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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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seen at 3:00, if you have seen this girl, call maricopa police. >> i don't approve of it and i think there are other ways for people to express their views rather than burn a flag that so many fought and died for. >> president-elect created another controversy. he tweeted that an american flag burner should face possible jail time. or john mccain in agreement at least in part. >> tonight, cbs 5 explains why changing the law is hard to do. >> you may be repulsed or down right mad of the thought of anyone burning the american flag. you about the truth is, burning the flag is protected by the first amendment. that fact however didn't stop president-elect donald trump from sending out a tweet stating that anyone who burns
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citizenship. today, i met with the vietnam veteran carl brown and he feels strongly, he understands the importance of the first amendment but there should be some type of consequence for burning the american flag. >> it says you have freedom of speech, you have freedom to assemble and to protest, but nowhere does it say that you have the ri flag. >> flag burning and other things like cross burning, they're offensive and they're unpopular and that doesn't mean that makes them illegal. first amendment protects unpopular speech. >> despite what donald trump and others think, it's very unlikely that supreme court
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would be ever overturned. i'm doing this for my family and i have three children and three grandchildren and a disabled husband and i'm the only bread winner in the home. >> it's the fight for 15. it's taking to the streets of phoenix. this was at 10th avenue. the group is now marching to phoenix city hall. taking part in the national movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. they want to send message to the incoming trump administration that they quote won't back down from the movement to raise wages. thousands of new jobs on the way to arizona. >> they're going to open a $700 million plant in casa grande. we're joined from casa grande now with the details. >> this area right off
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industry. there's a large box store distribution center and close to where lucid is going to build the plant. executives joined him. they're expanding in order to manufacture luxury electric cars. they're going to build a $700 million plant which generates 2,000 jobs. they were chosen over 60 different states. they won out because an excellent workforce and strong supply chain. >> we have empty spaces for houses and many of them went under when the economy dropsed.
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>> it's a great thing. construction and hiring next year. the company will try to retrain and recruit some veterans along with the other people in the area. a valley mother is under arrest after police said she left her 3 kids alone in her running car. those kids are st years-old. the caregiver ran into a home to check on one of her patients, police said a witness recorded this video and said the kids were left alone in the car for at least 20 minutes. she was arrested for child neglect. another wrong way crash on the freeway.
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anthem. 51-year-old man was in his pickup truck going southbound when he slammed into a man and woman, the couple and the man are going to be okay. he's now facing multiple charges including dui. >> when you see these happening, impaired driving is involved. that's a very difficult obstacle to overcome and we're telling folks, we can't prevent them, we have to focus on how do yo something like this? >> he has more answers for you, he tells us that most wrong way drivers use the far left lane or hov lane because going opposite, you think you're in the right-hand lane. they told us they believe that the middle lane is the safest if you come upon these vehicles. heads up, planning a
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that leads to it, close for the winter. state route 67 will re-open in may along the north rim. and according to the national weather service, they average 9 feet of snow every year and it's not cleared. paul, good timing. >> another the state. and some fresh snowfall. 56 right now and after a high of 62 and that's 8 degrees below average. and flagstaff, already below freezing. 23 degrees, near freezing towards payson and includes, the highlighted area, from globe and and tucson. and for us, we're going to see temperatures drop to the 30s to
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happening right around sunrise. and sunrise 7:13, and highs warmer, and cool for the rest of the workweek, that's coming up. a rugged section of brush covered hills where 19 arizona firefighters killed in 2013, it's the newest state park. granite mountain hotshots memorial state park is about 80 plaques line a 7-mile trail honoring the 19 who died fighting the yarnell hill fire just three years ago. >> it was the deadliest wildfire in arizona history. governor doug ducey dedicated it today.
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granite mountain hotshots who died fighting the fire. >> my nephew was one that passed away. >> they gathered for the dedication of a 320-acre memorial outside of yarnell. the site includes a hiking trail to the memo. along this trail, each one commemorating one of the hotshots who perished up here. >> the hike is about 7 miles round trip and can take several hours to complete. a fitting tribute according to the governor. >> it takes a commitment to hike the entire trail. but i think it's something that is incredible to these men. >> another sad day for the community perhaps, but a
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and reflect on his son who died fighting this fire. >> i have tons of memories of my son. he's a fine young man. >> the third marker along this trail. the site where they made their last stand is on the other side of the hill. and the governor met privately with the family members those fallen hotshot firefighters. this valley couple's trailer was stolen and we have an update tonight. not all good news. and then this valley woman thought she'd catch a crook and why her high-tech system failed her. still digging for answers why high water bills in buckeye
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good news, maricopa police found the missing 11-year-old girl we told you about at the top of the newscast. we're told she's safe, she was last seen near the elementary school and she's safe now. right now, we don't know,
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and figuring out if we're going to have a high bill. >> people hit with sky high water bills demanding answers. they want those answers tonight because they got build more than $1,000. >> we broke this story back in october. and the city now says they're setting up a hotline and they received 72 calls with spikes in the water actual water leaks, the other 70% can't be explained. that's the case for jeff hancock. he received a $600 credit for his high water bill. and not knowing where the spike came from is unsettling as we get closer to the holidays. >> we got christmas now and after christmas, i'm not going to have money in my account. because it's buying gifts and
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residents worry the spikes might happen again and hancock started the process of collecting signatures to recall the city's mayor, he needs 1,700 to complete the process. and a follow-up that we brought you yesterday. a valley comedy duo had their props stolen has one part back but it's little consolation. brad and brenda reported their tires had been slashed and also taken, $10,000 worth of equipment that was inside of the trailer. last night, someone found the trailer, it was near 45th avenue and they saw it after they saw it on the news an called police. the couple has their trailer back, unfortunately, everything inside is still missing. still ahead, many of you are having packages delivered daily and the thieves know it.
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that we brought to you at the top of the newscast. that 1-year-old little boy that was rushed to the hospital after some sort of accident involving a car. he died. just about 45 minutes ago near south 19th, police went to a scene and took over treating the baby boy from the parents. detectives said they're investigating two different scenes of the car accident. they're trying to figure out
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5 at 10:00. joe arpaio's criminal trial is moved to the beginning of april. his lawyers said they need more time to prepare. the contempt of court charge stems from him continuing his immigration patrols. he faces 6 months in jail. new numbers out, voter turnout for the election was actually the lowest in maricopa county since 2000. just under 75% of registered voters cast ballots. that's about 1.6 million people but that's short of the predicted 80% turn out for the general election. there was an increase it have
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to improve the state's education system. the price tag, 6 $80 million. it's part of diane douglas' plan, it's called arizona kids can't wait. the top priority in her proposal is raising teacher salaries. >> i would like to see us teacher's salary. we know their issues with salaries and overwhelmingly that's what i heard from arizonans, they want their teachers paid better. >> she needs to work with governor ducey and other lawmakers to get the funding for the plan. it's the season forgiving gifts, but the season for cooks to target your packages. >> one buckeye resident thought she had everything secured
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package off her front doorstep. this time video surveillance that she had set up, it didn't help. the crook didn't ring her doorbell. she didn't get the video alert in time that she needed to stop him. >> it's like a disruption that you don't expect nor do you desire to have. people don't have heart and that's what is wrong with this. >> the postal service and ups are trained to somewhere secure and look for potential thieves. today is giving tuesday, to make a donation to your favorite charity. one mesa church is making it simple. central christian church is helping thousands during the adopt a family campaign, it links those with those who have extra time and money. >> they go shop for them and they deliver the gifts and
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get to know their story. >> pull a wish list tag from one of the christmas trees at the church. buy the gift and then return it to that same church. tickets to go see willie nelson, he'll play at the celebrity theater on april 25th and tickets on sale monday. i wonder if our ballot measure, to legalize marijuana fail? it keeps following >> willie nelson. >> he's 83 years young. he keeps going strong. >> i love it. >> still sound good. >> it will be a fun concert. april 25th, talk my wife into that. >> 425. i won't stop now. >> see how mean got it.
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and everybody loves the ski resorts and over the week. and yes, sunrise, getting the snow ready out towards greer, temperatures are perfect up north for putting the snow together and cooler temperatures. 56 currently and a high of 62, and that is 8 degrees below average. 60s through the workweek and temperatures dropping, look at clear skies and ushering in the cooler temperatures. hardly any threat of moisture in the next 48 hours. and a chance of snowfall by the end of the workweek. but, maybe a slight chance of showers in phoenix. but it looks like a quiet few days. 41, we're dropping some areas outlying areas, getting to the 30s. and single digits up north, 8
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your day in detail. 41 at 6:00 and then temperatures warm up and a high of 63 degrees, and one degree warmer than today and warmer on thursday. still staying below average and slight chance of showers on friday and then things warm up over the week. not bad, temperatures in the 60s saturday and then close to 70 on sunday. everything you need to
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local police officers are busting more drug labs, and the k-9s are the victims in the trend. how big is the problem with eventual. >> the main st thousands jobs are up for grabs and electric car manufacture, lucid is opening a plant in casa grande. they should be ready by 2018.
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( wind whistling ) cbs if i live to be a hundred, i'll never be able to forget that big snowstorm a couple of years ago. the weather closed in, and, well, you might not believe it but the world almost missed christmas. oh, excuse me. call me sam. what's the matter? haven't you ever seen a talking snowman before? nice around here, isn't it?
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the christmas tree forest. yup, here's where we grow 'em. nice place to live, you know. christmas seals. ( barking ) of course, the number one citizens up here are the clauses-- santa and the missus. they live right over there-- first castle on the left. matter of fact, the only castle on the left. papa, you haven't touched a morsel. i'll have to take this suit in. eat. i'm busy, mama. it's almost christmas. whoever heard of a skinny santa? eat. eat. now, don't any of you worry your heads about santa. mrs. claus will have him plenty fattened up by christmas eve. it's always the same story. ah. i love this christmassy time of year, especially when everything is running happy and smooth


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