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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 27, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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[ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. the city of oakland is
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drying to get the trying to get police officers back on the job. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: the city council voted to put these measures on the ballot, the vote 5-3. most people we talked with in oakland said they were willing to pay more in tax. >> i understand this would be a hard measure to pass. >> reporter: but the city of oakland is making a go of it asking property owners to pay $360 per parcel for the next four years a total of $1,440. it would bring back the 80 officers laid off earlier this month and save $122 more from layoffs next year. >> i know that some people cannot afford that. so we are just to go out and try and see where oaklanders are. >> that's what we did today and the vast majority had the same answer. >> yes, i would. i would pay it. it's important. >> yes. >> reporter: you would? >> sure. >> oh, absolutely.
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>> yeah. >> i want to feel say safe. it's worth it. >> reporter: only about 10% people in our unscientific poll said -- >> no way. >> reporter: why not? >> because i don't think the police do anything to support me. >> i think we pay enough taxes. they need to finance the budget in other ways and help us out. >> there is not millions and millions of dollars that is being wasted anymore. it may have been true before we started the budget process but when you've cut $140 million, a lot of this has been reorganized. >> reporter: in addition to the parcel tax, the council wants to put another measure on the ballot to amend measure y allowing them to circumvent the rule that prevents funding if officer staffing is down. if that passes but the new tax doesn't, the city needs to lay off an additional 27 officers next year. if the new tax measure passes, the city doesn't need to amend measure y. it would get back the 80 officers laid off this month and prevent layoffs for
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the next three years. but if voters decide against both measures, an additional 122 officers will be lost in 2011 on top of the 80 laid off this month. >> it's a very volatile city right now. we need more protection. >> i have an 11-year-old son and his safety comes first. >> reporter: would you spend an extra $360 a year. >> well, ye wouldn't you? >> reporter: the police union has to vote on this to make it official. the police union and police department denied our requests for interviews this morning. allen? >> a parcel tax will take two- thirds of the vote to pass, didn't it? >> reporter: yes. they need a two-thirds majority. and a couple of other tax measures that are likely going to be on the ballot in november, one that would raise taxes for marijuana and phone taxes for cell phones. >> thank you, anne makovec. besides this public safety parcel tax the city council did
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put two other tax measures on the ballot, one involving marijuana, taxing production and dispensaries 5%. if voters allow recreational use of cannabis it could be taxed 10%. oakland voters will also decide on a phone tax measure that would be $1.99 per residential phone line per year take a simple majority to pass. san francisco's police chief has a new way to deal with nonviolent crimes. have civilians do some of the cops' work. chief george gascon says the 6 month pilot program would save money and free up officers to focus on more serious crimes. 15 civilians will be trained to collect evidence conduct interviews and take pictures of crime scenes. >> anyone can apply. the retired police officers are more than welcome to apply. these positions are however going to be full time positions
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and those people that apply if they are retired police officers that have experience would be great. but it is open to everybody. >> that program by the way set to begin in january. oakland police have arrested a second suspect in the murder of a man from virginia who was in town for a job interview. investigators think george hugguins is one of two people involved in the shooting death of jinghong kang last week. police say that kang had just left the dentist office when he was robbed of $17 and then shot. they arrested althea housley over the weekend. police say she admitted to being involved in the crimes. park rangers are warning people to be watching for a man who tried to rape two women in the santa cruz mountains. he approached them thursday on a trail at castle rock state park. investigators say he showed them a gun and demanded sex. the women managed to run away, lot gunman did take one of their backpacks. he is described as latino in his 30s, 40s, 5'4", stocky, clean shaven. changes are on the way for
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troubled oil giant bp. chief executive tony hayward is leaving under pressure after his handling or some say mishandling of the gulf of mexico oil crisis. charlie d'agata reports from london on the american who is replacing hayward. reporter: bp's chairman ushered the old boss out and a new american boss in. >> there is no question we are going to learn a lot from this accident in the gulf coast. >> reporter: mississippi native bob dudley will be ceo when tony hayward steps down october 1. bp executives called it a mutual decision. the shake-up here at bp's headquarters in london comes on the same day that the company reported a record $17 billion quarterly loss. the oil giant has put aside another $32 billion to pay for the disaster in the gulf. >> it's of course a tragedy and it has large consequences but no doubt that we will be able to rebuild the company. >> reporter: dudley's top priority is shutting down the
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leaking well completely. crews are preparing to blast mud and cement in from the top of the well, then from the bottom. if it works, they hope that by mid-august the well will be plugged for good. dudley has been the point man for the last three months but has been in the industry for decades and it's the first time bp put an american in control of the company. >> that will certainly help the image of the company but, of course, going forward, the future is very uncertain. >> reporter: as for tony hayward, he walks away with a year's salary of $1.6 million, benefits, plus a retirement plan worth a million dollars a year and bp has offered him a new role heading up a joint venture in russia. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. a health risk at the cash register. what a watchdog group found on receipts from major u.s. retailers. and the giants are just beating the dodgers in the standings this year. they are winning in the
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kitchen, too. and we have more clouds, more cool temperatures, here we are looking at our satellite and we can see plenty of clouds again along the coast. so which parts of the bay area will see sunshine and how much? i have today's temperatures coming up. ,,,,,,
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comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at a site for sore eyes location near you. toddler killed by pit bulls now faces felony child endangerment charges. steven hayashi... who owned five the grandfather of the toddler killed by pit bulls now faces felony child endangerment charges. steven hayashi, who owned five pit bulls, also charged with allowing a vicious animal to be at large. those charges are the result of the death of 2-year-old jacob bisbee in concord last week. hayashi addressed a court yesterday despite the judge's
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warning about possible self- incrimination. >> i wasn't there. if i was there i would have prevented that to happen because i always take care of him in the mornings. >> if convicted, hayashi does face six years in prison. he is going to be back in court to enter his plea on august 5. a second woman has been arrested in connection with an apartment fire in fairfield that killed four children. 24-year-old shah tara james surrendered and is charged. her sister letitia pleaded not guilty to similar charges. the fire in april was started by a and. police say the sisters were outside and had left their four children inside unsupervised with of three them strapped into strollers. the fire in april was started by a candle. today the state controller is in a small suburb that made national headlines for city employees making unusually high
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salaries. >> shame on you! all of you! >> facing public out rage, bell city council members voted unanimously last night to reduce their annual salaries to just $8,000. most of them had been making nearly $100,000 a year. state controller john chiang is now reviewing the city records. last week, three city leaders resigned after it came to light their combined salaries came to almost $1.8 million in total. it could be as important as your resume' and that is your credit history. which employers are more likely to run a credit check before they hire you? not all of the bay area look at clouds. we have sunshine down in san jose with a nice day on the way. coming up, i'll let you know which parts of the bay area will be looking at temperatures today 20 degrees cooler than average. ,,
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you're get hey, win or lose, one thing you can be sure of: when you catch a game at at&t park, you're getting some of the safest food in professional sports. an espn survey of food violations around pro stadiums
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around the country ranks at&t towards the top. only 4% of vendors there had critical violations. in case you're wondering about the bums down south, it's 13% at dodger stadium. mcafee in oakland is the dirtiest in california, 34% of vendors there have critical violations. >> when i'm eating that chili dog, i don't care. i'm chugging along. i don't care. who cares. >> just the game. >> game time. weather time. >> i'm all over the cool weather, unseasonable. first the transamerica building with some sunshine in there, some blue skies as well as again plenty of clouds. this is what you can expect today. sunshine, north bay clouds, partly cloudy conditions around the bay, low clouds for the coastline and temperatures in the upper 50s to the upper 60s
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around the bay to the mid-70s inland. afternoon highs plenty of sunshine inland but clouds to the north and still unseasonably cool upper 70s. sun and clouds around the bay with again cool temperatures. mostly cloudy along the coastline and more cool temperatures. here we go. let's look at our satellite. this is where we are still seeing a few clouds in the north bay. we'll keep more clouds for that location in the bay area and that's going to also temper your temperatures a bit, tamper, hold down your temperatures a little bit and more clouds in the bay and at the coast. we'll take a look at some of those unseasonably cool temperatures. concord, average daytime high this time of the year, the end of july, 90 degrees. lower 80s in santa rosa, san jose normally at 85 degrees. san francisco at 69. how about 20 degrees below average? concord high temperature today 70. of 6 in santa rosa. -- 66 degrees in santa row 17
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below average, 62 in san francisco. it's cool. we'll look at more below average temperatures. 66 vallejo, 63 san rafael, 71 redwood city, 75 livermore, 70 fremont. other parts of the state, 93 in fresno, 80 in sacramento, 95 in redding. no longer looking at a chance of showers and thunderstorms in lake tahoe. daytime high just shy of 80. chance of thunderstorms in yosemite with a high temperature of 92. move to the coastline quickly with 59 in monterey, 88 ukaih and 60 in eureka. seven-day forecast, we are still well below average, low pressure system hanging off the coastline keeping us unseasonably cool but by the weekend, there you go, we finally warm up with more seasonable weather expected just in time for saturday and sunday near 90 inland. our mypix photo for a noon broadcast, jay and janet sent in full moon the view off the back of their deck. that's nice. thank you for that photo. if you have one would you like
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to shaker go to that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> no evening fog there. all right, tracy, thanks. well, first, you know, it was baby bottles. then canned foods. now dangerous levels of a toxic substance in cash register receipts. the environmental working group says it found high levels of btas on 40% of receipts it tested from major u.s. businesses. bpas are a plastic hardener linked to breast cancer, heart disease and other health problems. researchers say it's not clear how much of the substance can actually be absorbed through the skin from a typical sales receipt. with unemployment at all- time highs there is another practice employers are using to see if you are the right candidate. on the consumerwatch, howlanding a job is kind of like getting a loan. >> reporter: it's what all banks check before a loan is approved, a credit report. now companies are using it to screen potential employees and
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this job hunter questions the practice. >> i am well qualified and would be a good employee. >> reporter: but after suffering a work-related injury, said he struggled to pay his bills. >> i know my credit is bad because of my situation. >> reporter: he is now ready to get back to work and doesn't see why having bad credit makes a difference. but human resource specialist elaine says it does. >> it's a huge part of your background, your professional background is your credit score. >> reporter: she says it's becoming more common for companies to ask applicants if they may run a credit check especially if the jobs are in finance or law enforcement. 23-year-old chris duncan racked up a $90,000 debt while getting a criminal justice degree. and thinks the debt will have an impact. >> i want to be a police officer but one of the things they look at is how much debt you have and i have this. >> reporter: a 2009 survey found 60% of employers run credit checks. that's up from 42% in 2006. >> they are looking for serious
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debt financial issues, bankruptcies, and it allows that employer to evaluate whether the prospective employee is or could be, should be, a responsible employee. >> reporter: this investigations expert says employers who run credit checks on job applicants can avoid potential problems down the road. so if you are concerned that a credit check may have a negative impact, he suggests calling the hiring manager to explain the steps you're taking to improve your credit. >> if you ignore it, they will ignore you. >> right now, washington state and hawaii have banned that practice and 16 other states are considering doing the same thing. congress is also in the process of reviewing a bill that would ban the practice, as well. if you have a consumer problem or question, you can call our hotline 1-888-5-helps-u. pretty soon, she is going to weigh about as much as your car. but for now, she's project the cutest thing in the neighborhood. introducing you to henna next.
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bucks. rhinocerous probably not the first thing you think of when i say cute. but look at this newborn, named henna . the public got a first look at her today. she is an indian rhinocerous born at the zoo. look at the ears. weighs 100 pounds and sh has birth marks. at 3500 pounds, no one will tease her. >> big girl. >> going to be a bigger girl. >> cute right now. have a good afternoon. we'll see you at 5:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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