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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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today they are being treated for what is described as nonthreatening -- nonthreatening injuries. usually impaired driving is involved in something like this
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difficult obstacle to overcome. >> reporter: steps are being taken to reduce the risk. adot is hoping to include some sensors in the pavement. >> there is to this along ramps at several locations along the valley freeway system, there is not the technology we are looking at that would be on the freeway as well. we have to work on that. 2017 is going to be an important year for doing that. >> steps are being taken to curb this very serious issue
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that alleged wrong way driver has been identified as thurman cervantes. the good news is all three people involved are recuperating at the hospital this evening and expected to recover. he is not all -- not only facing dui charges but also criminal damage, aggravated assault and endangerment. i am mike watkiss, cbs5 news. this topic comes up every time we have one of these crashes. spike strips to the freeway on ramps to stop these crashes before they happen. tonight we have answers for you again. adot says no way and the reason is very simple. it is speed. those spike strips are designed for vehicles in sight -- inside parking lights -- parking lots going 5 miles an hour. people are going much faster on the freeway. those would usually not slow
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facing off with a wrong way driver, dps has some advice on what to do. most wrong way drivers use the left lane or hov lane because they think they are in the right hand lane. travel in the middle lane. these crashes usually happen between morning. if possible, avoid driving during those hours. finally, stay alert. if you spot a wrong way driver early, it's easier to avoid them. more jobs could be coming to our state. governor doug ducey just announced lucid motors from the silicon valley will be opening a $700 million plant down in casa grande a. it is expected -- casa grande. it's expected to have the first hires taking place next year. >> the word is out on arizona. we are recognized as a state that values new up-and-coming
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as his announcement shows, we can stand toe to toe in attracting the kind of good paying manufacturing jobs that every state in the nation is hungry for. >> this plant hopes to have cars rolling off the assembly lines by 2018. a new date has been set for sheriff joe arpaio's criminal contempt of court trial. it was scheduled for next week but now has been moved to 4 after the lawyer said he needed more time to prepare. the contempt of court charge stems from his decision to prolong his signature immigration patrols after a judge ordered them stopped. he faces up to 6 months in jail if convicted. it's hard to believe but it has now been three years since these men, the 19 [ indiscernible ] hotshots lost their lives. it was the deadliest wildfire in arizona history.
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opens tomorrow. here is dennis welch with your first look. >> ? >> reporter: the latest memorial to the 19 granite mountain hotshots who perished here nearly 3 1/2 million -- 3 1/2 years ago -- >> my nephew was one of the hotshots that passed away, johnny persimmon junior. this was three years ago but it is still difficult. winding trail that the governor described as a fitting tribute. >> it's strenuous and will take a commitment to hike the entire trail but i think it is something that is an incredible honor to these men. >> reporter: from the trailhead, hikers walk about 3 miles to the site where the hotshots made their last stand. along the way, markers commemorating the lives of each crew member who died fighting the deadliest wildfire in state
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remember things that happen. report like another somebody for this community but a day that brought a little smile to mike mckenzie whose son was a member of the crew. cynic he was a fine young man. he actually -- >> he was a fine young man. he actually [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> reporter: it's 7 miles round- trip and it can take as many as 4 or 5 hours to complete. in yarnell, dennis welch cbs5 ne wildfires racing through tennessee. it has now claimed three lives. three people have died in about -- and about a dozen others have been injured. more than 14,000 people have been evacuated from the city of gatlinburg. hundreds of homes and businesses in that area have been destroyed. we're going to have much more
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up in about 11 minutes. for over talk among i residents have been trying to get answers on why there water bills are showing mysterious spikes. some people have received credits but they say no one has told them what is going on. the city held a special council meeting to discuss this last night. residents left without any real answers, they say. lori reiner -- lauren meyer joins us live with more information. >> reporter: the city of buckeye is looking into each without knowing a concrete reason as to why they are seeing these spikes in the first place, some residents worried i might continue in the future. >> you have a leak. >> reporter: that's the answer that john hancock got after he received huge water bills. >> i used a huge amount of water. >> reporter: 77 more homeowners had mysterious spikes in a
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19 have confirmed leaks. >> we have looked at a number of things. with look at the type of meter, the branded meter, when it was installed. there is no correlation. >> reporter: not able to find any common factors, hancock called a plumber. the city of buckeye gave him back $600. >> they are crediting my count. obviously they know there's a problem. with christmas coming up, hancock worries about spending too much money on gifts, concerned about future high bills. some kind of solution or fax, at least proving what happened or something, that would at least give us some comfort. right now we don't know. we are living month-to-month. i need to figure out if i'm going to have a high bill or not. >> reporter: hancock has officially started the process to recall buckeyes mayor. he needs to collect 1700 signatures.
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at the ohio state campus. donald trump is calling for a new law that would stop
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investigators say the student the carry at yesterday's -- carried out yesterday's attack at ohio state may have been inspired by is ability that authorities believe it was a lone wolf attack. abdul razak ali artan injured 11 people when he drove his car into a sidewalk. he was then shot and killed by a police officer. 77 people were include including -- were killed including most of the members of the soccer team for brazil in a plane crash. there are six survivors. they are all in critical condition tonight.
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plaza for a fidel castro. this is the second of nine days of mourning for castro who led the country for 50 years. his funeral is set for sunday. prince william is backing his brothers call -- brother's call for privacy. he says leave his new girlfriend alone. the broadway musical "hamilton" just broke another sales record. it generated more than $3 million in just eight shows last week. "hamilton" is in and will be here for the 2017-7
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president-elect donald trump is now teaching that no one should be allowed to burn the american flag. >> if they do it should be a crime with jail time and the possibility of losing your citizenship. jason barry joins us to tell us why that won't be so easy. >> reporter: the american flag is a symbol of hope and freedom to millions of people. for many
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can be downright repulsive. the question tonight is, could burning the flag be against the law. it's an image that upsets a lot of people, but there's nothing illegal about burning the american flag. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> carlyle brown, a vietnam veteran would like to see that changed, and he is not alone. cynic let's face it today. people today don't have much respect for paul so much -- respect for paul so -- too much anymore. >> reporter: carlyle won't go as far as president-elect donald trump ity believes there should be some consequence. >> whatever the lawmakers decide , i'm fine with but i'm not fine with them saying it's part of your freedom of speech right to do this. >> reporter: the debate over
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has ruled a number of times of burning the flag is free speech. it is protected by the first amendment. >> flag burning is something that is unquestionably offensive to well over 90% of the public, but there is a bedrock principle of the first amendment which is that we protect offensive speech. >> reporter: our legal expert says it's highly unlikely that the us supreme court would overturn previous rulings that protects flag burning as speech. reporting live back in phoenix, jason barry, cbs5 news. john mccain is also weighing in tonight on mr. trumps hunter treschl tweet. >> i do not approve of burning the flag. i think there should be some punishment. right now the supreme court decision is that people are free to express themselves that way. but i do not approve of it. >> when john mccain was pushed on donald trump's comments
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mccain would not write. he said -- he wouldn't take a bite. he said he wouldn't respond to donald trump's comments. former label secretary is donald trump's pick as transportation secretary and georgia congressman, tom price was nominated to lead the department of health and human services. price is an orthopedic surgeon and a vocal critic of obamacare. [ name indiscernible ] and nick ne the role of secretary of state. alain bark -- the lame-duck congress is engaging in its last session of the year. this is an important one. there's a december 9 deadline for new spending bill or we will see another government shutdown. republicans want to pass a short-term plan that would get us to next spring. they are also trying to finalize funding to address the flint, michigan water crisis. a fast-moving wildfire has blown -- burned dozens of homes in tennessee and injured dozens
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officials scramble to evacuate people. >>strong winds whipped up the flames in john klingberg -- in gatlinburg. we have the latest. >> this is destruction in the county and primarily in the city of gatlinburg. >> reporter: telephone video shows flames surrounding a driver evacuating the area of gatlinburg, tennessee monday night. fire spread into -- threatened to block off the the windshield. >> almost every cabin is [ indiscernible - low volume ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> reporter: the flames closed in on park vista hotel in downtown gatlinburg. people inside recorded video as the fire burned. the lights flickered on and off the smoke-filled lobby where guests were forced to wear masks. this man was inside.
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noise ] [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: at one point at least 30 structures in gatlinburg were burning. cynic we are just beginning to see the loss of structures in the general damage in the area. >>oh my god! it is so hot! >> reporter: [ indiscernible - low volume ] drivers captured the fire cascading down the mountain. they were forced to evacuate. smoke blanketed gatlinburg with an ominous cloud. this is one of many locations where residents spent the night to flee the fast-moving wildfires here in gatlinburg. 600 residents are registered here and many of them don't know what they are going to go home to. kitty rivera cbs news gatlinburg, tennessee. >> they definitely could use some rainfall in tennessee. we have good news tonight. you can see showers, a big
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area causing some problems. here is tennessee right here and here is the area of gatlinburg. this is the area that could experience some rainfall tonight. that would definitely help out the firefighters. let's take a look at our forecast now. it was another cold one today, temperatures below freezing with some fresh snowfall earlier this morning here. they are making snow toward some rice park reserve -- resort. flagstaff and toward these areas, we are talking single digits for overnight lo tonto national forest and down to casa grande in tucson, freeze warnings are in effect again for tomorrow. keep that in mind if you're traveling in that area. we will be temperatures in the valley get down to the 30s and a lot of locations. our low in phoenix is going to be right around 41 degrees. another cool day today with a high of just 62. we are sitting at 59 right now and averaging around 70. we are degrees below average.
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we have showers to the east of us. this is an area of low pressure keeping things fairly cool across the valley. we have plenty of sunshine expected. we will see temperatures climb a little tomorrow and then cool down as we get closer to friday with a slight chance of showers and snowfall in the high country at the end of the work week. here is futurecast, tomorrow morning waking up to mostly clear skies temperatures dropping into the 40s, as we mentioned. the afternoon will have highs in the mid 60s. this is we will get to 63 degrees by 2:00 and that seven-day forecast, increasing clouds thursday and friday, slight chance of showers on friday, breezy conditions things will warm up over the weekend, 66 on saturday, close to average sunday into monday with the sun returning. it is a common problem around the holidays, thieves stealing holiday packages right
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listen to the music. i just posted this on facebook. tonight, right here only in cbs5, a holiday tradition continues for cbs, ""rudolph the red nosed reindeer"". the most famous -- the red nosed reindeer". the most famous reindeer actually debuted in a catalog nbc-tv special didn't debut until 1964. ever since 1972, right in the middle of the nixon administration. it has aired annually right here on cbs. that begins at 7:00 tonight. >> i love watching that with the family. is one of my favorites. it's beginning to look a
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white house. today first lady michelle obama welcomed military families to have an early look at holiday decorations. this is the gift of the holiday theme. the white house has 63 christmas trees, 65,000 ornaments, 8000 bows and 1200 feet of garland and it took 100 volunteers, 10 days to get that all up. >> thase let's talk sports. this just in, the college rankings just came in moments ago, alabama number 1, clemson in washington and washington round out the top four, wisconsin and michigan 5 and 6 from the outside looking in. what happens if number 7 penn state and number 8 colorado
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could get really fun. >> i have been addressing people about this all -- a long time. we are not as physical as i would like us to be. >> the coaches keeping it perspective on a day off today. they have re-signed chris hubert who was cut last week and working overnight working nights at ups when he got the call. [ indiscernible ] taking on the western conference champions. they are 2-0 against the shocks -- sharks despite being one of the worst position teams in the nhl. cynic we are seeing parts of the game continuing to improve. hopefully we can find results from it. we need to keep improving and we will have our hands full
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we want to make sure our game is moving in the right direction. >> and he scores. >> this may be the visual of the holiday season. take a look at this point it's the western hockey league holding their annual teddy bear toss. 24,000 stuffed toy bears were thrown on the ice. the players even jumped into the middle of it. it took longer than 40 minutes to clear all of the teddy bears off the ice and they are all >> that's a great story.
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there was a huge announcement today from governor ducey. thousands ofb created in arizona. >> a $17 million plan will be opened in casa grande. the now -- we now hear about how the community is reacting to the news. >> reporter: this is big news for the city and the surrounding communities as well as the state. the plant will be built in this area which among other things, already has a large box stored is to be sent center.


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