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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  July 22, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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the parking lot there. long-term parking lot. they are not sure if it's accidental or intentional. >> okay, you know, riders don't want discounted fares because they figure, well, they figure how long is it going to last? >> go back up? so today the bart board votes on whether to temporarily roll back fares. it's one of the ideas as a way to use some surplus money that they have. >> and who loves you, mr. kessler? after a long dry spell, we have not one but two. >> two "blowed ups"! >> would not believe the number of e-mails coming in. >> 5, 6? [ laughter ] >> 7 this morning. >> well, for the last hour or so actually we have been following a water main break reported in contra costa county near richmond. they were able to contain the water main break but for a while they were doing traffic
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control in the area. there were reports it was flooding homes. we have a crew on scene and traffic is open in the area. water main break is fine. it was around francisco and hazel. you can see from the green on our freeways, traffic is fine. westbound 80 is fine. good to go on the toll plaza, good on the nimitz freeway through oakland. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> it's been so cold. >> yes. >> ugh. >> i was having a debate from someone yesterday, is it cold or cool? they said it's just -- i said calm down! it's definitely been a little chilly across san francisco. low clouds and fog, areas of drizzle this morning for the coast. cloudy start around the bay. and mostly cloudy with low clouds inland. what about later on today? well, a slight warmup.
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upper 80s inland, mid-60s around the bay, lower 60s for the coast, cool at the coast but mild inland. similar conditions friday and saturday and then below average temperatures back in the forecast for much of next week. so if you think it's chilly, it is. >> it is. i know. all right. thanks, tracy. back to you guys. >> our delicate little flowers. >> short sleeves. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much. an arson team still at sfo right now trying to figure out what started a fire that destroyed at least a half dozen cars overnight. our anne makovec is at the long- term parking lot with more on what happened. good morning. >> reporter: check this out, sydnie. six cars significantly damage. what an unwelcome surprise as you return from vacation. their hoods up and their engine compartments completely burned- out. arson investigators trying to figure out exactly what happened here. they know a fire started in one
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of these cars just after midnight. and that burned under the hood and really the entire interior of the car, the air bags were even deployed. and that fire then spread down the line. a parking attendant saw the fire and called firefighter. now arson investigators are surveying the scene because it appears suspicious. it really isn't common for cars to suddenly start on fire in the middle of a parking lot on a cool night. so airport officials are now going through dmv records trying to inform the affected vehicles' owners before they get to the lot for a very sad surprise. and back out here live now, in the long-term parking lot of sfo, i'm in section s as in sam 10. you can see we have a tow truck starting to take away the six affected vehicles most heavily damaged but several other vehicles around the area have
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some cosmetic damage. one of the turn signals that was melted and some of them have just some of the paint melted. but it was only these six because the fire did appear to spread very quickly. as far as surveillance cameras in the area, there were none at this time at this particular section. there were some cameras in the covered parking lot area and in the entrance and exits. but at this point, they are still trying to figure out what happened here. sydnie. >> anne, i wonder if there is any way that they can contact those vehicle owners before they get out of the bus and look around for their car and not find it? >> reporter: exactly. that's what they are trying to do, as i mentioned. they are right now going through dmv records trying to contact the owners so don't have that horrible surprise. i mean, a, at this point, their car would probably be gone which would be disturbing enough but then to find out what happened... >> i don't know. >> reporter: yikes. >> it would be just as bad having to set on the plane for six or seven hours thinking about it. >> reporter: sure. at least you could make plain to have somebody pick you up at
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that point. >> wow. okay, anne, thank you very much. anne makovec at sfo. the california state fair is out $100,000 stolen by two armed men. the heist happened at about 10:00 last night at cal expo. this is in sacramento. the two thugs stole the money from an office near the grandstand. that office was being used by ovation, a company that provides catering for cal expo. police say the robbers were wearing ovation uniforms. no one was injured during the heist. oakland police hope surveillance video can help them track down two people who could be connected to a downtown murder. >> two individuals were seen moments before the crime was committed. >> the video shows a block of webster street sunday night just moments before someone robbed and shot jinghong kang of virginia. the man and woman in the video match witness descriptions of the killers. kang was scheduled for a john
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interview at google in mountain view the next day. bart's board of directors scheduled to decide today what to do with its budget surplus. bart has $4.5 million extra from the state. directors voted last month to use half of that money to give riders a temporary fare cut. and today they will decide whether to go ahead with that and will also consider using the money to clean stations and pad their fund. those ideas got the most support on public comments on how to use the extra money. the bart board also talks this morning about the proposed connectser between the coliseum station and oakland international airport. the project has a $484 million price tag. the federal government withdrew $70 million for the project back in february. that was because of questions about the connector's impact on minority and low income communities. bart's staff has found a way to replace the lost federal funds and that is what the board will
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consider today. 5:06. contra costa county voters will be asked to pony up more money for roadwork. there is a proposal to increase car registration fees. it would be a $10 increase. that will be on the november ballot. the contra costa transportation authority voted unanimously to ask for the money. alameda, san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties have similar proposals on their ballots. the contra costa times reports the increase would raise $8.5 million a year. 5:07. harvest seasons arrives and drug officers are on the hunt. >> coming up next, can you smell it? how a raid in a remote area of eastern alameda county ended up with a suspected grower dead. and where in san jose you can expect fogging for mosquitos tonight. ,,,,,,
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a breaking situation in situation. a new water main break reported on eastbound lombard at buchanan. two right lanes are blocked and they are saying that those lanes could be closed for a while. they even issued a traffic alert. so this could affect a lot of people commuting from marin county off the golden gate bridge. we'll give you some alternates coming up in "traffic" in six minks. all right. thank you very much. it is 5:10. sheriff's deputies shot and killed one person during a marijuana raid. this happened yesterday on the eastern edge of santa clara county. deputies from santa clara and alameda counties were searching the hills there near mines road for pot farms. it's not clear why deputies opened fire. but investigators say it's not unusual for those raids to turn
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into shootouts. >> a lot of marijuana -- illegal marijuana growers are heavily armed due to the fact that they have a lot of money at risk. >> no deputies were hurt. it's believed deputies from santa clara county fired the shots. midsummer to early fall is harvest time for marijuana cultivation, and it is the time when authorities are on the lookout for those marijuana farms. police in santa clara warning people to keep their doors and windows secure, that after a number of home burglaries. since july 13, burglars have gotten into six homes and apartments. all of the burglaries happened in the southern part of the city during the early-morning hours while the residents were in the homes. in each case, the culprits got in through unlocked doors and windows. the items stolen mainly have been electronics such as laptops and gaming systems. more antimosquito fogging is planned tonight in santa clara county.
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it's part of "vector control's" ongoing effort to control west nile virus. the area to be sprayed tonight covers part of campbell and west san jose, bounded roughly by hamilton and bud avenues, highway 17 and san tomas aquino road. the county confirmed that mosquitos collected from that area tested positive for the virus. fogging begins at 11:00 tonight. >> someday someone from vector control is going to come in here and give you the smackdown. [ laughter ] half a billion, that's how many people now have facebook accounts. half a billion. the social networking site announced the milestone yesterday. get this. it comes down to one out of every seven human beings on the planet. facebook's founder 26-year-old mark zuckerberg says never imagined the site would be such a success. he started it out of his harvard dorm room just six years ago. he says his goal now though is to reach a billion users by
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next year. facebook says their customers average about 130 friends each, which brings us to our question of the day. >> who is the most interesting person you have reconnected with on facebook? in other words, maybe somebody from high school or -- is that -- or an old flame is. >> my boyfriend in third grade, robert davis, facebooked me. >> you had a boyfriend in third grade. >> he gave me his id bracelet. the first thing i thought when i saw his name, he broke up with me in the third grade so i had to go steady with his best friend! [ laughter ] >> send your response to, we're also on facebook and twitter. >> isn't that scary that you can remember the boy from third grade? >> traumatic. i think it happened on the school playground or something. [ laughter ] >> very nice. 5713. it's being called the coolest summer weather in the bay area in 40 years. >> tracy, sydnie is scarred for life. >> i am. >> oh, my gosh, i can't think about the weather. i'm over here thinking about
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her getting dumped on the playground in the third grade. >> might have been by a note. i don't know. >> he had his mummy come tell you! [ laughter ] we have another day with cool temperatures across parts of the bay area. 58 daly city with fog, 63 in san francisco with a mix of sun and clouds, 71 in san mateo, sunshine in santa clara but still cool 77, and 82 in los gatos. we'll take a look at the rest of the bay area's high temperatures coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, a serious situation in fresno. a dozen people hurt in a bus crash. as many as five people killed reportedly when this bus was headed to sacramento, went down an em bankment. we have is a crew from our sister station heading to the scene now. one northbound lane of highway 99 is open now. so be aware of that in that direction heading into fresno later on this morning. serious situation there. a water main break, two lanes eastbound lombard street in san francisco, closed because of a water main break. crews are on scene. it's at buchanan. obviously it's going to affect commuters off the golden gate bridge from marin county. so marina boulevard will be a good alternate in the meantime. they are not giving an estimated time when they will be able to open the lanes but they are telling us it could be
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a while. watch out for that as you come off the bridge. for right now the span looks great. no delay. 22 minutes is your drive time between novato and san francisco. so of course we'll continue to follow that water main break in san francisco as well as a deadly bus crash on highway 99 in fresno. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. is it cool, is it cold? you probably don't care. you just want to know when it's going to warm up. cloudy inland and at the bay, drizzle and fog at the coast, temperatures from the lower to the mid-50s. for this afternoon, sunny but also still mild inland. temperatures in the upper 80s. sun and low clouds around the bay and remaining cloudy cool and drizzle at the coastline throughout the day. here's a look upper 50s in daly city, that's slightly cooler than average. lower 70s in mountain view. you should be in the 80s.
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77 sunnyvale, lower to the mid- 70s in hayward and fremont. east bay locations, your warmest spot yesterday was antioch which was at 83. today your temperatures do go up a bit. mid- to upper 80s. 84 danville, 82 livermore. and 82 in dublin. livermore yesterday high temperature 73 degrees. so you will warm up. 83. and the mid- to upper 60s in berkeley as well as in oakland. as we take a look at north bay location, upper 70s in santa rosa as well as in sonoma and napa. lower 70s in san rafael and san anselmo and 63 in san francisco, which was stuck in the 50s all day yesterday. so we have a slight warmium but don't get used to it. friday through sunday similar conditions. but we are cooling down monday, tuesday and wednesday. that's a look at your weather. back up to you.
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in the headlines, an arson investigation at san francisco international airport right now. six cars burned in a long-term partnering lot overnight. right now investigators think the fire started in one of the cars and then spread to the others. sacramento police searching for two armed men who stole $100,000 from the state fair at cal expo. this happened about 10:00 last night in the grandstand area in an office used by a catering company. bart's board meeting this morning to decide how to use a $4.5 million budget surplus. a survey of bart riders found most support using the money to clean cars and stations and to add the money to the reserve fund. it's 5:20. a viewer sent us an email the other day, they were wondering this about this. we have a response. coming up, a "blowed up." also, a new discovery that
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has astronomers all atwitter. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this weekend, benicia art and jazz festival going on, saturday 73, sunny, mild. and sunday, sunny and 70. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> thank you. starlight, star bright, a giant new star in the sky tonight. how did you like that? i should have let you say that. i'm sure you would have -- >> astronomers in the uk have discovered what they believe to be the largest star ever found, said to be 256 times larger than the sun. not only that, it's 10 million times as bright. if that's the case, how come we haven't seen it before? they figure the star is about a million years old. right now it doesn't have a name. astronomers -- well, it does. astronomers are calling it r- 136-a-1. it's been a long dry spell and we have not one but two
5:25 am
"blowed ups." >> hey, this is our own california "blowed up" here. >> well, yeah. not too spectacular but not bad. it is, after all, the government blowing up stuff. >> it's been a long time. we are going to ease you into it. >> this was along the sierra and the i-80 yesterday. crews are blasting boulders park of the truckee river canyon project to remove and replace worn-out -- >> nice slow motion. >> that's nice. >> worn-out pavement. the project will be finished in the fall. [ explosion ] >> oh, yeah. >> that's a little a little better. texas does it better in texarkana summer hill bridge, it was old, they needed to make way for an updated overpass. the mess was cleared in about 8 hours and the interstate was re- opened. that's quick. this is the fourth and final bridge in the area to be "blowed up" as part of a $175
5:26 am
million freeway overhaul project. ah, feel better! in the next half hour, could the giants be going to taiwan? >> i'm tara mergener in washington. a black agriculture department worker who was forced to resign this week has received an apology and a job offer. the latest coming up. ,,,,,,
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good morning. it is thursday, the 22nd of july. >> good morning. pretty cool around the bay area. nice temperatures. it's a record cool summer. we'll get to tracy in a second. let's start with elizabeth. a lot happening. >> we have breaking situations. in fresno, chp has confirmed that six people died in a bus crash on highway 99. it was near the mckinley exit, and several lanes are closed in the area. we are also hearing of up to 20 people may be critically injured in this crash. reports are that the bus left l.a. last night and was headed to sacramento. this happened sometime overnight. so again, we are continuing to follow that. our sister station actualfully sacramento is sending a crew to the scene so we may have live pictures in a little bit. in the meantime, yeah, we're also following this breaking situation. it's actually in san francisco
5:30 am
on city streets on lombard. southbound lombard, one lane is blocked due to the water main break near buchanon. somebody to be aware of. the lane could be blocked for a while. no estimated time when it will be re-opened but it could cause delays later on in the morning commute. right now no big problems or delays. and traffic is still light across the span. later on if it remains closed, use the marina boulevard exit instead. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays, no metering lights, quiet across the span. same thing on the nimitz freeway through oakland looks great no other big problems out there. taillights are northbound traffic towards downtown. southbound looks good into hayward. mass transit is on time. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. for some parts of the bay area you wouldn't be as cool as
5:31 am
yesterday. let's take a look. we'll revisit yesterday quickly. 75 degrees in san jose. 75 in concord, 75 in santa rosa, 56 in san francisco. say what??? yeah. it was cool yesterday. well, here's what we're expecting today. 63 in san francisco. that is 7 degrees warmer. i'll take it. 3 degrees warmer in san jose. so not a big warmup for the south bay but for the east bay, up to 9 degrees warmer. you go from the mid-70s to the mid-80s and a slight warmup for santa rosa with temperatures going from 75 degrees to 78 degrees. here's a look at other parts of the bay area. 68 in oakland. 71 in hayward. 78 in santa clara. 75 palo alto. 61 in half moon bay which had a higher temperature yesterday than san francisco. here's a look at our seven-day forecast: temperatures going up friday through sunday but no major
5:32 am
warmup. we'll continue with mild temperatures, cool at the coast through the next seven days. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. several car owners will have an unpleasant surprise when they land at sfo. at least a half dozen cars burned overnight. anne makovec is at the airport's long-term parking lot. >> reporter: investigators just wrapped up their work at the scene but the evidence still here as you can see behind me, six cars completely undriveable. their engine compartments burned-out. it looks like likes it started over here in thi siena. the interior is burned-out, the air bags deployed. but the arson investigators haven't decided how this fire started. they just say it appears to be suspicious at this point. these six cars are remaining in the parking lot until they can
5:33 am
be towed away and in the meantime the airport is trying to contact their owners. and i'm here with mike mccarron a spokesman for sfo. obviously, disturbing situation for you guys. >> it's very disappointing, very upsetting that some of our passengers are going to have a very disappointing return when they get back. we are trying to get ahold of them through dmv records to track them down to let them know what's happening to their vehicles but nonetheless we are going to be working with investigators to find out what happened. >> reporter: so far no indication as to what happened but it appears to be suspicious? >> it's unusual cars would ignite on their own on a cool damp night. that's why it's suspicious. the siena is a particular car of interest that looks like the source of the ignition. and so the arson team is very interested in looking at that. they are going to pull it out at a separate location and go
5:34 am
over it with a fine-tooth comb. >> reporter: thank you. cameras will going to come into play here. unfortunately they don't have any cameras over this area of the parking lot. but they have security cameras on the entrance and the exits of the long-term parking. i a in san in s-10, if you know anyone who parked there, call them and give them the bad news. >> thank you. anne makovec in sfo this morning. it is 5:34. the california state fair is out $100,000, stolen by two armed men. that heist happened about 10:00 last night at cal expo in sacramento. the two thugs stole the money from an office near the grandstand. that office was being used by ovation. it's a company that provides catering for cal expo. police say though the robbers were actually wearing the company's uniforms. no one was injured during the heist. oakland police hope surveillance video will help
5:35 am
them track down two people who could be connected to a downtown murder. >> two individuals were seen moment before the crime was committed. >> this video shows a block of webster street sunday night just moments before someone shot and -- robbed and shot jinghong kang of virginia. the man and woman in the video match witness descriptions of the killers. kang had just had his teeth cleaned nearby at the time he was killed. he was scheduled for a job interview at google in mountain view the next day. it is 5:35 right now. $6.5 million is how much the city of oakland will pay victims of illegal police searches. the city council has approved a settlement with more than 100 people who filed suit. they said officers lied to get search warrants so they could raid their homes for drugs. the searches took place between 2001 and 2008. most of the cases were dropped, but some people spend up to
5:36 am
three years in jail. at least four officers have been fired. >> what we found was a course of conduct that was pretty outrageous and scandalous, if you will, and really reflected that we have officers who are essentially out of control when they were in fact conducting these search warrants. >> $2 million of the settlement will be paid from city coffers. the city's insurance carrier will pay the rest. police in santa clara are warning people to keep their doors and windows secure, that after a series of home burglaries. since july 13, burglars have gotten into six houses and apartment, all of them in the southern part of the city during the early-morning hours while residents were in the homes. in each case, the culprits got in through unlocked doors and windows. they took electronics such as laptops and gaming systems. a brief appearance in a san jose courtroom for ly tong a vietnamese activist accused of
5:37 am
attack a singer. remains in custody after pleading not guilty yesterday to charges that include unauthorized use of a tear gas. he is accused of dressing as an old woman and pepper spraying dam hong as the pop star performed last week. tong is an anticommunist activist. 100 people turned out at the hall of justice yesterday to support him. a northern california judge could soon make state history. governor schwarzenegger has nominated her to replace the retiring ronald george as chief justice of the california supreme court. right now, tani cantil-sakauye is on the third district court of appeals in sacramento. if confirmed by voters in november, she would be the first asian-american chief justice. she would also give the court its first-ever female majority. the 50-year-old got her law
5:38 am
degree from uc-davis. a former agriculture department worker receives an apology from the white house as well as a new job offer to consider. tara mergener has the latest on shirley sherrod, who just a few days ago was labeled a racist and forced to resign reporter: shirley sherrod is still deciding whether to go back to the department of agriculture. >> she has a unique set of skills which i think would lend themselves to assisting in helping usda as we deal with trying to turn the page on our civil rights chapter. >> reporter: secretary tom vilsack offered to rehire the 62-year-old wednesday for a new role just days after firing her over this speech. the edited clip posted online by conservative bloggers appeared to show her making racist remarks. but it soon became clear the comments were taken out of context. and there was actually nothing racist about the speech at all.
5:39 am
>> without a doubt, miss sherrod is owed an apology. i would do so certainly on behalf of this administration. >> reporter: she said she resigned under pressure from the white house but vilsack maintains the obama administration had nothing to do with his decision. >> i appreciate the concerns that folks are expressing, but this was my decision and i made it in highs. >> reporter: sherrod says she tried to get the white house to watch the full tape. >> had that been done, we wouldn't be sitting here having this conversation today. >> reporter: but some lawmakers are also blaming the media for jumping the gun. >> this issue is not about race. this issue is about reporting and responding. >> reporter: and they say avoiding a rush to judgment. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. it's 5:39. weather is stopping work to plug the broken well in the gulf of mexico. bp pulling crews out of the area because of a tropical
5:40 am
storm moving toward the gulf. it's expected to hit this weekend. they have stopped drilling relief wells that are just days from being done. the incident commander says the entire operation could be delayed up to two weeks. high school football fans gathering at san jose's spartan stadium last night to catch a game and remember a legend. this was the first charlie wedemeyer all-star game since the annual event's namesake died last month. he was coach at los gatos high for years, even after als, lou gehrig's disease, robbed him of his ability to walk and speak. he was given one to three years to live but he lived on for 32 more years. by the way, the south beat the north, 27-24. you might need a passport to go to the san francisco giants opener next season.
5:41 am
>> the giants might play their first two games of the year in taiwan. the "mercury news" reports the games between the giants and the arizona diamondbacks would be in late march. the players from both teams will have the final say on whether it happens. they are expected to vote next month. the san jose sharks will open their next season with a game in sweden in october. it is 5:41. coming up next, there is a roadblock expectant couples are running into when they are trying to buy a home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:43 am
a fatal bus accident in fresno, we have a map to show
5:44 am
you the area. this was northbound highway 99 at mckinley avenue. those northbound lanes are closed. so what we're hearing this happened around 2:30 this morning so overnight it was a greyhound bus that crashed, it was driving up from los angeles and heading to sacramento when it rolled over. we are hearing as many as 35 people were on the bus. chp confirms that six people died in the crash, 20 people injured, many critically. we don't have sensors in the area but again, the northbound lanes of highway 99 are completely closed. southbound traffic remains open heading into fresno. so again, terrible situation there. we are hoping for some live pictures in a little while. we also have another breaking situation, in san francisco, fortunately sounds like things are better here. now just one lane blocked eastbound lombard at buchanan. city streets in san francisco. but if that lane remains blocked it could affect commuters off the golden gate bridge from marin county. for a while two lanes were blocked and they were telling us no estimated time when they
5:45 am
were going to get those lanes re-opened but for right now no delay. marina boulevard is a good alternate. we have a second camera today, they are standing at 8 80 and 92 where traffic is picking up towards the san mateo bridge exit. so far, so good. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. lots going on in the weather department. grumbling over here, what happened to summer? well, it is cooler than average. we'll take a look at your temperatures and see if we can warm you up, some of you. out the door, low clouds and fog areas of drizzle for the coastline. cloudy start around the bay mostly cloudy with low clouds inland. for this afternoon your highs in the mid-70s to the upper 80s. that will be inland. sun and low clouds around the bay up to the mid-70s and still cool along the coastline with drizzle possible throughout the day. here's a look at our high
5:46 am
temperatures. well inland, 84 degrees in morgan hill. 78 in san jose. lower 80s in cupertino as well as in campbell. mid-70s in redwood city and palo alto. those temperatures pretty mild. upper 50s from daly city as well as in pacifica and half moon bay at 61 degrees. east bay locations, you are one of two locations that will be warming up quite a bit today. antioch the upper 80s. upper 80s in brentwood as well as in pittsburg. antioch yesterday hit 83 degrees. livermore yesterday hit 73. so almost a 10-degree warmup for you guys. mid-80s in danville as well as in san ramon. the lower to the mid-70s in richmond as well as in berkeley. 68 degrees in oakland. san francisco yesterday in the 50s. today we are expecting the lower 60s. so we'll warm up quite a bit. 63 in sausalito. but temperatures in the north bay will be pretty close to what you had yesterday. upper 70s in santa rosa, sonoma. 77 in petaluma.
5:47 am
96 ukiah, 64 monterey, 98 fresno, 93 sacramento, 80s in lake tahoe, 91 yosemite, triple digits in reading with 104 degrees. 61 eureka with a mix of sun and clouds. seven-day forecast, expecting a big warmup. well, it's not in the forecast. we'll see temperatures essentially in the same ballpark well through the weekend and then more cool temperatures back in the forecast monday through wednesday. >> this weekend the gilroy garlic festival is going on. it's going to be sunny and warm. saturday in the lower 90s. sunday in the upper 80s. admission for adults is $17. but that does include parking, musical entertainment, cooking demonstrations, and a children's area. shirt and shoes are required. i think that's funny, the fact that i even have to say that but hey, i'm putting it out there. you need to be dressed appropriate and you can see, sunda 88 degrees. no dogs allowed unless it's an
5:48 am
aid dog in case you have a handicap. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. it's 5:47. in the headlines, half dozen cars have been destroyed by fire at the san francisco international airport. that fire started just after midnight in a long-term parking lot. arson investigators are -- have just wrapped up their investigation this morning. what to do with $4.5 million surplus? that's what bart directors are scheduled to decide today. directors have supported a temporary fare reduction. but a survey of bart riders finds they would prefer a good cleaning of the bart trains and stations. more antimosquito fogging planned tonight in santa clara county part of vector control's ongoing effort to control west nile virus. the area to be sprayed tonight covers parts of campbell and west san jose. it is set to begin at 11 p.m. tonight. having a cup of could have
5:49 am
no a day while pregnant is safe. that's -- having a cup of coffee a day while pregnant is safe. that's according to' new study. 12-ounce of caffeine or less a day doesn't cause miscarriage or premature birth. doctors say it is still unclear whether higher levels of caffeine could cause a miscarriage. trying to buy a house? turns out having a baby could make it tougher for you to get a mortgage. even though rates are low and home prices are falling, banks are leery about loaning money to couples who are expecting according to a "new york times" article. even if both parents have good jobs and credit. the problem, lenders are worried about women losing income while on maternity leave or deciding not to go back to work after the baby is born. contra costa health officials services will be holding a free vaccination
5:50 am
clinic today. the h1n1 and the whooping cough vaccines will be available at the music and market event at todos santos plaza in concord. it will start at 4:00, run until 9:00 tonight. so far contra costa health services has confirmed more than 50 cases of whooping cough in the county, six infants have died from the disease this year in california. 5:50. coming up, the bank robber in davis who didn't get away. >> we'll tell you why police are calling her one of america's dumbest criminals. sacramento is being called one [ woman ] for fast relief of itchy, irritated skin, try cortizone-10 easy relief applicator, the strongest itch relief medicine with no-mess healing.
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5:53 am
of america's dumbest criminals. there is a bank robbery suspect near sacramento being called one of america's dumbest criminals. >> 5:53 now. don't want people to be late. >> cops said she held up a bank in davis and then, get this tried to get away with cash. but there is a little problem when she got to her car. >> the suspect found that her vehicle was locked. she had locked her keys in the car. >> she was nervous. >> nervous, maybe. >> i don't think so. police say the woman borrowed a crowbar from a delivery driver at a fedex store next to the bank trying to smash out he car window. she was arrested. she was still trying to get in. police say the woman suspected of robbing several banks in the bay area. so i don't know how nervous -- >> just a simple little mistake. >> stupid. all right.
5:54 am
there are two baby leopards getting a lot of attention at a zoo in paris. >> they were presented to the public for the first time yesterday. the two-month-old clouded leopard -- >> biting its foot. >> -- are very rare. their species is at risk. the babies are boosting hope that their species can be saved. >> is that mama leopard? >> i think so. some 10,000 are believed to be in the wild. beautiful. >> the markings. just absolutely beautiful. hey, milestone for facebook. they have signed up their half a billionth memory. >> they sign up a number member every second. >> 500 million people have signed up. >> eight every second. >> they also say that users average, what, 130 friends each. >> do you have 130 friends? >> i don't know. >> you don't have any friends. >> no. >> okay. anyway, brings to us our question of the day. who is the most interesting person you have reconnected
5:55 am
with on facebook? >> kevin writes, on facebook, some of them for me. i have 195 people on my list. well, aren't you special, kevin. [ laughter ] >> you are special, kevin. i think that's great. but what he says is most of them are from junior high or high school. you know, you lose track and it's nice to reconnect. >> and then nona e-mails from her ipad -- aren't you special, nona! [ laughter ] >> my boyfriend of one week when i was 15 years old she remembers she says, i hadn't heard from him in 28 years. my heart was aflutter. he is a hunk. >> still a hunk? >> i guess so. >> you ran into your third grade boyfriend who dumped you -- had a buddy of his dump you on the playground. >> how about elizabeth? >> third grade boyfriend? >> you trade id bracelets. [ laughter ] >> traumatized me. that's why i didn't get married until i was in my 50s. >> et best part of facebook you get to check out and see what people look like.
5:56 am
you go through photos. that's the best part. oh, he used to have hair! [ laughter ] >> oh, oh. >> i find that people haven't changed that much. >> you can still recognize them. >> they all changed in width. [ laughter ] >> your turn, elizabeth. we have an awful situation going on in fresno. i believe we have some live pictures now. okay, this is the scene. around 2:30 this morning, there was a deadly greyhound bus crash. 35 people were on board heading from l.a. to sacramento. an suv rolled in front of the greyhound bus on highway 99. the bus swerved to avoid it went down an embankment and hit a tree. chp is saying five people were killed in this crash, up to 20 people were sent to the hospital. you can see the bus is not even recognizable. highway 99 is shut down. all northbound lanes of highway 99 shut down. southbound is open. but horrible fatal bus crash happened again overnight around
5:57 am
2:30 this morning. 35 people were on board. we'll follow that. we still have a water main break in san francisco. one lane blocked on lombard near buchanan. we'll follow that, as well. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast for today, cloudy along the coast. more sunshine inland. i'm expecting temperatures to still be slightly cooler than average. lower 60s for the coast, 60s around the bay, 80s inland. temperatures continuing in the same ballpark friday, saturday and sunday and believe it or not they are going to cool down more next week. coming up in the next half hour a robbery at the california state fair. how thieves got away with $100,000 in cash. >> and as if it's not enough of a bummer to come home from a vacation, imagine coming home to something like this. six cars completely burned-out at sfo. we'll tell you what happened and why it appears to be suspicious. coming up.
5:58 am
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