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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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-sfo car fires, vehicle catches fire in sfo long- term parking lot, spreads to five others, 'll have a li your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it's thursday, july 22. imagine getting off a long flight and your car isn't in the parking lot? wow, somebody's car, wow, somebody's car got burned. oh, is that my car? wow, that's my car! >> and the car next to it. >> a bunch of cars catching fire in the long term sfo parking lot. we'll have a live report. >> at the state fair cal expo in sacramento two armed robbers stole $100,000 from the catering office at closing time. they are still looking for the two people. >> it will be interesting how they got in, in the first place. the bart board today voting
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on whether to temporary reduce train fares. we'll tell you more about that. >> elizabeth joins us, following this deadly bus crash. >> we saw our first live pictures a little while ago a fatal bus crash as many as five people killed and 20 sent to the hospital. some of those critically injured. northbound highway 99 near mckinley avenue in fresno. the bus was headed from l.a. up to sacramento. apparently an suv swerved in front of the bus. the bus lost control and crashed into a tree as you see there. the bus is destroyed. the northbound lanes of highway 9 we just learned are going to be shut down for at least the next two hours. southbound traffic getting by but again this is a horrible scene. it happened around 2:30 this morning. so we'll continue to bring you more information on this as well as the latest on injuries from the chp. one more thing we are following, as well. this is a water main break in
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san francisco. crews are trying to mop things up. it can cause delays off the golden gate bridge. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. we have another cloudy morning expected. just a few breaks of sunshine. but you have to head well inland to find that. also, a few areas of drizzle and that will be along the coastline. temperatures this morning anywhere from the lower to the mid-50s. speak of the 50s, san francisco was stuck in the 50s all day yesterday. we are expecting the 60s today with less clouds and more sunshine. temperatures will also warm up inland to the upper 80s. but for the coast, pretty consistent with yesterday just near 60. temperatures in the same ballpark friday, saturday and sunday. but below average temperatures. we cool down even more next week. >> but i heard it was summer. someone told me it was summertime. >> i know. thank you, tracy. back to you guys.
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an ar some team trying to find out what started a fire that destroyed at least a half dozen cars overnight. our anne makovec is at the long- term parking lot with more on what happened. half dozen cars were destroyed? >> reporter: yeah, six cars are undriveable because of fire. you can see they are being towed away right now. arson investigators trying to figure out exactly what happened here. this car siena minivan is where this fire appeared to have started. you can see that vehicle is definitely done for. the interior has been burned- out. the air bags were destroyed. and that fire then spread down the line. a parking attendant saw the fire and called firefighter. now they are going to be towed away as investigation continues into what could be an arson in this case. sfo officials say this is very uncommon for cars to just
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spontaneously combust on a cool, moist evening in san francisco. it appears to be suspicious. officials aren't saying what clues they are looking into right now. they are going to have it look into the liability issue here. >> it's airport property. we'll have to work out with the operator of the lot and the airport and the city attorney's office and plus the vehicle owners' insurance companies, as well. but nonetheless, the main thing right now to find out what caused these fires and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the other main thing is to inform the vehicles' owners. so the airport is going through dmv records to try to identify those people. the other question, cameras. apparently there were no cameras here in the long-term parking lot. i'm in the area of s10 right now. no cameras here.
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but there were cameras on the entrance and exits of the parking lot. so airport going through that tape. back to you. >> thank you. anne makovec at san francisco international airport. the california state fair is out $100,000 stolen by two armed men. the heist happened at about 10:00 last night at cal expo. this is in sacramento. the two thugs stole the money from an office near the grandstand. that office was being used by ovation, a company that provides catering for cal expo. police say the robbers were wearing ovation uniforms. no one was injured during the heist. a drug suspect is dead during a raid in the diablo mountain range in a remote area on the eastern edge of santa clara county. it happened yesterday. deputies had been searching the hills near mines road for pot farms. so far investigators saying little about what prompted deputies to open fire. but they say it's not unusual for these raids to turn into shootouts.
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>> a lot of marijuana -- he will legal marijuana growers are heavily armed due to the fact that they have a lot of money at risk. >> it's believed deputies from santa clara county fired the shots. no deputies though were injured. this happened during harvest time from marijuana cultivation. it runs from midsummer to early fall. a.c. transit bracing for another day with a lot of drivers calling in sick. more than twice as many drivers as usual stayed home the past three days. but the drivers union says there is no sickout. on sunday a.c. transit imposed a new contract on the drives, that new contract freezes wages and requires a co-payment for healthcare. the transit agency also changed some shifts and bus routes. the union says those changes have caused unsafe working conditions. bart's board is scheduled to decide today what to do with
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its budget surplus. bart has $4.5 million extra from the state. directors voted last month to use half of that money to give riders a temporary fare cut. and today they will decide whether to go ahead with that and will also consider using the money to clean stations and to pad bart's surplus fund. those ideas got the most support on public comments on how to use the extra money. the bart board also talks this morning about the proposed connector between the coliseum station and oakland. -- and oakland international airport. the project has a $484 million price tag. the federal government withdrew $70 million for the project back in february. that was because of questions about the connector's impact on minority and low income communities. the board will hear from bart employees who have found a way to replace the lost federal funds. contra costa county voters will be asked to pay more for roadwork. a proposal to increase car registration fees by $10 will
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be on the november ballot. the contra costa transportation authority voting unanimously to ask for the money. alameda, san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties have similar propose allegation on the ballot. the contra costa times reports the increase would raise $8.5 million a year. it is 6:08. a storm in the gulf of mexico. rough weather may force crews to leave the gulf. what that means for the oil leak. plus president obama signs financial reform legislation. what he says it will do for american consumers. is soft on cats. but deadly on fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control.
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gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. welcome back. a greyhound bus crash in fresno least five people dead and dozens hurt at 2:15 a.m. this morning. northbound 99 is shut down. a water main break causing delays already in san francisco. we'll have details on all this and much more coming up in traffic in six minks. -- in six minutes. bp is pulling crews away from the scene of a broken well in the gulf of mexico because
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of a tropical storm moving toward the gulf. it's expected to hit this weekend. they stopped drilling relief wells just days from being done. the incident commander there says that the entire operation could be delayed up to two weeks. he says they might have to re- open the cap that's contained the oil for almost a week. the house is expected to vote today to extend unemployment benefits to people whose payments have run out. president obama plans to sign the bill as soon as he gets it. yesterday the president signed into law major changes to financial market rules. the bill is the most sweeping change to the financial industry since the great depression. the president says the law will rein in excessive practices on wall street and help protect consumers. some republicans are already calling for the law to be repealed. a northern california judge could soon make state history. >> governor schwarzenegger's nominated her to replace the retiring ronald george as chief
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justice of the california supreme court. right now, tani cantil-sakauye is on the third district court of appeals in sacramento. if confirmed by voters in november, she would be the first asian-american chief justice. she would also give the court its first-ever female majority. the 50-year-old got her law degree from uc-davis. it's tani cantil -- >> cantil-sakauye. >> we'll be hearing that a lot. 6:13. we have all done it but probably not while we were robbing a bank. >> coming up, the getaway car that wasn't a getaway car. the mistake police say a female robber made after she held up a bank. and our forecast for today, you're probably hoping it's a mistake. more clouds expected and more cool temperatures around the bay area. is it summertime or what?? we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast and let you know if a summertime warmup could be
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daily. [ woman ] my perfect summer is having everyone over. and having money leftover. [ female announcer ] safeway lets you have it all. with thousands of everyday low prices and great club card savings. [ man ] my perfect summer. [ woman ] perfectly priced. [ female announcer ] safeway. ingredients for life. now introducing all new refreshe beverages. get four 6-packs for $3.49 with your club card. and any 2-liter 2 for $1. pour yourself happy with refreshe. exclusively at safeway. good morning. we are following a fatal bus crash in fresno overnight. you can see live -- this is
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video taken just a short while ago of the bus that was completely demolished. five people died, 20 were hurt in the crash. the greyhound bus left los angeles late wednesday night was on the way to sacramento when it crashed in fresno. this is highway 99 near mckinley avenue just outside of downtown fresno. chp says the bus driver swerved to avoid another vehicle when it then ran down the embankment and as you can see there crashed into a tree. this is first reported around 2:15 this morning. the bus was completely demolished. we are told 35 people were on board. the northbound lanes of highway 99 in that area remain shut down for a couple of hours. southbound highway 99 in the area actually is open. let's go out to some video just taken a short while ago of a water main break in san francisco. this is another breaking situation. we are also following -- we just learned that two of three lanes on lombard eastbound
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lombard street at buchanan are shut down because of equipment and crews just out there trying to repair the water main break. this is likely going to cause major delays because they are saying this those lanes are likely going to be closed for an hour. san francisco water department told us this could be due to a water main upgrade project a few blocks away from this closer to laguna. off the golden gate bridge out of marin county into san francisco, use marina boulevard as your alternate. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. a lot going on. the weather is holding up, plenty of clouds that's what's holding it up, cloudy skies out there this morning. we are expecting clouds for the entire bay area, for the bay, for the coast, even inland this morning. we are warming up this afternoon especially inland.
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sunny and mild. temperatures from the mid-70s to the upper 80s. mid 70s around the bay. cloudy and cool with drizzle possible along the coastline. here's a look at some of our daytime highs:
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temperatures remain in the same ballpark friday through sunday. and below average temperatures monday, tuesday and wednesday. beautiful thing about summertime we have a lot of festivals going on. a street fair in downtown san mateo on sunday, conditions in the lower 70s. it's going to be nice, been going on for 20 years. there is an antique car show and also a bocce ball tournament. and they also ask that you don't bring your dogs because it gets really crowded as you can see here and also most years pretty hot. but this year actually temperatures won't be a concern. but could get tight for your dogs. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. 6:20. in the top stories, six cars being towed from the long-term parking lot at sfo this morning. the cars burned just after midnight. arson investigators still trying to learn how the fire started. sacramento police searching for two armed men who stole $100,000 from the state fair at cal expo. this happened about 10:00 last night in the grandstand area in
6:21 am
an office used by a catering company. bart's board meeting this morning to decide how to use a $4.5 million budget surplus. the survey of bart riders found most of them support using the money to clean cars and stations and to add the money to the reserve fund. a bank robbery suspect near sacramento is being now called one of america's dumbest criminals. at least she is being nominated for it. cops say that she held up a bank in davis and then tried to get away with a bagful of cash. one problem, she locked herself out of the car. she tried to smart window of the car with a crowbar and that didn't -- she tried to smash the window of the car with a crowbar and that didn't work and when officers arrived to arrest her, she was still trying to get in the car. police say the woman is suspected of several bank robberies in the area. a football game to honor a respected coach. >> plus a 7-year-old girl who
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here's a look at cities across the bay area. berkeley with mix of sun and clouds highs in the 60s. walnut creek nothing but sunshine 80s. more sunshine more 80s in pleasanton and antioch today. temperatures moving up almost 5 degrees today's highs in the upper 80s. we'll take a look at the rest of the bay area's temperatures in just a few moments. thank you. 6:25 right now. there is a high school football game last night. >> yeah. >> want to tell you about this, though. it was at san jose's spartan stadium. and it was a game to remember a legend. it was the first charlie wedemeyer all-star game since the annual event's namesake died last month. wedemeyer was coach at los gatos high school for years even after als, lou gehrig's disease, robbed him of his abilities to walk and speak. when doctors first diagnosed charlie, they gave him one to
6:26 am
three years to live. but wedemeyer lived on for 32 more years. as force the game, the south beat the -- as for the game, the south beat the north 27-24. a southern california girl becoming known as a real-life karate kid. [ yelling ] >> think we can hire her? >> the 7-year-old just won the world's largest martial arts tournament. she took home seven first place trophies at the 2010 u.s. open. [ more screaming ] >> 3,000 competitors from 40 countries were at the karate karate tournament. she credits her success to hard work -- [ continuing screaming ] >> -- and a vicious yell. she says she trains every day before a big tournament. the division she competes in is 7 to 10-year-old boys and girls. >> wouldn't you like her to be
6:27 am
your friend on the playground? >> i wouldn't want to be her enemy. facebook has signed up their 500 millionth member. they get new customers every eight seconds and the users average 130 friends each. our question. day: who is the most interesting person you have reconnected with on facebook? >> david from clayton on facebook says, my high school teachers and college professors. i see these ladies and gentlemen in a whole new light at the age of 47. [ laughter ] >> a lot smarter, huh? "i have reconnected with some of my bestest of friends that have always been in my mind. i have really enjoyed getting to be part of their lives once again." >> raymond says, "many people from the past, from grade school to now, most from high school." coming up, there's been a deadly crash involving a greyhound bus headed to sacramento this morning. >> and two robbers get away
6:28 am
with $100,000 at the state fair in sacramento. we'll tell you how they pulled off that late night heist. if you know somebody who has a vehicle parked in a long- term parking of sfo, you're going to want to stay tuned. very unfortunate fire has destroyed several vehicles here. an update coming up. a greyhound bus crashes on highway 99 in fresno this morning, five dead, many more injured. we'll have the details on what happened and how traffic is being diverted in the area coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it's 6:31. thursday, july 22. >> good morning. let's go to elizabeth. a lot of news is happening on the roads this morning. >> reporter: the most serious situation is in fresno. this is just outside of downtown fresno near the mckinley avenue exit on 99. overnight at 2:15 a.m. the bus driver lost control, swerved and ended up crashing into a tree. the bus is completely demolished this morning. five people killed, injuring many more. up to 20 people went to the hospital.
6:32 am
the bus stopped in fresno before continuing from los angeles to sacramento's. the northbound lanes of 99 are shut down at mckinley. traffic diverted at oliver avenue. chp hopes to partially re-open the road by 7:30 this morning but again, just a horrible accident there. so lanes are likely going to be blocked for a while. southbound traffic we're told is getting by okay. another breaking situation closer to home in san francisco. a water main break was reported just around 5:30 this morning eastbound lombard and buchanan. right now the two right lanes of lombard are shut down. crews hoping to repair the water main. they are not giving us an eto when the two right lanes will be opened so traffic we are told is already starting to back up a bit in the area. we'll let you know when they re- open more lanes. marina boulevard is a great
6:33 am
alternate. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. let's take a look at our high temperatures today. lower 60s in san francisco. upper 60s in oakland. mid- to upper 80s in fairfield, antioch and pleasanton. so we're warming up inland today. upper 70s in san jose and the mid-70s in palo alto. seven-day forecast, we continue to see temperatures which are technically mild. what does that mean? below average across the bay area. fog along the coast. and below average temperatures remain in the forecast as well for next week. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. imagine flying home to san francisco and finding your car is not with your left it in the long term lot. as a matter of fact there is only a burn mark. anne makovec is at sfo right now where a half dozen cars were burned overnight. >> reporter: my heart goes out to these people, john. i'm in san francisco. 10 of the long-term parking lot of sfo. 7 cars have been damaged by
6:34 am
fire, six appear to be undriveable. it started in this siena. six cars completely undriveable. their engine compartments burned-out. it looks like likes it started over here in thi siena. the interior is burned-out, the air bags deployed. but the arson investigators haven't decided how this fire started. a parking attendant saw the fire at midnight and called firefighters. arson investigators arrived at the scene to survey it. it appears suspicious because -- let's let the spokesman for sfo tell you why. >> it's unusual to have cars parked in an open-air lot on a cold damp night ignite. we asked the arson team to investigate find out what cautioned the fires to start. >> reporter: back out here live now at sfo, investigators are wondering when they end up pulling away the see in any will they find something
6:35 am
underneath it that they haven't found? because right now no clues as to how the fire started, at least what they are telling us. so air. officials are going through dmv records -- airport officials are going through dmv records trying to inform the owners of the vehicles of what's happened before they get a very rude awakening when they come back from their vacation or business trip or what have you. i really feel bad for anyone coming back to this. >> thank you, anne makovec at the san francisco international airport. the california state fair is out $100,000, stolen by two armed men. that heist happened about 10:00 last night at cal expo in sacramento. the two robbers stole the money from an office near the grandstand. that office was being used by ovation. it's a company that provides catering for cal expo. police say though the robbers were actually wearing the company's uniforms. no one was injured during the heist.
6:36 am
a drug suspect is dead after being shot by deputies in the diablo mountain range in a remote area on the eastern edge of santa clara county. deputies from santa clara and alameda counties had been searching the hills near mines road for pot farms. so far investigators are saying very little as to what prompted deputies to open fire but say it's not unusual for these raids to turn into shootouts. >> a lot of marijuana -- illegal marijuana growers are heavily armed due to the fact that they have a lot of money at risk. >> it is believed deputies from santa clara county fired the shots. no deputies were injured. this happened during harvest time for marijuana cultivation. it runs from midsummer to early fall. $6.5 million is how much the city of oakland will pay
6:37 am
victims of illegal police searches. the city council has approved the settlement with more than 100 people who filed suit. they claimed officers lied to get search warrants so they could raid their homes for drugs. the searches took place between 2001 and 2008. most of the cases were dropped but some people spent up to three years in jail. at least four officers were fired. >> what we found was a course of conduct that was pretty outrageous and scandalous, if you also and really reflected that we had officers who were essentially out of control when they were in fact conducting these search warrants. >> $2 million of the settlement will be paid from city coffers. the city's insurance carrier will pay the rest. a.c. transit preparing for another day of drivers not showing up for work. more than twice as many drivers as usual stayed home the past three days. the driver's union says it's not a sickout.
6:38 am
on sunday a.c. transit imposed a new contract on the drivers freezing wages and requiring he could pace for healthcare. the transit agency also changed some shifts and bus routes and the union says those changes have caused unsafe working conditions. barred's board is scheduled to decide what to do with their budget surplus. bart has a $4.5 million budget surplus that extra money from the state. bart directors voted last month to give half the money to give ride, a temporary fare cut. today they will decide whether to go ahead with that. they will also consider using the money to clean trains and stations and to pad bart's surplus funneled. those ideas got the most public support on how to use the extra money. bart board also talked this morning about the proposed connector between the coliseum station and oakland international airport. that project has a $484 million price tag. the federal government withdrew
6:39 am
$70 million for the project in february. that's because of questions about the connector's impact on minority and low income communities. the board will hear from bart employees, who have found a way to replace the lost federal funds. 6:39. stocks headed upward again today. the latest financial news when we return. and a "blowed up" from the sierra nevada. we'll tell you why rocks are exploding over interstate 80. ♪ [ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before.
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good morning. if you are jigs waking up we have a breaking situation in fresno. a greyhound bus crash overnight around 2:15 a.m. the bus was headed to sacramento on highway 99. it crashed near fresno outside of downtown fresno near mckinley. five people are dead, many others injured. we have been told up to 20 people, some critically, sent to the hospital. 35 people were on board the bus when the driver swerved to avoid an suv. it slammed into the center divide and hit a tree. highway 99 has the been shut
6:43 am
down since about 2:30 this morning due to the crash in the northbound lanes. it was going from los angeles to sacramento. we have spoken to some witnesses at the scene. let's go to some video of them now. >> the physical evidence on the freeway indicates that there was multiple impact. but that is still going to be under investigation. this is a priority. the people are the priority and then the traffic and then we'll go with the investigation once we get this all stabilizeed. >> it was just horrible. when i looked and seen the bus, it was horrible. >> and greyhound has given us a toll-free number now for family members who may be concerned about those on board the bus. that number we should show it on the screen 1-800-972-4583. now, we are also following another situation in san francisco. this was a water main break reported overnight. we have actually just learned that they hope to get at least one label of eastbound lombard
6:44 am
open at buchanan. emergency crews are out there now trying to fix the break but we are told traffic is already starting to back up if you are coming off the golden gate bridge. so use marina boulevard in the meantime. that's a bad commute spot for people commuting into the city. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. so this morning, more clouds expected. and with all those clouds it's going to be a cool start to the day and also pretty cool for afternoon highs. here's a look at our daily planner today. out the door, cloudy conditions with drizzle along the coastline. cloudy conditions and delays at sfo. just short of one hour. if you're traveling, you might want to call ahead. mostly cloudy and low clouds inland with temperatures ranging from the lower to the mid-50s. afternoon highs are warming up. upper 80s inland, mid-70s to the upper 80s, sun and low clouds around the bay area with temperatures from 61 to 75. and it will remain cloudy and cool with drizzle at the coast throughout the day. speaking of the coast, coastal
6:45 am
highs upper 50s. 37 in mountain view. 77 sunnyvale. 80 in cupertino and campbell. other locations around the bay, lower 60s in richmond, mid-60s in berkeley. lower to mid-80s in pleasant hill and walnut creek. 48 in danville. 4 to 5 degrees in pittsburg, antioch and brentwood with the mid- to upper 80s expected. 63 in san francisco. mid-50s to the lower 60s. i'll take it. 63 in sausalito. upper 70s in santa rosa, sonoma, napa and also in petaluma. day forecast, so we keep temperatures -- seven-day forecast, so we keep temperatures in the same ballpark friday through sunday but below average temperatures are back monday, tuesday and wednesday. the san francisco marathon takes place this sunday. i'm sure it will close down
6:46 am
numerous streets in the bay area so if you are going to be nearby the embarcadero, golden gate bridge, you might run into some delays as well as some street closures. sunny with fog near the coast line. temperatures in the lower 60s. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. a big drop one week and we have a big jump the next. >> that is the story this morning on new jobless claims. here now jason brooks with kcbs and some of in coming from the census workers? filing for unemployment? >> good morning. >> reporter: that is part of it. we also saw some other companies that do temporary layoffs and that was the reason for that big drop a couple of weeks ago and then we saw increase this past week up 37,000 to 464,000. no matter the reason, jobless claims are very high. we need to see that number below 400,000 to show
6:47 am
improvement in the job market. and the unemployment issue is on of the main talking points by ben bernanke when he goes before congress yesterday and today. we have so many jobless out there that's continuing to hamper the economy, hamstringing the housing market. we'll have numbers on existing home sales for the prior month. probably won't be very good especially with the expiration of the federal tax credits. fortunately for wall street today which is rebounding getting a lot of positive earnings numbers out there including some real big companies that are very important barometers of the economy such as u.p.s. the world's biggest ground shipmenter and caterpillar the world's largest construction equipment maker. not only did they beat expectations but they have bulgish forecasts for the rest of the year. a very good sign, that's helping prop up the market now. the dow up by 136. nasdaq up 37. s&p up by 16. also another slew of local earning reports. safeway came out hit their
6:48 am
target for their earnings and revenue was a little better showing what the grocery industry has gone through. safeway's earnings are 40% than a year ago. they have had to do with heavy discounting to keep up with companies like wal-mart and costco and they probably won't be seeing any rebound in price until the 4th quarter. that's good news for consumers but it's tough for businesses and threat of deflation. that's the word out there that continues to cause fear in the market if that does continue further. safeway shares are down a little on that news. >> you know, i was at target the other day, they have the same type of deal, too. i never thought of that, the grocery stores having to compete. i always thought trader joe's -- >> yeah, consumers are still having to face very tough times with the job market. they are not getting raises so they are looking for bargains and stores like safeway with higher prices have been forced to bring it down. >> trying to stretch their dollars. >> thank you, jason.
6:49 am
jason brooks with kcbs and mission accomplished for some students and parents in the east bay. >> they have raised half a million dollars in one month. that's enough money to keep 35 teachers in fremont unified from being laid off and prevent any school programs from being cut. despite the fundraising, though, the school district will still lose more than 200 teachers and class sizes will be bigger next year. 6:49. oh, it has been such a long dry spell but we finally have for you this morning a "blowed up." >> in the mountains. of the not bad. this was along the sierra. >> easing you into it again. >> interstate 80 crews blasting away large boulders part of the truckee river canyon project which is to remove and replace wornout road pavement. it looks better in slo-mo. can we get that? there we go. nice. a milestone for face
6:50 am
>> this project is expected to be finished in the fall. a milestone for facebook. they have signed up their 500 millionth member now. >> they say they get at new customers every second. or -- a new customer every eight seconds. i'm going to check and see. >> a new one every eight seconds. >> it's just growing all over the world. >> they say average users have 130 friends each which brings us to our question of the day. who is the most interesting person you have reconnected with on facebook? "i have gone from a lone facebook user with no connections to having more than 50 previously unknown relatives including 10 half siblings, a cousin and assortment of nieces, nephews and even a few grand nieces and nephews." >> great. >> wonderful. >> coming out of the woodwork. >> so many of them for me, i have 195 people on my list and most of them from junior high
6:51 am
or high school. >> then gary in clearlake says, we connecting with family made a trip to oklahoma last december, had a family reunion of sorts with five generations present. it's nice now to be able to see my cousins' great- grandchildren in photos. >> that's the best part looking at the photos. 6:51. a half dozen cars burned in a fire in a parking lot at sfo. >> plus, a dye for dogs. >> no. >> yeah. >> oh, my. [ laughter ] >> that is great. >> oh, look at the panda. "..." i'm harry smith. coming up the administration apologizes but will it be enough? the latest on the shirley sherrod case, plus, do you have a recent college grad struggling to find work? we'll have expert financial advice for helping your grownup kids. and it's hottest body part of the summer. the back side. and we're putting it front and
6:52 am
center this morning. all that and more coming up on "the early show."
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let's check today's top stories. six people are dead several people injured after a greyhound crashed on highway 99 in fresno just after 2:00 this morning. that bus was going from los angeles to sacramento. 35 people were on the bus at the time. half dozen cars destroyed by fire at sfo. the fire started just after midnight in a long-term parking lot. arson investigators still on the scene this morning. and what to do with a $4.5 million surplus. that's what bart directors are scheduled to decide today. directors have supported a temporary fare reduction. but a survey of bart riders finds that they prefer a good cleaning of bart trains and stations. all right. in fremont, chp just issued a traffic alert southbound 880 at
6:56 am
stephenson boulevard. two lanes are blocked now, three cars are involved in this crash. one overturned. kcbs phone force members kevin and phillip tell us that traffic is backed up a half mile in the area. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you know what they never turned the metering lights on so traffic is moving fine right there into san francisco. and looks good across the span of the golden gate bridge. if you are coming off this bridge, you may want to avoid lombard for the next hour or so. let's go out to some video. this is emergency repair work for a water main break that was just reported around 5:30 this morning. two lanes of eastbound lombard are still closed at buchanan. crews are going to be out there for at least the next hour or so. then they hope to get some lanes open. but in the meantime, expect traffic to back up in the area. you may want to use marina boulevard as your alternate. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. fog along the coastline this morning, fog along the coastline well through the afternoon. and that's why temperatures are cool. the lower 60s expecting the mid-60s around the bay with
6:57 am
some of sunshine. inland plenty of sunshine but still looking at temperatures slightly cooler than average, the upper 80s that will be thursday, friday, slightly warmer saturday. and then below average temperatures back in the forecast monday, tuesday and wednesday. a lot of people rave about the health benefits of garlic. if so, gilroy is the place to be this saturday. actually friday, saturday and sunday. saturday's forecast 91, sunny and warm. 88 degrees sunday with a lot of nice conditions out there. and you know what they say? make sure you have shirts and shoes. and if that's a little too hot for you, you can go to benicia for the art and jazz festival, the lower 70s. >> do you have to wear shirt and shoes here? >> they don't want you to bring dogs, though. >> no dogs to the gilroy festival. apparently garlic kills red blood cells in dogs. so they ask you that not take them for health benefits, as well. >> and at the art festival. there are going to be so many people. >> don't bring dogs. i try to sneak mine in when i
6:58 am
can. >> garlic is bad for dogs? i never heard that before. i thought it was just chocolate. >> i bring the bag. it's moving. what is that? red rubber noses, floppy shoes and tiny bicycles by the hundreds could mean only one thing, send in the clowns. >> yeah. >> this is hundreds of them on the streets of mexico yesterday. part of a traditional latin- american pilgrimage. they march for hours to visit the basilica of our lady of guadalupe and receive the blessing of the virgin of guadalupe. millions of people visit the basilica de guadalupe every year. >> i would like to go there. >> i just want to dress up like that. >> clowns freak me out. >> okay. listen up, tracy. for most people, it's impossible to own an exotic pet but this is the latest craze in china. just get a dog and paint him
6:59 am
the way you want. >> okay, dogs. you've been warned. if your owner comes towards you -- look at this giant panda. >> 3,000 stylist in china who do this kind of work. you get the foam back. [ laughter ] >> that's a good one. >> wow, never seen a panda do that. >> oh, my. >> but this costs up to $640 u.s. >> wow. >> that looks like jacques. >> a little. >> was she pushing that dog -- >> was that a martian? >> eyelashes? >> there is really something wrong with pet owners there. >> they have a lot of money these days. got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email tell us what's going on in your neighborhood at >> mike is


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