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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 15, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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in the sixties, brown enters politics and later serves two terms as governor. his big spending turns a surplus into a billion dollar deficit. brown appoints liberal judges who fight the death penalty, supports billions in new taxes, and leaves the state with record unemployment of 11%. failure. in the eighties, he runs for senate, but californians say no. he lobbies for a corporate polluter, and works to send california jobs to china. failure. the nineties saw jerry run as a presidential candidate against bill clinton. you know, he reinvents himself every year or two. [ female announcer ] failure. and in the two thousands jerry was mayor of oakland where he taxed everything from garbage to cable tv. crime soared, and he damaged the school system so badly, the state had to take it over. another failure. jerry brown. a lifetime in politics. a legacy of failure. cbs5 while most eyes or oakland,
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a bankrupt bay area city is losing even more resources, what's changed in vallejo now that 30% of its police officers are gone? the oil has been stopped. now what? the next step in a permanent fix. but the lettuce in question d three days ago. a recall announced today for thousands of bags of lettuce, but the lettuce in question expired three days ago. why we're just hearing about the risk now. you sit on the toilet and your butt vibrates. >> there are some things some neighbors just can't take. one woman's silent movement against the business downstairs, why she says she decided to take action. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich in for dana king. the news starts now. >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. >> good evening. i'm ken bastida. even dogs are getting pink slips in vallejo these days. oakland's had just a few days to get used to losing 80 of its police officers to layoffs, but
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the city of vallejo has been making due with fewer officers and firefighters for a while now. don knapp on how the city is coping and the cuts just around the corner. >> reporter: just two years ago when a vallejo fire crew answered a call, there were enough other firefighters in the city, 28 on a shift to, take care of whatever else might come up. as of monday, this firehouse will lose an engine and vallejo will have just 15 firefighters on its shift. >> we've gone from nine fire companies down to projecting five fire companies. >> reporter: the police department has lost 1/3 of its officers. its bankruptcy in 2008 forced the reopening of contracts and loss of positions. vallejo had 155 cops. now the number is in the low 90s, but there's still plenty of crime like this evening's shooting that sent two young people to the hospital, a 15- year-old girl and 21-year-old man suffering bullet wounds. >> we talked about victims and they said they have no idea why they were targeted and they
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don't know the suspects and they were just hanging out. >> reporter: sergeant herman robinson, a lifelong resident of vallejo says he's never seen so much crime. everyone has a gun and says there's been at least a shooting a day the past two or three weeks. now with fewer police and firefighters public safety is about to be stretched again. the city can't pay the officers a 7% raise negotiated last year, but it looked like the economy might be turning around. the swath team will be dropped for 90 days. even -- the s.w.a.t. team will be dropped for 90 days. even the police dogs will be laid off. matt muster, the police officers union president told cbs5 he's watched crime go up as the police force has gone down. residents are concerned. >> it's going to be detrimental to the city and i think eventually it's going to go downhill. i'm hoping that the city council can try to work something out. >> reporter: will the city be safe? the question gets a diplomatic answer. >> as safe as it can be with
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the resources we have. >> reporter: the police officers association president matt muster would not say whether officers would forego that raise but did tell the wall street journal all police officers are looking for is stability. don knapp, cbs5. it is finally happening. tonight there is no oil leaking into the gulf of mexico after 86 days. the broken deepwater horizon rig is no longer spewing crude into the water. bp says its new containment cap has been siphoning every drop of oil more than 10 hours now. tests will determine if this temporary fix will hold. ief well should be drilled by the end of >> the next step is that we have to complete these relief wells. we have to actually go in with the relief well and seal this well off so it can no longer flow. so that activity will continue until this well no longer has the capability to ever flow again. >> bp says the first relief well should be drilled by the end of the month or the first two weeks of august. for gulf coast residents, the news that the cap is working is
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cause for cautious optimism. >> if this cap and -- if it's capped and they can hold that cap and hold that containment, there's an end in sight. >> in the coming days engineers will keep a close watch on the cap. the pressure could create new underwater leaks. check your fridge because tonight there is a huge bagged lettuce recall after one tested positive for e. coli. that involves a salinas-based company. kiet do shows us how to figure out which lettuce should be tossed. >> reporter: for the second time this spring fresh express is once again issuing a recall of its salads, this time for e. coli found in its hearts of romaine lettuce. the voluntary recall affects nearly half a million bags in california alone. the company declined an on camera interview but had this message on its customer service phone line. we are conducting a precautionary recall of a limited number of remain salads
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with a use by date of july 8 to the 12 and with an s in the product code. the company released a statement saying we are recalling a limited selection of salads because a random sample test of one package of our fresh express hearts of remain salad yielded a positive result for e. coli. we were notified on july 12th and worked with the fda to initiate the recall. the test result came in monday, so why did it take three days to get the word out? mike cecilia with the california department of public health inside that time inspectors confirm the test results and work with the company to yank the salad off store shelves. they're working as fast as they can. >> this actually shows that the system works pretty well in that these products are randomly tested. when we see a positive, we can get it off the market as soon as possible. >> reporter: back in may fresh express had a similar voluntary recall involving salmonella contamination. again it was in its hearts of remain. so county state say fresh express is safe to eat?
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>> people should not be concerned but definitely take common sense actions and definitely wash their produce at home and make sure if you've got any of these bags of lettuce you wash your hands after handling them. >> reporter: customers at this safeway in south san jose said they would try to stay away from fresh express or bagged salads for that matter. does this make you nervous about buying stuff from them in the future? >> a little bit. now that i'm aware of it, i probably won't buy it. >> reporter: so far there are no reports of any illness because of the recall. kiet do, cbs5. a san jose woman is dead after investigators say her neighbor opened fire and tonight her family blames the police department's actions for her death. officers say one woman was shot and another was stabbed at an apartment complex on rexford way. robert lee turner is under arrest. his roommate told len ramirez what she heard and saw during the attack. >> he just went off and got a knife and i asked him please
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don't go out there with that knife. >> reporter: she's talking about her 61-year-old roommate robert bobby turner who is accused of stabbing one woman acquaintance and fatally shooting another, his neighbor. >> i heard him say a girl's voice say, what you going to stab me now and then a second later i heard her let out a yell. >> reporter: after the stabbing hidalgo said anderson came back to their apartment apparently to get a single shot muzzle loading handgun. >> two seconds later i heard a gunshot go off and then he ran back in and closed the door and locked it. >> reporter: turner allegedly stabbed the woman first who then sought the help of 48-year- old lisa hollins who lived next- door. turner then allegedly shot hollins in the doorway of her apartment. >> i said please, bobby, tell me you didn't kill somebody and he goes i don't know. i got one of them. >> reporter: hollins family called 911, but san jose police held back paramedics more than 20 minutes because anderson had
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not been apprehended. hollins family said police surrounded the complex for what seemed like an eternity. >> for safety reasons, not just ours but the public including these family members, we can't just barge into the apartment. we have to make sure that it is safe for everyone to make effective rescue. >> they're over there. they're looking up here. they can see what we're doing. all we're doing is screaming for help. we got in help. >> reporter: leonard and marlene anderson angrily disputed police tactics saying that hollins was still alive sitting up and talking at first, but eventually she bled to death. >> come over here and get one guy? >> she shot a woman with a potato peeler. >> how's that safety? what, supposed to come down off the roof and out of the sky? they broke through all that. >> reporter: the female stack victim ran out of the complex under her own power where she was rescued and taken to the hospital. mr. turner will likely be charged with murder and attempted murder.
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in san jose len ramirez, cbs5. murder charges have been filed against a man who was involved in a deadly crash while being chased by police. prosecutors say 24-year-old bernandino cuebas is responsible for the death of a 15-year-old girl in tuesday's crash. the chp pursued cuebas after he ran a red light in san jose. he broadsided the car in which the girl was riding. she later died from her injuries. her 12-year-old brother is still in serious condition. the big fire at san jose's largest elementary school was arson. investigators made the distinction today. a week and a half after a five alarm blaze at trace elementary school. so far we don't know exactly how that fire was caused, but police don't even have any suspects. the fire caused $10 million worth of damage. the campus, though, will reopen as scheduled next month. portable classrooms will be brought in for the added space. police want your help finding the looters who trashed
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downtown oakland last week. today the department released these photographs. it happened during the rioting following the verdict in the johannes mehserle trial. the pictures show people looting a foot locker, a beauty supply store and a sears on broadway. police are offering rewards of up to $1,000 for any tips that lead to an arrest. cbs 5 dot com. we have a link to all the pictures as well as the opd tip line at my power off." david: "if you'd like and talk, i'd a dispute between neighbors can be bad for business. making the >> what you were having noise? so what do you do? you turn my power off? >> if you'd like to come down and talk, i can talk with you. >> the one woman rebuilt onagainst a bay area business and why the business is making the effort to respond. long before it hit the news or the blogs there was evidence that apple knew there were reception issues with the iphone 4. why the company reportedly went ahead with the
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problematic design anyway. the heat is on, the neighborhoods that will hit the triple digits as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] the jerry brown story. the real story. 40 years in politics... and failure has followed him everywhere. ♪ in the sixties, brown enters politics and later serves two terms as governor. his big spending turns a surplus into a billion dollar deficit. brown appoints liberal judges who fight the death penalty, supports billions in new taxes, and leaves the state with record unemployment of 11%. failure. in the eighties, he runs for senate, but californians say no. he lobbies for a corporate polluter, and works to send california jobs to china. failure. the nineties saw jerry run as a presidential candidate against bill clinton. you know, he reinvents himself every year or two. [ female announcer ] failure. and in the two thousands jerry was mayor of oakland where he taxed everything from garbage to cable tv. crime soared, and he damaged the school system so badly,
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the state had to take it over. another failure. jerry brown. but there's a different ki scene going on a san francisco is world
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famous for its restaurant scene, but there's a different kind of scene going on at a south of market restaurant that's not making anyone happy. joe vazquez tells us what's happening at schmidt's. >> what we'd like is for the time to come down and all this to go away and we just do business. >> reporter: the sign says bad neighbors and hangs right above schmidt's restaurant on 20th and folsom. owners christy ann and her husband say they are highly upset by the sign but don't believe it's hurting business. they bought the property last year. the upstairs neighbor complained about noise from the kitchen exhaust fan that ventilates smoke out through the roof. >> i was literally going crazy. >> reporter: patricia kerman said the noise and vibration were overwhelming. >> my flat started shaking and this loud noise from one end to the other. you sit on the toilet and your butt vibrates. >> reporter: after she
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complained pierre said he made an adjustment to the ventilator to turn the noise down. >> the health department came out and measured it and we were well within our means. >> reporter: what is that? >> that's the tea kettle and the rings on stove vibrate. it was shaking so much it shook my stove. >> reporter: kerman got so upset she stopped talking to the owners and put up the sign several months ago. >> all this time she could have talked to us but she's gone around the neighborhood telling people we're nazis. she's accosts people that have been looking at our menu at front door. >> reporter: david pierce walked up just as kerman was telling me why she is still so upset. she said the vibration and noises have decreased, but are still too loud. >> then i'll look at it again. i didn't know that that was the problem. >> i know. you were having noise for three or four weeks. so what do you do? you turn my power off? >> if you'd like to come down and talk, i can talk with you. >> reporter: ms. kerman said she has no intention for
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removing that sign. the restaurant owners say now they have a fuller understanding what was upsetting her so much and will check into that ventilation system in the morning. joe vazquez, cbs5. apple has no plans to recall the iphone 4. that's according to the wall street journal. users have been complaining, though, when they hold the phone a certain way, calls are dropped. researchers at consumer reports this week said they can't recommend the phone because of the issues. apple will talk about the problem and potential fix at a rare news conference tomorrow morning at 10:00. >> on this issue they've been really dismissive and kind of denied that there was a problem and they're the kind of company that almost never responds to complaints about hardware flaws. so the fact that they're holding a press conference at all is a very big deal. >> the journal also reports apple engineers knew about risks associated with the phone's antenna as early as a year ago, but ceo steve jobs apparently liked the design so much that appear went ahead
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with the development. -- apple went ahead with the development. some of the eul should drop some of those letters. researchers sampled 19 brands sold in the bay area. sacramento and los angeles and found 69% of imported oils and 10% domestic oils did not meet the extra virgin international standard. in some cases extra virgin olive oil was blended with cheaper oils. >> got to know your oil. >> yes, you do. >> roberta's got the lowdown on weather. >> got to know your weather. tonight at sunset 8:31 we're able to see mainly clear skies, a little hint of the moon out there. currently temperatures still relatively on the mild side and our inland areas go north and napa 72 degrees, to the south morgan hill low 70s at this hour. east bay, pleasanton 73 after a high today of 99 and palo alto in the mid-60s and then we started to see a little hint of the stratus moving in towards
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the transamerica building. you could see it in the foreground. so tomorrow morning for your commute we will have a little bit of patchy low clouds and fog lining the coast. otherwise pretty clear skies from the bay into our inland areas. your pinpoint fog cast kick starting with the morning commute a very shallow layer playing tag with the north bay beaches, trying to fill in around the city, but then backs off very rapidly. we will have warmer air mass and for your get-away friday triple digits anywhere from fresno through merced into sacramento 109 redding, triple digits in yukaya, mid-80s in palo alto, 91 degrees in campbell, east bay up numbers up to the triple digits. brentwood, tracy, oakland, pleasanton, livermore, somebody's backyard will hit 101, mid-80s in n naff and mid- 90s in sonoma.
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extended forecast calls for barely any dent in the temperatures saturday, partly cloudy skies with a return of the marine layer over the weekend and make sure you keep your animals, your pets, cool because this is a bit of a prolonged heatwave. there's jazz trying to keep cool. ken. >> thank, roberta. well, we're happy to report there is a happy ending to a story we brought you yesterday. dozens of hens at the marin humane society they're trying to find homes for them have been adopted. about 70 birds were rescued from a farmer who couldn't care for them anymore. the humane society tells us it took some 30 hours to find a roost for all of them. partially fund your bid for office. a it's one thing to believe in yourself, another to partially fund your bid for office and look at what candidates can give themselves in return in tonight's good question. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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protest nats they say whitman attacked them with unsolicited phone calls, gubernatorial meg whitman had protesters today. >> we're going to be fast on the whitman attack. >> they say whitman attacked them with unsolicited phone calls, mailers and press
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attacks after their union endorsed democratic nominee jerry brown and they say she bought their home addresses from the union. whitman said the california nurses association started a negative campaign about her on its website. she said members have spread misleading information on her views on healthcare. we're seeing unprecedented spending this election year. in some cases the candidates are pouring their own money into their campaigns. hank in sunnyvale wanted to know when candidates lend money to their own campaigns, are they allowed any tax breaks? that's tonight's good question. meg whitman spent a reported $71 million of her own money to win the republican nomination for governor. more precisely, she loaned her own campaign that money. it's just a direct loan to your campaign and hopefully you pay it back. johnny wang, a bay area political consultant who has worked on many campaigns says it's a practice that's becoming
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more and more common. in fact, her opponent steve poizner did the same thing. >> legally there's no behind trance to it. any candidate can -- hindrance to it. any candidate can decide how much to fund their campaign. for a governor's race i think the limit is 24,000 for a donation. that's for yourself, no limits at all. >> reporter: wang says you can't use that money as a tax write-off but beyond that you can pretty much do with it as you please including paying yourself back when other donations start to pour in. >> the fact is any money that gets contributed to her is up to her discretion how she wants to use it. if she wants to pay herself back, she will pay herself back but i honestly don't think she will. you don't pop in $50 million, $100 million just because you want that money back. >> reporter: i need your good questions. send them to men at and everyone worried about tim lincecum can relax... the franchise is back... sports is the warriors have senior owners find out how much they have to spend to buy the team and everyone worried about tim
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lincecum can relax. the franchise is back. sports is next. ,,,, [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted, they were thrilled. she's a natural vibrato. oh. we started saving for this music camp in vermont. so i told them about some of the wells fargo online savings tools like my savings plan, which helps them set up and monitor a savings goal. until we found out that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely. rebecca is clearly very gifted. [ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account. turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save.
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little over 100- million dollars in 1994... sixteen years and one playoff appe chris conan bought the warriors for a little over $100 million in 1994. 16 years and one playoff
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appearance later he sold them for an nba record $450 million. the new owners former hollywood producer peter guber and celtics minority owner joe lakub. >> i'm very excited. i'm a warrior season ticket holder and my kids are warriors fans and the reaction today has been unbelievable. >> you rarely saw kohan being at any of the games. will we see you courtside? >> i think the organization does need a face. chris has been a guy that'sed to remain low profile. -- wanted to remain low profile. i think i'll probably have a little bit bigger profile, maybe not mark cuban, but a little bit bigger. >> what happened to larry ellison? the oracle ceo released a statement this afternoon saying although i was the highest bidder chris cohan decided to sell to someone else. this is a bit unusual. nonetheless i wish the warriors and their fans nothing but
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success under their new ownership. the d train dontrelle willis signed a minor league contract with the giants. the oakland native was released earlier this month by arizona. take a guess who this guy's favorite giant is, nice block. 2nd inning the giants will need a big 2nd half from pablo sandoval. the panda delivered tonight, doubles off the brick want 1-0 giants. that was -- brick. 1-0 giants. that was all. the first complete game shutout of the season, he wins his 10th game of the season, freddy sanchez ends it in style with a diving stop. the giants start the 2nd half with a 2-0 win. tiger woods was one of 59 players under par shooting a 67 and is four shots back. john daly reminded everyone that he, too, has had success at the old course. the 1995 open winner did tiger one better, a 6-under 66, but
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everyone is chasing rory mcilroy after 18 holes. 21-year-old matches the course record with a 9-under 63. >> it's just a golf course that i just love it. i don't know why. it just suits my game. it's to me my favorite course all over the world that i've ever played and when you got that going for you, you don't feel disappointed when you don't play so well, but you feel even better when you do play well. >> they're back on the course right now and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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