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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  July 19, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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about 4:30 this, they were open to open it up eastbound, westbound is still closed. . >> it was noisy as people with opposite opinions squared off in shouting matches on nature valley boulevard. it was a sight for the evening commute. >> give him four years and let his loose. >> there oh though there were some pro mehserle side. most of the people seemed to think he should be held accountable for killing and shooting oscar grant. >> i don't think he should be free. he is a cop made mistake. >> but if 12 people found him involuntary manslaughter, little him go do his time and leave him alone. in my heart i think he needs support. >> but those mobilized. >> reporter: does he deserve any sort of compassion.
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>> not in our minds. >> i think it's unbelievable that people would take to the streets to support somebody who took a human life. whether you thought it was an accident, by negligence or on purpose. >> reporter: counter protestors called the pro law supporters racist but kevin thomas who comes from a law enforcement family has just as harsh words? they are disinagain youous, liars, pro volcano tours, pimps and pan deerers, they have their self interest in hand. >> walnut creek police had everyone on duty today, plus volunteers. they got help from surrounding police departments and sheriff's deputies. all told, more than 150 people brought into keep the peace. but they stated their intention was not to take any action unless necessary. neighboring businesses including three gas stations shut down by 1:00 p.m. we talked with david chigras
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who owns this bar and grille sent his employees home but stayed there himself. >> they said come home but absolutely not. >> why not? >> i want to control what is going on here as far as my building is concerned. >> reporter: but everything remained calm, police had no arrests, and at this point it looks like a lot of the protestors, most of those people are going home, and at this point it seems as if we have more police here than we actually have protestors. allen? >> all right. ann notarangelo in wall income creek. thank you. meantime it's been a violent 24 hours in oakland gunfire erupted four times, chewing a drive-by shooting, a wild freeway shooter, and a sniper apparently targeting police officers. the most dramatic was the police shootout an on 580 with a heavily armed suspect. we have learned that the shooter, byron williams, was angry about what he called a
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left-wing agenda by congress. simon has the criminal history. >> reporter: we're standing over 580 in oakland. the cars headed away are westbound, that's the side of the freeway where it happened. the oakland police are trying to find out if the shooter was on his way to do even more damage. >> this is a major incident. >> reporter: look at the bullet holes in the white pickup truck. that's the damage done by chp officers firing back at 45-year- old byron williams who lives in you the al a me county. the convicted felon unloaded on the chp with a shotgun, a rival and a handgun sunday morning all the while wearing body armor. the road was closed for most of the day. he is talking to investigators where he is listed in fair condition after being shot in the arm, side, leg and foot. >> the fire power he had, the
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vest he was wearing, and other evidence in the car. >> the other evidence might be what is written in this binder. >> right now we're trying to find out if there's any underlying criminal activity this individual was responsible for, or possibly in the future, what he was gonna do. >> reporter: the f.b.i. has joined in to see if williams is a domestic terrorist. did he have potential targets listed in this book? williams' mother said he has been angry at cells and the direction of the country. this isn't his first run-in with the law. 1992 bank robbery. 2001, 2002, d.u.i., thuy bank robbery again. 2008 out of control dog and earlier this month arrested forth driving with a suspended license. okay police officers say that williams remains in the hospital, he is talking to them, and he's gonna stay there for at least a couple more days getting his wounds treated before he is transferred to jail. one other note. reportedly williams was arrested in 2002 in chow chill
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a for suspicion of bank robbery but, allen, when he was arrested he told the police officer he didn't go through witt with it because all the customers in line were laughing at him with the blonde wig he was wearing as a disguise. i'm going to move on to another bold attack in oakland. in broad daylight in front of an officer. the shooting happened near 79th and bancroft avenues. the officers who was there chased that shooter but he got away. the victim i'm told was in critical condition. oakland police are looking for a sniper who shot at them during a traffic stop. it happened on 8 th street and philbert near the 880-980 interchange. as police were arrested people for drug possession when someone opened fire from a nearby high-rise. >> after we locked down the apartment building we then sent in officers and conducted a pea thawedical search of the building. >> reporter: no one was hurt by
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that gunfire. police didn't find any weapons or suspects but they did discover the welding's surveillance room had been vandalised. which now brings us to oakland's latest murder victim. he was a virginia man who came to check out a job opening. he was gunned down hours before his interview. >> a sad story. a father of three, jin honk king was coming out of this dental office after getting his teeth cleaned. he had a google job interview lined up today and wanted to look his best. he was confronted by two robbers and officer jeff thomas driver tomlinson of the oakland p.d. tells us the rest. >> an attempted robbery that went bad, we're trying to locate two african-american
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individuals, and they attempted to rob him and didn't get what they wanted and there were shots. >> reporter: he was pronounced dead on the scene. now there are a number of security surveillance cameras in this neighborhood t question is whether any of them were trained on the crime. the police are of course doing investigations but, let's remember, oakland has just been hit with a wave '06 80 police layoffs and that's put a terrific strain on the investigation especially in light of this weekend's violence and we'll be taking a look at the effect that's taking. >> this happened well after normal business hours, didn't it. >> it did. it happened last night at about 11:30, it was between him and a friend, someone he knew through church was giving him a hand. a sad story too, well- intentioned. >> phil ma tier in oakland. a tragic accident to dell you about. a teenaged tourist has been killed after falling off a cliff. the 17-year-old from pennsylvania was hiking with
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family men's along the coastal trail near mere beach. he fell between 400 and 500 feet and was killed. starting it could take firefighters longer to respond in the city of vallejo. they permanently closed two fire stations, one on fulton, the other on mini drive. they are also reducing staffing levels at the remaining fire stations. instayed of 18 on fire there will be 15 during each shift. vallejo filed for bankruptcy in 2008. commanders say they'll try to respond as quickly as possible. 19 days, still no spending plan. how the state's budget battle has turned into a food fight of sorts. >> there is no reason why somebody shouldn't, wouldn't be able to benefit from using those. got stuff gathering dust? don't want to buy stuff gathering dust? a simple way to borrow instead of buy.
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two part . is this really the way to solve a budget crisis? today at the state capital the two parties held dueling demonstrations, each with his on food-related gimmick for the budget stalemate. one side of the capital the republicans brought out this easy bake oven they are responsored to go a comment recently made by john perez. he says the budget process should be more transparent and lawmakers can't put half-baked ideas in front of the public. >> so what we decided to do was
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come out here and the california republican party offering in a whimsical way some solutions we have for a recipe for fully baking state pie. >> on the other side they held a bake sale showing what they call their recipe for success when it comes to solving the budget crisis. >> they have an empty shell and the idea is not to represent the right direction for california. we have a budget over here that moves the state forward, that protects jobs, especially at a time when unemployment is where it is. this is what we need. >> while all this unfolds outside the capital the budget is now 19 days overdue. everybody is looking for ways to save money in the recession. by doing the job themselves, borrowing the tools to do it, need a lawnmower, power saw, don't buy it, borrow it. we found one good neighbor whose genros tee could save you some big bucks. >> this ladder, great, like i
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said, does all sorts of different things. >> from tools to ladders matt monday taken from menlo park is able to lend it out to everyone. >> i have tools i literally use for 2 minutes a year sitting in my little cellar in the basement collecting document. there is no reason why somebody shouldn't, wouldn't be able to benefit to from using those. >> he is using a new web site called >> i probably have a few thousand dollars of stuff that i am willing to lend out to my neighbors at this point. >> creator satisfies they can share just about anything at no cost. >> obviously with the tanking economy and the way for people to save money but people can try get local and get to know their neighbors. >> how does it work? first become a member by signing up. then, to start sharing, click on "add items," if you're looking for a specific item click on"find stuff." >> but what happens if a neighbor doesn't return an
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item. >> if i don't return an item you push the panic button. what that does is puts a public alert on my profile that says mickey didn't return my tent on time and everybody can see that until i fix it with you. >> can even add an extra layer of rely wilt, but he says he is still willing to lend out things to those not verified. >> i have good faith in people so i expect that this will be a positive experience. >> only discloses your zip code. borrowers and lenders are also advised to setup a meeting location away the home. if you have a consumer problem you can call our hot line # 88- 5-helpsu. up next, new concern over the oil leak cap. what is happening at the bottom of theologists that could make it a little bit worse.
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>> a little bit of a baby. i don't like the feeling and then i don't like seeing it. own home. . >> a less-painful procedure to accept flu shots, how you can get it in the comfort of your own hone. see all these here, these are computer models and we edit these together and come up with a product like this. this is so we can forecast when you will see burn off at the coast. we'll have that pinpoint outlook as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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, eyewitness news brought to you by the 2010 honda clearance sale. well in the gulf for another day. . well despite the news that oil and gas are leaking bp is gonna keep that containment cap on the oil well on the gulf for another day.
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manuel gallegus in the gulf with the concern they may cause even more damage. >> bp and the government are really in this delicate balancing act trying to keep this well contained, keep the pressure building, without doing anything drastic and without causing any new looks or ruptures. and for the time being, at least another day, they are going to keep things status quo down there a. the government is allowing bp to keep the cap shut on the condition engineers keep a close watch for leaks. >> we have agreed we'll go forward with another 2524-hour period. >> reporter: the cap has held back the gushing oil for four days, but the government man in charge says he is concerned. over the weekend they collected associate seepage. >> it is the collective opinion the small seep ages we're finding right now do not present, at least this the point, there is a pressure on
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the well bore. >> if it becomes too much he may insist bp open the cap and pup oil to the suffer. bp says it has nearly spent $4 billion combating the oil spill. some of that money is going into the pockets of cleanup workers who are putting it back into the gulf economy. gulf tourism may be down, but sales are up about 25% at the biloxi harley davidson dealership. >> this is the most popular bike. >> reporter: he is selling bikes to boat captains and younger clean up work earrings. they can rake in $30 an hour sifting sand and some are race to go spend it. >> he said how much is that one, i'll be here to pick it up tomorrow. >> some gulf residents are living high on the hog. bp says some 67,000 payments have been made to individuals and businesses here in the gulf totaling more than $207 million so far and 50,000 more claims are in the works.
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so, allen, that could last for a couple of years, all these payments from bp to gulf residents there. >> well certainly the folks who have the money to go buy a harley are optimistic. is everybody that optimistic about what's happening now? >> yes and no. they'll believe it when they see it is what we hear a lot. people were very happy when, thursday, that oil stopped gushing into the gulf. they thought they turned a corner but they have been teased and disappointed before. i think everybody is waiting until they permanently cap that well and no ruptures or leeks, they can feel they are moving forward. people here are hopeful and practical. >> manuel gallegus. roberta, things are cooling down. >> things have cooled down in the bay area today and it looks like for the most part we'll continue to see gradual cooling right here in the bay area and then our temperatures will increase by the weekend.
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let's go take a look outside right now. our live cbs5 weather camera as we look out and pan out from the mount april to make curry, so far today i suspect we have seen near 88 degrees today. the official readings aren't there yet but the current temperature 82 degrees, westerlies at 15 miles per hour. i want to compare that inland picture with this. what a dramatic difference. this is when our microclimates come into play. this is along the coast into the bay, this is all associated with that very deep marine layer, if you're going to be out, it's 57 degrees at coit tower with the west wind at 15. heading out to the oakland a's baseball game tonight make sure you have your favorite jacket. game time temperature is 63, kicking up to 15 miles per hour at times. ben sheets on the mound for the good guys a as our a's play host to the boston red observations, out and about, inland temperatures balmy, 79 to 84 degrees, 82 degrees in
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concord as well as in livermore but the winds are brewing up to 28 miles per hour. we have an official sunset at 8:29, we're not going to see it. the clouds remain stuck right there next to the immediate sea shore trying to finger its way neat the golden gait pledge. let's try to come up with your fog product. so we suspect we'll see the fog making it inland all the way a good 50 miles in the overnight hours, that's how you'll kick start your morning commute tuesday. then they begin to retreat over the bay, they remain in line next to the immediate sea shore. this is the typical summertime weather pattern, as high pressure stays firmly in place over the eastern pacific, as the inland temperatures warm up it kind of sucks in that marine layer. tonight, temperatures with that blanket of cloud cover in the 50s and a few low 60s, mountain view back in through los altos,
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and foster city. meantime the temperatures coming out like this, 57 degrees in pacifica, should be at 68 degrees in san francisco but instead with those clouds lurking and that robust wind out of the east at 15 and 20 at times, temperature only 62 degrees, warmer inland in the mid-# 80s, a pair of seven in san jose and that is unseasonably cool. the forecast calmed for, this tranquil weather pattern to continue, stagnant all the way up to thursday. then we'll bump up those temperatures towards the end of the weekend as we slide towards the weekend. i want to share something with you before i get some i picks because i just got off the internet. not the a memphis he watches us on the internet from houston texas. he says "what do you call this," i said"i call that run to go the basement." symptoms just get the heck away from it. >> he says it's cool until it drops buckets of water. >> this is my pick, julie nigh,
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jogging with her friend susan and they were at inspiration point. >> up above the clouds. >> yeah, exactly, up above this morning's marine layer and could have been yesterday's marine layer and the day before as well. we want to remind you to keep those photos coming to, whether you're here locally or watching us on the internet it all works.? it all works, isaltogether weather. >> all the time. good news, if you can't stand a needle, chose your eyes. how you could soon get a flu vaccine by just sticking it on. ,,,,,,
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new way to delivery flu vaccines. sandra hughes on . no pain, no problem. researchers are working on a new way to deliver the flu vaccine. a way that could be an end to those injections. >> reporter: it's not just children that don't like the flu shots. >> a little bit of a baby. i don't like the feeling and then i don't like seeing it. >> imagine, instead of the needle, using a vaccine patch smaller than the size of a penny. it has hundreds of microscopic needles that don't hurt and dissolve into the skin. >> the immune response seems to be stronger than what we observe with the present vaccine. >> what if you could pick up your vaccine at the local pharmacy or even get it in the mail? >> i think it's, it has a lot of merits, because you could save a lot of time, you don't have to go to the doctor. >> the patch could be used most effectively during a fly
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pandemic and would help developing countries. there's one warning similar to the vaccine. >> vaccine. >> you might get some swelling electrically in the skin. >> reporter: so far the microneedle patches that would take about 15 minutes to dissolve have been effective in imyou nicing mice. the next step is a clinical trial to see how they would work on people. if all goes well it could be available in about 5 years. san trai dues, cbs news, los angeles. ,,,,
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. all right. that's it for us at 5:00. we're back at 6:00 with the full weather, coming up before that. >> yes we are. >> yes. >> why are you looking at me like this. >> your wheels are spinning. >> i'm thinking about baseball right now. it's not very often the boston red sox come to town. an exciting game at the coliseum. >> all right. we're back in a half hour, katie couric is coming up next and the latest always on i thought you were going


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