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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 21, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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intended target. tonight shows the damage . he held off police with a substantial arsenal and they weren't even his intended targets, tonight the chp shows the damage done while officers kept a would-be murderer occupied. transit riders could expect more of the same tomorrow. why they shouldn't expect drivers to be back to work. >> less a punishment. more so a promise. tonight's victory for open carry add some democrats. >> and forget financial. the new concern about smart meters is physical. the worries that pushed one county to action. . >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. >> good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bass steed. >> a he wanted to start revolution, that's what they
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are saying about the person who faces the attempted murder in connection with that shootout. joe vazquez is at one of the places the parolee planned to go. >> reporter: his plan was to come here to the american civil liberties union office and another non-profit and murder high ranking members of those organizations and that plan was supposed to take place yesterday. instead, officers say, he got in a gun battle with the chp one day earlier. [ sound of shots ] >> reporter: was definitely under the influence of alcohol. >> following the 12-minute gun fight the chp now says byron williams, the i-85 gunman, was drunk and rambling about starting revolution. >> what he talked about was his dissatisfaction with some of the liberal politics and politicians, how things were progressing in the united states of america. clearly he had individuals targeted that he felt in his mind that needed to be
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eliminated and that's what he was bent on doing. >> reporter: sews say they found evidence that the two primary targets were the a.c.l.u. of northern california in the san francisco financial district as well as the progressive fill an tropic in the presidio. he planned to camp out in front of the offices and eventually open fire on staffers. >> as a charitable organization, we help non- profit organizations, we help people provide services in low income communities, address social problems. the work we do is in the best traditions of america. i can't imagine why somebody would want to target us. >> reporter: authorities are now revealing more details about the gun fight it. the chp says early sunday morning an officer stopped williams for speeding and weaving along 5 # 0. he was wearing body armor and was heavily armed with a handgun, a shotgun, and a rifle with armor- piercing bullets. during the stop one officer stayed back to provide cover,
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as the other officer first approached the vehicle. in an instant he says he saw williams reach for his handgun and start shooting. with bullets flying all around them the officers retreat todd the rear of their own police vehicle, crouched down, and began exchanging fire with the gunman. and then, as additional units arrived they would retreat back even further behind those additional ones, because remember this guy is shooting high-powered ammunition. >> reporter: of the 12 officers involved in the gun fight only a couple got hurt from flying glass. otherwise, they are okay. williams was injured in both arms and legs. in fact, he was in a wheelchair to face the judge to learn he now faces four charges of attempted murder of peace officers, and considering the fact he has been tries convicted of bank robbery, if he is convicted again, he will never likely see the light of day. >> yup, third strike. thank you joe.
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a sick out by union bus drivers is expected to continue tomorrow for a third day. today, about 250 of the drivers didn't show up for work, they are pro testing a new contract that the company's board approved after labor talks dead locked. today the union asked the court to block the contract from taking effect. meanwhile, riders faced long waits and crowded buses. >> everybody, the 4:00 passengers and the 4:30 bus, we just have to cram up everybody in this bus. >> all right. >> you know, they would for sure have passengers standing up. >> the management approved contract includes new overtime rules, a copay for health care, and a two-tier pension plan, it's aimed at reducing costs by nearly $16 million, the hearing tomorrow could rule against the imposed contract, meaning that the drivers protesting could go back to work. the oakland city council right now is hearing public comment on what could be an
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historic marijuana vote. supporters and opponents have been talking all night. the bill would create four licensed medical marijuana factories that could grow, package, and process can business for medical use. some opponents of the bill say it would drive smaller shops out of business but some shop owners say it is still the right thing to do. >> this is a very valuable medicine that many suffering people need and that it's right and proper that it be produced in a way that is legitimate and that is above board and that is regulated. >> the businesses would have to pay more than $200,000 each in permit fees. their gross sales would also be taxed up to 8%. tonight the san francisco police department is revealing a video to determine if the officers' use of force was necessary. the officer appears to push a handcuffed woman to the ground face-first after she allegedly cursed at police and resisted arrest getting in the car on
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sunday. police say that she was drunk. they tried to arrest her because they thought that she was a suspect in an assault. in a police report the officer owned up to using force against the woman, he has been taken out of the field until the investigation is complete. san francisco police are also investigating a string of armed robberies last night. in six separate incidents across the city two young men approached victims in the street, brandished handguns, and then robbed them. two of the robberies happened in the sunset district. two took place in know we valley. and two happened downtown. now it's not known in any of the incidents are connected. well supporters of the practice of open carry rallied at city ha in east palo alto tonight. they were there to protest the police department's slow response to an officer who joked about gun advocates on facebook. as kiet do shows us, their efforts paid off. >> reporter: in east palo alto
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an open carry protest suddenly turned into an open carry celebration. >> after reviewing all of the available evidence the allegations against an officer of the east palo alto police department has been sustained. >> no, sustained is good. >> reporter: the group, responsible citizens of california, had planned a demonstration on the steps of city hall to pressure east pa low alto police about comments one of their officers made on facebook. back in february east palo alto police officer wrote on a friend's facebook page suggesting this response to fellow officers who see someone open carry. should have pulled the ar, assault rifle, out, and prednisone them all out. if one makes a movement, two weeks off. that is typically standard after officer involved shootings. >> the thing we are scared of is the vigilantism we saw. we hope there is a resolution now. >> hours before the protest the group got what they were
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waiting for, they issued a press release saying the complaints against the officer was sustained. >> today is just a coincidence. >> right. >> the timing of the fact they released it showed us that they are responsoredding to us as a group. >> they have planned numerous public meetings and events in the past year, often recording police encounters and posting them on youtube. however hole sisters are empty this evening because guns aren't allowed on government property. they said the findings will send a message to police. >> the detective being reprimanded for his inappropriate comments, i think, will solidify a hnatiuk raoul right that people have to protect themselves. >> east pa low alto police say social networking has caught them off guard and they are reviewing the policy. >> it's for things you do on duty and off duty and those comments have been found to be
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against department policy. >> reporter: for now they'll decide what the punishment will be, anything from a letter to a suspension. congress is expected tomorrow to extend unemployment benefits for millions of americans. >> the motion is agreed to. >> today senators beat a republican filibuster after a new democrat was sworn in from west virginia. it cleared the way for a final vote in the house tomorrow. a final vote as well. they didn't want to extend the benefits unless congress had a way to pay for them that did not add to the deficit. elena kagan is one step closer to becoming the newest supreme court justice. the senate judiciary committee approved her nomination today. south carolina's lindsey graham was the only republican to vote yes. now the full senate gets to vote and the democrats have the votes to confirm. president obama says he hopes that she is confirmed before they go on the summery ses on
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july 7th. during his first visit to the white house the british prime minister open leo posed something president obama wants. another investigation into the release of the lockerbie bomber. >> i don't need an inquiry to tell me it was a bad decision. it was a bad decision. >> the libyan prisoner is still live but at the time of his release last year they predicted he would die of prostate cancer within three months. now congress wants to look into reports that bp sought that prisoner's release as a way to get access to the libyan oilfields, cameron says he hasn't seen anything to suggest that bp influenced the scottish government. the blast over lockerbie killed more than 100 americans. another argument against smart meters. this one has nothing to do with money. what marin county leaders want before it will welcome the meters in its community. >> and santa cruz waters will be a little safer this summer
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they say seepage detected along the sea floor actually is coming from an older well that is no longer in use and they are not worried about the cap buckling and giving way. >> a very small drips, i would say, we don't consider them consequential to involving the integrity of the wellhead. >> the cap has successfully stopped the oil from flowing in the gulf for five days now but it is not a permanent fix. bp is now exploring the possibility of seeing the as well well with a substance know known as "drilling mud." a san francisco city leader is working to get some insection gives on the books to encourage salons to use nail polish free of hazardous chemicals. they gave freeman cures with safer polishes today to kick off that campaign, a researcher with the cancer prevention institute of california says her studies show toxic chemicals used in nail salons are linked to significant
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health concerns among workers. >> about 50% of them are reporting that they are experiencing headaches, skin irritations, all kinds of irritations, after they began working in this workforce. however, some of the long-term health effects, that's still to be determined. >> if the ordinance introduced today is passed salons that use safer polishes will be publicly recognized. marin county leaders officially said no thanks to pg&e and its smart meters program. county supervisors said the utilities should shut down that program until a study is completed indicating that the meters really work. pg&e has been plagued by customer complaints, they say their electricity bills have skyrocketed since the meters were installed. some also worry about possible health risks over electromagnetic fields associated with those devices. >> i would like to have a choice in what i participate in and i'm all about health and/or gannic and being closer to the
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earth and i'm really concerned about ems that we're being bombarded constantly. >> they rallied outside the state public utilities commission, they wants them to stop installing the meters, they insist those key vices are safe and that the vast majority out there work correctly. they are trained to save lives and have just been saved themselves. some santa cruz county lifeguards are back on the job after a non-profit stepped into save them. budget cuts forced the state's parks department to close 10 towers and lay off guards throughout the city, or the county. the group, friends of santa cruz state park, stepped in spending $60,000 to cover the last two months of the budget. >> if "friends of state parks" did not step in. >> there would have been, yeah, definite cuts on the beach. >> county lifeguards say that the money came just in the nick of time. they made six res cues just this 3569 past weekend.
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>> sunshine down there, no fog, can't say the same for up here. >> no, we've got a lot of fog, matter of fact we have been talking about fog the last 5 to 7 days, socked in at the coastline, but the afternoon looking pretty good around the bay area but then the low clouds and fog start to move back on shore and that's where we're sitting, the fog has made its way back into the bay and continue to fill in a bit. even down towards santa cruz you can see that in the santa cruz area. it will make its way inland, but we'll find a lot of sunshine as we head towards the afternoon, still going to be on the warm side. lots of 70s, even upper 80s, as you head toward antioch. out toward the coast, not a whole lot of sunshine, probably some drizzle there too. temperatures running in the 50s, a couple of low 60s outside right now, that fog will continue to march on shore, high pressure getting out of the way from the desert southwest, got a trough covered it outright here, that's helping to deepen the marine land. that's you're going to see
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plenty of fog over the weekend. never about that in mind, the fog surging all the way in, going to be socked with fog early on, giving way to sunshine by the afternoon, temperatures down just a bit but comfortable in most spots, right out towards the coast 50s and 60s, but elsewhere, 80s still showing up in the valleys and out over the next couple of days. how about this, we're going to keep those temperatures fairly steady for the next couple warming up friday and saturday, then a big cool-down and guess what, more fog coming our way. as we head into toward monday. >> sure it is. >> okay. i'm gonna wear my sweater. you know, apple's free fix for iphone 4 owners is anything but free for the company. those free cases apple has promised customers are expected to cost apple $175 million. the cases are intended to help prevent dropped calls. the overall cost, though, shouldn't hurt too bad. apple made more than $15
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it starts to remove the stain... right before your eyes. (lab girl) trust resolve. forget stains. . lindsey lohan is spending the night in jail. >> as with any inmate, ms. lohan was treated just like any other. obviously, this crowd is a little different. >> he an entered an l.a. county facility to serve time for violating her probation in connection with a 2006 drunk case. she was sentenced to 90 days but sheriff's officials say lohan will only be behind bars for two weeks because of jail over crowding and anticipated credits for good behavior. before being sentenced lindsey was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet that detected alcohol and it worked. that's why she is in the slam. in tonight's good question how does a bracelet like that
2:01 am
really work? . >> and determine the if drinking alcohol ... >> the judge said lindsey lohan violated a condition of her probation by using alcohol. now how did the judge know? well it was her bracelet. >> interestingly enough a lot of people will initially deny it sand say "i didn't drink, it must have been something else" or"i was in the room and somebody else drank." >> but this bracelet doesn't lie according toland data elsie. the company that billion dollars and monitors the bracelet known as scratch for continuous monitoring. >> it watches as alcohol is evaporated out of the body, goes through the telephone lines into a secure network system, analyzed to see if someone has been drinking or if they tampered with the product.
2:02 am
>> the bracelet works by measuring the sweat coming off your skin every 30 minutes. take this one whose bracelet reveals he got hammered 8:00 at night. >> he reached a high of 1.4 at about 8:00. >> there are about 200 people in the bay area currently wearing these devices that claim about an 80% success rate. the defendants pay the cost, about $13 a day, to stay out of jail. >> people set on saving money, i'm not going to bars, not gonna pick up women, they say they have actually saved money by being on scram. >> i need your good questions. send them to me on the giants trailed 5-1, the a's were losing 4-0. i'm dennis o'donnell, not the beginning of the chapter that counts, but the end. counts, but the end. we're up next. ta-da! [ bride ] the wedding was just days away. suddenly i noticed my smile wasn't white enough. now what?
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my blog, the name is andres torres.. one thing . most giant fans think
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aubrey huff is the giants' first half mvp. in my blog the name is andress torres. one thing is for sure. it wasn't tim lincecum tonight in los angeles. he hits mad cap and tempers start to flare. he did not get out of the 4th inning, down 5-1 the giants stormed back, pablo sandoval finally getting his groove on, 2-1 score on that hit. giants lead consult 5-4. giants reading back in the game. batista brushes back russell martin but he wasn't thrown out even after both benches had been warned. so clayton kershaw takes issue with that. plus aaron rowand. boat kershaw and manager joe torre thrown out. oh yeah, a score to settle. top 9 andress torres to the warning track. the giants take the lead in the ninth and win 7-5. i got to say folks there is some magic developing on that baseball team right now. dallas braden fresh off the disabled list, he hasn't won
2:06 am
assistant mains perfect game. boston's darnell mcdonald hits one off the 388 sign, that makes it 4-0 red sox, the a's tied it in the third, let's take it all the way to the 10th inning, kenton kouzmanoff smokes one to right. daric barton, rounding third, j.d. drew is gonna throw. here comes the throw not in time. the a's win dramatic fashion 5- 4 and that gets them back the .500 mark. the curse of the warriors, all right. how else do you explain what happened to david lee who was selected to play on the team u.s.a. well shortly after he started his practice he dislocated the middle finger on his right hand in practice. came back to the bay area to be re-evaluated. he plans to return to vegas tomorrow night hoping he can play possibly with aspirin. former raider quarterback jamarcus russell pleaded not guilty to charges of illegal drug possession. he is facing felony charges after being arrested two weeks
2:07 am
ago in a police sting operation. his home was searched, police discovered codeine syrup without a prescription, whose purple drink was it. time for the top 5. at number 5, ramirez's defensive star, really is, backhands this ball, makes a nice throw to first. white sox defeat the mariners. number 4, three norwegians call themselves space jumpers, that's what they did from the highest peaks in green land. have a nice trip. see you next fall. at number 3, every guy's nightmare, carl crawford gets hit where it counts adding insult to injury he is thrown out and his rays lost to the orioles tonight. number 2, tim lincecum, you think he was off tonight? maybe just a tad. what did he just say? >> ah. >> you couldn't repeat that again. ramirez, we showed you him earlier, he was on fire tonight. a nice defensive play, look at three home runs, cubs beat the
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