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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 19, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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also follow him on twister facebook. pressure problems. a possible leak in the gulf oil well has brvegs bp and the government at odds over whether to remove the cap. harry smith is live in the gulf with the latest. heat wave. blistering temperatures continue to blanket much of the country as cities from coast to coast deal with the oppressive heat. so when will it end? we have the latest. lindsay's last hope as the troubled actress spends the weekend in rehab and prepares to turn herself in. can her high-profile lawyer keep her out of jail? and baby beats ga-ga. ♪ baby baby oh >> dethroning lady gaga making his video the most viewed on
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youtube of all-time "early" on this monday morning, july 19, youtube of all-time "early" on this monday morning, july 19, 2010. captioning funded by cbs and good morning, everyone. i'm erica hill in for maggie rodriguez on maternity leave. thank you for starting your week off with us this morning. >> good morning, everybody. i'm jeff glor, harry is down in the gulf. but first, sweating enough? >> it is a little warm. there's a fly buzzing around, too. it's a little warm out there. >> how the the first six months of the year on record, potentially the hottest year on record? it was like heat wave, then another heat wave that doesn't want to end. >> are you happy to be in the studio this morning where it is air-conditioned and not out in times square? we'll cover the heat in a minute. also, getting more information now out of the portland area where we are following the case of kyron horman, the missing 7-year-old. his stepmother has moved out of the house.
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she shared it with kyron's father. as requested, he moved back in, she is headed down to where her parents live. we'll take a closer look at the developments in that story as well later this morning. first, to harry in grand isle, louisiana, this morning on the latest with the gulf oil spill. harry, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys. good news down here is that the cap is still on the well and that means there's no new oil flowing into the gulf of mexico. it has been on there for a couple of days now. bp has made it quite clear they want to keep the cap on, but the government is concerned about anomalies below the well. and there's a bit of a tug of war going on right now whether or not to open it or keep it shut. kelly is here with the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ed that allen, the incident commander, has given bp another 24 hours to keep the cap on as long as they watch the well, test it and report back. for three days straight bp held back the oil and tested the
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well. all looked good. so good bp said sunday that if the pressure levels held and they found no leaks, the well could stay closed. >> we are hopeful that if the encouraging signs continue we'll be able to continue the integrity test all the way to the point to get the well killed. >> reporter: yet bubbles are coming from a valve on a pipe. and in a letter to bob dudley sunday night, the government's man in charge, thad allen, said they found a possible leak some distance from the well. an undetermined problem at the wellhead. allen ordered bp to quickly investigate and report findings to the government along with a written procedure for opening the choke valve as quickly as possible. if the valve is reopened to relieve pressure, some oil would flow into the gulf again. when the gusher was capped last thursday, oil had been gushing nonstop for 85 days, 16 hours and 25 minutes. roughly 184 million gallons spilled.
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and it reached 572 miles of shoreline from texas to florida. over the weekend, skimming boating and controlled burns aid away at the oil on top of the water. >> this particular map we use to show us the change from yesterday, which was in gray, the size and shape of the oil to today. >> so now you are saying it is shrinking? >> we are seeing it shrink. that's a wonderful feeling at this stage. >> reporter: this morning bp reported to investors that it has now spent nearly $4 billion on this spill. $207 million of that, harry, is in claims for damages. >> kelly, thank you so much, down here in grand isle. we want to shift our attention to carol brown, the former head of the epa and environmental advise tore the obama white house. good morning, ms. browner. >> good morning. >> talk to us about the anomaly. explain what thad allen is
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concerned about below the blowout protector. >> well, there are three issues that have raised concern. again, we all want to see the well closed, and that's why monitoring will be so important, but the three issues we have asked for more information on, one involves a seep three kilometers from the well side. another involves bubbles that you showed in the pictures. the third is one of our own boats, the boat detected anomalies at the top of the sea above the wellhead. all of those will be investigated and they will continue to monitor and make that information available to us. and we will continue to analyze. and if we can leave the cap in place, obviously, we'll leave the cap in place. >> do you feel like you are getting sufficient information from bp? do you feel, basically, are they trustworthy enough to be able to rely on them to let them let you know whether or not the seepage that you're finding or concerned about is enough to shut it down or not?
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>> well, the incident commander, admiral allen, has been very, very clear. there was a directive issued last night in terms of what is the information we need, what is the monitoring we need, et cetera, if we don't get those, then we'll have a problem. my understanding this morning is that bp will comply with all of our requests. >> one of the things that people talk about down here is that if they do take the cap off, you'll be able to measure once and for all how much oil has really come out of this blowout. and that means dollars and cents because for every barrel that has come out, bp has to pay for it. there's some concern down here that bp wants to keep the cap on because they that way no one will ever know how much the real amount of oil is that escaped. >> we will use all means necessary to determine how much oil has escaped and to use all legal tools available to us to ensure that bp is held
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accountable and all appropriate fines are paid. but in the meantime, we want to make sure that if this cap is functioning properly, in the event it isn't and has to be reopened, people need to remember there are vessels to move in to contain the leaking oil. we have asked bp for a new plan on how quickly they can execute on those vessels. but we are going to be watching this very, very closely. as we have been from the beginning. >> sport fishing has opened in south louisiana. is there any move afoot to at least think about opening commercial fishing in the gulf coast again? >> well, the part of the government that looks at those issues, looks at them at a daily basis, at this point, as of this morning, there was no decision to change the closures, but obviously, if they think it is safe, we want to see people back out on the water. we'll make that decision. >> carol browner, thank you so much for your time this morning. we do appreciate it. we'll have a lot more from the gulf coast here in a little while.
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as we said, sport fishing has opened up again. there are actually some guys down here at the marina getting ready to go out and take paying customers fishing down here. that hasn't happened in almost three months. we'll have a report on that in our next hour. right now back to jeff in new york. harry, thank you very much. now to the policering heat wave smothering the country right now. the 90-degree temperatures won't go away. cbs news correspondent elaine kihano is in times square with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jeff. the forecasters are calling for yet another miserable round of intense heat this week. we certainly felt it here in new york city over the weekend where people who were racing in the triathlon, several of them had to be treated for heat-related ailments. now some of the temperatures when you look across the country, triple digits over the weekend. in fresno, california, 106. topeka, kansas, 103. miami beach, relatively cool, 91 degrees. nevertheless, scientists say
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that the first six months of the year, january to june, really have been quite intense worldwide. the warmest ever on record meaning that 2010 could very well be the hottest year on record. there is, however, jeff, an up side to all of this. scientists say perhaps all this intense heat could mean above normal temperatures through october, possibly even november. so a little bit of a silver lining there. >> some good news months down the road. elaine in times square this morning, thank you very much. here's erica. the extreme heat can pose a health risk, so joining us with advice on how to stay school, dr. jennifer ashton. it is so important in weather like this because the minute you step out the door you start feeling the effects. >> exactly. when the humidity is greater than 75% and the temperature is above 90, our body just cannot cool itself by means of sweating. that's our main mechanism for letting heat evaporate.
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and we just can't do it in this heat. >> we need to be proactive. the first and best thing to do is hydrate. >> exactly. the key is do not wait until you are thirsty. the second you are thirsty you are behind the eight ball. when you wake up in the morning, you have had eight hours, no intake of fluids. start hydrating. drink two to four glasses of liquid every hour that you are outside, which is one every 15 minutes. most importantly, avoid beverage that is containing alcohol, high contents of sugar or caffeine. and very cold drinks, just because it can give you stomach cramps. >> sugar drinks are energy drinks and sports drinks. >> mild activity outside, water is best. if you are working or heavy extrens you activity outside, you want to replace the electrolytes with a balanced sports beverage. >> heat-related injuries can be an issue people don't think about, so what are the three most common ones. >> it represents a spectrum of severity, and it can start with
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something as childly mildly innocuous like heat cramps. that's something that would affect the arm, legs and give you cramps in your belly. when the heat index is above 90 degrees, and it is really the first indication that the body is starting to be compromised. treat it with basic rest inside in an air-conditioned environment and fluids, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. >> can't get enough water. heat exhaustion. >> this is a moderate realm. this occurs after hours or days outside working or playing in this type of heat. most at risk, we hear this all the time, babies, children, those at camp and the elderly. really, the first signs are calamity skin, dizziness, act quickly to prevent it from worsening. >> and worsening could mean something like heatstroke. >> actually, this is a medical emergency known as sunstroke. anyone who is outside is at risk. you are going to see someone whose skin is flushed, they are not going to be able to sweat, so their skin is dry.
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that's a medical emergency. get them to a hospital. >> jen, god to have you. for the rest of the headlines, we'll go to betly nguyen. >> good morning. strong winds are pushing a wildfire in central washington toward a group of 100 homes. the fire started yesterday afternoon about ten miles west of yakima. by last night, 10,000 acres had burned three homes and several smaller buildings were destroyed. firefighters are using firelines to direct the blaze away from the homes. quick moving thunderstorms and strong winds caused sit damage in the midwest. trees and powerlines were knocked down in western michigan and wisconsin yesterday. in iowa a marina was damaged and trees tossed into homes. and heavy rainfall is blamed for this 34-foot sinkhole in kansas city, missouri. a key highway ramp is closed causing all kind of problems for this morning's commute. later this morning, president obama is scheduled to talk about the economy from the rose garden.
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a white house official says mr. obama will call on congress to extend unemployment benefits. efforts to expend the benefits have been blocked by congressional republicans three times in the past few weeks. and investigators suspect sabotage in a deadly train crash in india this morning. an express chain rammed a passenger train waiting in a station killing at least 61 people. secretary of state hillary clinton visits afghanistan today. in kabul she meets with afghan president hamid karzai and will review the government's use of billions of aid from the u.s. mandy clark is in kabul joining us now. good morning, mandy. >> reporter: betty, secretary clinton has a very tricky message to clifr. deliver. on one hand, the just committed to the afghan's success. on the other hand, she is going to demand president karzai do more to fight corruption and the taliban. earlier today in pakistan the
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secretary of state announced new aid programs. part of the $7.5 billion package designed to encourage pakistan to play its part in stopping the insurgency. >> the pakistani government has become very serious about fighting terrorism within their own borders and working with afghanistan and the united states to try to stabilize the region. >> reporter: there will be no new american aid offer from afghanistan this time. instead the focus will be on how the afghan government is spending the billions it is already receiving. but the real challenge here is still the battle with insurgency that isn't letting up. the u.s. is sending thousands of troops into taliban tronk strongholds and the number of casualties is rising at an alarming rate. the question is whether the surge will be enough to turn the tide here with a troop pullout on the calendar for next year.
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betty? >> all right, mandy clark in kabul, thank you, mandy. chelsea clinton's wedding is set for the end of this month, and her mother was asked about it during her stop in pakistan. she said her motherly duties come first. >> when i come back in a week, i will do nothing but prepare for the wedding. >> secretary clinton added that as the mother of the bride, she could not be happier. now i have not gotten my invite just yet. we'll check in with dave price to see if he's gotten his. i would assume with the heat it is an indoor wedding. >> weapon don't know, but if it is outdoors, we hope it is a tent with air-conditioning. 43 states yesterday has temperatures over 90 degrees. that tells you how widespread the heat is. now, again n the northeast stretching from new england all the way down to let's say sections of delaware, you are going to see the potential for severe weather today.
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some strong thunderstorms are rolling through. we hey, thank you, dave. well, our forecast for today actually pretty close to what you enjoyed over the course of the weekend except more cloud along the coast. so cloudy conditions for ocean beach this morning. as we head into the afternoon, partial clearing for the coast with highs in the upper 50s. mix of sun and clouds around the bay with highs in the upper 60s. and mid-90s inland. we'll continue to see plenty of sunshine tuesday through sunday but more clouds along the coast, maybe even a little
7:17 am
drizzle expected through the remainder of the week. that's a quick look at your weather picture. strong area of high pressure to the southeast keeping everything in place like a traffic director saying stop. >> could you cool it down just a little bit? i mean outsidewise. >> i'm going to go do that right now. right now. >> thank you, dave. still ahead, will lindsay lohan's time in rehab help to keep her out of jail in we have the latest on the troubled actress. also, the next time you travel by plane, do not check your bags. we have a fool-proof solution to shave you time and money. plus, why the first family is under fire for enjoying a little r&r. the ice cream gets you every time. this is the "early show" on cbs.
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so quiet out there, easing into a monday morning in new york city. lindsay lohan, her last day. tomorrow she's supposed to report to jail. in rehab now. and reportedly -- in fact, new reports out this morning she's thinking this new attorney she has, celebrity attorney robert shapiro, can help keep her out of jail, even though part of the reason he agreed to take her case is she told him she'd go to jail. >> she won't talk to him unless he can get her out of jail. meet a guy who has not checked luggage in eight years. pretty good, huh? >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mercedes benz. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide.
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good morning. it's 7:25. in the headlines, no one was hurt when oakland police apparently came under fire during a traffic stop late last night. officers heard gunfire from a nearby high-rise apartment building while they were making an arrest on the 8th street. there were no suspects found in the building. interstate 580 close near grand avenue in oakland for most of the day yesterday after a shootout between the chp and a pickup driver that they had stopped. two officers were cut by broken glass. the suspect was hit by several shots. investigators trying to figure out why that man was wearing body armor and carrying a number of weapons. about a half hour from now, the vallejo fire department will close two of its stations. and the ones that remain open will have fewer firefighters. the city council voted for the cuts because of vallejo's budget problems. traffic and weather right
7:26 am
after this. ,,,, "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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injury crash southbound 880 slow through san bruno two- car crash there on 280, lots of sunshine, good sized backup
7:28 am
at the bay bridge, bigger than we have seen in a while. it's backing up towards the 880 overcrossing now, 15 minutes to get on the bridge. all your approaches look good. a little bit of slow traffic on 24 as you head out of the caldecott tunnel. but down the eastshore freeway, still quiet through berkeley all that westbound traffic there near ashby. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. yeah, still got plenty of clouds out there, especially in the bay this morning. cloudy skies looking out toward the transamerica building. our forecast, what about the temperatures later on today? well, still cool along the coast with minimal sunshine. upper 50s as highs. upper 60s around the bay with a mix of sun and clouds. and the mid-90s inland with plenty of sunshine expected. fog and drizzle at the close through sunday.
7:29 am
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we're back, "early show" on a monday morning. and it is sunny and warm outside in the northeast right now. but dave price says, thunderstorms potentially. >> potentially. >> which would be great. cool things off a bit. >> it would be very nice to cool things off a bit. speaking of cooling off, if you are on vacation to cool things off or warm up, luggage can be a huge hassle. checking your luggage can be a huge hassle when you fly. you may need to pay a fee and the airline could still lose your bags, but that headache might be a thing of the past, thanks to our travel editor, peter gren burg, you don't want to miss his money-saving tips. peter says he's not checked a bag in eight years. >> if peter says to do it, i'm
7:31 am
following. the man knows his stuff. speaking of vacation, the first family spent a fun-filled weekend in maine, a mini vacation, but their time in the sun is stirring up plenty of controversy. first, though, tomorrow a big day for lindsay lohan. the troubled actress is supposed to begin her jail sentence on tuesday. she's been spending the last few days in rehab. is it too little too late? "early show" correspondent hattie kauffman reports. >> reporter: lindsay lohan is one day away from her prison sentence but she's reportedly expense the last four days here, at a drug rehab facility founded by her new lawyer, robert shapiro. he lost his son brent to a drug overdose five years ago. shapiro, former o.j. simpson attorney, says he only agreed to take on lohan's case if she agrees to reported to jail and comply with the terms of her probation. in a statement he says, ms. lohan is suffering from a disease that i am all too
7:32 am
familiar with. hopefully i can be of assistance. analysts say his involvement may reduce her sentence. >> i think shapiro will say to the judge, look, judge, you know how dedicated i am to rehab. let's see if we can get her through rehab. that's going to fix her and help the community more than just throwing her in jail. >> reporter: lohan will soon be confined to an eight by ten foot jail cell where she'll spend 22 hours of her day alone. rehab experts say jail can be the shock an addict needs. >> a typical addict has a system of how they function in a pathological way. and jail can interrupt that process. >> reporter: no matter how much help lindsay get from her attorney, experts agree that the person most responsible for her recovery is herself. hattie kauffman, cbs news, los angeles. >> and joining us now is brad lamm, board registered interventionist and the author of "how to change someone you love." as we heard from hattie, her new attorney agreed to represent her
7:33 am
if she does her jail time. but new reports on tmz she still thinks she does not have to go to jail tomorrow. >> conditions, conditions, conditions. >> when you hear that, what does that tell you about the place where she is right now? >> it doesn't surprise me in that someone gets wiggly because that's the nature of addiction, is no is yes and yes is no and you don't know until the last minute if someone will follow through with either of those words. so, is this place the right place for her right now? look, i think it's better by far than her being on the street, out at clubs at 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m. is it the appropriate place, perfect world for someone in active addiction? no. it's loose programming. trans tran stigsal living. we call it after-car. i was surprised by it. there were times we have taken a client into the best we can do because you can't get a yes right now. >> it's better than nothing. >> but inc. the next 24 hours
7:34 am
will be really critical, not only in terms of, will she show up but will she be okay? >> in terms of being okay, in terms of going into jail, all signs indicate she'll go to jail tomorrow, what's that going to be like for her? >> well, it's going to be a big change, that's for sure. even from where she is now, a beautiful, well-appointed loft to an eight by ten jail cell. for the most part, she'll be by herself. it's very -- this is very important. lynnwood is nicotine free, so no intrets. she's a two-pack a day smoker. i was that way when i went into rehab. that was the biggest adjustment going into rehab for many people. i'm saying jail is similar to rehab in that it's a very big change from what she's doing now, which is a zoo-like lifestyle. >> is it ultimately something that can be good for her? >> absolutely. i love the idea of her being safe and slightly sound. and also once she goes in, the medication that she's on now
7:35 am
will not be in her possession. it will be with a meds nurse. what they do and after she might change that after a psych/social, we'll see. without a doubt, this is a good step. >> and that could set her up for the next step, rehab. >> the big piece, finally consequences to her behavior are coming to the surface. for so long we haven't seen any connection between the behavior, the dangerous behavior, and some real consequences. >> now you're seeing that. we've heard so much about the fact there's a strong belief she's addicted to prescription medication. give me an idea, what is the danger of prescription drugs versus street drugs or alcohol? >> that's a great question. for so many families it's one they hear. it's from a doctor, this drug or that drug and they think, oh, my god, says it's imperative she's on it. ten years ago people were saying that about oxycontin. the same goes for adderle and ritalin. they're highly addictive. if you're a person prone to
7:36 am
addiction, you have to be really careful about being on those drugs. i don't even take ambien as a person that's clean and sober. it's a slippery slope. >> we wish her luck.
7:37 am
7:37 right now. speaking of 737s -- >> oh, very good, pilot. thank you very much, dave. up next, the headache of checking your bags. we have tips on how to avoid the hassle and save money. you're watching "the early show" right here on cbs. ( chirping, music )
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[ female announcer ] new crest 3d white toothpaste. requires a little magic from mom. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass. new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste. when you're traveling there's nothing worse than paying to check your bag and then have the airline lose it. so cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here with sage luggage advice this morning. peter, good morning to you.
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>> good morning, jeff. >> so, this is your most important piece of travel advice. >> the most important when it comes to travel and luggage, that is, only two kind of airline bags, carry-on and lost. that's it. >> it's a pain, because you pay to check them. they can lose them. but even if they don't lose them, it takes a long time to get them. >> it's worse than that. you pay to check them. if you lose them, you don't get any money back either. they don't give you a refund. >> in the meantime they charge you when you first check them in. let's talk about how much they're charging these days. >> in the first quarter of this year alone, the u.s. airlines racked up $769 million just in checked bag fees. that's called ancillary revenue. boy, are they raking it in. >> they're charging you for the first bag. they're charging you for the second bag even more. if you go beyond that -- >> let's go through the numbers. most u.s. airlines will charge you $25 for the first bag and then $35 for the second bag. so, now let's really do the math here if you're a family of four, that's $480, assuming everybody
7:42 am
has two bags, each way, just to check your bags. >> so, everybody agrees the best possible way to travel, if you can, is take everything on board. but if you need more luggage, which a lot of people do because it's a longer trip, what do you do? >> first of all, what people are tryinging to do, they think if they have a bag with weelz they can get it on the praen. airlines are cracking down. what i do and more than eight years now is i courier my bags. >> ship them? >> i ship them. there's fedex, u.p.s., 15 other services that do door to door courier service. >> how much planning involved? the hotel has to accept the bags. >> first of all, i'm going to presume you know where you're going. >> not always. >> not always. >> but siming you doshgs you do four day advance on fedex on ground and for $19 more than what the airline wants to charge you to lose your bag tshg goes door to door. let's do the actual math when it
7:43 am
comes to time. >> 45 bucks, on average. >> on average. let's do the math in terms of time. i don't have to schlep my bags to the airport. don't have to stand in line. i don't have to go to the tsa and check them in there. i'm not in baggage claim trying to get pie bags and hoping they're on the same plane as i am. i'm stuck in traffic. i save 2 1/2 hours by not checking a bag. >> fedex ever lost your bag? >> twice. once when there was a snowstorm in memphis. the second time when there was a snowstorm in member memphis. i do this, this. get a wrapper they give you, put it in like this, wrap it around, take the top off and, boom, they come to your house, it's gone. >> actually, we have to run. good advice. >> that will be $25. >> i'll ship next time. good to see you. we're back right after this. i feel like i have to wind myself up just to get out of bed.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
president obama catching more flack from critics this morning. not for his policies this time. it's for taking a family vacations in maine. cbs news correspondent michelle miller reports. >> reporter: the first family returned to the white house sunday from a weekend vacation, a get dast way that included hiking, boating and eating ice cream in quaint bar harbor, maine. >> everybody need a weekend off to recharge. >> reporter: the president's weekend escape received a good share of criticism. >> sure, people might wish that obama had gone to the gulf but had he gone to the gulf, now people would have said, he was going there for politics. >> reporter: questioning presidential vacations is a time-honored tradition. the clintons frequently sailed off martha's vineyard. after polling the public, they switched to middle america friendly wyoming 37. george bush sr. took heat for golfing in maine.
7:48 am
it's not just where and when presidents travel, it's how often. ronald reagan took 349 vacation days at his california ranch during his eight years in office. in his first year and a half as president, george w. bush vacationed 96 days. over that same time period, president obama has taken 36 days. >> i think presidential vacations are essential. it allows a president to relax, to replenish his energies, to think. something they sometimes can't do enough of in washington. >> reporter: despite in his criticism, presidential vacations leave indelible images. >> jfk sailing is forever in our mind, that rugged jfk. >> reporter: only time will tell how president obama's hike in his dress shoes will compare with president nixon's similar walk on the beach. >> that may be the strangest thing, taking a hike in dress shoes. out of all this, all the criticism aside, it's not very
7:49 am
comfortable. >> the camera's always on. even when he's there, they're there following from spot to spot. so, you're never really off that job. >> no, no. that kind of comes with the territory, which -- >> which he knew that. >> which everybody knows going in. >> they all knew that. >> true. >> not quite as hot there. only high 80s, i think. >> so relaxing. plus that nice breeze off the atlantic. >> yes, with dress shoes. >> just ahead, can you be addicted to love? is it a place for everything ? is it enough space for a banquet ? is it everyone's favorite restaurant ? it's the lg french door refrigerator. with slim spaceplus ice system for maximum shelf space. so is it a refrigerator ? or something better ? [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast
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7:55 am
b-s five... i'm sydnie kohara. the vallejo fire department is just a few minutes it is 7:55. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. the vallejo fire department is going to close two of its stations for good this morning. and the ones that remain open will have fewer firefighters. the vallejo city council approved the cuts to ease the city's ongoing budget problems. a rally planned today in walnut creek in support for a former bart police officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter. it's scheduled from 2:00 to 5:00 this afternoon outside the superior court building. johannes mehserle awaiting sentencing for last year's shooting death of a man he was trying to detain. san francisco officials thinking of way to reduce violence at nightclubs around town. this morning a committee will look into a proposal that will give the entertainment commission more power, able to revoke the licenses of clubs
7:56 am
where violence is a probe limit. traffic and weather right after this. stay with us mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade.
7:57 am
good morning. out could concord, westbound highway 4 approaching willow pass, injury crash involving two cars. chp is heading to the scene now. it sounds like most of the activity is on the shoulder. but pretty slow for your westbound highway 4 ride all
7:58 am
the way from antioch actually. and all your approaches to the bay bridge, a little slow as you make your way out of the caldecott tunnel. at the bay bridge it's not bad but it's definitely worse than we have seen it the past couple of weeks. 10 minutes to get on to the bridge backed up to about the west grand overcrossing. and if you are commuting westbound 580 looking at almost a half hour drive time now from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast here we go this morning, we are expecting some sunshine, san jose already basking in the morning sunshine, expecting plenty into the afternoon. temperatures today 50s at the coast, 60s at the bay, 90s inland. we are gradually cooling down as we head into tomorrow. you will see more like the upper 80s inland, 60s at the bay and upper 50s at the coast. more fog expected along the coastline tomorrow as well as wednesday. maybe even a little drizzle in the forecast the marine layer starts to reassert itself. similar conditions thursday
7:59 am
through sunday.
8:00 am
welcome back to "the early show," everyone. some friends on the plaza here. welcome back to "the early show," everyone. some friends from south carolina, texas, ark, south carolina. it feels like soup out here but to them it's like air conditioning. >> it's like you're swimming in the air. >> it's so hot your makeup is running. >> jeff glor doesn't need makeup. >> war paint. >> there is new research this morning, get this, that love can have the same grip on your brain as drugs. >> like dave and the weather. can't get away from each other. >> it can be like going through withdrawal cold turkey. you're thinking about to high school, junior high. there could be some truth. we'll talk about the addictive
8:01 am
power of love, how you can break that habit and the hour it has over you. >> all right. cheap sunglasses can protect your eyes as well as expensive ones. can they both do it the same way? we test over 30 sunglasses. wait until you hear the results of our consumer investigation from susan copeland. >> first we'll check in with harry smith in grand isle, louisiana, who has more for us on the oil spill. good morning, harry, again. >> good morning, guys. it's probably almost as steamy down here as up there. the real story is the cap on the blown-out well a mile below the surface, 60 miles offshore on the gulf of mexico. bp wants to keep the cap ochblt the government says there's anomalies. kelly cobiella here to tell us what the government is concerned about. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. the first spotted bubbles from the pipe on a well. the second is seepage two miles
8:02 am
from the wellhead. the third thing they are possibly concerned about is a reading from the noaa ship out there. the government wants bp to study all three of these things, report back, and then they will re-evaluate, decide whether to keep this well open or closed. >> at least for the time being, the idea is to keep the cap on for another 24 hours or so and continue to evaluate as necessary. >> it's a day by day thing. >> all right. kelly, thank you so much. more news. betty nguyen at the news desk with more. good morning, betty. >> good morning, harry and you at home. intelligence gathering since 9/11, it's an industry lacking oversight. there are more than 1200 government organizations and 1900 private companies working on counter-terrorism, homeland security and intelligence. they are located at about 10,000 locations all across the country. the post reports many agencies do the same work wasting money and other resources.
8:03 am
a wind blown wildfire has destroyed three homes in central washington. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon some 10 miles west of yakima. more than 10,000 acres have burned so far. evacuations were ordered. most residents were allowed to return home. this morning the blaze headed toward a group of 100 homes. the heat wave that has baked much of the country isn't going away. most regions can expect temperatures in the 90s today with rising humidity. meanwhile a state of emergency has been declared in eastern kentucky where flooding has killed at least two people in the midwest thunderstorms and high winds cause widespread damage. an update this morning in the search for 7-year-old oregon boy kyron horman and a new twist involving his stepmother. cbs whittaker reports. >> do you have anything to say? do you know where kyron is. >> reporter: terry moreman, stepmother of missing kyron
8:04 am
horman moved out of the home after reaching a court settlement this weekend. she was spotted saturday in roseburg where her family lives. >> you're on private property. i ask you to step back. >> reporter: with terri out of the house, kaine has moved back in. he left june 26th after learning from investigators that terri allegedly had hired a landscape tore kill him. in yet another twist, kaine horman now says he suspects there might be another person along with his wife, connected to his son's disappearance. in an e-mail interview with the oregonian, kaine said, quote, based upon briefings, he firmly believes someone else is involved. according to court documents, terri developed a sexual relationship with her husband's high school friend. kaine in the documents accuses terri of attempting to kidnap the couple's 20-month-old daughter from a local gym. today marks the 45th day since
8:05 am
kyron horman vanished from skyline elementary school. overtime weekend, kyron's parents visited where the 7-year-old was last seen. the community has helped create a memorial wall of hope in kyron's honor. >> it's great to see everyone supporting kyron. that's why we're all here, to find him. it's very overwhelming for us to come here, in a good way. >> reporter: terri horman has not been named a suspect but she remains the focus of the investigation. whittaker, cbs news, los angeles. katie couric has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> good morning. he has delivered over 15,000 babies. get this, he's 100 years old. what keeps him going? find out in assignment america tonight only on the cbs evening news. now back "the early show." >> looking forward to that and now back out to dave price and another check on this hot weather. hey there, dave. >> lead by example, betty.
8:06 am
what do we need to be doing? what do we need to be doing? we've got some cold water, right? let's give out some cold water to these people if we can. there we go. thanks a million. you've got to stay hydrated in this weather. you've got to watch out for the kids especially. for you it's $5 and two for the kids' bottles. we'll have water all morning
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by the home depot. >> this weather report sponsored by the home depot, more saving, more doing. that's the power of the home depot. >> that's a quick look at your weather, people. harry, a lot of folks from
8:08 am
louisiana very worried about their coastline. we'll send it back to you. >> as they ought to be, dave. thanks very much. the big headlines down here the last couple days, the cap going on the well, the fact sports fishing around grand isle, especially inland have opened up again. it's a step back towards something like normal. we watched as a fisherman who refused to be identified because he didn't want to give up his secret fishing spot got a strike on his very first cast. >> first fish of the year. y'all must have brought me good luck. >> from folks in south louisiana, fishing comes as natural as breathing. the first time in nearly three months folks here can finally top holding their breath. >> what's it like to finally get back on the water and fish again. >> love it. >> we love it. this is heaven to us. we've been missing this for a long time.
8:09 am
>> reporter: the captain says it was almost worth the wait. >> paying customer or friend? >> no. that's my brother-in-law. >> oh, i pay for it. >> just about the time bp got the cap on, the waters were declared safe to fish in. >> have you got a basket full of these things? >> yeah. beautiful trout. >> and apparently safe enough to have other kinds of fun in, too. >> how is the ride, kids? >> awesome. >> travis and gretchen landry and their kids have been aching to get back on the water. >> what has it been like waiting all summer to get out here on this water? >> nerve-racking. we've been chomping at the bits since it happened. >> it's been a few weeks since we've been to grand isle. quite honestly, i'm seeing less oil. maybe all the efforts are beginning to pay off. >> all the crab pots have been pulled up. but there's a couple of old buoys here. we just thought we'd see if
8:10 am
there's something in the trap. if there is something in the trap, see if it's -- there's a little blue crab in there. he doesn't look worse for wear, does he? no oil. blue as can be. >> the crisis is far from over. but for the first time this summer, we saw something we hadn't seen before, smiles. >> she's a real life paying customer. >> yes, sir. >> he's smiling. >> i didn't get paid yet. >> the captain helped three generations of this family to a day on the water they will never forget. memories that had nothing to do with oil. pretty interesting dilemma for a lot of these fishing guides and fishing captains down here, because they lost their livelihood because all the fishing grounds were closed, so they went to work for bp. now the fishing grounds are open
8:11 am
again and there aren't any customers. what's left of the dilemma. do we go back to the regular job or hang onto the paycheck guaranteed. it's a big relief for folks to be able to go fishing again. >> harry, you mentioned you're seeing less oil. it's been a few weeks since you were there. you talked about the last time you were there the smell of it. does it still smell? >> no. i've got no smell here. by and large they must be getting most of the oil back there at what they call ground zero. six or seven weeks ago we saw dolphins swimming through plumes of oil, you just don't see it back there anymore. >> nice to leer some good nehea still ahead, addicted to love. >> we will be. >> it hurts so good. how to break that habit. "the early show" on cbs. done? and get this year's colors up on the wall...this year.
8:12 am
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♪ in this morning's "healthwatch," addicted to love. new research of the brain shows losing a lover can have the same effect as trying to kick an addiction. joining us biological anthropologist, helen fisher. good to have you with us. >> i'm delighted. >> you say this is the most important work you've done. >> absolutely, yes, in 35 years. i've studied the brain for a long time. i mean, when you're rejected in love, i mean, people pine for love. they live for love. they die for love. >> i mean, you hear love addiction, but it doesn't seem to -- i mean, is it love or is it just an attractions? how do you know it's love you're addicted to? >> you can't stop thinking about this person. you crave the person. you do inappropriate things. you distort reality. you lie in bed and cry. you drink too much, you drive too fast, you -- you know, i mean, you do very inappropriate things when you've been rejected in love.
8:16 am
and they're all things associated with addiction. >> these are real -- this is a real serious addiction which you say is right up there, similar to a cocaine addiction. >> we put 15 people who had just been rejected into a brain scanner. and we found activity in a brain pathway that is exactly the same brain pathway that becomes effected when you're profoundly addicted to cocaine and nicotine addictions. brain regions associated with intense romantic love, physical pain and deep attachment. so, you're craving this person. you're madly in love with him. deeply attached to him. you're in physical pain. and you are obsessed with somebody. >> physical pain can make you act out and do certain things. how does it influence your behavior specifically. >> i do think that you can't get to work. you can't get to sleep. you don't eat. you drink too much, you drive too fast. you know, you can be dangerous to yourself and to everybody around you. >> are there any sort of p
8:17 am
parameters to knowing when you've crossed the line from love sick to a true addiction, which can cause a number of problems for you and others? >> sure. you can slip into clinical depression and not get out of bed. you cannot get to work. you don't call your family or your friends. you show up at the gym where he is or she is. you know, do you all kinds of inappropriate things. so, of course, you know, the thing is to treated it as the addictions. >> there is no love rehab. how do you actually treat it? >> i think you've got to -- don't lie in bed. somebody's camping in your head. don't lie around and ruminate about what went on. go out with friends. get hugs. that drives up octiony toesen in the brain. get exercise, drives up dopamine in the brain and makes you feel better. don't call, don't write, don't be anywhere near this person. if you're going to take any kind of antidepressants, get off them as soon as you can.
8:18 am
lot of these blunt the emotion and you want to find the next person. time heals, by the way. we did find our brain region associated with deep attachment becomes less and less active the farther you get away from the lover. >> that's the hard part. dr. helen fisher, good to have you with us this morning. >> thank you. >> for more of the ups and downs of love logon to and search love. a youtube battle between justin bieber and lady gaga. who is making viral history? "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by aveeno, the beauty of nature and science. experience new positively nourishing body washes from aveeno, the naturals brand dermatologists trust most. delightfully fragrant, truly moisturizing. that's positively nourishing. only from aveeno. would you like that to hurt now or later? uh-- what? (announcer) pepcid® complete doesn't make you choose.
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it neutralizes acid in seconds and controls heartburn all day or all night. pepcid® complete , works now and works later. all day or all night. crafted to be exceptionally smooth... decadently rich... delightful... chocolate... bliss. hershey's bliss chocolate. crafted for bliss.
8:20 am
lady gaga is no longer the reining queen of youtube. her video, most watched ever has been dethroned by 16-year-old pop sensation justin bieber.
8:21 am
♪ baby baby baby oh >> reporter: bieber fever has made viral history. a 16-year-old pop star was first discovered on youtube two years ago and now he's taken over has king, dethroning the queen, lady gaga. ♪ >> reporter: bieber has racked up more than 46 million views of his music video "baby" pushing lady gaga's bad romance into second place. g deeber has tapped into a valuable media. >> there are still fan bases in the millions, even if there aren't record sales in the millions. there are a lot of people interested. >> reporter: bieber has a lucrative record deal and millions of devoted fans. thursday he tweeted saying lady gaga is an incredible artist who he has great respect for. it doesn't matter who has more
8:22 am
views. what matters is we have incredible fans. the youtube hits is the newest way to track stars. >> youtube is increasingly a critical way to building your career. it's harder and harder to figure out a way to get your stuff in front of people. ♪ >> music heavy weights duke it out. you started a campaign behind the scenes here at "the early show." >> oh, sure, out me. >> to get the bieber glor hair -- >> bieber hair has become huge. the amazing. you know what i think, we were talking about this, one of our stage managers, she was saying her 10-year-old loves justin bieber and may be responsible for half of those download girls. it's the tween girls, they will jack those numbers up. >> hundreds of millions of hits. >> incredible. >> not to be messed with. >> no, sir. >> bieber fever, you're watchin,
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
oakland is back open again... ttle early good morning. it's 8:25. in the headlines this morning, i-580 oakland open again after a gun battle early yesterday between the driver of a pickup and chp officers. the suspect was heavily armed and is now hospitalized. his mother believes he was angry at left wing politics. police in walnut creek preparing to keep the peace at a rally that's planned today in support of johannes mehserle. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of a passenger oscar grant. the rally runs from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. this afternoon outside the superior court building. two fire stations in vallejo are closed for good. about 25 minutes ago, they are stations 25 and 26, staffing levels also reduced at the remaining stations. 15 firefighters will be on duty during each shift instead of 18. vallejo filed for bankruptcy in 2008. traffic and weather right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. it's pretty slow on northbound 880 coming through hayward. got a two-car crash in the center divide approaching industrial. slow going towards the san mateo bridge exit. once you get past highway 92, this is live look through
8:28 am
oakland. 880 is still moving well near the coliseum and all the way into downtown. we are not seeing any big brake lights no big trouble spots there. at the bay bridge, still have a stall on the upper deck blocking a lane on the incline, so traffic is jammed beyond the west grand overcrossing. 10 minutes or so to get on the bridge. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning, boy, we still got some clouds out there for this morning. those clouds, whoa! there they go, well up and over the bay bridge. sunshine trying to breakthrough but not being so fortunate for right now. mix of sun and clouds around the bay today with highs near 70 degrees. plenty of sunshine inland, high temperatures in the mid- 90s and along the coastline, just partial clearing with a daytime high near 60. gradual cooldown as we head into tuesday and wednesday. the 90s. say bye-bye, hello 80s. the upper 80s. and the mid- to upper 60s at the bay. we'll have similar conditions thursday... ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back on a monday morning on "the early show." it's hot, muggy across most of the country. >> yes. >> it is july, so that makes sense but it's extra hot. >> extra hot. there are dark clouds over this way, to the north of us. we have our umbrellas ready. dave price, we may get a little thunderstorm here in new york city which may clear the air for us. hopefully folks where they are can get a little of that, too. more ahead in the half hour. are drugstore sunglasses as good as the expensive designer ones? our consumer correspondent susan koeppen tested over 30 pair of sunglasses at every price point. some surprising results. >> a lot of people say i'm not going to spend more than $5 on a pair of shades because i'll just lose them.
8:31 am
the question is -- >> are you hurting or helping your eyes with those $5 glasses. >> the guy diet is about to get a makeover. pizza, chicken wings, anything deep fried. allison fisherman will show us how to take man food and make it a little healthier. that should be interesting coming up very soon. first, julie chen is with us this morning from los angeles. hey, jules. >> good morning. >> hey. don't suck the fun out of it, the man food? >> i'll try not to. deep fried onion rings, i'm not sure we can get away from those, no matter what. >> all right. good morning, guys. do you remember the old saying, kids say the darnedest things. apparently so do parent. one man tweeted his father's more colorful sayings. that got a huge following and now has become a sitcom right here on cbs. we're going to talk to this very funny writer in a moment. first, dave has a final check of the weather. take it away, dave.
8:32 am
>> hello, jules, nice to see you. high heat continues. take your water, people. take your water. come on, hydrate. you know what, we were talking just a little while ago, by the way, about all these storm clouds. keep in mind -- jeff was mentioning, maybe it will clear out the air.
8:33 am
that's a quick look at your weather picture. get your water here. get your water here. get your water! jules, we'll send it back ut to you in los angeles. i have work to do here. >> looks that way. thanks a lot, dave. about a year ago justin halpern was living with his parents and started tweeting
8:34 am
some of his father's more colorful views on life. named appropriately "[ bleep ] my dad says." the success of that led to a best selling book of the same name and this fall will be a prime time sitcom on cbs starring william shatner. >> okay. dishes are done. swept the floor, wiped down the table, so that looks nice. nice, nice, nice. oops, still need to -- >> sit down. the house is clean enough. we didn't accidentally kill a hooker. we had dinner. >> justin halpern, good morning. >> good morning. >> congratulations on your success. how excited are you? >> unbelievably so. >> i want to read a couple of quotes that made me laugh out loud that are real life quotes your father said. here's a quote he said on last place finish in the 50-yard dash during little league tryouts. your dad said, quote, it kind of looked like you were being attacked by a bunch of bees or
8:35 am
something. then when i saw the fat kid with the watch who was timing you start laughing, well, i'll just say, it's never a good sign when a fat kid laughs at you. are you kidding me? >> no, that was, i'm not the fattest individual and he liked to me remind of that at times. >> what was it like growing with your dad saying these type of things to you or to the world in general? did you think it was normal? >> i never thought too much about it until i would have to make apologies to friends here and there when he would be mortified by things heed. >> when did you realize, all right, this is not normal, i need to apologize for my dad? what was the turning point? >> i think it was probably shortly after that. maybe when i was 12, when he had it out with my entire little league team and stormed off. >> you're kidding me? >> no. he quit halfway through the season. >> so, was it horrifying?
8:36 am
what was your childhood like, then? >> i actually had a great, great childhood but i always knew to be careful with what situations i brought him into. >> here's another example that made me laugh. this is what he said to you when you had a bloody nose. what happened? did somebody punch you in the face? the what? the air is dry? do me a favor and tell people you got punched in the face. what were you like growing up with a father like this? >> you know what, i -- i was a pretty mild-mannered kid. i think he took a lot of the excitement and i just kind of floated along. >> when you decided to start tweeting about it, did you tell your dad you were tweeting all the funny things he said? >> no, not at first. i was living at home and i was writing down the crazier things he said. it wasn't until i started getting a lot of attention i should tell him. >> what was his reaction? >> i thought he would be really mad but he wanted me to -- he
8:37 am
wanted me to help him find his cell phone. he was like, yeah, yeah. he didn't care. >> when you decided to make it into a book, on "the new york times" best sellers list, then what was his reaction? >> he was actually really, really happy for me. he doesn't have the internet in his house so it's not -- >> why am i not surprised. sorry, go ahead. >> so it's not like it's in front of his face all the time. >> and then what's the reaction he's been getting from people like neighbors, friends, you know, reading some of the ridiculous but hilarious things that he has said in his life? >> you know what, he doesn't get a lot of that except he gets like 50% off had pizza place he goes to every day, so he's pretty happy with that. >> so you're a hero then. >> yeah. >> what's his reaction, what's your reaction to william shatner playing him. i've never met your dad but shatner is hysterical in this role. >> mr. shatner is the closest thing to my father i've ever
8:38 am
met. he is fant. >> did you have any say in the casting? did you have suggestions? >> yeah, i had some suggestions. i sort of weighed in but, yeah, we were just so lucky to get him. >> and i understand your dad got to meet william shatner? >> yeah. he was at the pilot taping and everybody wanted them to take a picture together so they walked up and it was like two older gentlemen that didn't care about meeting the other person. so, they come and meet and he says hello and mr. shatner says hello, they take a picture and just walk away in opposite directions and that was it. >> did everybody think it was hysterical, except for william shatner and your dad? >> yeah. it was like everyone laughing except for those two guys. >> oh, my goodness. what happens from here on out? i know what's going on in the fall. what is your role? >> i'm a writer on the show. so, yeah, we're just working hard in the writer's room to make it as funny and as close to true life as possible. >> that was your dream. you were a struggling writer
8:39 am
living at home when this happened. >> absolutely so. it's absolutely a dream come true. >> we cannot wait to watch it. justin halpern, thank you so much and congratulations on your success. >> thanks for having me. >> you're welcome. to read an excerpt, go to earlyshow and "[ bleep ] my dad says" premieres right here on cbs. now back to new york and erica. >> thanks. during the summer, you know it's all about the shades, but do you really have to pay a lot to get great sunglasses? "early show" consumer correspondent susan koeppen is here with some answers. i mean, it's about how they look but thard supposed to protect your eyes, too. >> that's key. a $5 pair off the street or a $200 pair of versace glasses. which has more uv protection? we went sunglass shopping and then had them all tested.
8:40 am
>> reporter: more than 100 million sunglasses were sold in the u.s. last year alone. no doubt about it, sunglasses can make a fashion statement. >> i just buy them because of how they look. >> reporter: but their function is to protect our eyes from harmful uv rays which can lead from everything from cataracts to skin cancer of the eyelid. if you're buying a $5 pair of sunglasses, do you think they have uv protection? >> reporter: we wanted to find out if that was true. we bought 31 pair of sunglasses ranging in price from $5 to $300. some came from street veteran tors, some from drug stores -- >> polarizing uchl v definitely over 100. >> reporter: and some from expensive establishments. >> i would say all, 100%. >> reporter: all glasses claimed to have excellent uv protection. >> it's very, very important. it's like you wouldn't go to the beach without putting sunblock on your body. >> dr. mike warner runs this eye
8:41 am
center in new york city where we brought all of the glasses to be tested. if this machine reads zero or one, it means our glasses have 99 or 100% uv protection, which is considered excellent. these were 100 bucks. no surprise with our expensive pair. >> 100% uv protection. >> reporter: all right. same goes for our pair that was $55. >> 100% uchl v protection. mou see what happens when we test the cheaper sunglass, the ones from the drugstore and off the street. the results may surprise you. >> 100%. 100% uv protection. excellent protection. perfect, 100% uv protection. >> of the 31 glasses we tested -- >> nope, these are not safe. >> only one got a failing grade. it seems like it's hard to find bad glasses. >> it's hard to find glasses that don't give you good uv protection but not impossible. you don't know until you get them checked. ♪ go get yourself cheap
8:42 am
sunglasses ♪ >> reporter: if you're spending hundreds of dollars on sunglasses, what are you getting, if not better protection? >> you're buying style. which is fine. you don't have to spend a lot to get a good pair of sunglasses but you can't always trust the label. >> and these are the sunglasses that failed that uv test. the doctor told us thees these are actually worse for your eyes than wearing no sunglasses at all because of the tint. it will cause your pew pills to dilate, letting in more uv light than if you were just squinting. >> the million dollar question is, since they all have that label that says 100% uchl v protection, how do i know they do? >> you don't until you get them tested with something like this, which you can get at your eyeglass shop. you can go in and have your eye doctor test your glasses. we talked about the cheapy $5 glasses off the street compared to the $200 designer frames, these are the exact same protection. the versace, getting a better
8:43 am
name, brand -- >> so if you're those who buy the $5 sunglasses -- >> don't feel gity about it appear thanks. i love this segment. time for jeff glor, i believe and a little reworking of the man food. >> yes, we're doing man food this morning, something deep fried served with beer usually. usually not the healthy choice on the menu, which is why allison fishman, chef at "cooking light" is here to show us how to lighten up a little bit. we don't want to ruin the guy diet. >> i promise. >> i promise, julie, we won't have is suck the life out of it. >> look at this plate of nachos, gorgeous, you want to dive this-n that, right? we're keeping the creaminess, keeping the heat, the salt, the spice, the chips, we're getting ready of things we don't need and don't taste anywhere.
8:44 am
this is a pinto beans hoer -- >> fresh beans instead of refried beans you buy in a can. >> right. i made these fresh. we have chipotles in here. jump right in. we have chile powder. we have lime juice. what do you think? >> yeah, you like it? >> yes. >> good. this will give the cream kraemness because you are that good kraemness. there we go with our bean. now, we've got pork tenderloin. >> not ground beef because this is a little better for us. >> exactly. >> pork is still manly. >> yes. i agree with you. so, this is really good. i shredded this pork. i've got garlic on it. i have all kinds of good spices. again, a little bit of that lime juice. yes, please, go right ahead. >> cheese, keys. any particular kind of cheese you prefer on there? >> lower fat choose, reduced fat cheddar, something that will melt and be nice. we're not doing egregious amount of cheese but just enough to get
8:45 am
it going. we pop this under the broiler. >> that's in there for how long? >> it's in the broiler until it melts, which is about five minute. >> and voila. >> there we go. what's better than that? >> looks very good. it looks unhealthy but not as unhealthy as it could be. >> we have a nice, lean pork. these beans have zero farther. >> we are not done yet. >> we have onion, avocado, tomato, hikma. we're going to put that on top. this is instead of the little tomato or salsa you put on top, this is much more flavorle. delicious, onions, spicy -- >> love the avocado. it's great. >> hit it with cilantro. >> cilantro is the key, right? now, a little more spice on there. pick in cilantro with the pork dpo we have thinly sliced jalapeños.
8:46 am
the pickled jalapeños. something i like about this -- >> that's a lot of cilantro. >> you're a man, you can have what you want. >> there you go. >> what's next? onion rings. this is a big one. some people consider onion rings for their vegetable for the day, that is true. >> even if they're deep fried. >> we. you to have the food you want to have. these are beer-battered onion rings. you can use a darker beer, which will give it more beer flavor. this is the batter, flow flour, egg and beer. here's your onion ring. put it right in. spin it around. >> soak it in there nice. now, the key to this is how you're cooking it. you have a thick batter. it goes in a deep fryer it will soak up a lot of fat. we don't want to do it. we're cooking all these onion rings in just a table and a half
8:47 am
of oil. >> we're trying a bit but just not dunking it down in the deep fries. >> so, we'll do two minute on each side, transfer them to a tray like this. go ahead, you put yourself in there. nicely done. >> thank you. >> transfer them to a dra like this, coat it with the nonstick spray which helps give it a golden color. >> put it in the oven for ten more minute and out they come. >> there we go. plus, you have a little more onion -- i can try one of these? >> absolutely. >> exactly. you don't just want batter and fry. >> good stuff. >> good stuff? >> very good stuff. >> so, next we're sebing this with a burger. anything you notice? >> smaller. >> nice and packed. it's a beef burger. not the turkey burger. we're using sirloin, a little leaner cut. now, of course, man food, you
8:48 am
want your meet and potatoes, right? >> we have our nice t bone steak. drilling the potatoes. we have sweet potatoes. >> grilled potatoes, awesome. nice way to mix it up. one more thing here, right? >>. >> you kinney sticks and romesco. roasted red pepper, almond, olive oil. delicious. >> would you like to try some this is. >> yes, exactly. you still have that cheese but it's not relevant, it's almost irveg rant. allison fisherman, heated to our website earlyshow ,,
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
you need that on a monday morning, don't you? >> absolutely. >> start me up. >> we got started with man food, which harry might be jealous of down there in the gulf. however, harry, i'm hoping with fishing back on, you can get some nice red snapper down there. >> i'll tell you what, i don't know if you saw the picture of the family of three, the three generations. they had a red snapper. they said it was 30 pounds. >> oh, my. >> they -- yeah, they shot it back into the water again because they were out fishing for speckled trout. we have a picture of some folks right over here. most of the boats on this marina used, usually by fishing captains and by guides and stuff, are out, you know, working for bp, but these guys are going to go out and catch themselves some speckled trout. i have a very good feeling they're going to be frying them up in just a few hours from now. >> maybe you can get an invitation. >> hear, i mentioned you saw the same thing i saw when i was down
8:52 am
there. these guys are masters, artists when they clean these fish, huge fish. it's amazing. such good stuff. >> yeah, they put it -- they put us to shame. the fact is that this is such a part of life here, just being able to go out after a hard day's work and drop a line in and pick up a couple of fish. this water is open again, just for sport fishing, is a huge deal. but folks here, this story is far, far from over. >> far from over but so good to finally -- great to have a little good news finally. >> a little normalcy coming back. >> harry, thanks. have a great day, everyone. stay tuned. your local news is next. ,,,,,,
8:53 am
i tore both my rotator cuffs. first i injured this shoulder, then this one, then this one two more times. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in
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and just said, "no, can't fix it." but he didn't give up. today i can throw my kids around in the pool. i can still coach rugby and share my love of the game. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
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it is 8:55. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. the fbi is now involved in the investigation of a shootout on 580 in oakland. it closed part of the interstate for more than 20 hours yesterday. a man opened fire on chp officers during a traffic stop, and they fired back. everyone is expected to survivor. oakland police trying to determine who fired shots from a high-rise apartment building. this happened about 11:30 last night near 8th street. a search of the building turned up no weapons or suspects. they did find that the building surveillance room was vandalized. and changes begin this morning on the golden gate bridge, requiring carpoolers to use fastrak. cash is no longer accepted. drivers must pay $3 with a fastrak transponder and they still must pass through a staffed toll booth so a worker can verify there are three or more people in the car. traffic and weather right
8:56 am
after this. ,, will change how you do mov with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster.
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good morning. economic out the backups on the nimitz freeway. you can see it in our camera here positioned near the coliseum. there was a wreck near high street. it looks like everything is on the shoulder. the car went into the embankment. chp heading to the scene now. but traffic is jammed beyond hegenberger. just in the northbound lanes. also in san jose, this two-car crash is just cleared to the shoulder.
8:58 am
northbound 101 approaching delacruz boulevard, everything is out of lanes now but traffic is really jammed from mckie road. we have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backing up towards the maze. a stall that's gone messed things up for the morning commute. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. yeah, those clouds are kinding missing things you want for our -- those clouds are kind of missing things up for our morning forecast. they are thick and ominous looking. sunshine is trying to breakthrough but lost the early-morning round. moving into the afternoon, we are expecting more sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s around the bay, mid-90s inland, plenty of sunshine. and the upper 50s along the coast with partial clearing is expected. more clouds along the coastline tuesday and wednesday especially with some drizzle expected. and we'll continue to see temperatures in the same ballpark thursday, friday, saturday and sunday.
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