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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 15, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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daily. [ woman ] my perfect summer is having everyone over. and having money leftover. [ female announcer ] safeway lets you have it all. with thousands of everyday low prices you can always count on. and even more great deals when you use your club card. like breyers ice cream and popsicle novelties just $1.99. and safeway hot dog or hamburger buns, just 89 cents. [ man ] my perfect summer. [ woman ] perfectly priced. [ female announcer ] at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. involved in last week's rioting your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. oakland police want your help in finding people involved in last week's rioting and looting downtown. new photos of people were
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released of looting. it happened in the aftermath of the johannes mehserle murder trial verdict last thursday. this is a sampling of the photos that police have released. there are many more. they are all posted on o website, those followed peaceful protests in oakland. people then set fires, painted graffiti and some looted businesses. police hope releasing the photos will lead to arrests. johannes mehserle is going to be sentenced not until november 5. he was supposed to be sentenced next month. but his attorney asked the judge for more time to prepare and file motions. meantime, a rally in support of johannes mehserle is set for monday afternoon at 2:00. it's going to happen at the walnut creek courthouse. just moments ago prosecutors brought murder charges against a man involved in a deadly collision in downtown san jose tuesday afternoon. a 15-year-old girl died yesterday from the injuries she
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suffered when her mother's car was hit by 24-year-old bernardino cuevas. he was being chased by the chp after allegedly running a red light. the pursuit is now under investigation. >> there's the totality of the circumstances involved and which type of violation is there. we are going to consider the traffic conditions as well as the suspect's driving behavior because the most important thing for us is public safety as well as the safety of the violator and the safety of the officer. >> cuevas had reportedly been released from jail recently but missed a parole meeting. he is also charged with felony evasion and felony hit-and-run, as well as violating his parole. the u.s. coast guard has suspended the search for two missing fish american who were on a boat that capsized off the coast of marin county. it was yesterday that rescue crews did find two other men who were on that same 24-foot boat near point reyes. those men were unconscious. they later died. neither was wearing a life
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jacket when they were found. all four were from the ohio valleyly. they were part of a larger group on their annual fishing trip. the coast guard says the waves were six to eight feet at the time of the accident. this was how it looked last fall when a heavy piece of metal hit a car. the bay bridge toll authority has now hired an engineering firm to design a system of dampers that would reduce the vibrations caused by traffic and wind. those vibrations are blamed for a cracked i-bar and failure of the repair of the crack i-bar. in other headlines around the bay area, a construction crew did not have the proper permit for a trench in san francisco where a worker was trapped for hours. the crew was working on a house tuesday when the deck collapsed. that sent the worker into the trench burying him up to his
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neck. the city also says that contractor failed to have an expert check out the soil. uc regents are giving the okay to an online undergraduate degree program that could actually help save money. the online learning project would involve putting dozens of the university's highest demand courses online. classes such as calculus, chemistry, physics, would be taught entirely on the web. the university system is trying to raise $6 million to get that project going. a proposal to add a mobile food marble to three popular city hubs in san francisco is up for vote today. the san francisco cart project is trying to get permits so it can employ food vendors in front of city hall, golden gate park and at mission playground. they will vote on the contract today. a south bay woman is dead today shot after answering a knock on a door from a neighbor who was pleading for help.
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anne makovec is near that apartment plex in san jose where it happened. anne. >> reporter: yeah. no more danger here, but you can see the san jose police continue to investigate the scene on rexford way. 48-year-old verna holland was killed inside this apartment complex. she died, shot for simply answering a knock on her door, a knock from a woman who had just been stabbed herself. >> miss holland was shot after answering a knock on the door last night just before 10 p.m. it was a woman who said she was stabbed by neighborhood robert turner. police say turner then shot holland at the door. >> it was a big old boom and i know had to be a double- barreled shotgun or .45 because it was so big and the house was black with smoke. >> reporter: that's when the family called 911 and paramedics and police soon arrived. >> it's chaotic. we are getting -- we are receiving information and calls, updates on the radio, from the dispatcher. >> reporter: here's the timeline according to police.
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at 9:57, emergency workers arrived, found the stabbing victim on the sidewalk, and at 10:12 she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. then police went into the complex at 10:13, located hollands who was shot and then the suspect came out of his nearby apartment. police then turned their attention toward him arrested him at 10:16. at 10:19, police started treating holland in the apartment and took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. [ crying ] >> reporter: john hollands is grieving for his wife verna whom police say was shot last night in her apartment by a neighbor. but the family blames the police for her death. >> the ambulance came. they was fast. and -- but the police wouldn't let them through. it was 30 minutes until my sister bled out and died. it was their negligence, that's why she's dead right now. >> reporter: the family wanted to take her to the hospital
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themselves. but police said they couldn't let anyone in or out of the complex until the scene was secured. >> for safety reasons not just ours but the public including these family members, we can't just barge into the apartment. we have to make sure that it is safe for everyone to make effective rescue and so it's a very difficult situation for officers. >> reporter: that is standard operating procedure for most police departments, to make sure that you know where the victims and the suspects are and that there's no danger to the people coming into the scene before you would let anybody come out of the area. so obviously a very sad story. and robert turner, 61 years old in jail today. allen? >> thank you, anne makovec in san jose. well, critical hours ahead in the gulf oil spill. testing of the new cap over that gushing well is about to get under way. plus, what's being done to make sure you, the taxpayer, never pay dime for this disaster.
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it's a popular retail chain for teenagers. now it's selling maternity clothes. why california is among the first states where the fashion line is going on sale. and i don't know if you have noticed it or not, but it's going to be hot today. already looking at a whole lot of sunshine. coming up, we'll take a look at today's near triple-digit highs. ,,,,,,,,
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the nineties saw jerry run as a presidential candidate against bill clinton. you know, he reinvents himself every year or two. [ female announcer ] failure. and in the two thousands jerry was mayor of oakland where he taxed everything from garbage to cable tv. crime soared, and he damaged the school system so badly, the state had to take it over. another failure. jerry brown. a lifetime in politics. a legacy of failure. if it works, it would capture in the gulf of mexico right now bp is about to test the new cap over the gushing oil well. if it works, they say it would capture almost all of the leaking crude. manuel gallegus shows us these next 48 hours are going to be
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critical. >> reporter: testing the new cap over the busted oil swell back on track. a leak was found last night but robots were able to repair it. bp engineers will slowly close three openings on the cap. >> as the pressurizes we'll continue to monitor it and every six hours, we'll evaluate where we are at. >> reporter: a high pressure reading of 8,000 pounds per square inch means the well is in good shape. a low reading means oil is leaking somewhere into the gulf. engineers plan to test the cap for 48 hours. if it works, it should completely trap the oil or at least give them a way to control it as they pump it to ships on the surface. it's estimated up to 182 million gallons of oil have leaked into the gulf of mexico. the attorney general says bp is responsible for ean-up. but he also says, his office is looking at all corporations involved in the spill. >> we are going to use all the tools we have to make sure that the american people don't pay a
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dime for the very extensive effort that you see going on behind me. >> reporter: the new tighter cap is designed to take almost all of the oil to surface ships. but the permanent fix doesn't come until next month, when relief wells are expected to plug the leak for good. manuel gallegus, cbs news, long beach, mississippi. tomorrow morning, apple is going to hold a rare news conference at its headquarters in cupertino to discuss the new iphone 4. sales have been through the roof. but those dropped calls and other reception problems have been widespread. like most of its announcements, apple is being very secretive but what exactly the expect compensation will say but experts say they may offer iphone buyers a free rubber bumper case which normally costs $29 which seems to help. but consumer reports said a piece of duct tape dots same thing. the iphone 4 has competition now. the new droid x smart phone
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went on sale today. motorola teamed up with verizon and google for the phone. it has an 8 megapixel camera. it can act as a mobile hotspot and has a larger screen than the iphone. but cnet says that larger screen could also be a possible downside. >> some people might find that it's a little too big because it's almost verging on a tablet when you actually hold it in your hand. i find that, you know, it's not very pocketable but it fits fine in a bag. the other thing about it, it's running the android operating system and that's -- it's a good operating system but some people might find the interface a little confusing so that is one thing that you may want to actually go to the store and try it out before you buy it. >> that phone is going to cost about $200. it's available on verizon's network. parents are questioning the latest clothing line at the store forever 21, popular among teenagers. it's now selling maternity clothes. it's called love 21 maternity. at first they will only be available in california,
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alaska, arizona, texas, utah. coincidentally, those are the states with the highest teen birth rates. a forever 21 spokesman says the line doesn't target or appeal specifically to pregnant teens. when it comes to sigh en, one guy is a very big deal in science. he is working on one of the most powerful lasers in the world right here in the bay area. but it's what he does during his off time that will inspire you. acy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now it'shot. now we got it hot. >> yeah, it's going to be hot. temperatures today near triple- digit highs. >> that's why it's hot. >> i know. but you know what? some people love it and other people are like look, i don't have air-conditioning. when is it going to cool down? so you get a mixed response when it gets this hot. here's a look at the golden gate bridge shot. i like it because it shows we do still have some low clouds hovering over the top of the bridge there. we also have some cloud hovering along the coastline. then you move a little farther into the bay and look at that. looking out at the bay bridge at the east bay off in the distance, and i don't see a cloud in the sky. san jose also looking pretty good, as well. this has been basking in sunshine all morning long and that's why today, it's going to be hot. here's a look at our lunchtime forecast. partly cloudy conditions at the coast with temperatures up to
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the lower 60s. lots of sunshine around the bay you just saw that ranging from the mid-60s to the mid-70s. and it's going to be warm midday inland and then later on this afternoon is going to be downright hot. temperatures in the 70s and 80s currently. daytime highs will be cresting in the mid-50s. tonight clear inland, low clouds around the bay, patchy fog in the forecast for the coastline. here's a look at what we're dealing with. this is our trueview based on model data let us know what the clouds are going to be doing. that's the fog bank off the coast. do you see it? no. basically, looking at a really clear day from the north bay to the east bay and the south bay. bear in mind, this is all based on model data. so there could be some slight changes. but all in all, we are expecting a whole lot of sunshine today. so temperatures have been adjusted way up. 88 santa clara, 89 san jose, 94 los gatos, 90 cupertino, 88 in los altos, 84 redwood city, mid-
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60s at the coast. 65 pacifica and 65 half moon bay. 76 berkeley, 80 oakland. then you move over the hills and boy, temperatures skyrocket. 96 in danville, 94 dublin, 96 in brentwood. and i tend to be a little conservative so for many locations, these temperatures may be at least 95 as well as in brentwood could very well flirt around 99 degrees depending on how much sunshine you get again and if those clouds start to move back in and the winds. 85 novato. 83 mill valley. 70 san francisco. and 71 in sausalito. yeah. that's what i'm talking about, that's nice. more hot weather is expected friday and saturday. i coined it with a nice caption. hey, it's summertime. we'll start to cool down for the entire bay area on monday, tuesday and wednesday. in the meantime, whoo, i like ice cream. it always cools you down.
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that's a look at your weather. back to you. >> thank you. it may be the biggest science project in the world in the last ten years right in the east bay. the man in charge is so excited about its prospects when he is not at his day job you will find him inspiring others about science. kate kelly introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> welcome to the nif. it is cool, right? >> reporter: it's really cool. ed moses is director of nif, the national ignition facility at the lawrence livermore national laboratory, the culmination of 13 years of hard work. >> we want to burn hydrogen like in the sun and get carbon- free energy. we can do that, we think, right in this little capsule here. >> reporter: he is talking about controlling nuclear fusion the same process that creates stars and powers our sun. >> people have always said that this possibility is always 50 years away. but here it is in the bay area right in this facility right behind me. hopefully in the next year or
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two it will all happen. if it does, it will change our view of the future. >> reporter: if ed sounds enthusiastic about science, he is. educated in engineering and physics, he found his passion early in laser technology. >> my freshman year in college, i saw one of the first lasers and i went, that looks cool! >> reporter: now he is working with the most powerful lasers in the world. but what ed does outside his work is equally important, explaining the challenges and scientific solution to the next generation. >> so what we are doing is using lasers. >> reporter: for over six years, ed has volunteered to teach middle and high school students at science on saturdays, a series of lectures put on by the lawrence livermore lab. >> i just want to, you know, impassion people to engage in our collective future and to find solutions to the issues we have, not to concentrate on the problems we have. >> reporter: ed engages kids of
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all ages to think about clean energy. he is a master at translating complex scientific concepts, like heating hydrogen isotopes, into understandable hands-on demonstrations. >> can you imagine that we have to make this ball this big. that's what we have to do to make it become like a sun. >> reporter: the result? he's changing the way people think about science and the future. coworker brian chavez says ed's lectures are nothing short of inspirational. >> he makes them aware and shows them the potential. he brings it to a level where he makes them think about the possibilities. >> i think this is a responsibility that we have to explain the issues that our civilization needs, possible solutions we have and how people can participate in those solutions. >> reporter: so for inspiring the next generation to see the scientific possibilities in our future, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ed moses. kate kelly, cbs 5.
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>> science on saturdays is on summer break but will resume in november. check the schedules using the link on posted in our story about ed. and we'll be right back. planni,,,,
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well well, today's tip of the day is going to be an recipe is with broccoli. broccoli right now locally grown into the markets, loaded with flavor and nutritional value. but you have to select it and store it properly. make sure it's nice and green all the way around free from any yellowing whatsoever. in the refrigerator right away open up the plastic bag so it can breathe. otherwise it will decay faster. broccoli is a super food loaded with nutritional value. i love the crowns. what we did we sauteed some broccoli with crushed tomatoes, garlic and olive oil and added the penne pasta to it. let it all cook together, pasta al dente. this is served good hot or
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cold. great salad, too, just when it's cold like this. there you go. there is your pasta plate for the day with some fresh, fresh broccoli. ah, that looks so good. ciao. coming up at 5:00 tonight, they are mad and they are planning to protest. what hundreds of bay area nurses have against meg whitman. also, pet owners need to be aware there is a common product that can be very toxic to your pets. we are going to explain that coming up at 5:00. you have a dog. >> i do have a dog. >> you're very protective. >> am i? >> okay, we're going to... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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