500 drawings, sculptures and sketches from pixar will be on display.
6:27 am
the exhibit runs through january 9 of next year. >> isn't that great to see the sculptures that they still rely on that? >> love that movie "up." simon isn't the only "american idol" judge who won't be back next year. >> looks like ellen degeneres is out. she is leaving after one season. she said she found it difficult to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings. there are rumors though that jennifer lopez is close to signing a deal to take her place and that might not be the only shake-up next year. >> judge kara isn't under contract for next year so nobody knows if she is going to return or not. >> that is ellen giving the commencement speak in tulane university. they said oh, you're going to wear a robe? she wore her hotel robe. i remember that. [ laughter ]
6:28 am
>> any way, no word on if kara will return. but then simon, you know, has left. he is starting a whole 'nother show so... it will be interesting when it starts. drive into town, they are going to know. you leave town, they are going to know that, too. >> coming up, why a bay area community with very little crime is going to keep a record of everyone's comings and goings. a tense dangerous situation at children's hospital in oakland this morning as a man with a gun enters the emergency room. the situation is defused. hospital staff play a role. no one is hurt. and your silicon valley commute is nice and light this morning. coming up, we'll update you on three earlier accidents that were causing delays. traffic after the break. s to e? i was! well, you could enjoy the taste of decadent dark chocolate, the crunch of almonds, plus 35% of your daily fiber...
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_ _ _ _ . here's elizabeth wenger with a look at traffic. good morning. it is friday, the 30th of july. >> good morning. 6:31. let's get you out the door on this friday morning so you can hurry up and start your weekend. >> we were following three earlier accidents. everything is cleared or at least off to the right shoulder. first up in sonoma county, lakeville road just north of highway 37, they were doing one way traffic control in the area. it is now gone. so that's good news because traffic was beginning to back up in the area. also the kcbs phone force let us know this is off to the
6:32 am
shoulder. eastbound 380 the ramp to southbound 101 there were a couple cars involved in that crash. so chp may still be on scene. but again, no lanes are block. and southbound 101 approaching 880 in the south bay, maybe that accident wasn't there or the drivers took off. so no delay on 101 or 280 through the san jose area. we'll take a quick look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. still no metering lights and only very small delays. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. so our forecast for today includes a cloudy start and here we are ocean beach yeah, clouds, check. and cool temperatures. we'll take a look at some of today's cool highs and we'll check those off before we move into the pretty nice mild and in some locations warm weekend forecast. on the cool side, santa rosa average daytime high for the end of july lower 80s. mid-80s in san jose. 90 concord.
6:33 am
69 degrees in san francisco. today cooler than average. 76 today in santa rosa. 78 in san jose. 84 in concord. 6 to 7 degrees on the cool side. we'll look at the next couple of days and move wealth into the seven-day forecast. mild conditions remain in the forecast. temperate not excessively warm or cool. near seasonal temperatures moving into the forecast sunday, monday and tuesday and as we move into wednesday and thursday, we'll see temperatures dropping down ever so slightly. but all in all nice looking seven-day forecast. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. early this morning, a man walks into children's hospital in oakland with a gun. don knapp is at the hospital with what happened next. good morning, don. >> reporter: good morning, john. we are learning a little bit more about that situation this morning and the role the hospital staff as well as
6:34 am
hospital security may have played along with the police when this man came into the hospital with a gun and took a clerk hostage. of course, he was arrested when the police did come. look now at the videotape and listen carefully as police place him under arrest. >> don't shoot me, man! >> reporter: you may be able to hear the man shouting, don't shoot me, don't shoot me, over and over. and he said, i gave up, i gave up. no shots were fired, no one was hurt. here's oakland police captain darren allison. >> reporter: officers responded and we directed this individual where they contacted him and the individuals surrendered fairly quickly and he was taken into custody. >> was he ever holding anybody? >> the information we had is at one point he had an individual at gunpoint but upon contact with the police officers, he surrendered. >> reporter: we know now that that person was a clerk in the emergency room section.
6:35 am
we also understand that emergency room personnel had a role in talking this man down, calming him down and helping to disarm him. also, hospital security was involved. but, of course, when the police got there the man did put his gun down and surrendered. reportedly the man was saying that someone was trying to kill him. he was arrested and transported to another hospital. perhaps for psychiatric examination. a hospital span told us that the hospital staff behaved appropriately. they were very calm and they helped quiet the person down. and she said amazingly, many of the staff are still here continuing to work today. john? >> wow. all right, don, thank you very much. don knapp in oakland. 7 centers will keep providing preschool and child care in oakland even though they were to be shut down today. the problem, a familiar one plaguing school districts across california. it's at lack of state funding forcing many major budget cuts. but oakland unified reversed its decision yesterday after some parents threatened to lock themselves in at the centers to
6:36 am
keep them running. >> you think we have found a way to reprioritize some one- time stimulus money. >> that money is expected to keep the centers open through august. tomorrow marks one year since three uc-berkeley grads were arrested in iran. shane bauer, sarah shourd and josh natal are in prison without being tried or charged. the iranian government accuses them of being spies. the hikers family say the three were in iraq and accidentally crossed the board near iran. more than 20 free the hikers rallies are planned across the country including one in the bay area. it is set for noon tomorrow at the 16th street bart station in san francisco. the marin county city of tiburon a step closer to taking photos of every car that crosses its border. crews have begun installing cameras on tiburon boulevard and paradise drive the only two roads into town. lenses will focus on the back license plates, not on drivers'
6:37 am
faces. tiburon has a low crime rate, but police have picked up patterns in car theft and burglaries which they say are committed by outsiders. >> it's clear that they were occurring in a relatively tight time period at night. it did seem something that was solvable. >> i disapprove of it inherently. >> because? >> i just think, you know, it's one more intrusion. >> some civil rights advocates have expressed concern. there is no date for when the cameras will be activated. these are pictures from southern california. firefighting planes and croppers are back in the air this -- chopper are back in the air this morning trying to stop a fast-moving wildfire in southern california. the crown fire started about 3:00 yesterday afternoon in northern los angeles county quickly burning 7 square miles on the edge of palmdale.
6:38 am
there are mandatory evacuations for about 2,000 fires in the palmdale and leona valley. the other fire we were telling you about at tehachapi burned 30 homes and is nearly contained this morning. dna test results are expected today on four grizzly bears suspected of attack three people in a montana campground. one man was killed, two other campers injured on wednesday. wildlife experts captured one adult bear and two of her three cubs. the dna tests are expected to determine which ones took part in the attacks and after that, a decision will be made on what to do with those bears. veteran congressman charles rangel can expect a september trial to face allegations of ethics violations. the house ethics committee is accusing the new york democrat of 13 violations including failure to report rental income from vacation property. if the house panel finds rangel
6:39 am
guilty, he faces punishment ranging from a report criticizing his conduct to a vote expelling him from congress. rangel is one of the longest serve members congress. oracle is being sued by the justice department for fraud. kcbs radio's matt bigler explains the software deal at the center of the suit that involved hundreds of millions of dollars. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a software deal with oral and the government specifically the general service administration. and what the justice department is alleging in this lawsuit that's been brought against oracle is that the company failed to disclose and extend commercial discounts that were available to the government. since they weren't disclosed they were applied and as a result taxpayers were overcharged because of the contract. oracle hasn't made any comment thus far in this case. this case was originally brought by a whistle-blower at
6:40 am
oracle, a guy who worked for the company itself notified the government about what was going on. and under the federal false claims act, that whistle-blower is eligible to receive 15 to 25% of the damages in this case. so he is looking at quite a reward if this goes through. oracle hasn't commented and all these are just allegations at this point. live in san jose, i'm matt bigler for cbs 5. >> so the claims are that oracle would normally offer a discount or something to other businesses but did not let the government know that it qualified for the same discounts? >> exactly right, john. these were discounts that were available commercially but the government didn't know about it under the terms of the contract oracle was required to disclose them to the government and since that didn't happen, they were overcharged. >> that whistle-blower could be in for some big bucks. >> reporter: big time. >> yeah. thank you matt bigler with kcbs radio in the silicon valley bureau. 6:40. coming up next, paying to drive
6:41 am
in and out of san francisco during commute hours. >> it's a plan being considered to reduce congestion and pollution. political insider phil matier is coming up next with more on how that would work. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we have a lot of happy traffic. nothing big going on. traffic moving well. slow out of the altamont pass
6:44 am
as usual. slows a bit, a few brake lights approaching the dublin interchange. this is near tassajara exit. 17 minutes on westbound five five from the altamont pass to 680 and still sluggish, westbound 4, 14 minutes from hillcrest to concord. outside at the bay bridge toll plaza still looking great and still no metering lights, as well. so really no delay all across the upper deck and you're looking good as well out of downtown san jose in the northbound lanes of 280. it's hi-5 time. we have a picture of folks from the downtown ymca. these are the boot campers. they are an exercise group that meets at the downtown oakland y three times a week to work up a sweat. they have day camps and health and fitness classes for the whole family. the downtown oakland y serves hundreds of families from oakland, alameda, piedmont and emeryville so thank you so
6:45 am
much. tracy i don't know if we can read that clock in the background but they meet at 5:30 three times a week. so those are some devoted workout fans. >> they are doing the ymca symbol with their hands. >> right. so instead of giving us a wave because of the fog, we have a y. if you want to be part of future hi-5s email us we need more people to email in. they look good. >> they do. >> hi-5 downtown oakland ymca! bright and early! well, this morning, it's not so bright. but it's early-morning. plenty of clouds out there along the coast and the bay. can't even see coit tower, clouds have erased it at least for now. but you do see some drops on the lens. there we have some drizzle, mist along the coast and around the bay. we have delays on arrivals at sfo around 40 minutes because of the fog. traveling this morning, call
6:46 am
ahead. inland a few areas of low clouds partly cloudy conditions. temperatures ranging from the lower to the mid to the upper 50s. this afternoon, sunny skies yeah, today's highs near 90. mid-70s in our warmest spots around the bay with mostly sunny skies. sunday and low cards around the coastline with temperatures ranging from the low 60s. 64 half moon bay. 60 in pacifica. inland 74 in palo alto, 47 in mountain view 76 in sunnyvale. 77 in santa clara. san jose 78. mid-70s in fremont. upper 70s in milpitas. 65 in berkeley, 69 in oakland. inland temperatures in the 80s. yellow moving to orange. nice contour map showing us the shading depicted by the different temperatures. 80s in dublin, livermore and antioch and brentwood. 70s in napa and sonoma.
6:47 am
57 in petaluma. 74 san rafael. 62 san francisco. other parts of the state. look at that. 58 in eureka, 91 in ukiah. 63 in monterey. 92347 redding, 92 in sacramento. just shy of 100 degrees in fresno. 82 degrees in lake tahoe. >> plenty of sunshine well through the weekend. we'll warm up closer to more seasonal highs sunday, monday and tuesday. more sunshine next week. temperatures closer to typical. next week we are moving into the beginning of august. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. wall street reacting to this morning's report on the economy. >> growth slowed more than expected in the 2nd quarter. here now jason brooks with kcbs and >> it's not encouraging to see the economy slowing down the
6:48 am
growth pace. it's not contracting, though. at 2.4% in the 2nd quarter it's less than estimated. it came off a 1st quarter where growth was 3.7% a much healthier clip and frankly need to to see growth of around 4% to noticeably put a dent in the unemployment rate which is a drag on the economy. wall street isn't happy although it isn't surprised. we have seen so many clues in recent weeks on the economy from unemployment, you can see consumer confidence and manufacturing pointing to the slowdown ahead of this. the dow off by 66. n an improvement in the past few minutes, nasdaq down 23. s&p off by 8. we have had strong earnings again in the quarter. san ramon based chevron out with its earnings and its profit tripled. the $5 .4 billion profit, thanks to higher fuel price and refining margins.
6:49 am
chevron down three-quarters of a percent now a bit of a drag on the dow. disney is really focusing on family-centric movies these days so it's going to dump its miramax to a private equity group for $660. miramax is known for films like pulp fiction, also good will hunting. disney wants to stand behind its pixar and marvel films instead. >> marvel isn't doing too badly. >> neither is pixar. >> just gold every time they put something out. >> did you notice the record earnings for chevron and the stocks are down today? >> we need to dig into that further. it might deal with some of their forecasting for the year ahead but based on their numbers their profit and revenue beat expectations pretty handily. >> are they gaining ground or profiting from bp's problems? >> based on what this quarter was, not so much the case. we'll see that later on. they are ramping up their fuel -- their oil production
6:50 am
facilities things like that so we might see more of that going forward. not much of that built into these numbers from the past quarter. >> jason have a good weekend. >> you, too, jason brooks with kcbs and it is 6:50. san francisco has a new idea about how to make a little money. actually, charging people to drive around town. >> it's sold as a way to ease congestion and traffic and such in the city. here to ballpark about this is phil matier and the head of the san francisco county transportation authority. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. let's look at this plan. we have a graphic i think that sort of shows it. one idea is to charge people $3 coming up and down from the south during rush hour. the second plan is to charge $3 to go in and out. what's pretty much downtown san francisco. you get a half price if you
6:51 am
live in the district. the third idea is to charge $6 for people leaving at night. whether you are going up to marin on down south to the peninsula or to the east bay, a buck off if you take a bridge on the way out and half price from you there. my question to you, are you serious??? >> i think that congestion is a serious threat in the future -- to the future of the city, to the viability of downtown, to our ability to continue developing this other market area the way people have said already in a number of ways they want to see it developed bringing families to south of market and so on. we need to think about how to deal with that well into the future. we don't need to implement it today and tomorrow but we have to think about it. >> but what about the idea that people just would stop coming into the city? you would have less people but a lot less money and less people to afford the houses you're talking about.
6:52 am
>> i think the real issue is that people have and would have under this plan the ability to come into the city if they simply modify their behavior a little bit. >> we are not thinking of taking people out of their cars. flex your schedule so you can come in and enjoy the city. >> realistically, people have -- you have to be at work between 8 and 9. you can't be coming in at 10:00 and leaving at 8:00. most businesses don't operate that way. aren't you just trying to get some money? >> money is part of the equation. but i think that the main issue is how to best use the infrastructure we have. completely empty at 7 a.m., 7 a.m., even at 8 a.m. you can get around town very, very easily. most people bunch together in a couple of hours and that's a problem we can solve if we put our minds to it. >> i know this happens in other cities around the world. i mean, singapore has it had
6:53 am
for many years, london. how is it working there? they do certain hours and is it helping? is it generating revenue? >> it's working fabulously. >> singapore is an excellent model and so has london. they have been able to create a balanced system. there are lots of people driving, but you don't have the excruciating congestion that you find even today on the bridge, on the access to the central market area. >> but they have good public transportation. >> you're also talking about an $1 1 commute. >> you would. but you realize that the people that are commuting every day into downtown -- i'm not talking about shoppers. the people that are working in downtown and commuting into downtown according to the statistics that we have half of those people get free parking from their employers. so if you were according to the cost of parking downtown most
6:54 am
of those people don't have that impact. >> they didn't have to worry about it until now. who has the final say on this? where are we in this? is it actually going to happen? >> most likely the voters. this is the way in other cities. but what we want to do is have an intelligent conversation with the public before we get anywhere close. >> you pick an area in town where only a certain amount of people live but everybody works and mostly out-of-towners so the people in san francisco vote for it and the outer towners pay it. >> well no -- >> we have t go. >> tune in on sunday morning, we'll have more of him at 6:30 a.m. >> phil, jose luis, thank you very much. it is 6:54. we'll be right back. ,,
6:55 am
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all right. traffic is moving well on this friday morning. here's a live look at 880 past the coliseum. but it looks like it goes all the way up into downtown oakland. at the bay bridge still no metering lights and no delays as you approach the toll plaza. we do have a couple of things
6:58 am
going on though in the city later on this evening. critical mass bike ride the monthly bike ride takes off at 6 p.m. by justin herman plaza and at&t park, a giants game, they take on the l.a. dodgers at 7:15. so may want to bart it into the city to avoid delays. in san francisco for later on tonight. mass transit is on time. if you have a question about your morning commute, log on to traffic chat on our producer is standing by to talk to you. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. and phone force members. >> and phone force. we have them all over the place. >> here's a look at san jose for the morning. still got some haze down there but we have sunshine expected moving into the afternoon. seven-day forecast, upper 80s inland today. mid-70s will be your daytime high in san jose. mid-60s around the bay and the lower 60s for the coast. near seasonal highs back in the forecast sunday, monday and tuesday. and as you do note, plenty of sunshine well through the
6:59 am
middle of next week. berkeley kite festival going on chavez state park at the berkeley marina. conditions in the mid-60s. that's nice. and the humane society silicon valley music and wine festival in milpitas sunday 79 degrees and plenty of sunshine expected. >> good deal. >> going to be a wonderful weekend. >> so how much would you pay for a used pair of dentures? >> zero. >> yeah. >> out of the blue, but here's the -- here are the teeth. >> one guy paid, get this, $23,000. >> for those. >> yeah. >> that's because they used to belong to that guy. a former british prime minister winston churchill. something just a little odd about this. they were bought by a british man who collects churchill memorabilia. >> people who were elvis fanatics, they have winston churchill fanatics. >> the microphone that churchill used to announce the end of


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