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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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the bomb squad blows up a suspicious package in the middle of downtown phoenix. it is the first heavy snowfall in flagstaff. a man attacks a crowd at ohio state university first
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knife. this is cbs 5 news at noon . thank you for joining us here at noon. we begin with breaking news. 10 people are in the hospital right now. a suspect is dead after an attack on the ohio state university campus. a man drove into a crowd of people on a street corner and then attacked them with a butcher knife. one of the victims is in critical condition. the attacker was t there is no word on the motivation behind this attack. witnesses say the man did not speak at all while he slashed people with that knife. if you were in downtown phoenix this morning and you heard a loud boom, it was the bomb squad. they were called in for suspicious package.>> reporter: homeland defense bureau in the phoenix police department and bomb squad detonated the suspicious package right here after finding it in this
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these floors. i did speak with authorities and they say that the thing that made this package suspicious was the fact that it had been left unattended for so long. for about two hours, they blocked out several of the streets in downtown phoenix. third avenue, fourth avenue between washington and monro. there is a day care center on the bottom floor of this building. some viewers called him telling us that they could not bring their children into the facility. they did detonate this device -- package and they only heard one boom meaning there was nothing in the package that was going to detonate or explode on its own. at no point was anyone in any danger. they did not do any evacuations but they did have the streets blocked off for a couple hours. one man is dead and the other in the hospital after a shooting at this micro- platform your 21st street in jefferson. the two guys were waiting for the train when a third man walked up. they all got into an argument and started fighting. later, shots rang out.
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comment. phoenix police are looking for suspects tied to a robbery last night. a group of men busted into a home where a family of four was inside. a neighbor realized something was not right and called police. the suspects took off running. police found two of the suspects and say to others could still be out there. people in flagstaff woke up to snow reporter: there is no more snow coming down right now but if you take a look, it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. this is what last night storm left behind. a whole lot of snow piled on some bushes and on this beautiful christmas tree, making it feel like the holidays. people tracking through the blanket of the snow last night
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the snow has stopped falling and it has left behind icy roads. snow clouds are clearing up and piled up sidewalks need to be shoveled. this flagstaff resident says he does not mind shoveling snow at all. he has been waiting for it.>> i was excited to get out here and shovel snow. it is fun. it is different. summer, spring, fall, winter. it is something we have do.>> reporter: if you are heading appear to flagstaff to get some of this beautiful winter weather, make sure you are driving slow and carefully because these roads are extremely slick. make sure you are bundled up because it is cold. it is not snowing but it certainly feels like it is and it actually might be snowing later on this evening. in flagstaff, leon rodriguez.>>
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temperatures. it feels: up to snow.>> it is pretty chilly out there. we are in the 60s but we will not budge far from that. you will see once we get the start of snow all over the place . it is chilly out there and it does snow we. you will start to see if snowing a little bit here on and off. if you look to the bottom right- hand corner, the crews are keeping the streets clear. stop by where the snow was falling. we had a quick hit over press get. snow levels are hovering around 5200 feet. i just got off the phone with some folks who say there was a quick hit of snow in town but right now we are seeing a little bit of clearing. we are seeing some snow over show low, white river and mainly a line from prescott to show low. as we look at the valley, there is a lot of cloud cover but we have seen some sunshine. we could see a couple of
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creek, apache junction, superior, not quite low enough snow for global or superior but a rain shower is possible. 36. 29 flagstaff. if you have not left the house it, definitely grab a jacket. 50s and queen creek. 52 in scottsdale. 55 in glendale. 57 at sky harbor. you can see the wind is calm. we had some fog earlier. the best time of the showers in the valley will hit will be tomorrow. three people are in the hospital after patrons fell from the balcony in landing people down below. several people were hurt and two people were seriously hurt. one has minor injuries.
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balcony stepped over a wall to go to the bathroom not realizing there was no floor on the other side. this happened during the intermission of the show beautiful. 30 people spent hours carrying a 15 foot christmas tree to the top of camelback mountain. this is a tradition hikers look forward to every year. that tree is missing. >> we received a text message from camelback santa saying someone cut the >> reporter: the group tried to bring up a second tree yesterday morning but they were stopped by a park ranger who said it could be a fire hazard. these guys have started a petition online and say they plan to bring this issue to the city council meeting tomorrow. have you done online shopping today? it is cyber monday.
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holiday gifts. kelly crews is at the amazon fulfillment center in phoenix to break down some of today's best deals.>> reporter: it is expected to be amazon's biggest day and today we are inside one of their fulfillment center is in the valley. this is one point 2,000,000 ft.2 of space. it is massive. talk to me a little bit about your cyber monday operations.>> as you said, this is our biggest day of the year. last year we shipped more than 54 million items on cyber monday alone. we had more than 2500 employees here working to get products to customers as fast as we can.>> here are some of the projects you are featuring. talk to me about the best deals. >> one of my favorites is the kitchenaid maker. save $300 on this today. as you get ready to make cookies or bread, it is a great deal. >> you also great deals on electronics and toys. toys are up to 50% off. this love to learn elmo, 50%
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item. >> we love all the deals. i'm sure many of you will be going onto amazon today. hopefully you can then it's off your christmas list in just a day. one valley animal shelter has a great deal for those of you looking for a new furry friend. the arizona humane society is offering three -- free adoptions for all pets. it is good all day today. we are talking dogs and cats of all days -- ages four human dictator fidel castro died over the weekend. you will see how people are reacting in havana and in south florida. seatbelts save lives but they can also cause serious injuries especially among seniors. now, a better seatbelt could be on the way. we will give away a four pack of tickets to see the nutcracker.
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24th at phoenix symphony hall.
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if you have ever complained about traffic in and out of sky harbor airport, this should make you feel better. this is los angeles international airport. take a look at this. this was from around 6 pm last night as people return from their thanksgiving trouble. tropic like this is one of the reasons locals try to use any other southern california airport instead of lax. thousands of cubans are gathered in havana for a final farewells to fidel castro who died on friday. >> a 21 gun salute echoed over havana where thousands of cubans lined up at revolution
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president. many shed tears as they passed the monument for fidel castro who died on friday. both young and old are paying their respect's. not everyone remembers castro's days as dictator before he handed control to his younger brother in 2006. the island has been in transition since then. cuban exiles in miami are celebrating castro's death. >> in solidarity of the cuban people inside the island. >> reporter: after a two-day ceremony at revolution square, 4 l are excited to pay their respects. castro's ashes will begin a three-day procession across the island. donald trump is back in trump tower where he will meet today and tomorrow with several possible candidates for secretary of state. among the candidates, david petronius, the retired general
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his biographer and mishandling classified information. mitt romney, another contender for the cabinet position has sparked an outcry among some trump loyalists.>> we don't even know if he voted for donald trump. he and his consultants were nothing but awful for a year.>> some claim without any evidence that there was widespread voter fraud tweeting sunday that i won the popular vote if ou who voted illegally. independent fact checkers have determined that claim to be false. charleston church shooter dylan roof will represent himself when he goes to trial for murder. prosecutors say roof open fire inside of mother emmanuel ame church in june 2015. his trial was supposed to start november 7 but it was delayed so that roof could undergo a competence -- competency
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the death penalty. they say roof wanted to start a race war. police in manila have safely blown up a suspected bomb found in a garbage can just a few feet away from the american embassy this morning. street sweeper found this device and called police. she described it as a cell phone taped to a cylinder and connected with wires. nobody was hurt. the dow jones is down 26 points. at 19,125. pilots for german airline are planning two more days of strikes. the pilots union is calling for a strike on tuesday and wednesday after talks failed to settle a pay dispute. the strike began last week and has already forced the airline to cancel more than 2700 flights. the pilots have gone without a pay raise for more than five years now. the airline has described the
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seatbelts are meant to protect us in car crashes but for some drivers, it can be pretty harmful. drivers 85 years older are nine times more likely per mile driven to be hurt in a crash. chest injuries are more common and they are linked to the seatbelt. here is how researchers are learning white one size seatbelts don't fit all.>> i remember sitting there and my body was slipping back forth. >> reporter: her seatbelt kept her in the seat but researchers believe it may have contributed to her concussion and back injury.>> i would have went through the window or something. it did not do what i thought it would. >> reporter: the seatbelt was not designed for the 60-year- olds 5'4" frame. >> if a car can drive today without a person controlling it, why can't we have a safety
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reporter: we can study the amount of force needed to protect those with more fragile flames -- frames. the goal is to have seatbelts that automatically adjust to the person they are detecting. >> it will take more force to stop me from going into the windshield then someone else. perhaps it is too for someone older. >> crash tests save lives. the driver at the top of your screen without a belt is launched forward. when it comes to older drivers in particular, seatbelts are also blamed for a higher rate of potentially serious, even deadly chest injuries. older drivers tend to be more easily injured in a crash.>> seatbelts are credited with saving 14,000 lives last year. everyone should wear your seatbelt regardless of age or size. you want to make sure the seatbelt rests on your shoulder.
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ribs and have 10 to 12 inches between you and the airbag. we are starting this week off pretty nice. it will stay this way. if you have been using your air conditioning for some reason, you can get a break. let's take a look toward anthem. here is the time lapse and you will see cool clouds hugging the mountains this morning. they got pretty low. we even had some fog even some showers creeping in on anthem. you can see cave creek on their. some hours test -- some showers overhead. most of us are dry in phoenix. i think if we see any rain, it will be on the east side of the valley.
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it is not really sticking a ton. we are seeing snow over show low, white river. flagstaff has been in and out of snow today. here is our weather maker right here. the bulk of the snow is in utah. you can see this northwest to southeast flow. this will clip the northern part of the state. let's bring cloud cover and also cool temperatures. 57 degrees right now in phoenix. statewide, your teeth might be shattering. flagstaff, 28. let's talk about the rest of the day. snow over flagstaff once again continuing along i-40. you could see some snow this afternoon and evening. cloud cover for the valley, some sunshine in there. not a great chance for showers. if you have the umbrella, you likely won't be using it.
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by tuesday, we will shut things down. windy up in the high country. we are talking 40 miles per hour gusts out there. the wind does relax for tuesday. with that wind and the cold and flagstaff, definitely chilly. 43 in sedona. 61 in phoenix. if we don't see rain today, that is it. ok we could even see some upper 30s on the board as we get going into tuesday and wednesday. friday we start to warm up a little bit with rain from friday to saturday. overall, 60s. >> you get to where everything for a week. >> boots, this letter, everything. dominoes has a new way to deliver pizza in the
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we are giving away a four pack of tickets to see the nutcracker. it runs december 9 through the 24th. the number is right on your screen. the fifth is a wild story. dominoes pizza claims it is testing to see if it can use ranier to deliver pizzas in the snow-covered northern japan. keep in mind that news outlets around the world are reporting this news as serious. legit. not merely a publicity stunt. we are going to go with publicity stunt.
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animal around with a test track and pizza tumbling out of the bag. the company says it would put a gps devices on the reindeer to track the deliveries. let us know what you think. we will have a last look at the
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i was diagnosed with lung cancer. as a firefighter approaching a fire i had to confine it, contain it and attack it. and i went to cancer treatments centers of america. we were able to do a thoracoscopic surgery where we could use tiny incisions, we put a camera inside the chest and tony was able to go home three days after surgery. we have excellent technology that allows us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. our individualized care model gives each lung patient specific treatment options with innovative procedures that are changing the way we fight lung cancer. here in phoenix we have targeted therapy's looking for a specific molecular target and then matching the patient to that treatment. to learn more about targeted therapy's advanced procedures, and the experienced physicians who deliver them, go to lung cancer is a very deadly disease. we can make the most impact when
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cancer care is here. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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this is ridiculous.>> we have some clouds overhead. we can see some blue with a slight chance to see some rain in the valley. if you are heading outside, bring the umbrella. 61 for today. 64 on wednesday. same story thursday. a slight chance of rain friday.>> if we don't get the rain today, the next chance will be friday. thank for choosing cbs 5 . join us
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