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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> and it is the canine units on the front lines in the war on drugs who are especially at risk as ashley dimartino reports. says, "you have not just a partner but it's almost your best friend" the fight against d >> it's almost your best friend. >> reporter: the fight against drugs getting harder by the day as more synthetic ones hit the market and access gets easier. >> fentanyl is synthetic opiate. people are familiar with heroin and prescription pills. >> reporter: becoming deadly for these guys. s. if fentanyl gets loose, a dog could absorb it or sniff it up. >> it's pure poison. >> reporter: in order to keep them safe, training has changed
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before the dogs would? >> they would start scratching, lunge at things >> reporter: now it's a passive approach. >> they alert on it, they see their hammer, and they take a passive motion of just sitting down and looking at what they detected. >> reporter: the deputies also treat the scene first before letting the canine assist. >> if it's too dangerous for a human, we would never put th >> ashley dimartino reporting. our local police departments follow the same protocol as ncso. officers that do security checks and visually check for powders as well as any other items. a chandler based company which makes fentanyl is under
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paid doctors to prescribe it to patients. prosecutors call it bribes and they are looking into charges the memorial to the hotshots opened today. the 320 acre state park allows people to pay their respects. doug ducey dedicated the new ceremony yesterday. the numbers are in across arizona. authorities busted more than 300 people for drunk driving over the holiday. that is up slightly from a year ago. the average blood alcohol content was .15, about double the state's legal limit. those patrols will be in place until
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students did their best to spread christmas cheer, part of the annual smiles of christmas event. 150 kids were bussed to the school for a morning of games, fun, christmas cheer. a lot of smiles there. an annual holiday event that has helped more than 10,000 underprivileged kids over the last 15 years. most valley teens get a their community. jason barry introduces us to some west valley 8th graders proving the critics wrong. >> reporter: if you have any coats or jackets in the closet, you can put them to good use for
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wagon has been seen a lot lately. the 8th grader from surprise isn't selling anything. >> thank you! >> reporter: she's collecting coats and jackets for the homeless. >> i feel like every person, whether they're poof, rich, anyone, should have the right to feel like someone cares about them. >> reporter: mckenna got the idea after watching a tv news report on homelessness and the challenges many face during the cold winter months. the teen was determined to do something about it. so she teamed up with a phoenix rescue mission and created mckenna's codes for a cause. >> it's really interesting seeing a 13-year-old so selfless who wants to give back, who wants to help. >> any jacket to keep them warm. >> reporter: last year she collected more than 8 hundred. this year she's hoping to get
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others to do some charitable work of their own. >> who wouldn't want their kid involved in their community and leaving a pedestrian footprint? >> i figure it would be awesome to get more people inspired since there's so many people in need out there. >> reporter: mckenna plans on donating the coats she collects to the phoenix rescue mission december 17th to. find out how you can help, download our app. several situations whering too nice will likely cost you! >> maybe you didn't know but it can happen. almost all the time, being nice doesn't cost a thing and that should be your normal mo. but not in these cases. here's where you lose money be too long nice. when you're overcharged.
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providers. if you do get overcharge by even a tiny amount, don't let your niceness keep frucontesting the charge. you might not be able to get a refund later on. when discounts are not applied. retailers will honor a list price if it's rung up wrong or an item labeled incorrectly but only if you ask insisted on a rain check when the item is restocked. comparing prices for anything often results in considerable savings. when you feel obligated to buy, courteous consumers can let a sales pitch go too far and end up buying something they really didn't want. recognize when a sales person talks as if you've already bought the item, that's a sales tactic. and one more instance, when you accept all your social invitations.
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dwindling bank account. let me know if you have a consumer review. fill out the form on the right-hand side, submit it to me. i'll get back to you. the holidays are here and the deadlines are out to make sure your gifts make it in time
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protestors continue against the pipeline in north dakota. now a valley restaurant that held a fundraiser to hospital protestors is experiencing a backlash, threats and even cyber bullied. the response they're getting at 10:00. you can dhoed your favorite netflix shows and watch them offline. >> the feature is free with all netflix memberships but not members need to make sure they have the most recent app >> it's in an effort to raise fuel prices. cyber monday was good for amazon. the online retailer saw its best ever holiday shopping
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doubled from 2015. u.p.s. announced its deadline to get gifts to their destinations on time. it will offer second day air until thursday december 22nd. next day will be available until friday december 23rd. exercise is supposed to
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the new star wars move sealready setting records. rogue one boasts the biggest number of
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tracking above $130 million when it opens. a fashion is happening in the it will air monday at 9:00. >> >> from one school now to another. >> a lot of sun devil fans feel pretty upset about friday's loss. one national writer ripping sun devils coach todd graham today. >> , that's a bad team too. they ran up and down the field them to. it was just ridiculous. todd graham has had some high points but he's had
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i think it's been a bit of a smoke and mirrors operation, and i guess i'm a little bit surprised ray anderson didn't make a change there. >> wow , strong statement. cardinals on the pra field today, getting set for the redskins on sunday. >> reporter: the cardinals got back to work today. the redskins coming into glendale on sunday. there was some news today, patrick peterson has reportedly about $2 million heading into the offseason. john brown out of practice, the concern, he continues to battle that sickle cell trait disease it. has hurt him and hamstrung the cardinals' offense in 2016. >> eye big loss in production and some of the >> reporter: bruce arians was asked about the lack of productivity out of the reek
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much. then he was asked robert condicci. >> it used to be. we got one last year that's really playing good now. 21 years old and 22 years old. it's just different in the line the arizona suns, and was supposed to be junior. this is apparently -- you know what? [ laughter ] >> we'll show you that you again tonight. my apologies.
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this is from our news chopper. gorgeous sunset out there. thank you so much
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wednesday. temperatures cooling down quickly. snowfall in the high country. t we're at, already at the freezing mark, 32 degrees, 43 in sedona. lower 60s in phoenix. watches and warnings out from. freeze warnings from casa i can't understand -- casa grande, tonight, especially north of high country afternoon we'll see a few high thin clouds. tomorrow evening around 6:00, and some snow showers in the high friday. and we'll see a bit of a
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into saturday. overnight low, another cool one, 41 degrees in phoenix, 10 in flagstaff, 8 along the south rim of canyon plan, friday as we mentioned, slight chance of snow showers, breezy conditions, temperatures warming up over the weekend. mid-40s by forecast, here it is, 64 thursday. mid-60s friday. temperatures warming up and close to average on sunday. researchers sigh the type of exercise can be just as important as how much and how often.
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getting more than just fresh air. >> it's good for my heart. and i can tell after i stop, my blood pressure goes right down. >> reporter: new research published in the british journal of british medicine reveals cycling might pay off big in the long-run. researchers studied the exercise habits of more than 80,000 adults for more than a decade. people who took part in certain sports didn't just lower their risk of dieing from cardiovascular disease, they any health problem. those who cycled routinely cut their risk by 15%. >> this is the first time they have been able to look at a particular sport and clearly show that certain sports just have pros and benefits. >> reporter: when it came to cardiovascular disease, people who played racket sports cut their risk of death by more half.
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yet. >> it's really finding a sport that's good for you and one that you can do sustainably in a normal period of time. >> i love it. i'm interested in cycling. deputies from the maricopa county sheriff's office are investigating an animal abuse case after finding more than 30 animals inside a mesa home. they found dogs, snakes, spiders, and other animals. sheriff arpaio says the owners were raising the animals to sell to pet stores. pets are now checking the animals out for their health. after an almost week-long debate, it appears the top of camelback will be getting festive for the holidays. the parks and recreation diameter it would allow a nondecorated tree on the summit. a woman in critical
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home firefighters are calling it a crime scene. we're getting our first look at the man who police say was driving drunk in the wrong direction and hit another car heado. everyone expected to be okay but cervantes faces several charges including dui. the memorial for the9 today to the public. the 320 acre state park features a hiking trail with plaques honoring the firefighter who is died battling the yarnell hill fire in 2013. >> connect with cbs5 on facebook, twitter, #cbs5az. neil diamond is set to hit
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>> wow. >> kicks off april 7th fresno >> is that what he looks like now? >> looking good. this will be my fifth [ laughter
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glaim can deadly disasters in the deep south. >> we took off running. the wind picked us up and threw us glaim tornadoes and firefighters force thousands to flee. also tonight, a charlotte police officer is cleared in t shootingave black man that led to days of arrest. >> officer vincent saw mr. scott holding up a semiautomatic handgun. >> mason: hunt for a killer mountain lion. and the wake-up call about the high cost of sleep deprivation for productivity and longevity. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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