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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 21, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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bay area highway shootout won't
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be in court until this >> welcome. i'm allen martin. his appearance before the judge is being delayed. the man arrested after a bay area shoot out won't be in court until this afternoon. ann has more on why he isn't in court yet. >> reporter: a scary story. looks like serious problems were thwarted by the chp. byron williams talked to his public attorney, public defendant and going and filling out paperwork before finally entering his plea at 2:00 p.m. police say byron williams wanted to start a revolution by killing people at the american civil liberties union and tied foundation. those in san francisco perceived to be liberal organizations. williams put on body armor and grabbed three guns. he made his way from groveland to the city almost this weekend.
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that's when he was pulled over on 580 in the we morning hours sunday and got into a 12 minute shoot out with officers. he was shot several times and he shot out windows of -- chp cars which injured them with glass but none of them were hit with bullets. the chp shut down part of 580 while they, the oakland pd investigated. trying to figure out what happened to the shootings and what williams may have been planning, they found a binder entitled california in the truck. it was removed by a robot. so, williams is facing four counts -- excuse me, allen -- i have something in my throat. williams is facing four counts of murder. he was convicted of two bank robberies in california. he may be eligible for
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california's three strikes law which would put him in prison for life. he is set to enter a plea in oakland at 2:00 p.m. he is probably going to be appearing in a wheelchair. that's what happened yesterday during his arraignment. >> i will let you clear your throat. i can tell you are having trouble. we will watch throughout the afternoon and see what happens with his public defender. anne makovec, thank you soap much. did police go too far arresting a woman? they are reviewing a video taken over the weekend. the officer appears to push a handcuffed woman to the ground face first after she allegedly resisted getting in the squad car. police say she was drunk. they tried to arrest her because they thought she was a suspect in an assault. the police officer admits to using force against the woman. the officer has been taken out of the field until the
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investigation is complete. and sfpd wants you to take a look at this woman. she is the suspect in two bank robberies last week. police say she walked in the banks, pointed a gun at the teller and demanded money. officers say she hit a bank of america on balboa street. she is described as latina, in her 30s, about 5'3" inches tall and 130 pounds. she has orange or red tinted hair. other headlines around the bay area, a.c. transit is dealing with a third day of workers calling in sick creating delays for passengers. the agency says more than 200 drivers called in sick today. drivers are not happy apparently with a new contract imposed by ac transit after labor talks deadlocked. the union says there is no organized sick out happening. it says the workers are simply trying to adjust to what it calls extensive changes that created mass chaos for them. oakland city council
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approved a plan to license up to four large marijuana production facilities. the companies will be allowed to grow and package medical pot and produce cannabis related items. the council passed the ordinance last night over the objections of some existing medical pot operations which fear they will be driven out of business. the plan has a second reading tuesday. if passed, it would likely go into effect in january. in san francisco, supervisors voted for a new budget that would close a $483 million deficit. the 6 1/2 billion dollars plan protects funding for health and human services that had been in jeopardy, funds services for children and seniors, treatment for substance abuse and mental health as well as hiv and aids care. chris daily was the only super rice sore to vote no. supervisors have a final vote next week. the fiscal year started july
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1st. lifeguards will remain on the job at state peaches in santa cruz county. budget cuts forced the parks department to lay off lifeguards throughout the county. but the group friends of santa cruz state parks stepped in and raised $60,000 to cover the last two months of the life guard budgets. they made six rescues just last weekend. funeral service is under way in oakland for gospel singer and pastor walter hawkins. these are the lines of people who waited this morning to get in the service at the paramount theater. he was a grammy award winning gospel singer and pastor. he is best known for the hit song oh, happy days. he performed at the white house in 2008. >> ♪ i will sing your praise ♪ . >> yesterday a memorial musical
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tribute drew big names. he died last week of pancreatic cancer. he was 61 years old. a big milestone in the replacement of san francisco's doyle drive. a groundbreaking ceremony took place for the first tunnel section and a temporary bypass of traffic. the access road to the golden gate bridge built in 1936. on weekdays it carries more than 100,000 commuters. it's being replaced after it was deemed seismically unsafe. >> this is a vital link to the northern part of this state. that's why it's essential that we are here. >> this construction is on the first of four tunnels. the project is expected to be completed by the year 2013. well, they say it's the beginning of a new era on wall street. the president signs the financial reform bill into law but what does it mean for you?
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plus -- >> things were flying around in the cabin and glasses, whatever was sitting in anyone's lap. ============== here's a live look at the big board on wall street. right now the dow is ... ,,,,,,,,
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our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people?
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they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you? stocks have been f a live look at the big board on wall street. flat all morning but within the last hour the dow is down almost 140 points. ben bernanke testified the economic outlook in his words unusually uncertain. wells fargo, apple, coca-cola, their earnings beat
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expectations but yahoo disappointed investors. the market will close in a little less than an hour. a short time ago president obama signed a final reform bill into law. big milestone for the white house and a start of a new era on wall street. alexis christoforous shows what it means to you. >> reporter: hundreds showed up to see president obama hut his signature on a new rule book for the financial world. >> this is designed to make sure that everybody follows the same set of rules so firms come pete on price and quality not on tricks and not on traps. >> the law brings the toughest oversight in decades and cracks down on risky trading behavior at the banks in the hopes of avoiding another financial meltdown. it creates a new agency for consumer protection to take the confusion out of financial problems like -- products like mortgages and credit cards. >> it will provide consumers with the information that they
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need in clear, accurate and concise terms. >> reporter: wall street has had plenty of time to get used to the new reality. earlier versions were restricted. traders are relieved their is some compromise. but republican lawmakers were almost universally against it. they say it will slow economic growth and kill jobs and they are angry the bill doesn't take aim at freddie mac and fannie mae which had to be bailed out by the government. >> the bill addresses most of the problems and makes a good start. it's not perfection but in the real world, we don't get perfection. >> reporter: for the banks, the new rules go into effect as they continue their come back from the recession. wells fargo and morgan stanley beat wall street expectations announcing billions in profits the last three months. alexis christoforous, cbs news, wall street. in the gulf of mexico, bad weather is threatening to delay
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bp's efforts to permanently plug the damaged oil well. a storm in the caribbean has a 60% chance of becoming a tropical storm by friday as it moves into the gulf. if that happens, ships would have to leave the spill zone. bp couldn't keep an eye on the capped well. this is a live look at what is happening under water. without the ability to observe the cap, bp says it may have to open it up for nearly a week and let the oil flow until the weather clears. >> we said before if we have to evacuate the area to move off the area then come back and redeploy, we can be looking at 10 to 14 day gaps in containment or proceeding with the drilling rig. this is a significant issue related to weather driving the lines of operation. >> scientists are closely watching to determine if the cap is displacing the pressure and creating other leaks underground. terrifying moments aboard
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an airplane high over kansas. the yet hit severe turbulence. dozens were injured and one critical. they had to make an emergency landing in denver. michelle griego talked to passengers. >> reporter: shook up passengers stepped into the arms of family members after a scary flight. >> turbulence up ahead and make sure seat belts are fastened. all of a sudden we got a huge jolt. >> reporter: united airlines flight 967 from washington, d.c. to los angeles hit extreme turbulence over kansas last night. passengers say the plane dropped 30 feet. >> things were flying around in the cabin, glasses and whatever was in anyone's lap. >> reporter: 30 of the 265 people on board were hurt, one person critically. the pilot made an emergency landing in denver to get the injured to hospitals. >> the person behind me, he influence up and he landed like -- across the aisle on someone
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else. >> reporter: federal authorities are here investigating what went wrong. the faa says a preliminary check shows no problems inside the plane and no obvious damage to the plane's exterior. passengers looked after one another. michael bass hit a woman that hit the ceiling. >> disturbing to see something like that happened. she had a contusion on her head. >> reporter: a special united airlines flight brought those in denver to los angeles. >> scary but everybody was good. the crew was great. >> reporter: most passengers had minor injuries and were treated and released from denver hospitals. miguel griego for cbs news, denver international airport. this just coming in to cbs 5. the lake merritt bart station is shut down. chopper 5 is over head. police are looking for an armed suspect who is somewhere along the bart tracks. we are being told trains are stopping northbound at fruit
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veil, southbound at 12th street. we will keep an eye on this and get more information for you. more traffic info is on as well. does it seem like this summer is cooler than normal? you noticed it, we noticed it. meteorologists have noticed it. wait until you hear how our weather compares to the rest of the world. radio's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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matt bigler says, san jose has had some of its coolest days in decades. summer hasn't been a scorcher, tracy, but in san jose they have had some of the coolest days in decades. >> it's chilly in san jose this morning. it's overcast because of the marine layer. i was thinking about putting my jacket on because it's chilly. temperatures during the rest of the day are chilly as well. we are talking about the mid- 70s. down four or five from average. cooler than what we are used to experiencing and cooler than the rest of the country. we talked to bill visiting from galveston, texas. >> where i'm from it's 95 degrees. humidity about 80%. you just sweat and it doesn't come off you. >> certainly we are thankful for cooler weather in the bay area but we are cooler than much of the globe.
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according to the naoo this ranks as the warmest on record of the world. we are appreciative in the bay area. >> everybody talks about the weather but you can't do anything to change it. i'm picking on you. >> you called me a waffle a few minutes ago. >> waffling. you said it wasn't hot now you say we have had hot days. >> we have had hot days but this week, a lot like matt mentioned, it's cooler than average. temperatures are mild out there. yeah, i hit him. let's take a look. san jose, sunshine in the south bay. we are expecting temperatures to top off in the upper 70s. it has been cool in the bay. san francisco another day, essentially in the 50s. average daytime high 68 degrees this time of the year. here is a look at the daily planner. we have cloudy conditions on the coastline with low drizzle
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expected. low clouds and a mix of sunshine around the bay. temperatures range from 70 to 80 degrees. afternoon highs to the mid-80s. partly cloudy and breezy at times around the bay with temperatures ranging from 60 to 73 degrees. for the coastline, plenty of clouds, cool and breezy. winds out of the southwest. tonight partly cloudy conditions. low clouds and fog with drizzle possible for the bay and drizzle for the coastline overnight tonight. the visible, it shows you where we are clearing. most of the north bay, east bay and south bay. clouds in berkeley, richmond and through the bay area here. this is what we expect through the day. those locations will be stuck with clouds and temperatures will be extremely cool for a number of locations around the bay. mid-70s in santa clear a as well -- clara as well as san jose. the upper 50s in half moon bay, pacifica and daly city. moving to the east bay, lower to mid-80s.
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these locations we are looking at triple digit highs last friday and into saturday. we have cooled down. 82 danville. 80 san ramon. 60s richmond, berkeley and almeda. north bay, 75 santa rosa. 74 napa. that's nice. 72 nevada. 60 in san francisco with not a lot of sunshine expected. here is the seven-day forecast. we got sunshine expected inland. thursday, friday, saturday, mostly sunny skies. coastal fog expected. we will continue to see below average temperatures through next week. it's called, allen, can you see it? a brown pelican by michael mcgreevey from moneterey. if you have a nice photo, send it in, >> the folks on the east bay
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say you need to put your studio here and get hot. >> it's smoking out there. look closely at this picture. i want to ask you, take a look. what do you see. not jumping out at you? coming up, what scientists see and quite frankly it's blowing them away. ,,,,,,,,
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today's tip of the day is broccoli. when you buy it, make sure it's nice and green around here. that's important. free from any yellowing whatsoever. a little purple is okay but not too much. here are the stalks when they get big. take a knife and slice off the top of it. then the tender stalks inside are great. you can saute them with zucchini or with the broccoli itself. when you bring it home, open up the plastic bag so it can breath. that is important. store it five or six days at the most. longer than that, forget it. you waste it. 240% of the vitamins you need for the day. it's great for us. also remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. big stalks aren't bad. >> there is a song about broccoli, isn't there? how about a star bigger
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than the sun, 265 times bigger. a team of british astronomers discovered what is believed to be the largest star ever recorded. they found it using a telescope facility in chili. apparently the star was at one time bigger because, unlike humans, stars are born heavy and lose weight as they age. that's it for us at noon. i can let you know we have learned from bart that the lake merritt bart station reopened. we will have the latest at 5:00 tonight. ,,,, ♪
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