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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 23, 2010 5:28am-6:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning, it's national vanilla ice cream day, friday, july 23. >> did you know that? >> you can eat ice cream in california any day. week. the weather is going to be great. first out the door and on your way on this friday workday. >> it's been a great commute so far. not much going on out there. we have a couple of minor fender-benders but everything is off to the shoulder. no metering lights yet on the bay bridge at 6:30. we have a number of weekend events going on, mentioning the gilroy garlic festival so expect delays on 101 but also in san francisco there is the marathon. it's this sunday morning, and there's going to be closures especially along the embarcadero. northbound embarcadero will be closed between third street and broadway and southbound
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embarcadero closed between broadway and harrison from midnight to 2:30 p.m. on sunday afternoon also various lane closures in effect across the golden gate. so watch out for those runners out there. in the meantime, like i said, traffic is light all across the span. looks good heading into san francisco. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this friday, pretty nice. we are we go. this is the a shot from the mount vaca cam. you can see we have clouds out there and fog spilling up and over some of the area hills. that's what you'll deal with for the morning. low clouds at the coast and the bay and the farther inland you go, partly cloudy conditions expected for this morning. how about your afternoon highs. we are slowly but surely getting closer to normal temperatures. what do you mean, tracy? i'll explain. 85 degrees the average daytime high in san jose for this time of the year. 89 in concord, 82 in santa rosa, 68 degrees in san
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francisco. look at today. not really average temperatures. but closer than we have been for much of the week. 64 in san francisco, 77 santa rosa, 5 degrees below average in concord with a daytime high of 84 and 3 degrees shy of average temperatures in san jose. 64 in half moon bay, 75 palo alto, 80 santa clara, 89 pleasanton, 69 in oakland. upper 70 near 80 in santa rosa and sonoma. heading into the weekend no major changes expected weather- wise temperatures essentially in the same ballpark. fog at the close, plenty of sunshine inland and slightly cooler temperatures are moving back into the forecast for next monday, tuesday and wednesday. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> it is 6:32. bail is $125,000 for an east bay man arrested in the death of his young step-grandson. don knapp is in concord.
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that's where that toddler was killed by the family dog. don. >> reporter: that's right, john. police have arrested and jail the grandfather -- the step- grandfather of the two-year-old boy jacob bisbee who was mauled to death by the family dog. let's look at the video made here at the concord police department last night. 52-year-old steven hayashi was taken into the department and then from here transported to the contra costa jail in martinez. he is being held on suspicion of child endangerment and possession of mischievous animals capable of great bodily harm or killing. he remains there this morning and as you say the bail was set at $125,000. >> the child at one point walked into the garage of the residence and was attacked by three pit bulls inside the garage. >> the owner elected to surrender the dogs and did not wish to reclaim them. due to the dogs' aggressive behavior the dogs were humanely euthanized and will be tested for rabies. >> reporter: apparently the boy was with his grandmother, a 4-
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year-old brother and an 18-year- old uncle at the time all at home when he somehow apparently wandered into the garage where three of the pit bulls were kept and was mauled to death. now, the dogs all five of the family pit bulls, three that attacked the boy and two others in the yard, were surrendered and have been destroyed or euthanized as we say, within hours of the attack. even neighbors in this cul-de- sac neighborhood were apparently unaware of the pit bulls at this home. they were greatly relieved to have learned about them and that they are euthanized. they said their children is played close to that house but they were unaware of it until a delivery man ran into some trouble. >> don, thank you very much, don knapp in concord this morning. the bus demolished in a fatal accident in fresno will be reassembled as part of the investigation into what happened. it was carrying 31 passengers and hit an suv that had overturned on 99 early yesterday morning. the bus then rolled down an embankment and hit a tree.
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six people were killed including the driver and two passengers. three women in the suv also died. tests will be conducted to see if drugs or alcohol were involved. that bus was traveling from los angeles to sacramento. a couple from the peninsula admits now to burglarizing the north bay home of a family killed in a car crash. yesterday's admissionings mean that the couple won't go on trial today for the burglary in sonoma last fall. michael gutierrez plead the guilty to first degree burglary, amber true pled no contest to the same charges. they were charged with breaking into the home of a family on november 30 after the family and two of their children were killed in a crash on highway 37. oakland's top cop now wants help from the feds. chief batts says he may ask the
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u.s. department of justice to help with investigations following the staffing layoffs of 80 officers. batts says oakland cops are now going to focus on three things, gangs, guns and drugs. he says to be more efficient, injured officers will work police phone lines. he is meeting with federal agencies next month to talk about possible help. the bart connector to the oakland airport is back on track. the bart board yesterday approving a new financing plan for the project. the automated people mover would connect the coliseum station to the airport. in february, the federal government denied bart $70 million in stimulus funding. the new financing plan uses more state money and taps into bart's reserve fund. there is no word on when this construction might begin. in other action. >> in other action the board tabled action on reducing fares due to an unexpected surplus.
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in other news it first made news with the fatal shooting of a suspects but a marijuana raid in a remote area of santa clara county turned out to be a lot bigger. >> matt bigler joins us now live at kcbs radio's silicon valley bureau to explain what the deputies found -- they found a lot of pot, apparently, matt. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we're talking about the shooting that happened wednesday morning in the eastern hills of santa clara county. a really rural area. here's what happened. we do know the suspect was shot and killed, apparently deputies stumbled upon this marijuana farm. there was a man there, he had a rifle. he pointed the weapon at deputies, they say. they ordered him to drop the weapon. when he didn't, they opened fire. the man lost control of his weapon for a couple of seconds, he regained control, pointed the gun at them again, the second time the sheriff's deputies fired, well, their shots were fatal. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. he has not been identified. we are also learning more about this marijuana grow operation.
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20,000 plants according to sheriff's deputies, that's how many pot plants they found there worth an estimated $60 million to $80 million. so a fairly large-scale operation. it's not known who was behind this, although there is some speculation it may have been one of the mexican drug cartels that has been doing more and more of these large-scale marriage grows here in the states. it's easier here versus transport that product over the border, which has been more tightly secured since 9/11. i'm matt big her from san jose live for cbs 5. >> thank you, matt. it is 6:38. >> ford motor company announcing its latest earnings. we'll have this morning's financial news when we return. >> and a well-known east bay bakery is closing its doors. where it might be opening up though in the near future.
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coming across the span. one big rig there across the benicia bridge towards marina vista. slowing on highway 4 about two minutes ago this is all green through here. so yeah, starting to see a little sluggishness there from a street to loveridge. pittsburg concord still in the green this morning. same thing out of the altamont pass. quiet ride all the way down towards vasco road. usually by this time of the morning we start to see a big line 6 yellow through there. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays and still no metering lights. so overall we are seeing friday light conditions. it is friday. so it is time for a hi-5 segment of the show. today's hi-5 is in palo alto. and it's a little too foggy for a helicopter. these teens are not just interested in clothes and music. they are interested in current events and the issues facing the state of california. the youth summit is a leadership group and they are gathering this week at stanford to discuss what they believe are the most pressing social
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and political issues statewide with the goal of participating in the fall election campaign. the california youth summit accounts of emerging leaders from the chicano latino youth leadership project, jr. state of california and the california ymca youth and government programs. thank you for being part of our hi-5 and giving us a wave in an earlier picture. if you want to be part of future hi-5s email us at and we're also on facebook and twitter. >> great photo, wonderful cause, continued success to you guys. here's a look at ocean beach and it's foggy out there. we have clouds and drizzle at the coast. here's a look at the daily planner. as you move around the bay, still looking at low clouds. so much so we have delays on arrivals at sfo. just short of one hour.
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if you are traveling, you might want to call ahead and inland a mix of sun and clouds. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. sunshine clouds around the bay temperatures upper 70s. and lingering low clouds for the coast so much so temperatures at the coast in the lower to mid-60s for daytime highs. inland warming up to near 80 in mountain view and sunnyvale. 80 in santa clara, lower 80s in san jose. the upper 70s in fremont and milpitas. east bay location 90 in antioch today, mid-80s in pleasant hill. 69 in oakland. 66 degrees in berkeley. 64 degrees in richmond. how about the lower 60s in sausalito? 64 in san francisco, mid 70s in kentfield, and just near 80 in sonoma and napa. seven-day forecast:
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>> the trend will continue, fog at the coast, but plenty of sunshine inland. monday, tuesday and wednesday cooling down to conditions well below average. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. so just how are european banks doing in th troubled economy? jason brooks with kcbs and joins us. >> good morning. this is going to be an absolute key for the markets going forward. we still have the same thing that happened last year on stress tests on banks here in the u.s., testing better than expected. the hope is that will be the case in europe. 91 banks being tested to see how they are handling their exposure to the debt crisis especially in places like greece, spain and portugal. if those banks can prove they are doing well and well capitalized to handle that exposure you can see the markets jump up. we have seen encouraging signs out of europe lately surprising after the couple of months that really rocked wall street. yesterday industrial growth grew more than expected in the month of june as one.
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big reasons, one of the catalysts why wall street rallied yesterday. a lot of earnings news fairly positive. microsoft, honeywell, mcdonald's and ford in particular proving that it's really doing well for u.s. carmaker. it's revenue was at $31.3 billion, profit of $2.6 billion. these numbers easily beat expectations and more importantly, ford's ceo saying they are seeing increasing demand going forward. invests are reacting to that. -- investors are reacting that. ford's shares up 4 points. the market is mixed. that's expected before the results of the stress tests. dow up 13. a lot of people apparently want the white iphone 4 that's supposed to be out. it was supposed to be out about now. butapple says they might have to wait until later this year. apparently making white iphones or any sort of white device is
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just a little tougher to manufacture. they don't have the exact reasons behind it but there you have it. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and >> it was practically an institution and now a long- standing oakland bakery has closed its doors. neldams has been struggling to keep up with its $10,000 a month rent. it first opened in 1929 even surviving the great depression. neldams may not have baked its last sweet. they are moving to pinole and may open additional locations. it's been a pretty whirlwind week for former usda employee shirley sherrod. >> she was called a racist, she was forced to resign, then she was given an apology and offered a new job, all of this happening within a matter of two or three days. phil matier is here with former assembly speaker and san francisco mayor willie brown
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with a little perspective on the controversy that sparked a whole national debate on race. gentlemen, good morning. >> not only sparked a national debate on race, it sparked a national question about who is the adult around here?? >> i mean, obama administration reacted -- overreacted, trigger happy. what's going on. >> and took the naacp with them. >> right. >> well, phil, it's very simple. the white house is incredibly sensitive to anything having to do with race. and believe me, they want to beat the headlines if they can if it involves them. they thought they were beating the headlines so that when somebody asked, what about what this woman said that was shown on it they said you mean an ex- employee? and that's exactly what they did. >> so why the sensitivity to it? the guy has been in office for over a year now, the wright controversy came and went and handled that. why are they still so sensitive
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about the idea of race? >> i think that barack obama decided a long time ago that he was going to be a president who just happened to be black not a black president. and that has been what has engulfed the white house, his campaign, his whole demeanor, and anything having to do with race becomes somewhat distant, after all, phil, you can't think now of an occasion when -- one example, during black history month, when they have had a black event in the white house and highlighted that black event. you can't think of when they have invited, for example, incredible talented black people in collection form to come to the white house as bush did, as clinton did, as reagan did as every other president has done. also, you notice, his cabinet only has one african-american in the cabinet. you go backwards, bush had
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more. clinton had more. so you understand that the white house genuinely believes that being black could potentially be a liability if you become the symbol of a movement on behalf of blacks. >> but the over reaction, this is amazing. you take this edited video and all of a sudden the media puts it out like crazy, it goes viral and then your the white house reacting. this woman was actually asked to pull over in her car and on her blackberry resign. >> she conducted herself dramatically different from what i know black people usually would do. if they felt and if we felt somehow we were experiencing serious injustice, we usually react incredibly open on this issue. this woman showed the most marvelous restraint, the kind of restraint that barack obama normally shows on almost every issue. and from the moment that she started the process, she has
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done nothing except produce great dignity for the southern train woman who has lived in georgia, chose to live in georgia, whose father was killed by a white person, no one was ever prosecuted for it, she has had crosses burned in front of her house, her husband has been pushed down the stairs trying to vote. this woman literally ought to be enraged so to speak. that's the normal reaction. but not here. >> what is the lesson that we all should learn from this? >> for openers we should learn that it ain't necessarily what you see. i don't think the white house and the administration reacted to this issue on the basis of her utterances. i think she has been a thorn in the side of the department of agriculture in georgia for a long time. those bureaucrats needed to get rid of her and they have been looking for an opportunity to get rid of her.
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>> but she comes through this -- she has a great story, two questions. when does she go on oprah and get the book contract? >> i don't know if she will do either. she was not that kind of woman. she might sue the blogger. she may very well do that. and she may advocate to replace the secretary of agriculture. >> this ever happened to you? >> i have not been so fortunate. i would know how to get book and oprah. >> you got the book without it, right? [ laughter ] >> all righty. thank you, gentlemen. willie brown and phil matier. it is 6:52. bart's connector from oakland airport to the coliseum back on track. the latest headlines when we return. >> and why it's not a real good idea to get too close to large animals that has horns. for fast relief of itchy summer skin, get cortizone 10 cooling relief gel.
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with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does. a concord man is in jail for the let's take a quick check of today's top stories. a concord man is in jail for the death of his 2-year-old step-grandson. the boy was mauled by as many as three pit bulls in the family's garage yesterday. the step-grandfather owned five pit bulls.
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all five have been put down. sheriff's deputies finding $60 million to $80 million worth of marijuana plants 56 a deadly raid -- after a deadly raid in santa clara county in the foothills as deputies scouted an area near mines road. deputies say they shot a man there after he threatened them with a -- with a rifle. the bart board postponed a decision whether or not to use a budget surplus to cut bart's fares. we'll go out to the east bay to oakland. southbound 880 at 23rd. there is an accident just reported there blocking one lane but in the meantime traffic is just so light not causing any big delays. as you can see this is the camera near the coliseum and north- and southbound traffic look great near 66 towards high street. south bay friday light traffic out of downtown san jose and at the bay bridge no metering lights and no delay approaching
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the pay gates. san francisco marathon this sunday, so expect closures around the city including the embarcadero. all sunday month and early sunday afternoon, as well. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. friday forecast. where is everybody? >> i don't know. that's what i was thinking too. maybe everybody has the day off. >> everybody has. it's going to be nice today. 90 inland, also expecting temperatures around the bay in the mid-60s. plenty of sunshine inland saturday and sunday with temperatures a lot like today. i'm calling it a three-peat. weather repeat. cooler temperatures monday, tuesday and wednesday. gilroy garlic festival. 90 degrees for saturday, mid- 80s for sunday, $17 admission for adults. $8 for children. it should be a wonderful event. i think it has something to did with our question of the day. >> yes. >> it did. >> thinking about food so we wanted to ask you this morning, what's your
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favorite garlic recipe? >> facebook chris from san jose says, anything except garlic jelly bellies. i actually tasted them a few years ago at the festival. awful. james says, i love, love, love garlic ice cream. it is great. he highly recommends it. >> bet he's single. sorry. [ laughter ] >> melanie says, i went to the garlic festival last year and i have to say garlic ice cream is delicious but my favorite garlic recipe, plain and simple, are garlic fries. >> roy says, i guess garlic altoids. you know, according to folklore, gladiators would rub cloves of garlic all over their bodies to repel lions and other combatants and things like that. >> that's what you have been working on all morning? >> all morning long. >> add add a lot. here's a story about two things that you need to give
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large wild animals respect and distance. >> a trip to see some wildlife at yellowstone national park. a utah woman was shooting a video getting close to a buffalo. mr. bison doesn't like it a little too close not amused charged at both of them. they talked about their injuries on the "cbs early show." >> oh!! [ laughter ] >> you can see this interview it will be on about 7:30 this morning on channel 5. you notice if you look closely someone threw something. >> looks like somebody threw a stick but they said -- >> it wasn't me. >> it wasn't me. >> maybe it was another bison. hey, let's hit louis with a stick and go after those people. >> how would you feel if somebody followed you and threw a stick at you? >> would you really want to go on a national television show to tell people -- >> how stupid you were. >> -- that you got run down by a bison, and there is video? for the rest of your life your
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grandchildren will see this on youtube? >> best vacation video i have seen in a while. >> if you have a story idea, email -- never mind. nobody is in the newsroom. >> everyone really is on vacation. >> they are. >> all right. did we miss memo? >> and you can check out our daily


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