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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 19, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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welcome. i'm allen martin. today, a bay area city that is strapped for cash has two fewer fire stations, and fewer firefighters on duty at the ones that are open. the latest in a series of cuts
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in vallejo. anne makovec is there asking the question, what is this doing to safety in the city? what answer are you getting? >> reporter: it is not good, allen. the fight here at the fire station, you can see no flag flying in front of it. because it is one of two stations that closed at 8:00 a.m. it is something you might take for granted, a shiny red fire truck manned and standing by to save the day. but in vallejo -- >> over the last couple of years, we have went from 122 firefighters down to 67. >> reporter: and today, the city is losing one engine company and closing two stations. 26 on fulton avenue. and station 25 on mini drive. within blocks of four schools. so what happens with the area over here with all of these children? >> i guess we're going to all burn down. >> reporter: station 21 on marin street will be staffed with a ladder truck only. >> sot only truck that have you access to right now is a truck without water?
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>> correct. it doesn't carry any water. it doesn't carry hardly any hose. >> an that's the station that responded to the courthouse fire in vallejo last month in time to save most of the building. using resources it no longer has. >> it is going to be difficult. there are a lot of calls in this district. it is the downtown area. >> reporter: the city only has four running engines covering 30 square miles. >> station 22. station 24. station 27. and station 23. and one ladder truck at station 21. >> is that enough to keep the city like vallejo safe? >> according to our fire chief who was asked that question at a council meeting, he stated it wasn't safe but we will do the west we can with the resources we have. >> in vallejo, you have to think twice. it doesn't make sense to cut back on something so important. >> reporter: but the city is out of cash. it filed for bankruptcy in 2008. >> it is going to be difficult to get through this. and it is a different way of doing things. we will have to make it happen. >> reporter: now, the fire department has a minimum goal of responding to emergencies
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within seven minutes. 90% of the time. and while if they don't make that goal, they could actually be fined, because of a public/private partnership, and they were not even able to make that goal last year. so you can only imagine they're probably not going to be able to do it this year, either. >> it just means people who live there have to be extra vigilant and make sure the smoke detectors work to have an evacuation plan for their house, and everything to protect themselves that they can do. >> the fire department will come but it will take longer than it would yesterday at this time. >> anne makovec, in vallejo, thanks. >> well, nearly half the schools in the san jose unified school district do not have fire alarms that send the alerts off-campus. that is according to an analysis done by the san jose mercury news, after this arson fire at trace elementary school on july 5. the newspaper also finds only three of the district's 43 schools have fully automated fire detection systems with smoke detectorrers in every classroom. and most of the schools have no sprinklers in the classroom.
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including trace elementary. oakland police are trying to find out who fired shots from a highrise as officers were conducting a traffic stop. the investigators say those officers were arresting passengers on eighth street about 11:30 last night when they heard the sound of gunfire nearby. fortunately, nobody was injured. police believe those shots were from a rifle which came from a nearby apartment building. >> after we locked down the apartment building, we then sent in officers and conducted a methodical search of the building. >> that search turned up no weapons, no suspects, but police did find the building surveillance room had been vandalized. >> now, about the same time, a 45-year-old man was shot to death in front of a downtown oakland dental clinic. it happened last night at 19th and wester street. police say that the victim was robbed, and then shot. and jing hong kang is from fairfax virginia who was in the bay area apparently for a job interview. according to the chronicle he
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had been at that dental clinic earlier in the day to have his teeth cleaned and was returning to his rental car. so far, police say they have made no arrests in that case. now that the layoffs are reduced the oakland police force by 80 officers volunteers are stepping up their efforts. yesterday, these guardian angels hit the street. the group of beret wearing unarmed crime patrollers was found in new york in 1979. the local chapter is trying to recruit more volunteers to join the effort in oakland. >> the man involved in a shootout with police on an east bay freeway was apparently upset with congress and what he called the left wing agenda. we are getting a picture of the suspect. 45-year-old byron williams of groveland in tuolumne county. the shooting happened early sunday on int ate 580 near grand avenue. police say williams was heavily armed and opened fire on chp officers during a traffic stop. williams was shot several times. he remains in stable condition.
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his mother tells the chronicle newspaper he was angry because he couldn't get a job and he was upset with congress. and williams is a proley with an extensive criminal history. the fbi is also investigating this incident. a rally is going to begin shortly in walnut creek, in support of johannes mehserle. the former bart police officer. he was convicted earlier this month of course of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of passenger oscar grant. police say they are preached to keep this rally -- prepared to keep this rally peaceful. it is scheduled from 2:00 0 to 5:00 this afternoon outside the superior court building. at this point, police have no plans to close any streets in the area. mehserle is waiting for his sentencing. he says he accidentally killed his drug instead of the taser. supporters of oscar grant say that they plan to hold a counter-demonstration this afternoon, at the same location in walnut creek. changes have come to the golden gate bridge. starting today, cash is no longer accepted. for car pools, crossing the golden gate. the only way to pay the $3 toll
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is with your fast track transponder and also car pools have to pass through a staffed tollbooth so the toll worker can verify there are three or more people in your car. and you won't find anything like it at any airport in american. mike coalgan of kcbs radio shows us what is moving into the new terminal at minnetta san jose international airport. >> flying can be an extremely stressful experience and this airport is trying to take some of the hassle out of it by offering new signing and drinking establishments, that go from five new outlets at the airport, including a piece of my heart, mojo burgers and original joe's, and this has been a san jose favorite for the last five decades and it is one of the new restaurants that is opening at the airport. also, a first for san jose, a wine bar. no airport in the country has a wine bar, and well, a bine war
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has just opened -- wine bar has just opened in terminal b, the santa cruz wine bar featuring wines from the santa cruz mountains and coastal areas. a lot more pleasant experience for travelers is what the airport officials are trying to do. live in san jose, for cbs 5, mike kolgan. banning divorce in california? it is a proposal that is a step closer to appearing on the ballot. also, president's harsh words for republicans in congress. >> the same people who didn't have any problem sending hundreds of billions of dollars for tax breaks on the wealthiest americans are saying they should not offer relief to middle class americans. >> the republicans, they've got some words of their own for the president. plus -- >> as long as everybody comes together, we will fight this. >> fighting an epidemic, one step at a time. the staggers amount of money raised in one day of walking. well, more sunshine is expected today but we continue to cool down. we will take a look at today's high temperatures and the seven- day forecast, that's all coming
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[ ding! ] blocking an extension of the president is demanding republicans stop blocking an extension of unemployment benefits. that would affect more than 2 million people whose checks stopped coming in may. joel brown shows us today the president has harsh words for his opponents in congress. >> reporter: three unemployed workers joined president obama in the rose garden. as he pointed the finger squarely at republicans. saying it was their fault 2 1/2 million americans have lost their unemployment benefits. >> we've got a responsibility to help them make ends meet, and support their families, even as they're looking for another job. >> reporter: for the second time in three days, the president had tough words for the g.o.p. demanding that they act now and
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restore the benefits. >> the same people who didn't have any problem spending hundreds of billions of dollars on tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are now saying we shouldn't offer relief to middle class americans like jim or leslie or denise, who really need help. >> reporter: republican leaders who told the white house they're not against suspending unemployment benefits but they won't do it if congress can't pay for it. republicans say that the deficit is a bigger threat to the economy than unemployment. and they add, president obama is only making a bad situation worse. >> and after 18 months, millions more jobs lost, and 9.5% unemployment rate, trillions in new debt, it is clear i think to everyone that what the president has been pushing is not working. the two parties have been battling over this issue since february. but the end could be in sight. tomorrow, democrats will pick up the one vote they hope they need to break up the republican
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stagnation on the senate with the man who replaces the late senator byrd is voted in. and there could be a pleasure to ban divorce in california. the green light for backers of the pleasure to begin collecting signatures. they are going to need about 700,000 of the signatures to get the issue on the november 2012 ballot. the measure is in response to prop 8. the ban of gay marriage. and the sacramento man who came up with the proposal says if california really wants to protect marriage, it should ban divorce. well, $3 million is how much money was raised just one day for bay area aids organizations. 25,000 people took part in the annual aids walk san francisco. which took place in golden gate bridge park yesterday. the money will support hiv prevention, testing and care services at 60 bay area aids organizations. the organizers say the walk shows spirit and compassion. for many who took part, the event is deeply personal.
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>> it feels good, because it is like i'm not the only one that is affected by it, you know. i know my family is, but it is other people who lost people, and are probably affected themselves, but as long as everybody comes together, we shall fight this. >> aids walk san francisco has raised more than $76 million since 1987. it is now the largest aids fundraising event in northern california. just when we were getting used to this site, things could soon change again in the gulf of mexico. why bp may need to take the cap off of that damaged oil well. and much of the bay area is looking at a whole lot of sunshine this afternoon. but the coastline is still looking at clouds. i will let you know if there is any sunshine in the forecast for our immediate coast coming up. ,,,,
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breaking news out of oakland: chopper five is over 79th and bancroft avenues in east oakland.. wher we're following some breaking news out of oakland, chopper 5 is over 79th and bancroft avenues in east oakland, and we're told there has been a shooting at this location, and you can see all of the officers who have responded, and we're told at least one person has been shot. police also telling us it is
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possibly a drive-by shooting. so we will keep chopper 5 over it and get a crew out there and bring you more information either later in this newscast or at 5:00 tonight, but always on now, let me switch to a live picture of the damaged oil well in the gulf of mexico. for nearly a weal, there has been no oil gushing into the water ever since the new containment cap has been put in place. but we're told that could soon change. manuel gallegus is along the gulf coast to show us why bp might have to take that cap off the well. >> reporter: bp got the government's okay to keep the cap shut tight for another day. while oil is no longer gushing from the broken well, the federal point man for the spill is concerned about leaks breaking through the sea floor. scientists detected seepage less than two miles from the well site as well as bubbles from a valve on the pipe. during an overnight conference call, bp convinced the government it will take a close watch on the situation. >> they will continue to monitor and take the information available to us and
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we will continue to analyze and if we can leave the cap in place obviously we will leave the cap in place. >> bp wants that cap closed until a relief well provides a permanent fix. but the government says oil may need to be piped to the surface to relieve pressure on the damaged well. and that would mean more crude spilling into the gulf. bp says the cost of dealing with this spill has now reached nearly $4 billion. that includes everything from beach cleanup to payments to those who have lost their income. while commercial fishermen are still sitting on the sidelines, recreational boats got back in the water off the coast of louisiana's grand isle. >> first fish of the year. >> reporter: what was offlimits for three month hasan been deemed safe for fishing and the kind of fun the landry family has been waiting to have all summer. >> we were chomping at the bit since the day it happened. >> with the oil stopped for now, residents are enjoying a taste of what the gulf used to be like. but they know millions of gallons of crude is poisoning
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the water. manuel gallegus, cbs news, long beach, mississippi. nothing to really -- well, a little fog along the coast. >> yes, fog along the coast. >> we won't call that spoiling our weather. >> and our photographer has been giving us the stink eye. >> paul? >> because it is cold in the city. >> oh, well, we got to go. >> sorry, paul. >> well, 50 here in the city. but we are going to warm things up. a look at mount vaca, a look from the mount vaca camera, i should say, and we have some sunshine out there today, and do you have to go inland to find nothing but sunshine, and the closer you get to the coastline as well as the bay you will have to deal with more clouds. and this is a perfect example of what i'm talking about. cloudy conditions along the coastline, just a partial clearing is what we're calling it. little if any, and that will have everything to do with your afternoon highs, and as we move into our daily planner. so this afternoon, here is what you can expect, along the coastline, some patchy fog, and partial clearing, and temperatures in the upper 50s, to the lower 60s.
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around the bay, mostly sunny, and afternoon breeze, and temperatures as warm as the lower 80s and inland, how about the mid-90s. with sunny skies, and hot temperatures. well, for tonight, we are expecting fog along the coastline, some fog as well in the bay, and just a few clouds inland with temperatures ranging anywhere from the lower 50s to the upper 50s. and highs today, low to mid-60s in daly city and pacifica and half moon bay and 76 in sunnyvale and 82 cupertino and 81 in campbell and 83 in los gatos and 87 degrees in morgan hill. and just a couple of days ago, these temperatures are more like 90 degrees and we have cooled off almost 15 degrees since friday. and low to mid-70s in hayward and fremont. here is the look at the east bay locations. well out in the east bay, mid- 90s in antioch and brentwood. 89 in san ramon. 89 in dublin. 70 in oakland. north bay locations, lower 80s in santa rosa, sonoma and napa. mid to upper 70s in vallejo and
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novato. that's pretty nice. mild. and mid-70s in san rafael. 76 in kentfield. 65 in san francisco. if you want some heat, paul, go to fresno. 104. 96 in sacramento. 102 in reading. and 84 in lake tahoe. and 95 in yosemite. you move closer to the coastline, mid-60s. 93 in ukia. and the seven-day forecast, sunshine today, and more clouds in the forecast, and more fog in the forecast. tuesday through sunday, cannot rule it out completely. and you see the temperatures will continue to cool down ever so slightly. but not a bad day. >> but you know what that means? >> what does that mean? >> paul will be mad. >> are you mad, paul? >> all week. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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container but don't put them in the refrigerator and store them on the counter and wait until they're nice and ripe and they will get nice and yellow and a little bit of the gum starts to come out and ha is the sugar and that's -- that is the sugar and that's when the figure is ready tone joy. loaded with fiber. other vitamins and minerals your body needs. figure, enjoy them for the summer time. it doesn't get much better. i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer, and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. coming up tonight at 5:00, why buy when you can borrow? a simple freeway to get what you need in a matter of minutes. that story and more, at 5:00, here on cbs 5. you just have to buy something though, this is something a lot of folks have been waiting for. a major new flea market in san francisco. it started this weekend and kicked off at the parking lot of candlestick park, and it happens every third sunday of the month for at least a year. and organizers say there is a lot of potential to make this a world class market. >> san francisco is the perfect city. it is one of the only major
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cities in the country that literally doesn't have its own market. so we are real excited when the city was anxious for us to come here and do, it and we were real excited to have an opportunity to work with the city to do it. >> now, this fair, like many others of its kine, has a requirement. all of -- kind, has a raoeurplt. all of the merchandise has to be at least -- has a requirement. all of the merchandise has to be at least 20 years old. >> i hope they clean it. >> that's up to you. [ meg whitman ] if we could only do one thing, putting people back to work
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