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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a string of break-ins there. we'll tell you about the businesses that were targeted and what law enforcement is telling those businesses now. i know more oil is spewing into the gulf. why the next few days are critical. >> and first apple said there is no problem and then said it's the phone users' fault and now, they are having a press conference to talk about their iphonee 4. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. >> let's go home. we're done. >> we have a photographer in
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berkeley. westbound 80 volumes pick up towards emeryville. but no issues from the carquinez bridge into berkeley. thank you to our photographer out there. not sure who that is but thank you. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, still no metering lights approaching the pay gates. quiet across the span and mass transit is on time. one more camera, foggy but no delays. just tracy with more on the fog turning into sunshine. yesterday morning at the same time we were looking at clear skies for the bay like oakland, even san francisco in the financial district we did have clouds along the marin county coast though. and so for today what does that mean? the fog is moving farther inland to curb our temperatures a bit not as warm lower 60s at the coast today. yesterday near 80. no relief inland 100 degrees in
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the hottest spots. summertime sizzle. we continue to see hot temperatures saturday and sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, more clouds, slight cooldown expected. but it's going to be a hot day today. and a pretty hot weekend, as well. so cool off at the coast. >> thank you. silicon valley has been hit by a series of business burglaries these will be going on for several months. this is not really a crime- ridden area what you expect to see just a lot of office buildings and that is the target of these burglars. they are hitting at night, smashing windows, and grabbing whatever they can see electronics, laptops, monitors, flat screen tvs. this has been going on since
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february, seven six -- six or seven burglaries. this is the area in the east bay shore corridor in palo alto. near embarcadero road just east of highway 101 and then south to san antonio road. so that area of palo alto. but this has also been going on in neighboring cities. so what police are telling businesses right now is to hide everything away from windows. they might want to improve lighting and even hire private security guards has police investigate. the mercury news is reporting that they also have some blood evidence from one of the crime scenes and they are trying to match that up and find the suspect. they believe it is probably one person doing all of these crimes. sydnie? >> anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in palo alto. two teenaged brothers are in the hospital this morning. they were shot at a house party in the east bay at about 12:30 this morning in brentwood. several teenagers were at a party when a group of young men drove up. witnesses say words were exchanged outside the house and when the small group is leaving, one of them turned and opened fire. an 18-year-old shot in the back, his 16-year-old brother wounded in the leg.
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so far, so good for the pictures president bush released of the rioting following the killing of oscar grant. pictures are shown. we have a link to all the pictures as well as the oakland police department tip line. you can find it on our website on there is a lawsuit in connection with the murder of vallejo city councilman matt garcia. his mother filed a $16 million wrongful death suit against two men convicted in the killing. the councilman was 22 when he was shot and killed in 2008. the two convicted men mistook garcia for a drug dealer who owed them money. the suit also names the alleged getaway driver who is not charged as part of a plea deal.
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san jose arson investigators are now confirming that the fire at trace elementary school was set by someone. the fire department has is not releasing details about how or exactly where the fire was started. but investigators say they reached the conclusion after reviewing evidence, talking to neighbors and ruling out any accidental causes. the july 5 fire destroyed the school's main building. it was contained to 16 classrooms, library and several offices. classes will resume as scheduled next month, with many to be held in portable classrooms. the coast guard says a body that washed ashore in marin county is probably the third of four fishermen who died when their boat capsized wednesday near point reyes. at the time, rescue crews recovered two other men, but both were unconscious and later died. another man remains missing and is presumed dead. the four were life-long friends from the central valley on their annual fishing trip. coming up, some encouraging
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good morning. we're relatively problem-free across the bay area. quieter than at 5:00. a full look at your morning commute into san francisco and elsewhere across the bay coming up. traffic in 6 minutes. we'll see you then. it's 6:09. oil has stopped pouring out of the broken well in the gulf of mexico. bp says it's encouraged now that there is a new cap in place over the leak. their camera apparently looking at the gulf of mexico's floor right now. bp is testing a system to find out if oil is leaking anywhere else in the well. they have stopped drilling the two relief wells during that testing. but the relief wells, they are
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still considered the long-term solution. >> that activity will continue until this well no longer has the capability to ever flow again. >> once we're convinced it can withstand the pressure after that 48 hours, we can certainly consider shutting the well. >> bp says it is still checking and is concerned that there might be the pressure of containing the oil in the well might cause some new leaks so that's what it's testing. it hasn't ruled out releasing some oil from the capped well in order to avoid building up too much pressure. if you work for hewlett- packard in cupertino your job will be moving to palo alto. the computer giant says it will close its cupertino campus over the next two years. thousands of workers will be transferred to hp's palo alto headquarters. the mercury news reports hp facilities in both cities are only about 60% occupied right now. the company hopes to reach 90% in palo alto after this move. some parents are now questioning the latest clothing line available at the store
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called forever21. it's a retail chain that's popular among teens. it's now selling maternity wear called love21 maternity. the clothes are available in california, alaska, arizona, texas and utah, which coincidentally are the states with the highest teen birth rates. a forever21 spokesman says the line does not target for is it intended to appeal specifically to pregnant teens. do you think this new clothing line sends the wrong message? >> one says she thinks it's a good idea. paranoid mothers need to realize that not just their teen girls shop at that store. >> victor says, no opinion either way. i'm too busy looking for a forever40 store! [ laughter ] >> very good. >> you think they will ever have a store forever 40 or forever 50? [ laughter ] >> that's why you go to forever21. if you have an opinion,
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send it to we're also on facebook and twitter. it is 6:11 right now. >> you might want to check inside your fridge this morning. we have a recall to tell you about. >> plus, the warriors have a new owner. it's not larry ellison. the record price that one man paid to buy the team. triple-digit temperatures in the bay area this friday. will they also be in the forecast for your weekend? we'll take a look at your forecast and your seven-day forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. that construction was picked up in san jose. southbound 101 near the capitol expressway. it was pretty slow there for a good half hour or so. late running roadwork any way, by 6:00 it was picked up, now everything is quiet from morgan hill. out of downtown san jose live look at 280 traffic really quiet this morning. up along the peninsula on 101 and 280 as you can see it's a grath commute still across the bay bridge. a lot going on this weekend though. we have a giants game at 7:15 tonight over at at&t park. we got a race going on over at infineon raceway so expect delays on highway 37 and 121 starting today and continuing
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through the weekend until sunday. it's the nhra national, national hotrod association drag-racing. outside live look at the eastshore freeway this is traffic in emeryville. still moving fine all the way if you are coming from the carquinez bridge and heading down towards the macarthur maze. or if you are continuing towards the bay bridge, no delay. remember our traffic partners, kcbs radio, for all your latest traffic information, 740-am and 109.6 fm. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> it's going to be a sizzler. >> i like sizzler, too, they have pretty good food! [ laughter ] >> coit tower, fog this morning in the bay. not like yesterday morning in the bay. we have clear skies and that led us to a very quick warmup and afternoon highs near 70 degrees in san francisco. today, not as warm. but there are some locations that will be as hot as yesterday and that's going to be inland and here's why. inland this morning, just a few clouds mild temperatures
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already in the 60s. sunrise at 6:00 and it's currently 6:16. for the bay low clouds return with some patchy fog, conditions ranging from the mid- 50s to near 60 degrees. and along the coastline, we also have some fog in play. here's a look at our temperatures. highs in the lower 60s from daly city to pacifica to half moon bay. once you move inland these temperatures pretty much on par with yesterday, 89 redwood city, 85 los altos, 89 sunnyvale and cupertino. 90 in san jose. mid- to upper 80s in milpitas. temperatures 10 degrees above average. 99 in pittsburg. 100 in brentwood. 100 in livermore. 98 in san ramon. 81 in san leandro. 70 in berkeley today. not as warm as yesterday. slightly more clouds expected. 75 in oakland and 76 degrees in alameda.
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this is our contour map. you can tell by our different shadings of colors. more orange the warmer the color the warmer the temperatures lower to the mid- 90s in napa, sonoma, also in santa rosa. and then you hit the yellow to green shade and that's where temperatures cool down a bit. lower 80s in san rafael, mid- 80s in san anselmo, 84 kentfield, 80 mill valley, 70 sausalito, and 69 in san francisco. here's a look at some other hot temperatures. triple digits in redding, sacramento and fresno. and a small chance of passing showers in monterey. as we look at the next couple of days through the weekend still hot. but today is expected to be the hottest day of the week and then cooler weather coming in monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. 6:18. let's take a look at some of today's top stories. a series of business burglaries under investigation in palo alto. there have been at least half a dozen cases since february. the burglars break windows at businesses and then grab whatever electronics they can find nearby. a shooting outside a house
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party in the east bay putting two brothers in the hospital this morning. the victims are 16 and 18 years old. they were shot in brentwood by someone in a group that had words with people at the party. and more than 80 firefighters have filed a federal labor lawsuit against the menlo park fire protection district. the suit contends that they should get overtime for time they spend on work related tasks before their shifts begin. those tasks include going to other fire stations to pick up uniforms and equipment. it's 6:19. antenna problems, dropped calls, apple may address it all. before it does, we will. cnet editor and large brian cooley is here with insight on apple's scheduled press conference that's coming up in just a couple of hours. surprise..
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ellison. a group led by joseph lacob reached an "n-b-a record" 450-million doll y the golden state warriors have a new owner and surprise, it's not larry ellison of the a group led by joseph lacob reached a record $450 million deal to buy the team. he is a managing partner with the menlo park-based venture capital firm and a minority owner of the boston celtics so
6:23 am
he will have to sell his share. ellison the ceo of oracle said his bid was higher but they sold to lacob's group. some of the evoo -- >> extra virgin olive oil. >> don't you ever watch rachael ray? >> sorry. >> no. but a lot of people here on cbs 5 do -- purchased in the bay area the evoo they ought to drop a few letters like ev. >> a study found several oils are not the top grade product promised on their labels. researchers sampled 19 brands sold in the bay area, sacramento and l.a., they found get this, 69% of imported oils and 10% of domestic oils did not meet that extra virgin international standard. >> isn't that redundant? in some cases extra virgin olive oil was blended with cheaper oils. >> i'd like to see the name of
6:24 am
those. have fresh express lettuce in your refrigerator? it can make you sick. >> throw it out. some of of it is being recalled because it could make you sick. the salinas-based company says hundreds of thousands of bags may be tainted with e. coli. this recall involves fresh express romaine salads. niece bags have an expired use by date of july 8 through 12. >> apparently there is an s in the product code, too. so far, there are no illnesses reported. couple of hours from now apple is holding' rare news conference at its headquarters in cupertino to discuss the new iphone 4. >> we have been telling you for the last several weeks sales have been through the roof. but there have been dropped calls and other reception problems. consumers have been complaining and you know when consumers complain, we have to get the big guy in here. >> the guy is here, cnet editor at large brian cooley joins us with an insider's look. >> good morning.
6:25 am
>> hi. >> you feel like you were here a couple of days ago? i was? [ laughter ] >> "wall street journal" reporting -- seems to have some inside information that steve jobs liked this, went ahead with it any way knew about the problem. >> this is the idea of the antenna being around the outside edge of the phone. no one did that before. the antenna is usually buried. on the iphone your hand touches the antenna and there are two of them. electricity flows across your skin and you're kind of bridging the short-circuiting antennas and that's causing the issue. they are not going to change that. the phones are built. they are out there millions of them and they are coming off the plant every day. i'm curious what they are going to do to remediate this. >> the whole idea is that when people started complaining, apple's response was typical -- >> oh, yeah, there is nothing wrong. you're imagining things. >> then it's your fault. >> then they said the software is bad.
6:26 am
you haven't been getting as good a signal as you thought. you had four bars but real will had two that's not a fix, that's just saying no the phone wasn't as good as you thought it was. so another shoe has to drop. they may be changing the design of the iphone 4 going forward. i do not think they will recall the current phones out there so don't get excited that you have a new one coming. that's not going to happen. there may be a software change that can improve this. they may give one of those rubber cases. >> there is a cover. >> that's a total fix. >> that's thing. what are those covers about $10? you. >> they're $30! a real revenue source for apple but that small money to throw at this problem and get out in front their own little toyota- gate. >> toyota-gate. [ laughter ] >> they don't want to start the trip down. every company takes that trip one day but they don't want to take it until they have. >> what are you hearing about what people are saying aboutapple and their response? >> apple has so much love in the bank this is not going to
6:27 am
kill them and it's not a massive flaw. only apple having a modest design issue like this would get the attention of consumer reports with a big thumbs down, senator schumer calling it an open letter -- this is an apple- oriented thing. this wouldn't happen to blackberry. >> not to mention the editor at large of cnet getting up early to join us twice in one week! [ laughter ] >> thank you. it's 6:27. coming up, they ransacked oakland businesses. now police want some help to find them. >> the pictures just released and the reward for those who can put a name to any of these faces. ,,,,
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here friday morning, the 16th of july. good morning to you. >> good morning. we want to let you know, we are waiting some words from president obama from the white house in just a few minutes. he was supposed to start at 6:30 but running a little bit late getting ready to go on vacation so we'll cut into that as soon as it begins. but first, let's get you out the door with elizabeth and tracy looking at traffic and weather. >> we'll give you a quick roundup. towards downtown oakland some late running roadwork again our second time this morning we have had some late running roadwork causing slower traffic. it sounds like it's on the broadway off-ramp so that's what's causing the backup from embarcadero fifth street exit. we have a camera positioned
6:31 am
closer to the coliseum where you can see it's not backed up yet all the way to here. the taillights are northbound traffic. so we'll continue to watch that let you know when they wrap things up. in the meantime chopper 5 is up towards our hi-5 this morning in milpitas. right now they are in fremont. positioned along southbound 880 near mission. traffic is friday light across the bay area. no big accidents either. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> thanks elizabeth. well, our forecast for this morning, we are talking about cloudy skies, fog is back. there you go. foggy conditions in the bay this morning. that's going to hold down temperatures. yesterday we enjoyed the 70s across much of the bay area, today not as warm. let's take a look at what you'll deal with for your morning commute. just a few clouds and mild conditions that's well inland. sunrise at 6:00. low clouds returning with patchy fog for the bay and overcast conditions as well as
6:32 am
areas of fog for the coastline. 4:00 afternoon, triple digits from brentwood to danville to walnut creek. now who you are. slightly cooler around the bay with more clouds for the morning. we are expecting some sunshine but that's going to hold down afternoon highs. breaks of sunshine at the coast lunchtime 60s. seven-day forecast, plenty of sunshine around the bay and inland. next week, though, do note temperatures will start to cool down ever so slightly and we'll get more closer to seasonal highs for this time of the year. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. there have been a number of businesses that have been hit by burglars in silicon valley. anne makovec is in palo alto where police are investigating
6:33 am
several break-ins. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here along old bayshore road in palo alto. it's not an area would you expect to be crime-ridden but this office building is one of six or seven buildings hit since february. burglars are apparently braking windows and grabbing whatever they can very quickly. the east bay shore corridor here in palo alto around the embarcadero road area east of highway 101 and then south to san antonio road. it looks like the burglar is just smashing a window and then grabbing whatever they can as quickly as they can, laptops, small flat screen televisions, and now police are warning businesses to make sure they don't have anything that might lead to temptation sitting in windows. police are trying to figure out who did it, they believe it is one suspect. they have blood evidence and
6:34 am
are trying to do lab work to figure out who it might be. so again, police are telling businesses to hide their valuables, improve their lighting, surveillance, even hire private security as they continue to investigate this. back to you. >> thank you. two teenaged brothers in the hospital this morning after they were shot at a house party in the east bay. this happened about 12:30 this morning in brentwood. several teens at a party when a group of young men drove up. witnesses say that words were exchange outside the house. when the small group was leaving, one turned and opened fire. an 18-year-old was shot in the back, his 16-year-old brother wounded in the leg. oakland police are offering up to $1,000 for help in finding looters who trashed downtown oakland last week. the department released 15 photos of people they would like to identify. they show those photos, rioters looting a foot locker, beauty store and sears on broadway following the verdict in the killing of oscar grant. police hope that the public
6:35 am
recognizes some of these faces. >> we need the public to come forward to give us their names so we can follow up and arrest them to show and send a message out that this is not a playground for criminals to come in and loot and steal items in the city of oakland. dozens of businesses in downtown oakland last thursday night. 78 people were arrested and felony charges are filed against nine of them. we have a link to all the pictures as well as the opd tip line. it's on our website, there is now a lawsuit in connection with a murder of vallejo city councilman matt garcia. garcia's mother has filed a $16 million wrongful death suit against the two men convicted in the killing. the councilman was just 22 years old when he was shot and killed in 2008. he was mistaken for a drug dealer who owed the other two men money. the suit also names the alleged getaway driver who was never charged. it's part of a plea deal. san jose arson investigators
6:36 am
are now confirming that the fire at trace elementary school was set by someone. the fire department has is not releasing details about how or exactly where the fire was started. but investigators say they reached the conclusion after reviewing evidence, talking to neighbors and ruling out any accidental causes. the july 5 fire destroyed the school's main building. it was contained to 16 classrooms, library and several offices. classes will resume as scheduled next month, with many to be held in portable classrooms. the fisherman whose boat capsized near point reyes wednesday had been friends since high school. more than 40 years. two of the fishermen were pronounced dead the day the boat broke up in the high surf. another body was recovered yesterday. the fourth is still missing. the four were from riverbank in the san joaquin valley. for about 20 years they had been part of a large group that took an annual fishing trip to bodega bay. california is more than two weeks into its new fiscal year and there is still no budget in place. yesterday, assembly speaker john perez said democrats and
6:37 am
republicans are $7 billion apart in negotiations. they are trying to deal with the budget deficit estimated at more than $19 billion. as party leaders keep talking, no one wants to talk in public about possible deals in the works. >> those are the exact kind of things you can't discuss in public. that's what makes them evaporate. so you have to have thorough discussions. you try to get to resolution. once you get to resolution, you can talk about them. but not before. >> meanwhile, a hearing is planned on how to pay state workers. the schwarzenegger administration is calling for them to be paid minimum wage until this budget issue is resolved. the governor's office says california continues to lose about $52 million every day that the state goes without a spending plan. since the fiscal year began july 1, this impasse has cost the state more than $765
6:38 am
million. 6:37. finally no oil is spewing into the gulf of mexico. >> we'll tell you why bp says it's not time to celebrate just yet. we are waiting for a statement from president obama about that. ,, ,,,,,,
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good morning. we'll go out to emeryville take a live look down the eastshore freeway. we are really finding friday light traffic conditions right now across the bay, no big slowdowns anywhere. so it looks good all the way from the carquinez bridge through albany into berkeley. thank you to our photographer jake out there along the eastshore freeway. if you are commuting towards the bay bridge toll plaza, last check still no metering lights. so really looks good here in all lanes, fastrak, cash users, carpools, the metering lights aren't on yet. so no big problems up the incline. 880 through oakland, late running traffic at broadway, things are looking good towards the macarthur maze since the ramp at broadway is open. we have chopper 5 live this morning in milpitas, hello everyone for our high five. this is family giving tree. family giving tree sends underprivileged kids back to school ready to succeed and in
6:42 am
style. every year they have a backpack drive to deliver backpacks filled with school supplies to low income kids. you can find out how to help by purchasing a backpack at the family grants family wishes around the holidays so this is a great organization and we appreciate all their help. if you want to be part of future hi-5's you can email us at the email address on your screen >> a great organization. >> i know. remember how important backpacks were when you were in school? >> remember the trapper keeper? >> yes. i do. i haven't heard that term -- do they still have those? >> i don't think so. trapper keeper you were so cool if you had one of those. how about it's cool outside? cool at the coast around the bay and here's why. we got a bank of clouds out there, low clouds and fog, pushing well inland this morning especially into parts
6:43 am
of the east bay. you can see that towards the bay bridge. i have another shot four. i'm going to show you clouds. now i'm going to show you sunshine. see, i'll build you up after i put you down a little bit with those clouds. plenty of sunshine expected, that's going to be in antioch today, livermore, pittsburg, fairfield, benicia, those locations looking at temperatures in the 90s to near triple-digit highs. here is a look at the daily planner for this morning. morning commute a few clouds mild inland low clouds returning to the coastline as well as the bay. overcast conditions with areas of fog for the coast. lunchtime, breaks of sunshine for the coast but slightly cooler around the bay today with more clouds expected and inland warm weather but later on today around 4:00 is when we typically hit our afternoon highs. how hot? 100 morgan hill, 90 san jose, 91 campbell, upper 80s in sunnyvale and cupertino. 89 redwood city. 60s at the coast. that's where you are going to
6:44 am
see cooler weather. east bay location, lower 70s in richard phillips and berkeley, mid-70s in oakland and alameda. and triple-digit highs in brentwood to livermore to pleasanton near triple digits in danville, pleasant hill and concord. well up in the north bay lower to the mid-50s in santa rosa, sonoma and napa. lower 80s in san rafael and san anselmo and near 70 degrees in sausalito as well as in san francisco. heading into the weekend, still hot inland. next week we'll cool down to more seasonal highs. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. apple has a little something to say about its iphone problems. we heard from brian cooley about that big news conference they are planning this morning. let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and >> good morning. stock is actually up a little bit for apple. i think investors are leaved that apple is going -- are relieved that apple is going to
6:45 am
address issue. it's a big deal. they haven't fired too many blanks in the past several years. the iphone 4 a huge seller 1.7 million in the first few days but they have to address this issue quickly. it's not believed there will be a recall. that would cost the company somewhere between $1 billion and $1.5 billion. the question is whether or not there will be some sort of free hardware update, bumpers given out or something solved through a software update. there is software that communicates with antennas and possibly this is an issue that's existed on iphones for the past few years but is now exacerbated by this new antenna design. by the way, investors will be very relieved to see something come out of this and for apple to move past. it shares up are by a .5% which is decent because the market is going down. google announced its earnings after the close yesterday. while revenue and profit was up 24%, it didn't meet expectations. the company spent a lot of money. part of that was due to the
6:46 am
fact that it hired 1200 new employees and also invested more money in research. but the company is making most of its money off search which it dominates. investors want google to branch out. it's making progress with its android operating system. 165,000 new customers activated android-based phones but shares are down this morning by 5.5% and they have lost about 17% in value over the past three months. overall the market is down, dow lower by 93 points. nasdaq off 22. s&p down 11. some of the bank earnings, bank of america and citigroup did not impress very much. even though they did set aside less money to cover bad loans, that's good news looking at the future for the banks. >> jason, thank you very much. jason brooks with kcbs and 6:46. they are being called the toughest restrictions on the u.s. financial industry since
6:47 am
the great depression. >> now it is up to president obama to sign the financial reform measure into law. yesterday, the senate passed the bill which would give the government new powers to break up companies that threaten the economy. it also aims to give consumers more protection in their financial transactions. the president is expected to sign it as soon as wednesday. >> and just to let you know, we are awaiting a statement from president bush in the rose garden before he goes on vacation. >> obama. >> i'm sorry. obama. where did i get that? >> i have no idea. [ laughter ] >> sorry. there is a new line that's arrived at forever21 a popular teen clothing store. >> maternity clothes. some moms are saying that they are outraged, but we wanted to ask you what you think this morning. >> does that new clothing line send the wrong message? denny says he doesn't think the store is doing anything wrong and these parents should spend more time with their children and less time worrying about forever21. these kids should be able to dress nicely too.
6:48 am
>> elise on facebook says i don't think so. to be stylish and pregnant is a good thing. >> and kevin says i don't think teens are going to get pregnant just so they can wear the clothes. some interesting topics in the news right now including the warriors sale, mel gibson's shenanigans and nurses converging on the home of a local gubernatorial candidate. here to talk about this phil matier and willie brown. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so looks like we have new orders for the warriors and it's not mr. ellison from oracle. he got shut down $450 million for the team. what happened? >> i think it was just a late applying of how much he would have paid. obviously, larry ellison said he would have paid more if chris had waited a few more minutes he could have gotten a few more bucks. and san francisco would benefit. we need an owner like george steinbrenner, one of those guys. we need an owner like jerry jones. we need an owner who simply wants to win. larry is that kind of guy. >> apparently chris cohan the
6:49 am
owner of the warriors didn't think so. why would be the he take the highest dollar? >> well, i suspect -- why wouldn't he take the highest dollar? >> you would have to know him to know how he computes. obviously over the 16 years he has had the warriors he hasn't done well with them. and in the sale of the warriors it appears as if he has repeated that performance. >> whoa. >> do you think it was ego? a lot of very wealthy gentlemen who probably know each other in investment circles? >> i don't think you buy professional teams to make money. you buy them to do something to satisfy another part of your system and it's not the one that includes money. >> they are overpriced. the don't make money. >> the deal is suppose you can ends up winning like the guy who blockbuster when he bought that team at -- that baseball team in florida. he bought every available player. he won the world series.
6:50 am
and the next year he sold every player in the same way and the team hasn't won a game since. that's the nature of the business. >> speak of business, world cup want to bring it -- not world cup but the america's cup you want to bring the -- the -- the sailing regatta to san francisco where we're finalists for the american team? >> absolutely. let me assure you one thing. if larry ellison had gotten the warriors, we would almost for sure be guaranteed to get the sailing trophy of the world. it's four years. it's like four super bowls. it's like four world cups all wrapped into one. this would become the sailing capital of the world for four years and later. >> my question is, san francisco is the america's team pick, okay? we are the city in america, right? >> no, not exactly. >> how are we going to screw it up? >> very easily. we can again offend larry ellison and we seem to have a great habit of doing that. remember, we have done it before. one example, st. francis yacht
6:51 am
club would not accept his arrangements to park his boat there -- berth his boat there as they say in the sailing world. >> they wouldn't take his money. >> what did he do? he went up the street to the place, the golden gate club and now he has the golden gate club he once -- he beats the swiss all of a sudden, the golden gate club is the first -- >> i think you should lead the effort to -- to -- to bring the -- >> i should lead? >> you should lead it. >> the only guy i know that could bring the government money and the private sector money together to capture this great sailing event for the bay area. besides, i would pay bottom dollar to see you in a commodore cap. >> that's not much of an issue. forever21 is going to produce those caps. [ laughter ] >> they can add that to the other stuff. i will be a part of it. the mayor has asked me to be part of that effort. but i think it should be somebody that has a lot of
6:52 am
money. somebody who is prepared to say, we are going to do it this way and if necessary, i'll pay for it myself. who would that be. >> the guy who had the most money in almost the world and they didn't want him -- >> they didn't want -- you know, crisco han didn't want him to have the basketball team. now chris cohan owns the biggest boat in the world. that boat is 23 -- stories high. we have a park spot for that boat. we got all those other boats here for four years. you will be interviewing only sailors. >> thus, willie brown kicks offer the campaign to bring the america's cup here! >> thank you. it's 6:52. how about free rent for a month? free food and a $10,000 check? >> there is a catch though. you have to be willing to get it. what you have to be willing to do to get it. for fast relief of itchy summer skin,
6:53 am
get cortizone 10 cooling relief gel. cools instantly with the strongest itch relief medicine. cortizone 10 cooling relief gel.
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it is 6:55. let's take a quick check of today's top stories. at 10:00 this morning, apple will hold a news conference to address this week's speculation
6:56 am
about a potential recall of its iphone. that's after users of the iphone 4 have been complaining that when told this the phone a certain way, calls are dropped. teen brothers are recovering from gunshots. the gunfire came after a group of young men had words after a party off lonetree way. testing will probably continue until tomorrow, but bp says so far, so good with the new cap over the oil leak in the gulf of mexico. a bp executive said this morning there are no signs of any new leaks. we are still awaiting a statement about the bp cap from president obama. he is a little late, though. getting ready for vacation. out to 880 and 237 in milpitas where we have the usual slow traffic. congested there. speeds pick back up again once
6:57 am
you get closer to about zanker road. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, you know, traffic is actually so light across the bay area today! the metering lights have not been turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's usually our best indicator of how traffic is moving across the bay, looks good heading into san francisco. they had to clear a stall in the upper deck that blocked a couple of lanes for a while, even that didn't activate the metering lights. across the san mateo bridge fog is beginning to lift a little bit and traffic is moving well in all direction. that is your traffic. for your forecast, sun is coming out. >> sun is coming out. i need a little sunshine. here's what you can expect in the bay area today. do you see any sunshine in nothing but clouds. fog rolling back into the bay this morning. it is expected to be relatively short lived. but it will cap today's temperatures not as warm as yesterday around the bay but that will not be the story inland. it's going to be another hot one. summertime, what's that word elizabeth? >> summer sizzle? >> sizzle. >> sizzler. >> sizzle! summertime sizzle inland.
6:58 am
triple-digit highs in the hottest spots. mid-70s at the bay, 60s at the coast. temperatures still exceptionally warm saturday as well as sunday and then temperatures start to back off monday through thursday but always ask that you pace yourself and if you do have pets make sure that you take good care of them in the heat. always have to add that. >> good deal. >> thank you. it is 6:58 right now. we have been talking about the president if he does come on we'll of course let you know. we'll carry it on >> how about this? how about this for a job? a chance to live rent free for a month and make $10,000 in the process? >> there is a catch though. this is the chicago museum of science. it has launched a nationwide search to find someone to live in a glass cube on its main floor for 30 days. >> no privacy whatsoever? >> and not only that you will have to blog, tweet and post about the experience on facebook and youtube. the museum calls it a living experiment. people who are interested have to send a one minute video photo and essay by august 11.
6:59 am
you know what they say about people who live in glass houses. change your clothes in the basement. [ laughter ] >> how do you do that? got a story idea or comment you would like to send us or share with us? email >> brian's not here. that is mike filling in. you can check out our daily briefing at 11:00 on >> okay. thanks for watching. we are going to leave. we'll bring you the president when we can. when he shows up. he is going on vacation. >> somebody is still packing probably. >> one of the kids. [ laughter ] >> hey, seriously, two teenaged girls, you cannot get out of the house! >> have a good one, everyone.


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